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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description caucus minutes
Date3/26/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:30:13 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present, to wit. Answering the roll call were Edwards, Bell, Callahan, and Garcia. Trustees Limberg and Kostyshock were absent. He asked that the record show that Chief Sonnenberg, Attorney Wigginton, Clerk Long, and one citizen were also present.
6:30:49 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. There were none. Motion by Bell, second by Edwards to approve the minutes and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Edwards - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:33 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Sonnenberg and/or Trustee Edwards to discuss the part time police officer agenda item.
6:31:52 PM Sonnenberg Reported on the manpower situation in the Police Department. This afternoon, Officer Garrett brought in his information from the doctor. He is definitely having surgery, and could be out up to two (2) months. With Officer Philpott gone, and his own status, in order to fill shifts, have back up and proper response time, it is his recommendation to hire two part time officers. He suggests Ron Tamburello and Larry Morietta, who have filled in before. He recommends formally hiring them and utilize them to fill the gap.
6:33:14 PM Garcia Asked Chief if they are already hired. Sonnenberg replied he didn't know, he would check with Comptroller Brussatti.
6:33:23 PM Gulledge Replied no, he has already checked. They would have to be formally hired. They were contract employees before.
6:33:30 PM Sonnenberg Said he recommends hiring them at the next Board meeting as part time at the normal part time rate, which he believes in $14.00.
6:33:49 PM Gulledge Said that what had been agreed to before is any part time police officers would receive entry level pay for full time officers, but no benefits. Edwards said he thought the entry level was $10.00; Garcia said she thought it was $11.00.
6:34:18 PM Bell Said the entry level pay is $13.50 after six months and $15.00 after a year.
6:34:44 PM Gulledge Said what was discussed when the last part time person was hired, that they would be paid the entry level for full time, but no benefits, and not to exceed 35 hours per week.
Bell corrected himself, the entry level is now at $14.00
6:35:01 PM Edwards Said he would like to waive the six (6) month and one year and hire them in at one flat fee of $14.00. Also, he said he really does not like to hire part time people, but realizes with the situation as it is, the Village needs part time officers, not only these two, but possibly hire a few more.
6:36:20 PM Gulledge Said he has not problem with that. He suggests the Board consider hiring these two, but also look at hiring several others. Hire them at $14.00 an hour with no benefits.
6:36:49 PM Edwards Suggests making a list and have them interviewed either by Mayor Gulledge or the two sergeants, or contact their Chief to see if he would allow them to fill in part time. He feels there needs to be more than two.
6:37:06 PM Gulledge Suggested hiring these two and look at a few more.
6:37:27 PM Sonnenberg Said that besides the two officers he is recommending, there is an officer in Glen Carbon and an officer in Caseyville, who have worked here before that have expressed an interest in working part time.
6:37:47 PM Edwards Suggests having these people fill out an application.
6:38:08 PM Sonnenberg Spoke about the testing of the police officer applicants last Saturday. He said 23 failed and 21 passed. Of the 21 who passed,9 have the police academy and police experience. He said from what he has discovered, the committee may have to look at 4 or 5.
6:39:59 PM Garcia Asked if the part time officers could be chosen from the list . Mayor is not in favor of doing this.
6:40:30 PM Sonnenberg Said that the part time officers need to know the town.
6:40:43 PM Sonnenberg Reported he has developed a new blotter. It will be on a weekly basis, possibly on Monday. It will give more detail. He is also recommending to the staff to keep up with the monthly totals also.
6:41:42 PM Edwards Asked if the Board was going to wait to hire the new policeman.
6:41:59 PM Gulledge Mayor said this would be discussed later. He told Chief Sonnenberg he appreciates all his contributions to the police department over the years, and wished him well at his new job. He asked him to come to the Board meeting next Wednesday, so that he and the Board could recognize him for all his endeavors to the Village.
6:44:05 PM Gulledge Discussed the Troy - Maryville Emergency Water Agreement. The agreement is similar to the one the Village has with Glen Carbon. On Lakeview Acres Road, Troy has a large water line and Maryville has a large water line. The two towns will equally share the cost to put in an emergency hook up. He asked Attorney Wigginton to prepare Maryville's version of the agreement for next Board meeting.
6:45:06 PM Wigginton Said all that needs to be done is a Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign the agreement..
6:45:50 PM Edwards Asked if we didn't have an agreement with Troy before.
6:46:07 PM Gulledge Replied not to his knowledge. He asked if everyone was okay with the agreement. They were. He asked Attorney Wigginton to draw up the resolution.
6:46:58 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly the Collinsville Township Road Agreement. Each trustee saw the agreement that Trucano sent, and the one from our attorney. He said he is uncomfortable with the agreement from Trucano. But, he may be uncomfortable with the one we sent him.
6:47:38 PM Bell Asked why the agreement is changing. He said he thought we had an agreement already.
6:47:51 PM Gulledge Said the agreement was verbal, nothing in writing.
6:47:59 PM Wigginton Gave a brief history. The Village had what they thought was an agreement that we reached in principal. They told the Village they would send it in writing. They did this, but it is not what the Village understood the agreement to be. He prepared the agreement as the Village thought it was to be and he recommend sending them the Maryville agreement. He said the agreement they sent allows them to terminate any time for any reason with a thirty day notice. Also, they want the Village to pay for all the salt and calcium used on the roads, they did not include grass cutting. None of this was in the verbal agreement. He said anytime an agreement has a 30 day notice of termination, it is nothing more than a thirty day agreement.
6:48:55 PM Gulledge Said unless the Board says otherwise he will send the Township Maryville's revised agreement.
6:49:28 PM Edwards Asked about charges for snow removal this winter.
6:49:43 PM Gulledge Said they wanted to charge the Village for the salt and calcium. This is not what was agreed to. He asked the Board's opinion about signing Maryville's revised agreement and sending it to the Township.
6:50:29 PM Callahan Asked why wouldn't we pay for calcium and salt. Mayor replied that it would be an extra charge to the Village. It should be part of the maintenance agreement for snow plowing.
6:52:06 PM Wigginton Explained in the verbal agreement was free of labor and equipment charges.
6:52:42 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't want the 30-day notice.
6:53:04 PM Edwards Asked if this maintenance agreement is completely with them or is it just Keebler.
6:53:59 PM Gulledge Said this is just for Keebler. He explained they wanted the Village to come on board with them, and go to the County. He said if the Village would do this, he would take over everything on Keebler from Collinsville's boundary to Rt. 162 with exception of any major road or sidewalk repairs. Callahan said that the Township did not do all they were supposed to do. Mayor said that was due to the gas line problem on West Main. The Board is in agreement.
6:55:36 PM Gulledge Said Limberg is working tonight, therefore, he will give the results from the Planning Commission. The first item was the Bagley rezoning on 7319 West Main Street from SR-2 to MR-2. This is 13.2 acres which he plans to build upscale villas similar to those on Keebler. The Planning Commission recommends approval.
6:57:21 PM Callahan Asked why the Planning Commission is recommending MR-2 instead of an urban development. MR-2 he can build what he wants.
6:58:01 PM Garcia Said she is against this.
6:59:06 PM Gulledge Said there is a Public Hearing prior to the Board meeting. Any questions can be dealt with then. Also at the Board meeting there will be a vote taken. Anyone can vote however they want.
7:01:07 PM Bell Said he thinks Callahan is asking why it isn't a PUD.
7:01:15 PM Gulledge Replied that it may be. He doesn't know. He was not at the meeting. He and Garcia were at another meeting.
7:01:26 PM Wigginton Explained a PUD has multiple different uses in one PUD.
7:01:51 PM Garcia Asked if it was a PUD could the Village tell them they cannot rent them, they must be owned.
7:02:46 PM Wigginton Told the trustees, this is information only. Their questions are good, legitimate questions, but should be asked at the Public Hearing.
7:02:55 PM Bell Suggested finding out from Kevin & Randy if it is a PUD before putting it on the agenda. If it is not a PUD don't do it.
7:03:59 PM Wigginton Replied that they have requested hearing, and they must have it.
7:05:28 PM Callahan Said he is concerned about the Planning Commission, that they may be offended if the Trustees vote no. Edwards agreed. As the discussion progressed, Callahan asked the exact location of this property in conjunction with Foxmill Estates.
7:06:21 PM Wigginton Explained the MR-2 area being discussed is the area that backs up to Keebler Oaks. The entryway would be off Keebler Road.
7:07:02 PM Edwards Talked about the Patty & Anthony Drive area. When this project began, it was supposed to be four condos. It ended up with all the apartments there now.
7:08:12 PM Callahan Said he is concerned about materials that will be used.
7:09:57 PM Gulledge Went on to explain the rezoning on 119 South Donk Street from MR-2 to B-l. The property belongs to Harold & Sherry Kuykendall, owners of the Antique Mall. He said they will tear down the existing house and make a parking lot for the Antique Mall. With the widening of 159, the will lose what parking they have now. The next Planning Commission item was the final plat approval for Morgan Estates, a minor subdivision, located behind the grade school. It was approved. The last item on their agenda was the final plat approval on the Shell Credit Union PDB. Their representatives walked out with no agreement. There were landscaping issues that could not be resolved.
7:11:38 PM Callahan Asked what happened.
7:11:50 PM Gulledge Explained they were asking for variances on some trees and planting because of the small size of the lot. They were granted several variances, but Shell would not back down from the type of berm and bush the want to use. The Planning Commission tried to work with them, but the Shell representative would not bend. They left with no agreement.
7:13:01 PM Callahan Asked when the Board would be talking about the appraisals that were done on three properties..
7:14:06 PM Gulledge Said Trustee Kostyshock has the appraisals, but he has not seen them. When Kostyshock left for vacation, he had not received them. Clerk Long said she has them. They were given to her in Kostyshock's absence.
7:14:15 PM Callahan Asked if anything has been decided on the sheds. Attorney said he hadn't had time enough to research this. Then, he asked about hiring the police officer He asked if the Board would be waiting until a new chief was on board.
7:14:34 PM Gulledge Replied that this is up to the Board. If they want to proceed, they can. He said he spoke with Sonnenberg about this matter, and he said he has several Chiefs in the area who are willing to help with the selection. He said the decision rests with the Board.
7:15:23 PM Edwards Said the Village may not get a Chief before June or July. He prefers to go ahead and hire as soon as possible, and this will eliminate using the part timers.
7:16:14 PM Callahan Said he agrees with Edwards, that two officers need to be hired. However, he is torn between waiting for the new Chief and going ahead now.
7:17:54 PM Bell Suggested hiring one now, and wait on the other.
7:18:06 PM Gulledge Said that he doesn't see the need for two officers, only one. He said when they went to the12 hour shift, he and the Board was assured this was what was needed. He thinks the schedule needs to be addressed, he feels it will work. He recommends hiring one, and wait until the new chief is on board to consider hiring a second.
7:19:19 PM Callahan Said he will compromise on hiring one now, and let the new chief argue for one if he feels he needs another. He said he agrees with Edwards, that two are needed. There are a few shifts that have only one duty officer.
7:20:15 PM Wigginton Said in anticipation of hiring one, the background checks are being done now.
7:20:46 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board was in agreement to look at hiring one now, and letting the new chief come before the Board if he feels the need for another. The trustees were in agreement.
7:21:09 PM Bell Asked Mayor Gulledge if he has given any consideration to an interim chief.
7:21:21 PM Gulledge Replied that he has, but at this time he is not going to have an interim chief. He, Edwards. and the Sergeants are working on a schedule to utilize the two Sergeants.
7:21:48 PM Edwards Said if this doesn't work, and he feels it won't, Mayor will appoint one Sergeant to be in charge.
7:22:09 PM Callahan Said he agrees with Edwards, that it should be the other way. He then discussed the apartment situation. He said he knows that legally the Board cannot say the are against apartments. He asked if it has not always been the position of the Board that they do not want apartments. Edwards said he agrees, there are enough now. Callahan said he is trying to think of the rules and regulations where they decided to go with the PUD on Williams Street, because if it went to court, the Village would lose. However, he doesn't think the Bagley property would have the same surroundings as Williams.
7:25:15 PM Gulledge Suggests asking the developer at the hearing.
7:25:35 PM Garcia Said she has received a call from a resident for another street light on Gary Avenue. There is a long, dark stretch between the lights, and someone tried to get into their house. Mayor told her to contact Street Superintendent Mann and have him look at it.
7:26:26 PM Callahan Said a friend who lives in Borri Subdivision said it is unsafe to walk on Bauer because the speed limit is too high. He said he was not sure what the speed limit is. She said she thought it was 30 mph.
7:26:58 PM Edwards Said it is25 mph
7:27:35 PM Gulledge Agrees, it is 25 mph unless posted otherwise. He will send the police officers out to check on this.
7:28:28 PM Garcia Asked if speed bumps could be put in Blackburn Terrace, due the high rate of speed there. She was told it cannot be done on a public street.
7:29:04 PM Edwards Asked for clarification on hiring the one officer. If there are nine qualified, is the chiefs interviewing and narrowing it to four or five.
7:30:04 PM Gulledge Answered that his intentions is to let the two Sergeants handle this. After further discussion, he said he misunderstood the question. He realized that Edwards was asking about narrowing the nine down to four or five.
7:30:43 PM Callahan Said that Chief Sonnenberg said he will have the list narrowed to four or five himself.
7:30:56 PM Edwards Then talked about the food pantry. He is concerned that people not in need, and not from Maryville are abusing the system. Gulledge and Garcia will talk with the people running the food pantry, and see what kind of checks they run on the people.
7:32:21 PM Callahan Said he was told the Township, who has a lot of money, the only thing they do any more other than the roads, is to handle the general assistance program. They don't do it, they just keep the money, and send the people needing assistance to the Food Pantry. Mayor will check on this and report back.
7:32:27 PM Bell Said he received a similar phone call this week from a person walking on West Main, he almost got hit by speeding vehicle twice one morning.
7:33:45 PM Gulledge Said all the Board can do is talk to the Police Department, and ask that they try to patrol these areas when time is available.
7:34:29 PM Wigginton Reported on the Dulaney Lawsuit. The case was won by the Village today. He doesn't get a building permit, unless he follows proper procedure.
7:35:57 PM Gulledge Spoke to the Trustees about something that came to light in this lawsuit. We must be careful of what we say, and the comments made about ongoing or potential litigation. These are on record. Comments that were made at Caucus meetings about Mr. Dulaney and his case, were used against the Village today. Any Probable, pending, or threatened litigation should be discussed in closed session only.
7:37:53 PM Gulledge Discussed a letter he received today from Am Legal today. The letter was notifying the Village that the codification is 133 pages over the estimate.
7:38:20 PM Bell Asked about why the bid was so low, when they were given the entire ordinance book.
7:39:06 PM Gulledge Mayor said he could not answer that. But, if this is not going to be done right, it should never have been started. He said he doesn't like that it is over the limit, but he recommends going through with the project. He asked for authorization to sign. The trustees agrees.
7:40:11 PM Garcia Asked if the Village would get a final draft.
7:40:19 PM Wigginton Said he told them the Village wants a final draft since so much has been added.
7:40:31 PM Gulledge Reported that he has received the formal letter notifying him that the Village has received the $50,000 grant from Madison County for dredging Drost Park Lake. He has received a memo from Chief Sonnenberg about retiring K.C. This will be on the agenda to officially retire him as of April 1, at the next Board meeting. Next he talked about the Congressional Prayer Breakfast, on Monday, April 28 t 7:30 a.m. A table for eight is $120.00, or $15.00 per person. Anyone who wants to go should let him know. It is up to the Board if the Village pays or if the individual pays. Edwards suggested that the Village pay for a table. The trustees agreed to pay for a table. With nothing further to discuss the meeting ended.
7:44:46 PM adjourn  

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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