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Description Caucus Minutes
Date 10/9/2002 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:28:20 PM Gulledge Called meeting to order, asked for Roll Call
6:28:30 PM Long Limberg - here; Edwards - here; Bell - here; Callahan - here; Garcia - here. Trustee Kostyshock was absent. Mayor Gulledge and Clerk Long also present.
6:29:03 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the September 25th Caucus Minutes. Motion by Callahan, second by Garcia to approve the minutes and place them on file.
6:29:18 PM Long Voting on the motion: Limberg yes; Edwards - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried. Attorney Wigginton arrived.
6:29:56 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly on the IDOT/Maryville Agreement on the expansion South of 270 to South of 162. This stage of the 159 expansion is due to be let in Spring . The Village must be sure no utilities are in the way. This is being worked on at this time. There is a small unincorporated area between Maryville and Glen Carbon, that both Mayors would like to see sidewalks to tie the communities together. And, possibly bring Collinsville and Edwardsville Townships in for some assistance. Mayor, Trustee Limberg and Superintendent Presson will be meeting Thursday evening with some of the Glen Carbon officials. The sidewalk issue will be discussed as well as some other intergovernmental agreements with Glen Carbon. This is just a discussion type meeting to share ideas on how the two communities can work together on other projects. Any information gathered will be placed on agenda for the next caucus.

6:32:42 PM
Wigginton Said this is a standard agreement. IDOT has most of the responsibility only a small portion is for Maryville. The

 major issue is sidewalks. Maryville wants sidewalks through Maryville on both sides. Glen carbon wants sidewalks also. Will discuss linking the towns with an Intergovernmental Agreement.

6:34:07 PM Wigginton Spoke on the BusCom contract for Police Dept. recording system. He has marked up the contract
6:35:12 PM Gulledge Said he will look it over, sign and send it back tomorrow.
6:35:31 PM Bell Said BusCom worked with him on the Village Hall recording system.
6:35:56 PM Wigginton Reported he has the deposition transcripts back from Dulaney, He will get copies to Mayor. Also he is trying to get a trial date on the Cape & Sons case.
6:36:19 PM Gulledge Asked Wigginton if he has a response on Dulaney & Noble on their petition to reduce their property tax.
6:37:05 PM Wigginton Replied he will be taking care of this tomorrow. Wigginton explained to the trustees that Dulaney has filed an application with Madison County Board of Review to reduce the taxes on Echo Plaza, and Ron Noble has filed to reduce the taxes on two businesses located in Autumn Oaks. The Village will object both reductions.
6:37:24 PM Callahan Stated that he has asked Karl about the sign at the catering place, and was told it is a legal sign. He still feels it is not legal. The banner cannot be on the sign. He said the Village did not give permission for the banner. Mayor reminded him that the ordinance gives Flaugher permission to grant temporary banners or signs.
6:38:24 PM Edwards Asked why they were given permission to have a banner. Mayor replied it is a banner announcing their grand opening. He then asked if the sign is legal, and is it ten feet from the ground.
6:38:51 PM Callahan Said the top of the sign is ten feet above the ground, therefore, the Zoning Department says it is a ground sign, as a pole sign the bottom of the sign would have to be ten feet above the ground..
6:39:08 PM Gulledge Said that the heights are spelled out in the ordinance. John will be here next week. He will try to get clarification.
6:40:08 PM Callahan Said he thinks they can only use one color. He thinks the sign is an eyesore.
6:41:01 PM Wigginton Said the banner for grand opening will come down in about a week.
6:41:26 PM Gulledge Spoke about the landscaping around the Village Complex. Jack & he are going to work on the landscaping this weekend to get some ideas. on the rock, etc. They are trying to get ready for opening.
6:42:26 PM Edwards Asked if they were planning on putting flowers or shrubs.
6:42:38 PM Callahan Replied that it should be something that requires minimal work.
6:43:13 PM Edwards Reported to the Board that he had a confrontation with Linda Smith and her cat problem.
6:43:32 PM Callahan Asked Trustee Edwards if they were still working on the 12 hour schedule.
6:43:55 PM Edwards Said they are working on it. He told them he did not want a lot of overtime. Police Officers are still doing some dispatching. He doesn't like this.
6:44:52 PM Gulledge Chief talked to him about it. He told Chief to work the dispatching problem out as best as he can. He did say that he told the Chief to be sure there is more than one officer on duty.
6:45:11 PM Edwards Stated that when the Administrative Assistant position was created, that person was supposed to fill in when they were short a dispatcher.
6:45:40 PM Gulledge Replied she is dispatching. He has seen her doing it. Also she is on the schedule that Chief Sonnenberg gave him. Chief is trying to get things worked out.
6:46:41 PM Garcia Asked about Ellen Cook.
6:46:59 PM Gulledge Replied that she has never responded to Chief's phone calls, nor has she responded to the letter he wrote her on the advice of Attorney Wigginton.
6:47:08 PM Bell Reported that responses are coming in from the IMLConference. He and Clerk Long talked to several companies for software to replace Cougar Mountain. Data Tronics has sent information, and will most likely be asked to come for a demonstration.
6:48:11 PM Bell Discussed a welcome page for first board meeting in the new Council Chambers. One was fireworks, one was a water scene. Also, he had a question for the Mayor , he asked him if he made the phone call about the walking path.
6:50:10 PM Gulledge Replied that he did. They were supposed to be here last week. Called again Monday and today, still no show. He told them that the grass has been killed and he wants something done before it grows back.
6:50:57 PM Gulledge Told the Trustees that the mail boxes are in, and installed in the server room. Also, he told them that Trustee Garcia has made the invitation for the Open House & Dedication. They will be sent out tomorrow. If anyone has anybody they want to invite they can let Thelma, Jolene or him know.
6:52:40 PM Bell Suggests sending the employees and family, and also the volunteer fireman an invitation..
6:53:13 PM Gulledge Discussed a short program for the Open House. There will be an invocation by one of the local pastors, also the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:53:46 PM   Mayor will give a short talk. He will give a brief biography on Vallino and possibly Ron Lucas will give one on John Lucas. There will be an open mike time if anyone wants to make brief comments. Mayor asked Limberg to lead the group in God Bless America. He suggested Edwards go over to the Police Department to head the open house there with the Chief, since he is Chairman of the Police Committee.
6:56:52 PM Bell Reported on the E-mail addresses. He did not like Charter's. He is having Computron look into a different domain for the addresses. He is also moving the Website.
6:57:50 PM Gulledge Announced that Gary Niebur, Mayor of Edwardsville has been elected President of the Southwestern Group of Mayors . Thursday, October 24th Mayor will attend. and anyone who wishes to go, let him know by Monday, Oct 21. Next he announced that next Monday, October 14th, at the Economic Development Committee Meeting, members of School Board will be present. They will also be at the next Caucus on October 23rd at 6:30 p.m. and at the Planning Commission on October 28th.
7:01:06 PM Gulledge Talked about "Make A Difference Day" on October 26th. He will have Attorney Wigginton draw up a Resolution/proclamation for the next Board Meeting.
7:01:40 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly about a fund raiser for Anderson Hospital's 25th year. It is a black tie affair - $150.00 per person. He feels if the Board wants to him go, he will. Also feels he should since it is their 25th year in Maryville.
7:02:46 PM Limberg Said he went two years with Rich Dawdy from UMB. It is a nice dinner, and is for a very good cause. He said the Mayor should go. The other trustees agreed.
7:03:49 PM Edwards Callahan Both wondered why it was held in St. Louis.
7:04:22 PM Wigginton Responded that this is a very big affair. There would be no place around here to hold such an event.
7:04:35 PM Gulledge Touched on an E-mail her received on 4-wheelers and motorcycles in residential areas. They are traveling at a high rate of speed, the noise is unbearable, there is a concern of safety for the children. The writer suggests an ordinance to ban these 4-wheelers and motorcycles in residential areas. Mayor turned this over to the Attorney.
7:07:19 PM Wigginton Said there are several options. One is the general nuisance ordinance already in effect. This should take care of the problem. He will look into this.
7:10:23 PM Gulledge Reported there is a very lengthy list of things that need to be done on the buildings. November 13th is completion date. He will talk to AAIC about getting things done.
7:12:21 PM Limberg Suggests that after the completion date , The Village sub out the work, then pay them with the retainage of Hart's Contracting.
7:12:58 PM Garcia Asked about giving Keller a time limit on the contract on the sales tax..
7:13:14 PM Gulledge Replied that the Village cannot, because there is a binding contract with Keller. However he has a meeting at1:30 p.m. Tuesday with John Brancaglione and he will discuss some things we can do.
7:14:09 PM Gulledge Adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville