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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date10/29/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:31:33 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present to wit. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Police Chief Schardan and Clerk Long. He said Attorney Wigginton will be here, he is running late.
6:32:24 PM Gulledge Explained that there will be no approval of the October 22nd Caucus minutes, as they were not ready in time for the packets. He went to the next item on the agenda.
6:32:39 PM Schardan Discussed Officer Jason Garrett's resignation, which is effective October 31st. He has a part time officer, Rick Turner, he would like to make full time and fill the vacancy. Turner has worked part time for the Village for several months. His background check has come back with good results. He has eight years experience with Glen Carbon Police Department. Trustee Garcia, Trustee Kostyshock and Trustee Limberg interviewed him last night. He would like to move forward with hiring him. His physical has been set up, and pending the results, he should be ready to be hired full time at Wednesday's Board Meeting.
6:34:14 PM Gulledge Asked if this is the recommendation of the Personnel Committee and the Police Committee, providing he passes the physical.
6:34:35 PM Limberg Replied he has talked with Trustee Kostyshock and Trustee Garcia. They are in agreement, that Rick Turner gave an excellent interview, and he is qualified.
6:34:43 PM Gulledge Asked if the recommendation is to hire Rick Turner, provided he passes his physical. He polled the Board. All trustees agreed. He told Chief Schardan that this will be on the agenda for next Wednesday. If he passes the physical, his first day as a full time officer will be Friday, November 7th.
6:35:36 PM Bell Asked if his salary would start at $15.00 per hour. He was told yes, with full benefits, and after successful completed of six months probation he will receive Fifty Cents per hour increase, and after one year successful completion he will receive a $1.50 per hour increase.
6:36:16 PM Schardan Reminded the Board of the Halloween Party on Friday night, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. He said they could use help if anyone was interested.
6:37:45 PM Schmidt Asked Chief Schardan if the Detective position is in place, and how is it working out.
6:38:11 PM Schardan Said it is working well. He explained that he sent Davis and Finley to Juvenile training to be certified.
6:38:54 PM Gulledge Asked a hypothetical question about destruction of property of school. If the principal or teacher know about the destruction of the property, are they obligated to notify the police.
6:39:43 PM Schardan Replied if the School District knows about it, but says no, then there would be no prosecution.
6:39:52 PM Bell Asked if drugs or weapons are in possession of a student. Is the teacher or principal obligated to notify police, or can they take it away.
6:40:26 PM Schardan Answered that he doesn't think there are laws demanding this. It is not like a domestic violence case, where a doctor is mandated to report it if he suspects domestic violence. As far as he knows, anything that happens at the school is pretty well regulated by school policy.
6:41:24 PM Callahan Commented that as members of the Board for the Village of Maryville, they have Police power, so if a member of the Board knew about this, could they do anything.
6:41:39 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to find out and let him know.
6:42:36 PM Callahan Asked if Collinsville doesn't kick kids out of school for such acts.
6:44:23 PM Schardan Said in Granite City when he was a Police Officer there, the schools basically handled the problems. They wouldn't call the police until the District itself set a policy stating anytime any type of crime happened they were mandated by school policy to report to the police.
6:44:42 PM Schmidt Asked about the tasers.
6:45:02 PM Schardan Replied two of them are in.
6:45:08 PM Bell Asked who has not been hit yet.
6:45:20 PM Schardan Said the only one who has been certified so far is Finley. There will be a training session on Monday morning for some of the other officers for their certification. There is an instructor's course December 15th and Sergeant Howe has expressed a desire to attend.
6:46:03 PM Garcia Asked about the baseball cards.
6:46:18 PM Schardan Replied he still has a hold on this, until after Turner is on and then he will approach the idea again. There is a possibility that the officers may decide to wait until spring.
6:46:50 PM Gulledge Went next to the agenda item, MFT Concrete Material Letting, so Mann could leave if he wanted.
6:47:23 PM Gulledge Said a memo from Steve Osborn of Juneau Associates telling the Village Board he recommends not awarding the contract to Schwend's Ready Mix because the Village would not be using the $10,000. between now and the end of the year. He said unless someone has a question, he will go along with the recommendation.
6:47:46 PM Callahan Asked what would the Village do for concrete.
6:47:49 PM Gulledge Replied as long as it doesn't exceed $10,000.00, it can be purchased from any approved concrete distributor.
6:48:02 PM Callahan Asked who the Village uses. He was told Schwend's out of Troy.
6:48:49 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, 2003 MFT Maintenance Supplement Agreement, dated October 20th, and is for $14,500 .00. He explained that this is basically what is being done with the asphalt sealing, and the air machine that was used. He explained that this supplement will be on the agenda for approval next week. He said the crews are doing a good job. He has not received the complaints he did last time. He asked the Board if anyone had questions for Mann.
6:51:24 PM Garcia Asked Mann when the Christmas decorations would be put up.
6:51:45 PM Mann Replied he hopes to finish the tar melt next week. After this is done, he plans to start the decorations. He has called Illinois Power and they told him they would have his connections up this week. He will call tomorrow and see where they are. He is still making drops for Southwestern Electric for the lights on West Main Street.
6:53:03 PM Callahan Asked about the distance of the stop sign at Keebler Oaks and Pleasant Ridge. He said there is an ordinance that allows the stop sign. He wants to know if there is anything that says the stop sign can't be closer to Pleasant Ridge.
6:53:34 PM Mann Said he plans on moving the sign closer, but has not had time or the manpower available. He will try to get it moved next week.
6:53:52 PM Schmidt Commented the owner of that property needs to cut the brush back.
6:54:14 PM Gulledge Said he asked the owner and he did cut some of it back, but didn't cut enough. He will ask him again. He said he asked him to cut the tree down. If he would cut the tree down, then cut the ridge down, it would be a lot better.
6:56:09 PM Callahan Talked about the big box at West Main and 159. He would still like it removed.
6:56:25 PM Gulledge Explained he has tried to get it moved. He has been promised that it will come out when they begin to widen 159.
6:56:44 PM Gulledge Went to the Water Rate Study next. He said Juneau was supposed to be here, but since he is not, he turned the discussion over to Trustee Kostyshock.
6:57:25 PM Kostyshock Said the first thing he wants to talk about is the tap on fees for water & sewer. He said Juneau recommends going from $1200 to $1500, raising the tap one fee $300 inside and out on water. The sewer is now $1000 and go to $1200 and raise the inspection fee from $50 to $100. The Village would be below, or in line with surrounding communities. He said he is using Juneau's recommendations from page 1-3 of the Study. These numbers are separate from the water and sewer rates. He said first, he wants to make the Board aware of what they have been doing. They have ordered 776 radio read meters, so far 300 one inch meters have come in, and 176 3/4" meters have come in. The crews are going to start installing the new radio read meters the 3rd of November. They are going to choose an area and install 168 meters. They hope to complete this by the 1st of December. In the meantime, they plan to install new radio read meters in high volume users, such as the hospital, YMCA, Laundromat and apartments. He said according to the information he received, this should increase revenue by at least 15%. Any new home will get a new meter. He wants to put these meters in, and see if there is a15% revenue increase. If there is a 15% increase, then there may not have to be an increase in the rates. He is suggesting doing a study of four or five months to see if this happening. He would like to install meters to see if there is an increase of15% revenue, then come back at a later date with a recommendation.
7:04:00 PM Kostyshock Went on to say he supposed everyone knows they have installed the waterline on West Main, and they are doing one on 159. He said Presson thinks that once they get caught up, they could probably install sewers whenever the Village has to install a sewer line like the one that was just installed at the Credit Union. He said Presson said he is willing to take on these type of projects to cut costs. The maintenance person is keeping the equipment updated, oil and grease, etc. Presson thinks the equipment will be good for another three to four years with the maintenance program. He spoke briefly about the relocation of the water main on 159, the new well to be dug, there is money to cover this. There is money to cover the bond debts and $300,000 set aside in the Surplus Fund. All in all he feels the Water & Sewer Fund is doing well.
7:06:43 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions for Trustee Kostyshock.
7:06:53 PM Schmidt Said he thinks Kostyshock has a great plan. He asked if they notice a difference in the usage when a regular meter is installed to replace an older meter.
7:07:49 PM Gulledge Answered that by the number of phone calls after a meter has been changed out, there is a difference.
7:08:05 PM Schmidt Asked if there were any breaks given to the school, or are they on the same rates as everyone else.
7:08:21 PM Kostyshock Answered they are on the same rate.
7:08:45 PM Schmidt Asked of the tap on fees can be raised now.
7:09:16 PM Kostyshock Replied yes, he wants to do this now, but hold off on the water & sewer rates until after he has made a study with the radio read meters.
7:09:43 PM Bell Asked if this meets Juneau's recommendations. He asked Kostyshock if he has talked with Presson about the increases and expenses for Unfunded State new testing that has to be done on the water, etc.
7:10:20 PM Kostyshock Replied they have talked about this, and also about the new water well to be drilled, there is enough money for it.
7:10:24 PM Bell Asked how much money he is counting on to switch the sewer to Granite City instead of Collinsville.
7:10:34 PM Kostyshock Said this is not going to happen in the near future. It will happen, but not soon.
7:10:55 PM Schmidt Asked if by near future, does he mean less than five years or more than five years.
7:10:59 PM Bell Said in four years the contract with Collinsville is up. And, when they gave the presentation on the studies that they are doing, it appears that is the way they are going to go. He said even if it doesn't go to Granite City, when the Collinsville contract is up, the Village will be paying a lot more for sewage treatment.
7:11:30 PM Kostyshock Said they can't charge the Village anymore than they charge their customers because Maryville owns part of the plant.
7:12:02 PM Bell Said he doesn't want to raise rates, but he doesn't want to be caught short in the fund. He said it appears there is a trend that the water fund is netting less and less each year.
7:13:15 PM Kostyshock Said he wants a chance to reverse this trend.
7:13:37 PM Callahan Said the problem is the meters have to be paid for. He doesn't think the cost of the meters can be recouped in his lifetime.
7:14:17 PM Kostyshock Replied, he doesn't know that.
7:14:28 PM Callahan He talked about the meters it will take to convert the whole town. Mathematically, on the 15% increase on the meters in town, it is only a couple of pennies. He said the only way to save 15% is to buy 2500 more radio read meters and get them installed. The Water & Sewer doesn't have enough money to buy 2500 more meters, that would be over $300,000. He said he has a problem with the radio read meters because he feels mathematically it will not save money, because you have to pay for the meters. It will save money on wages while they are reading them, and the readings will be more accurate. He talked about being a fast growing community, but he wants to be realistic.
7:18:20 PM Bell Said the trend he sees is that over the past couple of years if the Village wasn't having the tap ons and the new buildings we were, there would be a problem, and the rates would have had to be raised.
7:18:53 PM Callahan Said he doesn't want to raise rates either, however, he told Kostyshock his suggestion is to double the water rates and double the sewer rates. He said if $100,000 a year of additional revenue can be generated for the next two or three years Juneau would do another study and say the Village is doing a good job.
7:19:24 PM Bell Commented that if it were not for the tap on fees, the water department would have lost money for the last several years.
7:19:58 PM Gulledge Said Kostyshock isn't saying not to raise rates, he is saying he wants to wait 6 months to do a study.
7:20:39 PM Callahan Said just assume Kostyshock is right, and in six months, he comes back to the board and says the radio read meters worked. Then he would have to ask for $300,000 to buy 2500 more meters. They have to be installed, that costs money, etc. It is not going to save 15%.
7:20:51 PM Gulledge Commented that Juneau said the Village is not bad off in water, it is the sewer area he is concerned about. He said most of the trustees know there is a master meter. The Village charges customers according to water usage. He said it is not a true way to do it as opposed to the way water is billed because the Village has to pay Collinsville, not based on what the customer is charged. It is based on what sewage flows through the master meter. He said he thinks the meter needs to be calibrated more often. He said if the water end is fixed, the sewer will pick up. He doesn't know if it is enough to offset the thought of a raise.
7:23:12 PM Callahan Commented that infiltration is a big problem. He said he still stands by his statement earlier, If rates need to be raised, they need to be raised for the people who don't live here yet. If they want to live here, they need to pay for the privilege. And, they way to do that is increase the tap on fees.
7:24:40 PM Garcia Commented that maybe that's why Maryville is growing.
7:25:00 PM Callahan Said he doesn't care if people don't come and live in Maryville. It means more people have to be hired, etc. He said it is a nice town the way it is. He talked about impact fees. When a person buys a house they are charged extra money so the roads can be fixed, or build a better school, etc. so that it doesn't impact the people who already live there. He said the Village needs to raise rates, but it doesn't mean the water and sewer rates need to be raised a lot. The tap on fees can be raised, and a lot of money will be generated, and the only people affected is new people.
7:25:44 PM Garcia Said she thinks the Board needs to come up with plan to get more businesses here, and get more revenue and the residents won't have to be gouged with raising rates.
7:26:23 PM Callahan Suggests raising the tap on rates now . The Water Department is losing money and if hadn't been for the amount of growth the Village has had, the rates would have had to be raised considerably over the last three of four years.
7:27:27 PM Garcia Said it is not like the Water Department is broke, there is $1,300,000 in the bank.
7:27:47 PM Bell Said $750,000.00 of the money is for the 159 water main relocation.
7:28:11 PM Callahan Talked about the catastrophic fund the auditor said the Village must have. He disagrees as most catastrophes are covered by insurance. He said with the obligations coming up over the next three years, the Village doesn't have $1,300,000.
7:28:42 PM Kostyshock Said the Board must realize every time a new house is built, there is a water and sewer tap on, plus revenue from the usage.
7:28:48 PM Callahan Said the revenue taken in from water is only going up three to four percent a year. It doesn't seem to be growing at the same level the town in growing.
7:29:19 PM Limberg Said he agrees with Callahan. Raise the tap on fees because as a contractor those things don't bother him at all. He feels if people want to live here, they will. All the general contractor does is add the tap on fees to the cost of his house. It is not a great amount of money. If a person is building a $300,000 home, a Thousand or Eighteen hundred dollars is nothing.
7:30:10 PM Garcia Commented that not everybody builds $300,000 homes.
7:30:25 PM Gulledge Talked about page 5-4 of the Water & Sewer Rate Study. If the Board is worried about developers going to another area, it wont happen.
7:31:56 PM Limberg Said he is working in a subdivision and talked about the price of lots. It is just passed on to homeowner.
7:32:39 PM Bell Said Juneau's recommendation on the water rate increase is ten cents. He said that didn't really bother him, but the seventy-five cents 75 for the sewer bothers him. He suggests looking at the sewer and water tap ons, and maybe raise rates ten and ten, or ten and twenty. He said he has no problem waiting for the raise in the rates until after Kostyshock has completed his study.
7:33:53 PM Gulledge Said he feels that this Board and the Boards previously have made good, prudent decisions. He has confidence that this Board will do the same.
7:34:07 PM Callahan Said unless Juneau's numbers are wrong, he is telling the Village is losing money in the sewer fund.
7:34:31 PM Limberg Commented that the Board should have listened and raised the rates a couple cents the last couple of years, but they didn't.
7:35:01 PM Kostyshock Said the only thing he wants to do is study the water and sewer raises for six months.
7:35:06 PM Gulledge Said in the interest of moving on to other business, he suggests giving Kostyshock to May 1st to come back with his study. The Board can look at this again and if there has not been any improvement, then the Board can take up the issue of raising water sewer rates. He said it is his understanding from what he has heard from the Board, they are agreeable to raising the water and sewer tap on fees.
7:36:13 PM Callahan Said the only thing he wants to know is an estimate of the number of sewer tap ons a year that must be reimbursed because of the agreements.
7:36:20 PM Gulledge Answered the only ones left are Foxmill, and even when all the lots are taken, it will never pay for the lift station. He estimates around twenty to twenty-five lots are left.
7:36:38 PM Callahan Asked if there are other areas in town where the tap on fees can't be raised.
7:36:52 PM Gulledge the Pinehurst area is paying the Church and CWBA and there is a substantial amount left on it. The Copper Creek Agreement has been paid in full, Stonebridge is paid off. Foxmill still has $36590 due, but there is not that many lots left. The rates to Stonebridge and the newest area that was recently approved in Remington Place can't be raised. They are to be charged whatever rate was in effect when the agreements were signed. The agreement was with Poletti, not Osborn, but the contract went with the property.
7:38:42 PM Kostyshock Said he did question that, whenever it goes to individual contractors, he asked Attorney Wigginton if that is different than Poletti building it.
7:39:01 PM Wigginton Replied he will have to look at the agreement, but typically the agreements say they run with the property..
7:39:17 PM Gulledge Said there is a lot of development going on with no agreement
7:40:10 PM Callahan Suggests raising the water and sewer tap ons $700.00.
7:41:01 PM Kostyshock Asked if he is talking inside or out.
7:41:32 PM Callahan Said he is talking inside. There are no outside sewers, with the exception of one that is contractual with Glen Carbon. He said he didn't even think about the outside.
7:42:39 PM Kostyshock Said they should pay more than inside. It may be an incentive for some to come inside. He suggested doing water and sewer separately.
7:43:44 PM Garcia Asked if the subdivisions that don't have sewers are going to be grand fathered in. She was told no.
7:44:12 PM Bell Suggests raising inside water taps $700 and outside $900.
7:44:33 PM Callahan Said he thinks this will generate enough revenue where the Village will not have to raise water rates this year. But, he said the Board needs to work out a plan to bring in an extra $100,000 a year for the next three of four years, just so the improvements can be done, and the Village will not lose money.
7:45:02 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees to turn to page 3-1 of the Water & Sewer Rate Study. He talked about the existing fees and the sizes of taps. Whatever is decided for the left column, make it equal for all sizes.
7:45:59 PM Bell Suggests raising inside taps $700 and $1000 for outside. This would change the 3/4" from $1200 to $1900 inside and from $1500 to $2500 outside. 
7:46:15 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were okay with this. Garcia said she didn't know yet. The others were all okay with the increase.
7:46:20 PM Gulledge Suggested looking at page 5-5 to see what other towns are doing with the sewer. He asked the trustees to be fair.
7:48:28 PM Bell Suggests the sewer taps go to $2000 and $100 inspection fee. Callahan agrees.
7:49:06 PM Gulledge Reminded the trustees that sewer is the area that Juneau said the Board should be most guarded in. The sewer is way out of line with the neighboring communities. Also, he said when there is money in the sewer fund, there is more money to do things sewer-wise. He asked the trustees their opinion. they agreed on $2000 for the tap and $100 for the inspection fee.
7:50:50 PM Callahan Asked when will the increase take place.
7:51:09 PM Wigginton Answered when the ordinance is passed, approved and published.
7:51:25 PM Gulledge Went on to the next agenda item, Replace Trees Along Front Drive.
7:51:44 PM Kostyshock Said he called Keith Chandler and he will be here Friday.
7:52:02 PM Gulledge Said he remembered that Ed Riddle was supposed to come back to replace some of the trees in the park. He told Kostyshock he will give him a copy of the letter, so that the trees he is to replace are not replaced by Chandler. He said it isn't in the front but there are some around the building and in Drost Park.
7:52:34 PM Kostyshock Said they are also going to put in the berm by the Plaza.
7:52:42 PM Bell Discussed the Drost Park Lake Dredging. They met with the lowest bidder, went to park, and discussed his process of doing this. He said he wasn't really impressed with his way of doing it. Draining the lake was a big part of the problem, but that wasn't the worst. The worst was how much dirt was going to be built up in the mounds all over the park. Basically it would destroy the south end of the park in the process. However, the second lowest bidder also turned in a bid for dredging the lake, and his process of dredging the lake. They want to meet with the second low bidder on Friday to hear his process and talk with him, and maybe change the scope of the job a little, to try to get the price of the job in line. His bid was $275,000 for the dredging process for the number of cubic yards that were in the bid specs.
7:54:50 PM Callahan Asked if he wouldn't still be building berms all over.
7:55:03 PM Bell Said there would be berms, but there would be a different process of how they get there and where they would be put.
7:55:15 PM Callahan Asked why the one finger of the lake couldn't be designated as the dump, and fill it in and give up an acre of ground.
7:55:28 PM Bell Replied that you can't change the coast line due to the grant money, and there would be permits to be obtained from the IEPA.
7:56:06 PM Gulledge Said he misunderstood Callahan. The area he is referring to is the area where the berm will be put.
7:56:38 PM Callahan He said the other thing he was thinking was the area around the subdivision is going to be a problem, but why couldn't they berm up between the park and Illinois Power and the park and the B-2 zoning area and not put any where the homes are.
7:56:54 PM Bell Said they would like to keep the berm or piles on the west side, but they have to reduce the scope of the job a little.
7:57:23 PM Gulledge Said that right now all he and Bell are doing is it is their recommendation to not accept the low bidder because of the process. They are going to look at second low bidder and see if something can be worked on. This will be on the Board Agenda.
7:59:57 PM Bell Discussed the YMCA request. He said he delivered a proposal to Kelley at YMCA. She was taking it to her board. He has not heard back from her. He said basically he was offering them some of the things they're getting now at no cost in exchange for Village employees getting a decent YMCA discount. They have a request in to the Village to use the Senior Center. He told her she needs to come back with an answer to his proposal soon, so the Board can make a decision on their request.
8:00:56 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they had a chance to look at the copy of the Madison County Park Revolving Fund Project he gave them last week. He asked if any of them had anything.
8:01:08 PM Bell Said the County is going to the revolving fund. He said the last time he went to their meeting it sounded like it would be the first of the year before anything would have to be in. Now it's October 31st. He said he thought one of the plans for going with this was a joint park land acquisition project with CARD. He doesn't know if they received the same letter. He suggested calling Mark Baddish of CARD to see if they still want to do this. He said it has been six weeks now that they have supposedly been looking for potential property.
8:02:05 PM Gulledge Read an insert from the letter, concerning the bonds to be issued, specific projects must be identified for the first $2,000,000. He went on to say the letter states if there is a project anticipated to be completed in the next three years the form should be turned in by October 31st. He said the letter is dated October 16th, but he received it on the 20th.
8:02:37 PM Bell Said at the meeting he and the Mayor attended they were told the details of the grant program until the first of the year. He again said call Baddish tomorrow, to see if he received the letter, and see where he is on the park land.
8:03:13 PM Gulledge Went to the Tax Levy and asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss it.
8:03:20 PM Wigginton Talked about the tax levy proposal for 2003. Originally a $95,500,000 estimated value was proposed. However, it was decided to reduce it to $95,000,000. This will reduce the tax rate slightly. He said last year the Village underestimated the assessed value of the property in Maryville. This caused the tax rate to be low. Last years rate was .9946, if this proposal is accepted the rate will be 1.07. The rate will go up slightly.
8:05:31 PM Callahan Talked about a meeting he, Mayor, and Kostyshock had a meeting two weeks ago, where an employee of the County brought in numbers that were supposedly up to date. They were better than their numbers, but they were different. They had no idea how to read them because there supposed to be up to the minute, the latest the assessor had that day. He asked what number the Village is using. He asked if it was the December 2002 figure.
8:06:08 PM Wigginton Replied no, that hey have up to date numbers. He said they went back and looked at every month. He said from May 2002 to April 2003, they figure the estimated valuation is $28, 380,176. He said one-third of that is basically on $9,460,000. Last year the 2003 levy was $84,958,000. If you add the $9,460,000 to the $84,958,000 it comes in at $94,418.000. Taking into account some of the slight increases that may occur, they rounded it up to $95,000,000. He said the Village does a good job of being close to the actual, except for last year.
8:08:54 PM Gulledge Said they played and played with numbers, but because of under estimating last year, nothing can be done without taking  losses in the General Fund.
8:09:58 PM Callahan Said it's still a 50 - 50 chance. There is a good chance that it may come out that our rates will stay the same or go lower.
8:10:49 PM Gulledge Said Callahan is right. He talked about having formulas he and Brussatti use, and Flaugher has a formula he uses to reach these numbers.
8:11:45 PM Wigginton Talked about when the levy can be passed. He said fortunately the Village has started this earlier this year. It must be passed and recorded by the last Tuesday in December.
8:12:26 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if any of them had questions on the levy. They all replied no. He said he will have Attorney to prepare the proper paperwork and post the notices.
8:12:42 PM Gulledge Calendar Update was the next item discussed.
8:12:55 PM Bell Said the Halloween party was not on the calendar. He added it.
8:13:29 PM Callahan Asked Bell if he had the Museum/Library meeting on the calendar for Tuesday , November 18 at 6:30 p.m. It would normally be on the 11th, but since this is a holiday, they will meet on the 18th.
8:14:45 PM Gulledge Said the next Economic Development meeting is November 10 at 7 p.m., and the Comprehensive Plan meeting is at 7:30 p.m.
8:15:18 PM Garcia Asked Bell to add to the calendar on the Outreach Bazaar on September 25, 2004.
8:15:52 PM Bell Said he can't at this time, because the calendar only goes through February 2004. He told her to remind him later.
8:16:17 PM Gulledge The To Do List was next. He asked if there were any questions on the1st page. He reported that we have received another sewer bill from Collinsville, but there still has not been a meeting.
8:17:28 PM Callahan Said they still haven't fixed the light on the flag.
8:17:55 PM Bell Said on page 3, Public Safety, that a couple of weeks ago he asked about a copier for the Firehouse, what is the status.
8:18:30 PM Gulledge Replied that it is there.
8:18:41 PM Bell Asked if the Nextel phones were on the list, and where is Brussatti with this.
8:19:13 PM Gulledge Explained that the lady was in and it looks like everything is good. The two ladies have never got back with Brussatti. They called about 5 p.m. and Brussatti happened to still be here. She told him they have some problems with whether or not the Village qualifies for as many discounts as she was hoping to give the Village. She will have it shortly.
8:20:16 PM Bell Said it needs to be added to the To Do List. He asked if the YMCA is on the list. This also needs to be added.
8:21:06 PM Callahan Asked that the new reader sign for Firemen's Park be added to the list under Parks.
8:21:30 PM Gulledge Called for Trustee Comments next.
8:22:16 PM Schmidt Reported on the Planning Commission meeting on Monday night. There was one Public Hearing which was a request for rezoning from MR-2 to B-2. He described the location of property as west of the west most line of where the new car wash is going. The parcel is 50 ft wide, and approximately 140 ft. long. The prospective buyer of the lot wants to make it a storage lot for his towing company. The Planning Commission recommends the Village not approve the request. This is set for Public Hearing on Wednesday, November 5th at 6:45 p.m. unless the current owners request that it be pulled from the agenda.
8:25:21 PM Callahan Said he has a problem with this, he doesn't understand first of all, a lot in the Village exists because it is a lot. He said the Village can't destroy this persons property, he's been paying taxes for thirty years, but all of a sudden it is not big enough. However, people are allowed to build homes on very small lots, because the lots were platted thirty or forty years ago. He said the biggest problem he has is that the guy is surrounded by B-2 businesses. He doesn't understand why it is a problem.
8:27:56 PM Wigginton Said the man is entitled to a Public Hearing. These comments should be saved for that hearing, and give him due process. Don't debate it when he is not here. Discuss this at the hearing.
8:28:44 PM Gulledge Said he agrees with the attorney, these questions should be discussed at the hearing.
8:29:08 PM Schmidt Said the other item was the final plat approval for Osborn's development of Executive Plaza. The engineer approved the plat, and the Planning Commission is recommending approval.
8:30:15 PM Gulledge Said the Executive Plaza will be on agenda, but he is going to check the check list. He is going to make sure everything is paid. If everything is not done, there will be no vote, it will be pulled from the agenda.
8:30:59 PM Schmidt Discussed the final plat approval of Trotters Run. This is a development between West Main and Keebler. There are a total of 93 lots, 67 of which come off West Main and 26 come off Keebler. It is an SR-2 development and will have sewers, and sidewalks. The minimum width of the streets will be 32 foot, some may be a little wider. The street coming in off West Main is going to be a boulevard type of entrance, with the green space going down the length of it. The recommended list from Juneau from the time the letter was received and the proposal at the meeting, there are some things to be corrected. There is nothing that needs a variance. Some things need to be changed on the plat. He said he will check with Dutton before Wednesday. He said the developer will probably be getting in touch with Attorney Wigginton, as they don't quite understand how to phrase covenants and restrictions with regard to forming a homeowner's association.
8:33:45 PM Wigginton Replied one of the conditions they must provide him with the covenants and restrictions.
8:34:05 PM Gulledge Said this brings up the subject again. There is a check list , and the Attorney is on that check list to check these types of things, and if he doesn't get them to check, the Board will not vote.
8:34:22 PM Schmidt Said the Planning Commission recommends approval.
8:35:08 PM Bell Said several meetings ago, he asked Brussatti to update the part time list for the pay scale, and it is still not done. The other thing is the grade changes, this report has not been run for a while, since mid 2002. There are four employees are due for a pay grade change in October of this year and one in November, and there was one in September, and some coming up in January 2004.
8:37:28 PM Callahan Commented didn't the change come about that the employee is responsible for the notification to Brussatti.
8:37:34 PM Gulledge Said yes. He gets a letter from the supervisor, and he passes it on to Brussatti.
8:38:42 PM Bell Talked about grade changes. He said he told Brussatti to print out the grade change, highlight the year, and he will see the ones who are due for the change. He said if it is left to the supervisor they may not be taking care of it.
8:40:33 PM Callahan Discussed the sign for Firemen's Park. He said he called the guy who installed the big sign for Village Hall. He is going to send him a copy of the sign, minus the Maryville Logo on top. This will be used for a bid spec. Callahan asked if the sign should be a two-sided sign, and did they want to give up that much ground in Firemen's Park. Or, would they prefer a one-sided sign. After discussion it was decided to make it a two-sided sign. He said he has asked the man to figure a locked reader board, provide enough letters and numbers, single color, to fill both sides. He said that is what he is going to get, then he will send it out to sign companies for bids.
8:44:00 PM Kostyshock Reminded everyone about the brush and limb drop off this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon at the water tower. Also the trees are in, and they are really nice trees. Some are 6-7 feet, some 2-3 feet. He said the Village crews were going to dig holes, but rain is forecast for Saturday, so they will wait till Friday. He reported that they did fertilize in front and around the sides of the Administration Building and put in some blue grass.
8:45:38 PM Gulledge Said Plant A Tree Day is Saturday, November 1st from 9 am to 1 p.m. Bring shovels, rakes, and gloves. He said they can use some help. Next he said the recommendation from Presson and Melissa, the Water Clerk, to go with Data Technologies software for the radio read meters in the amount of $15,685. This will be on the agenda for next Wednesday. He said there was no County Sewer meeting last Tuesday, instead, on Monday, November 10th, at 10 a.m. here in Village Hall. Senator Bill Haine and Representative Jay Hoffman will attend to discuss the results of the sewer planning study and future financial needs. He said he would like any trustee who can, to attend this meeting. They have been working for over a year, talking about getting sewers to Maryville and parts of Glen Carbon, and unincorporated Collinsville, etc. The are going to try to get help from the Congressman. Next, he read two petitions from the Zoning Board of Appeals concerning property that falls with in the mile and a half boundary. The first petition was requesting a Special Use Permit for the construction of a pole-type structure for personal use only. The location is on 5742 Old Keebler Road. The other petition was requesting a Special Use Permit to operate a dog grooming business in their home. This is located at 7344 West Main Street, Maryville. The hearing is set for November 21st. Next he said a gentlemen came in today from the First Baptist Church to talk about things to put in about 800 bags to give as handouts for their Illinois Baptist State Association meeting. He asked if anyone had any ideas. It was suggested the Centennial pencils. He said if there was no other business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn.
8:52:09 PM Schmidt Made a motion to adjourn, and Bell seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville