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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date10/23/2002 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:29:45 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for Roll Call
6:29:57 PM Long Limberg, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia answered the roll.
6:30:34 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the October 9th Caucus meeting. Motion by Limberg, second by Callahan to approve the minutes as submitted. Trustee Bell noted that part of the heading (Village of Maryville) was missing from the minutes shown on the screen. The words are on the paper copy of the minutes. He will have Jolene fix this.
6:31:03 PM Long Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia- yes. Motion carried.
6:31:30 PM Gulledge Introduced Michael Birch & Ronald Ganschinietz of the Unit 10 School District. They were present to discuss any questions or concerns that the Board might have, and to bring them up to date on what is happening in the District. Birch passed a pamphlet around of projects going on in the District. Ganschinietz explained that he and Birch are on a long range planning committee. He discussed the feasibility of long range plans. The referendum was discussed. The building projects in progress was discussed. Maryville addition is coming along well. They broke ground on Sunday for the Middle School, and the designs for the other schools are in progress and nearly complete. The Board is trying to stay within the budget. He explained some of the pictures in the color pamphlet that was passed around. Budget was discussed next. There is not going to be much help from the State this year. Board is committed to stay within the budget.
6:41:39 PM Bell Asked what the amount per child from State funding is.
6:42:09 PM Ganschinietz Replied it averages to be about $100 per student.
6:42:28 PM Limberg Asked if there was an increase in enrollment for Maryville School.
6:42:41 PM Birch Said the increase has been slower than anticipated. However, it is estimated the increase is 15 -20 students per year.
6:43:55 PM Gulledge Edwards seated.
6:44:16 PM Ganschinietz Said the middle grades are growing faster than the higher grades and lower grades.
6:44:46 PM Gulledge Asked if Maryville is the fastest growing school in the district.
6:45:12 PM Birch Replied now it is, but this may change due to several large subdivisions planned in the district.
6:45:24 PM Bell Asked about the Fairmont City issue of picking up the students and the impact on the budget, if it would help or not.
6:45:52 PM Birch Replied that there would be no additional money.
6:46:21 PM Ganschinietz Said the Federal and State funds are not readily available. And, in addition, East St. Louis has already filed an appeal. Collinsville is in the process of appealing to the Appellate Court. Therefore, it will be at least another two years before anything can be done.
6:46:52 PM   Chief Sonnenberg arrived.
6:47:22 PM Bell Asked about the new buildings and how the furnishings will be financed.
6:47:40 PM Ganschinietz Replied that the furnishings were included in referendum.
6:48:34 PM Bell Said he did not see line items for furnishing in the budget. Also, the school is having a fund raiser to furnish the library. They may not be aware that furnishings are included in the budget.
6:49:16 PM Callahan Told the Board that at the Economic Development meeting, a lot of issues were brought up, and one of the most important to the people present was they felt the school board should push the schools to surrounding areas. Another issue was the test results of District students in relationship to the surrounding districts.
6:50:13 PM Ganschinietz Said these were both good strong points. He said he has a note to the School Board discussing the need for some kind of public relations effort to counter some of the perceptions people have.
6:51:29 PM Callahan Talked about the websites and internet system of the schools. It seems to be lacking a lot of pertinent information.
6:51:49 PM Bell Also talked about internet, he feels this is a good place to advertise the school district and push the schools.
6:53:07 PM Callahan Talked about the grades of the schools and the test scores.
6:53:35 PM Ganschinietz Said the test scores reflect non-vocational classes only and Collinsville has several vocational classes.
6:54:42 PM Bell Asked about how and what is considered in attaining the test scores. He was told it is mostly the college prep classes that are considered.
6:55:29 PM Limberg Said he definitely favors vocational training in schools.
6:56:23 PM Edwards Said Collinsville scores are lowered by taking in other students from other schools.
6:56:55 PM Ganschinietz Replied they are scored in their own school.
6:57:31 PM Ganschinietz Spoke briefly on technology and Sue Holmes who takes care of Unit 10's technology. Holmes is doing a great job upgrading and implementing new programs in the technology field.
6:59:53 PM Bell Asked if the District had a lease program for their computers
7:00:06 PM Ganschinietz Replied they are lease purchase.
7:00:35 PM Ganschinietz Spoke about the diversity of classes i.e. reading, writing, block program at Jr High and High School.
7:02:29 PM Ganschinietz Talked about the long range planning and goals they have. They have set up a performance based assessment of superintendent based on the system of the Illinois School Board Association.
7:03:07 PM Ganschinietz Said after all the building is finished, there is a possibility that the 5th grade could go back to elementary school instead of middle school.
7:05:20 PM Bell Said the majority of people he has talked with are in favor of home based or neighborhood schools for their children at least through fourth grade. Also he touched on upgrading technology and maintenance of the buildings as being a necessity.
7:06:15 PM Ganschinietz Said this is being addressed by another committee
7:06:40 PM Ganschinietz Discussed some of their goals for the long range plans, grants, etc. as a possible resource and developing a strategic plan.
7:08:09 PM Gulledge Discussed his concern with the school board is communication ,the lack of it and people not being allowed to speak, and if they do speak, they get no response from the Board. School District needs some people who are media experts, and goodwill ambassadors to let the average person know the good things going on in the schools.
7:11:08 PM Birch Replied that he and Ganschinietz agree. This is one of the reasons they are going around the District talking with the various committees.
7:11:46 PM Callahan Said his biggest concern is people asking about the schools when they are considering moving into Maryville or Unit 10. Collinsville doesn't seem to have a high profile such as Edwardsville. The public relations issue needs to be addressed.
7:15:44 PM Birch Replied they are trying to do a better job in this area.
7:16:18 PM Sonnenberg Reported he has questions on the cleaning contract. He wants clarification on some issues.
7:18:40 PM Gulledge Said he has questions on several items also. He said he has not given the attorney a copy of the contract to look over. He will try to get clarification on some of the issues before he does.
7:19:09 PM Sonnenberg Reported completed tentative interviews of telecommunicators. There are quite a few very qualified people. There are three or four that are certified and fully qualified.
7:19:38 PM Sonnenberg He said he would like to get the interviews as soon as possible.
7:20:50 PM Gulledge Said he would like to have interviews on Tuesday, if possible. The interviews will begin at 6:30 p.m.
7:21:26 PM Edwards Said he doesn't get home from work until 7:30 or 8 .
7:21:58 PM Gulledge Said they will start at 6:30 and Edwards can join when he gets in town.
7:23:58 PM Sonnenberg Said the Police Committee has a new car in the budget , and he is looking at a Ford. The prices will be in tomorrow. This will be on agenda next caucus.
7:24:49 PM Edwards Reported that no one has said anymore about hiring a senior citizen to watch crosswalk. One of his concerns is if it will come out of the police budget.
7:25:33 PM Gulledge Replied it should be whomever the person would be working under. He suggested putting something on sign stating volunteers are needed to be crossing guards for the school children.
7:26:31 PM Edwards Said something needs to be done. He doesn't like having the police officers handling this, as it takes away from their patrol or perhaps they are called away on an emergency and then no one would be there to help the children cross the street.
7:27:11 PM Bell Said Officer Finley is doing good job.
7:27:24 PM Gulledge Also said the neighborhood children really like Officer Finley.
7:28:35 PM Sonnenberg Replied this is more to control traffic than helping kids cross.
7:29:11 PM Gulledge This will be put on the agenda next caucus.
7:29:46 PM Edwards Asked the board their feeling.
7:29:57 PM Limberg Said the officer needs to be there to control traffic, and speed.
7:30:31 PM Sonnenberg Said there is a real problem on West Main, school or not. He said he has received a directive from States attorney in reference to specific charges being filed. Next he announced the Halloween party will be Thursday, October 31st at Maryville School 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
7:32:10 PM Bell Asked if judges have been chosen. He was told yes.
7:33:18 PM Gulledge Talked about 159 /162 sidewalks. He and Limberg met with Glen Carbon officials and talked in general terms about some of the things they want to do. He has received letter from Glen Carbon Mayor agreeing to participate. Mayor reminded the trustees that this project is MFT qualified. He talked briefly about the Township. If the township will not participate , he asked board to allow Maryville to take on their cost. Board agreed. Mayor will send a letter to IDOT.
7:38:25 PM Gulledge Talked next, about the cleaning service. AAA Janitorial Service has given a proposal for cleaning the buildings. Another idea would be to hire an independent contractor to do the cleaning. Mayor recommends trying to find an individual to do the cleaning. He asked the board for their opinion.
7:46:36 PM Edwards Said he is in favor of hiring a person to do the cleaning.
7:46:54 PM Kostyshock Also agreed. He suggests getting a contract person.
7:47:33 PM Callahan Agreed. He said to start with 20 hours per week and see how it works.
7:48:38 PM Wigginton Said the Board should not be in favor of hiring someone and putting them on the payroll. He said the IMRF and other benefits have to be considered.
7:49:36 PM Gulledge Asked the Board for their opinion. Mayor suggested advertising in the newspaper, salary negotiable, and part-time. The consensus of the Board was to do it.
7:51:20 PM Wigginton Reaffirmed that an independent contract is the way to go.
7:52:01 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly on the Treasurer's report. He told the trustees that it has been published in the newspaper and will be recorded with the County Clerk. He and Clerk Long discussed the funds that needed to have explanations.
8:01:39 PM Gulledge Discussed the Planning Commission agenda and invited the trustees to visit the meetings. He feels this committee does a very thorough job reviewing plans.
8:02:22 PM Limberg Agreed that the members look very close at plans, etc.
8:03:17 PM Garcia Asked if the Osborns were finished with the property by the Post Office. She was told they have not planted the trees yet. However, that is because is was not the right time. They will be planted in the next week or so, after a frost.
8:03:40 PM Gulledge Talked about the cemetery flag pole. It needs to have a light , and Illinois power gave estimate of $15 to $16 per month.
8:05:32 PM Edwards Said he thinks a night light would be sufficient .
8:05:50 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't know for sure. The flag pole light will definitely help deter some of the parties that are held there at night. This is evident from all the trash and debris left for city employees to clean up.
8:06:49 PM Callahan Suggests moving the lights from the Admin Building and putting them at cemetery. He feels the flag pole light at the Admin Building is not sufficient for the location.
8:07:41 PM Edwards Said he would like to see a big night light installed there.
8:08:14 PM Gulledge Said he will check into the matter further. He will have a pole installed at the cemetery from some of the extra poles on hand and stored at the tower. He will have a light installed also.
8:10:25 PM Kostyshock Agrees that the Admin flagpole light is not sufficient and not in the proper place. He suggest perhaps it should have ground lights.
8:11:13 PM Bell Said to have ground lights they would have to be so bright it would be blinding.
8:11:48 PM Gulledge Will talk to Mike Schuette from Illinois Power about the problem.
8:13:30 PM Gulledge Talked about the dedication on Sunday, November 3rd. He asked Trustee Garcia to put together a pamphlet for the dedication. She is working on this.
8:15:03 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly a flyer he has received from Maryville School Trivia night. This is a fundraiser for the school library.
8:15:17 PM Callahan Reported he talked with the Economic Development Committee on Monday. They are spending approximately $10,000 on a brochure for the Mayor to give to potential businesses interested in coming to Maryville. He feels the upstairs needs to be re-carpeted, so that the upstairs looks as good as the rest of the building. He also spoke about the signs. He still feels the banner at the catering place is illegal. He also said there are five or six violations down the street. The Church has two colors on the letter portion of their sign. The ordinance states one color only. Political signs do not meet regulations. Bobby's still doesn't have the sign to replace the current one.
8:19:07 PM Kostyshock Said he talked with Kevin and he said the signs are legal.
8:19:24 PM Callahan Said the ordinance is not being enforced. We have paid $20,000 for sign ordinance and nothing is being done to enforce it.
8:21:06 PM Gulledge Told the trustees that the upcoming tax levy will be on the agenda next week.
8:22:00 PM Gulledge Said he has two people to be put on the Park Committee. Chris Stanley of Rolling Meadows is one, and the other is Sharon Petty on East Main. He will put these two names before the Board at the next board meeting. He asked Callahan and Kostyshock if they have any luck working on the museum and historical society.
8:23:42 PM Callahan/Kostyshock Both said they have been working on the museum and the historical society.
8:24:32 PM Gulledge Reported that next Monday at the Planning Commission Meeting, Shell Credit Union planning to be on the corner of Bauer and 159 is on the agenda.
8:24:54 PM Gulledge Told the trustees to keep sewers in mind. Juneau suggests tap fee for residential as it is, business taps should be more. Mayor will be meeting with their architect at 11 am tomorrow.
8:29:46 PM Callahan Said someone approached him to see if they could canvass the Bauer Lane area to see if there is enough interest in sewers for this area.
8:31:31 PM Gulledge Spoke about a request he received from the Humane Society for a Road Block . It was the consensus of the trustees to not allow it. Also, the Dykes Property and the Bauer Lane property needs appraisal and plats. He will look into this. Next, he spoke on the two surplus trucks from Public Works. There will have to be an ordinance passes to sell the trucks. Also, the Khoury League is asking for 40 to 50 dates to use the Senior Bldg. Consensus of the board is to disallow the request, and allow a 30 day notice only.
8:39:45 PM Garcia Requested permission to use the Senior Building for food baskets. She was granted permission.
8:40:27 PM Gulledge There being no further business to discuss, Mayor adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville