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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date1/22/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:31:49 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present.
6:32:11 PM Long Limberg - present; Edwards - present; Callahan - present; Kostyshock - present; Garcia - present. Trustee Bell was absent.
6:32:30 PM Gulledge Stated that also present are Chief Sonnenberg, Clerk Long, himself, and one (1) citizen.
6:32:48 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions or comments on the Caucus Minutes of the January 8th meeting. There were none. He called for approval of the minutes. Motion by Kostyshock , second by Limberg to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk.
6:33:08 PM Long Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Edwards - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:33:23 PM Gulledge Discussed the first agenda item - the park grant. It must be turned in by February 10th. There are a couple of changes to be retyped. He discussed the project cost. His estimate is in the $200,000.00 range. Engineer Juneau has 10% contingency figured in. Mayor feels he is fairly close on his estimate, however, the costs can go up or down. He said that the excavation will be the major cost (approximately $180,000.00). He asked the trustees to keep in mind that the Illinois EPA assistance amount is $40,000.00. This is a grant he will be applying for. He feels very confident the Village will get this grant. The Madison County Park and Rec grant is for $50,000.00. The Madison County Park and Rec grant is very competitive. He feels the Village will score very high on this grant. However he doesn't know what the other communities will be doing. It is up to that committee and what they decide to do. He asked the trustees to keep in mind that the recipient's share will be around $130,000.00. He asked also that asked when and if he gets notification that the Village did or did not succeed in getting the grants, they need to  be ready to make a decision if they want to go forward with the project. He asked for questions.
6:36:38 PM Callahan Asked where the prices listed on the grant came from.
6:36:51 PM Gulledge Replied that Juneau researched, and came up with the pricing.
6:37:14 PM Callahan Asked where the excavation cost came from.
6:37:28 PM Gulledge Said the prices came from several companies that do this kind of work. He also said that most of the dirt will stay at the site for building decorative berms, etc.
6:38:14 PM Kostyshock Asked if the Department of Conservation will be contacted to help with things like what kind of rock, what's best for the fish, etc. Mayor replied yes.
6:39:27 PM Callahan Asked about the trail mentioned in the grant, and if it was the current trail. Mayor replied it was, however there is also a bike trail parallel to the walking trail. Juneau will be talking with Mr. Lewis for clarification.
6:39:50 PM Edwards Interjected he thinks the grant is talking about miles.
6:40:44 PM Gulledge Said he will be taking the application back to Juneau on Monday, if anyone thinks of anything else.
6:41:08 PM Gulledge Discussed the accounting software. He discussed the demonstration that was presented today. With all the problems the accounting department has had with Cougar Mountain, it is time to change. He said there will be another demonstration with a different software company. He asked Clerk Long for the day.
6:41:33 PM Long Replied that Friday, January 31st, another demonstration by another company will be made. Also she is expecting literature from another software company, but to date has not received it.
6:43:38 PM Sonnenberg Discussed the training conference he attended. He talked about legislative initiatives. Also talked about a handout he had e-mailed to him regarding issues about not releasing information. He discussed also that now federal law allows municipalities to purchase off the federal list, not just State. Mass destruction and terrorist issued were also discussed at the conference. Next, a matching grant for $20,000.00 for software was discussed. He said the police department is having a lot of difficulties with their current software package, and wants to change to something else. Candace Cane, Director of the Criminal Justice Authority, said she didn't think they'd go for vehicle purchase. However she said software for record keeping is a good item to apply for. He wants feed back from board on if they want him to proceed.
6:53:35 PM Gulledge Said he wants to know the exact matching grant figures for new software.
6:54:45 PM Edwards Replied that grants don't cost anything to apply for, and the Village has obtained a lot of good equipment through grants.
6:56:26 PM Sonnenberg Said the grant must be in by March 1st. Next, he reported that while at the conference he talked to a Chrysler dealer about vehicle issues. Brake issue was discussed with a fleet dealer. He said the dealer told him they have not had much of a problem since 2000. He has a firm price on a Chrysler, he's waiting to see what a trade in price will be. He will have a comparison on 1 Chevy and Ford. Next he said he has a magazine for materials for the new security area, such as mattresses, blankets, throw away jump suits, etc. He wants to get these items ordered as soon as possible. He wants to get the training completed for the policy and procedures for the use of the area.
7:01:09 PM Gulledge Suggests having the officers sign off on this training.
7:01:40 PM Sonnenberg Reported that they still have leaks in the cells, in the sinks. Everything else seems to be functional.
7:03:02 PM Gulledge Discussed his major projects list for 2003. Some are ongoing, but not paid for. Anything the board sees that they want done, he asked that the trustees should make mention of them. Next week he wants to prioritize the projects. He has some numbers on some of the items on his list. The basic estimate is approximately two and a half million dollars. He asked the trustees to give ideas to add to this list.
7:06:20 PM Edwards Spoke about sewers for parts of town, setting up a program to start putting in more sewers.
7:07:54 PM Callahan Spoke about the list, he said several items will come out of different funds. He asked what needs to be done in police station basement.
7:08:42 PM Gulledge Replied that the floors are chipped, there is a musty smell, walls need plastering and painting, just general cleaning would help. This area could be a good storage area.
7:09:29 PM Callahan Asked what needs to be done in the Seniors Building.
7:09:49 PM Gulledge Replied that the floors, tile, bathrooms all need to be fixed up. Walls need painting, bathroom stalls need repair and painting.
7:11:41 PM Kostyshock Said he would like to see the Village extend sewer along 159, to draw in more commercial. Also, he would like to see specific areas designated and sewered, perhaps start with Blackburn Terrace. Next he talked about street improvements on Donk and Lange Streets.
7:15:13 PM Gulledge Said he wants curb and gutter, sidewalks in all areas if financially possible.
7:16:28 PM Garcia Spoke about oil and chipping. She doesn't like the way the streets look. Wants to get on a program and asphalt the street. Also she would like to see Christmas decorations down East Main and West Main Streets for a couple of blocks.
7:19:37 PM Limberg Said he thinks Santa Anita needs a blacktop overlay.
7:20:21 PM Edwards Said he would like to see the Village set up a plan to sewer the old part of town, and anyone in Maryville who doesn't have sewers.
7:20:52 PM Gulledge Reminded the board that it will be their decision on which part gets the sewers first. Also reminded the board that this is part of the area wide sewer committee and that it is part of their goal to have sewers cover not only Maryville, Troy, and Glen Carbon.
7:22:03 PM Callahan Stated that in the Bauer area, several people just do not want sewers.
7:23:51 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't disagree, but he thinks the areas need to be prioritized.
7:24:03 PM Edwards Said the board is always the scapegoat. He feels the board should let everyone know who hinders the project. Callahan agrees. Gulledge said the board has done a good job on sewers. Edwards also wants a ditching program for drainage. He also thinks the Village should try to get more commercial development.
7:28:07 PM Callahan Said he would like to see a finish to Village property landscaping.
7:29:08 PM Kostyshock Said he would like to see the Village tar between cracks in cement roads all over town.
7:30:27 PM Gulledge Said if anyone thinks of anything else let him know before Monday.
7:31:26 PM Callahan Asked about media filter change which is listed on the Mayor's project list..
7:31:41 PM Gulledge Said Patrick Presson had this on his list. He said that these filters have never been changed.
7:34:00 PM Kostyshock Announced that Midland Waste is changing days on the Tuesday run on the east side of 159 to Friday. Also, there are other garbage companies in town other than Midland. Miller and Waste Management are two he knows of. He also talked about the senior discount at age 62. He talked about seminar on mosquito. He wants to send two people. The seminar will be in Fairview Heights, cost is $60 and is from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Jeff Henry will be one, he has a license. Also reported that the bathroom at old firehouse has been cleaned up. It needs a new stool.
7:38:30 PM Callahan Said he wants a light on the flagpole in front of Village Hall. He asked about the vacant lot on Hayden Lane, and on Borri Drive. Mike Drost asked him about them. He is interested in buying them. Callahan told Drost, the Village would like to purchase the house he owns on the corner of Union and Donk.
7:45:10 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan to see if he can work something out with Mr. Drost.
7:46:47 PM Callahan Suggests getting plats on the property and an appraisal. Mayor will get plats.
7:47:32 PM Garcia Said she has a project for the list - improving the bathrooms in the park. Also she talked about the trash when you come into town. She suggests sending notices to the people to put a fence around the trash containers. Mayor said he would have Building & Zoning send notices. He suggests giving the owners to June 1st, because of the cold weather now.
7:50:26 PM Edwards Asked about the sale of the waterline to Collinsville.
7:51:12 PM Gulledge Said he has not heard back from them.
7:57:47 PM Edwards Said he would like to see the Village acquire land for the cemetery.
7:58:54 PM Gulledge With nothing further to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville