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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date10/8/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:31:59 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. He asked that the record show that Trustee Bell is present, however he is in a meeting with Data Technologies concerning Radio Read Meter software. Trustee Limberg was absent. Clerk Long is present, and Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson is present, but in the Data Technologies meeting. Auditor James Ferris was also in attendance.
6:32:58 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the September 24th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any additions, corrections or questions on the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Motion by Schmidt, second by Garcia to approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:33:28 PM Gulledge Introduced Jim Ferris, Auditor for the Village.
6:33:49 PM Ferris Said the audit finished and was provided in the Trustee Packets. He noted two changes to the financial statement. On page 12, at the bottom, under the May 1, 2002 column the "Less-accumulated depreciation" amount should be $2,237,986. On page 30, the Schedule of Legal Debt Margin, the 4th item, "Outstanding debt at April 30, 2001" the year should be 2003. He said he encountered no real problems, the only difficulty was due to the conversion of software. He said he would just highlight some of the items, instead going page by page. The first two pages are the index and table of contents. The first page is the auditors report. He said this is his part of audit, the rest is from the Village. He has put it in a format that is readable. The third page is the Combined Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Equity Arising from Cash Transactions. It has all the fund types and account groups. He said one thing coming up is future cash requirements. Water and sewer has been paying their bonds off for quite a while. Now, the General Fund has a General Obligation Bond of Two Million Dollars. It has been paying only interest for the last eighteen months. The first bond payment is due January, 2004. He wanted the Board to realize there will be cash outlays coming up that were not there before, and coming out of a fund that never had an amount like that taken out before. There is plenty of money in the fund, however, some of the money should be restricted for the payments. He noted on page 3, under General, Cash and equivalents, the $904,806, and under Investments - restricted, $980 ,053. That is the amount of the expansion of 159. This is not Village money. The State of Illinois is passing it through the Village to the people constructing the project. This is why it is restricted. In the General Fund, cash is down about a half Million Dollars, mainly because interest on the bond issue and also the Capital Improvements.
6:42:25 PM Callahan Asked if the numbers in the Accumulated depreciation column should be changed, and if the math was right.
6:42:43 PM Ferris Explained these numbers are right. The amount he asked to be changed was the beginning of the year.
6:42:57 PM Callahan Said in reference to the cash being down, one reason is that the Village paid for the Public Works Building from available cash instead of borrowing the money.
6:43:45 PM Ferris Said the next page, Combined Statement of Revenues Received, Expenditures Paid is comparable to last year. Nothing unusual, but under the General Fund column in Grants, the $980,100 is the money from the State. Not counting this money, revenue for the General Fund is down about $226,000.00. He said this isn't unusual. Capital projects should be phased out when final payment is made.
6:46:36 PM Garcia Asked if the amount under capital projects is the amount owed on the building.
6:46:42 PM Gulledge Explained this is not what is owed, this is extra money. Hart says the Village owes $50,000. Ferris is saying there is $292,000. left in the fund.
6:46:53 PM Bell Asked if he was saying that none of the money can be transferred. He was told it can't be transferred until the building is paid off.
6:47:17 PM Callahan Said the bulk of the excess money belongs to General Fund. He asked if any of the other funds owe money to the General Fund.
6:47:42 PM Ferris Replied Water and Sewer owes money to the General Fund, about $200,000. He said the General Fund is "solid", there is no problem.
6:49:37 PM Ferris Said that once the Village determines that the building is done, the amount Hart says is still owed can be reserved, and the difference can be transferred into the General Fund.
6:52:41 PM Ferris Explained page five, the comparison of the General Fund, Capital Projects and Special Revenue funds.
6:53:38 PM Ferris Page 6, Combined Statement of Revenues Received, Expenses Paid and Changes in Retained Earnings was explained next. These consist of the Water & Sewer, Water Softener, and Bond & Interest, and is called the Enterprise Fund. Basically, this is where the fees for water & sewer, the facility charge, water taps, sewer taps, etc.
6:55:45 PM Schmidt Asked about fees received. It appeared that the tap-on fees received were down about ten thousand dollars.
6:58:01 PM Callahan Talked about prepaying fees in last fiscal year. Some of the contractors came in and pre-paid for a lot of taps last fiscal year, because they knew the rates were going to be raised. He asked Ferris if anywhere in the audit the fees were broken out to a specific item, such as water taps, sewer taps, softener, etc.
6:58:39 PM Ferris Said they are all combined as enterprise funds. Included is water, sewer, softener fees, facility fees, bulk water, etc.
7:00:23 PM Callahan Said in the enterprise funds, there used to be a column showing gallons used. He suggested putting this in and breaking down the three sources of revenue.
7:01:09 PM Garcia Asked what would be included in the administrative services line item on page 6.
7:01:57 PM Ferris Explained it would include telephone, postage, training and office supplies.
7:02:40 PM Callahan Talked about costs associated to the water and sewer. He asked about redoing the streets, and how to determine what percentage of charges would be associated with water and sewer. Water and sewer lines would probably have to be moved.
7:03:36 PM Ferris Answered this would be very difficult, unless he wanted to track it on every street to see how it is impacted. He said if a water or sewer line actually had to be moved, this would be related to water and sewer even though it is a street improvement.
7:04:06 PM Callahan Asked if Juneau gave a bid of $500,000 to replace a street, could he say what percentage of this would be to move a water or sewer line.
7:04:41 PM Ferris Said this could be done, as long as it was impacting the water and sewer lines. He said the water and sewer is doing fine, but he cautioned the Board to watch the expenses in the future.
7:05:03 PM Callahan Talked about the revenue versus to expenses. There is approximately $250,000 operating income. He said this is not all profit. Ferris agreed. He asked Ferris what comes out of this money.
7:05:31 PM Ferris Replied this includes interest income and refund of fees. Also principal payments would be deducted from this amount.
7:06:38 PM Callahan Asked if there is a rule of thumb when there is a proprietary fund that is not for profit, what should be generating for a greater return.
7:07:25 PM Ferris Said the Village is not in business to make money, it is in business to provide services. Usually that service is supposed to charge the amount it costs to provide.
7:10:03 PM Bell Said off the $221,000 the principal payments bring it down to $90,000. The fund might possibly be losing money.
7:10:22 PM Brussatti Said the ordinance reads that all surplus money should be put in a surplus account for a major break down in the system.
7:10:37 PM Callahan Said it would be hard to come up with a catastrophe the insurance wouldn't cover. He believes insurance covers most catastrophes. He said he sees the reason to have a surplus fund, however, he doesn't think it has to be funded with all surplus money.
7:11:02 PM Brussatti Said the ordinance states that any surplus money every month is to be put in the surplus account.
7:11:20 PM Callahan Said because there is money left over, doesn't mean it belongs to water and sewer.
7:12:34 PM Ferris Went on to page 7. It is a repeat of page 4. He said the next 14 to 15 pages are footnotes. It is not a fun thing to read, it is a lot of accounting and verbiage he has to put in that is required by GASB and generally accepted accounting principles. On page 13 the Board can look at and see what it must come up with in the future.
7:15:09 PM Schmidt Commented on page 14, under Bond payable, it reads payable starting January 15, 2004 through January 15, 2002. He asked it that shouldn't be 2022.
7:16:02 PM Ferris Replied he was right. It should be 2022.
7:16:06 PM Callahan Asked about the Legal Debt Limitation Rate on page 30. He asked if the rate listed which is 0.08625 changes, or is it a set number.
7:16:39 PM Ferris Replied that amount stays the same.
7:17:19 PM Ferris Talked about page 15. He said in the middle of page, it shows what the Village will need to come up with over the next five or six years and thereafter. The amounts listed is what must be funded. He cautioned the Board to make sure money is there to pay.
7:18:11 PM Bell Asked if this includes the building and fire truck and totals up to $2.6 million.
7:18:16 PM Ferris Said yes. He said the two million dollar bond issue is the big one.
7:18:30 PM Ferris Talked about the capital lease page 16, note 10 details the revenue bonds. Which would be the water and sewer bonds. One is a refunding issue, which at the end of March 2003, $925,000 was owed. The other bond issue which was started in 1997, $685,000 is still owed. The schedule below this shows just the principal payments over 6 years, and thereafter. The following page gives a detail all the way to the end of the payment, along with the interest.
7:19:43 PM Callahan Asked if this money comes from the Enterprise Fund
7:20:33 PM Bell Commented that next year there is $146,000 plus $70,000 to be paid.
7:20:39 PM Ferris Said Note 11 is a detail of the bond refunding. Note 12, Other Payables, are the First Baptist Church and the Christian Women's Benevolent Association who receive sewer taps from Pinehurst Subdivision. The Fox mill Sewer Reimbursements are still ongoing. The other two, Stonebridge and Copper Creek are paid off.
7:21:38 PM Callahan Said Foxmill only has two lots left.
7:21:54 PM Gulledge Said they will never pay this off. However, there are more than two lots.
7:22:02 PM Ferris Said note 13 deals with IMRF. Note14 deals with insurance coverage. Note 15 talks about grants. Note 16 deals with litigation. Note17 is a restriction on the General Fund of the $980,000 because it will be used to pay for roadwork. Note 18 is bond reserve requirements. The next section is Supplementary information, pages 25 through 30, and lists the Special Revenue Funds, which is Motor Fuel Tax Fund through Special Service Area #3. Each of these funds have their own checking account, where the other funds share the General Fund checking account. The next page shows revenue and expense for these funds. The only funds that have deficits are the police and fire funds.
7:24:27 PM Callahan Asked how the Police fund ended up with a $74,000 surplus.
7:25:37 PM Long Explained that it happened when the Social Security and IMRF allocations were made. In reality, the Police Fund owes this to the General Fund, since General Fund pays their payroll expenses.
7:25:52 PM Callahan Asked if the $316,000 in Motor Fuel Tax was a true balance.
7:26:57 PM Ferris Said this was an actual balance.
7:27:10 PM Callahan Said in April there was $74,000 in the Police Fund, but in May it was spent. He was told it is an interfund transfer from Social Security and IMRF. He asked about SSA 1 and 3. His question was if the monies that make up these funds come from the real estate taxes of the people that live in these districts.
7:28:46 PM Ferris Replied it was, and when loans are paid off , the Village won't levy for this money any longer.
7:33:45 PM Callahan Talked about the surplus in NESSE. Ninety Thousand Dollars are owed, with six more years to tax, yet there is $77,000 in the fund. He asked if some of this money is owed to General Fund. He was told it was, but has never been transferred. Long said she thinks the money has been transferred. He asked why there is such a large surplus in the account. Long explained that the NESSE system is not a real estate tax. It is a tax that is paid on usage and that the hospital in on this sewer line. He suggested that Brussatti check into the bond and see if it can be recalled and dissolve this fund, as well as relieve the customers of the tax.
7:34:55 PM Ferris Discussed page 27and 28, which gives a detail of the Water and Sewer, the assets and liabilities, and revenue and expense. Page 29 the schedule of assessed valuation and tax levies. Page 30 is the legal debt margin.
7:35:49 PM Gulledge Asked about the assessed valuation on page 30. He said it should be $84,000,000 instead of $73,291,460.
7:35:57 PM Wigginton Said this assessed valuation is for 2001. He told Ferris that the 2002 assessed valuation has been received. After discussion it was determined that the assessed valuation is always a year behind.
7:36:33 PM Ferris Said he could put the 2002 valuation on the audit. This is the number that is available at April 30th.
7:37:49 PM Callahan Asked about gallons used by customers on page 31, if he was dropping three zeros.
7:38:35 PM Ferris Explained that yes he is dropping three zeros. usage is times by 1000. This would make a total of 227,956,000 gallons used by customers. He said he gets this total from the billing registers. It lists the gallons billed.
7:40:25 PM Ferris Said all in all the Village is financially sound. The future looks good, increasing in growth and that increases revenue.
7:41:36 PM Gulledge Thanked Ferris for coming.
7:41:48 PM Ferris Before leaving, talked briefly about GASB 34. He said it goes in phases, and the Village must comply by next year. Infrastructure reporting is optional. He talked very briefly about tracking, inventory, etc.
7:45:43 PM Gulledge Said he was going to move to #6 on the agenda, the Prime International Requests. He introduced Dennis Paul of Crown Castle.
7:46:39 PM Paul Began by saying that Crown Castle came to the Village a few months ago requesting additional land to add another user with another communication shelter. He said he understands that the Village is not interested in leasing additional land for a shelter. They have decided that by using outside weather proof cabinets, the equipment can be put in the existing compound without an additional shelter or additional space. He said they have met with the Village and discussed some problems that are out there. The corridor that runs between the existing compound and the public works yard, they will realign the fence and get rid of the corridor that catches all the leaves and debris. They will also come back and weave the vinyl strips in the existing fence in order to screen the existing equipment, etc. He said when Crown requested the use of the land they were offering 40% of the rent to the Village for the additional land, and in the interest of moving forward, they will continue to honor the commitment to pay 40% of the rent from the new tenant.
7:48:48 PM Gulledge Said one of the questions that came up in a conversation he had with Attorney Wigginton and someone from Crown is he thinks there should be something in writing, that states the Village was not foregoing the proposed tenant by contract that is going on the tower, if at some time the Village wants to put a tenant on the tower.
7:49:20 PM Paul Said he will have this changed before next week.
7:50:01 PM Gulledge Said he wants a letter to make sure that after everyone on the Board is gone, and he (Paul) is gone, and someone thinks the Village should forego its rights to place a tenant on the tower, that the Village will be protected.
7:50:07 PM Paul Said he can do this one of two ways, he can give a letter or amend the sublease.
7:50:22 PM Wigginton Suggested it be put in the sublease.
7:50:29 PM Paul Said he can do this with no problem.
7:50:33 PM Gulledge Asked Paul to explain what is going on the tower, so that the Board will know exactly what will be going on the tower.
7:50:45 PM Paul Explained that on the ground there will be two or three cabinets about the size of a freezer to house the equipment that is normally housed in the shelter. On the tower, there will be another platform similar to the existing one, with 6 panels to start. Also the tower will be extended 20 feet. When the lease was originally negotiated, it was contemplated to put a 140. foot tower there, although when they built the tower, neither Verizon Wireless nor the Village needed anything higher than what is there now, which is a hundred feet.
7:51:46 PM Bell Asked Paul if he had any examples of what the tower would look like with the new panels on it.
7:52:07 PM Wigginton Replied yes, they have provided the schematics on the tower. He said they have the right to go up to 140 feet. The tower is 98 feet now.
7:52:32 PM Gulledge Asked Paul to tell the Board what the 40% is of.
7:52:43 PM Paul Replied that currently the rent is $1475 a month, so the Village will get 40% of that.
7:53:07 PM Wigginton Said according to his information, the Village will receive an additional $7,080. on top of the annual $12,000.
7:53:37 PM Garcia Asked who is renting the tower.
7:53:46 PM Paul Replied U S Cellular. He said also that the original lease allows the Village to bring in another user.
7:54:17 PM Schmidt Asked if it is not uncommon to get and additional fee from the sublessor for the amount of subscribers they have.
7:54:25 PM Paul Replied this is not common at all.
7:54:37 PM Schmidt Asked if Crown is charging one flat fee, no matter how much the tenant is bringing in, and the Village gets 40%.
7:55:18 PM Gulledge Told the trustees that the contract is set at 40%.
7:56:14 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had a problem with this request, providing the agreement is changed. The Trustees all agreed to have this on the Board agenda.
7:56:57 PM Gulledge Talked about the IDOT Utility Permit and Resolution, Phase 2 of the Illinois Route159 project. This is to move the water line that is north of 162. As he began discussing this, he said he thinks the Board has acted on this already. He will check on this, and if it appears on the agenda, it will be acted upon. If it is not on the agenda, it has been done previously. He then went on the talk about a subrogation that must be approved at the next meeting. This subrogation is for property in front of the Assembly of God Church, and deals with the waterline. This will be on the Board agenda also.
8:00:05 PM Gulledge Said the 2003 Tax Levy will not be discussed. There has not been a meeting scheduled to go over the numbers. He said all parties involved are at this meeting, therefore he suggests they set meeting date so this can be done.
8:00:47 PM Wigginton Said he will call Mayor tomorrow with his schedule.
8:00:57 PM Gulledge Asked Trustee Kostyshock to discuss the next agenda item, Street and Road Programs.
8:01:16 PM Kostyshock Said the Lyn Hi project is nearing completion. He said Heather Green looks good. It has been cut down, curbed and the oil and chip was done today. The West Main sidewalks are on both sides up to Rosewood. He plans on getting started this winter on Jacquelyn Court, removing some of the concrete. Schiber Court work will begin also. He also reported that the street crew has been tarring the cracks and expansion joints in the streets.
8:03:19 PM Callahan Asked if they would keep working on West Main Street. Kostyshock said yes.
8:04:01 PM Gulledge Said the second section should be opened this week. He said this takes the project to Rosewood.
8:04:16 PM Kostyshock Discussed the streets that the Village wants to do. He said with the money situation, he still suggests doing one street at a time. His suggestion is to do Donk, and in conjunction with Donk, put some storm drains in to Lange. He wants to do one street at a time because of all the relocation work on 159. His thought is to "pay as we go", using Motor Fuel Tax and General Funds.
8:05:33 PM Callahan Said he doesn't agree, the Village is in good shape financially, and he has spoken with Mary Kane. He said he thinks there is a three year window, and this could be extended if the weather turned bad. He said the projects could be let out one at a time as needed. He suggests having a priority list. Any money that accumulates in interest can be used to extend the project. He said interest rates are at a 40 year low. He said he doesn't think that paying for the work that needs to be done with cash flow can be done, unless doing it over a 20 year period.
8:06:52 PM Kostyshock Replied he doesn't plan on doing the work over a twenty year period. He said if the Village would borrow money over a twenty year period, the interest that would be paid on a two or three million dollar loan would pay for a street.
8:07:47 PM Bell Said doing a street at a time, that probably in a three year period, only two or three streets would be done, instead of fifteen streets. He said there is a lot to say about borrowing the money. If the Village is going to do the roads, borrow the money at the low interest rates and let them out a little at a time, earn interest on the money, as this helps pay for the work too.
8:08:33 PM Callahan Said, the Village needs to borrow the money. He talked about the buildings. At first the Board was not going to do the building. There was enough money to do the Public Works Building. After discussing the matter, the Board decided if they borrowed the money, they could also do Village Hall and the Police Station. It's all done and in use. If the money hadn't been borrowed, the Village would still be trying to save money to start the building process. He said he doesn't have a problem with fixing the streets. What he has a problem with is doing them one at a time out of cash flow.
8:09:34 PM Kostyshock Said what if something would come up. A big portion of town doesn't have sewers. Ask those people if they would rather have sewers or streets. They would all say sewers.
8:09:39 PM Gulledge Commented that when the Board got into this, they started talking about fixing streets in the old part of town, and money provided, came up with another set of streets to do with Motor Fuel Tax money. He said his feeling is the one big drawback in the Village right now is not streets, but the lack of sewers. He said his point is that it would be nice to give everyone a nice street. With the kind of streets the Board is talking about doing will not last  twenty years, the length of the loan. He said if the Village is getting into a capital program of this sort, it should be a capital program where the streets are concrete streets or asphalt streets. The Board should come up with a 5 or 10 year plan. The work being done in Lyn Hi is an improvement on what they had, but it really wasn't the right way. He is working on the County Wide Sewer project. The contract with Collinsville is going to run out in 4 years. He has been talking the attorney and some other people about turning the sewers around and taking them toward Glen Carbon, down through Glen Carbon to Granite City where it is much less expensive, but the Village will have to come up with some money. He said he is worried about the economy, about Town Center Drive, etc. Hopefully when Town Center is done, something will happen out there, but the Village can't base their decisions on Town Center.
8:14:04 PM Bell Said paying out of General Fund is not the way to go. He said if everyone wants to do the streets, the way to do them is borrow the money to do them.
8:14:46 PM Kostyshock Asked where the money would come from if the Village needed five or six million for sewers. He said the Village can't just keep borrowing.
8:14:56 PM Callahan Said the users pay for sewers. There is no revenue source for roads.
8:15:33 PM Gulledge Talked about the figures and interest on borrowing. He said to borrow 2.3 million dollars for twenty years, would cost the Village another 1.2 million dollars, almost six thousand dollars a month in interest alone.
8:16:21 PM Callahan Said he doesn't disagree with doing the streets. But, he said if the Village plans on spending 2.4 million dollars on streets, it would take10 to 12 years to do it out of cash flow. This is doing only three to five streets. The other choice is borrow 2.3 million, and the reason for the twenty year loan is in case things really do get bad.
8:17:14 PM Wigginton Asked why are you putting in these streets. The micro surface is just fancy oil and chip. He suggests considering putting in real streets.
8:18:12 PM Callahan Talked about Bauer Lane. The first half of Bauer Lane does not have curbs. The back half has curbs. He said the street is all rock and chip, but as soon as the curb area begins, the street hasn't flattened down, there is no holes, there is actually a crown in the street. The Village isn't spending any more money on the area with curbs than we are the area without curbs. The area without curbs is in bad shape. He said the curbs makes a good formation for the street.
8:19:02 PM Kostyshock Said Troy, Glen Carbon, and Edwardsville are putting micro surface on their streets, and they all have more money than Maryville.
8:19:23 PM Callahan Talked about prudent use of finances. This is best time to borrow. Interest rates are the lowest in any of the trustees lifetime. He said without borrowing, it will take so much longer to do the streets.
8:21:01 PM Gulledge Commented that with the uncertainty of the economy, what's going on with Town Center, it is his suggestion to take on one capital project at a time.
8:21:38 PM Callahan Said if things get better, interest rates will be higher, and that is a normal course of events because businesses are borrowing more money to finance growth. Interest rates are down because there is not much growth.
8:22:34 PM Gulledge Said he is concerned about Town Center. If someone says they are coming, and signs a contract, he feels everything will fall in line. He said again he is concerned with the economy. He said the project with the dredging of Drost Park Lake has to be financed. He said maybe the Board should hold off on these projects. He said he has made a promise to himself that when he leaves office, he wants to leave it in better shape than when he started.
8:23:00 PM Kostyshock Said overall the streets are in good shape, there are no chuck holes or anything like that.
8:23:21 PM Bell Said he is not in favor of waiting to do the streets, but if the Board says they are going to do twenty streets, he would rather borrow the money to do twenty streets than to try to pay for one a year.
8:25:23 PM Kostyshock Said if the Village did every oil and chip street in town, it would cost six or seven million dollars. He suggests waiting, and this winter take care of the streets, like Schiber Court and Jacquelyn Court. He said every time the Village asks for an engineer study, it costs a lot of money.
8:26:03 PM Gulledge Asked the Boards opinion of waiting until after the first of the year, and then talk about it again.
8:29:49 PM Schmidt Said he would like to borrow the money now, and not do anything, just sit on it.
8:30:07 PM Callahan Replied you can't borrow without a plan and time frame.
8:30:38 PM Schmidt Said wait, he would like to see 159 done before having another north/south street torn up at the same time.
8:30:50 PM Bell Said his thoughts are if the Board thinks the roads need to be done. Then borrow the money and do them right. He said he is not opposed to putting in more sewers. He would feel more comfortable with more income.
8:31:47 PM Callahan Said if the roads are going to be done, he prefers to borrow the money. He doesn't think micro chip is a step down, as long as curbs are in place, it will not be much worse than asphalt in terms of life expectancy. But, he said he does not have a problem not doing it, but he does have a problem with putting two or three hundred thousand dollars in one area, and build out from it on anticipated revenues.
8:32:40 PM Kostyshock Talked about California and their 20 billion dollar debt. He feels the only thing keeping Maryville going is the new construction. He said if the Village would be borrowing five or six million dollars, he would be inclined to leave the streets the way they are and get everybody sewers.
8:33:50 PM Callahan Said the only problem he has with this is that half the town already has sewers. The half that has sewer will be charged for the half that doesn't. The sewer is revenue specific. If you borrow the money, the people getting the sewers will have to pay for it.
8:36:42 PM Kostyshock Said let this go for now.
8:37:12 PM Garcia Said she will vote for sewers not roads.
8:37:41 PM Wigginton Talked about sewers and obtaining easements. Everyone wants sewers but no one wants to give easements, and no one wants to pay for them.
8:38:33 PM Gulledge Suggested the Board table this discussion for 90 days or so. He asked for calendar updates.
8:39:40 PM Bell Said the Kid/Pooch Show is Sunday at Drost Park. The Outreach Bazaar is Saturday.
8:42:30 PM Gulledge Went on to the To Do List.
8:42:53 PM Callahan Asked what was going on with the Senior Building remodeling.
8:43:07 PM Gulledge Answered that nothing has been done yet. He has met with Gary Mann and took him down there. However, the Street crews are very busy and they have not had time to do anything. Most of the work will be done by the Village, with the exception of the bathrooms. The SWAP guys and Village guys when the weather turns bad, and go inside and work. The plan is to replace the ceiling tiles, paint the registers along the wall, patch holes, paint, etc.
8:44:11 PM Garcia Said she knows a company that will probably be able to get the floors in the bathrooms cleaned and sealed.
8:44:34 PM Schmidt Asked who uses the building. He was told a few seniors use it. After a discussion he suggested moving the food pantry and Grandma's Attic in the building.
8:47:59 PM Kostyshock Talked about the flag pole light. He had Illinois Power out to look at it. He told him he would call him, but it has been two or three weeks and he has not called back.
8:48:37 PM Bell Asked about installing the 3rd base line drain for the Khoury League.
8:49:08 PM Kostyshock Replied that he hasn't because the crew has been very busy with tarring the streets.
8:49:20 PM Bell Said the Drost Lake dredging bids are out and are due the 20th. He said they have $50,000 and are still waiting on the $40,000. Depending on how the bids come in, he wants to do the work this winter. He asked if the park signs have been ordered. He was told that Brussatti was supposed to order them.
8:51:37 PM Schmidt Said he ran into Judy Wieman a few days ago and she was questioning why the name of the park was not on the signs. The signs read Village Park, not John Drost Park.
8:51:54 PM Gulledge Said it was done that way several years ago on the recommendation of the Park Committee, not that they wanted to slight the Drost family, but so that people would know it was a Village Park. After discussion it was decided to have Brussatti order the signs to read John Drost Village Park.
8:53:05 PM Garcia Asked about the sewer odor problem, and if anyone has found out what is causing it.
8:53:25 PM Gulledge Replied no, that they can only go down there when it has been dry for a long period of time, because if there is any moisture at all, there is no odor.
8:53:39 PM Bell Asked if the Police Officer trading cards are still on hold. He reported that at the Fire Department Open House, the Police Officers there with their dogs had the cards, and the kids just loved it.
8:54:02 PM Gulledge Said the Board was not opposed to the officers having the cards, the Chief asked to put the matter on hold because several officers don't want them. He suggested they talk to the Chief.
8:54:21 PM Bell Talked about the Summit demonstration about Radio Read meters. He was impressed and so was Melissa, however, their bid did not include the automatic bill pay module. He said since the Village has it for payroll, there is a discount on the second module. There is a receipts management module that allows a complete separate drawer and receipts management system, which receipts for anything in the Village could go through. He explained the price is around $15,000 including conversion. It is his opinion that this is the way to go.
9:00:02 PM Bell Reported that Juneau is staking the entrance to the bike path on Cedar Valley.
9:00:27 PM Callahan Asked if SIMPAC was coming to the joint meeting of the Economic Development and Planning Commission on Monday.
9:00:45 PM Gulledge Said he has not contacted him, but he did send the signed contract. He said if he and Schmidt wants him to contact him he will, but he can't promise he can be there.
9:01:26 PM Schmidt Asked Callahan his opinion.
9:01:56 PM Callahan Said the only reason he would like him there is because of the technicalities of it not being a full plan and he doesn't/t know all the ins and outs of what SIMPAC is not going to do.
9:02:00 PM Gulledge Said he will call him and see what he can do. He went on to Trustee Comments.
9:03:37 PM Bell Asked Clerk Long to put on the next caucus agenda, the Nextel presentation.
9:03:54 PM Schmidt Replied that he talked to the representative and Mayor today, and it has been decided that they will come to a meeting with Mayor and Brussatti before coming to a caucus.
9:04:11 PM Bell Discussed next that a couple of people from the firehouse has talked to him about copier at the firehouse. He told them to talk with Trustee Limberg. He hasn't heard anything back. He asked what needs to be done to get them a copier.
9:04:56 PM Gulledge Said they need to discuss this with Limberg. Bell said he personally gave this request to Limberg about six weeks ago. Mayor said he will see what he can do.
9:05:59 PM Bell Discussed a meeting he and Mayor had with the YMCA. The director is supposed to get back with him or the Mayor on the 12th or 13th about a discount for employees at the Y. They also are requesting to use the Senior Center, possibly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 8. He asked what he should tell them. He said he knows that the Village usually charges for this. He said Mayor said to wait and see what they offer for a discount for the employees, and he agrees.
9:09:19 PM Kostyshock Said there will be a meeting Tuesday of the Library, Museum, Historical Society at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall.
9:09:45 PM Garcia Said she has received a complaint about the sidewalk by the Methodist Church. Weeds are so overgrown there that people can hardly walk down the sidewalk. She asked that Flaugher notify the land owner of this situation and have the weeds removed. Also, she said they need help for the Outreach Bazaar on Saturday, getting the electric on, bathrooms need to be opened, etc.
9:11:37 PM Gulledge Said Clerk Long has prepared the Treasurer's Report. If there are any questions, contact her or himself. It will be going to the publisher on Thursday or Friday. He said the lake dredge bid opening is Monday, October 20, at 2:00 p.m. On Lyn Hi, currently there are some additions to the job in the neighborhood $5,000. Talked briefly about the grants locater, e Civis seminar in Chicago. It is a program that helps find grants and the availability . He ,Trustee Bell, Flaugher, Chief Schardan, Presson, and Howe are looking at the information. They were allowed to do this for two weeks free of charge. They are gathering the information for Economic Development, water, sewer, to get help. They will bring more information back to the board. He said the Midland Waste large item pickup starts next week, and ends the following week. He talked about getting help with reports. He has talked with Jolene and right now she can't take on any more hours. He is asking the Board to allow him to try to find someone to help on Wednesday and Friday, mainly the minutes, reports and filing. It would be about 16 hours a week.
9:19:59 PM Bell Asked the limitations about relatives of trustees.
9:21:51 PM Gulledge Replied that the only thing it says in the policy is that the Board will try not to hire blood relation.
9:22:57 PM Wigginton Said the Village does have a nepotism clause in the personnel policy. However, he will have to check on it.
9:23:10 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if the know anyone who would be interested. If they have anyone in mind, give him the names. He doesn't want to advertise for the position. He again asked the Board's permission to do this. They all agreed. The pay was then discussed. Bell said the pay scale should be followed. Whatever a part time new hire is on the pay scale is what should be paid.
9:24:14 PM Callahan Talked about when Mike Dorchincez was alive and over the water and sewer, he didn't want to be salaried. The Board made a pay scale for him, which was pretty big. For the past three years, this scale has had a $1.00 per hour increase when the other employees received a raise. He said there is another employee who will shortly attain this same scale. He would be received a $3.00 per hour raise.
9:25:31 PM Gulledge Suggested adjusting this when it is time for pay raises.
9:25:55 PM Callahan Suggests it would look a little better if it was adjusted prior to raise time. He asked the attorney if since there has been no one in this category for the past three years, if it can be amended.
9:26:12 PM Wigginton Replied that the Village Board can amend the category by bringing it up on a motion. He suggested having a new chart when the motion is made.
9:26:34 PM Kostyshock/Bell Announced the Madison County Firemen's Association is hosted by Maryville this month, on Thursday October 16 at 7:00 p.m. All trustees and staff are welcome to attend.
9:27:07 PM Gulledge Asked for any other business. There being none he called for a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion and Schmidt seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock- yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville