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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date9/25/2002 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:36:19 PM Gulledge Call to order. Roll Call
6:36:35 PM Long Limberg, Edwards, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock answered "Present". Trustee Garcia was absent. Also present were two citizens and Chief Sonnenberg.
6:37:23 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Minutes of the September 11th meeting. Motion by Kostyshock, second by Edwards to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk.
6:38:08 PM Long Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes, Edwards - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:38:38 PM Gulledge Introduced Park Committee members Diana Hedrick and Judy Wiemann, and asked Trustee Bell to discuss the agenda items pertaining to Parks.
6:39:15 PM Bell Spoke about increasing the Park Board from 9 to11 members. Said there are three residents who are interested in serving on the committee. He feels that with all the activity of the Committee, a few more members would be helpful. It is the recommendation of the Park Board to increase the number of committee members to eleven. Mayor has no problem with this.
6:39:53 PM Limberg Asked why the Committee feels the need to increase the number of members.
6:40:11 PM Hedrick Answered that it is mainly the growth of the Village, and the Park Committee having more community events. Also several residents have expressed interest in serving.
6:41:48 PM Gulledge Asked Hedrick if they had included Albert Ebert on the Committee. He was appointed at the last Board Meeting. Said he has no problem with making the change. He will have the Attorney to change the ordinance. Meanwhile Mayor will talk to Sharon Petty.
6:43:06 PM Gulledge Wigginton arrived. Mayor asked that the ordinance be changed. Wigginton said there would be no problem changing the ordinance.
6:43:44 PM Bell Discussed the recommendation of the Park Committee to pursue obtaining easements for access to the park, and bike trail from Cedar Valley in Rolling Meadows, and Copper Bend in Copper Creek.
6:44:55 PM Bell Said the Committee thinks it is a good idea to pursue obtaining access to the park and bike trail, and also have the Planning Commission pursue the possibility of obtaining easements when new subdivisions come in.
6:45:41 PM Hedrick Asked if was the responsibility of the Village Officials to talk to residents about acquiring an easement. Mayor told her it was.
6:46:09 PM Hedrick Asked if Remington Place was in before the green space ordinance. She was told it was. She said there are several lots along one street that back up to the bike trail.
6:46:48 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem investigating this, but there is access at Lakeview Acres Road.
6:48:29 PM Bell Said as the plans and plats come in, it is a good idea to investigate the feasibility of getting access. Also, he suggests it would be a good idea to include easements for access to the park or bike trail on the Planning Commission's check list for new plats coming in.
6:50:16 PM Edwards Said he would not be interested in granting access if he owned property near the park.
6:51:21 PM Limberg Replied there are not very many places that butt up to the park.
6:51:56 PM Wigginton Reminded that this may come under the green space requirement.
6:52:43 PM Wiemann Asked Mayor if he wanted a representative from the Park Committee to attend Planning Commission meetings.
6:53:35 PM Hedrick Asked if an easement could be shown on the preliminary plat.
6:54:01 PM Gulledge Replied it should be on final plat. Planning Commission will be instructed to add this to their check list.
6:54:35 PM Grizio Dorothy Grizio, 137 West Zupan was present to discuss bricks for the Centennial Plaza. She said she has discussed this with Chief Flaugher and he is doing a follow up. Also, she had a photo and names of firemen who are not on the pavers. She gave the list to Mayor Gulledge.
6:56:02 PM Gulledge Told Grizio that if the persons on her list did not serve 20 years they would not be recognized. He thanked Mrs. Grizio for coming to the meeting and also for bringing this oversight to his attention.
6:57:02 PM Sonnenberg/Edwards Spoke about emergency services recording system in police dept. and records all the phone conversations, 911 calls, and all fire, police, and EMS radio transmissions. Older system is Dictaphone, and is not working. It has been giving problems for some time. One deck has been out for a while, now the other deck is out. Chief reported he had applied for grant through the Criminal Justice Commission, but they ran out of grant money. BusCom has given specs and a price quote for a new system. Chief said even if the Dictaphone Recorder could be repaired, with the other new equipment now in place, it is not compatible.
7:00:38 PM Sonnenberg Told the Board that the current system is completely down, and no calls or radio traffic is being recorded. Also, BusCom has three options; buy the equipment outright, lease the equipment on a fair market program, or a dollar buy out . The lease agreement includes a comprehensive maintenance program. Chief recommends looking at one of the lease programs as technology in this field changes rapidly. Surrounding departments use the system, and are pleased with it.
7:05:09 PM Edwards Commented that even if the Village bought the system outright, a maintenance contract would still have to be purchased.
7:06:06 PM Bell Explained difference in maintenance agreement prices. All options in $30,000 range for 48 month lease. Also recommends the lease program.
7:09:35 PM Wigginton Asked what the expected life of the system would be.
7:10:24 PM Sonnenberg Said the representative told him 5 - 7 years.
7:10:27 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees what they preferred to do, lease or buy. They were all in favor of leasing.
7:10:29 PM Edwards the lease is the way to go.
7:11:35 PM Limberg In favor of lease also.
7:12:25 PM Bell Asked chief his recommendation of 48 or 60 months
7:12:57 PM Sonnenberg Said the representative recommends 48 months
7:13:22 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees their opinion.
7:13:56 PM Callahan Said if necessary the village could pay outright, no interest involved. favor of lease 48 months and dollar buy out.
7:15:40 PM Gulledge Asked trustees if any of them had a question. Recommends purchasing as an emergency since there is no meeting prior to the Sept 30. Expressed a concern of call out time.
7:15:43 PM Wigginton Recommended the Chief to ask for extended time on the call out due to the Police Department operating seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
7:20:23 PM Callahan Asked if there is a guarantee. He was told there was.
7:20:43 PM Sonnenberg Reported that Clerk Long is putting a notice in the papers for telecommunicators.
7:22:08 PM Wigginton Asked if Ellen Cook has been contacted.
7:22:27 PM Sonnenberg Said she will not return his call. Also reported that the new weapons are in. Spaller and Davis are cleaning the shipping grease, etc. from them.
7:22:52 PM Sonnenberg Spaller is going to Glock School for training for appropriate break down and familiarization with the weapons. They are working with State Police to get a time for qualifications. The weapons will not be issued until everyone has qualified. Reported he will have prices for the holsters soon.
7:23:39 PM Sonnenberg Said he wants meeting with attorney to clarify some of the ordinances. Also concern of what is expected of his officers in reference to bike trail. Such as, where is the jurisdiction for the police officers, what is in Village Limits, what is out., and what does the Transit Authority expect from his officers.
7:25:36 PM Gulledge Said that he will write a letter to Jerry Kane regarding what is the responsibility of village police officers. Suggests a meeting with Kane.
7:27:34 PM Callahan Asked about people filing false, or incorrect charges, taking up officers time. Can anything be done.
7:32:25 PM Sonnenberg Said the calls are not occurring as much, they have several calls about people fishing in the lake. And a few others he has talked with the States Attorney on, but they decline to prosecute.
7:32:57 PM Bell Spoke about E-mail address thru Charter pipeline. He will be assigning addresses soon.
7:35:41 PM Bell Asked trustees about e-mail address.
7:38:56 PM Wigginton Recommends only one e-mail for Trustees to keep complaints down saying people don't respond. Consensus not to have individual trustee e-mails
7:42:37 PM Sonnenberg Requests e-mail for communications and one for police to be checked by Springer.
7:46:11 PM Bell Discussed purchase of a printer for the Water Dept. He has received information from Melissa Bailey, the Water Clerk regarding the prices, etc.
7:46:58 PM   CRC quoted a price of $1145.00 for a Lexmark Printer, which is the printer they recommend for their product.
7:47:46 PM Bell Bailey is checking to see if any other printer is compatible. He prefers an HP- 4100, which would be similar to the other printers in the Administration Building. He is asking the Board to approve up to $1400. This will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
7:54:41 PM Gulledge Reported on the walk-thru of the Complex. There are a number of issues unsettled.
7:55:09 PM On the outside premises were Mayor and the Civil Engineer. Bell, and Kostyshock were in the police department. There is a lot to be done on the outside. Will take over the police station as substantially complete after verification that the members of the police department have been trained on the doors, and security is up & running. Tomorrow will begin the move in village hall. Clerk moves first, then comptroller, then water clerk. Then the downstairs will be painted before moving in the old part from the upstairs.
7:57:55 PM Kostyshock Said he is disappointed that the contractor did not take the initiative to correct obvious problems.
7:58:39 PM Edwards Said he walked thru on Monday, was not happy with what he saw in the police department. Asked Mayor about basement leaking. Contractor said it could be taken care of.
8:03:31 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they had anything to discuss.
8:03:42 PM Callahan Asked Trustee Kostyshock if he checked on the catering sign for the business on Center Street, and the beauty shop sign on the corner of Center and Perry Streets. He doesn't think the measurements are right.
8:05:19 PM Kostyshock Spoke on the ordinance violations for weeds, etc. He said there have been quite a few citations written. Kevin and Karl are doing a good job. He said the houses on Williams Street are being fixed up and the street now looks very nice.
8:07:13 PM Callahan Spoke about the house on the corner of Giofre and Drost. Mayor said he is aware of the problems there, and is working on it.
8:08:18 PM Limberg Announced a brush drop off on Saturday, Oct 12 8-12. The resident will have to take the brush to the tower. The Street Department will be on hand to assist.
8:09:07 PM Edwards Spoke about 12 hour shift for police officers. Chief working up schedule for board review. This will be a trial basis. Mayor told the Trustees that he and Edwards is not sold on the idea, but is willing to give it a try.
8:10:45 PM Callahan Asked Attorney Wigginton if there is a provision for 80 hour shift in the two week pay period, if the officers are on 12 hour shifts.
8:11:43 PM Wigginton Replied that there is a provision or exemption from the overtime requirements. He said most towns have 12 hour shifts. He knows of no town that still has 8 hour shifts.
8:13:55 PM Gulledge Discussed the volunteers he had asked for at the last Board meeting. They were Trustees Callahan and Kostyshock . However, he is switching Callahan to the historical areas, and the library and the museum will be Kostyshock. Also he asked them to choose persons for the committees. He has some names of people who have expressed a desire to be on some committee.
8:15:32 PM Gulledge Reported that the landscaping around the complex is on hold. Mayor asked Callahan to look into landscaping and redoing the current landscaping.
8:16:40 PM Callahan Suggests talking with Lakeview Acres Garden Club and Mayor suggests talking with Master Gardeners. Jack suggests killing the grass in the front and reseeding with fescue this fall.
8:20:47 PM Gulledge Talked about the Dedication and Open House, Nov 3rd. Passed out photo of the plaques for errors and approval. Bell pointed out that the architect is not AAI now, it is AAIC. Mayor will note the change.
8:23:49 PM Gulledge Ask for a volunteer for the dedication program for Nov 3. Since Trustee Garcia was not here, Mayor said he will ask her to head the committee.
8:24:51 PM Wigginton Reported he will be in court tomorrow with the Cape & Sons incident.
8:25:07 PM Gulledge Adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville