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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus minutes
Date5/28/2003 Location  
Time Speaker Note
6:27:18 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Others present were Toni Corona from Madison County Health Department, Police Chief Schardan, Building & Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Street Superintendent Mann and one of his assistants Jeff Henry, and Clerk Long.
6:28:15 PM Gulledge Asked for questions, additions or corrections to the minutes of the May 14th meeting. There being none, he called for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Motion by Bell, second by Schmidt to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - present; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - present. Motion carried.
6:29:04 PM Gulledge Introduced Toni Corona from the Madison County Health Department, and explained she was here to give a brief presentation on the West Nile Virus.
6:29:19 PM Corona Thanked Trustee Schmidt for the invitation. She discussed and gave an update on the West Nile Virus in Madison County. She gave packets to the Trustees containing information on the subject. She talked about a memo in the packet. She said the West Nile Virus is a disease that Public Health will deal with. She showed photos of different kinds of mosquitoes that could potential be a carrier of the disease. She explained that the female species is actually the carrier of the disease. She said in 1999 when the disease was discovered in New York, there were 149 cases reported in the Country, with 19 deaths. Last year there were over 4,000 human cases reported with close to 300 deaths. She said Illinois had more cases last year than any other state. There were 877 reported human cases. Michigan and Ohio, both Midwestern states were the next highest. Illinois had 62 reported deaths from the virus last year. She talked about the surveillance activities of the public health department on mosquitoes. In 2001 they found the virus in birds and horses. No human cases in 2001. After further discussion on the facts and figures, she asked for questions.
6:48:54 PM Schmidt Asked about where the best place to get the larvicide bricks.
6:49:34 PM Corona Replied Summit Chemical is the company that actually makes the briquettes. However, there are several suppliers, but they are all about the same.
6:49:41 PM Schmidt Asked Corona if she knows the reasons why the State requires certified persons to handle the briquettes, especially if anyone can get them.
6:50:51 PM Corona Replied it is because they are actually a pesticide, and is labeled as such. The directions should be followed exactly. Primarily the certification provides some skill and background to those dispensing the pesticide.
6:51:35 PM Henry Said he was told that handling a lot of the bricks, it could be a hazard to him.
6:52:12 PM Corona Asked if he was following the directions and wearing rubber gloves. He is. She said he is safe as long as he follows the directions on dispensing the bricks.
6:52:37 PM Garcia Asked why Illinois has been hit so hard.
6:52:53 PM Corona Said she has no answer, the Health Department is looking for funding to research this matter further.
6:54:46 PM Callahan Asked if there is a reason why it is not as bad in  states that have already been hit, such as New York.
6:55:29 PM Corona Replied she really does not know the answer.
6:56:03 PM Callahan Talked about mailings with the information enclosed. He thought about putting the flyers in with the water bills, but this is not feasible. He suggests doing a separate mailing. This will be discussed further.
6:57:03 PM Garcia Asked about the tires the children play on at the day care her granddaughter attends. She was told to suggest to the day care that they puncture the tires so the water drains from the inside.
6:58:48 PM Gulledge Thanked Toni for the presentation.
6:59:17 PM Gulledge Said that Kevin Flaugher, Building & Zoning Administrator is here to discuss the next agenda item, which is due to Karl Altenberger leaving. There is a lot of discussion as to whether an assistant is needed.
7:00:45 PM Schmidt Said there is a question as to whether or not the position should be filled as a full time position. He said Flaugher is here to answer any questions the Board may have, and possibly sway the Board to keep the position full time.
7:01:32 PM Garcia Said she thought the Village hired Karl because of the chance of a lot of commercial development happening with the idea of Wal-Mart coming.
7:01:58 PM Gulledge Said that was part of it, but not the only reason. He said on every house built, there are13 inspections that are done.
7:02:16 PM Flaugher Said there are13 required, some of which are done simultaneously. He said there are probably ten to twelve trips to each house built.
7:02:35 PM Gulledge Said for the record, that when Karl was here with Kevin the inspections were done in a timely fashion. He did not receive many complaints. He said that on code enforcement, Karl was not comfortable with this. And, code enforcement is a big part of the job. The same amount of houses are being built. A request for a building permit for the old carwash has been received. Also, the Shell Credit Union and the Assisted Living are ready to get underway. He and Flaugher talked with Joe Osborn and they are about ready to bring plans before the Planning Commission. There are still some things going on.
7:04:12 PM Garcia Asked Flaugher if he needs anyone full time in the winter.
7:04:30 PM Flaugher Explained they are busy in the winter also. Code enforcement slows down some, but building continues. He said he issued permit number 94 for the year today. Also, he had eight people in the office throughout today, either to get a permit or pick one up. He said he would like to free up two to three hours a day for the assistant to do code enforcement. In the winter months code enforcement does slow down. This past winter, Karl built racks to hold the plans when he had slow days. Things like cleaning out files, straightening the map cabinet, etc. can be done during the slow winter days.
7:08:21 PM Garcia Asked if other towns have two inspectors.
7:08:38 PM Flaugher Replied they have more. Glen Carbon has three or four, Troy has three.
7:08:58 PM Garcia Said the Board has talked about the Police doing some of the code enforcement. She asked Chief Schardan his opinion.
7:09:23 PM Schardan Said he hasn't had time to think about this. However, in Granite City when the officers saw violations, they wrote them up, and passed them on to the inspection department.
7:10:06 PM Flaugher Said this is being done here also. The Police Department handles derelict vehicles.
7:10:10 PM Bell Asked about the13 inspections, if some of them are new, or have there always been this many. Flaugher told him these have always been, and are the standard inspections. He said he had more inspections on a porch and deck he recently built than he had on his house. He had one inspection on the house. He said Kevin and Karl are doing the inspections, and he feels some of them are very important.
7:11:07 PM Flaugher Said some builders build good homes, some don't. However, they can only be shut down for things that don't meet code. Most complaints are drainage and erosion problems, very few construction complaints.
7:13:52 PM Gulledge Reported that a developer talked to him today about a subdivision with between 150 and180 homes. He said it is the Board's decision to replace or not replace Altenberger.
7:15:15 PM Bell Asked how many applications have been turned in. He was told there were quite a few.
7:15:49 PM Limberg Said the building inspector in Troy rides through the subdivision being built to make sure no mud is on the streets.
7:16:23 PM Kostyshock Said there are more than enough code violations going on to warrant a full time person. Also if Kevin goes on vacation, or is sick, someone has to take over. Bell and Schmidt said they agree.
7:17:29 PM Flaugher Said on of his 2003 goals occupancy permits for existing homes. Currently there is nothing in the codes pertaining to occupancy permits for existing homes, and, especially rental property and apartments. The only thing on the books pertains to new construction.
7:19:28 PM Gulledge Polled the trustees. Callahan said he has no problem, but didn't like the way it was presented. Garcia agreed with Callahan. She felt she should have been notified about the applications being sought since she is in charge of Personnel. Kostyshock said yes, Limberg said yes. Schmidt said yes, and Bell said yes.
7:22:32 PM Limberg Asked how many applicants there are. Kevin said a large stack.
7:23:09 PM Flaugher Announced a Planning Commission meeting on Monday, June 2. He talked about the ambulance situation in Edwardsville. Maryville has been providing service to Glen Carbon as mutual aid. However, it is very taxing on the department.
7:30:38 PM Schardan Reported that Unit128 has 88,000 miles, and the air conditioning compressor is out. Jack Schmidt gave an estimate between $600and $700 to repair it. He talked with Jim Goetter, the Village mechanic and he will be looking at the car and try to find a used compressor. Kanzler is working on State bid quotes for police vehicles. He has quotes on an Impala and is working on a quote for a Crown Victoria.
7:32:38 PM Callahan Asked if he wanted a temporary fix for the time being, but actually wants a new car.
7:33:11 PM Schardan Said yes.
7:33:39 PM Gulledge Suggested getting it fixed until a decision is made on a new one.
7:34:09 PM Schardan Reported that Officer Garrett is due to return to work soon. He asked for an explanation on the transcriber that he read about in the minutes.
7:35:18 PM Limberg Explained that it is for Becky Springer when she types interviews of suspects or transcribes reports from the officers.
7:35:48 PM Bell Talked about officers recording their reports in the field. The reports would be on the pc and she can transcribe them from there.
7:36:30 PM Garcia Said that was what she was supposed to do.
7:37:00 PM Gulledge Suggested letting Chief talk to Becky and go over the bids, if he feels it is feasible.
7:37:39 PM Bell Recommends buying a transcriber. He wants the officers to have a recorder to record their reports.
7:38:26 PM Schardan Said he knows it works for some departments, but it did not work in Granite.
7:44:33 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee recommendation to establish an agreement with Patton for access to park and bike trail.
7:46:29 PM Gulledge Talked about utilities, etc., that will be in the way. He will have to have the engineer to check out. The Village will be responsible for replacing any damage. He polled the Board; all were in agreement to go forward.
7:50:13 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee's recommendation that the Village accept the park budget and add it to the Village 2003-2004 budget. A copy will be attached to the minutes.
7:53:20 PM Garcia Asked if the Park Committee was asking for a proposed budget of $312,000.
7:53:37 PM Gulledge Replied that dredging the lake was included.
7:54:09 PM Juneau Talked about damage to streets in Lyn Hi Terrace. Several years ago when Copper Creek Subdivision was started, the Lyn Hi residents were concerned about the condition of the roads. There were verbal agreements that when the subdivision was complete, the Village would repair the roads damaged by the construction. Heather Green was the street used most by the construction. He is proposing curb and gutters for this street, as it is the only one that does not have curbs and gutters. He proposes some asphalt patching and oil and chip it. Also proposes a drainage system be put in. Camrose Green needs more catch basins and storm sewers added, as well as repairs. He said in talking with the Street Superintendent, Gary Mann, he said they can take care of some of the curb and gutters that are worn from age. No easements will be needed for the outfalls, they are in good condition. The plan will be to build the storm sewer and connect to outfall. The estimated of cost of the repair to Camrose Green and Frontenac Lane is approximately $56,117.00. Heather Green improvements will be around $31,022.00. The total cost of the improvements is approximately $98454.00. He spoke briefly about micro surfacing the roads, which will last 5-7 years, as opposed to oil & chip lasts 2-3 years. The surface looks like asphalt.
8:06:18 PM Gulledge Said he is asking for approval to go out for bid.
8:06:53 PM Juneau Said the micro surface cost would be an additional $30,000.00 for the overlay.
8:09:53 PM Callahan Suggests going out for bid.
8:11:32 PM Juneau Talked about the159 Phase 3 water main relocation due to widening 159 to 5 lanes. Thru the years, the old waterlines were put in roadway; 2,4,6 inch lines. The Village is responsible to move the lines. This will be a major project to move the lines. The lines north going south will be replaced with 10" mains. There will be a lot of valves. Estimated cost for the water line relocation is $342,793. Sanitary sewer estimated cost is $38,539.50. Also, $70,000.00 for engineering design and construction, making the total project cost $489,465.50.
8:37:59 PM Schmidt Commented there are no shoulders provided in the project, just five lanes, and a sidewalk on both sides. He asked what happens if a car breaks down, or there is an accident. He was told the traffic would have to be diverted to the open lanes.
8:39:02 PM Garcia Asked what happened to the work that was supposed to start about a month ago by Ralph's.
8:39:56 PM Juneau Replied that Keller has to finish his job first.
8:40:29 PM Gulledge Said he has called him several times, and he says he will be out to start, but never does.
8:42:12 PM Juneau Said for the Village's information, and planning, IDOT anticipated the project will be bid in September, 2003, with award in November. All right of way acquisition is to be completed by October, 2003. Limited construction may occur during the winter months with the majority being done in 2004. Also, the Assisted Living development has gone to IDOT and said they want to fill in the ravine located in the area. If they do this, it will help with the water main location in that area.
8:44:13 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau if he was correct in assuming the Village should be ready to go out for bids around October 1st, and award the bid at the first meeting in November. Juneau said he was correct.
8:45:03 PM Gulledge Reported on the Madison County Sanitary Sewer Study. A meeting was held here yesterday. Troy, Collinsville, Glen Carbon, Collinsville Township, and a representative from Madison County Special Service Area #1 were present. They all agreed there is still a lot of confusion on what they are trying to do. The will continue to meet on the 4th Tuesday each month at 3:00 p.m. in the conference room here. They will be looking for ways to pay for this project.
8:48:31 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly the right of way agreement for Highway 159. He had a meeting with the IDOT representative. He reported to the Board that he is not happy with the meeting because of the little park memorial in the Village Park. The Village just paid to have the memorial landscaped because it was supposed to be out of the way of the construction. Now he found out IDOT wants a temporary easement through the front of it. The have offered a little money, but he is not happy with their offer. He suggests setting up a meeting in the next week or two with IDOT and talk to them. This will have to be discussed later in a closed session.
8:52:52 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau about our comprehensive plan. It will soon be 5 years. He thought it was good 10 years. Juneau suggested talking to Tom Wobbe at SWIMPAC.
8:54:32 PM Juneau Said it is not a bad idea to revisit the comprehensive plan.
8:55:21 PM Gulledge Talked about the codification. He, Attorney Wigginton, John Dutton, Charlie Juneau and Kevin Flaugher met last week for about four or five hours and went through at least half of the codification. A public hearing is planned on Monday at the Planning Commission meeting, and one at 6:45 p.m. before the Board meeting on Wednesday. He will send summaries of any and all changes in the Board packets.
8:58:26 PM Gulledge Discussed the IML Conference. It will be held on September 11-14, 2003 at the Hilton in Chicago. Lennox Suites are less expensive to stay, however, all seminars are in the Hilton. The restaurants are in the Lennox area. He needs to know who plans on going, so that reservations can be made. Kostyshock said he likes the Hilton, Callahan said he likes the Hilton, because it is more convenient for those attending the meetings. After briefly discussing the pros and cons, it was agreed that reservations will be made at the Hilton.
9:02:16 PM Gulledge Reminded the trustees that the Bright Ideas Grant deadline is Friday. He asked for any ideas.
9:02:42 PM Schmidt Suggested a public address system at the concession stand at the ball fields and one at Firemen's Park. He has prices, and they are well under $3000.00.
9:04:18 PM Kostyshock Suggests a library fund.
9:04:34 PM Gulledge Suggests CPR mannequins, AEDs for the police vehicles. After discussion, the group decided to apply for this.
9:06:49 PM Gulledge Reported that he talked with Tim Olson, of the Census Bureau. He said Olson told him that since the 2000 Census has been completed, there have been 91 inquiries for a special census. Of the 91 inquiries, 80 are from the State of Illinois, and 11 from other states. They have 42 contracts, and 40 are in Illinois. The reason is the way Illinois funds it's citizens through the census numbers. He said everything costs more than it did before. The price was right, $79,050.
9:11:00 PM Limberg Commented that he read about a special census in another town, and it was much cheaper.
9:11:30 PM Gulledge Said it was a partial census, small areas. The Village would be a full census.
9:12:40 PM Schmidt Asked how soon would the census become effective, when would the Village reap the benefits.
9:13:19 PM Gulledge Replied it would be effective in16 weeks after completion of the special census. Said he is asking for approval to put this on the agenda for next Board meeting. The trustees agreed.
9:17:13 PM Callahan Asked if it is possible to rent, or obtain a vehicle counter. He would like to have a road count on Pleasant Ridge Road before Osborn opens up the back end of his subdivision, just to see what the count is for 25 to 30 days.
9:18:53 PM Kostyshock Reminded the trustees about the brush pick up on Saturday. He asked about the land purchase, and what was going to be done. He has talked with the owner and he said to call him or his wife and he would see to it that the trustees could see the property.
9:20:10 PM Schmidt Talked about a mailing on the West Nile Virus. He has been sent 3100 brochures. His initial thought was to mail them with the water bill. However, after further research, he said this is not good idea. He suggests walking around town and give them out.
9:21:25 PM Gulledge Suggested putting them in the businesses, passing them out door to door with the help of the Boy Scouts, etc. Discussion continued with pros and cons. It was decided to see what the postage would run. Schmidt will go forward.
9:28:37 PM Schmidt Asked about free trees through IDOT. Mayor will contact IDOT.
9:30:14 PM Schmidt Asked if there were any codes for the cemetery in the code book . He was told no. Asked about how people are notified when there is a boil order issued. Mayor explained the system. The water clerk notifies the radio stations and newspaper and television stations. He asked about ice cream trucks in town. Mayor replied that when he gets complaints, they are told they must leave, or come to the Administration Building and get a permit.
9:33:24 PM Gulledge Announced the Shell Credit Union groundbreaking at 10 am on Tuesday. He spoke about his committee appointments, he wants the chairman and the department heads to try to get an idea of what will be spent in their department. He would like to get a budget started. Also he reminded those in attendance that agenda items must be in on Monday by noon prior to the meeting. If Monday is a holiday, it must be in on Friday. He also said he is thinking about moving the caucus meetings to the council chambers. He prefers to meet there.  The Board supported the idea.
9:44:40 PM Callahan Asked about re-activating the to do list.
9:44:59 PM Gulledge Replied it was done away with because of lack of help. He has no problem starting it up again.
9:47:20 PM Gulledge Said he list of things he wants each trustee to write down, think about them, and come to the next caucus and let him know which item they will take care of. The list is: additional cemetery property, annexations, library, museum, teen center, special census, comprehensive plan, historical commission, budget. Also, he talked briefly to the Personnel Committee. If and when a person is hired in Building & Zoning, he wants a special emphasis on code enforcement. The building part is very important, but the person must know he is expected to do the code enforcement also. He told Trustee Garcia that he wants her, himself and any Board member and department that wants to help, to re-do the personnel policy. He spoke briefly about additional park ground. Trustees Bell and Callahan head this committee. He said they are going to try to meet with the Park District next week, and they hope to have something put together to present to them.
9:50:55 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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