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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date10/22/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:34 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit.
6:30:47 PM Long Gave the roll call, and answering it were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Trustees Garcia and Limberg were not present at this time. Also in attendance were Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson and Police Chief Schardan.
6:31:48 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes of the October 8, 2003 Caucus minutes. There were none. He called for a motion to approve the minutes and have them placed on file. Schmidt made the motion, and Kostyshock made the second. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock- yes. Motion carried.
6:32:43 PM Gulledge Said while waiting for Engineer Juneau to arrive, he would allow Chief Schardan to go first with his business.
6:33:00 PM Schardan Announced the resignation of Officer Jason Garrett from the Police Department effective October 31st. He explained that currently he is on an unpaid leave of absence, accruing no benefits with the Department, other than his insurance is being paid. His unpaid leave of absence is due to his father being in the hospital in serious condition.
6:33:36 PM Gulledge Commented that his insurance will be paid up to the last day of his employment with the Village.
6:33:54 PM Schardan Discussed the possibility of hiring one of the part time officers full time. He said the Tasers arrived Monday. Officer Finley went on his own to Taser training. He is trained and certified. Chief has set up training on November 3rd, with Officer Bell from Collinsville, coming in to train the others.
6:34:49 PM Gulledge Said he wants to make sure the Board is in agreement with hiring the part time officer full time before they get too far into the background checks. He asked the Board if they would support the Chief and Police Committee in their decision.
6:35:37 PM Schmidt Asked if he hadn't gone through the Personnel Committee when he was hired part time.
6:35:52 PM Gulledge Replied that part time employees do not go through the Committee. He asked Trustee Bell if he was okay with this.
6:36:02 PM Bell Said he has no problem, if he meets all requirements that any other officer does.
6:36:22 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan if he would have a problem with this. He replied no. He asked Kostyshock, he replied no. He asked Chief Schardan if he would have an answer on this particular part time employee by next week.
6:36:29 PM Schardan He said he hoped to. He said he had been talking with Trustee Limberg about this, and Limberg said he would like to have an interview session with the Personnel Committee. He is trying to set something up.
6:36:53 PM Gulledge Went back to the Water & Sewer Rate Study, since Engineer Juneau had arrived.
6:37:14 PM Garcia Arrived at this time.
6:37:28 PM Juneau Began by saying he did a similar study several years ago, also at the Village's request. He said the Village should take a look at this every year. He has the format now, and if the Village, at the end of each year's audit cycle would look at the same calculations, there will be no surprises in the future. fees.
6:38:09 PM Juneau Said essentially, since 1981 there has been no substantial raise in the rates. In 1992 the water and sewer rates were raised Ten Cents, and from then, the only increase was Fifty-five Cents per thousand gallons when the water softener was added. Also in 1999 the facility charge of $2.50 inside Village and $3.50 outside Village was added. He said the Village is in good shape, considering what he sees in other communities.
6:39:38 PM Juneau Said he separated the cost from the water department to the sewer department by allocating 75% of the cost of operation to the water and 25% to sewer. And to sewer is also added the cost of treatment by Collinsville. He is recommending that the Board consider, in order to meet the necessary needs, is to increase the water rate ten cents. He recommends the sewer rate be increased seventy-five cents. When he did the cost allocation between water and sewer, that is how much it operates out. The rate for water would then be $2.75. He said he is not taking into account any of the tap on fees. He is looking at being able to support the water & sewer system operations without the use of tap on fees.
6:43:53 PM Bell Asked if the $2.75 represented per thousand gallons. It is. He said this is inside the Village, what is the cost outside the Village.
6:44:08 PM Juneau Replied the outside rate would go to $4.05. He said the facility rate stays the same, $5.00 inside and $7.00 outside.
6:44:32 PM Bell Asked about the sewer.
6:44:51 PM Juneau Said sewer is on page 5-3 of the study. He is recommending that sewer rates go from $2.10 to $2.85.
6:44:58 PM Bell Said he thought the way it is figured now that the water and sewer rates were the same.
6:45:20 PM Callahan Said the water softener fee is added on to the water, but not on the sewer.
6:45:38 PM Juneau Said the sewer should be independent of the water, but the Village has always charged the same.
6:45:46 PM Callahan Asked if there were any outside Village sewers.
6:45:55 PM Gulledge Said there is now, however it hasn't been hooked up yet. It is the mobile home park.
6:46:12 PM Juneau Said he feels that the tap on fees should be used to support additional improvements to the water and sewer systems that are dictated by new growth demands on the system. New homes in the community are stressing and will stress as the Village continues to expand and develop. This will require considerable improvements to the water system in the way of capabilities and capacity. He said currently when a developer comes in and wants to put in an eight inch water main, he is told it has to be a twelve inch main for this area. The Village has to pick up the cost of the difference in sizes per the ordinances. The Village is having to pay those expenses, will have to pay to drill a new well, will have to pay for additional pumps, etc. The monies that are accumulated in the tap on fees should be used to support this new growth so that the existing users are not paying for the expansion caused by development. He is recommending the tap on fee of $1200 on water be increased to $1500. The sewer tap on fee should be increased from $1000 to $1200 and the inspection fee should increase from $50 to $100. On pages 5-4 and 5-5 he has rate comparisons of where the rates stack up with the surrounding communities.
6:49:01 PM Bell Asked about the flat rate increasing from $8.40 to $11.40.
6:49:37 PM Juneau Answered this is because he is increasing the cost per thousand gallons from $2.10 to $2.85.
6:50:07 PM Juneau Talked about surrounding community rates, and said Maryville is still very competitive with raising the water rate a dime. The sewer rate at $2.85 would put the Village in line with Glen Carbon and Edwardsville, and several other surrounding towns.
6:52:12 PM Juneau Went on to say the Village is seeing and will continue to see considerable increases in costs of operations, not only because of mandates from the State, but cost of operations, education to staff, etc. He said the Village has done a very good job of holding the rates essentially the same as 1982, however, he feels the Village needs to look at the rates every year, and keep the rates in line on an annual basis.
6:54:45 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if there were any discussions or questions.
6:54:53 PM Callahan Asked Presson about the facility charge, he said it never goes down, because seldom do we lose a customer. However he said according to the table in the study, in 2003 there was a $6000 shortfall. His question was if this is an error or if there was a glitch is the system.
6:56:17 PM Presson Replied he will check into this.
6:56:40 PM Callahan Said it could be an error.
6:56:41 PM Juneau Said this may be a typing error, he will also check.
6:56:56 PM Callahan Talked about expenses in the study for four years sequential. Looking at the five miscellaneous expenses tied to employees, which are wages, tax, health insurance, IMRF and uniforms, in four years these expenses have doubled.
6:58:22 PM Gulledge Said Callahan is right, but, there are more employees, and more projects. Also the Public Works crews are doing more of the work.
6:58:48 PM Callahan Commented on page 3.6. He said this is probably the most important chart in the study. It tells what it costs to produce water and provide sewerage. Water is making money, but sewerage is losing money. He said that Juneau has said for the eleven years he has been on the Board, the Village should raise the rates.
6:59:42 PM Garcia Said the Village doesn't have much to offer its citizens. If the rates do not need to be raised, then don't raise them.
6:59:51 PM Bell Commented that if the Village has to dig a well any time soon, the Village will be in trouble.
7:00:10 PM Garcia Commented then don't put in a new park, put in a well.
7:00:25 PM Gulledge Replied he understands what Garcia means, but the money comes from a different fund for the parks. This is an enterprise fund and water and sewer must generate enough money to stand on its own. He said for the most part it has. However there are several projects the Village must do . Juneau puts numbers together and makes suggestions. It is up to the Board to make the decisions.
7:01:48 PM Bell Commented that he has been looking at table 4a, and if expenses and revenue keep going up at the same rate, in several years will be in trouble.
7:02:17 PM Callahan Said if there weren't so many water and sewer taps the Village would have been in trouble a long time ago. But because the Village is growing rapidly, the money is coming in. However, if it goes away will be in trouble.
7:02:42 PM Juneau Said the increase in growth, also increases the water usage. He has included in the rate schedule, funds for the reserve replacement costs. He has put tables in the study besides the operation and maintenance expenses, there are reserve replacement charts, capital expenditures. Money must be set aside for these. He said according to his calculations the Village should have an annual reserve of $70, 620. for replacement items at the plant, and another $33,600 for the distribution system.
7:04:48 PM Schmidt Asked Juneau if one of the charts he saw stated that in 2002, after all is said and done there was 78,000.00 left. He said for this type of system and the amount of customers, this doesn't seem like much of a cushion.
7:05:57 PM Callahan Said these totals include the tap on fees. He commented that if the Village only did half of what they are doing now, it would still be busy, but losing money.
7:06:05 PM Gulledge Said a majority of the progress in the Public Works is due to the leadership of Presson. Presson has taken on projects that have needed to be done, but put off for several years.
7:06:26 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated.
7:06:37 PM Gulledge Continued by saying Presson is getting things done, that should have been done before. He is thrifty, and gets the best prices he can.
7:08:03 PM Bell Asked what capacity of current system is being used. He was looking for the chart.
7:08:24 PM Juneau Answered the chart is on page 4.1 Water Distributed vs. Water Billed.
7:08:44 PM Bell Asked what is the current demand.
7:08:57 PM Presson Answered about 70 percent.
7:10:20 PM Schmidt Asked about what is pumped to what is billed. He said from what he saw in the charts over the last three years, 100 million gallons pumped. What accounts for these figures.
7:11:11 PM Gulledge Replied a lot of it is the flushing system, meters are getting old, back washing, etc.
7:12:21 PM Presson Said the flushing uses a lot of water, and is done twice a year.
7:12:29 PM Gulledge Commented the radio read meters will be a great help, with more accurate readings.
7:12:52 PM Presson Explained also that the flushing makes a big impact.
7:15:22 PM Callahan Commented that this is the best comprehensive study Juneau has done.
7:16:13 PM Gulledge Talked about the study, and asked the trustees not to put it in a desk. He said they should decide if they are in favor of the water and sewer rate increase or not. This will be on the next week's caucus agenda.
7:17:01 PM Kostyshock Commented this is a good report, but he would like to get together with Presson, Brussatti, and Long to see what needs to be increased. The new radio read meter will probably increase revenue quite a bit, especially the high volume users.
7:18:11 PM Bell Asked what the average user's monthly use would be.
7:19:28 PM Juneau Answered 7500 gallons per month or 15,000 gallons per billing period.
7:20:02 PM Presson Commented the average consumption is discussed on page 2.3 at 5700 gallons per month.
7:21:05 PM Callahan Asked Presson if he knew how many minimum bills there are. He replied he doesn't know.
7:21:13 PM Gulledge Said this will be on agenda next week. He talked about raising the rates. He feels one of the reasons this should come about is because of all the new customers coming to the Village and all the things involved for Public Works in providing them service. He said he would like the Board to consider increasing the tap on rates. They are too low. He has talked very regularly to several surrounding towns that are growing rapidly as we are, and they tell him they have raised tap on fees two or three times, and it has not hurt their growth. He asked the Board to give some thought to this.
7:23:23 PM Bell Suggested since this is going to be discussed at the next caucus, putting together a sheet of the five top items that are being considered for a rate increase. Put Juneau's recommendations in one column and then fill in the blanks.
7:24:04 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau to come back next week .
7:24:35 PM Schmidt Asked Presson if the new construction meters are 1 inch. He was told 90% of them are.
7:24:47 PM Juneau Talked about bond issues. He wanted to bring to the Board's attention the old bond issue on the water plant, and then the refinancing of additional bond issues for the new buildings, effected the costs that are in the study.
7:25:27 PM Gulledge Discussed the Drost Park Lake dredging bid opening. The bid opening was Monday at 2 p.m. There were four bidders.
7:26:05 PM Bell While Juneau was passing out the bid results to the trustees, asked Presson about cell phones for the Water Department, and how many they had.
7:26:42 PM Presson Replied that his department has two. He has one and Matt Hoffman has the other, but it is not working.
7:27:13 PM Juneau Reported on the bid opening for the Drost Lake Dredging. Bids were opened on Monday at 2 p.m. There were several plan holders out on the job, however four bids were received. All bids for the most part deal with excavating, and draining the lake. He met with different contractors, and one contractor he was excited about, thought he had a good idea, and a good plan to excavate the lake by the dredging method but leaving the water in it. He did not submit a bid. In talking with him after the bid opening, he said he did a lot of core samples, and a lot of review, but the material and soil types that are in the lake are not conducive to the dredging method he was proposing. The low bid was from MJC Constructors in the amount of $195,934.80. The second low bid was from Sunrise Construction in the amount of $274,893.60. He said this job was bid with a fairly unique way of doing it, in that he asked the bidders not only to give a price, but to also give the method they would use to do the job. The intent being that he could interview the contractors to discuss their method and select a contractor that would do the least amount of damage to the park, and the length of time it was going to take, and how destructive his process was going to be. Juneau attached the description proposed by low the bidder to the bid sheets he gave the trustees. He suggests a committee meet with the low bid contractor and perhaps the second low bid contractor to discuss their methods, because this was bid as a job that they would dredge the lake, put the material in mounds or berms, and then they were to leave. The Village would seed and do some final shaving on the mounds and restore the walking paths and seed the park at the Village's cost. He said he is not making a recommendation of award, he is just presenting the bids.
7:32:22 PM Bell Asked if the bid gave an opportunity to do a procedure without draining the lake.
7:32:44 PM Juneau Answered yes. He said the initial bid specifications that were put out only allowed for procedures that did not drain the lake. After talking with several contractors, and having them call him, and tell him they could not bid the lake project without draining the lake, he put out and addendum that stated the Village would entertain the procedures that allowed for draining the lake.
7:32:58 PM Schmidt Asked what can be expected, such as the stench from the dirt.
7:33:23 PM Juneau Answered there will be some stench. The piles will have to be limed.
7:33:32 PM Schmidt Asked where does the water go.
7:33:46 PM Gulledge Replied it goes over the dam, then it goes down thru Holsinger's Lake, across the street on Parkview, and drain due south and underneath East Main Street and go down toward Lakeview Acres Road, behind the Cemetery into a ditch line there.
7:34:11 PM Schmidt Asked if this area will have to be dredged out before this is done.
7:34:27 PM Juneau Replied that the flow will not be anymore than it would be in a storm.
7:34:31 PM Gulledge Said they will have to keep track of the flow, so that no damage is done. Also, the water will not be pumped out very fast.
7:34:56 PM Kostyshock Asked after the dredging, how long will it be before it is filled back in.
7:35:02 PM Callahan Replied it would be a long time.
7:35:22 PM Bell Asked Juneau if it is rebid, did he think there would be any bidders for a dredging solution.
7:35:51 PM Juneau Said he tried and tried, with no results.
7:35:57 PM Gulledge Said the soil samples for the way the one was going to do it were not good. They wouldn't work for anyone else. He said the only way he sees, is for someone to do part of the lake, only partial areas.
7:36:04 PM Juneau Said if the bottom would have had more sand, it would have been better.
7:36:31 PM Callahan Talked about soil types. The Village Hall is on black loam, a block away is clay, a block the other way is sand. The lake which is approximately two hundred feet away has a completely different type soil.
7:37:39 PM Kostyshock Asked how much it would cost to put a dam across the lake in the center and do one side at a time.
7:38:09 PM Juneau Answered it would be cost prohibitive.
7:39:13 PM Schmidt Asked if this is done, will the lake come back.
7:39:48 PM Juneau Said he is not so concerned about the water coming back in the lake. He talked about water table. He said they dug a hole on flat ground away from lake. They dug straight down, about 10 feet, the soil looked good. Then all of a sudden water started coming in.
7:41:38 PM Bell Asked if the contractors know this in advance, or will there be an add on price.
7:41:42 PM Juneau Said they will have to sit down with the contractor and negotiate an understanding.
7:42:06 PM Gulledge Said a several years ago there were number of his friends with heavy duty equipment, worked off the bank, and pumped the water down, and did the best they could in this open area to clean out a portion of the lake. Perhaps this could be done again.
7:43:23 PM Bell Talked about the lake shock the Village had done. The guy told him the lake is too shallow. The bass in the lake had small bodies and large heads.
7:44:15 PM Kostyshock Said when the lake was built, it was 30 feet deep at the dam.
7:44:36 PM Bell Said this area is seven feet deep now.
7:44:57 PM Gulledge Discussed a grant he has not turned in the paperwork yet. It started out to be18 months to complete the project. Now the Village has until October 31, 2004 to do this. He needs a plan of action. and a decision needs to be made.
7:47:10 PM Juneau Explained the dredging of the lake by the one who didn't bid. His process consisted of putting a dredge on a little barge, dropping the barge and dredge in the water, and pull it around with cables. The dredge is hooked to an eight inch pipe that has no joints in it. This is connected to pillows that lay on the ground. The pillows are approximately forty-five feet in diameter when they're blown up. They are blown up when the slurry and soil are pumped in them. The pillows are porous and spills the water out into a trough, they pump the water back into the lake. He said when the contractor started putting this together the pillows alone were going to run in the neighborhood of $200,000. and the material was not going to work. They clogged up the pores. He told Juneau he sent samples of the dredge to the lab. They did an extensive amount of work on this.
7:48:11 PM Bell Asked if the dredge was clogging the pours of the pillows.
7:49:04 PM Juneau Replied yes. The material does not release the water.
7:49:08 PM Bell Said leave the water in the pillows.
7:49:13 PM Gulledge Said the bottom line is it costs a lot more for this procedure.
7:49:38 PM Juneau Replied the pillows would be full of water and only a small portion of the lake would be dredged.
7:50:05 PM Bell Said there has to be a method of digging out a lake without draining it.
7:51:10 PM Juneau Said that possibly the Village could do half, pump some of the water out, deepen the outer edges, and leave center alone. He suggests sitting down at least with the low bidder, and getting his ideas.
7:52:27 PM Bell Asked if Juneau had any references on the low bidder or second low bidder.
7:52:32 PM Juneau Replied he would have to get them.
7:52:35 PM Bell Said what happens if they get in half way and then can't finish the project.
7:53:15 PM Callahan Asked when they pump the slurry into the pillows, why can't it be pumped in the finger on the left side that is very shallow. Then put a small dam there so that it would stay in there.
7:53:38 PM Juneau Replied this might be a possibility but it will require a permit.
7:56:03 PM Gulledge Suggested that before next week, setting up a meeting to talk to the dredge guy, and the low bid guy.
7:57:29 PM Bell Said he will be available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Suggested setting up a meeting on Friday with the dredge guy, and the low bid guy on Monday.
7:58:14 PM Gulledge Said if no one has a problem, he and Bell will try to meet with the people. If Bell can't make it, he will call Kostyshock or one of the other trustees.
7:58:38 PM Bell Asked Juneau where they were with staking out the Cedar Valley entrance to the bike trail.
7:58:50 PM Juneau Replied he will find out, and let him know at the meeting tomorrow.
8:00:56 PM Gulledge Asked Bell to discuss the YMCA item on the agenda.
8:01:04 PM Bell Said he has met with the YMCA to see about getting discounted membership rates for Village employees. Initially, he was told 50% off the joining fee and 20% off the monthly rate. Since then the Board of Directors have met and came back with 50% off the joining fee, but only 10% off the monthly rate. For a family it would be $5.00 per month off the monthly rate. YMCA has asked to use the Senior Center. He asked Brussatti what the rate was for the Center. The rates are $25.00 for non-Maryville residents, and $5.00 for Maryville residents to use the pavilions in the park. The rates for the Senior Center is normally $100. to residents, and $150. to non-residents. Brussatti told him this is the rate whether they use it for a couple of hours or all day. They are asking to use the Center two nights a week from November through January. The normal cost to them would be a hundred dollars for each night or two hundred dollars a week. They also use the park pavilion at no charge for their day camp. And, the other thing the Village provides for them is on several occasions, the Firemen have taught CPR classes at no charge. He was told if the Village had fifty-one employees they could get a 20% discount. Now they are telling him that the Village would have to have fifty employees that are YMCA members to get the 20%. But, they will give a 10% discount , however, their rates are going to change, and their corporate discount schedule is going to change in January. He was told they couldn't give the 20% because they would have to take it away January 1st. He said he doesn't want to discourage the YMCA from using the park or the Senior Center, but at the same time, his initial intent was to get the employees a decent rate on YMCA membership. He is asking the Board if they have a problem with him using what they want from the Village, as a negotiating tool to get a better rate for the employees on a membership.
8:10:03 PM Gulledge Said the Board needs to give Bell direction on how to proceed.
8:10:19 PM Bell Asked if the Board is going to charge them to use park, etc. He said they charge for the day camp, the CPR class, etc. They are making money off these events.
8:11:06 PM Limberg Asked what they charge for the classes.
8:11:20 PM Bell Said he didn't know. Hodapp said they charged $30-$35 for the CPR classes.
8:11:59 PM Gulledge Asked the Board to give Bell direction. They all agreed he should try to negotiate a deal.
8:12:20 PM Bell Discussed the Nextel phones. He talked about the prices. He displayed on the screen the plan Nextel is offering the Village. Currently the Village is paying $592 per month. They are proposing a plan for $363 per month with the same number of phones. The difference being 2400 any time minutes, and 1750 walkie-talkie minutes. Currently the minutes are 2600 and unlimited walkie-talkie minutes. The plan will save money on the monthly rate by about $2700. Bell said he is going to try to get the minutes for the walkie talkies raised, so that will cut the saving down some. He said it is his opinion that the Village should get rid of the I-1000 phones. Mayor has a new I-60. The representative is proposing I-60 or I-58 phones. In November, they are coming out with some new phones. He said the Village will need five I-60 phones, and seven I-58 phones. He said the Village will be looking at approximately $1500 to upgrade maybe less.
8:17:47 PM Gulledge Said he feels the Public Works needs rugged phones, such as the I-58, more so than the Fire Department.
8:18:30 PM Bell said the I-58 is a rugged phone. He said whether the Village goes with the I-58 or 60, the bottom line is somewhere between $1000 to $1500 to upgrade the I-1000 or older phones. He said he wants to try to wait to see what the new phones coming out in November will offer.
8:20:50 PM Gulledge Said the phones have to be replaced and upgraded.
8:21:44 PM Schmidt Asked if the Village is under contract with old phones.
8:21:56 PM Bell Said the contract is up. He said the Village will not be in a contract with the new company unless new phones are activated and get them at a lower rate. If the Village wants to add phones, the I-60 is $50.00 each and the I-58 is $90.00 each.
8:22:32 PM Schmidt Said the representative told him that if he wanted, he could buy a phone under the Village name, and the bill for it could be sent to his house. Also a second line could be added and that bill sent to his house, and the first line billed to the Village.
8:22:43 PM Bell Said there can be two lines on any Nextel phone, and one line could be billed to the Village, and the other to the individual.
8:23:20 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in favor of replacing the current Nextel's with the I-58 or I-60 phones.
8:23:50 PM Bell Suggested someone contact each person who has phone and ask what they want. He said he is also going to talk to the representative about the new phones coming out in November.
8:24:11 PM Gulledge Polled the trustees, and all said yes.
8:24:32 PM Gulledge Discussed the calendar updates. He said the Village is getting a number of trees donated. And, Saturday, November 1st is Plant a Tree Day. He is looking for volunteers to help. The time is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
8:25:49 PM Bell Said Roger Shoup will mark the spots for the trees in advance.
8:26:26 PM Gulledge Said when the trees come, they are going to be placed where they go.
8:27:20 PM Bell Said on Saturday, November 15, at 9 a.m. there will be a Turkey Trot, 5K run, and a one mile walk. He asked for additions to the calendar.
8:28:02 PM Garcia Asked about the Scouts delivering food. It will be sometime in November.
8:28:17 PM Limberg Asked if there would be a Caucus on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
8:28:34 PM Gulledge Asked the Board for their opinion. It was decided the meeting will be cancelled, unless there is an emergency.
8:29:27 PM Gulledge Went on to the To Do List.
8:30:03 PM Limberg Said he is still waiting on a concrete bid for the Fire Dept. Drive & Parking project.
8:30:18 PM Gulledge Said on rotating the flag pole light, he called, and they are supposed to do it either tonight or tomorrow night.
8:30:42 PM Garcia Asked if the lobby surveillance cameras have been installed. She was told this project is completed. The cameras are installed and working.
8:31:12 PM Gulledge Discussed GASB 34, and the Budget. He said he and Callahan need to do what they can do get ready for next year.
8:33:06 PM Gulledge Discussed the sale of property on Borri and Hayden Lane. He asked the Board if they were intent on selling the properties. He will bring the information on both properties to the Caucus next Wednesday.
8:33:41 PM Bell Discussed the Park/Baseball Drain. He said one the Khoury League people asked him about it. He told them the crews have been very busy, but they will meet with the Khoury League as soon as they can. He said the Khoury League is very interested in getting the drain installed in time to plant the grass seed.
8:34:59 PM Gulledge Said the park signs have been ordered.
8:35:12 PM Bell Reported he has heard nothing back from CARD.
8:35:22 PM Gulledge Said he asked Chief about the police trading cards. He said to keep it on hold for the time being. The tasers are in. They arrived early. The 159 Water Main Extension, they are having trouble boring under the highway. Something under there keeps bending the boring tool. They plan to move down and try another location.
8:36:23 PM Bell Reported that the radio read meters item has been completed.
8:36:40 PM Gulledge Said it is completed with the exception of the Summit Software. Presson and Bailey told him that there recommendation to the Board would be to purchase Summit Software.
8:37:15 PM Bell Talked about the Summit demo. He said Melissa was totally impressed with what she could do with the system as opposed to the current system she has.
8:38:12 PM Gulledge Said if no one has a problem, this will be on the agenda for the November 5th Board Meeting.
8:38:20 PM Callahan Asked if the Collinsville Waterline Transfer is done.
8:38:32 PM Gulledge Answered it is done, but has not been taken off the list because there is a blow-off hydrant to be put on the end of the line. The Troy hook up is done. All the permits are in, and the hook up will be completed by October 31st. Shell Credit sewers are done.
8:39:13 PM Kostyshock Reported that Lyn Hi Street Improvements should be done next week.
8:39:29 PM Gulledge Said some individuals in Lyn Hi are not happy with the job that is being done there. Some curbs fell apart when they were trying to put the new ones in. The crews are trying to do it right. They have replaced all the curbs they felt were necessary. Also the french drains have been put in to try to get more of the high water table away to help keep the streets from buckling. One street that was fixed had more put into it than was originally planned. He told the trustees if they receive calls to tell the people the streets are not done. The will be finished in the Spring when the micro surface will be put down.
8:42:30 PM Garcia Asked about the sewer odor in Blackburn.
8:42:46 PM Gulledge Answered that they have not been able to do anything because it has to be very dry. He has it on his list to discuss again with Juneau.
8:42:55 PM Callahan Said he wanted to remind Bell that he needs to be at the Economic Development meeting on November 10th along with one Park Committee member.
8:43:42 PM Gulledge Discussed the Special Census. He received the maps on Monday. He and Flaugher looked at them and sent them back. He expects to hear something in the next thirty days from them giving a time when the hiring of personnel will start.
8:44:13 PM Schmidt Asked if hiring for the Census goes through our Personnel Committee Chairman Garcia.
8:44:31 PM Gulledge Replied no, they do their own hiring. Went on to Trustee Comments next.
8:44:40 PM Limberg Told the Board that Police Officer Jason Garrett's last day is October 31st.
8:45:01 PM Gulledge Said Chief Schardan told the Board earlier, he wants to set up a meeting to interview one of the part timers to fill the vacancy.
8:45:37 PM Schmidt Said he has had a special request from a citizen for speed signs on Lakeview Acres Road, and Public Works has taken care of it. He said he has taken some measurements at the cemetery and plans on taking pictures and getting them to Joe Semanisin, who will relay them to a friend of his, to get some drawings for an entrance to the cemetery. Also he had a brief conversation with a land owner discussing the possible purchase of some land.
8:46:41 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee recommendations. The Khoury League is requesting permission to install two batting cages, on the north side of the new parking lot. Each cage is 16' wide, 70' long, and 14' high. The are covered with a heavy netting. He said they are planning in the winter to take the netting down. The Park Committee recommended that they put the poles in sleeves, so that when they are taken down all that will be there is a 32' by 70' turf-like covered pad. He said they sort of hinted that the Village help them with this. They have a $1000. 00 donation, they have a $1000.00 and the total cost is $3000.00. The Committee directed him to some other sources for the money. The only recommendation to board at this time is to give them permission to look into doing this. One cage will be a coach pitch cage, and the other one will have a portable pitching machine. The location will be six to eight foot off the parking lot, and will still give about 30' from the foul line of Field #3. He said he will bring design back to board before anything is done..
8:50:42 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. Limberg, Schmidt, and Bell were okay with this.
8:51:05 PM Callahan Asked if they were going to have two 16 by 70 foot pads. Bell answered it would be one 32 by 70 foot pad. He said he is alright with it.
8:51:36 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock and Garcia. They were okay with this also.
8:52:05 PM Bell Discussed the second recommendation of the Park Committee. They are asking permission to purchase a two-sided sign to put up the day before and the day of their park events.
8:53:13 PM Gulledge Said he has thought about having a small marquee at Firemen's Park. As this discussion continued, the Board thought this was a good idea. It would be used to announce all the events in the park. He asked Callahan to look into a sign, a smaller version of the one at Village Hall.
8:55:49 PM Bell Said the committee wants something that will be seen from both directions.
8:57:21 PM Garcia Asked if anyone has had questions from a professional Soccer player, who wants to start a Soccer League in Maryville. The Board said no.
8:57:56 PM Bell Said the Clerk has recently purchased a PC for her home; she is planning on doing some of the minutes, etc, at home in the evening. She is paying for the internet. There is one cost for the labor to install and set up the PC with PC Anywhere at $89 per hour. It will take about an hour and a half to install and set up. He recommends the Village pay the installation costs. There is no charge for the software.
9:01:06 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion. They agreed. He said this will be on the agenda at next Board meeting.
9:01:50 PM Callahan Talked about the water and sewer taps. He asked if any of the new water tap ons that the Village could potentially have in the new subdivisions, are limited by any agreements.
9:02:18 PM Gulledge Replied the only one that is restricted is Stonebridge. The Village can't raise the water and sewer rates because of the annexation agreement. Also, the one (Poletti's) that is not started yet by Remington Place. These are the only two.
9:02:41 PM Callahan Asked what number the Village is tied to on Poletti's.
9:03:24 PM Gulledge Replied it is the current rates we have now.
9:03:35 PM Kostyshock Reported on the West Main project. He said they are going to try to pour the section from Rosewood to Foxmill next week. After that they are going to continue on with the storm sewers. He wants to meet with them to discuss how they going to go from there, because of winter approaching. The tarring of the cracks and expansion joints of the concrete streets is going good. There is about 2 more weeks left. They are in Rolling Meadows. They are doing good job. He talked about the dead trees along the entrance and on the Complex grounds. He asked if they were going to be replaced. He said he will make some calls for trees.
9:05:03 PM Gulledge Said they should be replaced.
9:05:46 PM Schmidt Asked Trustee Kostyshock if he would have his crew take down the Centennial signs.
9:06:15 PM Garcia Said a few months ago, there was a discussion about putting parking around fire station. She said when they had the Outreach Bazaar, there was no place to park.
9:06:47 PM Gulledge Said yes, they did talk about it, but nothing has been done yet.
9:07:26 PM Bell Said there is some resistance from the firemen. Most of them don't think there should be parking spots on the north or south side at all. And, the Park Committee, although they want the parking, are not real favorable on losing the green space.
9:08:37 PM Gulledge Said this is something that has to be done. To make the park viable, there has to be parking spots.
9:08:53 PM Garcia Asked if the grass was taken off sidewalk on West main. She was told it had been. She asked if when construction of something is being done, if it is supposed to have fence around it.
9:09:53 PM Gulledge Said yes, fence should be up.
9:10:35 PM Limberg Commented that on job sites in Troy, the inspector drives by each one every day, and if the fence is not up, he shuts the job down.
9:11:27 PM Schmidt Said he will call Flaugher tomorrow. He said he is looking for a glass display case, one or two, to put in the lobby to sell the Centennial items.
9:13:06 PM Callahan Asked Schmidt if he had a Planning Commission meeting Monday. He was told it will be next Monday.
9:13:36 PM Gulledge Said there will be a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission to hear the petition of Hard and Diane Terry requesting rezoning from MR-2 to B-2 on their property located at 201 Anthony Drive.
9:14:11 PM Gulledge Discussed briefly a notice he received from Madison County Park and Rec Grants Commission. They are doing things a little different. They are trying to put together a revolving fund, and they want some projects, etc. He said he will make copies for everyone and it will be on the agenda next week. He discussed Thelma's help. He has talked with a number of people, he has received one application from a lady who lives in Maryville. She is a student at SIU, and works part time at a bank. He has met her one time, but doesn't really know her. He would like to get a few more applications. He and Trustee Garcia will interview her and any others that come in. He asked anyone who knows someone to let him know. He said this ended his business, and if there was no more business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn.
9:17:04 PM Garcia Made a motion to adjourn and the second to the motion was made by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville