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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date8/13/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:56:00 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Callahan was absent.
6:57:19 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the July 23rd Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, comments, or changes on the minutes. There being none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes as submitted by the clerk and place them on file. Kostyshock made the motion, and it was seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:58:00 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the July 30th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes. There were none. Motion by Schmidt, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted by the clerk, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:58:57 PM Gulledge Cautioned those participating in this meeting to stay on the subject, to alleviate such lengthy minutes. He asked Limberg and Flaugher to discuss item 6 on the agenda, and explained that Flaugher is on call for the Fire Department as the reason for going first.
6:59:23 PM Limberg Said he was informed on Monday by Chief Flaugher, that one of the full-time firemen was injured in an accident over the weekend. Due to the seriousness of his injuries, he will be unable to work for at least 5 to 6 months. He turned the discussion over to Chief Flaugher.
7:00:21 PM Flaugher Said Assistant Chief George May was in an accident Sunday afternoon. He will be unable to work for five or six months. This is a predicament in the Fire Department. He has been trying to come up with some ideas on how to fill the void. He said fortunately because the department is a combination of volunteers and paid firefighters/paramedics. He is asking the Board for permission to do an emergency hiring of a part-time employee in the Fire Department. He said financially, it should not affect the budget of the department, since May will not be drawing his salary while he is off. He will be drawing his IMRF short term disability. However, he will use his accumulated sick days, which he will draw for the next thirty days. He wants to hire a part-time employee with no benefits. This was May's four day weekend to work, therefore, he would like to have a start date of Friday, August 15. None of the shifts this person will cover will be off-time shifts that May covers. They will only be salaried shifts. The person he has in mind to hire has a full time job, and can't cover all the shifts. He said he will cover the shifts this person can't as much as he can. He will have some of the volunteers cover the weekends. paramedic firefighter. He is asking the Board to take this in consideration tonight if possible. The person he has in mind is a paramedic/firefighter, and has been on the Fire Department over two years. He said he thinks the starting pay for part-time is $15.00.
7:03:04 PM Bell Said the pay scale shows $15.00 per hour for new hire.
7:03:21 PM Flaugher Asked if the part-time telecommunicators make the base pay. He asked if there were part-time telecommunicators on the books anymore.
7:03:54 PM Gulledge Said there was one. He said it has been Village policy to pay part-time help the base entry pay, less benefits. He said he has talked with Trustee Limberg about this matter, and the person is a licensed paramedic and everyone feels he will do a good job. He asked Attorney Wigginton if this person can be brought into work prior to the Board meeting of August 20th.
7:05:40 PM Wigginton Recommends making motion to offer him the position effective Friday, August 15. If he accepts the position, and is brought in, he is automatically an employee.
7:05:49 PM Gulledge Asked Flaugher the person's name. He was told it is Scott Fleenor.
7:06:09 PM Garcia Asked how he is going to fill in.
7:06:22 PM Flaugher Replied he will work May's shift of 7 to 5. He will work exact hours of May. However there will be times when he will not be able to cover the shift, and when he can't Flaugher said he will cover.
7:07:24 PM Bell Asked about how many hours a week he will work
7:07:55 PM Flaugher Said he has a copy of his work schedule and it looks like it will be 30 hours a week.
7:08:19 PM Schmidt Asked if the Village is going to waive the physical.
7:08:29 PM Flaugher Replied that he had a physical when he joined the department.
7:08:45 PM Bell Asked if the hourly pay will be $15 an hour, not to exceed 35 hours a week.
7:08:58 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to offer Scott Fleenor a part-time position as a Paramedic/firefighter on an emergency basis, effective Friday, August 15th, at $15.00 an hour, not to exceed 35 hours a week, and no benefits. Limberg made the motion, and Schmidt made the second to the motion.
7:09:18 PM Limberg Commented that Fleenor has been told when May returns to work, his job will be over.
7:09:47 PM Schmidt Commented he wanted to thank those on the department and Flaugher for working with this to keep things running smoothly.
7:10:00 PM Gulledge Asked for a roll call on the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg- yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:10:35 PM Limberg Said Chief Schardan will discuss hiring full-time and part-time people, to fill in the empty hours, or unexpected hours when Officer Garrett leaves. He asked Chief Schardan when Garrett's last day would be.
7:11:22 PM Schardan Replied that he doesn't have a date as yet. It could be anywhere from now until October. Most likely it will be October. Garrett assured him he would give a two week notice.
7:11:33 PM Limberg Commented that the Village needs to look into hiring a full-time officer.
7:11:50 PM Schardan Said there was one individual from the last hiring he called, but he told him he will not accept the position. Chief suggests retesting. He has had three persons talk to him and have expressed interest in working part time, and two of the three are interested in full time. He feels there is enough interest to open the testing.
7:13:18 PM Gulledge Said Chief and Limberg asking to retest . This has been discussed at the previous Caucus meetings to hire another police officer, and this was before anyone was aware that one of our officers would be leaving. He feels it is a good idea to re-test. He asked Trustee Garcia, who is Personnel Committee Chairman her opinion.
7:14:01 PM Garcia Said at the beginning of the year, the Board made a commitment not to hire this year, have already hired several people. She would like to meet with Chief and be convinced that the Village needs two more officers.
7:14:08 PM Gulledge Commented it is actually one, and another if and when the current officer leaves.
7:14:13 PM Garcia Said she is not convinced yet of the need for more officers. She knows financially the Village is in good shape, but it doesn't mean the money should be spent. She is concerned about it.
7:14:33 PM Limberg Commented that even hiring one, there is need to retest.
7:15:08 PM Gulledge Said if no one on the board has a problem, Chief should go ahead with the retesting, and also talk with Trustee Garcia about her concerns.
7:15:32 PM Schardan Discussed the need for part-time people to cover shifts, especially when the officer leaves, or for vacations and sick time. When an officer calls in sick, it is hard at times to find someone to cover the open spot. He feels there is a need for more part-time people to fill in during these situations. During the last three weeks, he has had three people talk to him about part-time work.
7:16:22 PM Gulledge Asked for some clarification. He said they have talked about the detective position, and the Board has decided to do this. If a person in the detective position, who is currently on the department, and since the one individual has decided not to accept a position with the department, how can this be done unless another full-time person is hired, so the detective can go to work, or part- time people are hired to fill the spot. The detective person's slot will have to be filled, so he will be able to do the detective work.
7:17:22 PM Schardan Replied that currently he has nine officers. That leaves with the detective, four on days, and four to cover the night shifts. It is his intention with hiring another officer to have five people on nights, and that would leave four, plus the detective and himself on the day shifts. This way the shifts can be covered when there is training, particularly the mandatory training. He spoke about the liability issues when the officers do not attend training.
7:18:14 PM Gulledge Said he agrees with this, but currently there are nine officers, plus the Chief. The detective position will leave one less officer on the street.
7:18:25 PM Schardan Said he will still have two officers on every shift. The extra person has to be here to allow for coverage on vacations, training, etc.
7:18:46 PM Bell Commented that the Mayor is saying the department is short a man.
7:18:53 PM Gulledge Asked if until applications are in for full-time, is he asking to hire part-time officers to fill the slot of the officer that is becoming a detective.
7:19:01 PM Schardan Replied yes, that's what he is asking.
7:19:14 PM Garcia Said she thought the Village normally hired part-time policeman. She said there is a list of part-time people to call in when they are needed, although some of them never show up.
7:19:27 PM Schardan Replied that is what he wants to do. He wants to expand the part-time list, at least for now, until full-time people are hired.
7:19:41 PM Bell Said his question is the need to replace the officer taking the detective position, and also the officer that is leaving.
7:19:49 PM Gulledge Said it was discussed at the July 23 Caucus that the officer moving to the detective position would be replaced with a full-time employee. However, if it is not a full-time, it should be a part-time employee until someone is hired full-time. He doesn't want to be short an officer, especially on the night shift.
7:20:24 PM Garcia Said normally there is a list of part-time people who can be called, and wouldn't the Village have to hire them first to be on the list. She asked Schardan if this is what he is asking. He replied yes.
7:20:51 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he is asking the Board that when the detective goes on the street to hire part-time people to cover the vacancy until a full-time person is hired.
7:21:40 PM Schardan Replied it would be overtime if it became necessary. But this is not what we want. He wants to use part-time people until a full-time person is hired.
7:22:07 PM Bell Commented that the detective position is not a full-time position, therefore he will be covering shifts as well.
7:22:57 PM Limberg Said it is a full-time position, but is only part detective, other times, he will be a patrolman.
7:23:04 PM Schardan Commented that the detective will fill in on the day shift when officers go to training, vacation, or call in sick.
7:23:23 PM Bell Said as long as the person accepting the detective position is told, and made aware, he is still a patrolman. He commented that the way he sees it they still need one full-time person and more part-time people.
7:24:04 PM Limberg Commented that until someone is hired full-time, the position will be covered with part-time people.
7:24:22 PM Schardan Said the go along with Bell's comments, the job description he handed out, at the end of first paragraph under general assignment, this concern is covered.
7:25:03 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he is seeking approval to test for full-time officers. He replied yes. He asked the trustees if anyone had a problem with this. The trustees said no problem.
7:25:32 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan concerning the part-time people, if he has anyone in mind.
7:25:38 PM Schardan Said at this time there is one person that he feels comfortable with. He has a full time job during the week but will work on Saturday and Sunday. The other two who have expressed interest in part-time, he wants to do more checking before making a decision..
7:26:17 PM Gulledge Asked Rich to do his checking and give him a little background on all three, and he will put it in the packets for next meeting.
7:26:24 PM Limberg Asked Schardan how many part-time people are working now that he would feel comfortable with.
7:26:34 PM Schardan Replied there are three, but two are not dependable, the other one is very good about coming in when he is called.
7:26:58 PM Gulledge Said the Detective position has been discussed, and Chief Schardan has given the Board a job description. He said he thought it was good, except there may need to be an adjustment on the hours. He asked the trustees for any comments or questions.
7:27:19 PM Bell Commented his concern was the part that points out the hours as 8 to 4. He said a detective might have to be at a crime scene eight o'clock at night sometimes. He thinks it should be pointed out. responsible
7:27:56 PM Gulledge Said it is in the job description. He read the insert hat says the hours may be adjusted because of patrol duties, investigative needs, or special situations at the Chief's discretion. Overtime will be worked as required to complete the assigned task as needed. He said it is stated earlier in the description that when he is working as a detective he is under the direct supervision of the Chief.
7:28:08 PM Bell Suggests whoever is the detective, he needs to sign off on the description.
7:28:44 PM Schardan Discussed next, the clothing allowance for Springer. She fills in when someone is off in communications, and she is their supervisor. She would like to wear a uniform like the others. She told him her clothing allowance was removed when she went to the administrative position. She wants to wear a uniform, she is the only one who doesn't. She would wear one Monday through Friday.
7:30:10 PM Limberg Asked how many hours a month she fill in as dispatcher.
7:30:30 PM Schardan Said perhaps forty hours a month. She fills in for vacations, sick days, training, etc.
7:30:59 PM Bell Commented that he thinks the Chief's question is if the Board will reinstate Springer's clothing allowance. In his opinion she should get a clothing allowance.
7:31:54 PM Limberg Said she does represent the Village at times she goes outside the office in the administrative capacity. She does represent the police department.
7:32:13 PM Bell Said this brings up another problem. The only other employee the Village has is Melissa in Public Works. The other Public Works employees are provided uniforms.
7:32:47 PM Gulledge Said that right now he is looking for the consensus of the Board if this should be put on agenda for next week. He polled the trustees. They all agreed. He spoke about why she was taken off the clothing allowance. It was taken away at her request and the Chief. She wanted to dress and be able to go to meetings, etc. in regular clothing. He said if she gets a clothing allowance, she will wear the uniform on all working days, and this goes for anyone else that gets a clothing allowance.
7:33:54 PM Schardan Showed the shirts for dispatchers. He said Kristin Mathis and Becky Springer did a lot of work on the choice of design and color. He had two polo shirts he showed the trustees. One is a light green, the other is a navy blue. He said the pants are a khaki color.
7:34:34 PM Bell Said he is still waiting on Police department pictures of the officers to put out on the web. He said there was talk one day about the communicators. He told Chief it would be his decision.
7:35:17 PM Schardan Said a couple have said no already.
7:35:31 PM Bell Said he feels it is important that the police officers have their picture on the web, since they deal with the public, more so than a dispatcher.
7:35:40 PM Gulledge Said he thinks it would be nice if the telecommunicators pictures were on the web also.
7:35:50 PM Limberg Said about month ago he asked Bell to look at the computers in the Police department. He was receiving complaints about how slow the computers were running. Bell looked into this and has recommendations.
7:36:39 PM Bell Said during the expansion, there were a couple of the slower PCs did not get replaced. There is total of four that is very slow. He said when was loading Microsoft patches on all the computers, the administration building computers took about ten to fifteen minutes to load. These computers took two and a half hours or better. He feels it is very important to upgrade these PCs. He has bids on three PCs and two monitors. He got bids off the internet and from Computron. The prices for a work station is approximately $1200 each, the monitors are $269. Some monitors are okay. Two PCs and one monitor will cost $3900 with Office XP, and Windows 2000. His suggestion is to add a third one to this. He suggests taking the fastest of the slowest PCs, put in the squad room and a third PC, and replace the one in the detective office. He estimates the cost of about $5000 to$5200. for all three installed.
7:40:07 PM Garcia Asked if they had to have new monitors.
7:40:18 PM Bell Answered that some of the monitors need to be replace, but he will re-use two of the monitors.
7:40:51 PM Garcia Asked why one PC had to have a new monitor. She was told it was old and very small.
7:40:59 PM Limberg Asked when they were last updated.
7:41:14 PM Bell Answered that a couple of them are Pentium 2's and one is a 486, it will definitely be replaced. There is one Pentium 3 that will be kept. Without getting new quotes, it looks like it will be in the $5200 range to replace three PCs and one monitor, plus Office and XP and this includes Computron's time for loading them. He said he will get new prices and bids if the Board chooses.
7:42:20 PM Gulledge Asked if Chief has this in his budget. He asked the Boards opinion. They agreed. This will be discussed at the next caucus.
7:44:36 PM Bell Talked about the computer maintenance contract from Computron that was in everyone's packet and an additional sheet he gave them about a virus that is sent to Windows and Windows XP machines. This what he and Linda from Computron did today, to protect the Village computers. He said since January the Village has not been under a maintenance contract. Since the Village has expanded and added several computers to the system. This on-site service agreement does not cover software, it covers hardware. He said basically what the Village is purchasing for $3000 a year is a hardware maintenance contract. It does not cover software, it does not include parts. He talked about the additional proposal on the additional sheet referencing problems such as the virus discussed. This type of work, which took Bell and Linda from Computron about five hours, can be farmed out to Computron. They will send several people to take care of the situation in a couple of hours. He asked Attorney Wigginton to look over the contract, and give his opinion. He said the Village is getting near the place where it would be very feasible to have an administrator, or at least a part-time administrator who could install software, make sure patches like today are on the machines and up to date.
7:52:32 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion of putting this on next week's agenda. Limberg said he was okay with it. Schmidt asked how many hours they have put in since the last contract expired. Mayor said a lot.
7:53:22 PM Bell Answered and talked about the hours Computron has spent assisting with other types of computer problems, installing PC Anywhere, helping with the conversion from Cougar Mountain to Summit, etc.
7:53:48 PM Gulledge Asked again if anyone had a problem with putting this on the agenda next week. The trustees said yes. This will be on the agenda for the Board meeting.
7:54:21 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any Calendar Updates.
7:54:42 PM Bell Checked the calendar for August, he said the only thing on it is the Park and Planning Commission meetings, and a concert in the park on August 31st.
7:54:51 PM Gulledge Talked about the IML registration. The clerk need to know who is going, The deadline to cancel the registrations is Friday, August 15.
7:57:00 PM Long Said she also needs to know if there will be changes in the room reservations, such as a single room vs. double room, and the arrival date. She was given the information.
7:57:07 PM Gulledge Discussed the To Do List. He asked Bell to display the list so they could look it over, and if there are any questions he will try to answer them.
7:57:46 PM Limberg Asked about the special census.
7:57:50 PM Gulledge Said he has signed the contract and sent it back along with a check for $58,000.00 plus.
7:58:00 PM Schmidt Asked about the table.
7:58:18 PM Wigginton Reported that the McBride case was resolved at court. McBride Woodworks agreed to refund $750. of the $1800 purchase price.
7:58:46 PM Gulledge Said he, Brussatti and Attorney Wigginton went to small claims court. The thought the best position for the Village was based on the purchase price was to settle, and do the best we could. He said he is pleased with the settlement. It would take quite a bit of money to replace the table.
7:59:35 PM Schmidt Talked about the sewer line on Borri. Has the video surveillance been done.
7:59:51 PM Gulledge Answered they attempted it but it is over 1100 feet, and the best they could find between manholes and the lift station, was a company that had 750 feet. They are going out tomorrow to cut the forced main and go both ways. He talked with Presson and Juneau and they told him they may do a pressurized test.
8:00:30 PM Bell Asked what the recodification is called. He has the internet version and wants to install it.
8:00:55 PM Wigginton Replied it is the Village Code of Ordinances.
8:01:39 PM Bell Asked the status on the lobby surveillance.
8:01:53 PM Schmidt Replied he has had one bid returned.
8:02:43 PM Bell Asked if Flaugher has gotten the bids for the repair to the Fire Department driveway.
8:02:56 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't know.
8:02:59 PM Limberg Said he hasn't talked with Flaugher either. If he hasn't done this, or if he doesn't' have time, he will do it.
8:04:08 PM Gulledge Talked about 159 & Town Center. They are ready to pour the shoulders. West Main has been poured up to just past the first entrance to the church parking lot. They poured the curb at the intersection of Pleasant Ridge. It looks like they are ready to do sidewalks.
8:04:58 PM Bell Asked if they have an idea when the intersection will be open.
8:05:24 PM Gulledge Said he thinks it will probably be next week.
8:05:45 PM Schmidt Asked about number 40, which is159 IDOT easements.
8:06:03 PM Gulledge Answered that he had a conversation with Charlie and Todd Halfman who is in charge of IDOT easements. All of the easement acquisition and he told Mayor that we will have something, they have all the concerns, and he thinks they will all be answered favorably.
8:06:24 PM Gulledge Said he has the easement on Borri Drive, he will have a picture of it in everyone's packet. There is nothing on Hayden.
8:07:13 PM Bell Said they are still working on the bike path entrances.
8:07:34 PM Wigginton Said recently the Mayor and Trustee Garcia gave him their comments on the personnel policy and employee handbook. Now that the recodification is completed, the next goal is to revise the personnel policy and employee handbook. Chief Schardan gave him a very detailed review of the personnel policy in areas, in which it conflicts with the operation of a police department which works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He will begin work on this, and any comments, give to Thelma, he will collect them.
8:09:41 PM Bell Asked if there were any updates on the lake dredging.
8:09:54 PM Gulledge Talked to Juneau, he is leaning toward a drag line. He is getting close to having specs on the work to be done.
8:10:47 PM Bell Gave update on CARD. They have a real estate agent looking for property. There have been a couple of sites they have looked at. Another meeting is due soon.
8:11:16 PM Schmidt Asked who is responsible for the MCT bike path. There are branches that need trimmed, weeds need cut. Mayor told him it belongs to Madison County Transit. It is their property.
8:11:45 PM Bell Commented on the walking path repairs. He said Gary and his crew did great job. Most of the weeds are gone. It is a walkable surface again. It looks good.
8:12:55 PM Gulledge Said he had several employees thank him and the Village. They appreciated the Appreciation Day.
8:14:06 PM Bell Asked about the radio read meters. He wants Presson to be sure they are compatible with the Unix system.
8:14:58 PM Gulledge Said the County Wide Sewer meeting is every month. The 4th Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. and anyone from the Board is welcome to attend. This concluded the To Do List. He went on to Trustee Comments.
8:15:23 PM Bell Said as he mentioned earlier when discussion the Computron Contract, the Boards need to figure out something with a computer administrator. He has been trying to do this and spends a lot of hours doing so. He would like to see if the Board can come up with a way to bring in a person on part time basis, or an as needed basis. He said he mentioned compensating him, but it seems this is not feasible. He suggests looking into a computer administrator.
8:18:24 PM Garcia Suggests a college student.
8:18:44 PM Bell Suggests investigating how other communities do theirs. The website takes a lot time. He suggests the Attorney look into this.
  Gulledge Asked Bell to contact other communities to find a feasible solution.
8:19:48 PM Schmidt Commented he knows how conscientious Bell is, and he wonders if he would comfortable with someone else doing this work.
8:20:36 PM Kostyshock Said the history books are still on sale. On Monday the plans are to oil & chip the streets on the west side of 159 and Lakeview Drive. They installed a new faucet for the Master Gardener Club in Drost Park.
8:21:33 PM Garcia Asked if there would be a way to fix the bathroom in the old firehouse,. The floor needs repair.
8:22:16 PM Kostyshock Said he will take care of this.
8:22:51 PM Gulledge Commented on a letter from he received from a Mr. Earnhardt. He wants to come to a meeting and talk about a Moose Service Center. He said he will call him and invite him to come and talk to the Board about what they do.
8:24:31 PM Gulledge Discussed a proposal from a group called CGI. There is no cost to the Village. They sell banners, etc to the businesses. He said he is not sure if he is for it or against it.
8:25:41 PM Bell Said they want to come out, take short videos of the mayor, and a tour of the town, etc. They put some welcome banners up and have sponsorships on the banners. Shows our web site, and directs the person view the video. They get money from the business who sponsor the banners. The sell the banners to the businesses at a cost of $445.00. This promotes the Village and website.
8:27:48 PM Garcia Asked if this isn't against the sign ordinance.
8:28:12 PM Wigginton Talked about the legal aspect. He will look into this further if the Village is interested.
8:29:19 PM Gulledge Suggested tabling this for now. He said if the Board has no problem, he has a Proclamation proclaiming September 1 through 6 as Union Label Week . He read the proclamation, and it will be on the agenda for the Board meeting.
8:31:11 PM Gulledge Commented that due to Trustee Callahan being unable to attend the meetings, the budgets have been more or less put on hold. He wants to get this going again. Let him know what they want to do.
8:32:47 PM Gulledge Said if there was nothing else to be discussed. The meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville