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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date1/29/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:30:48 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present.
6:30:59 PM Long Limberg - here; Edwards - here; Bell - here; Callahan - here; Kostyshock - here; Garcia - here.
6:31:31 PM Gulledge Asked that the record also show Chief Sonnenberg, Attorney Steve Wigginton, Clerk Long, one citizen, and one reporter in attendance.
6:31:52 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the January 22nd Caucus meeting. Motion by Edwards, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk.
6:32:10 PM Long Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Edwards - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:42 PM Sonnenberg Discussed a software grant. He gave the trustees and Mayor a copy of the grant with costs. He discussed the Grant potential, and the match for the Village. The grant states there will be a minimum 75% available to Local Governments with a population under 25,000. The remaining 25% will be for population over 25,000.00. It also stipulates the grant must be for equipment. The match is 75% from the grant and 25% from the municipality. The maximum of a grant is $20,000. A software he's looking at will network all their programs. His purpose tonight is asking the Board for authorization to seek the grant. There is a time table for applying, which is March 1st. He is also looking at a different software but it will be in the $30,000.00. Their current software is very basic and each computer is not compatible with each other. Bell asked if the 911 enhancement was included. Chief responded his department is not interested in their 911 enhancement. The 911 enhancement is forthcoming in Phase II from the State.
6:40:03 PM Gulledge Asked if the Village applies for the grant, is it mandatory to accept it. Chief said it would be best to accept. It sort of gives the community a "black mark" when applying for another grant.
6:41:19 PM Sonnenberg Said he will be checking both packages to see if it is feasible to proceed. If the cost to the Village is great, he will not go any further.
6:42:39 PM Bell Questioned the training costs.
6:42:52 PM Sonnenberg Replied he has not had a chance to talk to anyone about the training cost.
6:44:09 PM Gulledge Asked Sonnenberg what exactly he is asking the board.
6:44:43 PM Sonnenberg Said he is asking for approval to proceed. It was the consensus of the Board to go ahead.
6:46:23 PM Sonnenberg Then discussed the Chrysler issue. He gave copies about the Chrysler issue and a comparison with the Ford Crown Victoria to the Board. He reported that he has received a phone call and a verbal bid of $6000.00 for the old car from the Chrysler dealer.
6:47:29 PM Bell Asked if the Chrysler issue was about the brakes.
6:47:45 PM Sonnenberg Said it is, but also, Glen Carbon has had front end damage. He talked to the Chrysler Representative, and he said the issue has been resolved.
6:48:47 PM Gulledge Suggested checking with the Chief in Troy to see if he can give any input, since he has ordered the Chrysler.
6:49:30 PM Sonnenberg Said he discussed the Dodge issue with several other Chiefs. Some are trying them out as a street car, others are trying them as administrative or investigative vehicles. He said other Chiefs are still going with the Ford, because the faulty gas tank area has been corrected.
6:49:59 PM Edwards Said the Dodge is $4000.00 cheaper, and he would like to try at least one. Mayor suggested putting this on the next caucus agenda. The Board wanted the matter on the Board Agenda. Mayor said he would like to know more about the brakes.
6:52:26 PM Sonnenberg Said he will e-mail the dealer to address the issue of the brakes.
6:54:38 PM Gulledge Discussed the cleaning of the buildings. AAA Janitorial Service is not doing a very good job. He wants to terminate them tomorrow. He will send a letter giving a 30 day notice.
6:55:32 PM Sonnenberg Said he supports the Mayor's decision. He and his department are not satisfied with the job they do in the Police Station either.
6:55:56 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's permission to terminate AAA. The Board agreed.
6:56:32 PM Garcia Asked about the applicants that were interviewed.
6:56:44 PM Mayor Replied they will be looking at three, none of which are very promising.
6:57:02 PM Sonnenberg Reported the new section will be open possibly next week. Officer safety, lock down, etc. training will begin soon.
6:58:25 PM Kostyshock Asked what the longest stay would be. Sonnenberg replied if necessary they could be kept for 72 hrs.
6:59:51 PM Edwards Asked if there is a possibility that County would lift the protocol of bringing arrestees to them. Sonnenberg said he has talked with the Sheriff, the agreement will remain in effect.
7:00:10 PM Sonnenberg Said he knows the next item he wants to discuss is not on the agenda, but he to discuss the intoxilizer issue. Currently the department has a Breathalyzer 5000, but is outdated. He has been informed that parts cannot be obtained for this machine any longer. He has some information on a new machine. It has been recommended to chief the RVT 4 system for $2650.
7:01:50 PM Bell Asked if it would be taken to the scene. He was told the arrestee will be brought to the station.
7:04:06 PM Sonnenberg Said training on the machine and supplies will be at no cost to the Village. He would like to see this unit purchased and the old one done away with before the DUI's start to be thrown out of court.
7:04:13 PM Limberg Said there is a court case in Southern Illinois fighting court cases, because the equipment does not give correct readings. The cases have been overturned.
7:04:57 PM Sonnenberg Replied that if the machines are not calibrated the reading will not be accurate. The machines have to be documented by a representative from the State.
7:05:25 PM Wigginton Said there was a case involving the Intoxilizer 6000 that the court ruled that the manufacturer did not obtain approval from Il Dept of Public Health. It went on the market and a lot of agencies bought it. However, judge ruled in favor of the defendant, stating the results of the breath test should not have been admitted, because the machine should never have been used.
7:06:54 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion. Consensus of Board was to go ahead as long as it is approved by State of Il and Dept of Health. Mayor asked it to be on the agenda for the Board meeting.
7:08:23 PM Gulledge Said he has received a request from the Humane Society to set up a roadblock at 159 & 162. This is not one of regulars. St. Jude, Lions, and Knights of Columbus are the regulars. Mayor asked the board if they wanted to waive the rules. The Board does not want to waive the rules.
7:10:02 PM Bell Discussed Pay Request 16 from Hart Contracting. This is the final pay request and is $163,622.65. This represents the final number minus $5000.00. Mayor and he discussed some problems such as leaks in faucet, and the floors in police station. Also the uneven bricks in the Plaza. They faxed over a list of items covered under warranty. They agreed to give $1600 on the bricks, $800 on the PD flooring, $800 on the cells, etc., adding another $4000. They are for $159622.65, leaving the retainage of $9000.00 for the problems. Bell said he had the Chief check on the leaks in the cells. He said there is no evidence at this time of leaks in cells.
7:15:29 PM Gulledge Said the pipes are concealed in wall. This is what makes this such a problem.
7:16:09 PM Bell Said Hart is requesting, and AAI is signing off and recommends payment.
7:16:45 PM Garcia Asked if the Village is holding back the money to fix these problems or they going to fix them..
7:17:11 PM Edwards Recommends not paying them anything. Garcia agrees. She asked Attorney Wigginton if the Village can do this.
7:17:51 PM Wigginton Replied he will discuss this in executive session. His concern is he wants to know about the warranty. To his knowledge there has not been an agreement on what the actual beginning date is.
7:18:33 PM Gulledge Said he has dates of substantial completion.
7:19:22 PM Bell Asked Chief to get prices on repairing or replacing the floor.
7:20:56 PM Edwards Said he doesn't like the way the floor was laid, with all the seams.
7:21:51 PM Bell Said he sees three (3) options - pay the $159,000; pay nothing; pay for everything except the floor.
7:22:34 PM Wigginton Said the 4th option is to get our own price; don't take theirs.
7:23:21 PM Limberg Said he questions the hours, etc it will take to do these things right.
7:23:38 PM Bell Said off the top of their head. He asked them how they came up with the numbers so fast, while they were still on the phone discussing the problems. Steve is right. The Village should have someone else give price to check against theirs to fix the things that are not right..
7:25:43 PM Gulledge Said he has a problem not paying for work done. He feels the Village should pay something, however withhold enough to do all the repairs.
7:27:27 PM Wigginton Said that throughout the project retainage has been held, 10% on the project.
7:27:51 PM Limberg Said withholding $38000 is good, but he suggests holding $50000 until all work is satisfactorily done.
7:28:35 PM Callahan Suggests having the attorney renegotiate the one year date.
7:29:10 PM Wigginton Said it is good idea to renegotiate the substantial completion dates.
7:29:44 PM Callahan Said the dates do not have to be same. The Police Station could be one date, the Village Hall another.
7:30:47 PM Gulledge Asked if all agreed to retain $50000. Bell disagrees. The other trustees all agreed. Mayor suggests having the attorney make the call.
7:33:08 PM Garcia Said she heard that Wal-Mart bought Orchard Shopping Center. No one else has heard this.
7:33:38 PM Gulledge Discussed two plats on Village property that the Board had directed him to get. He did so. They were to be ready today, but he didn't get them. The cost is $185 each, and as soon as they come in, he will make copies. He handed out the YMCA request to use Drost Park again this year for their Day Camp. He is going to talk with them about them cleaning up the grounds and restrooms. He discussed the codification. The contract said not another draft copy. Another draft copy will cost $500 to $1000. Asked permission to call and order another draft.
7:37:30 PM Wigginton Recommends paying for another draft.
7:38:19 PM Gulledge Polled the board. All agreed.
7:38:45 PM Callahan Asked if it will be a complete final draft, or just part of the draft.
7:39:25 PM Gulledge Said the Village has lost David Hall from the Economic Development Committee. Officer Steve Howe would like to serve on the committee. If no one has an objection, he will appoint him to the committee.
7:40:05 PM Gulledge and All Trustees Discussed capital improvement projects for this year. He said some projects are underway, such as codification; 159 water line relocation; street improvements on West Main; also, the Village is committed to finish Lyn Hi Terrace street improvements.
7:46:44 PM Callahan Reminded the Trustees some of the projects come from different funds.
7:48:13 PM Gulledge Gave balances of the funds. A copy of the projects and the priority list is attached to these minutes.
7:49:40 PM Callahan Talked about the facility charge. It can be used for replacing water lines, meters, etc.
7:55:09 PM Gulledge Said Public Comfort can be used for restrooms in Firemen's Park.
7:58:46 PM Gulledge Motor Fuel Tax can be used for the Lyn Hi streets as well as Donk; Schiber, and Santa Anita.
8:01:03 PM Gulledge Hotel/Motel tax can probably be used for Christmas decorations; park & bike trail entrance; additional parking for Drost Park.
8:04:18 PM Gulledge WSOM, Water Softener, and Facility Charge, can possibly be used for the medial filter, 159 sewers, looping the water system from Pleasant Ridge to Saint John Neumann School, new water well, and looping Copper Creek to Parkview Drive.
8:08:50 PM Gulledge General Fund can be used for a Special Census, and also accounting software.
8:21:59 PM Callahan Said the money left from the building renovations fund could be used to fix up the police department basement, landscape, flag pole, and radius.
8:24:56 PM Kostyshock Suggests doing Santa Anita when doing Schiber Court.
8:27:15 PM Gulledge Discussed the possibility of obtaining ground as cemetery property, which is really needed. The trustees agreed that this should be pursued.
8:30:28 PM Gulledge The parks were discussed next. Dredging Drost Lake, purchasing additional ground, and park playground equipment.
8:36:14 PM Gulledge Talked briefly about the north side driveway at the fire department, the remodeling of the Senior Building, and Blackburn Sewers.
8:38:33 PM Kostyshock Suggests adding Borri Subdivision on the sewer list
8:39:54 PM Bell Asked mayor if he was going to get prices. Mayor replied yes, he would. He asked if the attorney was going to contact Hart and AAIC about the problems with the buildings.
8:41:54 PM Wigginton Replied he will prepare a letter.
8:42:03 PM Gulledge Adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville