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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date4/9/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:36:30 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting to order and asked for a roll call of those officers present, to wit. Answering were:
6:36:42 PM Long Limberg, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Edwards was absent.
6:37:13 PM Gulledge Said that due to the length of the agenda, it should be followed.
6:37:21 PM Gulledge Asked for corrections, additions or questions on the minutes of the March 26th meeting. There were none. He called for a motion to approve them. Motion by Limberg, second by Garcia to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:38:03 PM Gulledge Explained that he invited newly elected trustee Rod Schmidt to sit at the table, so that he can become familiar with the procedures. He then introduced Roger Shoup of the Park Committee.
6:38:44 PM Shoup Said the Park Committee's first event for the year is scheduled for April 26th. and is an event called Kite Flying Day, at 1:00 p.m. in Drost Park. Category for prizes will be determined later.
6:39:13 PM Callahan Asked what day the 26th is on. He was told it is a Saturday.
6:39:26 PM Gulledge Asked how the event would be advertised.
6:39:39 PM Shoup Replied if the event and date is approved by the Board, they will send out press releases.
6:39:45 PM Gulledge Said he would have it put on the marquee as soon as possible.
6:39:53 PM Callahan Asked where the event would be held. He was told it will be at Pavilion #1 in Drost Park.
6:40:11 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had a problem with this event. All agreed to grant permission to the Park Committee to host a Kite Flying Day.
6:40:50 PM Bell Asked if the Park Committee had budgeted for this event. Shoup said that Wieman has talked about putting the event in the budget, but he was not sure if this had been done.
6:40:59 PM Gulledge Said the prizes probably would be less than $100. He set a limit not to exceed $100. The trustees agreed.
6:41:37 PM Gulledge Said in the absence of Trustee Edwards, he would discuss the disposition of the canine vehicle. He has talked with Sgt. Lange and has been told that he has all the equipment to put the car back as it was. It can be returned to a regular patrol car.
6:42:07 PM Bell Asked what would be done with the cage. Mayor replied that he would let the new chief decide.
6:42:18 PM Gulledge Explained the next agenda item, Appraisals, would be held to the end of the Caucus, as it will be discussed in Closed Session.
6:43:21 PM Kostyshock Discussed the landscaping bids. He has received 2 bids, he called four places. Crane was one, however, he was not interested. Burns was another, and he is not interested. Keith Chandler and Stone Landscaping both gave a bid. Chandler's bid is $11,000.00, and Stone Landscaping bid is $33,000.00. Both were given identical bid sheets.
6:44:30 PM Callahan Commented that on most items the bids were very close in price, with the exception of item number eight. Chandler quotes $3000.00 and Stone quotes $23,000.00. He said he can see that perhaps he is using better seed, more straw, etc., but not $20,000. more.
6:44:41 PM Bell Asked how much ground is going to be landscaped.
6:44:50 PM Kostyshock Replied all the front area, and in the back area, the drainage problem is going to be corrected.
6:45:45 PM Callahan Talked about grass seed and fertilizer. He said the seed Chandler is using is the same as what he used when he worked with the Khoury League.
6:46:32 PM Kostyshock Discussed differences in bids. He said Chandler has all the necessary equipment to do the job, where Stone does not. He will probably have to rent equipment.
6:47:10 PM Gulledge Talked about work of Chandler. He reminded the group that he is the one who did the landscaping at the Memorial Plaza. Also, he has done landscaping for a family member, and did a great job.
6:48:02 PM Gulledge Asked if the board if they were okay with the $11,000 bid. They were.
6:48:40 PM Callahan Talked about the Khoury League ball fields. He said the workers should be careful not to tear up the ball fields. Also, he talked about parking around the Memorial in July. He wondered if it would be advisable to park on the newly planted grass during the Homecoming.
6:49:04 PM Gulledge Said this is a valid concern, and they will look at it nearer to July to see if the grass has taken a good enough hold to allow parking.
6:49:50 PM Callahan Talked about doing part now, then the ball field area later. After discussion it was decided the fields would not be affected anyway, therefore the whole project will be done now.
6:50:40 PM Kostyshock Discussed a bid to put a concrete sidewalk, with brick in between to blend in with the Memorial. And, a 20x25 slab of concrete for the cannon. This work must be done before reseeding. The bid is from Innovative Concrete Design for $5628.00.
6:52:17 PM Bell Asked if this includes a barrier around the Memorial.
6:52:42 PM Kostyshock Replied no. He doesn't think a barrier is needed. Nothing happened last year when cars were parked in the area.
6:54:03 PM Gulledge Said the two projects combined will be $16628.00 total.
6:56:26 PM Callahan Talked about getting large canisters for flowers around the Memorial. He asked if more trees would be planted.
6:56:42 PM Gulledge Said he is working on a program with Illinois Power. They will be giving the Village some trees around Arbor Day.
6:57:32 PM Gulledge Said if everyone was agreeable on these bids, it will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting. He instructed Kostyshock to call and book the companies so the work can begin as soon as possible.
6:58:16 PM Gulledge Discussed the project list. He has received information back from the Special Census. They quoted a price of $79,000 and a prepay of $58,948.00. He said when he called, the man he talked with led him to believe it would be between $15,000 and $20,000. However, he still feels this should be done. Trustees discussed the pros & cons. Mayor said he will call and talk to the man and confirm the number. he reminded the trustees also that if the census determines there are over 5000 people, it automatically sets the Village in the position of having a Police & Fire Board, also changes the pension for police officers and firemen.
7:06:07 PM Callahan Asked about the Clerk position, if it would go to an elected position. He said he thinks at 5000 population, the position is elected. Mayor said the Village used to have an elected clerk, but chose to change the ordinance to make it an appointed position. He will check into this.
7:07:03 PM Gulledge Said this matter will be tabled until the first caucus May. In the meantime, he will give the attorney the legal paperwork so he can look over it.
7:08:21 PM Wigginton Answered Callahan's question about the clerk position. Since the Village was under 5000, and changed the position to appointed it stays appointed. To change it to elected there would have to be a referendum passed.
7:09:02 PM Gulledge Talked about and asked about the remaining items on the project list. He then said some of the Park Committee members will be going to the Park District meeting on Tuesday April 15th, to ask about Maryville's share of the park district taxes. He would like some board members to go also.
7:11:46 PM Limberg Said he feels that Maryville has no representation on the Park District Board.
7:13:15 PM Kostyshock Asked how the Village could remove itself from the Park District.
7:13:32 PM Wigginton Answered that there are several ways the Village can make the Park District be accountable for the tax money coming from Maryville, such as filing on the Freedom on Information Act, filing objections, etc.
7:15:16 PM Gulledge Suggested Trustee Callahan attend and be spokesman for the group.
7:17:19 PM Gulledge Then went back to items on project list. The numbers are getting closer.
7:18:27 PM Gulledge Talked briefly about the Keebler Road jurisdictional transfer with the County. It will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
7:19:26 PM Gulledge Also there will be a permit resolution for a water line to be installed for Town Center Drive under Route 159. It is a standard resolution.
7:20:05 PM Gulledge Discussed summer part time help. Two of the boys from last year aren't coming back. Mayor said he wants to keep the ones from last year that want to return. He said on new hires, any from Maryville, or Fire District, will be given first choice, then the ones outside of Maryville or Fire District. He asked Trustee Limberg, who is in charge of Public Works, how many should be hired. Last year there were six.
7:21:16 PM Limberg Replied he wants to keep it at six.
7:21:25 PM Gulledge Recommends the pay to be $7.00 per hour.
7:21:57 PM Bell Said he thinks they work hard, and $7 would be good when they are working. He said some of them are left without supervision or tasks to do. He wants to be sure this does not happen this year.
7:22:40 PM Gulledge Said he talked with Mann about this today. He asked trustees opinion. They agreed. He said 3 wants to come back, if anyone knows someone, tell them to come in and fill out an application.
7:24:33 PM Limberg Talked about pros and cons of renting equipment to fill street cracks versus Collinsville Township doing the work.
7:30:58 PM Gulledge Suggests renting the equipment for $5690 a month, and doing the work instead of paying the Township to do it. It is more cost effective for the Village to do the work. The company will send someone to train our workers to handle the equipment. Also the Village will have to furnish four people and a truck. Mann said it should be finished in one month. The trustees agreed.
7:36:26 PM Limberg Talked about 2003 MFT maintenance program. It covers a good area of the town. He said it is oil and chip roads. As the trustees were going over the list of streets, it was discovered that there was a listing for Union on the West side of town. There is no Union Street on the west side of town. Also, Janet Drive is no longer a street, it has been renamed. Mayor will contact Juneau for a revision.
7:43:56 PM Garcia Talked about hiring patrolmen. She will talk to Trustee Callahan, who will be sitting in for Mayor Gulledge, and set up the interviews, and also call Trustee Edwards to see if he can make the interviews. Trustee Kostyshock said he will assist if Edwards can't.
7:47:41 PM Gulledge Discussed employee salary increases. Trustee Bell displayed the spreadsheet pertaining to the salaries, benefits, insurance, etc. As of May 1, without a raise the total salaries will be $1,691,000.00. The high cost of benefits was discussed. Also he said Brussatti has informed him that the insurance will be raising again in July. The suggested raise to be considered this year is $1.00. Mayor said he has not given any consideration yet to what he wants to do for the appointed people. Mayor told the trustees nothing has to be decided tonight. He just brought it up so that the trustees can start thinking about what to do.
8:19:12 PM Gulledge Discussed a proclamation for volunteerism during April 27 - May 3, 2003. He then announced the celebration of the second anniversary of Maryville Outreach Center on May 2, 6:00 p.m. at St. John's Lutheran Church on West Main Street. He discussed a list of stop signs that are needed, and directed Attorney Wigginton to draw up an ordinance. Next, he talked about the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, May 1 at 7:00 a.m. He said he would like, if at all possible, to see all the Trustees attend. He reported he received a call from Chris Stone about the grant procurement program to see if the Village was interested. Mayor said he told him he wasn't sure at this time. The trustees agreed to table the project for the time being.
8:20:39 PM Gulledge Said for the last caucus of month, April 30, he has scheduled Juneau to give a presentation on radio meter reader and the cost. Also, he will be discussing the County wide sewer program, and GIS mapping. The fourth item to be discussed is wages. He announced the blood drive this Saturday at the firehouse from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
8:26:11 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly the final codification changes that have been sent in. He discussed a request from the Collinsville High School Band, wind ensemble, for a donation. They are trying to raise $57,000 for a trip to Carnegie Hall. He asked Attorney Wigginton about the legality of donating taxpayers money for this.
8:29:09 PM Wigginton Said the Village can't legally do it.
8:30:25 PM Gulledge Reported the chief search has been narrowed to 13. He is trying to get it down to a manageable level. When he does, he will ask the board to be present to go over the applications with him.
8:34:01 PM Callahan Talked about the sheds displayed at a local business.
8:34:25 PM Wigginton Said he has reviewed the ordinance, and the Village can't prohibit the businessman from having the sheds there.
8:35:12 PM Callahan Asked if there would be anything in the Zoning Ordinance. He was told no. He asked if an ordinance could be passed prohibiting the display of the sheds. Next, he said he has a friend who said that his company is finding extensive damage done by the pipe liners. He suggests checking the sewer line for damage. He said he still doesn't understand how zoning changes can be done without notifying adjacent property owners. Multi- family and the problems it brings was also discussed.
8:49:20 PM Schmidt Said he has an aerial overview of the area where the Villas are going to be built. It looks like six or less of the villas butt up to Keebler Oaks.
8:54:03 PM Garcia Said her concern is what happens when condos go bankrupt, who keeps up the property.
8:56:12 PM Callahan Asked opinion of trustees present about notifying adjacent property owners of zoning changes. The trustees present agreed they should be notified.
8:57:08 PM Wigginton Explained consequences, such as property searches, registered mail, etc. It can become very costly.
8:58:52 PM Callahan Suggested having it put in the ordinance, that the person requesting the change pay the costs.
8:59:29 PM Gulledge Said he will have Building & Zoning notify adjacent property owners when there is a zoning change.
9:00:04 PM Callahan Asked about the facility change ordinance. Attorney said it has been changed to "water system".
9:00:32 PM Garcia Expressed concerns about having a Public Works employee doing janitorial work.
9:02:38 PM Bell Reported that the table guy will be ready for the table on April 15. He reported that Gary put up the signs on the walking path. He said he thinks that Gary Mann & Pat Presson are both doing a good job. He said that Thelma told him that Data Technology said they captured the data from Cougar Mountain with no problems.
9:04:07 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to go into closed session to discuss the property appraisals. Motion by Bell, second by Callahan to go into closed session. All ayes.
9:20:38 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to return to open session. Motion by Bell , second by Limberg to return to open session. All ayes.
9:21:01 PM Gulledge With nothing further to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville