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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus meeting
Date9/24/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:25 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, and Kostyshock.
6:30:51 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the September 10th Caucus minutes. He asked for additions, questions or subtractions. There were none.
6:31:13 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:31:26 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to approve the September 10, 2003 Caucus minutes as submitted by the Clerk. The motion was made by Schmidt, and Kostyshock seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:08 PM Gulledge Introduced Bob Earnhart of the Loyal Order of Moose.
6:32:18 PM Earnhart Spoke about opening a Moose Service Center in Maryville. He introduced Ron Kozuszek and relinquished the floor to him.
6:33:13 PM Kozuszek Said they were here to get permission from the Village to go into Maryville and offer an opportunity to the citizens to become members of the Moose. He spoke briefly about the history of the Moose. He said the Moose is a family fraternity. Their major concerns are family, youth, seniors and community. The organization was founded in 1888 by Dr. Wilson in Louisville, Kentucky.
6:34:11 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:34:28 PM Kozuszek Continuing on, talked about taking care of children at Moose Hart. They assist elderly people also. In 1922 Moose Haven was started. He said the fraternity is dedicated to humanity from womb to tomb. He talked about Tommy Moose, a stuffed velour animal that they give to police and fire departments to give to small children who have been involved in some kind of trauma. There is also a program for the older youth also. He said the reason they are here is to ask permission to attempt to establish a Moose Service Center. A Moose Service Center will consist of twenty-five members with a primary objective other than to establish family relationships among the members and try to help families in the community, is to offer an extended hand to the community in whatever way it can. They handed out literature prior to the start of the meeting, that they will be handing to residents. He asked for questions.
6:41:07 PM Garcia Asked what they are asking for, and what is a service center.
6:41:21 PM Kozuszek Explained that a service center is a smaller, condensed version of a Moose Lodge. He said they always go to the City Council and explain what the Moose is and why they want to come into the community. They ask permission and they make sure there are no codes or licenses that they must be aware of before the come in to solicit membership.
6:41:42 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:42:05 PM Garcia Asked where they would meet.
6:42:17 PM Kozuszek Answered " where ever". He said it would be a public forum.
6:43:21 PM Gulledge Said he is a former Moose member, and it is a great organization. He doesn't think any of the trustees would have objections. He asked if anyone would have a problem, they all said no. He thanked them for coming.
6:45:06 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Schardan if he had anything to discuss before going on to Mary Kane. He had nothing. He asked the trustees if anyone had a question for Chief.
6:45:37 PM Bell Asked Chief Schardan if he received an invitation to the grand opening of Maryville Elementary which is tomorrow (September 25) night. He told him it would start at 6:30 p.m.
6:45:47 PM Gulledge Asked Mary Kane to proceed with her discussion on financing street improvements in the Village.
6:46:21 PM Kane Asked Callahan if he wanted to say something first.
6:46:51 PM Callahan Said it is not a done deal that the Board wants to borrow the money. He asked her here to explain the costs, benefits, pros and cons, etc.
6:47:32 PM Kane Said she realizes this is just in the exploratory stage. She put together a memo in the packets about the different options, what they would cost, and how to approach them. She talked about the alternate revenue source bonds, similar to the ones she just did for the Village, where the Village is identifying a revenue source that it indicates will be available to make the payments. The other one discussed in the packet, and hasn't been used before, is debt certificates or installment purchase contracts. Installment Purchase contracts are the concept of paying over a twenty year period, the bond issue, but instead of identifying one specific source of revenue, such as sales tax, utility tax, or communications tax, the pledge of the installment contract is the monies in the General Fund. It basically ends up being very similar to the alternate revenue bonds. The Sales tax, Utility tax Communications tax are all in the General Fund, and in the revenue source bonds, that is what is used as a source of repayment. The installment contract or debt certificates, the Village is saying they are pledging all the money in the General Fund. As long as there is money in the General Fund, the Village must appropriate for the debt certificates. The concepts are somewhat similar, yet different. The primary difference is in the execution. Using the alternate revenue source, there is a publication process, a notice of intent must be passed, and published and then wait 30 days, and 7.5% of the residents if they truly oppose the process can come to the Board with a petition stating they do not want the Village to do this, you must wait until the next election and put it on a referendum. The other primary criteria with respect to alternate bonds is the coverage factor. The debt service required for the new bond issue, that debt service must be identified plus an additional 1.25%. The most recent audit must show that the Village has the 1.25%. She talked about the Installment Purchase Contract. It has become much more widely accepted. The reason is it just takes a vote of council, no publication, no waiting period. The advantage to this is the time issue, particularly with interest rates going up and down. The Village must appropriate on annual basis, this is a requirement for the Installment Purchase. She talked about the three options. Alternate Bond, this is the one with the backdoor referendum. They should be insured because the insurance would get a Triple A rating, they would be sold on the open market, and the interest rates will range somewhere from 1.2 to 5% if they're for twenty years. Call feature to call bonds to refinance is available. The second option is an Insured example of the Debt Certificates, for all practical purposes it is the same, nothing has changed. These are becoming commonly accepted. The third is an uninsured example. She said she talked about this several years ago. It was at that time difficult to get insurance, and what they did was primarily take them to the local banks. She said they would still do this. A debt certificate changes some of the technical requirements, but wouldn't change anything the Village would normally do, such as making sure there is enough money to cover the bonds. She said the only thing with debt certificates is, it must be new construction. She said this doesn't seem to be a problem with the project under discussion. This issues the Village is looking at are primarily new construction as related to utilities, sidewalks, and roads.
6:58:50 PM Callahan Replied that they are replacements, they are existing.
6:58:53 PM Kane Answered it is new construction to get it, it is not a relocation of a building or refinancing existing bonds.
6:59:25 PM Callahan Asked how long before the money would be available.
6:59:48 PM Kane Said on a debt certificate it would only be one ordinance, and then the money would probably be available within forty-five days.
6:59:55 PM Callahan Said with the bond issue, just add thirty days.
7:00:01 PM Kane Said yes because it has to be published in the newspaper, and wait for the period of time, etc.
7:00:06 PM Callahan Asked if with the debt certificates, there would still be a bond council opinion.
7:00:21 PM Kane Said yes, they are different than bonds, they are in fact bonds..
7:01:03 PM Callahan Said on a regular bond, there is a ten year call, is there something like this on the debt certificate
7:01:23 PM Kane Replied they are structured the same, the primary difference is the way the Council approaches the action and technical requirements.
7:01:30 PM Callahan Said the Village is probably in better shape than the last time she was here.
7:01:55 PM Kane Said the water system is in great shape, The Village did the refinancing on the water bonds.
7:02:11 PM Callahan Said the annual report is dated April 30th.
7:03:53 PM Kane Asked if the 2003 audit is available. She was told not yet, but soon.
7:04:05 PM Callahan Said so that everyone knows, the Trustees vote, and they do the paperwork and sell the bonds, and the Village cashes the check. He said this procedure is very simplified. It is a lot of paperwork, but the Village doesn't do it. He asked if the time limit on the certificates is like the other, twenty years maximum. He was told yes.
7:04:34 PM Gulledge Asked if there were shorter terms.
7:04:44 PM Kane Said they can be structured to be ten or fifteen, whatever the Village would want.
7:06:04 PM Gulledge Said if the Village did this and wanted to go with ten years, would that change the rates.
7:06:29 PM Kane Replied it changes the rates, it actually makes them lower.
7:06:50 PM Gulledge Asked Kane's opinion on the interest rates. He said he's been reading that they are going to drop again.
7:07:35 PM Callahan Said no one really knows, and no one can really explain why the rates shot up in June and the dropped the way they did.
7:07:51 PM Kane Said there are a number of options available, and her firm would pledge to move as fast as possible and get the best rate possible.
7:08:16 PM Gulledge Thanked Mary Kane for coming.
7:09:02 PM Garcia Said since there is not a lot of money coming in, except for building, what happens when the building stops.
7:09:40 PM Gulledge Responded that this is a good question, but he wants to stay away from discussion, since the Board is not certain they want to do this yet. This can be put on the agenda for next caucus.
7:11:10 PM Gulledge Went on to the 2003 Tax Levy agenda item. He said the tax levy must be approved and filed and recorded by the last Tuesday of December. He talked about the EAV and explained how they arrived at the $94,000.00 figure. He said it is all based on estimation.
7:13:00 PM Brussatti Talked about estimates and how he arrived at the maximum rate on the levy. Last year the Village was estimated at $83,000,000. When the levy came back from the County the actual value was $84,958,740. It was underestimated by $1,958,740. He said based on this, he took the figure and increased it by Ten Million Dollars, making it $94,000,000. Then he took that figure and calculated where the Village would be at the maximum rates on the levy to come up with the figures that he has, which is estimated for the upcoming year.
7:14:09 PM Bell Asked if the 1.0173 figure was the total calculated rate.
7:14:42 PM Brussatti Explained that it was last year's calculated rate.
7:14:49 PM Callahan Asked what the value was on property built in the last calendar year.
7:14:57 PM Brussatti Said Flaugher would have those figures. He thought he had a copy, but it was not with this paperwork.
7:16:15 PM Wigginton Asked Callahan if he was asking for the estimated assessed valuation that has come in in the last year. As the discussion went on, he reminded the Trustees that they cant count what's under construction because it is not assessed until it is sold. He said they should be looking at the assessed valuation of the property that is occupied now. He said he thinks the Village has been very accurate in their estimations according to the records he has been keeping for over fifteen years.
7:17:05 PM Bell Said the idea of Flaugher keeping those numbers each year is so they can be more accurate. Whatever there was last year, plus the year before assessed evaluation of new things is what would be assessed.
7:17:11 PM Callahan Gave an example of a $30,000,000 assessed valuation, take a third of that, and it would be $10,000,000. But then there is a multiplier which is six tenths of one percent for all the existing property.
7:17:49 PM Bell Asked Brussatti how he arrived at the ten million figure.
7:17:54 PM Brussatti Said it was just an estimated amount that he used in order to get what the extended amount would be and what the tax levy total would be.
7:18:11 PM Bell Said it would be closer to take the $84,958,740. plus the assessed value from the year before last.
7:18:32 PM Brussatti Said that is what they did last year, and they were $1,958,740. off.
7:18:39 PM Callahan Said that is only about 2% off, but all that needs to be done is find the number and do a little calculating.
7:18:59 PM Wigginton Said he, Mayor and Flaugher have been working on these numbers since they were first distributed.
7:19:22 PM Gulledge Said he told Brussatti that his number of $94,000,000. was close to their number of $95,500.000. No one is going to get the exact number.
7:20:05 PM Bell Said he knows what happens when the estimate is low, but he wanted to know what would be the problem with over estimating.
7:20:19 PM Wigginton Replied that the down side to over estimating is that on the truth in taxation hearing the Village would be promoting a tax increase, which would be published in the newspapers. He talked about some of the categories are capped, some are not. Those can be increased those, but the tax rate will raise.
7:21:47 PM Bell Said last year the rate was .9946, what would the calculated total be based on 94 or 95 million.
7:22:06 PM Callahan Talked about Social Security and IMRF. There is no cap, it is whatever is paid, and it has always been under estimated. The Village has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have been recouped through property tax, but because enough was not levied, it had to be taken out of general fund. The legal opinion he got was that the Village could play catch up, by levying more than what would be spent during the year. These are the kinds of categories he would like to see the Village be aggressive on to recoup some of the money paid by the general funds.
7:23:37 PM Gulledge Said there are a couple of ways to look at it. Brussatti's number is a safer number than his if they want the tax rate to go down. Also, he said because of under estimating last year, it may go up this year. It may no be a lot, but he said if it is possible, he would like to see the rate stay the same or possibly go down a little.
7:24:25 PM Bell Said last year the tax rate was based on $84,000,000, what would be the rate if it is base on $94,000,000.
7:25:34 PM Wigginton Told Bell he knows what he is asking, and can give him the number. He said take the 999875 divide by 94,000,000. This gives a rate of 1.06. He went on to say that because of the under estimation last year it will almost force the Village into a situation of the tax rate going up.
7:26:53 PM Callahan Said unless there is more assessment than $94,000,000. He talked briefly about how Wigginton, Mayor and Brussatti worked hours on coming up with the figures they did. Everyone was concerned the tax rate would raise, but as a Board they decided to risk it, then all of a sudden the rate was down. This was due to having more growth than they thought.
7:27:38 PM Wigginton Said last year the Administration said $85,000,000. Part of the Board said $81,000,000 because they thought the Administration was being too aggressive, and they settled on $83,000,000. It came in at $84,958,000.
7:28:17 PM Bell Said the 95 number sounds better to him.
7:28:34 PM Brussatti Said he has looked at the last three years, and each year they were right at the growth right around ten million dollars. This was from 2001, 2002 and this year.
7:29:15 PM Limberg Said the houses being built over the past few years has been relatively consistent.
7:29:58 PM Gulledge Suggested taking the tax levy back to the Finance Committee, and Attorney Wigginton, Brussatti, Callahan, himself and Flaugher will try to come up something. However, he wants to know the Boards feeling. Do they want to stay as close to last year, or try to figure a way to reduce taxes, or go for a higher EAV that may make the rate go up.
7:30:37 PM Callahan Said Garcia asked earlier how is the Village going to pay for the things they want done. He has always argued that the Village should get as much as they can, so more services can be provided, by charging the rates that are set by someone the Village has no control over.
7:31:51 PM Gulledge Explained the caps. There are four areas, liability insurance, audit, social security, and IMRF that are not set. There are no caps. The audit is a set amount, this should be no problem. The liability insurance is a big problem. Brussatti has talked to the insurance company, and they are telling him the cost will be around $70,000.00. FICA and IMRF are the ones that are problems. They are based on employees, how much they make, raises, etc.
7:33:11 PM Callahan Said the State sets the IMRF rate, not the Village.
7:33:15 PM Gulledge Said that in the FICA category there is a minus $931 There wasn't enough levied. The IMRF was levied at $120,000. and $107,000. was used. He asked Limberg how he wanted to direct the Finance Committee. There are three ways, one is to try to be under last year, two is try to keep it as close as possible to last year, and three go with the EAV and try to get the maximum amount of dollars that the caps will allow.
7:34:16 PM Limberg Replied he would like them to make sure to get enough money to operate the Village as it should be, but he would like to keep taxes at least the same if possible.
7:35:13 PM Schmidt Said stay as close as they can, but up it if the have to.
7:35:37 PM Bell Said the Village can't continue to go down forever. He suggests going back to 1.01or 1.04 and take advantage of caps with some consideration.
7:36:26 PM Callahan Said he would remind the Board that last year they had this same argument. He said look at the numbers, be realistic, throw in the rate of increase, the actual tax level for Collinsville Township, take the numbers Flaugher generated, back out the ones that don't pay taxes, and that's the number to use. Then on the categories like Social Security and IMRF be aggressive. On the others, be realistic and aggressive.
7:37:45 PM Kostyshock Said keep as close as possible to last year. He agrees with Callahan, be aggressive on the social security and IMRF.
7:38:09 PM Callahan Said he would not lower the IMRF to $107,000. because the Village doesn't know what the rate is going to be. The $13,000. surplus doesn't erase the deficit the Village has carried over the last five years.
7:38:14 PM Brussatti Said they are not trying to erase the deficit, but actually if the levy is over what was needed, it has to be reduced.
7:38:29 PM Callahan Replied that the auditor said the surplus can be used to reduce previous shortages.
7:39:07 PM Garcia Said she prefers to stay as close as possible.
7:39:31 PM Gulledge Said it is his intent to try to keep it the same, or possibly go over a little bit. The committee will work on this and bring some more numbers back. He asked the committee to get together and set up a meeting.
7:40:02 PM Bell Said they should bring it to the next caucus.
7:41:14 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Park Committee Recommendations.
7:41:22 PM Bell Discussed three recommendations of the Park Committee. The first recommendation is to install a drain along the 3rd base line at the Khoury League Ball Field behind the Senior Center. He said when it rains the water comes off the field and produces a big puddle or ditch. He said he thinks a surface drain tied into a pipe to take it over to Division Street pipe would do the job. The committee is asking the Board to look into taking care of this. The new president of the Khoury League said he would be happy to meet with the Public Works crew, and show them where the problem is.
7:43:40 PM Callahan Asked if there was a concrete pipe put in on the extension.
7:44:07 PM Bell Replied he didn't think so.
7:45:24 PM Callahan Asked if it was plastic. He was told it was. He said it would be easy to tie into.
7:45:29 PM Gulledge Suggested having Kostyshock call the President of the Khoury League, and have him meet with the crew to see if this can be done.
7:45:46 PM Bell Discussed the second recommendation. This recommendation is to enter into an agreement with the Meyers at 813 Cedar Valley Drive and Cindy Powell-Brown, 817 Cedar Valley Drive to permit the installation of a suitable passageway from Cedar Valley to the Bike Trail. He said they are both fine with the Village blacktopping from the bike trail to the back of the fence line. Meyer showed the committee a grass pave product, and a couple of paving products. He said he thinks the first step would be to have Juneau put together an estimate, or bid package.
7:46:57 PM Gulledge Asked Bell what this would cost.
7:47:03 PM Bell Replied he has no idea. He said he would guess around $3000.00. He said when he talked with Juneau, he mentioned he may have some of the plastic product that the Park Board could have.
7:48:00 PM Wigginton Said the Village should try to obtain an easement from the property owners.
7:48:15 PM Bell Said there is a pedestrian easement there, and the drive is cut and the bike trail is "T"d off. He said he has a plat the has the pedestrian easement on it. It has been filed with the County.
7:48:34 PM Wigginton Said he would need the final plat that has been filed with the County.
7:48:57 PM Bell Said the property owners just want an agreement with the Village.
7:49:02 PM Wigginton Said that first the Village needs to find out legally what we have. Then, after he finds out what the Village legally has, then the decision will be what type of letter needs to be sent to the owners.
7:49:26 PM Bell Said the Board has been talking about this particular property for over a year. The owners are in agreement. He would like to know what is the quickest and best way to proceed.
7:49:56 PM Wigginton Said if the plat has an easement that was dedicated to the Village, there is nothing more that has to be done except build it. If not, then the Village will have to get an easement from the property owners.
7:50:52 PM Gulledge Said it cant just be on letterhead. There must be an easement document that both owners will sign, and their signatures must be notarized. Then it must be recorded.
7:51:13 PM Gulledge Said in the meantime the Village needs to get an estimate of the costs. The Board cannot vote on this without knowing the cost involved.
7:51:54 PM Garcia Said she wants an entrance to the bike tail in Blackburn Terrace also.
7:52:43 PM Gulledge Told her that this is a possibility as they do have easements. He told her that Bell has worked a long time trying to get an entrance in Rolling Meadows. He suggests that she begin to work on this if she wants an entrance in Blackburn Terrace.
7:52:58 PM Limberg Asked what happens if cars park in front of the residents homes.
7:53:43 PM Bell Said he thinks the intent is for anyone in that subdivision to be able to get on the trail
7:53:49 PM Gulledge Said there is room available for parking and it is under contract with Madison County Transit.
7:54:18 PM Garcia Said just as long as the people know that people may be parking in the area to get to the path. It cant be just for the subdivision's use.
7:54:27 PM Gulledge Said check with Juneau and Schmidt is going to check on the plat, and let him and Attorney Wigginton know what he founds out.
7:54:51 PM Bell Discussed the third recommendation to place a sign on 159 at Vadalabene indicating direction to Drost Park. Mayor said he has no problem with this. Bell said he would ask Mann to check with the State and order the sign.
7:56:35 PM Garcia Asked if there is one on Schiber Court. She was told there is.
7:57:39 PM Gulledge Discussed a request from the1st Baptist Church to allow the temporary construction road to stay open. He explained that this is on the east side, going east from Lakeview Acres Road, there is a temporary rock road for the contractors to use so that the church drive will not be torn up. They are asking the Village to allow this road to stay open. He said he has not problem with this. It is a rock road, looks no different that the other rock roads off Lakeview Acres Road. It is his recommendation that the Village tell them that they can make it a temporary construction road, and they can ask yearly to allow it to remain open. He said if no one has a problem with this, he will tell them to leave it a temporary entrance. He said the older people don't like to turn on to 162, and they have been using this road.
7:59:19 PM Callahan Asked if the church had plans to sell the property in the future.
7:59:44 PM Garcia Said the property will be ball diamonds, soccer fields, etc.
7:59:51 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly about the National Bible Week Proclamation request. If there are no problems he will put in on the Board Agenda for next week. He polled the Board. No one has a problem with this.
8:00:48 PM Gulledge Discussed a request to pass a Resolution Opposing New Illinois State Fees. This is in reference to the EPA fees they keep coming up with. They keep asking for more money. The Illinois Council of Mayors has asked him and the Village to send a resolution to the people who represents us. If no one has a problem with this, he will ask the Attorney to draw up a resolution for the next Board meeting.
8:01:27 PM Schmidt Asked who he would be sending it to.
8:02:13 PM Gulledge Said he will be sending it to our Congressmen, telling him the Village is opposed, and let them send it to the EPA. This will be on the agenda for next Board meeting.
8:02:46 PM Gulledge Went on to the calendar updates.
8:03:02 PM Bell Said the Rabies Clinic is this weekend, October 14 is large item trash pick up, Kids Pooch Party/Dog Show is October 12 at Drost Park, and Saturday October 4 is the Fire Department Open House, October 11 is the Outreach Bazaar.
8:04:04 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List next.
8:04:12 PM Limberg Said he is still waiting on a bid for the concrete for the Fire Department Drive and Parking spaces.
8:04:24 PM Schmidt Asked Attorney if there was anything he could tell them about the items he is involved in.
8:04:41 PM Wigginton Said he spoke with the attorney on the Brine Tanks on Monday to try to get a date set for the arbitration. Cape Contracting case comes up later this month. There will be a new trial date. The last trial was continued over the Village's objection. Mayor and he met with the phone tower people, gave them their thoughts on what they would or would not be agreeable to with respect to the cellular tower and the location of another cellular company on the tower. The personnel policy is currently being reviewed. The Shafer street creep lawsuit is being handled by Burroughs, Hefler and Bruin through the Village insurance company. A summons in mail was received yesterday from Hart contracting.
8:08:07 PM Kostyshock Discussed the light for the flag pole. They were supposed to come out yesterday and cut the wire on the light that is to be put out. He said the other one is up too high. He is going to bring it down.
8:08:53 PM Gulledge IDOT easements have been mailed. Building & Zoning Code Enforcement Assistant Andrew Hellrung started Monday. He had a meeting on the small restroom at Fireman's Park, they met with George Kroder. He told them that there will have to be a waterproof box of some sort for the electrical panel. They are looking at some ideas to bring to the Board.
8:10:08 PM Bell Commented that some of the firemen asked if the restrooms could be removed, but the building be left. They do use the building during the Homecoming as the main stand. He suggests since the building is an eyesore, tearing it down and build a new one.
8:10:50 PM Gulledge Said he is not opposed to doing this. His recommendation to the Board is that the current building must go. He agreed there is a possibility of putting up another building. There was talk of possibly building another small pavilion there.
8:12:35 PM Bell Asked that the add/ install drain at Field 4, and also the park signs be added to the To Do List.
8:13:30 PM Gulledge Said he would be putting the item "Hire New Police Officer" on hold.
8:13:45 PM Gulledge Reported that the159 Water Main Extension started yesterday. Asked about the Foxmill Drainage Problems.
8:13:57 PM Kostyshock Replied the first problem is completed, it is seeded and looks good.
8:14:14 PM Schmidt Asked about the Lyn Hi Project.
8:14:23 PM Kostyshock Explained the progress. The storms sewers and drop boxes are being put in. This should be done by the end of the week. Then the curbing will begin. Heather Green Street is higher than the curb, therefore a special piece of equipment will be brought in to cut some of the road off.
8:15:06 PM Bell Asked why the radio read meter line item is marked completed.
8:15:38 PM Gulledge Answered that they have been ordered.
8:15:58 PM Gulledge Reported that he went back to the property owner that he had told the Village couldn't do what they asked for in order to give an easement. Both owners signed the easement, so the Village has easements for the whole length of the sewer extension. He reported that since then, a developer has bought property across the street, on east side of 159, and he thinks they will be paying for a stub across 159 to hook into the sewer, for an area that is not sewered for a commercial development. This is just north of Maryville Pharmacy.
8:17:34 PM Callahan Asked if the force main didn't run through there.
8:18:01 PM Gulledge Replied there can't be anymore taps on the force main. This one will be a gravity flow. The force main is only a four inch line.
8:18:12 PM Bell Asked if Jim Morgan had been in to talk with the Mayor about obtaining new property for the cemetery. He is very interested in purchasing some lots.
8:18:53 PM Kostyshock Said he has been working on this with an individual. He said he will talk with Morgan. Next, he announced the first meeting on the Historical District Museum, Library tomorrow at the Old Firehouse at 7:00 p.m.
8:19:33 PM Limberg Asked how the sale of the History Books was going . He was told 36 in the last two weeks. They are going quick.
8:20:49 PM Callahan Asked about the Special Census. Mayor told him the maps came in and he and Flaugher worked on them. They were mailed back, and he has already received a response that they want proof of some of the annexations.
8:22:07 PM Schmidt Announced the Rabies Clinic on Saturday, September 27 from 9 a.m. to Noon, at the Senior Center. He announced that St. Luke's United Methodist Church is having a blood drive Tuesday, September 30 from 3p.m. to 7 p.m.
8:23:01 PM Gulledge Said they announced at church that the blood supply is very low. If there would be a major accident, there would not be enough blood on hand to accommodate the patients.
8:23:19 PM Bell Said he has talked with AmLegal about questions on searching and printing. They do have an intranet version of the folio. Jolene installed it on the server today. The Intranet version has a lot more capabilities than internet. He also talked to them about the forms missing in the Code. They told him that the attorney sent a letter requesting them to be removed.
8:24:40 PM Wigginton Said he did write the letter as a result of a discussion with AmLegal and the Mayor. It was his opinion that because the forms were changing, that they didn't want to put out wrong information. The forms will be kept at city hall, and will not be available on the web.
8:25:10 PM Bell Said he agrees they should not be included in the code, but they should be on server or web, etc.
8:25:36 PM Wigginton Said there could be a separate section on the website titled Maryville Forms. There will have to be a note stating that the forms may change from time to time.
8:26:47 PM Bell Said Jolene has gathered all these forms. Someone needs to go through them and see if they are still applicable. There are forms and applications to be gone through.
8:27:25 PM Wigginton Said the body of an ordinance may say there is a form to bill filled out. These are the forms that Jolene needs to be collecting. They should be forwarded to Building and Zoning to find out which ones need revision.
8:28:41 PM Gulledge Said he will discuss this with staff.
8:29:19 PM Bell Said that he has briefly discussed the minutes being on the Web. The attorney said it is not a law yet. He is fine waiting until it is. He announced the grand opening at the school on Thursday, September 25. at 6:30 - 7 pm. He invited any Trustee who can to attend. He asked about the lake bids. He said Juneau told him a week or two ago that it would be out for bid within a week. Mayor told him he didn't have them, and he didn't think the bids were out yet. He said he has been asked if the Village was going to sell the old computers being replaced in the Police Department.
8:31:50 PM Schmidt Suggested donating them to a school, rather than selling them..
8:32:34 PM Bell Said Computron is coming in to inventory what there is, so a resolution to sell or donate them can be drawn up.
8:32:47 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they wanted to sell the computers or donate them to a school or other organization such as a nursing home.
8:34:48 PM Bell Said it is going to cost $89.00 to have Village information erased from the Computers.
8:35:40 PM Callahan Said back in July the Economic Development Committee met with SIMPAC Tom Wobbe, who gave presentation about updating the Village Comprehensive Plan. This would be a great help with obtaining grants, etc. To update the current plan will be $18,500. It is his recommendation that the Village do this. And, if the Board decides to do it, the Economic Development Committee and the Planning Commission needs to get together and decide when to do this. He estimates this will take at least three to five meetings.
8:37:07 PM Gulledge Reminded the Board that this will not be a new book. It will be maps, changes on the maps, and addendum to the current plan on the back.
8:37:57 PM Bell Asked if this is something that goes in the book. he was told that the pages of the book will be updated, and shown on the addendum. There will be new maps plus changes.
8:38:50 PM Callahan Recommends the plan be amended every so often to be eligible for grants, etc.
8:40:27 PM Gulledge Said he asked Wobbe if the Village should redo the whole book again. Wobbe told him an addendum would be more than enough.
8:41:14 PM Callahan Explained how critical it is in having current maps. He talked about having smaller versions of the maps to give to prospective developers.
8:41:43 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in favor of putting this on the Board agenda. They were all in favor.
8:43:21 PM Callahan Asked about the brochures.
8:43:50 PM Gulledge Said the stickers with the correct phone number are here. He plans on putting them on as needed.
8:44:55 PM Gulledge Handed out a copy of the Village's current financial obligation, and explained. He reminded the Board that the Special Service Areas levy is not Village money. The property owners pay this on their property tax. He said there are charts attached. He wants them to look over these so they can know a little better, the financial situation of the Village.
8:46:30 PM Bell Asked what bond was paid off.
8:47:17 PM Callahan Replied it was a 1992 water bond issue.
8:47:53 PM Gulledge Said he met with representatives from Prime Site International. The ball is in their court. They are supposed to bring back some more information. He told the trustees that when they do, he will put it together and get it to them. He said the next Board Meeting is Wednesday, October 1, the next Caucus is Wednesday October 8. Juneau probably be here to discuss the sewer odor problem in Blackburn Terrace. He may have the water and sewer rates ready for discussion also.
8:48:53 PM Callahan Asked for a balance sheet on the water and sewer to be available for the discussion.
8:49:33 PM Gulledge With no further business to discuss, he asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion by Limberg, second by Schmidt to adjourn. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville