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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date2/12/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:30:21 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting to order and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Trustees answering the roll call were: Limberg, Edwards, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also in attendance were Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Engineer Charlie Juneau, Clerk Long, Police Chief Sonnenberg, one reporter, and one citizen.
6:31:23 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the January 29th Caucus. Attorney Wigginton arrived at this time.
6:31:50 PM Garcia Made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. Second to the motion was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Edwards - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:35 PM Gulledge Allowed Chief Sonnenberg to speak first, since there is a lengthy agenda.
6:33:35 PM Sonnenberg Discussed the generator maintenance contract for the police station generator from CK Powers. This is the same company that has done the maintenance on the generator since it was installed. He has no problem with their work. The cost of the agreement is $630.00.
6:34:16 PM Gulledge Agreed that they do a good job,. He asked this be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.
6:34:33 PM Sonnenberg Gave the Trustees and Mayor a report he received from the Illinois Chiefs about funding. He asked they look over it. He also gave them literature pertaining the homeland security issue. Next, he reported he has received a call from the Chrysler dealer. They have had a cancellation on a unit exactly like the one he has ordered. This unit can be ready to ship on Friday or Monday. He has called Secom and made arrangements to have them strip the car being traded in. They will keep the equipment to install in the new car. He asked that the title and a check be ready when the unit is delivered.
6:38:09 PM Gulledge Asked the board if this was agreeable with them. it was. He instructed Chief to keep him posted as to when he will need the title and check.
6:38:37 PM Edwards Said he wanted Chief to be available to accept the car.
6:39:01 PM Gulledge Began discussion on Madison County Phase II Storm Water. This is a Federal Mandate, and is basically for storm water runoff. All communities are not forced to do this, but Maryville is. Maryville is one of thirty-one communities who must do this. The communities joined as a consortium, making the cost lower. However, there are some things Mayor is somewhat uncomfortable with. He has talked with Juneau and several others. There are some things that must be signed, that make several of them uncomfortable. He turned the discussion over to Juneau.
6:41:07 PM Juneau Talked at length about responsibility . He said the County will take the lead on most of the things like training, advertising, holding seminars, etc. The Village will have to assign someone to be Storm Water Coordinator for the Village. He will be responsible for enforcement actions which is currently Building & Zoning. They will have to go to training courses and be responsible for the enforcement action. Two things will cost the Village money. One is the mapping over a five year period showing the storm sewer system and all the outflow. The catch basins must be labeled stating they are storm sewers only and no waste is to be put in them. These things must be done. He has suggested different wording, which he will present to Mayor and the attorney. There is a wording change in the certification, which he will talk with the attorney about. This must be done and filed by March 10th. It must be passed at next meeting.
6:45:06 PM Gulledge Made the trustees aware that this is an unfunded mandate. The Village has to comply. This will be on the agenda for next meeting. Mayor received the disc and final draft today.
6:46:47 PM Callahan Asked what the penalties were for not participating.
6:47:06 PM Juneau Replied a heavy fine and imprisonment.
6:47:33 PM Kostyshock Asked if there was an estimation of the cost over the next five years. Mayor replied no.
6:47:47 PM Callahan Asked who decided the Village was eligible. Juneau replied it comes from a printout from the Federal Register.
6:48:07 PM Gulledge Said he will try to get the corrections made, and it will be on the agenda for the next Board Meeting.
6:48:22 PM Callahan Said he can't understand all these communities just backing into this. That no community has said the don't want to participate. Mayor replied that they do not have a choice.
6:49:04 PM Juneau Said there are guidelines, goals and milestones that the County along with their consultants have put together. Part of the programs is checkups and meeting the goals. There are certain things that must be done each year for the five year period.
6:49:16 PM Edwards Asked what happens to communities not on the list.
6:49:36 PM Juneau Replied that they do not have to file. Communities on the list must follow the guidelines set down. The government feels outfall sewers are polluting the streams. Such things as oil being poured into a storm sewer eventually ends up in a stream.
6:50:32 PM Edwards Said the Village would have no control over someone dumping stuff into a storm sewer.
6:50:42 PM Juneau Replied that the Village is supposed to. Part of the program is holding public meetings to educate the public.
6:50:51 PM Gulledge Said he will try his best to get this ready for the next Board Meeting.
6:51:08 PM Callahan Asked what happens if it doesn't pass.
6:51:21 PM Juneau Replied that the Village will get a violation notice from the EPA.
6:53:04 PM Gulledge Suggested moving to the next agenda item which is acidizing the wells.
6:53:28 PM Presson Discussed the cost. He explained that this is doing same thing that's always been done for $4385. He talked with several municipalities , Troy does their own. The others do not . They have had excellent results with a mixture that results in greater production. The cost for this stronger mix of chemicals is $6454. Juneau explained the process for the acidizing.
6:56:34 PM Gulledge Said the Village did acidize the wells two years ago. One well was fine, Well #2 did not get good results. He talked to the representatives, but was not satisfied with their answer.
6:57:25 PM Presson The new process will work better. Well 2, is 68% below its capacity. There is a mechanical problem with this well, but will not be seen until the pump is pulled. The cost is $3295 to pull and inspect it.
6:59:30 PM Edwards Said the total is $6454.00 for everything except if the pump has to be rebuilt.
7:00:15 PM Juneau Replied that the $6454 is for one well. It will cost $19500 to do all 3 wells with the double treatment of chemicals.
7:00:35 PM Presson Recommends doing 1 and 3 until the problem with 2 is solved.
7:01:38 PM Limberg Asked when they sandblast what portions is blasted.
7:02:06 PM Juneau Replied it is the whole column.
7:03:05 PM Gulledge Said this has to be done.
7:03:25 PM Edwards Replied that this is a good time to do it.
7:03:44 PM Gulledge Said that right now it appears it will cost $13,000 to do wells 1&3. Well 2 will cost $16300. He advised that after Well 2 is pulled and the problem pinpointed, he will treat this as an emergency, but will make the trustees aware of what's going on.
7:05:09 PM Edwards Recommends allowing Presson to make the decision on how to proceed with acidizing the wells.
7:09:33 PM Callahan Asked why Well 2 would not be repaired before doing 1 and 3.
7:10:29 PM Gulledge Said 1 and 3 should be first just in case 2 has a major problem.
7:12:18 PM Garcia Asked where all the chemicals go that are used to clean the pumps.
7:12:51 PM Juneau Replied it is neutralized and is EPA approved.
7:13:08 PM Juneau Discussed the chlorinator next. This equipment is 20 years old. Chlorine is very hazardous to work with. He feels the Village should make sure they have the latest and best equipment. He presented a proposal for new system.
7:14:14 PM Callahan Asked if the Village is not doing any of the work.
7:14:36 PM Presson Answered he will be supplying two (2) men. They will be working along with the other laborers. Also, by the time it is complete, the Village crew will be able to rebuild this in the future.
7:15:18 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the next Board agenda in the amount of $4080.17.
7:15:46 PM Bell Had question on the tanks. Presson answered that the tanks come and go. He asked about down time. Presson replied about 8 hrs.
7:17:30 PM Edwards Asked about the brine tanks.
7:17:47 PM Wigginton Replied the Village has demanded arbitration , but their attorney keeps putting it off. He keeps proposing engineers as arbitrators. This is not acceptable to the Village. He has sent letters to them stating the Village is ready to file suit if arbitration is not set up soon.
7:18:54 PM Limberg Discussed advertising for a water & sewer employee, full time. This person would be a water, sewer, and street laborer. The applicant must be qualified to Village specifications. He said he believes the pay rate is $13.00 per hour. He opened the matter for discussion
7:20:49 PM Presson Said there are several major projects coming up this year. The storm water is a big item, there are storm sewer improvements to be done. He has plans to locate and replace all meters over ten years old. There are several loops he wants to get done, such as Copper Creek to Parkview Drive.
7:22:35 PM Edwards Asked if there was an open position from several month back when an employee quit.
7:22:46 PM Gulledge Said that position was filled. He feels the Village needs to hire another employee to get caught up due to falling behind for the last couple of years. He feels Presson needs one now, and possibly another in 3 to 4 months for some projects coming up.
7:25:29 PM Limberg Said he had a discussion with Presson where he told him they were working overtime just to keep up. He said he feels the Village needs to hire another worker for Presson.
7:26:34 PM Edwards Commented that one person was taken to make the maintenance position. He feels there is a need to hire someone.
7:27:02 PM Bell Asked if they would look at current applications or advertise .
7:28:02 PM Gulledge Replied that they would probably do both.
7:28:18 PM Callahan Said he has no problem hiring because knows Presson needs more manpower, but with the costs of benefits, etc. don't discourage overtime.
7:29:57 PM Gulledge Said that he called for overtime due to meter reading. He does not like to send out estimated bills.
7:30:15 PM Edwards Said he thought it was not a good idea to open a meter in extreme weather.
7:30:43 PM Kostyshock Said he knows Public Works needs another person, but he wanted to remind the trustees of the high cost of benefits, but if Presson needs another worker, he's for it.
7:31:14 PM Garcia Said she trusts Presson, but she's concerned also about benefits, and wants to see the ad geared more to experience.
7:32:45 PM Limberg Asked about time limit on the applications
7:33:06 PM Gulledge Said we need to give a little time, probably until 7th of March. The ad should be put in the papers right away.
7:34:59 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly the Paint Recycling Program put on by Madison County. He said they want the Village to send workers to man the operation. It is on a Saturday, which would require paying overtime.
7:36:17 PM Edwards Asked if he could schedule a worker to work Tuesday through Saturday.
7:37:08 PM Gulledge Suggested the matter be tabled until the next caucus to give them time to read over the information.
7:38:27 PM Gulledge Then started discussing the Capital Improvement Project list. He explained the red items are on-going or a necessity. The green items are projects that need to be done, however, they are not as yet in priority order. The black are items of interest, no priority. The cost of the codification is $14,600. He is trying to get prices and information on the special census. He will get the information to trustees when he receives it. The 159 Water Line Relocation is estimated at 508,000.
7:42:38 PM Juneau Spoke about the 159 Sewer Line Relining. The sewer line is in the right of way from Donk Street south, almost to the Bike Trail on the west side of the highway. This will be under new pavement. He suggests doing some TV inspection to minimize problems. He suggests relining before highway is built. It is an old clay sewer. Bell asked if this would be in conjunction with the 159 relocation. Juneau answered that it is. Bell asked if this was optional. Juneau said before he could definitely say it is an option, he would have to have the TV inspection to see the actual condition. Callahan asked if the State had to buy the ground if the Village moves the sewer line. Juneau said the State is not doing things like that.
7:47:00 PM Gulledge Talked about traffic lights and sidewalks on 159. Green items with estimates were discussed next. Dredge Drost Lake, Street improvements, Donk, East Division, Lange, Lyn Hi Subdivision. He commented on how much he likes the slurry finish. Bell asked how often the streets with the  slurry finish would have to be refinished. Juneau said 5 to 7 years. Juneau discussed trying this finish on oil & chip not just asphalt.
7:52:27 PM Callahan Asked Juneau what would be done in Lyn Hi. He replied they will try slurry, they have concrete curbs, but some need to be fixed.
7:53:45 PM Gulledge Discussed next the improvements for East Division to Route 159. The plans would be for barriers, curbs, and storm sewer with the slurry finish also. The estimated cost of this project is $70,000. The Lange Street improvements include barriers, curbs and storm sewer also with the  slurry finish. The estimated cost of this is $276,000. He said the estimated cost for Lyn Hi Subdivision is $116,625. . Bell asked about a short street that dead ends in Lyn Hi. Mayor replied that street would not be done.
7:56:44 PM Gulledge Talked about looping the water system from Copper Creek to Parkview Drive. Most of the loop will come across the park. Most of this work can be done by Village employees. There will not be too many problems with easements. This is estimated to cost approximately $18,000. A new water well was the next item to be discussed. He said it is estimated to cost approximately $120,000. He turned this item over to Charlie Juneau for explanation.
7:57:20 PM Juneau Said the Village currently has three (3) wells dating back to 1964. He said he feels it is time to start budgeting for a new well. This has been discussed for some time now. He feels the time is right and should plan to have it drilled by next winter.
7:58:43 PM Limberg Asked Juneau if he had a spot chosen for a new well.
7:59:04 PM Juneau Replied that several years ago he had marked a spot, and he thinks one more well can be drilled in the area of the three. However, he said looking into the future, the Village may have to start thinking about leasing ground for other wells.
8:00:06 PM Bell Asked about Glen Carbon's abandoned wells.
8:00:25 PM Juneau Said this is not cost effective.  It would be more expensive because lines would have to be run, have control systems that would start and stop the wells, and these are old wells also.
8:01:50 PM Gulledge Talked about the Route 159 sewers next. He reported he received a phone call from the person who at first wanted payment for an easement, now he has changed his mind. He said he would give an easement for a sewer tap and a waive of the inspection fee. Mayor told him the sewer line will be going a different route, but would inform the board of his change of heart. Mayor recommends going the way that was decided. The estimated cost is $55,000.
8:08:14 PM Gulledge Discussed the water plant media filter change. He turned this item over to Juneau for discussion.
8:13:10 PM Juneau Said he received a publication from a company that specializes in changing the media filter. He tried for a week to get in touch with them. He was finally successful and discovered they were going to be in Mascoutah and he asked them to stop by our plant, which they did. They looked at the situation and told Juneau they can do it by shutting off 3 filters at a time, and the cost would be $ 21,694.00. If they shut off 2 filters at a time, the cost would be $24,792.00. Juneau said he would recommend doing two filters at a time. The filter media has never been changed, and the system is over 20 years old. The iron and magnesia is increasing, and the water quality decreasing. He recommends changing the media filters.
8:17:52 PM Limberg Asked how soon this can be done. Juneau said he told them he had to be done before June.
8:19:13 PM Juneau Asked about the bid procedure. Attorney Wigginton told him if it was over $4000.00, Village Ordinance states it must be bid, unless it can be declared an emergency. He said also, he can draw up a motion waiving the bid requirement based upon reasons set for in the motion. This would have to be done at a meeting.
8:22:25 PM Gulledge Asked for help on the blank spaces for estimates on some of the projects. He asked the Trustees to check some prices on the items. Bell will check the price to fix the radius on the front drive. Callahan and Kostyshock will take care of the flag pole lights and the landscaping. Limberg and Edwards will check on the remodeling of the Police Station Basement. Bell will also check into the Accounting Software costs, also the Park and Bike Trail Entrances, as well as additional park parking. Garcia will look into the Christmas Decorations. Santa Anita and Schiber Court overlays will be looked into by Limberg and Juneau. Bathrooms for Firemen's Park will be checked into by Bell and Mayor. The cemetery property will be Edwards and Mayor. Callahan and Kostyshock will check into purchasing additional grounds for a park. The cost estimate for the driveway replacement at the firehouse will be handled by Kevin Flaugher. The Seniors Building will be Bell and Mayor. Juneau asked about meter replacement and GIS software.
8:28:02 PM Gulledge Talked about the Facility charge. He read excerpts from the ordinance establishing the charge. He said it needs to be amended.
8:29:36 PM Wigginton Said the ordinance was written to replace the old meters with electronic meters. He recommends considering going forward with this concept.
8:33:53 PM Gulledge Recommends a change in the ordinance.
8:36:13 PM Callahan Said he and Kostyshock, separately, have talked to Mike Drost. He is interested in the Village property on Hayden Lane, but not the property on Bauer. Callahan said he would like to see the Village buy Drost's house behind old firehouse for parking for the museum and food pantry.
8:38:34 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees their opinion.
8:39:07 PM Edwards Recommended shutting the alley down to get more parking space. Also he feels the Village should talk with Drost before he puts the house on the market.
8:40:18 PM Gulledge Recommended discussing this in closed session.
8:40:55 PM Callahan Discussed the need to raise water rates.
8:42:40 PM Gulledge Replied he will set a meeting with the Water Committee to discuss this possibility.
8:43:40 PM Kostyshock Said the concern he has is if the rates increase, may slow down growth.
8:45:32 PM Gulledge Discussed the feasibility of raising the tap on fees.
8:46:15 PM Kostyshock Announced the large item pick-up from Midland Waste. The first pickup is Tuesday, April 8th, next pickup is Monday, April 14th, and the last pickup is Friday, April 18th.
8:46:43 PM Garcia Asked that some of the Village surplus furniture be donated to the Baptist Church.
8:48:21 PM Wigginton Asked for a list, and he will prepare an ordinance to declare it a surplus.
8:48:42 PM Edwards Reported there is a culvert that goes across Donk Street in the 300 block that has no end open on one side. Water cannot pass through.
8:49:31 PM Kostyshock Said he will take care of this.
8:49:53 PM Edwards Said he would like to see the Village change the holidays for employees to be same as the County and State.
8:50:24 PM Gulledge Replied that this is up to the Board. Callahan said this could be talked about when raises are discussed.
8:52:00 PM Bell Asked if the "table guy" came to check the table.
8:52:13 PM Gulledge Replied that he was here. He is bringing the manufacturer here to check this out. The table is warped. He will take care of it.
8:53:14 PM Gulledge Discussed the request from Maryville Elementary School. They want to have raffle to purchase equipment and classroom supplies. Mayor suggests waiving the fee. The trustees said yes.
8:55:30 PM Gulledge Asked if there was any other business to come before the Board. There was none, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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