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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date8/27/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:37:00 PM Gulledge Called the caucus meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Police Chief Schardan, Clerk Long, two reporters, and two representatives from RCI Technologies.
6:37:32 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the August 13th Caucus. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes. There were none. He asked for a motion to approve the minutes as submitted by the clerk. Schmidt made the motion and Limberg made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock -yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:38:20 PM Gulledge Explained that Chief Schardan has out of town guests, therefore he is allowing the Police Department Business to go first.
6:38:24 PM Schardan Said the computers in squad room need to be upgraded. Trustee Bell has the quotes, he relinquished the floor to him.
6:39:24 PM Bell Said there are four PCs that need to be upgraded. Three in squad room, and one in the detective room. He has a bid from Computron and also priced them on the internet. The quote is for three complete systems, including monitors at a price of $4,734.00. The other PC is an old Windows 98 machine. He asked Chief if all three computers in the squad room were used. Chief replied yes. Bell said basically the cost is $4734 for three systems, with a fourth added the cost for the fourth would be $1199 plus $279, and the $100 fee for setup would be waived, but would have to buy Windows and Office. A fourth PC would cost about $2000. He said the options are to buy three, take best of the three for the fourth, and still a Windows 2000 would have to be purchased. His suggestion is to replace the three, and bring the fourth up to grade.
6:42:01 PM Garcia Asked if the computer was big enough to hold Office and Windows 2000. He replied it was.
6:42:27 PM Callahan Asked Bell where he got the internet quote.
6:43:00 PM Bell Said he went to several different places. He said the thing to remember with internet quotes is they are home desktop computers. He talked about internet vs. Computron. He feels that with Computron the Village will be getting more rugged computer. He commented that going with an internet computer, such as Dell or any other, the parts must be compared. Most of the time they are of lesser quality. He recommends purchasing three, and consider the fourth at a later date..
6:44:01 PM Garcia Asked if the fourth computer is used as much as the others.
6:44:09 PM Schardan Replied that the officer doesn't use a computer as much as the other officers. He recommends considering the fourth computer at a later date in the fiscal year.
6:44:22 PM Bell Said the fourth computer must have Windows purchased for it. He again said he recommends buy three complete systems and buy Windows for the fourth. It will not have Office on it.
6:44:45 PM Gulledge Said if he understands the quote, three computers will cost $4734.00. To buy Windows for the fourth computer will be in addition to the quote price. He asked the Chief, Limberg and Police Committee what they wanted to do.
6:45:11 PM Limberg Said he would like to go with three, and hold off on the fourth. He said the budget was for $5,000. He wants to stay within the budget.
6:45:37 PM Gulledge Said that Chief Schardan checked the budget, and it is actually $10,000.00 for computers. He said for three complete systems and Windows for the fourth would be $4933.00.
6:46:01 PM Garcia Asked if this included printers.
6:46:16 PM Bell Said the price includes set up, installation of Macafee, Windows, mapping the data drives from the server and the printers.
6:46:21 PM Kostyshock Ask what kind of warranty they would have.
6:46:42 PM Bell Said they have the basic manufacturer's warranty. Also the parts are covered under the Computron Agreement.
6:47:21 PM Garcia Asked how long the warranty is for. monitor 2 years.
6:47:26 PM Bell Replied that most warrantees are for one year on the parts. The monitors have a two year warranty.
6:47:40 PM Gulledge Asked the board if they were okay with the purchase of three and updating the fourth with Windows being on the Board agenda. They were.
6:49:25 PM Schardan Reported that the two new squad cars have been equipped, and one is being marked at Imageworks. He is waiting for the new radar to come in for one car. He said they have changed the domes on a couple of the cars.
6:50:46 PM Schmelzer Introduced himself as the president of RCI Technologies, and his regional sales manager, Jim James. He discussed a proposal submitted to the Village in June. He talked about the GASB 34. It is an organization that sets forth the standards to which auditors must subscribe. It is not a government organization, it functions as a quasi government organization. It deals with financial reporting. requires reporting financial transactions as though it is a business instead of governmental. It is requiring depreciation of assets. RCI will send one person to the Village for one week. This person will perform an inventory of the assets, the valuation of the assets, and take the information back to RCI. The information is then entered into their software system. The Village would then receive they system along with hard copy reports. The system is designed to provide a great deal of information to the Village. When they do the inventory, they place unique bar code on assets. They will also do a "room count" on items of lesser value, such as chairs, tables, filing cabinets, etc. The Village would have a single report that will show the entire financial picture of the Village. This would encompass the equipment, vehicles, real property, i.e. buildings, land, improvements other than buildings, infrastructure, etc. The system will allow retrieval of information or build the information any way the Village wants. When update of system is done annually, it will allow the tracking of the items that have been bar-coded. It will identify items that exist in data base, but not found in current inventory. The data base does not update itself. There are three reports to do this. A location report shows things that exist in the date base but are not found in the current inventory. Bar codes are scanned, but are not where they are supposed to be. This is a way to keep track of the equipment. Each bar code is recorded, as well as the room it is in. Each room also has a bar code identifier. This system performs a lot of functions that are necessary for the control and track of equipment. They also depreciate the equipment according to the GASB recommendations. At this point he opened the discussion for questions.
7:00:04 PM Limberg Asked if this can all be done in a week.
7:00:19 PM Schmelzer Replied given the size of the Village, he feels confident it can be done in a week.
7:00:33 PM Callahan Asked if after the inventory is done, if they sign off on it.
7:00:46 PM Schmelzer Said if that is what he wants, they will.
7:00:52 PM Callahan Asked if they do the inventory only one time.
7:01:08 PM Schmelzer Replied it can be done however the Village wants. They do offer a service of coming annually.
7:01:14 PM Callahan Asked in the one report if he will give the Village the amount of the depreciation.
7:01:37 PM Schmelzer He said yes.
7:01:51 PM Garcia Asked if the software would be on the Village computers.
7:02:00 PM Schmelzer Said the system is designed to be operated by the Village.
7:02:11 PM Gulledge Said he is asked a lot of what the community is worth. This will be a good tool. He said he thinks in 2004 it will be mandatory to use GASB 34 guidelines.
7:02:36 PM Bell Asked if RCI basically comes in and does the inventory, bar codes the items, and put the information into a database.
7:03:02 PM Schmelzer Answered all the information they collect is in a voice activated recorder. They take it back to their home office in San Antonio, Texas, and transcribe it into the software.
7:03:36 PM Bell Brought up the sample reports on the screen and displayed the different types of reports.
7:04:31 PM Schmelzer Talked about depreciation and explained some of the different reports as Bell put them up on the screen.
7:07:56 PM Bell Commented he would like to see a technical demonstration of the product before making a decision.
7:09:12 PM Callahan Asked what the proposal was. He was told it was $3800 to $4200. He asked if they provide valuation of questionable items.
7:09:53 PM Schmelzer Said they will do it. If no records exist, they use replacement cost.
7:10:43 PM Callahan Asked about the Water Department if it is it included in the quote. He commented the water plant building is probably thirty years old, how can it be valued.
7:11:09 PM Schmelzer Said it not included. He talked briefly about companies that come up with the value of buildings, by size, what it is made of, etc. This would be a tool at their disposal if need be.
7:12:02 PM Callahan Said he feels it would be beneficial for a quote for the water department.
7:12:22 PM Schmidt Asked if they take into consideration the water in the lines.
7:12:35 PM Schmelzer Replied no, it is not a fixed asset.
7:12:43 PM Callahan Talked about fire department and fire district. Some of the equipment is owned by the Village, some is owned by the fire district. How would this work.
7:13:08 PM Schmelzer Said they would only value and inventory the equipment the Village owned equipment.
7:13:27 PM Garcia Asked if the quote includes someone coming from RCI and putting the bar codes on.
7:14:05 PM Schmelzer Replied yes. He said this will have to be done, either the Village will have to do it, or his firm or another firm will.
7:14:11 PM Gulledge Said he would have no idea of where to start. He asked that they make up a proposal to include all the Village owned buildings, equipment, etc. and come back with a proposal and a demonstration.
7:15:25 PM Callahan Asked how long it will take after the Village decides to do something. He said the fiscal year ends April 30, 2004. Schmelzer said they would have ample time.
7:16:02 PM Schmidt Talked on bids for interior security cameras. He is proposing putting one fixed camera in the lobby area aimed at the doors, a monitor in the back conference room, so when there is a meeting they can know who is entering, and one in the lunch room. When the employees are having lunch, they would be able to see who is entering the building, another employee, or a customer. He asked for bids on two monitors, and one camera. He received three bids. George Alarm Company - $896.00; Pro-Alarm - $1095.00; Barcom - $1612.00.
7:18:13 PM Gulledge Asked if all the bids were for black and white monitors, as that is all that is needed.
7:18:28 PM Schmidt Replied that he asked for black and white monitors, however Barcom has bid color monitors.
7:18:49 PM Garcia Asked about the Pro-Alarm person. If it was the person she had talked to about giving a bid.
7:18:53 PM Gulledge Said he didn't know because he doesn't know who Pro-Alarm is.
7:19:13 PM Callahan Said the Barcom bid is for two cameras and one monitor.
7:19:36 PM Schmidt Replied that he talked to Doug Cooper from Barcom about this. Cooper told him the monitors are more expensive than the cameras, so he would still honor the bid he gave. Schmidt said his recommendation is George Alarm for $896.00.
7:21:03 PM Gulledge Said he thinks this is a good idea. He asked the trustees if they were in favor of the security camera and monitors. All were in favor, and it will be on the Board agenda.
7:22:18 PM Gulledge In the absence of Attorney Wigginton, explained the stop signs for an ordinance to be presented at the next Board meeting.
7:23:42 PM Callahan Asked where these are.
7:23:56 PM Gulledge Explained the locations. Two are in Remington Subdivision. One on Wellington at Remington Lane, and one on Remington Lane at Lakeview Acres Rd. The other one is on Southern Ridge at Keebler Road.
7:24:38 PM Callahan Asked about the stop sign in the middle of Keebler Oaks Drive at Oak Leaf.
7:25:22 PM Gulledge Explained about the sign. It was put there as a safety measure to slow the traffic while West Main is under construction. When West Main is completed the sign will be taken down.
7:25:53 PM Kostyshock Discussed the materials bid for the 159 water main relocation. He said they received three bids, one from National Water Works for $9537.99; Midwest Municipal for $9145.39, and one from Schulte Supply for $8472.38. Schulte Supply was the low bid. He recommends going with Schulte Supply.
7:27:03 PM Gulledge Asked boards opinion. The trustees all agreed to go with Schulte Supply. He said this will be on the Board agenda next Wednesday.
7:27:33 PM Bell Talked about the Park Committee recommendations. They are asking the Board to allow them to apply for tree grants from two programs. The trees are free. They plan sometime in the Fall to have a community plant a tree day. This lets a resident plant a tree, and if they want, purchase a brick to place by the tree.
7:28:48 PM Gulledge Said the only cost to Village is to go pick them up.
7:30:01 PM Garcia Asked what kind of trees they are. She was told there is a long list of the kinds.
7:30:06 PM Gulledge Asked the Boards opinion . They were all in favor of allowing the Park Committee to apply for the grants.
7:31:54 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any calendar updates.
7:32:04 PM Schmidt Said the first Saturday in October is Open House for the Fire Department.
7:32:23 PM Bell Said there is a concert this Sunday in Firemen's Park.
7:32:29 PM Garcia Asked about the Rabies Clinic. She was told it is September 27th at 9:00 a.m.
7:33:08 PM Callahan Asked if a date has been set for the Fall large item pickup. He was told it begins on October 14th.
7:33:49 PM Gulledge Said the To Do List will be discussed next. He asked that Bell display the list on the screen. As he does, anyone can discuss or ask questions about the items.
7:34:08 PM Callahan Asked about the Pipeline damage to the sewer line on Borri.
7:34:29 PM Gulledge Answered the line is damaged and will be turned over to the Attorney.
7:34:36 PM Kostyshock Said they have found a large piece of broken pipe.
7:34:55 PM Schmidt Asked about the Special Census.
7:35:05 PM Gulledge Replied that he has signed the contract and mailed it off. He has received notification back that they had received our check and they will be sending the maps, etc. within the next thirty to sixty days. It will probably be the first of the year before the census will begin.
7:35:32 PM Callahan Asked about the recodification. He asked Trustee Bell if they will give credit to the Village if the binders are sent back.
7:36:23 PM Bell Replied he has never asked that question of AmLegal. He doesn't think they would.
7:36:29 PM Gulledge Said he is trying the black inserts from the old binder, and if it does not work, then a decision will be made.
7:36:47 PM Callahan Said he thinks a much better binder can be purchased for less than $450.00.
7:36:54 PM Bell Said that AMLegal has said they will give $425.00 credit. The new ones cost around $850.00. It would cost $450.00 to replace them. They would be printed the name, etc. as the other ones are. Also they would be the D ring binders.
7:37:55 PM Bell Asked about the bids for the Fire Department Drive and Parking. His question is has anything been done.
7:38:14 PM Limberg Replied that Flaugher has not done it yet.
7:38:36 PM Kostyshock Said on the Lyn Hi Streets, the work is scheduled to start next Wednesday, and will probably take thirty to forty days to complete.
7:38:44 PM Gulledge Said one street at a time will be done. The plan is to start with Heather-Green.
7:40:05 PM Bell Asked about the status of the line item 'Rotate Flag Light'.
7:40:20 PM Gulledge Said it is not his job, he is not rotating the light.
7:40:28 PM Bell Talked about the GIS System. He talked about holding off doing anything until the updated tiles are available.
7:41:34 PM Kostyshock Said on the159 Water Main Extension, Presson will start this on September 8.
7:41:55 PM Bell Said the CARD meeting is September 2.
7:42:19 PM Callahan Asked when will the loop from St John Neumann to Pleasant Ridge start.
7:42:42 PM Gulledge Said there have been changes made in the plans of where the road was going to go. He explained it will be much better, and look more like a road than the other way. It will follow the northern boundary of the Nursing home, back to the first lot, and turn to the right. IDOT has approved this. It depends now on whether or not the nursing home will go along with the entrances.
7:43:57 PM Bell Asked if anyone has checked into the light there. It seems to be better at times, and other times it stays green for about thirty seconds.
7:44:20 PM Gulledge Replied yes it has been looked into, and has been adjusted. There is a lot of traffic in that area.
7:44:44 PM Kostyshock Reported he has some bids back on the radio read meters. He said there is only a three dollar difference for each meter by buying in quantity. It is not as big a savings as he thought there would be.
7:45:25 PM Gulledge Said this needs to be discussed again at the next caucus meeting. A decision needs to be made if this is going to be done or not.
7:45:29 PM Callahan Asked if Wobbe had gotten back to the Mayor on a bid from SWIMPAC.
7:45:46 PM Gulledge Said he has spoken with him and he said he will have a bid no later than next week.
7:45:53 PM Bell Asked about a crosswalk at Maryville Elementary School.
7:46:27 PM Gulledge Replied that permission to do so has to come from the State. He feels the request should come from the PTA. They can give the request to the Village and he will pass it on to the State.
7:48:16 PM Callahan Asked about the warning lights for the Fire Department. He asked if these lights are automatic or if the fireman have to activate them when going on call.
7:48:37 PM Bell Explained they have to be activated. If the person in charge of activating the lights doesn't hold the button down long enough the lights will not activate.
7:50:00 PM Kostyshock Said the Museum/Library Committee will start meeting next month. Also, he said the Village needs to decide if Donk street is going to be done, because if it isn't started soon, it will not be done in time for the Homecoming next July.
7:50:31 PM Gulledge Suggests this be put on the next caucus agenda for discussion., and try to see what this is going to cost.
7:51:30 PM Callahan Suggests borrowing money to fix all streets. He said he has no problem with doing sidewalks, but if a sidewalk is done, it stops another street from being done. He talked about borrowing money to do all the streets.
7:51:54 PM Kostyshock Said he prefers doing one street at a time.
7:52:18 PM Callahan Said the question he has is does the Village want to get into the sidewalk business.  It is going to cost more.
7:52:26 PM Kostyshock Replied that most of the streets to be repaired have sidewalks now.
7:52:53 PM Gulledge Said the Village needs to come up with a plan and schedule the streets that need repair. He wants the streets done as right as they can be.
7:54:01 PM Kostyshock Suggests setting up a long range plan.
7:54:20 PM Callahan Some people will not be happy with sidewalks.
7:54:54 PM Gulledge Said the majority of the people want sidewalks. He talked about areas such as Bauer Lane. Sidewalks are definitely needed in areas such as this.
7:55:00 PM Limberg Said there may be a problem getting easements.
7:55:50 PM Callahan Said he doesn't think the residents will give easements. In the old part of town, those people would give easements because sidewalks were existing. He said if anything is going to be done it needs to get started. He would like to have an overall cost estimate. It wouldn't hurt to have a bond issue.
7:56:00 PM Gulledge Said he will ask Juneau about getting a cost estimate at a meeting tomorrow.
7:56:30 PM Callahan Asked about the Lyn Hi streets, if the surface will be the same as what will be on Donk.
7:57:11 PM Gulledge Answered the micro surface will not be done in Lyn Hi until next Spring.
7:57:38 PM Garcia Said she thought the Lyn Hi streets had to be oil and chipped before the micro surface could be put down.
7:57:46 PM Gulledge Said the streets will be patched, not oil and chipped. Then in the Spring the micro surface can be put down.
7:57:50 PM Limberg Talked about hiring another person to pick up hours that Flaugher and Fleenor can't cover on George May's shifts while he is out due to his injury. There is another EMT with the Fire Department who is willing to pick up these hours. He said Flaugher explained to him that the budget will not be affected as the part-time persons are picking up only the hours of May's shifts.
7:59:09 PM Gulledge Said unless board has a problem with this, he needs the person's name.
7:59:29 PM Limberg Replied it is Darin Hartman. He said he spoke with him this evening, and he is willing to pick up the extra hours.
8:00:01 PM Callahan Asked about May's accident, and how bad is he.
8:00:46 PM Gulledge Replied that May will be out for a while. He has spoken with him several times. He is going to be okay, but he is facing a lot of therapy.
8:00:53 PM Schmidt Talked about the history book, and all the work that went into this project. He thanked the ladies, Janet Butts and Toni Blaes, for the fantastic job they did. He talked about someone dumping something in one of the catch basins. He wants everyone to know this kind of action will not be tolerated. If caught, the person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any damages done to any of the catch basins, the person will pay for the damage done. Someone has dumped concrete into a catch basin.
8:02:48 PM Gulledge Said he has pictures and this has been turned over to attorney for prosecution.
8:03:22 PM Schmidt Reported on the Planning Commission meeting. He discussed the items on their agenda. The person who is tearing down the old car wash and will be building a new one was granted three variances by the Planning Commission. Since this is an MVOB type establishment, this has been turned over to the Zoning Board of Appeals. If anyone wants to know about the variances, he will explain them.
8:05:49 PM Bell Commented that he thinks the lot is too small for this type of business.
8:06:08 PM Garcia Asked if this will be on sewer. She was told yes.
8:06:15 PM Gulledge Announced a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Saturday, September 6th at 9:00 a.m. to take up the request of Vernon Carver, MVOB. Anyone can attend. Also there will be a training period for the Zoning Board on Thursday, at 6:00 p.m. September 4. Attorney Wigginton will talk about the new laws and procedures.
8:07:56 PM Schmidt Said the final plat for Trotters Run, the new development off West Main, was tabled due to concerns from John Dutton of Juneau Associates. The 3rd item discussed was the preliminary plat approval of the Additions to Remington Place. There are 11 recommendations Juneau has made. Osborn assured the Planning Commission that these concerns will all be addressed by the time the final plat is submitted to the Planning Commission.
8:09:59 PM Gulledge Said it is his understanding that the Planning Commission voted 4 to 1 to allow the Preliminary Plat for approval. He said this is the preliminary plat, the recommendations will have to be done prior to the final plat approval.
8:10:18 PM Kostyshock Asked about the preliminary plat. Item 5 of the recommendations from Juneau. There are twelve lots listed. Are they going to grant a variance, or are they going to change the plans to make the lots bigger.
8:10:40 PM Gulledge Said this question did come up. They will not be asking for any variances.
8:10:49 PM Kostyshock Said then they will be changing the layout.
8:11:11 PM Bell Asked if Remington was the one under the Poletti Agreement. He said it is his understanding that Osborn is going to put in sidewalks.
8:11:35 PM Gulledge Said that is what they have told him
8:11:49 PM Kostyshock Asked about item number 7 on Juneau's list of concerns. Will they have full size lots to meet Village code.
8:12:08 PM Schmidt Replied that they said if they could not meet the specifications, the lots would be eliminated.
8:12:25 PM Kostyshock Asked what they would do with the space, turn it into Green Space.
8:12:49 PM Schmidt Said all they said was that if the lots could not meet the requirements they would be eliminated.
8:13:17 PM Kostyshock Commented that there are three lots that could possibly be Green Space. He wondered if they would be willing to give it to the Village for Green Space.
8:13:27 PM Gulledge Replied that this will probably be put in their covenants.  It is taken care of by the Association.
8:13:35 PM Kostyshock Said he had a question on association membership. He asked when the lots are sold should there be wording in the deeds that membership in the Homeowners Association would be automatic, and mandatory. Can a homeowner be made to join the association.
8:13:56 PM Gulledge Replied he can't answer this. He said the several of the developers have voiced concerns that some of the subdivisions have not followed through with organizing homeowners associations.
8:14:26 PM Bell Asked Schmidt if he would ask the Planning Commission to consider between lots 204 and 203, an entrance to the bike trail. It is perfect access to the bike trail. He would like the Planning Commission to consider, and talk to the Osborns about putting an entrance to the bike trail.
8:15:23 PM Limberg Said no one would buy those lots.
8:17:17 PM Schmidt Discussed the final plat approval for Autumn Oaks, 2nd Addition. There are19 lots, and has met all the requirements. Juneau has approved it. The Planning Commission recommends the Village approve it as well.
8:19:01 PM Bell Said the renewal of the Buscom contract will be on the agenda next week . He reported that the volleyball equipment is in. The Collinsville Jaycees will be presenting check next week for their donation on the goals and equipment.
8:21:00 PM Callahan Said he hasn't gotten around to doing anything on the budget. Some of the Department heads have given him their input. He said he has been reading about water plant security. His suggestion to the Board is to take the sign down on Route 157.
8:21:26 PM Gulledge Said the sign needs to be there for delivery drivers to find the plant.
8:21:54 PM Bell Said there should be some security there.
8:22:04 PM Gulledge Talked about notices from Homeland Security. Anyone wanting to get into the water system would not hit the plant, they'd go elsewhere.
8:23:36 PM Bell Asked if there are locks for hydrants made.
8:24:59 PM Callahan Recommends taking down the sign advertising the water plant, and just put a Village of Maryville sign there.
8:26:04 PM Gulledge Talked about Village security at the plant. There are security cameras there, the Police Officers go down there, the farmers in the area also watch the plant, etc.
8:27:10 PM Kostyshock Said he thinks a bigger city than Maryville would be targeted.
8:28:20 PM Bell Said if anyone is intent on doing something, they know where the plant is and what it is. He feels the sign is information for the drivers, and people that need to find the plant.
8:28:23 PM Kostyshock Talked about West Main. He stopped by this afternoon, and the second section has not been poured. It will probably be week after next.
8:28:49 PM Limberg Asked how many sections will there be. He was told three.
8:29:01 PM Gulledge Said he pushes them every chance he gets. He wants them to be past Foxmill before bad weather sets in. That will relieve a lot of pressure on the EMTs and Fire and Police Departments.
8:29:52 PM Bell Talked about the 131 working days. He feels they should get this completed before the concrete plants shut down.
8:30:21 PM Gulledge He said the Village is doing all it can to keep this project going.
8:30:39 PM Bell Said basically the road will be closed for four months.
8:30:43 PM Kostyshock Said hopefully they will get done before bad weather.
8:31:21 PM Kostyshock Talked about the storm damage today. With all the trees and limbs down, he has allowed the gate to the water tower to be open so residents can get rid of limbs. He plans on having an employee available on Saturday from 8 a.m. to Noon at the tower also for those who need to drop off the brush and limbs.
8:33:19 PM Garcia Talked about Springer being allowed to have uniforms again. She wants to be fair to all the employees. She said the Water Clerk was turned down.
8:35:25 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem with the other employees being included, if they want.
8:35:32 PM Bell Said he feels it should be for the hourly employees, not appointed. or elected employees.
8:35:37 PM Garcia Again said she wants to be fair to all the employees, and the Water Clerk was turned down when she requested uniforms.
8:35:44 PM Bell Agreed. The water clerk also greets the public, and she is an hourly employee and on the Public Works schedule, so she should be allowed uniforms also.
8:36:20 PM Callahan Said that Cintas, the Public Works uniform vendor, would probably provide polo shirts and pants if they were asked.
8:38:10 PM Gulledge Replied that anyone getting a uniform will be required to wear it everyday. Anyone who has uniforms, but reports to work in something other than the uniform will be sent home.
8:38:20 PM Garcia Said she doesn't know if the Water Clerk still wants uniforms, but if she does, she should be allowed to have them. She wants everyone treated equally.
8:39:09 PM Callahan Asked if she would be given an allowance or should the Village buy the uniforms. He asked about the logo. Each department has a specific uniform, such as dispatchers, fire dept., police dept., etc.
8:39:32 PM Bell They have polo shirts that have "Police Communications" on them. Hers would have "Water Clerk" printed on them.
8:40:46 PM Callahan Said he has no problem giving the Water Clerk uniforms.
8:40:54 PM Kostyshock Said the problem is, if the water clerk gets uniforms, then if Building & Zoning wants them, they should have them also.
8:41:16 PM Bell Said the Building & Zoning position is appointed, not hourly.
8:41:26 PM Gulledge Said it is time to move on. The Board needs to decide what they want to do.
8:43:30 PM Garcia Reported on an interview the Personnel Committee held prior to this meeting with a candidate for the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer. He lives in Troy, attended Rankin Trade School for two years, and has a degree in carpentry and construction.
8:44:30 PM Gulledge Said this person has been interviewed before, and it is the recommendation of the Personnel Committee that he be offered the job.
8:45:14 PM Bell Said he feels the trustees should have an opportunity to at least look at the applicants before voting on them.
8:45:47 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem with his suggestion. He explained that the Committee is working on the personnel policy. He said any further information or questions should be talked about in closed session.
8:47:17 PM Bell Again said he would like to see the application.
8:47:35 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't disagree with what Bell is saying. This has been ongoing for sometime. This is the man's second interview. He suggests if the trustees want to discuss this further, there should be a closed session following this meeting.
8:48:07 PM Gulledge Said next week, Wednesday, September 3 at 6:45 p.m. there will be a Public Hearing concerning Iberg Sewers. He reminded the trustees this is in reference to supplying sewers to Wheel Ranch Mobile Home Park. This is an agreement worked out with Glen Carbon. The Village must accept a Pre-Annexation Agreement saying they will annex this corner into the Village. The sewers will be metered through Glen Carbon. The bill will be sent to the Village, and the Village will send one to Iberg.
8:49:29 PM Callahan Asked what was decided on how to treat this.
8:50:22 PM Gulledge Replied it is just like a water pre-annexation, only this happens to be a sewer, and when the Village becomes contiguous to the property, he will annex.
8:50:38 PM Callahan Said he meant that since this is a trailer park, will there be individual hook-ups, or one master hook-up.
8:51:08 PM Gulledge Answered it is a master hook-up where he pays per lot. There is a formula for this, he will put it in the Board packets.
8:51:49 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to go into Closed Session to discuss personnel matters. Schmidt made the motion and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:11:12 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to come out of Closed Session back to Open Session. Kostyshock made the motion and Garcia made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:11:49 PM Gulledge Said he would entertain a motion to adjourn since there was no further business to come before the Board. Schmidt made the motion to adjourn. Limberg seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville