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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus
Date9/11/2002 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:27:49 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order with the following answering the roll call: Trustees Edwards, Callahan, Kostyshock, Bell, and Limberg. Also present were Clerk Long, Auditor Jim Ferris, Attorney Wigginton, and Centennial Committee Members Janet Butts and Diana Hedrick. Trustee Garcia was absent.
6:28:42 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the August 28th minutes. Motion by Limberg, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Edwards - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Bell - yes; Limberg - yes. Motion carried.
6:29:24 PM Gulledge Requested Trustees to stick to agenda as close as possible since it is lengthy.
6:30:07 PM Kostyshock Asked Diana Hedrick to discuss the recommendations of the Centennial Committee. Hedrick reported that the Committee is recommending the establishment of a historical preservation committee. The committee would oversee the museum and the possibility of creating a library,. The idea behind the preservation committee is to set guidelines to designate areas of the Village as historical areas and certain homes and structures as historical landmarks. The committee would encourage the upkeep and improvements to these areas. Also the Centennial Committee recommends the Centennial Memorial Walk be designated a park structure to be under the care of the Park Committee. Also recommends naming the museum Maryville Heritage Museum and placing identification signs. Kostyshock said signs have been ordered.
6:34:38 PM Gulledge Asked for comments from the Trustees.
6:35:02 PM Edwards Asked what buildings were not being taken care of. Hedrick answered. Edwards said his house dates back to 1902. He said he doesn't want guidelines so strict as to tell a homeowner what can or cannot be done to their home or property. Butts agrees with Edwards she said they need strict guidelines but not too strict. Gulledge said the committee is looking for a concept , they are not ready to set guidelines,. They are recommending a committee be formed first.
6:40:27 PM Hedrick Stated if a committee is formed, they will be a recommending body only.
6:41:12 PM Butts Said they have a house in Salem. Salem has a Historical Preservation Society, however, there are no guidelines for restoration.
6:42:22 PM Gulledge Recommends a committee for preservation and also library. Mayor will put together a committee to look into these issues.
6:43:41 PM Callahan Said he has a problem with having this committee to set rules with no occupancy permit.
6:44:15 PM Wigginton We do have occupancy permit, just has not been implemented. Working on getting this resolved
6:44:51 PM Gulledge Attorney is working on a check list for occupancy permits. Callahan is agreeable with this.
6:46:03 PM Wigginton/Callahan Trustee Callahan said he also has problem with home owners cleaning ice & snow off sidewalks. Attorney looking at legality of this. Also this will be discussed later on the agenda.
6:47:48 PM Gulledge No problem with museum name. Hedrick asked about turning the Centennial Walk to the Park committee. Mayor said this is the general idea, since it is on park property anyway.
6:49:42 PM Edwards Said the Centennial Walk is set up wrong. When it first started it was supposed to be for veterans, miners, and ball players. Everyone else was to be put in the Centennial Plaza. He feels it got out of hand.
6:50:49 PM Gulledge Replied it is up to the individual where they want their brick.
6:51:49 PM Bell Recommends Park Committee sell the bricks and let the individual have the brick placed where they want. Hedrick said news releases went out this week for pavers.
6:53:38 PM Gulledge Explained that Jim Ferris was here to discuss the 2001-2002 fiscal year audit.
6:54:04 PM Ferris Asked for any questions on balance sheet, income statement, etc. He explained audit as he went along. Long term debt went up because of new bond. There were no question on first few pages. Page 6 is the water, sewer funds. Page 7 cash in the account. All cash restricted and unrestricted. Callahan asked how much is restricted. Ferris replied $576,000.00 is the restricted portion, and the unrestricted portion is $916,000.00. Last year the unrestricted was $707,000.00 and the restricted was $562,000.00.
7:02:03 PM Ferris Stated that the Water & Sewer Fund is generating enough funds, however, it does have debts.
7:04:48 PM Callahan Asked about transferring all monies owed. Long said everything is transferred except back payroll. Ferris said fire and police are special revenue funds, these should be zeroed out. General fund is owed money from several funds. Callahan asked about the remaining balance on Foxmill. This will never be paid off unless Foxmill is expanded. Callahan recommends setting aside funds in a special account.
7:06:06 PM Ferris Voiced concerns about providing funds to pay off bonds. Note states this is to be paid by sales tax, utility tax, etc. Callahan recommends setting aside funds in a special account to pay the bonds.
7:15:36 PM Limberg Asked if we are going to be ok in 5 or 6 years. Ferris said will be okay, just be careful not to over extend.
7:17:16 PM Callahan Asked if the bond agreement requires a special fund set up. Ferris said the agreement states bond can be paid from anything. Callahan recommends that the money owed General Fund from WSOM be set up as a special fund and add to it monthly to take care of the bond issue.
7:21:56 PM Gulledge Told Ferris to figure out a number to set aside on a monthly basis. He said he will.
7:22:50 PM Callahan Asked opinion of Ferris on Cougar Mountain. Ferris said he has had a lot of problems this year. Does not understand why so many updates, like practically every month. Ferris said recommends looking at software that has good payroll package. Recommends replacing Cougar Mountain.
7:27:11 PM Bell
Told Board he had to buy two more docking stations, and a hub for a total of $420.00.
7:27:28 PM Bell Discussed Pay Request #11 in the amount of $8899.35. Mayor and Bell met with Hart, and a walk thru is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25th. This is the last payment. The rest is retainage. Edwards said hold this payment. Bell replied that this is part of the agreement. Gulledge said there is enough retained to take care of anything that needs to be done. Bell reported that this request is for electrical work and fencing. This will be on the agenda for payment.
7:27:28 PM Bell Reported he has had several residents request a stop sign or something for the crosswalk at Renee over to the school. The traffic is very heavy at this area and is dangerous for the children. Bell suggests a crosswalk light be placed there. Mayor said he and Bell will contact the Congressmen to see if they will help. Mayor also said the police officers are doing the best they can. They are working very hard to control the traffic.
7:35:17 PM Wigginton Asked if this marked as a school zone. Mayor said it is.
7:36:22 PM Edwards Suggests hiring a senior citizen to take care of the crosswalk for the time being. Mayor and Bell will talk to Principal Murphy to see what they have set up. Also they will talk with the State Representative to see if there is any assistance available.
7:38:35 PM Bell Discussed using the HTML software format and explained further that the log notes is nice for finding topics without looking at the whole set of minutes. Bell also explained that the format of minutes would be changed.
7:41:15 PM Gulledge Stated that he asked Attorney Wigginton about using this format for minutes.
7:41:34 PM Wigginton Said he feels this is the best way of keeping the minutes. It is very efficient.
7:42:19 PM Bell Explained another capability of this is the minutes could be put on web page. However, he is not ready to implement this part of the system yet.
7:43:06 PM Wigginton Reported eventually governor wants to make it mandatory to put minutes on web site. There may not be a choice. Attorney recommends not doing this until forced. Also there could be a possibility of someone hacking into the system and changing the minutes. Bell says our system is secure.
7:50:07 PM Gulledge Discussed purchase of copiers. Police Dept likes Toshiba, Administrative staff likes it also. The cost of the copier is $5009.00 each. This will be on agenda to purchase two at board meeting. Maintenance contract will be in next packet from Williams Office products. Mayor and Brussatti are in the process of trying to determine the number of copies to put in the contract. Also serge protectors will be needed for each one. Bell said he thinks $99.00 is high, however, he also said make sure everything is covered in the agreement.
7:54:10 PM Gulledge The 911 generator report was discussed. $995 to replace hoses, water pump & gaskets on the old CK Powers generator. Trustees agreed this should be done. Edwards said Sonnenberg wrote him a note asking this to be done. This will be on the agenda for the board meeting.
7:56:01 PM Gulledge Discussed the Dykes Property that the Village owns, all we do is cut grass. The property is of no use to the Village, and he recommends that the property be sold. Also, the property on Bauer Lane that belongs to the Village needs some work. The fence needs to be repaired. Callahan said this property has a pump station on it. However, it is inoperable at this time. Wigginton said the Village can reserve an easement. This is because there used to be a lift station there, but was never operable. Sewer lines are there. Dykes property - Trustees agrees to sell. Wigginton said declare surplus property and Mayor said set a minimum for bid. Ed said get appraisal on the property. Bauer Lane - Callahan has a concern if sewer ever goes there. The Village will need this property. Limberg hesitant to sell also. Mayor said get appraisal on both.
8:03:02 PM Gulledge Reported on Illinois Storm Water Phase II Participation. Mayor said the Village has no choice, it is mandatory to be in this participation. Also, the group rate is cheaper way to go. Mayor asked the Board to authorize him to sign the $735.44 participation. Alone will be much higher. Also, two people are to serve on the stormwater committee. Mayor and Limberg will serve on the committee. Sept 19 is the deadline for the signed participation to be in their hand. All trustees were in favor. This will be on the agenda.
8:06:57 PM Wigginton Talked about an amendment to the subdivision ordinance. The Planning Commission earlier this year received a copy of an ordinance that requires homeowners to maintain sidewalks. The Planning Commission felt that the Village should adopt this into our ordinance. Attorney Wigginton said he has researched this and it is his finding that when the Village accepts a dedicated street or sidewalk, they accept the responsibility of maintaining that street or sidewalk. The Village cannot force the abutting or adjoining landowner responsible. Attorney does not recommend passing such an ordinance.
8:11:03 PM Wigginton Spoke on the Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax. 2.75% is rate that has been designated for Maryville. Must be changed before 9/30. Currently , the Village is not getting anything. If the Village does nothing, effective Jan 1, the Village will get 2.75%. Bell suggests leaving it as is for the first year. Trustees agreed.
8:18:01 PM Gulledge/Wigginton The County Funding Agreement was discussed next. The only question Mayor and Wigginton had was it doesn't spell out installing sidewalks. Stahlhut said this was done for a reason, but assured Mayor there will be sidewalks on both sides. Attorney said this is on the plans and specs. Ed asked if all easements are in. Mayor said a few are not but will probably sign. Weeks has water issue, wants to talk to Mayor. This will be on agenda to authorize mayor to sign on behalf of the Village. Trucano is supposed to have his attorney draw up a contract with township and village. Edwards asked if it is a County engineer. Mayor said county hired Juneau. Along this line, Mayor reported there has been problems with moving the water line. Shoring problems. Presson is checking prices to get updated equipment.
8:25:08 PM Kostyshock Announced rabies clinic 9 AM-12 Noon, Saturday, September 14th. Also, grant money for mosquito control up to $2200.00 is available, but the participants have to be trained and the Village has two employees who have been trained.
8:26:16 PM Wigginton Reported on the Melton litigation. The Village was brought into case ,and was defended by our insurance carrier. Attorney Wigginton said they did a fine job. The Court dismissed case against the Village. Wigginton and Mayor spent a day with Mr.& Mrs. Dulaney and child in depositions. This was quite an experience. Attorney will share depositions with the board when he gets copies. Next he spoke briefly about the brine tanks. He has sent letter stating he wants arbitration as soon as possible.
8:28:06 PM Callahan Wants sign in front fixed. Mayor reported that he has met with the sign representative and this is supposed to be taken care of soon. He and Brussatti have been trying to get this resolved for some time.
8:28:29 PM Wigginton Spoke about a Community group that will be giving out grants in 2004. Register on line, increments of $2500.00 and they encourage any group to fill out form by 9/30/02
8:30:00 PM Bell Melissa talked to him about purchasing a laser printer from CRC to print the bills. Bell told her to check into it and also check with Computron.
8:32:42 PM Gulledge Mayor comments - dedication of buildings. The plaque will be 20x25. Mayor asked what to put on the sign. Public Works has a similar plaque Also Mayor suggested moving the dedication to Sunday, November 3rd at 2 p.m. Mayor asked what the Board wanted to name the new part -Village Hall Addition or Renovation Expansion. Expansion was picked. Police - dedicated in memory of John C "Buster" Lucas.
8:38:47 PM Gulledge Village Hall dedicated in honor of Frank Vallino, Village Clerk, 44 years. This will be put on bills.
8:39:39 PM Gulledge Discussed a request for a Proclamation for Bible Week in November. This will be on the next board meeting agenda.
8:39:39 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly a letter received from a complainant about Cindy's Critter Camp.  She was not happy with the service she received.
8:41:27 PM Gulledge Told the those present that a group from the Village, Mayor, Limberg, Bell, Long, Brussatti and Flaugher will be leaving around 8:30 a.m. to attend the IML conference in Chicago.
8:42:13 PM Gulledge With nothing further to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville