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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing - YMCA
Date12/17/2003 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
4:00:02 PM Gulledge Called the public hearing to order and explained that it is a public hearing to discuss and answer questions or concerns about the proposed issue not to exceed $7,500,000 aggregate principal amount of Special Facility Revenue Bonds, Series 2003 for the Young Men's' Christian Association of Edwardsville, Illinois project of the Village of Maryville, Madison County, Illinois, the proceeds of which bonds will be used for the purposes described in said notice, having been duly given by publication on November 26, 2003, in The Suburban Journals and The Edwardsville Intelligencer, and on November 27, 2003 in the Times Tribune, the same being legal newspapers having a general circulation within the village of Maryville, Illinois, the City of Edwardsville, Illinois, and The County of Madison Illinois. This being the time and place specified in said notice for the conduct of said public hearing on the proposed plan of financing of the project described in said notice (the Project) through the issuance of said bonds. He announced that those in attendance would be given an opportunity to speak for or against the proposed plan of financing for the Project through the issuance of the bonds. He asked if anyone would like to ask questions or have any concerns about the Village of Maryville issuing these bonds for this particular project which is the YMCA of Edwardsville project. Three persons were in attendance. They were Clerk Long, Mayor Gulledge and Attorney Wigginton.
4:02:17 PM Wigginton Asked Clerk Long if she had received any written comments that should be made a part of this record.
4:02:39 PM Long Replied no, she had nothing.
4:02:43 PM Gulledge Asked if there was anything else to be contributed to the hearing. There was nothing. He closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville