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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus minutes
Date12/10/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:45:38 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of December 10, 2003 to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Clerk Long, Chief Schardan, Attorney Wigginton, Comptroller Brussatti, Rick Rodel of IML Risk Management Services, Auditor James Ferris, five citizens, and one reporter.
6:46:07 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the November 12th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. Motion by Schmidt, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes as submitted and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:46:46 PM Gulledge Introduced Rick Rodel of the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association.
6:47:00 PM Rodel Began by saying the Village of Maryville has been a member of the IML Risk Management Association since it's inception in 1981. The reason he is here is because of the 16% increase in the Village's rate. He said the increase for the entire program is about 9 or 10%, and is due to market conditions, and the cost of re-insurance, which is what most of the increase is. He talked about how the rates are figured. Some factors are what the property exposures are, such as buildings, vehicles, portable equipment, and payroll. The biggest part of the increase came from re-insurance and the second biggest part is due to the Village's loss history. He said the Village's loss history over the past four years is approximately 205%. He talked about a way to decrease this loss ratio. He said one way is safety training and then implementing a formal safety program. He said he is available to do this. They provide this at no cost. He urges safety training and safety programs. He asked if there were any questions.
6:51:10 PM Callahan Asked what the overall loss ratio is for the entire program.
6:51:31 PM Rodel Replied probably around 50%, but he is not sure. He will find out.
6:51:50 PM Callahan Asked if the Village loss ratio is four times higher than average.
6:52:00 PM Rodel Replied it is a lot higher. He will get the average and let him know. He said the unfortunate accident where the person was electrocuted is still in the ratio.
6:52:40 PM Callahan How could training prevent the loss of the accident at plant by truck driver.
6:53:29 PM Wigginton Cautioned that these cases are still pending and should not be discussed.
6:54:40 PM Gulledge Said the Village does have a safety officer who conducts classes once a month. He said he tries to send as many of the Public Works employees and available police officers and firemen as he can. He asked Rodel if he would be available to come and teach some of these classes.
6:54:51 PM Rodel Said he would. He also has a video catalog he will leave for the safety officer to look at and order any of the videos he would like to see taught.
6:55:30 PM Garcia Asked if these cases are not settled, how can they be charged against the Village. Rodel they go against the Village's loss ratio. If they get settled, they will be backed out.
6:55:38 PM Schmidt Asked how often the loss ratio is re-evaluated.
6:56:01 PM Rodel Replied it is every four years, sometimes five. It is an ongoing process.
6:56:39 PM Callahan Said he sees the Risk Management flyers that come out periodically. He asked Rodel if he would come out to do a specific topic training.
6:57:17 PM Rodel Replied absolutely. This concluded Rodel's presentation.
6:57:23 PM Gulledge Introduced Jim Ferris, CPA and auditor for the Village.
6:57:34 PM Callahan Said he asked Jim to come in to talk about GASB 34.
6:57:55 PM Ferris Began by saying GASB 34 is the General Accounting Standard Board that puts out information to try to help with accounting problems of local entities. GASB 34 is a big change and the Village of Maryville is affected by being a Phase 3 government, which means the total revenue is less than Ten Million Dollars. He said the last audit reflected the total revenues at approximately Four and a Half Million Dollars. The Village will start the Phase 3 of GASB 34 after June 15 2003. He said the current fiscal year which began May 1, 2003 will not be affected. However, April of 2005 will be the first year the Village must comply with GASB 34. He said the Village will have to switch from cash to accrual basis. He will be able to help with this transition. There is a management discussion and analysis that will have to be part of the financial statement he does. He said the one thing Trustee Callahan wants him to talk about is the basic capital asset side of this. With GASB 34 the Village must account for and keep track of the capital assets. Capital assets are land and improvements, buildings and improvements, infrastructure and equipment. He said the Village does not have to comply with the infrastructure, which is roads, bridges, tunnels, draining systems, dams, etc. He said what the Village does have to comply with is the land improvements, the building improvements and the equipment. He said this will not be difficult. The Village will have to come up with a capitalization threshold, a management policy that states the Village is going to capitalize any equipment or improvements over a certain dollar amount. The usual threshold is five or ten thousand dollars for equipment, and for improvements it would be 25% of the improved asset, such as a building. He suggest an inventory for large items, such as vehicles, equipment, etc. There would be no reason to inventory chairs, etc. He said along with this, there must be good internal control. He said going back is sometimes the toughest part. The Village will have to go back somewhat, a reasonable period. The water and sewer is the biggest part, and he has been doing this since he has been doing the audit. The rest of the funds will probably have to have dollar amounts researched for such things as the vehicles. He also said if the Village gets Grant money to purchase things such as a vehicle, etc. it will not have to be set up for the GASB 34. He asked what the vendor has asked the Village to do.
7:04:19 PM Callahan Said they were talking about inventorying almost everything, which would be time consuming. He told Ferris that he has made it sound less of a problem, and a little more open minded. The concern of the Board was the inventory of past items.
7:05:11 PM Ferris Said he can help with past data and give some guidance. He said the Village shouldn't get too concerned about recreating past data. This is where estimates come in. All that is needed is a good method. He said going forward is where there should be a good system of tracking. He said there are guidelines to follow.
7:07:19 PM Callahan Asked if once the figures are all in, is there software to keep track of the data.
7:07:51 PM Ferris Answered there is depreciation software that will keep track, and he recommends buying it.
7:08:21 PM Brussatti Said he has a list of everything owned by the Village.
7:08:39 PM Bell Asked Brussatti down to what level he has the list. He asked if the PCs, projectors, etc.
7:08:47 PM Brussatti Said anything that is insured is on the list.
7:08:59 PM Bell Said items such as these may not be capitalized, but they definitely need to be inventoried.
7:09:12 PM Ferris Said this is something that should be done anyway. This is internal control.
7:10:27 PM Gulledge Said this is done to some extent now, especially in the Water and Sewer and Street Department.
7:10:32 PM Callahan Said Ferris has mentioned a couple of guidelines like how to depreciate things. He said the Village doesn't have to pass an ordinance, but we need to have a policy that is approved by the Board. He asked him if he could give him a list of things that need to be in the policy.
7:10:48 PM Ferris Answered the threshold for equipment should start at $5000.00. The major improvements on buildings would be at 25% of the cost.
7:12:52 PM Gulledge Said as it gets closer, there will be a lot of information coming in. He received a guideline in today's mail. This concluded Ferris' presentation. Mayor went on to the next agenda item.
7:14:01 PM Limberg Discussed the annual fire calls for the firemen. He said there are 28 firefighters. and 25 qualified and 3 didn't make the percentage. necessary to qualify. He said last year, the firemen were paid $1.20 per point. He explained that the firemen are not just paid for fire calls. They are paid for different organizational meetings, trainings, etc. Each firefighter is given a certain amount of points. He said in the 2002-2003 comparison there were more points in 2002 than this year. He said if the Village gave the firefighters $1.20 per call as last year, the expenditure to the Village would be $36,549.60. He said he is asking the Board if they want to pay $1.20, the same as the last two years, or if the would take into consideration of raising it either ten or twenty cents, or whatever the Board would consider.
7:16:33 PM Gulledge Said before going any further with the discussion, Trustees Schmidt and Bell should exclude themselves from the conversation as they are firefighters.
7:17:09 PM Kostyshock Said he would like to see a raise of at least 20 cents.
7:17:28 PM Limberg Said if the calls are raised to $1.30 the cost would be $39,712.40 if the calls are raised to $1.40 the cost would be $42,641. 20. The total points for 2003 are 30,458.
7:18:20 PM Gulledge Said he should disqualify himself also, because his son is a firefighter.
7:18:40 PM Callahan Asked about points for fire calls. He was told six.
7:19:10 PM Bell Said there were 545 calls as opposed to just under 500 last year.
7:19:24 PM Callahan Said he would go along with Kostyshock's recommendation of $1.40
7:19:51 PM Garcia Asked if the full time firemen were included.
7:20:08 PM Gulledge Replied they are, but they do not get paid while on duty.
7:20:37 PM Garcia Said 20 cents is fine, but they should keep in mind that the Village doesn't have to do this, they are volunteers.
7:21:09 PM Limberg Talked about volunteers and the amount of time it takes to maintain the Village's creditability as well as the firefighting skills that are required. Firefighting has changed a lot over the past few years. When he and Mayor Gulledge were firemen, they weren't required to attend the schools and maintain certificates. He said as far as he is concerned, the fire department is second to none.
7:21:49 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the Board agenda to pay $1.40 per point for a total of $42641.20.
7:22:23 PM Gulledge Discussed the annual contract with CK Power in the amount of $560 for the generator at the Water Plant. This will be on the Agenda for the Board meeting Wednesday.
7:23:01 PM Bell Said Springer has been working with Computron to try to inventory the excess computers in the Police Department. He said there are three (3) Intel Pentium II computers that are not worth anything to the Village. However, one will be kept to use for a possible surveillance system. He would like to sell two to employees, Computron has taken off all the licensed software. They have Windows 98 on them. 
7:24:41 PM Wigginton Said the Village can't exclude the general public. He said the computers belong to the taxpayers of the Village and would have a right to purchase the computers.
7:25:07 PM Gulledge Asked if everyone is okay with selling the two computers. They were. He suggested making it sealed bids. He said he will have Attorney Wigginton talk with Bell to determine a fair price. If everyone is okay with this, he will have Attorney Wigginton draw up a resolution. The Board agreed.
7:26:02 PM Brussatti Asked if Computron was able to give a cost of what they are worth. He was told yes.
7:26:38 PM Bell Went on to discuss the Park Committee recommendations. The first recommendation is the purchase and installation of a wireless surveillance system in Drost Park. They have someone trying to get a price on the system. They think it will be less than $3500 total for the system. This would be a camera in Drost Park that the comfort station and the pavilion can be seen with a wireless feedback to the Police Department. One of the excess computers will be used to record to the hard drive. He said the Committee is wanting to know whether or not they can proceed with this.
7:28:16 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion as long as it doesn't exceed 3500.00. He said the Park Committee is making this recommendation due to the incidents of damage over the past six or eight months.
7:29:00 PM Callahan Asked how this would work.
7:29:09 PM Bell Explained it is basically a directional wireless antenna in the park and one at the police station.
7:29:39 PM Callahan Asked if they would be able to see anything going on at night.
7:29:47 PM Bell Explained that the camera will have a low lux resolution because night is when most of the problems occur. The camera will work off a motion sensor of some kind.
7:30:05 PM Gulledge Said the people met with him and Chief Schardan, and this is definitely doable and will work.
7:30:57 PM Callahan Asked what will happen at the Police Department if it kicks in.
7:31:03 PM Schardan Explained the monitor will come on in the dispatch center.
7:31:18 PM Garcia Said they would have a picture of someone doing the damage.
7:31:24 PM Schmidt Said without divulging where the camera is going to be, what will keep someone from vandalizing the camera.
7:31:44 PM Gulledge Said their picture would be on the camera. He said there is a place where the camera can be installed that is not easily accessible. He asked the Board's opinion. They all agreed.  But, before Board approval, he wants the total price.
7:32:14 PM Bell Discussed the next item which is a skate board area. The Park Committee is unclear of what the Board is referring to, and they are inviting the Board to the Park Board meeting on January 19th at 6 p.m. to discuss this possible project.
7:32:53 PM Bell Discussed another recommendation from the Park Committee of placing 18 inch high black tubing around all the recently planted trees in Drost Park to prevent animals from eating and destroying the tender bark, and to install mulch around the trees to protect them from winter weather.
7:33:29 PM Kostyshock Said he has the tubing and can get the mulch from the Township or Illinois Power.
7:33:56 PM Bell Discussed the recommendation of the Park Committee that the Village retain the park ground located at the end of Bauer Lane for possible future park development. A section of the property West of the plat will be requested to be placed on the Comprehensive Development Plan as future park ground. He said the Committee also recommends that the Village keep the Borri Drive property.
7:35:09 PM Callahan Said they talked about the Bauer Lane property at the Economic Development/Comprehensive Plan meeting. He said he lived in this area for about thirty years and is familiar with the field in that area. The area they initially designated as the park would be fine except it would cut off access to all the other property owners access to that property, as this is the only way to get in. That would leave thirty to forty acres of ground that couldn't be used because the Village took the top eight or ten for a park. He made a suggestion that the Village leave the top area and take the bottom area and designate it for the park. He said the recommendation was made Monday at their meeting to take the property at the west end of Bauer Lane, about 10 acres, however, this cuts off access to the other forty. He said he suggested leaving the opening at the top so the property owner could get in to sell lots, because it would be difficult to build roads down into the bottom. This would leave a fairly large area.
7:36:32 PM Bell Said their recommendation was to leave some property open for a park.
7:36:59 PM Gulledge Said they did outline some future property, approximately 10 acres in the Bauer Lane area. He said the other thing they talked about was the lot the Village has on Borri Drive. For 20 plus years there has been a lift station that has never been in operation. The Board has discussed this for several months. He said the Board has told the attorney to draw up the paperwork to sell this piece of property. This is supposed to be up for vote at next Wednesday's meeting to sell. He said in his opinion this property is not worth putting a park there. It doesn't go anywhere. There is a huge ravine at the back of the property, and unless the Village has a lot of money, he doesn't see how this would service for access, especially with Natural Gas Pipeline's easement through there. He said this is up to the Board, if they want to change their mind, now is the time to do it.
7:39:22 PM Callahan Said he would add that the Board didn't do this arbitrarily. The Park Committee decided quite a few years ago, they didn't want little parks all over. He said they did what they were told. A lot of money was spent, now suddenly someone has changed their mind, but never told the Board.
7:39:59 PM Carol Frerker Said it has changed a little. There is green space now on the Comprehensive Plan. She is happy with this. She said she spoke with the people next door. They don't want a park. She said the reason the Village wants to sell is because they don't want to maintain it anymore. She said the Ross's have been maintaining for the last 31 years. There is a lift station; there is an easement. They have been using that easement for the last ten years because of their huge utility shed to maintain that property. She said if the Village sells it and the lift station, that one of these days this subdivision will be on sewers. She asked if there would have to be another easement at that time.
7:41:35 PM Gulledge Replied that nothing will change, easements will stay with the property. If the Village puts it up for sale and someone buys it, they will buy it with the easements. The Village is not going to take the lift station off, they are not going to take the easements to get to the lift station off.
7:41:49 PM Carol Frerker Said she feels that out of respect for the people who lives there and have been maintaining the property for 31 years, the Village should discuss with them what they want to do with it.
7:42:23 PM Callahan Asked if the Village ever got an estimate of what the property is worth. Mayor told him yes, and each trustee received a copy.
7:42:46 PM Kostyshock Said he thinks what Mr. and Mrs. Ross is concerned about is they have a garage back there, and they have been maintaining the driveway to the lift station, and it also goes to their garage.
7:43:06 PM Darrell Frerker Said the reason this all came back up again was that he came to the meeting Monday and found out that the Park Committee's recommendation for not making a park there. This is with good reason. He went out Tuesday to look at the ground and get an idea why it couldn't be a park. He said he didn't realize that there is lift station on the property, and after looking at it, he started raising questions with Carol and stopped by the Ross' and told them the land was going to be for sale. He wanted to know what they could do about it because they are still on septic systems, and if the lift station does become operational in the future, what would happen, and how would it be maintained.
7:44:31 PM Shirley Ross Asked if the Village wanted to sell the lot because of the maintenance.
7:44:44 PM Gulledge Replied it is excess property that belongs to the Village. If they choose to sell it, it will be a decision made by the Board.
7:44:53 PM Shirley Ross Said she understands this. The Village has the lot, and will keep the easement and sell a small narrow lot. He concern is that a contractor would buy it and put small "cracker box" houses on it, and they would be practically in her back yard.
7:45:33 PM Gene Ross Said they have had their property for thirty some years. He has tried to get this ground before. He was told if it ever went up for sale he would be given the opportunity to bid on it. He asks that the Board take into consideration that they have maintained the property for 30 years. He said the Village has put rock on the road one time. He has rocked the road several times, and has cut the grass every week for the last thirty years. He would like to have some special consideration before it goes to anyone else.
7:47:09 PM Shirley Ross Said the Village has never cut the grass, they rocked the road one time. She said it has always been verbal agreements, which she realizes is to their disadvantage. She said they have asked about buying the lot, and was told not to worry about it, use it like it was theirs, because the Village was never going to get rid of it. She said if the Village sells this lot, they will not have access to their garage.
7:49:18 PM Wigginton Said there are several options. He said the Village has the right to accept the highest responsible bid. He said he will look at some of the options. This is the first he has heard of any of this.
7:49:22 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't know what can be done. As the attorney stated earlier, the property belongs to the taxpayers of the Village of Maryville. He said they will look at this and if there is a way to do this, then the Board will make a decision on giving the Ross' some type of possibility, but they can't answer right now.
7:50:12 PM Shirley Ross Said she would like it to be as soon as possible. She said they have cut the grass at least once a week through grass cutting seasons for the past thirty years, plus the rocking of the road. She estimates the cost of this maintenance would be around $15,000.00.
7:51:04 PM Gulledge He told Mrs. Ross the Board and he will look into the matter.
7:51:14 PM Darrell Frerker Commented that his initial involvement with this was for the sewers, because of the lift station. But another thought was he was recently involved with the easement issue. He said he knows this is more of private property, but he is trying to help with smooth transition with this piece of property. He said after that many years of using the easement to the lift station and continuing their drive back to their shed, one of the State Officials that dealt with his property told him, that as an individual property owner, they could not take that back from public use.
7:52:24 PM Gulledge Said this is not the case when it is the municipality.
7:52:34 PM Carol Frerker Asked if there is a possibility of the Village selling the lot for it to go through to the new subdivision. She was told no.
7:53:12 PM Callahan Commented as a former neighbor of Gene and Shirley Ross, he has seen them cut the grass many times. He said if the Village puts the property up for bid, they would have to take the most reasonable bid. He said he would hope they would be able to bid on it. He said the Park Committee said they didn't want small parks and that was the general consensus that the Board worked under for the last four or five years.
7:54:10 PM Limberg Said the reason for not wanting small parks is because they are not maintained, as evidenced by the surrounding communities that have small parks.
7:54:42 PM Gulledge Went on to Calendar Updates.
7:54:56 PM Schmidt Asked that the Comprehensive Plan meeting on January 19, 2004 at 7 pm be added and the Park Committee meeting is January 19, at 6 pm.
7:56:03 PM Bell Said the Holiday Lighting contest applications are due by December 13. Friday at 3 pm there is a Red Cross Blood Drive at Maryville Elementary School
7:57:00 PM Gulledge Discussed the Employee Holiday Bonus. This has been the practice for the past few years, and he would like to see it continue. The employees receive  $75 per employee, which includes two part time and thirty-six full time for a total of $2850. Last year there were thirty-five full time and two part time employees for $2775. He asked the Board for their opinion. They all agreed.
7:58:30 PM Callahan Asked Mayor if he had discussed with Presson the possibility of the one employee getting his feelings hurt.
7:58:52 PM Gulledge Said the decision was made last year. He is a contract employee. With this he went to Staff Reports
7:59:03 PM Schardan Reported on the progress of the work in the basement of the Police Station. The walls are up for evidence room, they are putting up the door. SWAP will be coming in and will be doing some painting.
8:00:23 PM Schardan Briefly discussed the Click it or Ticket Program. He said there was an accident today where a truck rolled over two times. This happened just outside the Village in Madison County venue, but our officers responded. He was told the lady had never worn her seat belt until two weeks ago when she was given a seat belt violation ticket from a State Trooper. She said since that time she has been wearing it. She came out of the accident uninjured.
8:00:58 PM Callahan Asked Chief about an accident this past Sunday of someone pulling out, and couldn't see because of the auction. He asked how bad the accident was.
8:01:07 PM Schardan Replied there were no critical injuries.
8:01:24 PM Gulledge Said he received two calls about this, and these people will be at the next Board meeting to complain.
8:01:48 PM Kostyshock Said he happened to be at there right after the accident happened, and the truck was in the way. The driver couldn't see to pull out onto the highway. He said the Mustang was totaled but no one was seriously injured.
8:02:06 PM Gulledge Said Attorney Wigginton just mentioned to him that the Village does have proper ordinances and documentation where the Village can stop all parking along 159.
8:03:14 PM Wigginton Said the Village has an ordinance on the books that provides for no parking on Highway 159. The question is, does the Village want the Police Chief to start enforcing the ordinance.
8:03:28 PM Garcia Commented that if there is going to be parking lots across the street, then the people should use them.
8:03:33 PM Wigginton Said as a part of the agreement with IDOT for widening, there will be no parking on Highway159, and it will not be up the Board to exercise there discretion as to whether they want to enforce it or not.
8:03:46 PM Schmidt Commented there won't be any shoulders, there will be no place to park.
8:03:51 PM Gulledge Said the attorney is telling them, that there is documentation on the books, and it is up the Board to tell the Police Chief to enforce it, or continue as it is now.
8:04:33 PM Callahan Commented that would also include the Antique Mall. There would be no parking there either. He said there are people who have parking that would not be allowed to have it. This makes it difficult to stop the parking.
8:04:42 PM Wigginton Said it will solve itself shortly.
8:04:58 PM Gulledge Said in the meantime, something can be done to keep people from parking so close to the intersection. He instructed Chief to look into parking too close to intersection.
8:05:08 PM Bell Asked if there isn't ordinances dealing with parking in the intersections or within so many feet. These ordinances could be enforced.
8:06:49 PM Callahan Asked if the Zoning Board of Appeals didn't rule that there could be parking on one side of the street only.
8:07:04 PM Wigginton Said he has no idea why the Zoning Board of Appeals would be involved in this.
8:07:26 PM Limberg Said at the meeting he tried to emphasize that this is strictly a safety issue, it has nothing to with the businesses.
8:07:54 PM Schardan Said the Police Department does have the Project Child Safe Program gun locks. They had two hundred of them and are passing them out free of charge to anyone who has guns and wants to secure them safely. He said they also have DNA kits from Madison County, and these too will be given at no charge. He spoke about the Tommy Moose Project. The Moose Club started this project in June, donating stuffed Tommy Moose toys for incidents involving children who are upset or involved in an accident, etc. The police officers can give them a Tommy Moose to help console them and calm them down. The members of the Moose came in today and presented the Village with a dozen of them. More will be available as they are needed.
8:10:09 PM Bell Asked about the Taser status.
8:10:19 PM Schardan Replied he is waiting for the policy to be completed. Also Sergeant Howe is going to an instructor's course next week. He asked Howe to make contact with the instructors and if possible bring back their policies.
8:11:10 PM Schmidt Asked about Officer Finley.
8:11:19 PM Schardan Said he is doing fine, and is back to work.
8:11:35 PM Garcia Asked about using the Taser on a drugged person, if it would bring him down.
8:12:09 PM Schardan Answered that it is hard to say, but he imagines it would work.
8:12:37 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
8:13:27 PM Schmidt Asked about the phones and when they came in.
8:13:52 PM Gulledge Replied they went in use last Thursday. Some of the phones have new numbers. His number stayed the same. The Street and Water Departments have new numbers.
8:14:18 PM Callahan Said he likes they way the landscaping turned out.
8:14:40 PM Bell Asked if there is any update on Hart Contracting
8:14:51 PM Wigginton Answered no, there still needs to be a motion to compel arbitration and dismiss. It was scheduled for November 20 or 21, but he was out of town on business and had to reschedule. He is waiting for notification of the new date.
8:15:07 PM Gulledge Went to page 2. Said on the budget, he has told the Department Heads to meet with the Trustee in charge of their department and go over their budget, then he and Trustee Callahan will meet with each department. He has designated January 28 Caucus to discuss the budget.
8:16:22 PM Callahan Asked what direction to go with GASB 34. Should they go out for bids, or let Jim Ferris take care of it.
8:16:42 PM Bell Said they need to investigate something for doing inventory. He said he was not impressed with the software from RCI.
8:17:27 PM Callahan Asked if the Board wants to use Ferris or go out for another vendor.
8:17:34 PM Kostyshock Suggests using Ferris and ourselves. Mayor agreed.
8:17:46 PM Gulledge Talked briefly about 159 and Town Center. He said he has several ask him about the 115 working days from 5-1-03. He said this is what he was told. From December 1 to March 30, these days do not count against any contract on a State Project. As of December 1, they have used 81 days.
8:19:51 PM Gulledge Said Bell has a meeting set up on Monday, December 15 at 9 am on the GIS.
8:20:12 PM Bell Said Jarrod wants the Department Heads to be there. He wants to make this a workshop, and collect information.
8:20:36 PM Bell Asked about the park signs.
8:20:44 PM Gulledge Replied they are not in yet. They were ordered, but haven't come in.
8:20:51 PM Bell Asked about the grant for $40,000.00.
8:20:55 PM Gulledge Replied he has not heard from them. He called them last week, and they still do not have an answer.
8:21:15 PM Schmidt Asked if the Board as a group would be making a decision on whether or not to reopen West Main for the winter.
8:21:37 PM Gulledge Said it would not be made as a Board decision. It is still a County project. He said he has a meeting this Friday about another issue, and then Kostyshock and he, along with County and Township are going to try to figure out what they can do, whether they can go westerly from Foxmill. They are waiting for the County.
8:22:27 PM Kostyshock Said the weather has been bad. They have poured the one side of the entrance to Foxmills, plus the sidewalks. They have started, and if they get a couple of good days of dry weather they can probably finish it up.
8:22:33 PM Schmidt Asked if the work can be stopped for the rest of the winter and continue in the spring.
8:22:54 PM Gulledge Replied yes, but he needs to talk to them to see if the project can be kept going in some manner, whether it be the storm sewers or whatever. But, they haven't had the meeting yet. He said it is a three way meeting, the Township, the Village and County.
8:23:01 PM Bell Said that is one option. However most of the work can be done, except pouring the concrete.
8:23:24 PM Gulledge Said this is what they will be talking about in the meeting. Also, he said he doesn't want to get into this and then bad weather hits. The snowplows wouldn't be able to get through. It causes a lot of problems when the weather turns bad for the people driving.
8:23:32 PM Kostyshock Said also the people who live there need to be able to get to driveways.
8:23:59 PM Gulledge Agreed. They can't be cut off from their driveways. He said the next section is a long section. He said he doesn't have any answers because they haven't had the meeting.
8:24:13 PM Schmidt Said he would like to see it opened for the winter to keep people from driving that much further in bad weather. People will be coming in from out of town, etc.
8:24:36 PM Gulledge Went to page 3.
8:24:56 PM Kostyshock Reported that the Collinsville water line transfer is completed.
8:25:23 PM Kostyshock Discussed the radio read meters. He said 230 of the new meters have been installed. The new homes being built are having the new meters installed also.
8:26:20 PM Bell Comments that they have to be read the old way since the system has not been converted yet.
8:26:25 PM Gulledge Said he believes the contract has been worked out. Hopefully by the next reading these will be on line.
8:27:03 PM Gulledge Said he had a contractor today that will probably be at board meeting. He is not happy about the sewer tap on increase. He went on to page 4.
8:27:47 PM Callahan Talked about a piece of ground on 159 that was discussed at the Comprehensive Plan meeting Monday, that is vacant and is zoned multi-family. He said it has been in the comprehensive plan for about five years that it should be commercial. Mr. Wobbe told the group that if someone would purchase that ground, it doesn't matter what the Village wants, they get what it is zone. The recommendation from the Committee after discussion is to rezone it commercial now. This piece of ground is about ten plus acres.
8:28:58 PM Bell Said the Wobbe recommends that there are a couple of other lots in the same category that they should all be done at the same time.
8:29:37 PM Callahan Said the only problem with the individual lots that have homes on them, if they are rezoned commercial, it might change the value of them and cause the taxpayer to have a higher tax bill. He was told that would not matter. It would not raise the taxes on the property.
8:29:41 PM Wigginton Commented that the Village has the right on it's own petition to change the zoning.
8:29:58 PM Callahan Asked what it would take to get this done.
8:30:01 PM Wigginton Said this could be started tomorrow. It needs to be on the agenda for the next Planning Commission meeting. A public hearing will need to be scheduled.  He said he will start the paper work to change this from Multi-family to B-1 Commercial.
8:30:58 PM Gulledge Went to Trustee Comments.
8:31:29 PM Bell Asked the status of the forms and applications.
8:32:25 PM Gulledge Replied he received them from Jolene, but he has not had time to look at them, but he will.
8:33:11 PM Callahan Talked about the sign for the Firemen's Park. He said he has spent a lot of time on the phone talking to different sign manufacturers. Most were very reluctant to give him anything. He said Thelma had recommended someone who did some work for the church and for the Village as well. He said he asked him to design a sign for the Village, and not tell him what it would cost because he didn't know which direction the Board wanted to go. He did not tell him the cost, he just gave him a drawing, which he passed around. He said this is the only person who bothered to talk to him and draw him a sign. He asked Attorney Wigginton about the bidding process.
8:34:46 PM Wigginton Said anything exceeding $10,000 should be bid, however, the bid requirements can be waived by a two thirds majority vote of the Counsel.
8:34:50 PM Callahan Passed the drawing around to the trustees and described the drawing.
8:36:54 PM Bell Suggests staying with the Village logo.
8:38:09 PM Callahan He said they have decided to use the same size reader board as the sign out front, with the same size letters. He described the sign.
8:38:16 PM Bell Asked if the lights in the sign out front have been fixed.
8:38:28 PM Gulledge Replied no, it is Illinois Power's problem.  Gary called them again today.  
8:39:52 PM Callahan Asked if anyone on the Board wants to choose the color, size, etc. they can, he doesn't care. He said he would like to get back with the guy and tell him to give him a proposal.
8:41:27 PM Gulledge Suggests unless someone has a problem, he will let Callahan pick the colors. He asked if the trustees want a logo and which logo they want Village or Fire Department.
8:42:12 PM Limberg Said he prefers the Fire Department Logo.
8:42:14 PM Schmidt Suggested a faint water mark of the Village Logo. He said Fire Department Logo otherwise.
8:42:34 PM Bell Said he wouldn't mind the Fire Department logo.
8:43:16 PM Kostyshock Said he would go with the Fire Department logo.
8:43:21 PM Garcia Said she would prefer the Village logo.
8:43:25 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan to pick the colors, and try to work out something with the Fire Department emblem.
8:44:05 PM Kostyshock Discussed a recommendation from the Historical Museum and Library committee that the Village conduct a survey among the residents of the Village pertaining to the establishment of a museum and library. The Committee also recommends the Village fund the cost of the survey as to the printing and postage. He said he would like to make the recommendation also that the Village pay for the survey.
8:45:17 PM Gulledge Asked what is going to be in survey.
8:45:30 PM Shoup Explained it would be a survey to consider making a Village Library District. It would be restricted to those people in the Village, and anyone who is annexed in would be a part of it also. The survey would be worded in such a way that indicates there would be an additional property tax involved.
8:47:23 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion in sending out a survey.
8:48:23 PM Callahan Asked Shoup if the committee decided that November would be the better time for a referendum.
8:49:07 PM Gulledge Continue to poll the trustees. They all agreed.
8:49:27 PM Garcia Commented on the raise for the fire calls. She said their training paid off in the nursing home fire.
8:50:03 PM Gulledge Talked about the training. He said when he, Limberg and Kostyshock were firemen they thought they had a good fire department. These firemen today must have a lot more training than they did.
8:50:55 PM Callahan Talked about fire department. His son works for a fire department with a number one rating. His son has always said that Maryville Fire Department has as good equipment as the department he works for has. They have much better equipment than the paid departments the Village touches.
8:51:23 PM Gulledge Said he has one thing to discuss, and he is going to let the Attorney touch on it. This is something he has thought about for a long time. It deals with the pre-annexation agreements for water outside the Village. The Village has never required existing houses outside the Village limits to sign a pre-annexation agreement. He wants to make it requirement when property changes hands outside the Village limits to sign a pre-annexation agreement, if there is not one already recorded on the property. If not, it would be recorded just as the new homes have to do.
8:53:01 PM Wigginton Said the Mayor summarized this very well. He said in Illinois a municipality has no duty to supply water to non residents, unless it has a contract to do so. He said they must remember for non-residents the water is supplied based upon the Village's willingness to do so. He went on to say that the Mayor brought to his attention that there is a number of homes that are receiving water service. As the Village grows, when these become contiguous, the Village will want to be able annex them without any dispute. One method of doing this is to use the Pre-Annexation Agreement that plainly states that if the resident wants water supplied to their home, the Village will do so, if the agreement is signed.
8:54:12 PM Gulledge Said this came up at a Public Works meeting. He has talked to Kostyshock about this, as well as to Presson and Mann. They are in definite agreement that the Village should proceed with this. It is being done on new construction in unincorporated areas. He said he has always thought it odd that it was not done on existing properties. He asked each trustee if they had any questions. He said he would try to answer them. He would like to put this into effect as soon as a program can be put together.
8:55:01 PM Limberg Said yes, he is in favor of this.
8:55:21 PM Schmidt Asked if they have discussed the scenario of what if they don't want to sign.
8:55:37 PM Wigginton Explained that the Village would not supply water. The Village doesn't have to supply water to non residents.
8:56:54 PM Bell Asked if this affects the current out of boundary residents.
8:57:05 PM Gulledge Replied not to the existing resident, only when it changes hands.
8:57:24 PM Schmidt Asked if the seller or realtor be required to disclose this before selling the house or signing a contract on the house.
8:57:57 PM Wigginton Answered that he is asking for a legal opinion, which he is not going to give. The person selling the house should consult either the realtor or their own attorney. However, he did suggest that the Village notify all the known realtors who do business in Maryville that the Village is implementing this policy. It is already on the books, the question is if the Village wants to implement it. The realtor can then notify anyone who is looking at homes that may have Maryville water, but are not in the Village limits.
8:59:14 PM Gulledge Continued asking the trustees if they were okay with this.
8:59:17 PM Schmidt Replied yes.
8:59:21 PM Bell Replied yes.
8:59:36 PM Callahan Said the only thing, in terms of business sense, he feels the Village should probably notify every non-Village property owner when the water bills are sent, that the rule has been changed. He said he thinks the Village needs to be real careful because there is another water company that runs through the northern end of the Village. They can't solicit the Village's existing water customers, but if the water customers are told they can't hook up to Maryville water unless the agreement is signed, they can go to the other company.
9:00:29 PM Gulledge Replied they can do that anyway. However, anyone who wants to hook up to their system needs to look at their costs, as opposed to Village costs.
9:02:19 PM Callahan Said he agrees, but Illinois American is not going to force them to annex into Maryville.
9:02:26 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock. He is in favor. He asked Garcia. She also is in favor of this. He said they will go forward with preparing a program to be put into effect.
9:02:39 PM Gulledge Reminded everyone of the Board meeting next Wednesday, December 17 at 7:00 p.m. He also reminded them there will be no more Caucus meetings this month because of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. He announced that next Wednesday at 4:00 pm there is a public hearing that has to do with the YMCA bonds. He said this will be on the agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday. He asked if there was anymore business to come before the Board. There was none. He called for a motion to adjourn.
9:03:38 PM Bell Made the motion to adjourn, and Schmidt made the second to the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville