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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus minutes
Date6/11/2003 Location Conference Room
Time Speaker Note
6:30:17 PM Gulledge Call the Caucus Meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present, to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia.
6:31:08 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the May 28th meeting. Motion by Kostyshock, second by Schmidt to approve the minutes as submitted by the clerk, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:11 PM Gulledge Turned the meeting over to Charlie Juneau, Village Engineer.
6:32:23 PM Juneau Discussed roadway improvements in Lyn Hi Terrace. He had an aerial picture of the improvement on Heather Green. It showed curbs and gutters, and roadway patching. He said this is the only street in this area that currently does not have curb and gutter. There will be a new culvert installed at the Vadalabene Drive intersection. Camrose Green will have pipe under drains installed, new inlets and piping to connect the new inlets, and a new section of curb installed at the intersection. On down the street they will remove and replace broken curbs and gutters, and install an under drain through the entire section. There is a continuation of the sewer.
6:34:58 PM Kostyshock Asked about a drop box for the low spot on Frontenac Lane.
6:35:28 PM Juneau Said he will check on this. There will be new inlets and sewer connections on Frontenac. The existing outfalls will be used. At this point Mayor Gulledge asked if the ditch in that area would handle the additional water. He replied it is getting there now, there is piping coming off there, and the pipe sizes are adequate to carry it. He said the proposed improvement cost for the street section is estimated at $56,117.00 for Camrose Green. Replace the existing curb and gutter there is another $8,000.00. For this section, he is proposing that this year the roads be oil and chip surfaces. Next year they would have the microsurfacing done. Kostyshock ask if that wouldn't be a mistake, oil and chip and then a year later come back with microsurface. Juneau said there is no tearing up of the streets with the microsurface. He said there will be asphalt patches along the edges and where the repairs are made.
6:38:56 PM Callahan Asked if there is an advantage to oil & chip and then microsurfacing.
6:39:24 PM Juneau Replied with oil & chip there is always loose rock, but over a year's time it beds in. The road will be swept before the microsurface is put down. It gives a better surface and better wear.
6:39:30 PM Gulledge Asked if the microsurfacing will adhere to the mud, etc. on the street. Juneau replied that hopefully there won't be much mud, but there will be different textures, asphalt patch, oil & chip patches, and he would like everything to look uniform before it is microsurfaced.
6:39:41 PM Kostyshock Asked if it would be better to put the drop boxes in and raise the curbing before the oil & chipping.
6:40:15 PM Juneau Said this was the plan, do the improvements, then oil and chip this year, and then microsurface next year.
6:40:46 PM Kostyshock Talked about all the sump pumps in the area, and the water running in the street. He asked if the water would be run into the storm sewers, or what would be done with it. He said if it continues to run out onto the street as it does now, the area will always be wet. Juneau said it will run down the curb line, not in the street. Kostyshock said there is water there 365 days a year. He said that legally the residents are not supposed to run their water onto the street.
6:41:23 PM Gulledge Said if the streets are contoured and are curbed and guttered, and the street is formed right, the water should go to the drop boxes.
6:41:53 PM Juneau Said the cost for the Heather Green improvements is estimated at $31022.00. The plan is to oil & chip this year and microsurface in 2004. There are some additional broken curbs that he feels the Street crew can fix.
6:43:26 PM Callahan Suggests since the Village is short of help anyway, having it done with the other work, instead of the Street crew. He asked what kind of shape the road (Berwyn Green) is in. He suggests including this short street in the improvements.
6:46:25 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly about the microsurface streets he saw in Edwardsville. He was told it was done about three years ago, and they looked very good.
6:48:37 PM Callahan Asked how long it would be to be ready for bid.
6:48:42 PM Gulledge Polled the board to see if they were in agreement to go forward with the project and have Juneau go out for bid. They were all in agreement to proceed. He told him to proceed.
6:50:26 PM Juneau Went on to discuss the Route 159 Water Main Relocation Project from An-Ja-Lo Drive south to 162 to the north. The proposed new water mains were displayed on an overview. He proposes to attach to the main on An-Ja-Lo, and the mains will be ten inch mains (some 12 inch) going from An-Ja-Lo. There will be a cross connection. He explained the reason for this is the widening of 159 and there are a lot of storm sewers that will be put in, and the main has to be away from the storm sewers. Where there is a conflict with the storm sewers, the mains have to be relocated. He showed on the overhead view, all the locations of the new lines, the cross connections, etc. The discussion continued on locations of service lines, etc. all of which were pointed out on the screen. Juneau said that the lines under the highway will be two inch lines. They can be done without casing and will be bored under the highway.
7:02:04 PM Gulledge Asked about a hydrant on the corner of Division. He wants to be sure there is one placed at this location. Juneau said there would be.
7:02:40 PM Juneau Went on the show the interconnects, loops, etc. in the Bauer Lane area, the Assisted Living area. and the Executive Plaza. They will loop the system back of the Post Office. He said there has never been a good tie from Main Street west. There has never been a connection between the ten inch main that goes to Keebler to the ten inch that goes to the water tower. He is proposing a new main section on Zupan which makes for a tie for another good loop. He said this projects is accomplishing loops that the Village never had before. He reported that the proposed total for this project is $489,465.50. He added that the Village has no choice on this project. It has to be done.
7:07:15 PM Callahan Asked if the bid specs have been done.
7:07:24 PM Juneau Replied no. They have the plans pretty well done and ready to submit to IDOT for their review and approval. IDOT anticipates going out for bid in September, awarding bid in November, with construction in 2004.
7:08:08 PM Callahan Asked if the project cost included sidewalks.
7:08:17 PM Juneau Replied no, that is another $150,000.00 to $200,000.00.
7:08:49 PM Gulledge Said he thought it was more like $120,000.00, but he still thinks sidewalks are a good idea. He wants Juneau to go ahead, and proceed with the plans. He talked about the easements on the property at the Administration complex. He and Juneau met with an IDOT representative this past Monday. There may be some problems for the Village, He has received the same letter as everyone else, giving 60 days to accept their offer or face possible condemnation. He asked the Board to authorize him to negotiate with them. He assured them he will keep them advised before anything is finalized. There are some concerns on the front on this property.
7:11:00 PM Bell Asked if it will affect the Memorial in anyway.
7:11:25 PM Gulledge Explained that it could. But it may not be as bad as was originally thought.
7:11:58 PM Juneau Said the Blue Star Monument and the Memorial Plaza will not be impacted very much at all.
7:12:54 PM Schardan Talked about his budget for the Police Department. He passed out a sample draft with some of the numbers and information he received from Thelma. He asked for feedback to see if this is a suitable form.
7:15:31 PM Callahan Suggested a break down in the wages to full time and part time. Also, he told him that the Police Department in responsible for half of 9-1-1 dispatchers wages.
7:17:06 PM Gulledge Said Schardan is wanting to know if the format is suitable.
7:17:43 PM Bell Displayed the budget in the Summit software, and explained some of the functions on the budget.
7:25:25 PM Callahan Discussed estimated revenues. He said the estimated revenues is not the way to do a budget.
7:25:50 PM Wigginton Explained that it is two separate issues. The Estimated Revenue is required by municipalities to generate in the first quarter of the fiscal year. The Appropriations will be the budget, and is also used for the Tax Levy.
7:25:59 PM Bell Briefly explained the worksheet that is generated from the Summit software reports.
7:31:48 PM Callahan Asked if there was going to be a stop sign at Pleasant Ridge and the newly opened section of Keebler Road.
7:33:17 PM Bell Reported that the bike trail needs stop sign in that area also. He was told that Collinsville has been notified. It is their responsibility.
7:33:33 PM Gulledge Talked about the bills for approval forms. The pros and cons of the computer generated form as opposed to the current Bills for Approval form was discussed. It was decided that Claims Report is better than the Claims List.
7:39:22 PM Bell Discussed the possible purchase of a third lap top for the committees to be kept in house. The Planning Commission, Park Committee, etc. can use it for their meetings. It will also be a back up for Thelma's lap top. He said the Planning Commission approached him and asked about using a lap top. He has a price quote of $1649.00 for the lap top. $169 for a third docking station for the committees to use. $79 for a carrying case, and the Microsoft Office XP Pro is $339. The total cost for a third lap top would be 2236.00. One other item is a PCIMA card that is in Thelma's lap top. It is for the audio. He said he will consider purchasing one at later date. The cost would be around $300.00. The one we have was purchased from BusCom.
7:44:05 PM Garcia Asked what a docking station is.
7:44:23 PM Bell Explained it is the power to the lap top, the mouse is connected to it, the video cable is connected to it, and the network cable is connected to it. He said he would like to have another docking station for the conference room. That way two presentations can be done simultaneously, such as when Juneau has presentations, etc.
7:50:02 PM Gulledge Said Bell is proposing the purchase of a third lap top in an amount not to exceed 2236.99 from Computron for the other committee meetings. He asked the Trustees their opinion. All agreed to go forward.
7:51:23 PM Gulledge Reported the Public Works employee interviews will begin tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., and they will be interviewing three. The committee will make a recommendation at the next caucus. Building & Zoning interviews will begin after Flaugher gets back from vacation.
7:53:21 PM Bell Talked about the Calendar Updates. He asked if any one has anything for the calendar. At this meeting Kostyshock gave him information on the paint drop off.
7:57:24 PM Callahan Asked Limberg if he had been in the house on Union Street yet.
7:57:51 PM Limberg Replied that he and the plumber have been so busy, they have not had the time to do so, but they will as soon as they can.
7:58:11 PM Callahan Asked if the Village was going to put the lot on Borri up for sale. Mayor said he wanted to, but it would be up to the Board to make the final decision.
7:58:21 PM Kostyshock Reported that the IEPA held their inspection last week, and it went well. The Water Department got a good report. He reported that the Department of Transportation is mandating the municipalities to buy new vests for the workers, fluorescent yellow green. Also, the paint collection on July 19th at the Collinsville Township Garage from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, needs volunteers to work . He talked about the maintenance work being done by the Village worker as opposed to sending it out. He has received a breakdown from different garages in the area. As an example, an oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, the highest was $210. The Village worker performs the same work for $48.00. This includes the oil, filter and labor. He and Presson had a discussion and Presson told him with this maintenance program, the equipment will not have to be traded in for another two to three years.
8:01:57 PM Garcia Said there were a lot of applications turned in for both positions.
8:02:02 PM Limberg Talked about the transcriber Becky Springer has requested. Chief Schardan has researched this and has a price of $179.95 for a Panasonic RR 830. This is the one Becky originally wanted. The purchase of the transcriber will be on the Board Agenda.
8:03:30 PM Schmidt Talked about the brochures on West Nile Virus. They are in. He said the water clerk took one to the Post Office. They did not like that there was no return address, and they wanted tape on both ends instead of a staple. This would cost about $1000. He recommends stamping with Village address, and pass them out to local businesses and churches.
8:05:09 PM Gulledge Recommends giving some to the Ministerial Alliance, take them to the churches and to the local businesses.
8:05:34 PM Garcia Doesn't feel the churches will pass them out.
8:06:09 PM Schmidt Discussed preliminary plat presentations. He asked if the Board would like to have a small version of the plat to review. He had a sample he showed to the Trustees.
8:07:59 PM Wigginton Commented on Schmidt's plan. He said he would welcome more information on the plat. Also the check list for subdivisions has improved quite a bit. When a presentation is made on a plat, the check list should be checked, and the Board would know if everything required has been done. And, especially before approving a final plat.
8:09:38 PM Callahan Said he would like more information on the developments.
8:09:50 PM Bell Said the plats should be discussed at a caucus prior to board meeting.
8:11:26 PM Wigginton Said he agrees that the board should be more informed. He said there should be more connection between the planning commission and the board.
8:14:56 PM Callahan Said this process will slow things down, but he is in favor of having the information. As the discussion continued it was decided to request the developer to send smaller versions of his plat. Also, if possible, a disc of the proposed plans. He asked if the subdivision approved at the last Board meeting was the first subdivision to come in under the Green Space Ordinance.
8:23:59 PM Gulledge Replied that it is.
8:26:01 PM Callahan Then asked about finding something they don't like, does it go back to the Planning Commission.
8:26:38 PM Wigginton Said it is not necessary to go back to the Planning Commission. The Board approves the plats. The Planning Commission only recommends. The Board can refuse to act on any plat until all items or questions are answered.
8:28:48 PM Bell Talked about the meeting being held in the Council Room. He explained the recording systems are different. He is not sure how to change the system, however, he will look into this.
8:30:42 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't like having his back to the audience. The Conference Room is small if there would be a large turnout.
8:32:13 PM Limberg Said we did have a problem in the past, particularly with the 162 issue.
8:32:35 PM Callahan Suggests using the Council Chambers for large meetings, and staying in the Conference Room with smaller meetings.
8:33:22 PM Gulledge He said if no one has a problem with it, he will have Bell look into making the changes to at least give the Board the option to use the Council Chambers.
8:33:27 PM Bell Said there may not be a cost involved.
8:33:37 PM Callahan Said he feels it is better to keep the Caucus meetings in the Conference Room. But he would like to have the ability to move the Caucus if the need arose.
8:34:18 PM Gulledge Asked the Boards opinion of whether they wanted to stay in the Conference Room or move to the Council Room. Callahan said he wants to stay in the Conference Room, but also wants the ability to move should the need arise. Kostyshock is willing to try the Council Room. Garcia is willing to try the Council Room. Limberg is will to try the Council Room. Schmidt and Bell said they agree with Callahan, but are willing to try the Council Room.
8:34:50 PM Gulledge Passed out a new list for names, addresses, phone numbers for the employees and trustees. He asked they check it out, and make any corrections needed so he can have an up to date list made up.
8:35:43 PM Gulledge Spoke on the capital improvement project list. He asked the trustees to move on their particular projects.
8:35:55 PM Limberg Asked about the Senior Building, what is going to be done.
8:37:17 PM Gulledge Answered that he and Trustee Bell went to the building and also to the park. They have some ideas, and he is checking on prices. He will be bringing recommendations to the Board soon. He talked about the Bright Ideas grant. He turned it in for an AED for the police car. The grant is for $3000. The AED that is compatible with the ones the Village has is $3100. The Village will pay the difference. He will find out in July if the Village is awarded the grant. He asked that they all look over the Estimated Anticipated Revenue, and get with either Callahan, Bell, or himself with questions or comments.
8:38:35 PM Callahan Had a question on the sales tax. He said he knows the Village lost Enterprise, but when did they leave. Mayor said he thought they left in January. He said he thought the tax should have gone down more than $7000. Mayor told him the Village has picked up several other businesses, and also another car dealer is in the Enterprise lot, and is doing quite well. He asked about the subdivision improvement fees being estimated at $50,000 last year and only received 7,000. and the estimate is $50,000 again.
8:39:52 PM Gulledge Answered that there were no new subdivisions last year except a small development. This year there is a possibility of several developments. He then talked about the grants. He said the Village has received a $50,000. grant, and anticipates received a $40,000. grant, as well as a $4651. he has been notified about already. There is $125,000 that he may know something on tomorrow.
8:42:01 PM Callahan Asked if the water and sewer hook-up fees were raised. He was told no. He was told that Stonebridge and Copper Creek sewers are both paid off. They are not reimbursed for the tap-ons anymore.
8:45:33 PM Gulledge Talked about the Hart Construction issue. He has not heard back from them. The Village has $50000 held back. He said he and Trustee Bell needs to get together and see what needs to be done to get the matter resolved.
8:46:09 PM Callahan Asked if the Village has paid people to do some of the work. He was told they have.
8:47:04 PM Gulledge Talked about the committee meetings. He wants the committees to meet with him once a month to keep abreast of what's going on.
8:47:33 PM Kostyshock Said he has a bid on landscaping the berm. The bid is $940.00.
8:49:32 PM Gulledge Said he has some extra committees to assign. Comprehensive plan, cemetery property, annexations, historical district, library, museum, teen center, and special census. He has eight, he would like each trustee to take at least one, someone will have two.
8:50:29 PM Callahan Said he will take the Comprehensive plan for the Economic Development Committee to work on.
8:50:53 PM Gulledge Explained the comprehensive plan needs to be updated. He talked to Tom Wobbe today. The whole book may not have to be changed, but maps will need updating. Cemetery property is Schmidt and Kostyshock.
8:52:23 PM Schmidt Said he would take, and work on, annexation.
8:52:40 PM Kostyshock Said he will take the historical district, museum, and library.
8:53:03 PM Callahan Said he will work with Kostyshock on the historical district..
8:53:32 PM Garcia Said she will work with teen center with the Ministerial Alliance.
8:53:54 PM Bell Said he thought Mayor was going to make a computer technology committee. Mayor replied he was, and thought it was a good idea. Bell will be in charge of that committee. Mayor asked Limberg to work with him on the special census. Limberg said he would.
8:55:19 PM Kostyshock Discussed getting a grant person to go out and search for grants. They are paid nothing unless the Village gets a grant, then they get 10%.
8:56:18 PM Bell Asked about the To Do List,
8:57:01 PM Gulledge Said Jolene will work on this.
8:57:43 PM Kostyshock Reported that the history book guy left today. Everything has been completed. He did tell him that it would be very expensive to ship the books, as they will weigh around 800 pounds. He suggested going after the books instead of having them shipped. He said they will be ready probably in August.
8:59:25 PM Gulledge Discussed the recodification changes. The fee changes for developments were discussed while waiting for the planning commission to join the meeting with their recommendations for the recodification.
9:10:30 PM Wigginton Said he went over the Planning Commission changes, and he agrees with them. None are major changes.
9:10:46 PM Covarrubis Said the Planning Commission voted to accept the recodification with the changes noted. He turned the discussion of the changes over to Sharon Frey.
9:11:15 PM Frey Said on the section discussing the minimum lot size for lots with private sewers, their recommendation is one (1) acre, not 40,000 square feet..
9:12:22 PM Callahan Said the Village is going to adopt Madison County's code. They approve lots. It would be their decision.
9:13:10 PM Frey Said on page 222, Section 156.119, Letter C, change PVR to PDR. Page 248 which is the table of bulk usage regulations, there are some sub notes that are missing on the table that are referred to as number 2 and number 5, either add the sub notes, or delete the sub notes. The Planning Commission s recommend putting them back in place. Covarrubis said they define what the calculations are for the items that are within that table. On page 27, Section 151.098 #4, a driveway should be required to park a commercial vehicle on the side or rear of a building. She explained that a commercial vehicle should not be parked on the side in the grass, there must be a driveway. There is a note on 154.050 B2 to change the radius from 44 feet to 45 feet. It should stay at 45 feet. She said that at their meeting they had a motion, that was seconded and carried by all parties present to recommend to the Village Board acceptance of the recodification of ordinances with the stipulations she has presented.
9:16:30 PM Gulledge Asked trustees if they were comfortable with their recommendations . He wants to have this ready for the Board Agenda. He asked Attorney Wigginton if this would be possible.
9:17:38 PM Wigginton Replied it will depend on if Am Legal Publishing can get back the document needed for the vote. Currently it is in about four different memos. He suggests sending it off to the publisher. He said he received a call from Amy Oaks and she told him they are waiting for the changes. He recommends having the document there for the vote to make sure when the Board approves it, they know what they are approving.
9:19:05 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney Wigginton if he is recommending the Board wait until the document is back from the publisher. Wigginton said he recommends waiting to make sure the publisher has done what he's been asked to do.
9:19:26 PM Callahan Said last week one of the trustees brought up the change in the private sewer footage, that the Planning Commission just recommended, and he thought the Board agreed to follow Madison County's recommendation.
9:20:36 PM Gulledge Suggested that Juneau call Madison County and see what the answer is.
9:21:29 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to come before the Board, the Caucus meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long

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