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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/12/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:29:07 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Limberg, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Edwards had called earlier, notifying the Clerk that he was detained at work. Also in attendance were Chief Sonnenberg, Clerk Long, and one citizen.
6:29:55 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions, or comments on the February 26th Caucus minutes. There were none. He then asked for approval of the minutes. Motion by Bell, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:30:31 PM Gulledge Asked that the meeting be moved to the Council Chambers for the Taser demonstration.
6:54:26 PM Gulledge Reconvened the meeting back in the Conference Room. Juneau & Wigginton had arrived during demonstration.
6:54:51 PM Sonnenberg Thanked the board for allowing the demonstration. He said he will send a letter of thanks to Sgt. Bell on behalf of the Mayor and Board.
6:56:20 PM Garcia Asked if the department would need the bean bag gun if they had the Taser gun.
6:56:50 PM Sonnenberg Answered that he leans more to the Taser because with the bean bag gun the officer would have to be a lot closer to the offender for it to subdue him.
6:56:58 PM Limberg Asked why one community would use this on a daily basis. And does Maryville have that much confrontation.
6:58:32 PM Sonnenberg Replied that most of the time the Board does not hear about a lot of the problems, nor do they know how many times the officers have used mace. He then reported that seventy (70)applications were out, and fifty-four (54) have been returned. The tests have been ordered, and the tests for the fifty-four has been set for Saturday, March 22nd in the Senior Center at 12:30 p.m.
6:59:08 PM Gulledge Introduced Chris Stone, Lobbyist, from Springfield Government Services. He said he invited Stone to give a synopsis on what services they provide, and what might be available for Maryville.
7:00:13 PM Stone Spoke briefly about his position and the location of his office. He is the president of the company, which is a lobbying firm in Springfield. He said his firm specializes in appropriations, grants , bonds for infrastructure, etc. Also, they will be merging with a company out of Chicago in the near future.
7:02:24 PM Gulledge Asked Stone if the Village chose to hire him and his firm, what type of services would the Village get, such as a grant to purchase park ground. He wanted to know how this would work. He told Stone he knew what he charged Swansea because he has talked with Mayor Buehlhorn.
7:03:10 PM Stone Replied that with the merger, they are trying not to take any client for under a $30,000.00 annual retainer. Also he told the trustees that with lobbying there is no guarantee, but they have not failed. However there is a risk. He described how the grant would work.
7:08:10 PM Bell Asked Stone if he monitored the grants, etc. and made the village or town aware of the grants available.
7:08:30 PM Stone Answered that the Village should put together and prioritize the order of grants they would like to get before considering hiring a lobbyist. The lobbyist would not have any idea what the Village would be looking for.
7:09:33 PM Gulledge Asked why more communities do not use the services that a lobbyist offers.
7:09:51 PM Stone Replied that one reason is that they just don't know about them, and not all communities keep in touch with the Representatives and Legislatures. He said there are a lot of programs out there, even the legislatures are not aware of them, nor is the community. The community is leery of contracting with someone because it is taxpayers money, and there is no guarantee of a return on the investment.
7:13:02 PM Garcia Asked how old his company is. He answered it is three (3) years old.
7:13:41 PM Wigginton Asked about the company taking only one client in a particular field, such as one tobacco, one alcohol, etc. , how would this be handled with municipalities. Stone answered that the money available is not exhaustive enough to be a problem. Most municipalities differ in what they are pursuing the grants for.
7:14:55 PM Bell Asked if two municipalities wanted the same thing, such as a grant for parks, how would that be handled.
7:15:32 PM Stone Answered he would let both know they were competing. They would look at merits of program, not the locality.
7:18:06 PM Wigginton Asked Stone if he has had any feedback from the legislatures where a municipality has gone to his company instead of dealing with the legislature.
7:18:26 PM Stone Replied at first they would be offended, but would realize it is a good idea.
7:20:52 PM Gulledge Asked about 3 towns receiving grants, what type of grant. Is it a matching grant. Stone answered the grants were 100% funded.
7:23:36 PM Bell Asked about the cost. He wondered if the Village paid per transaction, per month, or paid by retainer. Stone said retainer; never on contingency.
7:25:02 PM Gulledge Asked how many clients he has in Madison County. Stone said he has one, and several in St. Clair County.
7:26:57 PM Gulledge Asked Stone if he has ever been released due to lack of getting a grant. He replied no.
7:27:36 PM Callahan Asked about the Route 159 projects from wish list. He asked Stone if this would be something he could help the Village with in getting money to do the projects.
7:28:33 PM Stone/Juneau Stone asked if all the projects on 159 is one big project. Juneau explained about the utilities be in the State right of way, and the permit which states that if the utilities must be moved for any reason, it will be done at the expense of the owner.
7:33:03 PM Gulledge Asked about dredging the lake. He told Stone he has had some estimates in the $220,000.00 range to dredge it. He asked Stone if there is money for this type of project.
7:33:33 PM Edwards Arrived and was seated.
7:33:49 PM Stone Replied there would be money available through EPA. Mayor advised him that the EPA will only allow $40,000, and Madison County will allow only $50,000. Stone said there could be some type of bond issue along with grants. Bond issues are usually part of the Illinois First Program. He asked if a project list has been submitted to Shimkus. Mayor told him nothing has been submitted, they are still working on getting estimates. Stone advises that the Village should submit the project to Shimkus.
7:41:21 PM Callahan Asked about the charge.
7:41:43 PM Gulledge Replied that the Board should talk among themselves first. However he will give him the project list.
7:43:25 PM Kostyshock Asked how long does it take to get money. Stone replied 12-14 months, possibly 18 months.
7:49:20 PM Gulledge Thanked Stone for coming to speak.
7:49:56 PM Juneau Was present to discuss the resolution from IDOT for sidewalk addition.
7:52:28 PM Bell Said the resolution states east side, he thought it was both sides. Juneau will check into this.
7:54:50 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in agreement. They were.
7:55:32 PM Bell Asked Juneau about the CD tiles of Maryville. He only received one, and would like more of the tiles, especially 1999. Juneau will check into this also.
7:58:45 PM Gulledge Discussed the proclamation for Save a Life, May 18th to 24th, and also a proclamation for Celebrating Abilities Week for the week of March 24th . He said both will be on the agenda for the Board Meeting, and also the Lions Club Candy Day annual request. There were no objections from the trustees.
7:59:53 PM Callahan Asked Mayor if he had received any comments on sheds at north end of town. He suggested checking into the possibility of a commercial code violation. Attorney Wigginton will check into the matter.
8:04:25 PM Kostyshock Reported the ball on one of the flagpoles broke off, however, the company will replace it. He reported they are getting another fountain to replace the tall one at the Memorial Walk. Also, he has talked to Illinois Power about a light on the flagpole in front of the Administration Building. They suggested taking the light in back of the pole out, and put one in front. He reported that the brick in the Centennial Plaza is chipping, it has been laid wrong, and needs spacers, according to the person he had looking at it..
8:09:30 PM Garcia Said she would like to add on to the Christmas decorations each year. She is asking for $15000.00 for this year. Trustees agreed. Also, she reported that she looked at the surplus furniture and found some she would like to have for the church.
8:13:22 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney Wigginton if a resolution would have to be passed. He said yes.
8:15:11 PM Edwards Objected to the minutes of last Caucus. He said he did not ask specifically about the number of people that can be in taverns, he said businesses. Later in the conversation taverns were mentioned. He wants a change in minutes. Mayor said they had approved the minutes prior to his arrival, but if a change is necessary, it will be made.
8:17:47 PM Edwards Asked if the Village has an ordinance that people cannot live in a commercial business. Limberg said they must ask for a variance. Edwards asked if it is a commercial building, isn't it required that a variance be granted to have living quarters in the building..
8:18:09 PM Wigginton
Answered that the Village does in fact have such an ordinance. Edwards asked if it is zoned commercial can they still live in it as residential. Mayor responded yes. He then asked if the business is not open can it be lived in until the business is opened. Attorney Wigginton will look into the exact ordinance.
8:20:32 PM Limberg Reported five (5) applicants will be interviewed next Thursday. Presson looked over applications, and these picks are his.
8:22:31 PM Bell Reported the bike rack is in. Roger Shoup and he located where to put it, and Mann is going to try to get it installed this week. They saw several people on the bike trail, and had to tell two to stay off the walking path. They had brought their bikes onto the walking path.
8:23:26 PM Kostyshock Reported he got the appraisals done, and the results will be in on Friday or Monday.
8:24:19 PM Gulledge Announced Chief Sonnenberg' s resignation, effective April 1.  Attorney and Mayor put together an advertisement. The ad will appear in the News Democrat and St. Louis Post Dispatch. He sent out 400 to Illinois Chiefs. The cost for publishing a condensed version of the ad is $800. The version of the ad with all requirements would cost over $3000 total. The Illinois Chiefs received the full advertisement and were asked to post it on their bulletin boards.
8:27:21 PM Gulledge Discussed capital improvements. He asked if anyone has any updates.
8:27:33 PM Limberg Reported the police department basement bid is $100,000.00. Callahan asked that $500 be put in for the flagpole light.
8:28:29 PM Gulledge Reported he was notified this week that Collinsville has accepted the proposal on the sale water lines. Their attorney will draw up the necessary paperwork, and he will have Attorney Wigginton review it. This should be completed in 30 - 60 days. HB 1195, he said the Village needs to come up with a response. He has not heard back from anyone.
8:29:59 PM Callahan Said his son Chris is not in favor of HB 1195. Chris feels this is more Springfield than Chicago. Also this is not fair to younger firemen.
8:32:27 PM Gulledge IML is asking that the municipalities be against this. He said he is against it, Limberg also said he is against it.
8:34:47 PM Wigginton Said the bill is much broader than promotion. It hampers the Village's search for the best qualified candidate.
8:37:12 PM Gulledge Took a poll of the trustees. Callahan - against, Kostyshock - against, Garcia - against, Edwards - present, Limberg - against, Bell - against, Mayor - against.
8:40:12 PM Gulledge Reminded the trustees he will be on vacation beginning tomorrow and will be back on Wednesday. Trustee Limberg, will be around to take care of anything that needs immediate attention. With nothing further, the meeting ended.
8:40:40 PM   adjourn

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville