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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description caucus minutes
Date4/30/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:41:03 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting to order , and asked for a roll call. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Trustees Edwards and Garcia were absent.
6:41:49 PM Gulledge Explained there would be no minutes of the April 23rd meeting to be approved at this meeting. He explained that Clerk Long has been very involved in the software conversion and training. He asked Charlie Juneau to discuss the GIS Mapping proposal.
6:42:01 PM Juneau Explained GIS (Geographic Information System) which is a mapping system, and logging of data in a mapping format. Also there is a GPS which is a Geographic Positioning System. He said he and his associate are here to discuss the GIS. A lot of towns are using. It is a good way for a town to keep their mapping systems, utilities, infrastructures, as well as where people live, what the zoning maps are, etc. This is all done in a computer instead of hard maps. It is a way to keep track of information. He introduced Jarrod Collier from his firm. Jarrod has studied GIS four years at SIU.
6:44:50 PM Collier Said he will start with answering questions. The first question is why develop all this information, why does geography matter. To understand this, you must understand what geography is. The three questions geography tries to answer is what is it, where is it, and why is it there. With these questions answered, you are left with all sorts of data. GIS data presentation is one of its best features. GIS is a system of computer software, hardware and data. GIS is a method to visualize and manipulate data. Some ways GIS is used for emergency services, environmental, business, industry, government, education, and urban. GIS is a tool to put information in the hands of the decision makers. GIS links an actual spatial component, such as a manhole to a data base which stores information about that component. Some ways GIS is used for urban growth planning, population and development. It helps plan for the future, especially with all the new subdivisions coming in, the water and sewer lines, etc.
6:51:48 PM Juneau Said GIS can also be tied into, and utilized by the 911 system.
6:52:30 PM Collier Said other County data is elevation, and contours. He said they use this mainly for hydraulic modeling. Juneau has developed a sanitary sewer systems map, showing work done for Maryville last year. It designates the manholes, number, type and elevation, etc. The water distribution network can be beneficial to the Fire Department as it shows locations of hydrants, valves, water flow, etc. he briefly talked about asset inventory for GASB 34.
7:01:49 PM Gulledge
Asked if the Village water lines have been mapped.
7:03:09 PM Collier Answered no. Talked about ESRI and how it keeps costs down.
7:04:27 PM Juneau Talked about work done in County by aerial photo. All photos are available at a cost. The address must be done by hand.
7:06:34 PM Gulledge Asked about the cost.
7:06:43 PM Juneau Discussed a proposal they have put together for the Village. Purchase from the County would be three to four thousand dollars. The initial ideal would be to develop GIS for water lines, hydrants, and update sanitary sewer map.
7:11:53 PM Collier Talked briefly about prices of tiles for the parcel ids.
7:13:00 PM Bell Said the data he has is 1995, 1999 would be better.
7:13:37 PM Callahan Asked if the costs can be broken down. He was told they could.
7:14:12 PM Gulledge Said before making a decision, the Board needs to decide with the departments involved exactly what is needed.
7:15:25 PM Callahan Asked if any of this information can be printed.
7:15:46 PM Juneau Said it could.
7:16:37 PM Schmidt Asked about how often the County will do a fly over.
7:17:14 PM Juneau Replied they are doing the fly overs more frequently now than before. They fly over the rapid growing areas.
7:18:22 PM Flaugher Asked about the capability to update zoning maps, etc.
7:18:55 PM Juneau Replied yes and explained the capability.
7:19:56 PM Gulledge Explained the absence of Presson was due to the birth of his baby early this morning. He has asked that the Radio Water Meter reading be postponed until he is available.
7:20:12 PM Gulledge The next agenda item to be discussed was the County Wide Sewer program. He said those involved must have an answer by May 27. This is a big undertaking. He asked Juneau to discuss the program.
7:21:17 PM Juneau He talked about the concern of Joe Parente from Madison Building & Zoning Department about the development in high growth areas not being sewered. Discussed capacity of wastewater plants of Collinsville, Troy, and Granite City. He displayed a sewer map. A discussion followed. He then displayed an unsewered area. A discussion followed. He then talked about Maryville's alternatives, however, he said he would go into more detail of the alternatives as the study progresses.
7:41:05 PM Gulledge Talked about sending sewage to Granite City instead of Collinsville.
7:43:18 PM Callahan Said if Collinsville's treatment plant begins to reach its capacity, there is a possibility of them putting a freeze on building in Maryville.
7:44:36 PM Juneau Displayed several maps of proposed interceptors.
7:46:15 PM Callahan Asked how much time is estimated before the sewers are at capacity.
7:46:48 PM Juneau Said a few years.
7:47:11 PM Callahan Discussed a plan that when Stonebridge Subdivision was begun the possibility of directing the sewer to Route 157.
7:47:39 PM Gulledge Said no, the FPA was changed. He said he will make copies of the numbers and maps. He said the Board and he will discuss this and decide what direction they will go.
7:49:43 PM Juneau Talked about special sewer districts.
7:50:20 PM Callahan Talked about the pipeline company breaking the sewer line on Bauer Lane. He asked if there is a way to find out for certain.
7:51:01 PM Juneau Said pressure test is the best way to determine if the line has been broken.
7:51:31 PM Gulledge Gave each trustee a copy of the executive summary on the sewers and said he will have Juneau come back on May 28th to discuss this again.
7:53:52 PM Gulledge Introduced Jeff Holland and Forrest Lerch who were here to talk about their development planned for 7319 West Main Street.
7:54:15 PM Lerch Spoke about his development, and the results of the public hearing on Monday. With all the residents being upset about the planned development, they will try to do the property as single family . He asked if he does single family, can negotiations be done about the green space.
7:55:51 PM Wigginton Replied no, and explained about the ordinance. He suggested they put a proposal together and the Board will then consider it, and proceed as necessary.
7:56:25 PM Lerch Said he will put down ideas and bring them to the board. He doesn't want to lose the development, but there are 12.3 acres involved that is very rough ground.
7:58:32 PM Lerch Talked about the development he had planned, but failed. Now he is willing to do single family homes.
7:59:41 PM Bell Ask how many homes would be built . He was told 28 to 30.
8:00:30 PM Wigginton Suggested they put their thoughts down in a proposal form, make a preliminary plat, and bring it before the board.
8:01:50 PM Gulledge Said the Planning Commission voted 3 to2 not to allow the building. He asked how this should be handled at the public hearing scheduled. He was told that Bagley can request a withdrawal in writing.
8:04:25 PM Callahan Talked about the surrounding area around a PDR being multi family, and the concerns he has of the possibility of a lawsuit.
8:06:40 PM Gulledge Said the hearing will go forward unless Bagley withdraws the request.
8:07:11 PM Gulledge Discussed hiring three more part time summer help. This will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Then he reported that Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia interviewed three candidates for police officer. Their recommendation is to hire a person who has police experience that can go right to work. He said the person has passed all his physicals, and he wants to give a two week notice to his current employer.
8:09:20 PM Kostyshock Said he would have liked to interview more people, but is agreeable with the decision made.
8:09:51 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda for a formal vote. He asked the opinion of the trustees. They agreed.
8:12:00 PM Gulledge Discussed the raises.
8:12:42 PM Bell Reported he had an error in the years on the info he had at last meeting. The number is lower than before.
8:13:53 PM Gulledge Asked about when the raise would be effective. It was decided that May 1 would be the effective date.
8:16:45 PM Callahan Commented that the increase on the insurance is 19 to 20%.
8:17:37 PM Gulledge Talked about part time help. Jolene does a great job and wants to see her get a raise. Also the animal control officer. Jolene makes $9.50 per hour and the animal control officer makes $12.00 per hour.
8:20:15 PM Bell Proposed $1.50 for Jolene.
8:21:22 PM Gulledge Said he proposes $1.00 for Jolene. The trustees agreed.
8:23:38 PM Kostyshock Asked $1.00 per hour for Pomerantz, the Animal Control Officer. All agreed.
8:24:07 PM Kostyshock Asked to go into closed session next meeting to discuss land acquisition. He also reported that the concrete work for the Memorial is finished and looks good.
8:25:49 PM Bell Asked about the sidewalk and the bricks that were to go between each section of the concrete. He said there are no bricks. He was told that it was decided to go the length of the parking lot instead. It is much better the way it is.
8:26:31 PM Limberg Reported that Public Works employee Weinacht is resigning.
8:27:31 PM Gulledge Announced he will be making his appointments at next board meeting. The Prayer Breakfast is tomorrow. May 2 is the dinner at St. John's Lutheran church to honor the Food Pantry/ Grandma's Attic volunteers, etc. He has received some information on a cleaning service. Each trustee has been given a copy. He spoke about the confusion on loans. From now on any loan, a formally written request will be sent to each facility, and the information is to be sent back in a sealed envelope, or in an emergency, a faxed reply.
8:30:01 PM Wigginton Said he will have a stop sign ordinance for the next meeting. He also reported that the deadline for Dulaney to appeal has passed. He did not appeal.
8:31:44 PM Gulledge Announced the swearing-in of the newly elected trustee at the May 7th Board Meeting.
8:31:56 PM Gulledge With no further business to discuss, he called for a motion to adjourn. Motion by Callahan, second by Bell to adjourn the meeting. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville