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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date7/23/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:33:56 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting for July 23rd to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit.
6:34:02 PM Long Limberg - here; Schmidt - here; Bell - here; Callahan - here; Kostyshock - here; Garcia - here.
6:34:39 PM Gulledge Said Attorney Wigginton called to say he was. running late
6:34:53 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of July 9th. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were no questions or comments.
6:35:16 PM Schmidt Made a motion to approve the minutes as prepared, and place them on file. A second to the motion was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:35:47 PM Gulledge Reminded those in attendance to be careful of talking to his neighbor during the meeting as the microphones pick up the conversation, making it difficult at times to distinguish between a conversation and business.
6:36:38 PM Bell Asked if he and Sharon Petty of the Park Committee could speak in reference to one of their Park Committee recommendations. Mayor agreed.
6:37:40 PM Bell Said it is the recommendation of the Park Committee to purchase two sets of soccer goals to be placed in the designated Master Plan area, and also purchase one volleyball net and posts to be installed in the area of Pavilion 4 in Drost Park. There is a chance of a resident purchasing and donating a set of soccer goals to be placed near the walking trail. The committee has not sought bids yet but they want to get them in as soon as possible. He said he has had several calls from people wanting to practice here. He feels the soccer fields would be utilized. He said the soccer goals and volleyball posts and net can be purchased under $4000.00, including shipping. It is approximately $1500.00 per set plus shipping for the soccer goals, plus the volleyball net which is approximately $235.00.He is asking for Board approval to pursue this matter.
6:41:41 PM Limberg Asked how the soccer goals will be regulated after they are installed.
6:42:02 PM Bell Replied it will be a first come first served basis at first, however he does have some other ideas.
6:42:19 PM Limberg Said he thinks first come first served will be a problem.
6:42:33 PM Callahan Said the only problem he sees is there are no Maryville soccer teams. The first come first served reasoning would prevent Maryville people from getting to use the fields.
6:42:48 PM Bell Asked if he meant the teams didn't play in Maryville
6:43:02 PM Callahan Explained they are not Maryville teams. He said it isn't like the Khoury League. They are responsible for scheduling the ball diamonds.
6:43:13 PM Bell Said on some of the teams, the majority of the players are Maryville girls. There is no soccer league in Maryville.
6:43:40 PM Callahan Asked what happened to Maryville's old soccer goals.
6:43:55 PM Gulledge Replied they were borrowed several years ago, and were never returned. He will make a phone call and see if he can locate them.
6:44:16 PM Bell Said they want to put four fields in, but they decided to put two in now, and if the goals are located, and a citizen donates a set, the soccer fields would be completed. He said if the Board is in favor of doing this, he will get bids and bring to the next caucus.
6:44:56 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees for their opinion.
6:45:04 PM Limberg Said he is in favor of this as long as the scheduling can be worked out. His concern is conflicts over using the fields.
6:45:21 PM Gulledge Replied this is a public park, and cannot tell people from other communities they can't use the facilities. He is in favor of trying the first come first served method.
6:46:06 PM Bell Said if there is a problem, he will handle it.
6:46:43 PM Kostyshock Said he is okay also, but recommends a sand surface for the volleyball court.
6:47:03 PM Bell Said they have not talked much about this yet, they were planning on dirt for now. Later on they could put in sand.
6:47:29 PM Schardan Spoke about tasers. He supplied information in advance to the trustees. He said that law enforcement is moving toward the use of less lethal weapons to subdue violators. The taser is an alternative to the use of firearms, and still maintain a safe distance from the violator. He said Granite City and Collinsville have been successful in using this technology. He is asking the Board for permission to purchase two Taser International, model X26 guns. The cost is $1599.99 including the battery and holster. Cartridges range from $16.97 to $21.97.
6:49:58 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he is asking the Village to purchase two of the X26 Tasers at a total cost of $2030.30.
6:50:39 PM Schardan Replied yes, and explained that the X26 is a newer model than the Taser used in the demonstration to the Village a few months ago. It is a smaller, newer model, and is lighter.
6:50:56 PM Bell Said the new one has a 21 foot range, he thought the older model had a 24 to 26 foot range.
6:51:36 PM Schardan Replied they used to use the same cartridges, but the XP cartridges are heavier and have longer prongs to penetrate heavy clothing.
6:51:41 PM Bell Asked if the Tasers are scheduled for duty officers, will extra holsters be purchased for each officer. He asked if the officers would have to be taking the holsters on and off their belts.
6:52:45 PM Schardan Replied that he is not sure, but thinks the holster may have Velcro attachments. Also another option is if the officers want their own holster, the have the clothing allowance that could be used.
6:52:58 PM Gulledge Asked the price of the holster.
6:52:59 PM Schardan Said he is not sure on the new Tasers, but the older model the holster was $50 to $60.
6:53:05 PM Schmidt Asked if this is the only company that makes these, and if there is any warranty.
6:53:23 PM Schardan Replied this is the only company he is aware of, and there is a 2 year warranty.
6:53:32 PM Kostyshock Said with the longer prongs , is it possible that an artery could be hit.
6:53:41 PM Schardan Said tests were made on 2000 strikes, and there were no problems.
6:54:07 PM Callahan Commented that he thinks the officers are taught not to shoot for the head. He said one comment from Officer Bell during his demonstration was that in one department, Risk Management actually bought the tasers. He thought he was referring to Granite City.
6:54:36 PM Schardan Said prior to his leaving Granite City, there was talk that because of workmen's comp claims, Risk Management was going to pay for the Tasers. It turned out, however, that the insurance company did not pay for them.
6:55:14 PM Limberg Asked if the officers would get outside training, or would there be training session for our officers.
6:55:22 PM Schardan Replied that every officer will be trained. SILEC is doing training now.
6:57:02 PM Limberg Asked if the Village would have it's own SOP.
6:57:14 PM Schardan Replied yes.
6:57:33 PM Gulledge Polled the board. All were in favor. Asked Chief Schardan if there is still a possibility of the citizen that was going to donate a Taser doing so.
6:58:31 PM Schardan Said he will check into this. Also there is a possibility of using calendar proceeds.
6:59:22 PM Schardan Spoke about hiring police officer. Currently there are nine officers. He would like to have a detective. His duties as detective would be to take care of evidence, fill in for vacations, training, etc. He could have 5 officers on the night shift. With the extra person, he can be put where needed. A detective will have rapport with states attorney. Reports will be submitted quicker, and investigations can be completed much quicker and more thorough. Another thing, with an extra guy when someone leaves the department will still be at full strength. This will eliminate some of the overtime.
7:03:55 PM Callahan Asked Schardan if he would use old list or advertise to make a new list.
7:04:13 PM Schardan Said he plans on going through the old list and see how that works out.
7:04:36 PM Gulledge Said he has talked with Chief Schardan, and has turned over the applications from the last testing.
7:05:23 PM Schardan Said he has talked with all his officers but one. Those he has talked with agree it is not a 40 hour per week job. They have to pick up other duties, and will have to fill in when short an officer.
7:06:41 PM Callahan Talked about the hiring of new officer. The applicants from the last hiring were interviewed by local police chiefs, and then the Board interviewed three.
7:07:24 PM Bell Asked Schardan for a guess of how many hours a week would be detective work.
7:07:54 PM Schardan Replied that it is hard to say. In the short time he has been here, he has seen reports come thru that should be investigated, but it is not getting done.
7:08:27 PM Callahan Asked how the person would be compensated.
7:08:42 PM Schardan Said it would be a lateral move just as a patrolman.
7:10:18 PM Gulledge Talked about salary. As he looked at the pay scale this person would be receiving close to $32,000.00, less benefits per year.
7:11:18 PM Garcia Asked who this person would report to, the Chief or Sergeant.
7:11:32 PM Schardan Said he will be the direct supervisor. As he reads the officers reports, he will assign the reports that he feels should be investigated to this person.
7:12:05 PM Gulledge Asked in Chiefs absence, who would the person report to.
7:12:25 PM Schardan Replied that the sergeant will always be over him.
7:12:52 PM Bell Suggested he makes sure the policy states who is in charge, and the person knows it.
7:13:23 PM Limberg Said he, Kostyshock and Chief talked about this. Chief feels he has a person who is qualified to do the job. He said he is in favor of hiring someone..
7:14:10 PM Schmidt Asked if the detective position would be filled first, then a new person hired. Or a new person hired first
7:14:26 PM Schardan Replied that a new person will not be the detective.
7:16:41 PM Gulledge Asked Schmidt if he is in favor of hiring someone. He is.
7:16:58 PM Bell Asked if the detective would wear regular clothes or uniforms.
7:17:22 PM Schardan Said he would have no problem if the detective wore shirts such as he wears. However he will have to keep his uniforms for when he fills in as patrolman. There will be times when he will have to wear dress clothes.
7:18:57 PM Gulledge Asked Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia if they were in favor of hiring another person. They all answered yes.
7:19:49 PM Schardan Talked next about replacement parts for the light bars. Age and weather is causing the domes to darken, therefore decreasing the clarity. He would like to replace the domes. He has received price quotes from Galls, Ed Roehr Safety Products, and Ray O'Herron, as a package.
7:20:53 PM Gulledge Said the lowest bid for a package of six is from Galls for $541.61. He asked about shipping costs. There would be none. He then asked if this would take care of all six vehicles. He was told it would.
7:21:20 PM Bell Asked if Goetter would install the domes.
7:21:30 PM Schardan Replied yes.
7:21:50 PM Gulledge Said he did question this request. He doesn't remember ever replacing lights. Chief showed him one of the vehicles, and the light bar plastic dome was yellow. He asked the trustees if they were okay with this request. All agreed.
7:22:15 PM Schardan Discussed the radar units. He said he was told that two of the units were recent purchases, and there are two older units. He would like to purchase two more units. The units would be a Ka-Band with dual antennas. The units he would like to purchase are Decatur Genesis II Select, and they are on the State Bid Program, from Decatur Electronics at a cost of $1400.00 each with the case included. Shipping cost is $15.00 each.
7:25:11 PM Schmidt Asked if this equipment will be kept in all squad cars.
7:26:05 PM Schardan Said they will be mounted on the dash in the cars. They are not the hand held type radar units. He explained about the antenna. These units have smaller antennas
7:26:24 PM Schmidt Asked if these are the same type of antenna that the officers have to calibrate each time he goes on duty.
7:26:46 PM Schardan Said the units have the tuning forks, but they are self test, and the tuning forks are used for verification.
7:26:58 PM Gulledge Asked about the available warranty options for $275. He asked if this would be worthwhile.
7:27:50 PM Schardan Recommends purchasing the units with the two year warranty.
7:28:22 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were okay with this. Limberg and Schmidt agreed.
7:28:41 PM Bell Said he was okay with this, but has a question about the equipment in the cars, namely the video cameras. He asked if the cars on the night shifts are equipped with the cameras.
7:29:19 PM Schardan Replied he is not sure which cars have the cameras, however, he has watched tapes.
7:29:27 PM Bell Said he has talked with one officer and told that one of the cameras is in the day shift car. He feels the cars at night need the cameras more so than the day shift. He said he feels all the cars should be equipped with a video camera.
7:30:25 PM Gulledge Said this is something that needs to be checked into. He suggests looking into the cost of equipping all the cars with a camera. He continued the poll on the purchase of the radar units. All agreed.
7:31:49 PM Schardan Discussed purchasing two new vehicles to replace Units 136 and 138, both are 2001 Chevrolet Impalas. The State bid is through Miles Chevrolet. Unit 136 had 52,668 miles on it as of July 10, Unit 138 had 52,905 miles on it as of July 14. He said Officer Kanzler has done a lot of work on this. Chief's plan is to trade in Units 136 and 138. The trade in value is $4,000. if the mileage is less than 55,000 miles. This would make the cost of each vehicle $14,513. He said he does not recommend purchasing Ford Crown Victorias because of pending litigation and questionable safety of the vehicle fuel tank. His recommendation is to purchase two Chevrolet Impalas at a cost of $29,026 with trade-ins. He obtained three bids to change out the equipment for the cars. Radi-Com West bid $470. per vehicle or $940. for both. Secom and Dechant both bid $900 per unit.
7:35:34 PM Gulledge Asked if the Chevrolet Impalas were front wheel drive. It was decided this is something to ask.
7:35:50 PM Schardan Said one of the options is a vinyl rear seat instead of the cloth. It is easier to get someone in and out with the vinyl, and is easier to clean.
7:36:53 PM Gulledge Asked Chief if he is asking to purchase two police vehicles from Miles Chevrolet on the State Bid Program. He is.
7:37:17 PM Garcia Said $4,000 is not much trade in for a car only a couple years old.
7:38:20 PM Gulledge Asked Chief to call the place that buys the police units outright.
7:38:52 PM Schmidt Asked if there were maintenance problems on the vehicles, that they should be replaced at the same time.
7:39:45 PM Schardan Answered that it is not unusual for maintenance to go up on police vehicles when they reach the two year mark.
7:39:56 PM Gulledge Said it has been a policy of the Village to try to trade cars every two or three years. He feels that over time, the Village will save money on trading on a regular basis.
7:41:06 PM Schmidt Asked Chief if he feels comfortable with the Impala over the Intrepid.
7:41:42 PM Schardan Answered yes.
7:42:11 PM Schmidt Said the marking should be same as the other vehicles.
7:42:37 PM Schardan Replied that as for the markings, he plans on contacting the company that has done the other cars.
7:42:42 PM Bell Asked if the Crown Victoria is the only vehicle in the Ford line that is a police package, or if there is another model. Schardan said not that he is aware of.
7:43:07 PM Garcia Asked if the Village could buy plain white cars and put the police package on them.
7:43:28 PM Schardan Explained the police package vehicle has a different stabilizer, suspension system, wiring, batteries, etc.
7:44:15 PM Callahan Asked what vehicles are left after purchasing these two.
7:44:25 PM Schardan Replied there is the 2003 Dodge, a 1999 with replaced motor, the dog car, which is a 2000, and a 2002.
7:45:20 PM Callahan Commented that probably the Village will need to replace two next year. Schardan agreed.
7:45:57 PM Gulledge Said there are seven vehicles counting the Chief's car. If the Village gets on a replacement program, three cars will be replaced every two years.
7:46:06 PM Schardan Commented that Officer Howe's car, the dog car, has only one driver, therefore it doesn't get the wear the other vehicles do.
7:46:51 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All trustees said yes, they were in favor of purchasing two Chevy Impala Police Package Vehicles.
7:47:28 PM Schardan Discussed MEGSI dues. The dues are set at $1.00 per resident. He talked to the director, who indicated since 2000, they have made eight cases here. He said in the last 16 months, they have been here to clean up two meth labs. Chief asked for an estimated cost of cleaning up the meth labs. He was told it was about $14000.00. This is the only group that will come out to do the clean up. The DEA does not come out and do clean ups anymore.
7:50:40 PM Gulledge Asked if the trustees had any questions on the MEGSI Unit, and he also noted that Chief Schardan also included the SIPCA, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police , and International Association of Chiefs of Police on his request. He told Chief that these three are under $500, therefore he and the Police Committee can make the decision to belong or not to belong to these groups without Board consent.
7:51:23 PM Bell Commented that it was his understanding that to belong to MEGSI, the Village would have to supply and officer from time to time. He was told that the Major Case Squad is the organization that requires the municipality to supply an officer from time to time. However, when the population reaches ten thousand or more, then a member will have to be provided.
7:52:22 PM Schardan Talked about the training and experience for the officer assigned to the unit. He feels it is a benefit to an officer, as well as the municipality.
7:53:12 PM Schmidt Asked if most of the cost is for man-hours, or chain of evidence, or is there something the unit pays the EPA to remove hazardous materials.
7:53:35 PM Schardan Explained he was told the DEA will pick up the materials and remove. The officers can't mess with meth labs. He said an example is if an officer picks up materials, brings it to the Station, he is in violation and the EPA will shut down the Police Station until a clean up is performed by the DEA.
7:54:57 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in favor of belonging to MEGSI. They all agreed. He asked if any of them had a problem with Chief Schardan belong to the other organizations. They said they had no problem with this either.
7:55:12 PM Schardan Discussed sending Sergeant Howe to the 13th Annual Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction, Intelligence Network and Training Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is August 25 through August 29. Sgt. Howe volunteered to use two days of vacation to attend. The registration fee is $150.00 and hotel and airfare will be approximately $330.00. Also he requests sending an officer to the 2003 Medicolegal Death Investigation Conference in Collinsville. This conference is August 25 thru August 28. The cost of the conference is $525. The instructors are Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden, and Special Agent Dayle Hinman (ret). He said this training is an exceptional opportunity for a law enforcement officer and he feels we are fortunate to have it this close. He said he is working on building up the moral of the officers.
8:03:51 PM Gulledge Commented that if he is understanding this proposal on Sgt. Howe, he will be using two vacation days, and the registration fee is $150.00, and airfare and hotel is $330.00, what about his meals.
8:04:32 PM Schmidt Recommends reimbursing him up to $150 for meals when he gets back with receipts.
8:04:52 PM Garcia Said she agrees, and she feels he should not use his vacation time for training. She recommends that he go on Village time.
8:05:08 PM Bell Agreed, and said in exchange for that he can take good notes, and bring back materials to share and teach others.
8:05:53 PM Schardan Said he agreed, and this is what he did when he sent officers to training when he worked in Granite City.
8:06:04 PM Bell Commented that training should be part of the annual budget in the Police Department..
8:06:28 PM Garcia Suggests Chief Schardan also goes to the training in Collinsville.
8:06:57 PM Schardan Replied that after 25 years in law enforcement, training through Major Case Squad and he has had training before with Dr. Lee, he doesn't think it would be beneficial for him to be away from town as well as the officer.
8:07:42 PM Gulledge Said he has asked him already, Chief has reasons, and he is okay with it.
8:08:01 PM Limberg Asked Chief Schardan if he has an officer in mind to send.
8:08:22 PM Schardan Replied he has two in mind that he is thinking about.
8:08:31 PM Gulledge Said he is for training. He has talked with Chief Schardan about this. He wants the trustees to know that all officers will have an opportunity to attend training of some kind. He told Chief Schardan, he feels that on regular training under $500 it would be his call on who he sends, and to which training they go. He said this is two issues to be decided. The first issue is sending Howe to the conference Phoenix. He will not use vacation time, registration, airfare and hotel will be paid, and when he brings receipts for meals, he will be reimbursed. He polled the board; all agreed. The second issue is sending one officer to the conference in Collinsville for $525. If the officer is off on that day, he will not be reimbursed for the time.
8:11:57 PM Schardan Said what he will try to do is work this in his schedule.
8:12:23 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they approved. All agreed.
8:13:17 PM Schardan Spoke briefly about budgeting so much money for each officer to allow training. Mayor said he thought this would be a good idea.
8:13:32 PM Schardan Briefly talked about the trading cards. He has taken a poll of the officers. Seven are for the cards, three are against them.
8:15:31 PM Bell Reminded Chief he is still waiting on pictures of three officers to put their photos on the web.
8:16:05 PM Schardan Announced the calendars are in. He and Mayor he will distribute the to the businesses.
8:17:55 PM Gulledge Suggests the Village purchase a stool for the podium.
8:20:17 PM Bell Talked about the Park Committee recommendations. The first item they discussed is they would like to create a grassy walk path by leveling out the area behind the TJ Trucking fence between it and the lake. Level it and fill in the low area. This would require the Public Works crew to level the area and use the dirt from that to fill in the low places.
8:21:51 PM Gulledge Said this is not a high priority. The Public Works is swamped with work.
8:22:02 PM Bell Said he knows they are busy but this needs to be added to the To Do List so it does not get lost. The second item discussed is to make the walking/ jogging path useable as soon as possible until a permanent surface can be installed. They suggest doing some draining, kill the weeds, put in some kind of pipe in the real low places and cover over it with lime dust. This will not be a permanent fix, but would make the path usable until the lake dredging is done. This is on the To Do List. The third item is to pursue the possibility of creating a mulch pile for the residents use. This would require the purchase of a chipper/shredder. Their idea is to have a Village employee shred trees and limbs instead of burning them. He said he is bringing the recommendation, however, he talked with a gentlemen from Kirkwood, who said their pile gets bigger and bigger every year because no one wants the mulch because it is untreated.
8:25:53 PM Gulledge Talked about having the opportunity some time back to get a chipper/shredder. But it involved having certain dates during the year, and a lot of requirements of employees and safety, etc. He said Madison County told him the same thing the man from Kirkwood said. No one wants untreated mulch. He said this is not feasible at this time.
8:27:12 PM Petty Said Glen Carbon has one, by the fire station, and people use the mulch . It seems to work for them.
8:27:54 PM Gulledge Said it may work in Glen Carbon, but it would mean tying up an employee who could be helping elsewhere, and the Public Works Department is already pushed to the limit.
8:28:10 PM Bell Said he thinks the opinion of the committee is that if one person is going to burn, he might as well shred it instead.
8:28:30 PM Kostyshock Suggests contacting neighboring towns to see how they handle this.
8:29:12 PM Callahan Talked about the liability involved. He said Illinois Power was sued because of poison ivy in the mulch they picked up.
8:29:37 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted to do.
8:30:09 PM Limberg Said he is in favor of checking with other towns to see how they handle this.
8:30:28 PM Garcia Said she is in favor of helping the residents, but she is not in favor of this.
8:30:38 PM Gulledge Suggested tabling this for the time being. He will discuss with Attorney Wigginton.
8:31:06 PM Bell Discussed a few small items concerning the play ground - the swings are too high, and the park benches are bowed. The Master Gardeners want to build a shed. The Board needs to meet with them to discuss building something that goes with the landscape. The discussed the free trees project, where the Village can get free trees. Also, the discussed increasing the parking for the concerts .
8:35:01 PM Callahan Asked about the Village rapport with Master Gardener.
8:36:07 PM Bell Said they are doing good job for Maryville. He reported he did attend a joint meeting with CARD last night. There were a lot of good ideas; and there was one bad idea. They are going to have a real estate agent to try to find land for a park, possibly northwest.
8:37:51 PM Petty Said she is very impressed with Master Gardeners.
8:39:09 PM Schmidt Comment on CARD. He said he doesn't think the Village will get anything from them. From what he has been reading it seems CARD itself can't do anything with any kind of improvements that they don't mention having to have grant money. He feels they do not finance anything from the money they have.
8:39:59 PM Bell Said they do get a lot of grants. He said he told them last night that Maryville pays a lot of tax dollars, and needs to see some of it coming back. Purchasing a piece of land will not be the end of it because Maryville puts money in every year, and should see some of it coming back annually. He also disputed their claim that they can't do anything in Drost Park because it is not in the CARD district. He said at least there is talk of them doing some things in Maryville going on.
8:41:43 PM Callahan Said it is the same people running that started this twelve years ago, and they won't give Maryville anything.
8:42:29 PM Bell Talked about the bad idea. which was to annex in the rest of Maryville in to the CARD district to increase the revenue. Then earmark a portion of this revenue back to Maryville. This was the only bad idea, there were some good ideas to get things going.
8:43:53 PM Gulledge Asked about calendar updates , there were none. He went on to the To Do List. The Pipeline damage to sewer line on Borri will be videoed tomorrow, the 24th. Special Census Contract, nothing changed. Tree Replacement along 159, will wait to see what exactly is needed. He doesn't know how many trees will be removed. They want to know locations or the general vicinity. Brine tanks he doesn't know anything, Cape & Sons still delayed. He has heard nothing on the McBride Woodworks. Street Creep is on going, filling out affidavits. Codification public hearing set for August 13 at 6:30 p.m. and a Special meeting the same night at 6:45 p.m. and the Caucus immediately after. He said the trustees should get their copy of the codification tonight and begin going through it.
8:47:33 PM Bell Said he talked to AmLegal, the Internet Folio version should be done mid August, and at the same time will get the Intranet Version. The electronic version is here.
8:48:39 PM Schmidt Said he wants to add contract negations with Crown on the phone tower.
8:49:19 PM Gulledge The Shell Credit, he wants on next Wednesday's agenda. The Fire Dept. drive, he has nothing back from Chief Flaugher. Landscaping at Centennial Plaza will do nothing until the Hart matter is settled. Lobby surveillance, Schmidt is still looking for bids, he has one bid so far. Senior building remodeling, he and Bell have a list of things to do, such as painting, ceiling tiles, clean the floor. Basically it just needs to be cleaned up. He said if the trustees were in favor of doing this, he will put together some kind of bid spec list on what needs to be done. It should not be anymore than $10,000 to $20,000. Most of the work can be done by the Village and the SWAP crew from Madison County.
8:51:57 PM Garcia Asked if he could get the SWAP Crew to do some of the park work. He told her they can, and he has plans to set this up.
8:52:21 PM Gulledge Said Village Hall, Police Department Renovations category, the Police Dept basement looks bad. Need to get the old floor fixed. there is chipped tiles. He and Bell looked at the carpet that is supposed to be heavy duty, it looks bad, there are stains and dirt ground into it. They think this can be done for less than $50,000.00 for the basement and $20,000 for senior building. He will get bids if everyone is in agreement.
8:55:17 PM Garcia Asked what was going to be done in the basement, and how will they utilize it.
8:55:31 PM Bell Explained it will be a training room and a weight room in the back.
8:55:51 PM Callahan Said he wants more light on the flag pole, the light shining down needs to be rotated up to put more light on the flag.
8:56:45 PM Gulledge Utilities Relocation on 159 will be discussed next Wednesday night. Patton/Copper Creek Park Entry category was discussed. He talked about letter he received from citizen who lives next to the proposed entry way. She is not happy.
8:58:28 PM Bell Said this was talked about at the Park Committee meeting. They are sending a representative to let her know they will address her concerns.
8:59:19 PM Callahan Said he feels the Attorney would say the Village is opening up for litigation, if she paid extra for her lot because it was not connected to the Park.
8:59:37 PM Gulledge Asked if the Village should go forward or not.
8:59:57 PM Bell Replied that the Park Committee still wants to go on with the project.
9:00:03 PM Gulledge Talked about the sewer treatment bill with Collinsville. He will be sending a letter in the next several days on our interpretation of the contract.
9:01:07 PM Callahan Asked about the new IEPA tax he has been reading about. He asked if the Village will get a percentage of the tax. Mayor said probably.
9:01:39 PM Gulledge Said the Appropriations are done, the budget is due by the 30th. RCI demonstration is set for August 27. IDOT easement he is still waiting to hear back from IDOT on the proposal he sent them.
9:05:19 PM Gulledge Town Center, he met with Keller last night, they will start pouring the east side area, and curb and guttering it as early as next week weather permitting. GIS he has a proposal, it will be on the caucus agenda next Wednesday. Borri and Hayden, Juneau will have easements, etc by the 13th of August. West Main improvements, the road is closed except to local traffic. They have found some Kodel. Midland Waste increase he read one paragraph in contract concerning the rate increases. He will let the Attorney handle this.
9:06:35 PM Bell Spoke about the Bike Path entrances. Cedar Valley there is a 7.5 ft wide pedestrian easement on the plat. He will check with Juneau as the recorded plat Juneau looked at this easement is not there.
9:07:56 PM Gulledge Said Bell has already discussed the CARD Meeting. Drost Park dredging , he called about the grant, they called him back and said there has been no word on any of this, so the Village is not out of it, the State is running behind. The Drost Park entrances, he has nothing on this.
9:11:40 PM Bell Said this is an entrance from Copper Bend, that goes into the Park, then over to the Bike Path. And, the committee is looking for other entrances for the park.
9:12:13 PM Gulledge Firemen's Park large restrooms was the next category discussed. He has a list of the improvements, and it looks like it will cost approximately $30,000.00. He asked the Board if they were in favor of doing this. They all agreed. The small restroom is going to be demolished. However, the main electrical box will have to be moved. Mayor said he will contact George Kroeder for an estimate on moving the panel. There are no changes on numbers 58 & 59. Walking Path repairs, there will be a temporary fix by Public Works, as soon as possible. Soccer goals/volleyball nets, Bell will get bids for the next caucus. Building and Zoning new employee was the next category discussed. . Garcia is going to set up interviews. Employee Appreciation Day, Garcia is to set this up. Limberg has reserved Nottingham Lodge. He asked if there was soda left from the Homecoming. Bell suggested Garcia contact Terry Hodapp or Chief Flaugher to see what was left and if they will sell it. The Personnel Policy, he and Trustee Garcia have worked through the existing policy. He asked the employees at the Staff meeting if they had any comments or anything they think needs to be changed, to give it to them before the policy is given to the Attorney. Police Trading Cards, Chief will have prices for the July 30 Caucus. The Tasers will be voted on at the August 6 Board meeting. The back flow prevention program, Presson has this under control. The Collinsville Water Line transfer is complete. The Foxmill easements are all in, and will be started as soon as Wille Drive is finished. The Foxmill street repairs, nothing on that at this time. Glen Carbon water plant, this is to be checked. He said 200 gallons per minute will not do much good. Jacquelyn Court estimates for repair is finished, will be on the next caucus agenda. The St. John Neumann to Pleasant Ridge water system loop, need a due date on this. Lyn Hi Terrace street improvements, the bids are due tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. The information will be in the packets for next caucus. The new water will, Juneau is getting estimates by December 1, 2003. Nottingham Drainage problem will be fixed after the Foxmill work is complete. Old Town streets will be discussed at the July 30 Caucus, Juneau has some estimates. Rake the Park nothing on this for now. Schiber Court repair, the plan is due September 1, 2003. Blackburn sewers and sewers at Lakeview Acres Road at East Main, nothing on either of these. Waiting on IEPA permits on the Troy/Maryville Emergency water hook-up. Water & Sewer User Rate Study is due September 1. He asked if anyone had any comments. This concluded the To Do List.
9:24:16 PM Callahan Spoke on the Economic Development Committee meeting. It was a presentation by SWIMPAC, basically recommending an updated Comprehensive plan. The whole plan does not have to be re-done. He estimates between $15, 000.00 and $20,000.00 to update. The reason to do this is to continue to qualify for grants. This is a requirement for most grants, that the plan is updated every five years. Maryville's plan will have been in effect five years this August.
9:26:05 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion. He said SWIMPAC did the last plan, and no one knows more about Maryville than they do. He said if it is okay with the Board he will ask SWIMPAC to give formal bid.
9:29:01 PM Callahan Said they also have all the streets and roads and everything already in their GIS. He spoke about the brochure. The Economic Development Committee has not seen the brochure yet. The colors are not what they thought they'd be. The inside is extremely nice.
9:29:06 PM Bell Asked about the lake dredging category. He wanted to know if there was anything on the IEPA grant. He was told no. He suggests going out for bids anyway.
9:30:43 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem going out for bid. He went on to Trustees Comments next
9:31:27 PM Schmidt Said he would encourage any public officials from any local municipalities, when it is their turn to participate in the paint partners program, they should willingly join in. There were six volunteers from the Village, and they all had a great time. This is a well organized recycling program. There were 60 vehicles that dropped off all sorts of paint new, used, etc. They sorted, filed, and crushed at least a thousand containers. He encourages all public officials to represent their towns when it is their turn. Maryville had four trustees, the Mayor and Village Attorney participating.
9:32:57 PM Gulledge Said there is a partial one coming up in October.
9:33:21 PM Schmidt Said he noticed that several, if not all the trees, that were replaced by Osborn are dead.
9:33:30 PM Gulledge Said the trees are not dead, the leaves are. He has looked at them, and they are being watered.
9:34:08 PM Callahan Said for the punch list on the buildings, the toilet in village hall does not flush properly.
9:34:36 PM Kostyshock Said the history books will be shipped Friday. Should arrive Monday or Tuesday.
9:34:50 PM Gulledge Discussed Hart Construction and a punch list of things he has found that needs to be addressed. Trustee Bell had a few more things, and the toilet not working properly is on the list. He will readdress this and forward to the Attorney. He reported that on Wednesday afternoons, Harold Hunsinger will teaching a Maryville resident read & write. They will be using space in Village Hall. Mother of Perpetual Help Church is again requesting the use of the picnic tables. If no one has a problem, he will let them know they can use them. He discussed a letter from the Home Builders Association, asking the Village to reduce or waive the building permit fees for their Industry House in Autumn Oaks. An Industry House is a house that when it is sold, the profit realized from the sale is donated to two not-for-profit organizations. One of which the Mayor will choose. He said he has talked with Building & Zoning Administrator Flaugher, and he thinks the building permit will be approximately $800 or $900. He asked the board their opinion, and if they would be willing to waive the building permit fee. The trustees all agreed as long as it is legal.
9:41:13 PM Kostyshock Reported that the summer help will be leaving in couple of weeks. There is still a lot of grass that needs to be cut. He would like to keep some of the help to work afternoons when school dismisses. The trustees agreed.
9:41:56 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to discuss, the meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville