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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 6/23/2010 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:02 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, June 23, 2010 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, asked for a roll of those Officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Kostyshock, Garcia; Bell was late; Short was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Fenton, Treasurer Henry, Police Chief Schardan, one reporter and one resident.
6:30:42 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the June 9th meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:08 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Video Camera System for Glen Carbon Dispatch Consolidation and asked Chief Schardan to discuss.
6:31:14 PM Schardan Referred to materials distributed in packets. Stated the software program from Brewster Alexander is impressive. Stated they propose a 16 analog DVR and eight IP Cameras. Explained they did the camera in the park, which is an IP camera and the representative suggested they do it this way for future expansion purposes. Explained the PTZ control is pan, tilt, and zoom. Stated the dispatcher will control the camera. Explained they currently have one under the sally port. Explained Brewster will be able to do that for all cameras under the system. Explained Copious proposes a converter that hooks into the PTZ camera under the sally port, which will be the only controllable camera. Explained if they are planning on putting up more cameras, i.e., in the park, they should go with Brewster Alexander. Stated he spoke with Copious today who said they can provide a similar DVR which would be more expensive, but did not know at that moment what the cost would be. Explained if they are interested in going the cheapest route they can for right now, Copious is the lowest bid.
6:35:00 PM Gulledge Asked what is his and Flaugher's recommendation. Commented they do not know how long they will be in this situation. Commented his opinion they need to think about the future if something breaks down with the County again. Asked if this could transfer to another dispatch center.
6:35:37 PM Schardan Answered yes, as this is through the internet. Stated Flaugher did not see Copious. Explained Brewster is Windows based and they do all their own programming, so changes can be done by them. Stated Copious gets their equipment from IC Realtime in Florida. Explained Copious stated they have been very responsive. Stated he was impressed with Brewster Alexander.
6:37:02 PM Gulledge Commented there is $1,600 dollars difference between Copious and Brewster Alexander.
6:37:08 PM Schardan Stated the difference will be closer if Copious goes with a similar DVR. Discussion ensued as to the differences in the three bids, as some include the Park and Council Chamber as options.
6:39:21 PM Schardan Explained the issue with the park camera that right now it is running into the computer so they can hook it into the DVR system; however the Brewster Alexander software is not compatible with the park cameras, so they recommend new cameras that will be compatible with their software.
6:40:10 PM Kostyshock Asked what kind of warranty they have, because the camera at the park has not worked since they purchased it.
6:40:25 PM Schardan Commented there have been a lot of problems for various reasons including hackers, trees in the line of site, etc. Stated his reservations regarding whether they will continue to have these same problems. Stated Brewster Alexander cannot seem to keep the cameras operating properly. Stated in their defense, the cameras are not their equipment; in order to keep the price down for the Village he purchased the cheapest cameras he could and not the normal equipment they use.
6:42:26 PM Garcia Commented her concern regarding the company maintaining their own programming if they ever go out of business.
6:42:45 PM Schardan Stated he is not sure how long Realtime has been in business. Stated Brewster Alexander has been in business since 2002. Stated they have done Tampa and Denver airports, and other really big jobs. Stated they educated him as to what to look for.
6:44:02 PM Gulledge Suggested they bring the issue back to next week's Caucus with answers on the warranty, and any other questions and have he and Flaugher give their recommendations.
6:45:08 PM Kostyshock Commented the Brewster Alexander bid states they will install cameras in the park; however the current camera is theirs. Schardan explained again that the cameras installed were not Brewster Alexander's; he supplied another company's camera in order to keep costs down. Discussion ensued.
6:46:03 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:46:25 PM Gulledge Went to next two agenda items, Forced Annexations of Property. Stated for years all of the Village maps show both of these properties within the corporate limits of Maryville; however they have been informed they are not. Stated they are wholly surrounded. Stated the property at 6805 State Route 162 belongs to Albert Cusannelli, and the property at 6817 State Route 162 belongs to James Schwertmann. There were no questions or comments. Stated the annexation ordinances will be passed at the July 7th meeting.
6:48:28 PM Gulledge Stated the Cemetery discussion will be pulled off the agenda, as he received some information today and they will need time to go through it. Commented the Public Works Department has cleaned up the cemetery. Stated they will put the item on next week's Caucus agenda, and if they are still not ready they will pull it.
6:48:55 PM Gulledge Stated he received a Phase One Architectural Survey Study from Quality Testing in the amount of $1,825 which must be done for the grant from the State for the Stonebridge Water Main Extension. All were in favor.
6:50:04 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Fiscal Year 2010/2011 Budget. Commented all involved have done a good job and Henry and Schmidt have worked very hard on the project. Commented on the amount of work that goes into the budget.
6:51:04 PM Henry Commented on the first sheet, which is simply a summary. Comments were made regarding the figures; however Henry stated the summary will be explained as they go through the detail.
6:52:02 PM Henry Explained the summary is just a snapshot of May 1, 2010 through April 30, 2011 and does not take into account any cash reserves. Commented there are cash reserves not reflected in the summary that have been waiting for the large projects for which the Village is committed this year and are included in this year's budget. Went to Page 2 which is an overview. Explained Schmidt suggested the addition of the EAV. Stated it also shows between 2009 and 2008 the valuation did not go up considering the building done; however the Township Assessor went through and devalued some of the more affluent subdivisions which resulted in a loss of property valuation. Schmidt commented also this year the homestead deduction was increased by $500. Explained up until this year, the homestead deduction was $5,500 per home and came off the bottom-line assessment value of a house; however this year it was increased to $6,000 which resulted in a loss of another $500 of assessed value per home. Next, Henry referred to the statement regarding wages: For all non-union employees, there is a wage calculation and benefit schedule that is done to figure all budget figures. Explained wages reflected are whatever the salary was at April 30 plus a 2% increase; union employee wages are based on the current stated contract rate. Stated for health and dental insurance she used the current election and included a 15% rate increase effective January, which is an estimated increase. Explained all major departments include $3,000 in each computer/software figure to account for the possibility of hiring out for a new Village website design. Bell commented currently the Fire Department maintains their own website. Henry commented the Fire Department utilizes the Village website, so they included them in the share. Explained the legend that states 300 series are revenue accounts; 400 series are wages and benefits; and everything else is considered operating expenses. Commented highlights of the budget are explained on a cover page before each department section.
6:57:03 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions on the General Fund budget.
6:57:07 PM Limberg Asked regarding the pull tab and jar games tax, whether that is legal gambling. He was told yes. Henry explained it is the video machines that don't have the same license requirements as a casino. Stated these are regulated by the State and generate revenue to Maryville each year. Commented they are inspected by the State.
6:58:10 PM Henry Went to Administration. Explained wages and benefits for Fenton are still being split 50/50 between Administration and Building and Zoning. Explained Risk Management is calculated based on last year's premium increase of 19%. Stated Risk Management includes all departments except WSOM. Stated the auditor explained that because WSOM is an enterprise fund, they should be paying their share. Stated there is a formula for each department in order to determine the percentage that belongs to WSOM to make it fair. There were no questions on Administration.
6:59:59 PM Henry Went to Village Hall. Stated the air conditioner for the Council Chamber and Conference Room had to be replaced which is why the equipment line item is larger than it has been in the past. Next, stated the "Other Improvements" line item is also larger than in the past due to the addition $5,000 of expected expenditures to repair the front porch and $3,000 to replace the upstairs carpet.
7:02:04 PM Bell Asked if $5,000 will cover the porch.
7:02:22 PM Gulledge Stated Presson is in the process of getting bids.
7:02:41 PM Henry Commented they plan to wait as long as possible on the carpet so if they need an extra $3,000 they will use it.
7:03:03 PM Henry Went to Memorial Grounds. Explained a new line item was added called Village Gardens for Kostyshock to use to purchase plants and other supplies for the Plaza, Memorial Walk and any other property owned by the Village to be beautified.
7:04:07 PM Bell Asked if they will still include a planting amount in the MCIB budget. He was told no. Discussion ensued.
7:04:42 PM Henry Went to MCIB budget. Stated they are planning to go out for sponsorships to purchase a new Village welcome sign. Stated they have agreed they will not purchase it until the budget amount is committed. Stated the difference between the $15,000 budgeted for the sign and the $26,000 is the events such as the yard sale and Fall Fest. There were no questions or comments on the MCIB budget.
7:06:14 PM Henry Went to Health and Safety Budget. Stated the wage amount is the $50 per month stipend that the Safety Officer receives. Stated the $1,700 is in case mosquito dunks are purchased. Explained for the last several years they were received free from the County; however that program is supposed to be stopping. There were no questions.
7:06:51 PM Henry Went to Outreach Center, which is incidental funds to cover miscellaneous expenses for repairs to the building. Garcia asked what would happen in the event of a large expense such as the air conditioner going out. Henry responded it would be a circumstance where they are over budget in that line item due to an emergency situation. Commented they always have the option to amend the budget in an emergency instance of a large expense.
7:07:53 PM Henry Went to Senior's Building, which is a dollar figure to account for incidental repairs.
7:08:41 PM Henry Went to Cemetery. Commented $2,500 was added for maintenance supplies due to anticipated repairs to the shed. Stated they are also now budgeting for revenue due to the change in procedure and fees for grave opening/closing.
7:09:24 PM Henry Went to Museum. Stated they budgeted a total $47,500 for incidental building repairs, $47,000 of which is included for tuck pointing that must be done this year.
7:11:13 PM Henry Went to Library building on Schiber Court. Commented the Village will no longer be paying utilities in lieu of a raise in their monthly rent.
7:11:55 PM Henry Went to Hotel/Motel, which pays for Christmas and July 4th decoration lights, etc. Stated the Operating Supplies line item is for replacement of bulbs which must be done every year. Explained Rentals is for renting lifts for installation.
7:12:34 PM Henry Went to Public Comfort. Explained the revenue is received from property tax, the expenses of which pay for restroom and cleaning supplies for all public buildings. Explained a portion of a Public Works employee's wages is also run through this budget for cleaning and maintaining the buildings.
7:13:12 PM Gulledge Commented they cut the tax rate greatly on Public Comfort which accounts for the difference in the new budget. Schmidt explained it was cut due to some reserves from previous years. Gulledge stated they had a surplus and they cut it down on the levy to help the taxpayers.
7:13:47 PM Bell Asked where the pavilion rental income goes. He was told Parks. Henry stated the only income in Public Comfort is the property tax. Discussion ensued as to cleaning options for the restrooms.
7:17:02 PM Henry Went to IMRF. Stated the property tax levy is the revenue to pay out for the employees' IMRF retirement fund. Stated Social Security Medicare is the same.
7:17:41 PM Henry Went to Public Service account which includes incidental funds for equipment such as dog cages, etc. or property clean ups. Stated money is left in legal services in case of property condemnation, etc.
7:18:27 PM Henry Went to Building and Zoning. Commented wages are 100% of Flaugher's and 50% of Fenton's. Garcia asked if Flaugher also does PSO. Gulledge explained that function is split between various employees and departments.
7:19:58 PM Henry Went to Fire Department. Stated there is $170,000 included in grants, $120,000 of which is from FEMA and $50,000 is from DCEO. Commented the FEMA grant is an 80/20 split, so the corresponding expenditure is shown for the purchase of the equipment. Stated the same is true for the DCEO grant. Stated they broke out wages between full time, part time, fire call annual pay, stipends, and dispatchers. Explained the Professional Service line item increased because the Fire Department will pay 50% of the Glen Carbon Dispatch fee. Stated there is a new line item added to both Fire and Police to track PSAP Improvement expenses.
7:22:17 PM Bell Asked about the Computer line item. Henry stated Flaugher does not expect to upgrade any software so they left $1,000 in case of emergency.
7:22:31 PM Henry Went to Police Department. Explained the Officers' contract is expired and they do not have new officer wages so they used the same percentage used for non-union employees' wage increase. Pointed out the line item for the Glen Carbon Dispatch consolidation. Stated Schardan also budgeted for new radio equipment. Explained they increased Computers and Software because they had to buy a new dispatch computer for which they did not receive the bill until May.
7:24:20 PM Bell Asked why wages are down from what was expended last year. Henry responded they did not budget for a full year for dispatchers, and they are down one officer.
7:24:56 PM Gulledge Commented this is an open contract so they are estimating a 2% increase for budget purposes.
7:25:28 PM Garcia Asked what the $45,000 in Equipment is for.
7:25:35 PM Schmidt Stated $38,500 is for possible new radio equipment. Explained they have a communication problem with the new digital radios. Stated County is working with Motorola to fix the problem; however it is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time he requested this amount be added in case of upgrade to equipment.
7:27:00 PM Bell Asked if they budgeted for squad car location GPS systems. He was told no.
7:27:26 PM Kostyshock Asked if there is a line item for maintenance of vehicles. He was told yes.
7:27:36 PM Henry Went to Police Supervision. Explained when a speeding ticket is received, the individual can elect to go under supervision for which an extra fee is paid; the Village gets a share this fee. Explained they make the payment for the latest new vehicle purchase from this fund. Commented historically they bring in anywhere from $50 to $100 more than what the monthly payment is. Went to Federal DEA Funds. Explained Schardan is told he will get a share, but it may or may not come, so this is his best guess based upon correspondence received from the Judicial Department. Stated the funds can be used to purchase police vehicles.
7:29:33 PM Henry Went to Fire and Police Board Funds. Explained the first half is for the Fire Board, the bottom half is for the Police Board. Stated they are expenses for updating eligibility lists for advertising and medical testing.
7:30:24 PM Henry Went to Parks and Recreation. Stated she has broken out the grants of which they know will come in this fiscal year. Stated Miscellaneous Income includes the loan money they will be taking from the County for which will be used to pay the OSLAD project. Stated there is a larger amount budgeted for Maintenance Service to Park Grounds due to needed removal of trees to make way for project improvements. Stated the corresponding expenditures for the grants are listed. Pointed out the DCEO grant was specifically for equipment, so they will spend $85,000 which will all be reimbursed. Stated the $15,000 park equipment from Madison County is an 80/20 grant so they will receive $12,000 back. Explained the Park Improvements line item includes the bulk of the OSLAD project. Stated $200,000 will be reimbursed from the IDNR grant. Stated the bike trail connection will be reimbursed through the Illinois ITEP program. Stated they also included $4,000 to finish the boat dock.
7:32:10 PM Kostyshock Asked if Master Gardeners supplies will come from the Park budget.
7:32:37 PM Bell Responded a big expense needs to go to the Park Committee, then to the Board for approval. Commented the new budget item does not include Master Gardeners items. Asked if there is a line item included.
7:33:03 PM Henry Responded it is line item 619, "Supplies for Park". Discussion ensued as to procedure for purchases.
7:33:40 PM Gulledge Commented he would appreciate that Kostyshock call Bell to let him know when a purchase will be made. Discussion ensued.
7:34:32 PM Henry Went to Street Department. Stated this includes revenues from property tax for street lights and road and bridge tax. Stated there is a significant amount coming in from grants this year assuming Phase 2 and 3 of the Lakeview Acres Road project gets done. Stated $770,000 is pledged from IDOT for the intersection; $520,000 pledge from Madison County for construction; and Schiber Court has the ERP grant of $400,000. Stated the Maintenance Service item looks low at $35,000; $95,000 was budgeted for expenses but there will be a reimbursement from the MFT that will go against that account for expenditures from last fiscal year. Explained an added line item is for the new contract mowing service. Stated engineering fees are large due to the large Lakeview Acres Road and Schiber Court projects. Stated Equipment includes a $5,000 payment in case it is decided to purchase a used lift versus continue to rent one. Discussion ensued.
7:38:50 PM Henry Went to MFT. Pointed out the line item that corresponds to the previously discussed reimbursement. Stated they did not budget $135,000 of actual work expenses but she added in the $60,000 that will be reimbursed from this fund. Commented this fund has surplus cash.
7:40:01 PM Henry Went to WSOM. Stated a $100,000 grant from DCEO will be coming in for the Stonebridge Water Main Extension. Stated $473,606 from the IEPA is part of the large loan taken out for the water storage improvements, 50% of which is forgiven. Stated the remaining part of the loan to be received from IEPA is in the line item from loan proceeds which will have to be repaid; however the first payment is not due until July of 2011 so there will not be a corresponding expenditure for the payment in this fiscal year. Commented in revenues the rentals line item has additional revenues. Explained in years past they have only billed out Glen Carbon and Collinsville for some fire hydrants they use. Stated Presson found the ordinance states they can bill for non-metered fire suppression services (water sprinkler systems). Stated he is now starting this procedure so an annual billing will go out to all customers with such systems. Commented on the line item for purchase of radio read meters, for which finishing the town is budgeted.
7:45:42 PM Bell Asked what bad debt bank charge is.
7:45:47 PM Henry Responded this is for account service fees charged by UMB Bank, which is why accounts were switched to a new bank. Went to the 2001A Bonds. Stated there is one more payment in next fiscal year and then they are closed. Stated it shows a negative figure because the fund has more than enough cash to pay the remaining payments. Explained they transferred money from WSOM to this fund every month to cover the payments; however they no longer need to do that and the remainder of the money will go back to WSOM. Went to Water Softening Bonds which were refunded last year. Stated no additional funds were needed as there is enough to cover this fiscal year's payment. Went to Special Service Area #3 Loan Payments which are generated from property tax. Commented this has ten more years.
7:49:14 PM Gulledge Went back to Garcia's original question: The reason the number looks so large is because of the large projects such as OSLAD and Lakeview Acres Road that they have the money put away in surplus. Commented it is not a true reflection of what is done day-to-day; however it must be shown this way.
7:50:27 PM Schmidt Commented the actual amount in the red is $76,000 if they do all extra projects that may or may not be done.
7:50:56 PM Gulledge Commented last year they were $38,000 in the red going in to the year, and ended in the positive due to frugal spending. Discussion ensued.
7:55:13 PM Gulledge Stated if all are in favor, he would like to put the budget on the agenda for the Board meeting for a vote.
7:56:14 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Events were discussed. Mayor commented they will need to hold a third Caucus meeting on June 30th.
7:58:09 PM Gulledge Went to Public Input. There was none. Went to To Do List. There were no comments.
7:58:48 PM Gulledge Went to Trustees' Comments.
7:59:00 PM Bell Stated he was contacted by the Census Representative who reported they are done with the door-to-door phase and are now in the first of three quality assurance phases. Stated they will double check vacant properties. Stated the Representative commented Maryville did a great job with their mail-in response. Commented they could see Census workers out up until October. Stated the unofficial numbers will be in by December 31st and details by April 1st of next year.
8:00:47 PM Kostyshock Commented the Master Gardeners will hold their Annual Open House tomorrow evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
8:01:57 PM Bell Suggested photos for the website could be taken at the next Caucus meeting.
8:03:43 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Commented on correspondence he received showing the Illinois Department of Revenue authorized Maryville's share of December's LGDF sales tax on January 19, 2010, which was not received until June 16. Further commented the simplified municipal telecommunication tax was authorized on June 11 for the month of April and was received on June 17th. Commented it shows what goes on at the State level does not make any sense at all.
8:05:58 PM Gulledge Commented there will be no Closed Session due to the absence of the attorney. With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia -yes. Motion carried.
8:06:28 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Tracy Fenton, Village Clerk

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