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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date11/12/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:33:14 PM Gulledge Called the meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia.
6:33:52 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Caucus minutes of October 22nd. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes.
6:35:31 PM Bell Said he has a couple. On page 6, the very first line, is not his statement. He doesn't know who said it, but it was not him. He thinks it was Presson. It was determined that it was Presson, and the change will be made. Then on page 11, it should be Hodapp, not Holdup. This too will be changed. On page 15, there is an error on the very last sentence. It should read "he is alright with it" instead of "his". The correction was noted and will be changed.
6:35:40 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to approve the October 22nd minutes with the three corrections. Motion by Schmidt, second by Limberg to approve the minutes as corrected, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:36:29 PM Gulledge Next called for approval of the Caucus minutes of October 29th. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes.
6:36:41 PM Bell Said he had one correction on page 1, the very last sentence the dollar amount should be $1.50 instead of $1.00. This was noted and will be changed.
6:36:46 PM Callahan Said on page 6, the third paragraph from the last, he said he suggestion was to double the water and sewer tap on fees, not the rates. NOTE: After reviewing and listening to the tape, it was determined he did say water and sewer rates.
6:37:55 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to approve the October 29th minutes with the corrections noted. Motion by Bell, second by Schmidt to approve the minutes as corrected, and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:38:28 PM Gulledge Spoke briefly about the lengthy minutes of the Caucus meetings. He asked that if possible, he would like to see the minutes cut down some. He went to the agenda item concerning the thermal image camera, and asked Flaugher and Drobisch to discuss it.
6:39:27 PM Flaugher Said he is coming to the Board with an unusual request. For the last year or so, the department has been contemplating a new thermal imaging camera. The one they have is about seven years old. It was purchased with the Illinois First grant money. It cost $25,000.00 at that time. He said in the seven or eight years they have had the camera, technology has made them so much better. He said he approached the Fire Protection District in August about their consideration in purchasing a new thermal imaging camera for the Fire Department. At the meeting, he gave them a proposal on the one the department had chosen. One member was absent from the meeting. The two that were present agreed to make the purchase, and instructed him to get three bids, which he did. The low bid came in at $14,900. He said two days later he found out there was a rebate that was good for 90 days. He went with the rebate and saved $2000. by ordering the camera. The camera was delivered. He said he was informed that the Fire Protection District is not going to purchase it, because the member who was not at the meeting is not in favor of it. The Homecoming Association feels this is a worthy purchase, and will purchase the camera. However they are paying for a new ambulance, and asked him to approach the Village for 50% of the money. He said has budgeted $20,000 for equipment, and asks the Boards feeling in doing a 50/50 or 60/40 joint purchase. The camera with the rebate is $12,900. The Homecoming Association could probably swing the entire amount, but the ambulance payment is due in March. He is asking for guidance from Board.
6:44:22 PM Garcia Asked what the camera does.
6:44:38 PM Drobisch Explained it looks through smoke, find victims, reduces damage to a house by pinpointing the hot spots. This camera is about half the weight of the old one. He said on the old one, the battery must be charged outside the camera. They never know when they go to use it if the charge is going to hold. The new one is always charged, and has a temperature gauge. This helps with finding hot spots also.
6:46:53 PM Garcia Asked if they used the camera in the fire at the nursing home.
6:47:06 PM Flaugher Answered that they didn't need it in that fire because the patients in the wing involved were already evacuated. He said if the fire had not been knocked down as quickly as it was, they would have probably used the camera to do a complete walk through of the building. He said he should also add that he did ask for a trade in on the old camera. It was very minimal, $3600. They paid $25000. The general feeling is, since he just had repairs done to the old camera in the amount of $800, they would like to keep in on the second truck as a backup.
6:48:53 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg, since he is Chairman of the Police and Fire, what direction he wants to go.
6:49:04 PM Limberg Asked Flaugher if they were planning on any other large item purchases this year.
6:49:28 PM Flaugher Answered no. Anything they need for EMS would be taken care of through the Homecoming Association.
6:49:43 PM Bell Asked about maintenance on the trucks
6:49:51 PM Flaugher Replied that would not come out of the line item equipment, that is a separate budget line item.
6:49:59 PM Limberg Said he would like to see the Village pay for the camera 100%. He said the Homecoming Association over the years has bought the larger pieces of equipment, especially the EMS portion.
6:50:13 PM Gulledge Asked each trustee if they were in agreement with this.
6:50:20 PM Schmidt Replied it was fine with him.
6:50:25 PM Bell Said he agrees with Limberg.
6:50:34 PM Callahan Said he was okay with it.
6:50:39 PM Kostyshock Said he agrees. The Fire Department never asks for anything.
6:50:47 PM Garcia Said yes, if it saves one child it is worth it.
6:50:54 PM Gulledge Said he was about ready to use the camera in the nursing home fire. Someone had said there was a person missing. He asked if a person was missing. He was told no, they were all accounted for. He said he can see this a something that would be beneficial to the Police Department also.
6:51:48 PM Flaugher Said they have had people missing at night, and they can take the camera into a dense area, and the person can be located if they are there.
6:51:55 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda next Wednesday to purchase.
6:52:42 PM Flaugher Commented on the fire at Elmwood Nursing Home. He said he was very proud of the way the Fire Department handled the situation. It could have been a major disaster. He was pleased with the way the community responded.
6:53:32 PM Gulledge Said he arrived shortly after the fire call. He complemented the Fire and Police Departments, as well as the staff at Elmwood. He asked the trustees if anyone had questions for Flaugher before he was dismissed.
6:54:33 PM Bell Asked the status of the complaints in Rolling Meadows.
6:54:49 PM Flaugher Replied that several have been taken care of. The lady with the cans was on the phone with Hellrung today, and supposedly it has been resolved. The gentleman with the trucks, one is moved, and he told them he has a place for the other one. He said everyone has been issued written warnings. Citations will be issued to those who ignore the written warnings.
6:55:27 PM Gulledge Said Hellrung told him four of the five complaints have been resolved. He is still working on one.
6:55:46 PM Garcia Asked what happened.
6:55:56 PM Gulledge Answered that he, Schmidt, and Bell, because they live in Rolling Meadows, each received an anonymous letter from a resident there, that there were several things they didn't like in the subdivision.
6:56:08 PM Callahan Said he spoke with Hellrung two weeks ago about the house on West Main by the school, and on Zupan and Nepute a basement has been dug, but neither of these have a fence around them. He said the sidewalk on West Main is covered with mud also.
6:57:24 PM Flaugher Said he knows the contractor on West Main has been given written warnings, but he was not aware of the one on Zupan. He will talk to Hellrung tomorrow.
6:57:31 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda items, Illinois Route 159 Water Main Relocation, Phase 2.
6:57:47 PM Kostyshock Said he has four (4) bids on the project. The engineer's estimate was $27,000. The low bid was $29,929.00 from Ehret Plumbing & Heating Company.
6:58:45 PM Gulledge Said that one gate valve in the amount of $640.00 comes off the price as soon as the contract is signed.
6:59:18 PM Bell Asked Kostyshock if he is recommending going with Ehret. Kostyshock said the engineer recommends them, and the Village usually goes with his recommendation.
6:59:28 PM Gulledge Said this is a company out of Okawville. Dutton said they have worked with them several times. He asked Kostyshock if this is his recommendation.
6:59:36 PM Kostyshock Replied yes.
6:59:54 PM Callahan Asked if there was a reason the valve was being taken off. He was told it was not needed. He said if everyone has the same option of taking off for the valve, it changes all the bids. Then, this company is no longer low bidder. He said he didn't have a problem with going with Ehret.
7:01:05 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem with either company. He will talk to Dutton, and whatever one it is he takes a look at, maybe he didn't catch the numbers either. He will also talk with the attorney about this. This will be on the agenda Wednesday. He asked Chief Schardan if he had anything he wanted to discuss, and if the Board had any questions for Chief.
7:02:49 PM Callahan Asked if they were allowed to ask "about that letter".
7:03:43 PM Gulledge Replied he thinks they can ask about it, but should talk in general terms, mentioning no names, because of possible pending litigation. He asked Chief to tell the Board where he is going with this.
7:03:52 PM Schardan Said this concerns an incident that occurred in August out by the grade school, involving 3 juveniles. The parents of one of the juveniles is complaining about the way the call was handled. In his opinion, things were done as normal police procedure. He plans on talking with the parents and explaining the police procedures. He is trying to set up a meeting with the parents next week.
7:05:43 PM Gulledge Said all the trustees should have received a copy of the letter, and those who didn't, he will make a copy for them.
7:05:49 PM Schardan Talked briefly about the fire issue. Officer Finley went to the hospital. His throat was burned. He entered into the deep smoke and found a lady inside and brought her out. They thought everyone was out. He is trying to find out exactly what happened. He was off work on Monday and Tuesday and was supposed to be released to come back to work on Friday. He had smoke inhalation, and water in his lungs. His EKG was not normal. Finley told him today that it is all back to normal now.
7:07:07 PM Bell Said he looked pale that evening. He said he is glad they insisted that he get checked out.
7:07:37 PM Gulledge Said there is something the Village needs to consider. They need to figure out a way to get the first responders some type of mask with filters and that is fireproof for the Police Department. He thinks this is something to invest in for the police officers or first responders. He said he is not sure what they are called.
7:08:23 PM Bell Said they are mask rebreathers.
7:08:50 PM Gulledge Said they are a mask that is fireproof and has a little bag on it and the air if filtered.
7:09:00 PM Garcia Asked about Finley receiving an award, like Sonnenberg did.
7:09:16 PM Gulledge Said Chief should look into this. He said several people have mentioned that they saw Finley carrying the lady out.
7:09:33 PM Callahan Asked if this wasn't the third time this has happened, that an officer has gone into a burning building. He said it would make sense to have something.
7:10:18 PM Gulledge Said the Board needs to look into something for the police officers because they are first responders. He went on to say he didn't mean to cut anybody off in the discussion about "the letter". He said once they read the letter, they will understand why he is handling the way he is. He said Chief didn't get his letter until today, and he wants to give him a chance to do whatever investigation he deems necessary. They will definitely will talk to the people. He informed the Board that when Chief is finished with his investigation and talking with the people, they will get a letter from the Police Department stating the Departments side of this.
7:11:26 PM Callahan Asked if this was the same conversation the Board had two weeks ago. He was told no.
7:11:46 PM Bell Said this is a totally different situation. He said the biggest concern he got from the letter is the fact that no charges were filed, no damages done, etc. but the Police kept pushing for charges. He said he doesn't know that this is the case. He said maybe it needs to be explained to the people, that the Police is responsible to turn the incident over to some other authority, and it is their choice on what is done.
7:12:25 PM Schardan Explained that when a juvenile is involved, the State charge has to be filed through the States Attorney's Office. The Police Officer cannot make a State charge against a juvenile. It has to be forwarded to the States Attorney for review.
7:12:54 PM Gulledge Said the Chief on top of this and will get an answer. He went to the next agenda item.
7:14:07 PM Bell Discussed the Drost Park Lake Dredging. He said they met with the second lowest bidder, who also had an option for dredging the lake. They went to the lake, and after looking at all the areas that they could possibly put the stuff from the lake, they realized that after building the berm, there would only be about a one acre area. If it was filled up about five feet deep, the engineer and the gentleman from Sunrise felt that probably all the could be done is to dig it down some, berm it up, and then fill it up about five feet. There would be a drain line that goes back that pumps the water back into the lake. There would not be a whole lot of damage. The low area would be filled in. Then, at a later date, after this was all settled, some more could be put on it. He said the original amount was 54000 cubic yards but Juneau says in this area only about 8000 cubic yards can be pumped in. He displayed the area on the screen.
7:16:06 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
7:16:19 PM Bell Went on with the demonstration on the screen ,and explained about the pumping and berm. He said there is a $26,000 set up fee to set up his equipment. The number he gave is just short of $106,000 to do less than a third of the lake. But this would dig the lake out deep enough where the majority of the fish in the lake could live. Then at some other point, go further. This approach does little damage to the lake and surrounding park. Also, the lake doesn't have to be drained.
7:18:26 PM Gulledge Said from his standpoint this is not situation the Board wanted. However, they are trying to make the best of a bad situation, because they don't have the area to put the slurry. The Village has a $50,000 grant that must be used for this project by October of 2004. He said they still haven't been told whether or not they are getting the $40,000 from IEPA. He said if this grant come through, then the Village is looking at $15000 or $20000 to make the lake livable for the wildlife and for the boat ramp.
7:19:36 PM Bell Said doing this little part will help save the lake.
7:19:55 PM Kostyshock Said he thinks it is better taking a little at a time.
7:20:20 PM Gulledge Said he hasn't called the guy back, because he wants the Boards opinion on whether to proceed or quit and lose $50,000
7:21:10 PM Limberg Asked if in a year or two they could anticipate doing the lower section be done. He said he is okay with going ahead with the partial.
7:21:47 PM Schmidt Said the way he reads the proposal, they will dig 5 feet deep and12 feet wide.
7:22:30 PM Gulledge Explained this is like a channel. He will be digging five feet out of what is there. He said it averages at eight feet now, and with five feet more it will be thirteen feet deep.
7:22:48 PM Schmidt He said he thinks this will be the less damage, and thinks it is a good start.
7:22:54 PM Callahan Said he is okay with going with the partial.
7:23:02 PM Kostyshock Said he is for this, but he has one concern. What will be done about the smell. Will they be taking care of that part.
7:23:28 PM Gulledge Replied it is not in the contract. They will talk to him.
7:23:34 PM Bell Said it would be best to lime in layers.
7:23:47 PM Garcia Said she is not for this. She thinks it is a waste of money, and doesn't think that many people use the lake.
7:24:04 PM Gulledge Said with five for and one against, they will go ahead and negotiate. Next, he went to the Nextel Phone agenda item.
7:24:22 PM Bell Said they have been talking with two companies. After researching the numbers, the one that makes the most sense is DM Communications. He discussed the 2nd page, option 2. The Village has 13 phones. This option sets 7 phones up on the National Get Connected More 400 plan at$45.99 each per month. Six of the phones get set up on the National Get Connected More Add On plan at $20.00 each per month. This add no peak cell minutes but adds 100 direct connect minutes. All of the13 phones would be sharing 2800 Cell Peak minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, 2350 direct connect minutes. These are all pooled. He said currently the highest direct used was in the 1400 range. He said voice mail, and caller ID can be added for eighty-two cents each per phone. This would make the monthly bill $383.70 for all 13 phones. There is no activation fee. He said he talked to the representative today and told her the Village wanted the pooled cell and direct connect minutes stated in the contract that they are pooled, and that there is no activation fee. This is for the service of the phones. Currently the Village pays $592 per month. This is saving approximately $200 a month. He said at the same time, the Village wants to upgrade the phones. There will be three I58 and 8 I60 phones. Two employees already have I60 phones. He said the $669.89 is if there is new activation on the phones, which means the eleven phones will get new phone numbers. Brussatti told him he had spoke with the employees and they have no problem with new phone numbers. The Village is getting a government pricing discount of18% off. He said basically there is more time than now and is less expensive. He said that some of the savings will be used to upgrade the current phones, buy a couple of cases and chargers. He said the bottom line is if the Village goes with D &M Communications and get new phone numbers it is going to be approximately $700 for the phones and $383.70 plus tax, per month.
7:29:06 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions.
7:29:16 PM Kostyshock Asked if there is a Roaming charge.
7:29:32 PM Bell Answered they can call anywhere with Nextel, there is a Cell Peak and it is 2800 shared between the thirteen phones. If they don't go over the 2800 peak minutes, there is no charge. Nights and weekends are unlimited. It also has nationwide long distance. It counts toward the minutes but there is no additional charges.
7:29:58 PM Garcia Asked if on the weekends, they can make personal calls long distance calls.
7:30:16 PM Bell Answered that it is his opinion that the employee is carrying the phone, and as long as the shared minutes are not exceeded, they can use it on the weekend. It doesn't cost the Village anything.
7:32:53 PM Gulledge Said in the past a few employees went over the allowed minutes, but all it took was a warning. They didn't go over again.
7:32:58 PM Bell Said basically there are thirteen phones, that is about 220 minutes per phone. He suggests not saying anything to an employee unless they go over the 220 minutes.
7:33:14 PM Schardan Said the lady from D&m called him last week and asked how things were coming along.
7:33:38 PM Bell Said he worked on this in the beginning, and then Brussatti took over for a while. He said with the D&M quote, he was able to verify with Nextel on the internet the prices. He said with the other company he has no idea where she got the numbers. He couldn't match her quotes with anything on Nextel.
7:34:56 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if there were any questions.
7:35:05 PM Schmidt Asked about the possibility of his buying a phone for his personal use on the Village plan, and reimbursing the Village.
7:35:33 PM Wigginton Said he wouldn't recommend doing this.
7:35:50 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the Board agenda next week.
7:36:36 PM Gulledge Discussed the sale of the Borri Drive property and the Hayden Lane property. The Board needs to give Attorney Wigginton direction if they are still in favor of putting these properties up for sale.
7:37:08 PM Bell Said there was some question at the Comprehensive Planning meeting about the Borri Drive property. They were discussing the possibility of keeping it for a possible entrance to park ground.
7:37:20 PM Gulledge Asked what park ground he was talking about.
7:37:54 PM Callahan Said this has been designated as a park the whole time on the Comprehensive Plan. He said he lived in that area, and it is a tough area. There is a steep bank and a ravine, and a creek.
7:38:51 PM Gulledge Said it is up to the Board, but this is not suitable for park ground. There is no park ground available around there.
7:38:56 PM Callahan Said no one has ever said anything. He didn't think the Park Committee cared. But now they want to rethink whether they want to do mini parks.
7:39:17 PM Bell Explained that the old Comprehensive Plan talked about little three acre parks close to the subdivisions all over the Village.
7:39:31 PM Callahan Asked what the question was about selling the property. He said he thinks the Village will have trouble selling it because after looking at the easements, who would want to buy it. But then, there is always a contractor going to do it. He said the pump station is at the bottom. The only use that ground is if there is a park put on that lot. As a parking lot, there is no place to go.
7:39:48 PM Gulledge Said he agrees with Callahan, there is no where to go.
7:40:13 PM Garcia Asked who would want it anyway.
7:40:33 PM Gulledge Asked the Boards opinion.
7:41:58 PM Limberg Said sell for minimum bid, with the appraisal estimate as minimum.
7:42:35 PM Schmidt Said he feels exactly the same way.
7:42:41 PM Bell Said he agrees with whatever the Board decides.
7:42:50 PM Callahan Said yes, sell.
7:43:02 PM Kostyshock Said sell.
7:43:16 PM Garcia Said yes, sell.
7:44:11 PM Bell Talked about the area as he displayed the plat on the screen.
7:45:23 PM Gulledge Said the Board needs to give the attorney some direction. The trustees agreed to put a minimum bid on it, and do a sealed bid. The minimum will be what the appraisal said it is worth.
7:45:52 PM Gulledge The next one is the Hayden Lane property. There is a minimum of $17,500. It is Lot #2 on Hayden Lane. After discussion, it was decided to give the attorney a minimum bid of $17,500. It is to be a sealed bid, and bidders will have 30 days to turn in a bid.
7:48:17 PM Wigginton Said he will work with Clerk Long with the publishing requirements, etc.
7:48:30 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
7:48:35 PM Callahan Said December 8 there will be a joint Economic and Planning Commission meeting at 7:30 p.m.
7:49:02 PM Gulledge Discussed the To Do List next. He talked about the meeting on sewers Monday. Trustees Schmidt and Kostyshock attended. Representative Hoffman and Senator Haines were present. They are going to look into some things to try to find some funding for the project. He said after the meeting he talked to Sinda from Collinsville about the sewer situation. He said they are going to get to it, they have another guy still looking at it. He talked about the Special Census Contract. Two from the Census Bureau came in and met with Clerk Long and Flaugher. The dropped off some information. It looks like the Special Census will start in January. They will do all the hiring and everything. They will tell the Village what the need, the size of the room, number of phones, etc.
7:50:18 PM Schmidt Said going back to the sewer meeting. If the Village could solve the problem on our own with Collinsville and would pull out of their whole plan, doesn't the County need everybody in this area with the direction they are going for it to work for everybody.
7:50:47 PM Gulledge Said they are trying to do a turn key for this whole area, but he said he has reservations. There is an awful lot of entities involved. He said the Village needs to look at a backup plan. Collinsville's plant will soon be at maximum capacity. The Village needs to continue working with the consortium. And, also be looking at what can be done about going another direction.
7:51:40 PM Callahan Asked how much Collinsville is going up on sewer bills.
7:52:12 PM Gulledge Replied he thinks they are going up three or four hundred dollars. Callahan was referring to the situation with Maryville. Mayor said what they are trying to do is manipulate the contract between Maryville and Collinsville. He said it will be worked out eventually.
7:53:49 PM Wigginton Reported that the motion to dismiss and go to arbitration with Hart Contracting is set for November 20. The Cape Construction case is for trial on March 24, 2004.
7:54:45 PM Bell Asked where Jolene was on Collecting the forms and applications. He was told she is collecting them. Clerk Long told him she was still working on them, because she just asked for some of the old ones.
7:54:59 PM Bell Asked about the Fire Department Drive.
7:55:18 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan about the budget.
7:56:02 PM Callahan Replied he hasn't received anything but Trustee Kostyshock's. He suggests designating the last caucus in January to discuss this.
7:57:45 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan what he would need from everyone. He said he would need the worksheets everyone has done.
7:57:55 PM Bell Said this should be a good start, as most departments have gone through the budget form and filled it out.
7:58:04 PM Callahan Suggests putting a packet together and delivering it to everyone at least a week before the caucus.
7:58:58 PM Gulledge Discussed the line item GASB 34. He said this can't be forgotten. They really need to be working on this.
7:59:17 PM Callahan Said he thought Ferris said the Village didn't need to do this. He was told it has to be done, but not as involved as they were led to believe.
7:59:40 PM Kostyshock Talked about winterizing the park restrooms. They will be shut down for the winter.
8:00:05 PM Callahan Asked about the park ground acquisition. He talked about the areas that were designated for parks. He asked if anyone has gone out and actually tried to buy these pieces of ground.
8:00:51 PM Gulledge Replied they have talked to a few owners, but not all of them. CARD is supposed to be working on this.
8:01:58 PM Kostyshock Asked if CARD doesn't do anything within the next year, wouldn't it be better for the Village to pull out.
8:02:34 PM Schmidt Asked Callahan if he had anything more on the sign for Firemen's Park.
8:03:05 PM Callahan Said no, that the guy who promised him all the stuff has never sent him anything. He asked Clerk Long for the name of the person who did the Church sign and the logo in the council chambers.
8:03:20 PM Limberg Said take off hire a police officer.
8:03:43 PM Gulledge Replied that he has left this on, because the Police Department is still an officer short. After discussion, the trustees agreed to remove the item from the list.
8:04:54 PM Gulledge Went to Page 4. He said weather permitting the Troy Maryville Emergency Water Hookup should be completed next week. Collinsville Water Line the pop off valve will be installed next week.
8:05:37 PM Bell Discussed the purchase of the radio read meters, this has been completed. This needs to be changed to supplying Data Technologies with history and data for the conversion. He said Summit Utility Billing conversion would be a good title.
8:06:12 PM Kostyshock Said the water crews are installing the new meters on new construction. The are going to install one at Anderson Hospital, and when they do, Troy will have to supply the water until the job is completed.
8:07:15 PM Bell Asked the status of the bicycle rut in the concrete on West Main.
8:07:44 PM Gulledge Replied they are going to take it out.
8:08:19 PM Schmidt Asked Kostyshock to talk about the cemetery.
8:08:24 PM Kostyshock Said they have been talking to people who own property. He thinks they will be negotiating for property very soon. They are waiting for Juneau to come back from vacation. They want to take him to see the property.
8:09:28 PM Callahan Asked how much land they are talking about. Kostyshock said he is not sure if it is two or three acres.
8:09:40 PM Gulledge Said the Ministerial Alliance meeting will be held here in Village Hall next Wednesday the 19th, at 8:45 a.m. He said anyone who would like to join them is welcome. He went on to Trustee Comments.
8:10:34 PM Kostyshock Discussed the bids on the trees, the berm to be put in by the Plaza. To replace 5 trees on the north side of the Administration Building with 2 inch, 12 foot tall with Red Sunset Maples, the cost is $825.00. There is a dead Red Bud in the front. The cost to replace it is $149.00. With labor and everything the total cost for these tree replacements is $1134.00. The berm will have a flagstone wall, four random size boulders, brick border, rock & mulch combination, eight random plantings for a total of $1210.00.
8:12:16 PM Gulledge Asked when they will do this.
8:12:33 PM Kostyshock Replied that Presson is going to start on the drain line probably Friday or Monday. He asked that this be put on the agenda for the Board meeting. Also, he gave a bid for next spring, 35 trays of flowers and remulch all areas for $1160.00. He said he wants to add an oak tree for up to $150.00.
8:13:48 PM Callahan Asked Attorney Wigginton on the sign project, if he asks one person to design a sign, and then he tells others they want a sign to look something like the design, is this acceptable. Wigginton replied yes. He then asked if somebody gives him a design, and it is acceptable, can this just be sent to people for a quote. Wigginton replied it can be done either way. He asked how many bids he should get.
8:14:26 PM Wigginton Replied there is no set limit, but he recommends at least two. There must be a bid opening date and time.
8:15:09 PM Bell Asked if only one bid comes in can the Village go with one. He was told yes.
8:15:15 PM Garcia Asked if there is any way the Village could build or make some kind of skateboard place for kids.
8:15:38 PM Bell Said they have talked about this several times. A third grader submitted a petition for this some time back. This would be quite expensive. A lot of the concerns is noise, another concern is safety.
8:17:10 PM Limberg Said he would be concerned about the liability.
8:17:22 PM Wigginton Said that a skateboard park can be successfully operated and without the liability.
8:18:26 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney Wigginton about the levy.
8:18:43 PM Wigginton He is going to talk with Thelma after the meeting.
8:19:03 PM Gulledge Talked about the Christmas Party December 23. He plans on closing the offices at Noon, and the party will begin at 1 p.m. and end at 7 p.m.
8:20:10 PM Bell Announce the Fire Department Christmas Party is Saturday, December 20, at Stonebridge.
8:20:43 PM Wigginton Said his firm's Christmas Party is from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on December 5th. He said all are invited.
8:21:19 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to discuss, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Motion by Limberg, second by Schmidt to adjourn the meeting. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville