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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date9/10/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:31:12 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, and Kostyshock. Trustees Callahan and Garcia were absent. Also present were Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Street Superintendent Mann, Clerk Long, and two reporters. He said Village Engineer Juneau is on his way, and while waiting for his arrival, he asked Trustee Bell to discuss the surveillance camera for Drost Park.
6:32:23 PM Bell Began to discuss the need for some kind of surveillance at Drost Park, due to recurring vandalism there.
6:32:41 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:32:57 PM Bell Continued his discussion. There was more vandalism this week in Drost Park, specifically the comfort station. He went on to say that the last time this happened, he asked BarCom to come up with an idea for some kind of surveillance. He said he doesn't like the idea they have sent him. Basically it is a time lapse vcr, monitor, and a camera. All the equipment would have to be in the comfort station. It would have to be in a cabinet or closet. He said he is bringing this up to get the Board's feeling on the matter. He asked if the Board was going to let the vandalism continue, and keep repairing what is being destroyed, or if they wanted to try to catch the vandals. He asked for the Trustees opinion.
6:33:47 PM Limberg Asked what time the vandalism occurs, after dark or weekends.
6:34:00 PM Bell Said he is assuming the police officers are closing the comfort station at dark as they were told to do, therefore it must be occurring before dark because the damage is on the inside. He has gone out several times right after dark, and the doors have been locked. Either it is happening on a night the officer has missed locking up, or it's happening before dark.
6:34:21 PM Schmidt Asked if the officers look inside when they lock it.
6:34:25 PM Bell Replied that some of them do.
6:34:36 PM Gulledge Said this last incident that has happened, Chief Schardan went with Mann to check the damage. Chief came back and told him it was not quite as bad as originally thought. He and Chief had a discussion about whether or not the officers were logging in with the dispatcher when they check and lock the building. Chief said he would check on this. He came back and said they are not. He said he has sent a memo to all his officers to try to get there at dark. Also he said most of the officers have not been going in. Chief has made it a policy now that the officer must go in and check before locking the doors.
6:35:39 PM Bell Said the bottom line is he wants the Board's opinion on looking into some kind of camera. He said he doesn't like the idea of all the equipment being at the park. He doesn't know if there is a system available that the camera can be in Drost Park, and when there is motion, it would display on a monitor in the Communications Room in the Police Department, and also records the actions.
6:36:32 PM Limberg Asked if there can be a system set up in the bathroom, similar to a home alarm where it is activated by motion.
6:37:00 PM Bell Said some of the damage is done on the outside also. This is the reasoning for putting the camera on a telephone pole where as it scans the park, the pavilions as well as the comfort station will be monitored. It would record the activity. He doesn't like the idea of the equipment having to be at the park. He again said he just wants to know how the trustees feel about doing something to curtail the vandalism.
6:37:48 PM Schmidt Asked if the lot is lit at night.
6:37:54 PM Bell Replied there is a parking lot light and also motion lights on the comfort station.
6:38:07 PM Kostyshock Asked if the vandalism is being done during the day.
6:38:24 PM Gulledge Said it is not certain when it is being done. The doors are not always locked at dusk, it depends on how busy the officers are as to when the doors are actually locked.
6:38:36 PM Kostyshock Suggests giving the officers a chance, now that they know they are supposed to be logging in and documenting any activity.
6:39:08 PM Bell Said he agrees with this. The bid he has received is in the $2300 range, and he feels this is a lot of money, and he would rather spend it on a system that can be controlled better.
6:39:37 PM Limberg Asked if most of the damage is done with paint.
6:39:42 PM Mann Answered that the lights are knocked down, sinks are pulled away from the wall, mirrors pulled off the wall, the men's restroom stall was kicked and dented, one toilet was filled with debris, etc.
6:40:28 PM Kostyshock Said maybe the doors should be locked earlier.
6:40:32 PM Bell Replied that this would not be feasible because there are people on the walking path, soccer fields, etc. up to dark.
6:40:36 PM Gulledge Said Chief Schardan is sending a memo to the officers to lock the comfort station at dark. He said he personally feels it is kids, but he agrees with Bell, something must be done.
6:41:29 PM Bell Suggests putting this matter off for a few weeks and in the meantime, he will investigate some different options for surveillance.
6:41:49 PM Limberg Asked if surrounding communities have the same kind of problems.
6:42:05 PM Bell Said he has talked to Badasch about the problem. He said a few years ago they had problems also, but nothing recent. Most of their problems occur at the Splash City Park. CARD has it under 24 hour surveillance.
6:42:28 PM Gulledge Said according to the newspapers, other communities do have problems.
6:42:33 PM Bell Said he will get more information and see how things go over the next couple of weeks.
6:42:49 PM Gulledge Went back to the agenda items. He asked for approval of the minutes of the August 27th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any additions, corrections, or questions. There were none. Motion by Schmidt, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried. He then went to item #3 on the agenda - Radio Read Meters.
6:43:45 PM Presson Said he has quotes from three companies, Midwest Municipal, Schulte Supply, and National Water Works. He has quotes on 3/4 inch and one inch meters and the prices are for meters in quantities of 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 750, and 1000. He talked about the differences in the meter packages. For Midwest Municipal the software and support is based upon the initial package of 176 meters for $34,366.00, software and support included. Then the purchase of the other packages in the amount wanted or needed. Also if the prices on the ABB meters go up, the Village can submit a bid for other factory meters and the radio system would adapt. Where as Schulte's radio package is proprietary. In other words, if the Village buys from Schulte, they are stuck with the Nepute meter. National Water Works meters costs are much too high.
6:46:30 PM Bell Asked if Schulte doesn't have a 750 meter package.
6:46:55 PM Presson Replied they do not, and has given the trustees a letter stating this. The Nepute Meter package is for 500 meters per package. He said he doesn't know how far the Village wants to go with this, and he doesn't know which way they are leaning but with the current system his crew has put in eighty new meters since he became Superintendent two years ago. He said there are approximately 400 to 500 meters in the system that are ABB meters, which can easily be adapted over by purchasing the ERT unit and installing on these meters.
6:47:31 PM Bell Asked what the cost of the ERT unit is.
6:47:35 PM Presson Replied $90 to $110.
6:47:49 PM Bell Said at the last discussion Presson was given direction on getting bids for a larger amount of meters, which he has done. However, he doesn't remember which number the Board was actually looking at before.
6:48:46 PM Gulledge Replied it was 500, 750, and 1000, just to see what it would be.
6:48:51 PM Presson Said if the Village would go with the 500 one inch package and the 176 package it would cost approximately $139,366.00. He said he also gave the trustees a quote for Summit Software.
6:48:56 PM Bell Said the Midwest Municipal quote includes their software. He said he talked with Presson earlier today, and his concern is that EZ Route would not integrate well with the Unix based utility billing system. Presson called Summit, who is the one that replaced the Cougar Mountain system, and he got a price on their utility billing module of $7185.
6:50:11 PM Presson Said if the Village was to go with Summit Utility Billing for $7185.00 it brings the total up to $146551.00, which breaks down to approximately $216.79 per meter.
6:50:47 PM Bell Discussed the data conversion cost. He said when the Village changed from Cougar Mountain, Summit included the conversion cost in their quote. This is not included in this quote. However, the same thing will have to be done with utility billing. He gave Presson direction on what to ask and what to find out when he calls Summit. He said he thinks there will be an added charge for the conversion.
6:53:23 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's feeling on this.
6:53:35 PM Callahan Asked Presson what the cost of a regular meter is.
6:53:59 PM Presson Replied that a one inch meter costs between $89 to $110, depending on the supply house. The 3/4 inch meters range between $28 to $42.
6:54:26 PM Callahan Asked if he mainly used the 3/4 inch most of the time for residential.
6:54:36 PM Presson Replied he is currently using more one inch, probably 90% are one inch services.
6:54:54 PM Kostyshock Proposes changing the ordinance. Currently the ordinance reads 3/4 or one inch. He suggests making all the meters installed one inch meters. He asked Juneau his opinion.
6:55:12 PM Juneau Replied that a lot of people still use 3/4 inch. However, the newer houses with three or four bathrooms takes a one inch meter.
6:55:54 PM Callahan Said the software system currently in use is working good. A lot of this is because the Village has a good clerk. But, if the system has to be revamped there will be an additional cost. He asked Presson what will the radio read system save in labor. As an example if there is a 500 unit system, how long will it take to read as opposed to the current way they are read.
6:56:37 PM Presson Replied it would take two men almost three weeks to read the meters.
6:57:37 PM Callahan Replied he was talking only of reading 500 meters. He checked a previous handout that had the numbers.
6:58:56 PM Gulledge Said there is not much savings now, but as it goes along and the Village grows, and the costs of manpower, maintenance and gasoline go up, then there will be more of a savings.
6:59:25 PM Juneau Suggests putting meters in new installations in new subdivision as opposed to replacing old meters. The installation costs will be the same whether it is a radio read meter or a regular meter.
7:01:09 PM Gulledge Discussed the cost Presson gave in his presentation handout. The cost is $146,551.00 to buy 676 meters, the software, everything except the conversion. He said an estimated cost of $3500 for the conversion, brings the total to around $150,000.00.
7:01:55 PM Bell Said the system that comes with the Radio Read Meters is a Windows based system. He explained that currently when the guys read the meters, they bring the handheld in, it is plugged into the Unix System, it reads it in, and the utility program uses those numbers. On the Windows system, the readers will bring in the device and hook it to a reader on the PC. There is a possibility that they can take the data and use it in the current utility system. He said there probably would be some kind of conversion that would need to be done. It depends on what type of file.
7:03:39 PM Callahan Asked if Cougar Mountain was Windows based.
7:03:57 PM Bell Answered that Cougar Mountain was a DOS system that had Windows installed on top of it.
7:04:36 PM Callahan They converted a semi-windows to a Windows, but we really don't know if they can convert a Unix to a Windows. He asked about the homes that would not have the new meters, and how they would be read and fed into the computer.
7:04:47 PM Presson Replied it would be the same way. The handheld radio system also has data input. So the meters that are not radio read, the numbers are manually entered.
7:04:55 PM Gulledge Again asked the Board's opinion.
7:05:10 PM Kostyshock Said this must be looked at long term, for the next ten to twenty years, the benefits and wages are going to keep going up.
7:05:15 PM Gulledge Agrees with Juneau, it will be tough to show a lot of savings right away, but he also feels that if the Village is going to do this, now is the time. There is a lot of building going on now. He suggests doing new houses first, and when there is a slow time continue to convert the other subdivisions and areas in the Village, until eventually they will all be done.
7:05:50 PM Limberg Said the Board has talked about this for the past five years. The revenue is better now than it was then. He feels it must be done, or the Village will be falling farther behind unless it is implemented.
7:06:14 PM Kostyshock Agreed. He said prices will keep going up.
7:06:34 PM Bell Asked if there was any benefit to the customer having a radio read meter vs. a regular meter.
7:06:42 PM Juneau Said there is a substantial difference in the number of meters from the first meeting. His question was if there was a substantial difference in price by purchasing in quantity.
7:07:34 PM Gulledge Replied there was. He polled the board to see if they were in favor of going forward with the Radio Read Meter system. Limberg, Schmidt, and Bell all said yes.
7:07:59 PM Callahan Said the only problem he has is, that in the twelve years he has been on the Board, Juneau has always said the rates need to be raised. The Village has raised them one time, and also put on the Facility Charge. The Water Company is a business, the Village doesn't treat it like one. It is treated basically as a way to generate enough money to pay the help. The water rates are so cheap compared to all the municipalities around, that if we do things like this, we must start looking at the Water Company as a business. He agrees that it is beneficial, but he feels the Village is looking at it as just balancing the book. He feels the rates should be raised periodically.
7:09:23 PM Gulledge Said Juneau is in the process of doing a water and sewer study now. He asked Callahan if he was in favor of the Radio Read Meters. He said he was, but he wanted to remind everyone on the Board that if they spend $150,000.00 something will have to be done to pay for it.
7:10:00 PM Kostyshock Said he is in favor. He said he thinks one of the reasons the growth in the Village is partly due to the water and sewer rates being low. He said it probably would not be too bad to raise the rates a little.
7:10:19 PM Gulledge Said if he is hearing the Board, they are in favor of purchasing the 676 package from Midwest Municipal. The cost will be approximately $150,000. with the conversion. This will be on the next Board Meeting Agenda.
7:11:00 PM Bell Said he thinks that between now and then, Presson needs to somehow get on a conference call with all parties involved to make sure they can make this happen.
7:11:55 PM Callahan Asked if anyone has bothered to look at how the Village will be paying for this.
7:12:05 PM Gulledge Replied there is enough money in the WSOM Fund.
7:12:24 PM Callahan Asked about the Facility Charge. A big chunk of the facility charge will be spent on the highway project.
7:12:42 PM Gulledge Proceeded to #4 on the agenda, the Donk, Lange and Division Street repairs. He asked Kostyshock and Juneau to discuss this.
7:13:01 PM Juneau Began by giving the trustees a handout with estimates of the repairs on the streets. He said the last three pages of the handout is about the cost of improvements discussed last time on Old Town Areas known as Donk and Lange. What came out of the original conversation was more streets that needed repair. The cover sheet shows the cost of doing Bauer Lane and West Division, Northwood and Williams Streets. He said a rough estimate to do these four streets is 1.4 million dollars. The second memo deals with the cost for doing South Donk, North Donk, North and South Lange, and Division Street. Also Jacquelyn Court overlay, concrete patching on Schiber Court and Lin Hy Terrace, which is now under construction. He asked if there were any questions.
7:15:54 PM Gulledge Said if the Village does the extra streets and what they are already talking about, it will be somewhere around 2.1 million dollars. He asked for discussion.
7:16:14 PM Kostyshock Said he wants to do all the streets, but not at one time.
7:16:26 PM Bell Asked how he would pick which streets to do now.
7:16:30 PM Kostyshock Replied he said this has already been discussed, Donk and Lange. Or, they could just do none.
7:16:57 PM Limberg Said he was surprised at the cost. If Donk and Lange were done, it is estimated at $236,000.00.
7:17:06 PM Gulledge Replied that what is being done in Lin Hy is a much smaller project than Donk and Lange, and it is $128,000.00. None of this is cheap.
7:17:23 PM Callahan Said the interest rates are still low. If the Board is really committed to doing this, the Village really doesn't have the money, why not have a program to borrow the money. He suggests borrowing the money and have a listed program and try to get it done over a couple of years.
7:18:27 PM Limberg Said 159 is going to be a mess now anyway so why not mess up a couple more streets, and get them all done at one time.
7:18:39 PM Gulledge Said he wouldn't want do to all the streets at one time.
7:18:52 PM Callahan Talked about the time frame of borrowing. He said the last time the Village borrowed to renovate the Village Complex the Village chose the time frame to get the work done. He thinks it was eighteen months. He thinks if the money is borrowed, as long as the parameters are set up ahead of time, it can be done in a time frame suitable to the Village.
7:19:26 PM Kostyshock Said it is easy to borrow the money, but not so easy to pay back.
7:20:00 PM Bell Said he agrees with Callahan, if the Village is going to borrow money, borrow enough to do all the streets. He also asked Juneau if he would restate exactly what this process does for all the streets.
7:20:04 PM Juneau Replied curb and gutter, sidewalks in the old town area, bituminous and asphalt surface for the roads in the old part of town. He corrected himself, and said these are oil and chip surfaces and will be followed with the micro surface, will have storm sewers, curb and gutter, and sidewalks, especially the old part of town.
7:21:37 PM Gulledge Said he wouldn't do a project like this if sidewalks were not included. Talked about the main roads and doing sidewalks there. He used the Bauer Lane area as an example. He doesn't feel it would be practical to put sidewalks on Nelson, and the other side streets.
7:21:56 PM Bell Said if Bauer Lane is done and Jacqueline is, and Mary isn't ---
7:22:29 PM Gulledge Replied that Jacqueline is in bad shape, that's the reason it is being done.
7:22:51 PM Callahan Discussed the area at the south end of town. He said he feels this area is going to develop and it will be retail sales. He said there is a law that allows a municipality to increase the sales tax in it's town from a half to one percent to do improvements, roads and things like that. If the development goes, that will be a pool of money and it is a way in the future that these bills can be paid. He asked Attorney Wigginton about the infrastructure law.
7:24:25 PM Wigginton Said in this particular development agreement he is referring to the taxes will be going to development first.
7:25:14 PM Kostyshock Said right now, the Village could use Motor Fuel Tax funds, and General Fund. He suggests doing a few at a time. All the streets would get done, it just takes longer.
7:25:49 PM Limberg Said he agrees with Kostyshock, he also agrees with Callahan about getting on a program.
7:26:24 PM Callahan Talked more about borrowing. Using the example of the money the Village borrowed to do the Village Complex, it was a little less than two million, and the interest rates were not good. He said basically the Village borrows the money, and tell the people in the borrowing document what will be done with the money and let them know the streets will not all be done at once, but will be done in an order, and it will take about three years. They will deposit the money in the Village's name and the Village can start getting bids.
7:27:44 PM Kostyshock Said he is against borrowing all the money up front.
7:28:02 PM Gulledge Said the only thing he would say is that the Village has the relocation of the water and sewer lines on the 159 project. He feels if the Board chooses to go with doing more streets, they need to make sure to borrow the right amount of money.
7:28:36 PM Bell Asked how much.
7:28:58 PM Juneau Handed out papers with the 159 costs. He said the Village is committed to spending the money. The sanitary sewer & water relocations is estimated at $490,000, sewer cured-in-place lining $140,000. The water line relocation north of 162, the materials will cost approximately $9,000, some work south of 162 is estimated at $30,000, and sidewalk construction is estimated around $100,000. The total cost associated with 159 widening is estimated at $769,000.
7:31:23 PM Gulledge Said the money will come from two different funds, one is Water and Sewer and the other is Streets from the General Fund.
7:31:54 PM Callahan Said since he has been on the Board, the Village has borrowed money to build a firehouse, the Village Complex and Public Works Building. He said he still argues if the Village is doing this, then do them all.
7:34:26 PM Gulledge Said the Finance Department needs to meet with the Public Works Department and decide which projects there are and how much money to borrow, where to borrow it from, etc., decide what is going to be done and then come back to the Board with recommendations and costs. He said the Village is committed to the 159 project, but not the others. This all needs to be taken into consideration, and this is his recommendation. The Board needs to make a decision on what and how this is going to be done. He said none of the streets can be started until next year.
7:36:10 PM Callahan Suggests bringing Mary Kane in, just to see what is available.
7:37:04 PM Gulledge Told Callahan he is Chairman of the Finance Committee, and if he wants to talk to her he can. He has no problem with this.
7:37:24 PM Bell Said the Village doesn't need to borrow for 159. This project is pretty much covered with Water and General Fund.
7:38:42 PM Callahan Said the laws have changed so much over the last ten years, and things probably have changed since the Village borrowed money two years ago. Mary Kane would know which way the Village should go.
7:38:56 PM Gulledge Told Callahan to get in touch with Mary Kane and have her come to a caucus. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask her questions.
7:40:09 PM Gulledge Said this will cover agenda items 5, 6, and 4.
7:40:17 PM Gulledge Said the next item on the agenda for discussion is number 7, Sewer Odor in Blackburn. He asked how this was going to be handled.
7:40:28 PM Juneau Said that he and Presson has not had a chance to get together to discuss this. He asked that this be postponed until the next caucus.
7:40:49 PM Gulledge Talked about Shell Credit Sewer Line and a property owner's request. All easements have been acquired but one. He and Dutton of Juneau Associates talked to the property owners in the area, and kept with the past practice of not allowing free taps. This particular property owner not only wants a free tap on, but they want it all the way up to their home, plus collapse their septic system, and return their yard to the way it is. He said he told them he would take their request to the Board. He reminded the Board that he has already spoken with the other property owners, they were told that for the use of sewer, the easements should be given. Juneau estimates this at about $5,000 to do what they want. He has spoken with Juneau and Dutton, it would be a tougher way to go, but there is enough right of way to by pass them.
7:43:43 PM Juneau Interrupted and said because of the depth and the utilities, the sewer line can't be put in the right of way. There is an option of going down the highway, but would be battling gas and water mains. This would give only ten feet to put the sewer in with maybe five feet off the property line. This would still put damage on the property.
7:45:15 PM Bell Said the property could be returned back to normal. Whatever is torn up there could be fixed.
7:45:17 PM Juneau Said there is no construction easement, and no easement from the property owner to get on his property.
7:45:40 PM Gulledge Said if the Board honors this request, he will call the other property owners and give them the same opportunity.
7:46:39 PM Bell Asked if this property owner benefits from having the sewer there. He does.
7:46:55 PM Wigginton Said there are other options he can discuss with the Mayor. He suggests not going any further as he has not had an opportunity to study this situation. The only question for the Board to consider is if they will honor his request or not.
7:47:18 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted to do. They all agreed not to honor the request. He said that he and the attorney will look at other options. He went on to item 9 on the Agenda. He asked Attorney Wigginton if the IDOT Easement discussion should be in Closed Session.
7:48:01 PM Wigginton Said if this involved acquiring or selling property, including easements then it will have to be discussed in closed session.
7:48:13 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they wanted to hold the Closed Session at the end of the meeting. They agreed.
7:48:35 PM Gulledge Discussed the Additions to Remington. This was tabled at the last meeting as there were questions. He asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss this.
7:49:02 PM Wigginton Said there were approximately eleven (11) items to be addressed. Some of these were matters that required the Zoning Board of Appeals action. He met with Mayor, John Dutton of Juneau Associations, and Kevin Flaugher earlier this week and went over the items, with the initial information going back to the developer with what the Village requires. If addresses all questions will be on agenda
7:49:50 PM Gulledge Asked if they have given answers to all the questions, will he be able to put this back on the agenda for next Wednesday.
7:50:46 PM Wigginton Replied if they address all the questions, then this can be placed on the agenda.
7:51:02 PM Bell Asked about a bike trail entrance at one of the lots.
7:51:38 PM Gulledge Answered that this has nothing to do with the preliminary plat, but he will be talking with developer tomorrow.
7:51:54 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any calendar updates.
7:52:33 PM Callahan Asked about a date for the brush drop off. It has not been set at this time.
7:53:01 PM Gulledge Went on to the To Do List. He said if anyone has a question as the items are displayed to ask it. If not, the list will move forward.
7:53:47 PM Callahan Asked Attorney Wigginton about the pipeline damage on Borri. He asked what the Village's options are. He knows they have been sent a letter, but they ignored it.
7:54:06 PM Wigginton Answered if they ignore the letter, then the Village will sue for damage to the property.
7:54:27 PM Callahan Asked if by damaging the property does this in any way nullify the contract with them.
7:54:44 PM Wigginton Answered no. The contract the Village has with them is that they will repair any damage to any property that occurs during the course of the work.
7:54:57 PM Callahan Asked if this was the entire Village or just in the area they were.
7:55:02 PM Wigginton Said he can't recall without checking the contract, but in any event they are responsible for any damage caused by the pipeline.
7:55:11 PM Callahan Said he has talked with several residents in this area and they are also in the process of filing suit for damages.
7:55:23 PM Wigginton Said he would like to know who they are.
7:55:37 PM Bell Asked about the Fire Department Drive and Parking Bids.
7:55:48 PM Limberg Said he has bids coming in the latter part of this week or the first of next week on the whole project.
7:55:55 PM Schmidt Asked about the phone tower.
7:56:22 PM Wigginton Replied he and Mayor have a meeting on Monday, with Dennis Paul, the real estate broker for various government companies. And also with a representative of Castle who is the owner of the tower and a representative of US Cellular the company who wants to place another cellular satellite on the tower. He has told them what the Village's initial response was to some of their proposals. They want to discuss this further.
7:57:19 PM Bell Said on Page 2 of the list the names should be reversed. Callahan is the Finance Chairman, and he is on the committee.
7:57:39 PM Gulledge Talked about the Grants Category. He spoke with a representative from IEPA about their grant. They were supposed to know something by September 1, now he says it will be October 1 at the earliest, so he is still waiting.
7:57:58 PM Bell Said the soccer goals are in and installed, Jeff Henry did good job.
7:58:20 PM Bell Discussed the CARD meeting held last Tuesday. The meeting went well, he got some ideas. They may be able to fund some of the events the Park Committee does. CARD has a real estate agent looking for property for a joint project.
7:59:13 PM Schmidt Said what bothers him is if they put money into a project, they will want to claim it as theirs.
7:59:37 PM Bell Said whatever is done, they will want their name on it as well as Maryville. They will not take credit for the whole project.
7:59:50 PM Bell Asked the status on the West Main Project.
7:59:57 PM Kostyshock Replied they will be making the second pour on Friday, up to Rosewood, then another pour from Rosewood up to the Foxmill entrance. The entranceway will be split. Then from Foxmill entrance to Field Point. They hope to be there by the first of December. Then for the rest of the winter months they hope to go from Field Point to Keebler. They will work through the winter as long as weather permits.
8:01:38 PM Bell Asked when the Zoning employee will start to work.
8:01:51 PM Gulledge Replied, providing he passes the physical, it will be on the agenda for next Wednesday. The recommendation will be that he start Monday, September 22nd.
8:02:20 PM Gulledge Reported for Chief Schardan, both squad cars are in, and both are marked and equipped. Two officers will be taking the Taser training tomorrow. He has worked something out with a neighboring community to lend the Village a couple of Tasers until ours are delivered sometime around the first of December.
8:02:57 PM Bell Asked what street in Foxmill needs repair.
8:03:18 PM Gulledge Explained it is a street that has several bad spots, and Keller will fix them when he does the section by Foxmill.
8:03:33 PM Callahan Asked Mayor if he has heard anything from Tom Wobbe.
8:03:39 PM Gulledge Replied he has not, but Wobbe did tell him he would have a proposal to him this week. Mayor talked briefly on the Maryville/Troy Emergency Water Hook up. He asked Presson to bring the Board up to date.
8:03:48 PM Presson Said Troy has received all their EPA permits, and they're looking at mid October to complete the job.
8:03:51 PM Kostyshock Said the Historical District, Museum, Library will have their first meeting September 25th in the Museum at 7:00 p.m.
8:04:52 PM Limberg Asked the hours of the museum. He was told that currently there are none.
8:05:10 PM Bell Asked that when they have the first meeting they put together some information for the web page.
8:05:41 PM Gulledge Spoke about the Special Census. The material came today, and it must be returned in five days. He went on to Trustee Comments on the Agenda.
8:05:54 PM Limberg Talked about the contract for support that the Fire Department has for their software from Visionary Systems Unlimited in the amount of $595.00. This is an annual support package for their Firehouse Software.
8:06:48 PM Schmidt Reported on the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. William Beatty was chosen as Chairman. One parcel involved in the Zoning Board meeting. This was the petition of Vernon Carver for a special use permit for an MVOB, and three variances. Testimony and evidence was heard in front of the Zoning Board, and along with the recommendation from the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals approved the Special Use Permit, and granted the three variances. As long as the fees are paid, the Building Permit will be issued. The old carwash will be torn down, and a new carwash will be constructed on the site.
8:08:07 PM Gulledge Said that Attorney Wigginton did a good job on the training session. He put together a sort of rule book for the members. He said the committee was well pleased. Attorney will be doing the same thing for Planning Commission since the new code book is in use. He again commended Wigginton for the good job he did, and told him the members thought the same thing.
8:09:12 PM Schmidt Announced the Rabies Clinic will be held Saturday, September 27, at the Senior Center, from 9 a.m. to Noon. Next, he asked the Board's permission for himself and Kostyshock to be working on improvements in the Cemetery, such as an entrance sign or some kind of sign for the cemetery. He will bring back some ideas and the costs.
8:10:33 PM Gulledge Said he didn't think anyone would object. He told Schmidt that he has a person he can talk to that will be a big help.
8:11:01 PM Callahan Asked about the car wash. He wanted to know if it was in the Special Service Area sewer district.
8:11:36 PM Gulledge Replied he is not certain, but he doesn't think it is. He will check into this. He believes their sewer hooks into Division Street sewer line.
8:11:44 PM Bell Asked Attorney Wigginton about a law concerning the minutes and agenda that they must be posted on the web site. He has received some e-mail on this, and someone from his work also said something about it.
8:12:45 PM Wigginton Replied he knows this is being considered, but he doesn't know if the bill was actually passed or not. He has no information on it.
8:13:28 PM Gulledge Said he will check on it at the IML Conference.
8:13:46 PM Callahan Asked about an article he read in the newspaper today about meeting the radiant standards. He asked Presson if the Village has any problems with this.
8:14:02 PM Presson Replied our samples are fine.
8:14:22 PM Callahan Discussed the stop sign at Pleasant Ridge and Keebler Oaks. This sign is about thirty feet from the cross section. He asked if there was a rule that the sign could not be closer to the intersection, because the tree line there prohibits the driver from seeing the oncoming traffic from the south. He would like to see the stop sign moved closer to the street.
8:15:10 PM Kostyshock Replied that he and Mann had talked about this today. He said they are going to try to find out who owns the trees and have them cut down. It is a bad area for visibility.
8:15:40 PM Callahan Next discussed a near accident he had coming to the meeting. He said he almost hit the ambulance. He said he was at the corner of 159 just before the park, going about 35 mph and an ambulance came out. The warning lights did not come on. He went around and literally had to go into the passing lane to get away from the ambulance. He said he can't believe they do not use the warning lights.
8:16:02 PM Limberg Said it may depend on the person, because they used them last week on a call as he was going to Collinsville.
8:16:46 PM Kostyshock Asked about the trees on Pleasant Ridge being in the easement. He asked if they are the responsibility of the owner. He was told they were. Next, he reported that the History Book sale is going well. He said Melissa has sold fourteen. He also talked about disposing of the 1989 one ton dump truck. It needs to be junked. It is worth nothing, he would like permission to have Mann see what he can get for it. The block is cracked, has a cracked windshield, floorboards are rotted out, etc.
8:17:23 PM Callahan Asked what kind of bids was turned in the last time.
8:17:31 PM Kostyshock Said the Village tried to sell it, but it didn't work out. Now it isn't worth anything.
8:18:15 PM Wigginton Said there will have to be an ordinance declaring the vehicle surplus property.
8:18:26 PM Kostyshock Said also the snowplow will only fit that truck, so it should be sold with the truck. Next he reported on the Lyn Hi project. They are supposed to pour the curbing on Heather Green on Friday. Then he discussed uniforms for the Administration Building staff. Trustee Garcia had asked him to discuss this with the staff. He did. He talked to Marvin, Thelma, Kevin, and Melissa. Thelma says she doesn't want a uniform. Melissa, Marvin, and Kevin all said they would like is polo shirts, no pants, shoes, etc.
8:19:08 PM Callahan Asked if the Village would give the employee a dollar amount to buy shirts, or just buy them the shirts. He was told the Village would buy the shirts.
8:19:35 PM Kostyshock Replied that the Village would buy the shirts. He thinks Melissa especially should have the shirts, working in the water office.
8:19:45 PM Limberg Said it sounds to him like all they want is for the Village to provide them with three or four polo shirts, and then they'll wear them.
8:19:51 PM Bell Said he agrees with the Mayor. If the Village pays for polo shirts, then the employee must wear them everyday. If they do not, they should be sent home.
8:20:31 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem doing this. He asked the board if the employees should be given five shirts, one for each day. They agreed. Mayor again said he has no problem with this, but they will be required to wear the shirts every day.
8:21:58 PM Kostyshock Talked next about former Fire Chief Elliott , who died a few weeks back, and his years of service with the Fire Department. He thinks it would be nice to have memorial in his honor by the Firehouse.
8:23:31 PM Gulledge Said he would have no problem getting a stone in his honor, and having it engraved with his name and years of service. He asked Trustee Kostyshock to look into this.
8:24:01 PM Gulledge Announced a Concert in the Park this Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with Zydeco Crawdaddy's Band. Also, he spoke about the Tax Levy that must be filed by the end of next month. He asked Finance Chairman Callahan and his committee to look at the figures Brussatti has given them. This will be discussed at the next caucus.
8:25:19 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to go into Closed Session to talk about real property, sale or purchase. Schmidt made the motion, and Limberg made the second to the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
9:00:23 PM GulledgeBell Limberg Called for a motion to come out of Closed Session and return to Open session. The motion was made by Bell and Limberg seconded the motion. Voting on the motion Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
9:00:50 PM Gulledge With nothing further to discuss, he adjourned the meeting. The meeting ended at 9:01.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville