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Village of Maryville, Illinois


Description Caucus Minutes
Date12/11/2002 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:25:34 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order with the following persons in attendance. Trustees Limberg, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Also, Clerk Long, Building/Zoning Administrator Flaugher, and one (1) reporter.
6:26:14 PM Gulledge Asked for approval of the minutes of the November 13th Caucus Meeting. Chief Sonnenberg arrived and was seated. Motion by Callahan, second by Bell to approve the minutes submitted by the Clerk. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:27:19 PM Gulledge Briefly explained that Flaugher is present to discuss changes in the zoning ordinance for the codification change. The changes have been to the Planning Commission and these are their recommendations. Mayor explained that he, Flaugher, Attorney Wigginton, Engineers Juneau and Dutton have gone over the recommendations and "cleaned them up" to make them compatible with the rest of the code.
6:29:11 PM Bell Asked if the changes were from the review of the Am Legal recommendations, or things spotted by our group. Mayor said the changes are from our group, not Am Legal.
6:30:23 PM Flaugher Began explaining some of the changes, such as the Maintenance Bond requirements will be changed from two to three years. Article 3, County requires these changes. There are some date changes, and the 911 Coordinator Certificate was not in the ordinance but is required to be.
6:32:28 PM Callahan Asked about the change in sidewalk construction to 60 inches from curb. Flaugher explained the change is from two and a half feet to five feet. Mayor Gulledge said most towns have gone to five feet. Callahan also asked about fire hydrant. Flaugher said it was revised because of the sidewalk revision.
6:33:06 PM Flaugher Discussed some of the definition changes.
6:33:25 PM Edwards Arrived and was seated.
6:34:41 PM Limberg Discussed as built definition. He commented that the easiest way to define this term is that it
is as it is built". Flaugher agreed.
6:35:00 PM Callahan Asked about the drainage certificate on pg 3. He asked if this is from the County.
6:35:19 PM Flaugher Explained that it is not in our code, but it has been done, because it is a County requirement.
6:35:47 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:36:03 PM Gulledge Talked about the fees listed on page 842 changing from 3% to 4% on the estimated cost of construction. He also talked about changes in the construction of streets. The new ordinance will require the developer to put down two (2) more inches of rock base.
6:37:11 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:37:28 PM Callahan Asked if the Village passed an ordinance at Lucas and Zupan making it a 4-way stop. After discussion, it was decided that the ordinance is a three way not four way. Asked about street repair provisions when a homeowner has to cut into the street. Mayor replied it would be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for fixing the street back to normal.
6:43:47 PM Bell Said he agrees with changing from a two year bond to a three year bond, but why not make it four years. He asked about changes to the locations and the amount of drop boxes.
6:44:37 PM Flaugher Said this will be addressed later in the codification.
6:46:15 PM Callahan Asked about the current cul-de-sac minimum.
6:46:49 PM Flaugher Replied that it went from 32 feet to 29 feet.
6:47:13 PM Wigginton Said it was changed to make it consistent. The cul-de-sac remains 54 feet.
6:47:54 PM Flaugher Discussed briefly the last page which deals with the zoning ordinance. He talked about commercial parking space. It is currently ten feet by twenty feet. The Planning Commission has been granting variances for several years. Next, he discussed the set back requirement in residential areas. The current set back is a minimum of five feet, and a total of twenty-five feet. The recommended change is ten (10) or 10% of lot footage, whichever is greater. Next, Section 3 talks about travel trailers. Flaugher said the current ordinance addresses nothing but travel trailers. The recommendation is to revise the ordinance to include campers, motor homes, jet ski trailers, or trailers of any kind, boats, etc.
6:51:47 PM Callahan Asked about the length discussed in the ordinance. Flaugher explained that is the measurements listed currently, and they were left in. Callahan said why have a measurement listed at all.
6:53:01 PM Kostyshock Agrees the numbers should be taken out of ordinance.
6:56:39 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion on what length to make the trailer. Flaugher is to call to find out what an average size is.
6:58:10 PM Garcia Asked if owners currently with longer trailers than the ordinance dictates, will be grandfathered in. Mayor said no.
6:58:53 PM Flaugher Talked about changing the PDB footage. Some developers are building just below the recommended footage, so as to get around submitting a full development plan.
7:01:34 PM Garcia Asked about gutters and approval by the Board. She thought the Planning Commission approved the gutters. She was told that the Planning Commission only recommends; the Village Board does all approvals.
7:02:06 PM Callahan Said he is not happy with the sign ordinance. He and Flaugher have had several discussions, and suggests changing these ordinances after first of the year.
7:03:27 PM Gulledge Suggests doing it now. Flaugher is to make copies and put in trustee boxes. They are to note changes and get back with any recommendations at next caucus.
7:08:21 PM Sonnenberg Talked about a notification from the Police Chiefs Association. January 15th at the Collinsville Holiday Inn, Kristen Mathis will be presented an award. Chief will attend.
7:09:35 PM Gulledge Recommends at least one trustee attend. Since Trustee Edwards is Police Committee Chairman, he recommends that he attend.
7:11:02 PM Sonnenberg Discussed an article in the News Democrat involving a Maryville Officer. The Officer was Tom Kanzler. Also discussed damage to car from an arrestee, and also digital camera in booking room. Requests purchasing a new camera. He and Comptroller Brussatti have been looking for a replacement. Office Depot has one just under $500.00, with a $75.00 rebate. The camera cannot be repaired. The one he wants to purchase is compatible with their current software.
7:13:07 PM Bell Questioned if the camera is compatible with media cards now installed. He recommends Sony or Olympus because they are Smart Media compatible.
7:15:05 PM Sonnenberg Said he is asking for approval to purchase the camera.
7:15:29 PM Edwards Said Sonnenberg called him, told him about the camera. The camera is under $500 , he told him to go ahead and buy it.
7:16:16 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem with him getting camera. He said he thought Trustee bell would know the best one to get.
7:17:45 PM Sonnenberg Talked about the purchase of a new vehicle. The delivery date now is 90 days before delivery can be made. Ford from Landmark price is still the same. Kostyshock commented on an article he saw on television about the safety of the Ford. Several officers have been either killed or seriously injured.
7:19:28 PM Edwards Commented that he has read some articles on the Trepid. He said he has told Sonnenberg to look into the Trepid vehicles. Troy Police Department has purchased two of them. Chrysler Corporation is making a big bid for police vehicles.
7:20:43 PM Sonnenberg Said that hopefully the first of January, after training, orientation and in-house protocol review for detention area will be put into effect. He wants to check a few items with the attorney, then he will have a meeting with his personnel to go through the entire protocol on the security and operations of the detention area.
7:22:00 PM Kostyshock Asked about the report of the officer being spit on by an arrestee. He wondered if Plexiglas would deter this type of action.
7:23:01 PM Sonnenberg Said the cars do have Plexiglas. He said they are diligently following this case.
7:23:16 PM Edwards Discussed the annual Police Chiefs Conference, January 16 through 21, 2003. He asked permission to send Chief. He said they called and told Chief the hotel is filling up fast.
7:25:47 PM Bell Suggested a C-720 Ultra Zoom Olympus camera before purchasing the other. Sonnenberg said it must be compatible with the record keeping software he has.
7:27:01 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion on sending Chief Sonnenberg to the Chief's Conference. It will be for four days at $90.00 per day for his room. The consensus of the Board was to allow him to attend.
7:28:38 PM Gulledge Talked about a Park grant for Drost Lake. In September, 2001, he, Trustee Bell and Ron Korte measured the depth of the lake. Since then he has been meeting with members of the IEPA and Madison County Soil members. They tell him that the depth of the lake should be at least ten feet to be a good fishing lake. He turned the discussion over to Trustee Bell so he could relay the Park Committee's plans.
7:30:04 PM Bell Said he thinks the grant is for $40,000 from IEPA. Also, there is one from the County for $50,000 to fix the lake. He said that he does not have an estimate at this time of the cost of possibly draining the lake, and digging it out.
7:31:31 PM Gulledge Said he has met a couple of times with the representative of IEPA. He said he is confident that the Village would be awarded the $40,000.00 grant. Madison County grant of $50,000 is not as easy to accomplish. This is a very competitive grant. Several towns will be trying to get a grant. There will be a maximum of fifteen grants awarded this year at $50,000. 00 each.
7:33:35 PM Bell Said the priority of the Park Committee is to get the lake fixed.
7:35:06 PM Callahan Suggested filling in one part of the lake, and not have to haul dirt away.
7:35:40 PM Gulledge Explained that one of the grants will not allow a change in the circumference of the lake. It cannot be made larger or smaller, and he really doesn't want to make the lake smaller
7:36:21 PM Edwards Agrees with Trustee Callahan. He is in favor of filling in part of the lake, making it smaller.
7:37:55 PM Callahan Asked if the water was down in the lake or is the silt the problem.
7:39:22 PM Kostyshock Asked what the average depth should be. Mayor said IEPA recommends a minimum of ten feet.
7:40:14 PM Gulledge Said he needs a commitment before applying for grants. He wants to be sure the trustees are in favor of trying to fix the lake.
7:42:24 PM Callahan Said there would have to be a lot of permits obtained before draining the lake.
7:43:45 PM Gulledge Asked the Board their opinion. The Board said to go ahead. Mayor said he will make application for the grants.
7:45:56 PM Gulledge Discussed Shell Credit sewer line. Shell Credit wants the village to build the sewer line and recoup the expense from sewer taps. Mayor said the Village must get aggressive in bringing in business to Maryville. He has met with most of the property owners.   They are willing to give easements.
7:52:46 PM Callahan Asked the cost to build the sewer line. Mayor replied it would be $60,000 to $65,000 estimate.
7:53:31 PM Edwards Agrees with Mayor, the Village must get aggressive and bring in business.
7:58:11 PM Gulledge Took a poll of the trustees. The consensus of Board was to go forward.
8:02:27 PM Gulledge Said the Cintas contract will be tabled for this meeting.
8:03:07 PM Gulledge Discussed the water plant generator contract is up, and needs to be renewed.
8:04:00 PM Gulledge Talked about the janitorial service. There were 30-35 applications. Marvin, Chief Sonnenberg. and Mayor looked at them . They have narrowed the list down to 7. He discussed the schedule for cleaning. He is considering three days in the Police Department, two days in Village Hall, and one day in the Senior Center.
8:05:19 PM Bell Said he thought it would be an individual who would work 20 to 30 hours per week, and also work during the day.
8:06:16 PM Gulledge Said he wants to know what the Board wants to do.
8:08:47 PM Callahan Asked if it would be a company or an individual. Mayor said the applications were from both.
8:09:39 PM Bell Said he wants to hire a person to come in and clean the buildings.
8:10:47 PM Gulledge Said Chief Sonnenberg suggests Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the Police Department. The Administration would still be Tuesday and Friday. The Senior Citizen Building on Friday. the discussion turned to pay, bonding, and who would supply the cleaning products. It was decided that the Village will supply the paper products.
8:13:09 PM Edwards Said he thought the Village was looking for individuals to do the cleaning, not a cleaning firm.
8:14:12 PM Gulledge Said the Village is looking for individuals, but there were some cleaning firms that applied also.
8:14:53 PM Limberg Said there are some cleaning firms that are good.
8:16:34 PM Gulledge Talked about the BarCom Security. He feels option 1 in hallway by water office will be sufficient.
8:18:10 PM Gulledge Discussed the Collinsville Township Agreement.
8:19:04 PM Edwards Said he feels the Village is being overcharged on the street sweeping.
8:22:44 PM Gulledge Suggested some changes, and will work on the agreement with the attorney.
8:23:37 PM Gulledge Discussed a special census. He suggests serious consideration of doing a special census. He reported he has asked Attorney Wigginton to get information on the police board. When the information is gathered, it will be discussed at a caucus.
8:25:30 PM Gulledge Discussed the IDOT Joint Agreement - Town Center Drive amendment. Attorney Wigginton suggested that the agreement be put on the next agenda.
8:26:49 PM Gulledge Discussed the employee Christmas bonus. Last year there were 34 full time and 2 part time employees who received a bonus. This year there will be 35 full time and 2 part time employees to receive a bonus for a total of $2775. He asked the Board's opinion. They agreed.
8:28:48 PM Gulledge Reported on the opening of the sealed bids on the two vehicles from Public Works. There were two bids received on the one ton dump truck. One bid was $2150. The other bid was $1395. There was one bid of $225.00 on the pick up. The bluebook value is over$4000 on the one ton and $900 on the pick up. It was the consensus of the Trustees to reject all bids.
8:31:15 PM Gulledge Talked about change order #15 from Hart - asked Trustee Bell to discuss it.
8:37:10 PM Bell Said Pay Request # 12 is also included. Change Order 15 is Hart's "on the cuff " list in the amount of approximately $12000. It is included in the Pay Request #12 amount of $22443.11. Trustee Limberg questioned the mailbox price. He was told the price was correct. It just has not been paid yet. Bell said the price to raise the roof at the police station was still on the list, but it was to be paid by AAIC.
8:41:02 PM Edwards Said he thought these changes were paid for as they were received.
8:41:17 PM Bell Replied that these are ones with questions. This is the last change order. Pay Request 12 includes the $12000 plus the cost of the itemized list.
8:43:49 PM Edwards Questioned the soil removal and the 15%.
8:44:12 PM Bell Replied that this was part of contract.
8:45:26 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion on change order 15 and pay request #12 in the amount of $22443.11.
8:46:20 PM Bell Karl went through their punch list. Mayor, Bell, and Kostyshock met with Hart today, and discussed the items on the punch list that still have to be fixed. Some items can't be fixed now. AAIC will give an amount to hold back until everything is done.
8:51:19 PM Kostyshock Talked about the food pantry. He said a lady from Highland brought a lot of items to the pantry. He said he made five or six trips taking the items up the steps to the food pantry.
8:52:14 PM Garcia Said there have been a lot of generous people donating to the pantry this year.
8:52:35 PM Bell Spoke briefly about the holiday lighting contest. He asked the trustees to tell their friends and neighbors about it. Mentioned the Fire Department Party on Saturday.
8:53:35 PM Gulledge Spoke about the bids to be opened on Friday for trees, from the $5000 from Osborn. He would like to have board approval on Wednesday, Dec. 18th.
8:57:00 PM Wigginton Reported on a notice from the Board of Review on taxes. On Autumn Oaks, the assessor made an error. The building was not complete, but was assessed as complete. On the Dulaney building, he sought a reduction on both the land and the building. The Review Board kept land the same, but reduced the building from $455,660 to $367,060 . The Village has 30 days to appeal.
8:59:50 PM Gulledge Announced that January 1st is a holiday, therefore, there will be no Board meeting. The first meeting of 2003 will be the Caucus meeting on January 8. The first Board meeting of 2003 will be January 15. He also talked about the Christmas party on December 23rd. He talked about the employees that keep filling the trays. He asked the Board for permission to hire someone to keep the food trays filled. He suggested paying that person $10.00 per hour. The Trustees agreed.
9:02:50 PM adjourn With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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