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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing - Re-codification
Date6/4/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:52:11 PM Gulledge Called the Public Hearing to order, and explained that the purpose for the hearing is for the re-codification and amendments for the revised code of ordinances including the zoning code. He turned the hearing over to Attorney Wigginton.
6:52:45 PM Wigginton Explained that since Fall of 2002, the Village has been involved in a project of reviewing and revising the entire Code of Ordinances, in conjunction with American Legal Publishing, who is the consultant for the project. As a result of the review and comments from them, the Village Engineer, Village Attorney, Administrative Staff, Mayor, Building & Zoning Administrator, Water & Sewer Superintendent, have gone through the entire code of ordinances and done a comprehensive review and remission, it will be in a much more organized form. There will be a new land use section created that will combine the Property Maintenance Code, the Subdivision Code, the Zoning Code, and the Building Code into one article that will assist citizens and developers. This code will benefit developers in understanding what their rights are, and what their obligations are. The Administration section has been revised to include changes in certain fees, including outside service fees for outside fire departments and ambulance. These fees have not increased since 1992; they will be increased. There is a change in the amount required for bidding from $4,000 to $10,000. The Hotel/Motel tax will increase from 3% to 5%, which is in accordance with State Statute. There is a change in the structure of Public Works Department. There is no longer a Public Works Department, it is now a Water & Sewer Department, and a Street Department with a Superintendent in charge of each department. There are changes in regard to installation and maintaining service lines. The new code will make consistent throughout the code, the minimum lot size requirements for private sewage disposal systems to be 40,000 square feet, which is consistent with Madison County. He said that probably the most comprehensive, detailed changes occur in Title 15 under Land Usage bringing this section up to date. It has not been updated since 1992. There are changes that will affect development, including depth of side yards, restrictions on locations of travel trailers and RVs. It also requires developers to pay a 25% completion security. The maintenance bond on completion of public improvements is currently two years, this will be changed to three years. The sidewalk construction standards are being revised. The storm water detention and drainage ordinance is being revised to be consistent with the Madison County Storm Water Detention and Drainage Ordinance. Also, the developer will be required to furnish as built drawings of all public improvements prior to the issuance of a building permit. There are changes in the commercial area of the parking space size from 10' x 20' to 9' x 19'. He said this is a work in progress, and it is about 99% there. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Monday, the are currently reviewing this and he is waiting for their comments.
6:58:06 PM Gulledge Opened the hearing to the public and the Board, and asked for questions or comments
6:58:15 PM Garcia Asked about the change in cost of services of the Fire Department; who gets the money?
6:58:56 PM Gulledge Explained the reason for the charge, such as a spill on the highway, and the fire department is called out to clean it up.
6:59:11 PM Wigginton Commented that the Fire Department will bill whoever caused the service to be performed.
6:59:40 PM Garcia Questioned the raise in the required amount for bids. She feels the Village may not get the best bid if it's changed from $4,000 to $10,000..
7:00:06 PM Gulledge Replied will still use the bid process and will still get the best bid possible. This change is to be more uniform with the surrounding communities.
7:00:23 PM Garcia Asked about the change in individual sewage systems, why are they made smaller?
7:00:56 PM Wigginton Explained the reason for the change. There are several inconsistencies in the code, one area has one acre, another area has 20,000 square feet. Madison County standards are 40,000 square feet. The thought behind this change is to make our code more consistent with Madison County, since the Village is adopting Madison County's ordinance on storm water drainage and detention.
7:01:36 PM Garcia Opposes making the individual sewage systems smaller.
7:01:58 PM Gulledge Talked about Madison County rules when anyone applies for an individual sewage system, it goes through Madison County, not the Village. They have jurisdiction on it.
7:03:11 PM Garcia Said she didn't understand the change in the side yard depth of 10 feet or 10% which ever is greater.
7:04:09 PM Wigginton Explained it is more to keep the house being built more in the center of the lot. It provides consistency in construction and design.
7:04:33 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone else had questions or comments. There were none. He declared the hearing closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville