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A Public Hearing was held on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. in the Village Hall, 2520 North Center Street, Maryville, Illinois to present and discuss a Madison County Community Development Block Grant application for FY 2003.  There were 11 citizens present.


Mayor Gulledge opened the discussion with the explanation that the hearing was to discuss potential projects for a Madison County Community Development Block Grant program.  He explained that last year the grant, having been applied for, was denied.  The funds were to have been used for an elevator in the old firehouse for the Food Pantry/Grandma?s Attic.  The grant missed by just a few points.  He then opened the hearing to those in attendance for suggestions.


Trustee Bell asked what the requirements were.  Mayor Gulledge explained that there are several, such as low to moderate income or have something to do with the handicapped, or seniors, etc.  The Village must meet criteria.  Last year?s grant can be resubmitted if so desired.


Trustee Garcia stated that she would like to see the grant from last year submitted again this year.  Trustee Kostyshock said either the elevator or street repairs, whichever would have a better chance.  Trustee Bell suggested handicapped restrooms in the park.  Mayor Gulledge explained that there is a point system.  Engineer Juneau thinks we have a good chance for the elevator this year.  Trustee Limberg commented that the sidewalks and streets need a lot of work.  Mayor Gulledge stated that it would be late fall before the grants will be awarded.  He said the Village can take care of the sidewalks and streets through the Public Works Department.  Trustee Limberg asked if the elevator would be utilized.  Trustee Garcia replied yes, that most of the workers for the Food Pantry and Grandma?s Attic are older and so are the customers.


Mayor Gulledge then polled the Board.  All in attendance agreed to resubmit the grant for an elevator in the old firehouse.


The hearing closed at 6:41 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Thelma Long, Clerk


The Village of Maryville