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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description  Caucus Minutes
Date1/14/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:07 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting to order and asked for a roll call of those officers present.  Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia.  Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Chief Schardan, one reporter, and one citizen.
6:30:42 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Caucus minutes of the December 10th meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes approved and placed on file. Schmidt made the motion and Bell made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt- yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:24 PM Gulledge Said the Closed Session item on the agenda is going to be held at the end of the Caucus, when the Attorney can be present. He went to the next item on the agenda, the sale of the surplus vehicle dog cage.
6:31:52 PM Schardan Explained that this dog cage is no longer needed by the Police Department as they have only one dog since the retirement of K.C. He said that Sgt. Howe has had some communication with Pine Lawn Police Department who is getting a dog. They are interested in purchasing the extra cage.
6:32:13 PM Gulledge Asked what the Village paid for the cage.
6:32:15 PM Schardan Replied that it is his understanding that the Village paid $800 for the cage. Pine Lawn will pay $600 for it. He said it was purchased used, and Howe told him it would cost around $1500 to buy it new.
6:32:48 PM Bell Asked if the Police Department has any plans to have a second dog again.
6:32:59 PM Schardan Replied no, and went on to explain that the cage will only fit a Ford.
6:33:20 PM Gulledge Said he agrees it is for a Ford, and the Village will eventually be getting rid of the Fords. He asked if anyone has a problem with this being on the agenda next week. No one objected. It will be on the Board Agenda for January 21, 2004.
6:33:41 PM Schardan Discussed hiring a part time telecommunicator. He said he sent out a teletype asking for interested, 9-1-1 certified persons to respond. He said only one person responded that has the qualifications needed. The person is working full time for another department and is willing to work part time here. He said this will alleviate a lot of his problems. Springer fills in during the week to cover for sickness or vacation, etc. This person could fill in on the midnight and weekend shifts.
6:34:39 PM Bell Asked how short the Police Department is on telecommunicators, and if he needs another full time telecommunicator.
6:35:17 PM Schardan Replied no, he said he has one other part time person. He just wants to be more prepared by having someone on line to work especially the midnight shift.
6:35:31 PM Callahan Said he noticed on Schardan's budget request that he noted the possibility that as early as this Spring, the Village may be faced with a decision about the 9-1-1 services.
6:35:45 PM Schardan Answered that he doesn't know that it will happen that quickly. He said one person involved is trying to get everything ready, but he doesn't think it will.
6:35:56 PM Gulledge Said if the Village continues to work toward the consolidation of the 9-1-1 services, and this is what the County is encouraging, the Village will possibly need more part time people before the actual consolidation comes into effect.
6:36:24 PM Callahan Asked if the Village has already made the decision to consolidate.
6:36:45 PM Gulledge Replied that the Board has not made a decision, but Chief is gathering all the information he can. He said right now it looks like a good possibility that this could happen, and it would certainly be a cost savings to the Village.
6:36:52 PM Callahan Said it could be a cost savings to the Village, but not to the people who live in the Village. It will be put on their tax bill. He said the people he knows in St. Clair County who made the decision to consolidate said it is quite expensive. However, it doesn't cost the cities anything.
6:37:23 PM Schardan Replied this is not what this consolidation is. This is between the Police Departments. He said what will happen is that all three departments will be saving on personnel costs.
6:37:45 PM Callahan Asked if this is not the County wide consolidation.
6:38:07 PM Schardan Said no, this is something different. Madison County consolidation will only look at 9-1-1. All they will be dispatching is Fire and EMS. A Police emergency call will be transferred back to the Police Agency.
6:38:28 PM Callahan Said he didn't realize there would be two systems, a County wide system and a Glen Carbon, Troy and Maryville system.
6:38:46 PM Schardan Explained the County 9-1-1 system is under the control of the Board for 9-1-1. They will take care of the 9-1-1, but as far as dispatching Police Officers for a call, the department will have to dispatch them, not the 9-1-1 personnel. He said the biggest change for the communities is that someone will not be in the communications area twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
6:39:03 PM Callahan Asked if the Village doesn't have it's own 9-1-1.
6:39:06 PM Gulledge Replied that the Village receives the calls on 9-1-1.
6:39:11 PM Callahan Asked if the calls come into the Police Department.
6:39:12 PM Schardan Replied this is the way it is right now. He explained that in Madison County there are 16 PSAPs, which is all 9-1-1 answerings. He said what has happened is the 9-1-1 Board has realized how much it is costing them to maintain the 16 PSAPs. It has become too expensive to run 16 PSAPs. They are looking at either one centralized 9-1-1 area or perhaps multiple ones. Instead of maintaining 16 they will be maintaining perhaps 6 or 3.
6:40:03 PM Callahan Asked what percentage of the Village calls are for 9-1-1 versus calls for assistance.
6:40:33 PM Schardan Replied that EMS and Fire are the most calls. He explained further about consolidating the three departments.
6:41:15 PM Callahan Asked if it would be paid per capita.
6:41:31 PM Schardan Answered that this is still under discussion as to how it will be paid for.
6:42:18 PM Gulledge Said it will probably some kind of proportionate share.
6:42:24 PM Bell Asked where this would be hosted, or physically located.
6:42:39 PM Gulledge Replied that currently they are looking at Glen Carbon. Said getting back to the original agenda item, what is the Board's opinion of hiring a telecommunicator part time to fill in for sickness or vacations, etc. The Board agreed. This will be on the January 21st Board Agenda.
6:43:59 PM Schardan Discussed next that he wants to do away with time cards for police officers. He wants to start this on January 19. Springer will be on this same time frame. The dispatchers will continue to use time cards.
6:44:41 PM Gulledge Asked him to explain how this would work, and how anyone would know if a person actually worked.
6:45:01 PM Schardan Explained that the officers are always relieved by another officer. No one just walks out without his relief being present. The Sergeants come on at 6 p.m. and will know who is there, and they leave at 6 a.m. and should know who is there then. They will be able to make sure the officers are showing up. He said he will be there during the weekdays to supervise their comings and goings. Also, they will be required to radio in when they begin duty and also when they leave. This will be recorded.
6:45:59 PM Gulledge Asked if this will include lunch breaks, etc.
6:46:20 PM Schardan Said they do that now. He explained the time sheet he has made up.
6:46:43 PM Bell Asked Schardan if he had investigated any on line payroll sheets. He explained how this would work.
6:47:33 PM Schardan Said no he has not looked at anything like this.
6:48:14 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had a problem with trying this beginning on the 19th. He said he told Schardan that he will be willing to give this a try. But, if it is abused in any way it will be taken away. He said Schardan is going to make sure they all understand this.
6:49:10 PM Schmidt Asked how Brussatti feels about this.
6:49:32 PM Gulledge Said he is okay with it.
6:50:02 PM Schardan Reported on a new law about the officers now having to record traffic stops they make.
6:50:31 PM Gulledge Asked what he meant.
6:50:46 PM Schardan Explained it is for traffic stops where someone has violated the Illinois Vehicle Code and the officer makes a stop, he has to record the race of the driver, if he did a search, the reason for the stop, etc. He informed the Board that he has ordered the supplies needed to comply with the law. He asked if anyone had any questions on the seat belt law. No one did. He talked about the biggest change being anyone over four years of age, until their eighth birthday and under forty pounds, must be in a booster car seat, and seat belted in. He said also a new law concerning newly licensed drivers is also in affect. The first six months someone gets their driver's license there can be only one occupant in the car.
6:53:25 PM Kostyshock Discussed Change Order 2 for the Lin Hy Improvement Project. He said the original contract price was $128,163.50 and with the changes the Village has made, the new contract price including this change order is $150,830.33. The biggest change, he said, was on Heather Green where the street was higher than the curbing, and quite a bit of the street had to be cut down a couple of feet. Some curbing had to be added.
6:54:39 PM Gulledge Explained the front page of the change order. He said when the Board approved the change order he and Kostyshock said it was the only change order, and in fact it was, however, Dutton from Juneau forgot to add in the fees on the first change order, so he had to prepare another change order to include them.
6:55:06 PM Callahan Asked what they did with all the dirt.
6:55:27 PM Gulledge Answered they took it to Highland. The Village took some, but since they were already taking dirt from the West Main Project, they couldn't take it all.
6:55:37 PM Kostyshock Said there are14 items that are to be corrected before payment is made.
6:56:29 PM Gulledge Said the Village is holding back 10% until the work is satisfactorily completed. He said at the Board meeting he and Kostyshock will be asking the Board to approve the $7,290.83, as the first change order has already been approved. He asked if anyone had a problem with this. No one did.
6:56:50 PM Gulledge Talked about the Riverbend Head Start and Family Services request for a proclamation. He said this organization has a number of families that live in the Village limits that they help in several different ways. He said unless someone has a problem, this will be on the January 21st agenda declaring Sunday, February 1 through Saturday, February 7, as Riverbend Head Start & Family Services Week in the Village of Maryville.
6:58:08 PM Bell Talked about Drost Park Khoury League's request for payment of dugouts. They have turned in bills totaling $8,555.17. The Village has agreed to reimburse them on the dugouts. He is not sure of the exact amount. He said he thought it might possibly be $6900. He wants to check the minutes to be sure.
7:00:13 PM Gulledge Suggested checking the minutes to see what was agreed to be paid. He will let the trustees know in their packets. It will be added on the bills for the exact amount agreed upon.
7:01:36 PM Bell Talked about the Cedar Valley bike path engineer's estimates of $10,897.00. He said this price includes putting in a berm, and actually changes the slope.
7:02:34 PM Gulledge Said that Cedar Valley is a good distance away from the Bike Trail. But, the Village does have an easement on Cedar Valley, which is one of the reasons to choose Cedar Valley. It is a dead end street, plus the easement.
7:02:51 PM Bell Talked about the map that was in the packet. He said the map shows the path going down the center of the vacant lot, therefore it is pretty far from the house on either side. There is a curve where the berm will be. He said he thinks some of the work could be done by Village workers.
7:05:08 PM Callahan Asked if the pipeline money has specifically been used.
7:06:09 PM Bell Replied the $25,000 hasn't all been spent. He also said there is Green Space money coming in. He asked Kostyshock if he feels the Village workers could do this work.
7:06:55 PM Kostyshock Said he will look at it, and asked if Juneau has done the engineering yet. Mayor told him it has been staked.
7:07:02 PM Callahan Said one thing the Risk Management person said when he was here was, "don't do things that you don't have the equipment to do with". He said this sort of runs through his mind, however, he is sure the Village workers can do it. But, he thinks it might be better to get bids.
7:07:36 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't think there is anything that needs a special piece of equipment.
7:08:14 PM Kostyshock Said if his crew is going to do it, he would like to do it this winter.
7:08:21 PM Bell Suggested giving Kostyshock a couple of weeks and let him and his crew give an estimate of how long they think it will take to do this project. If it is too long, then the Village can go out for bids.
7:08:47 PM Wigginton Arrived, and was seated.
7:09:37 PM Gulledge Said he is going to change the order on the agenda. The employee handbook changes will take some time to discuss. He went on to Calendar Updates.
7:10:18 PM Bell Said there is a Planning Commission meeting, January 26th. The Comprehensive Plan meeting is on the 19th, at 7 p.m. and the Park Committee meeting is at 5 p.m. on the 19th.
7:11:27 PM Callahan Said Janet Butts is coming to the Comprehensive Plan meeting to talk about the Village Historical Districts. He said she found quite a few.
7:12:09 PM Gulledge Said he has two maps on the Comprehensive Plan. The Committee will look at these to determine where the Village is to date.
7:12:30 PM Schmidt Asked about the art show. He was told it is scheduled for January 25th.
7:12:54 PM Gulledge Said the County Wide Sewer meeting is January 27th, at 3 p.m. here in Village Hall.
7:13:59 PM Gulledge Discussed the To Do List
7:14:36 PM Schmidt Asked where we are with the Census.
7:14:53 PM Gulledge Said he talked with the lady today, she thought we were in the January mailing of a letter with instructions, but we were not. She said hopefully it will be in the February mailing. When the Village receives the letter, it will be approximately six weeks before they start the Census.
7:15:00 PM Bell Said on the YMCA request, he has not heard anything from the Y, so he will call them.
7:15:39 PM Gulledge Said there are depositions tomorrow on Cape Construction with him and Presson. There is a hearing on Hart Construction on a motion to dismiss on January 22nd at 8:30 a.m.
7:16:12 PM Schmidt Asked if there is a reason why the Board has dropped the Borri Property sale.
7:16:29 PM Gulledge Explained there is no decision on the Borri Property yet. Bids are due in on the Hayden Property on January 30, at 4:30 p.m. There has been no decision to tell the attorney to proceed on the Borri Property.
7:16:36 PM Wigginton Said there are several options, he will outline them for the board to consider. These are options other than public bid.
7:17:16 PM Callahan Asked about the Natural Gas Pipeline damage.
7:17:37 PM Wigginton Answered this is the damage they did to the sewer pipe. He sent them a letter over the holidays and their contact person he has dealt with is no longer with Natural Gas Pipeline. They did send him the name and number of a person in the Chicago area. He made a phone call to that person, but has not received a response. He will try again.
7:18:06 PM Callahan Asked if the depositions on the Cape matter is the Village request or their request.
7:18:23 PM Wigginton Replied it is their request.
7:18:28 PM Gulledge Asked about the Fire Department driveway.
7:18:40 PM Limberg Said he has Bohenstiehl Concrete coming out when the weather is a little better to give a bid.
7:19:05 PM Gulledge Suggested putting together bid specs and putting a bid notice in the newspapers.
7:19:43 PM Gulledge Said the Police Department basement renovations are going well. The Village crew and the SWAP crews are doing a good job. He complimented Jeff Henry and Mike Dorchincez, and the SWAP crew.
7:20:15 PM Gulledge Said he and Bell have a list prepared, and after the basement is completed, they will go to the Senior Center. He complimented Cliff Jobe for the great job he did on the floors in the Senior Center. He went to Page 2 of the To Do List. He asked Callahan if has received budgets from the departments.
7:21:29 PM Callahan Replied he has. He said that probably the Board will not be talking about wage increases in January, but he does need an idea of what will be done so it can be plugged into the numbers for the fiscal year.
7:22:16 PM Gulledge Said on the GASB 34 that Ferris will meet with the Finance Committee and make recommendations. They will be passed on to the Department Heads and then go forward from there. He said they are still working at Town Center, doing some ditching, etc. He said he thinks the asphalt plants have shut down, so the last coating on the road will not be done until they open again.
7:23:52 PM Callahan Asked about the traffic lights not being regulated.
7:23:57 PM Gulledge Replied that he has tried to get the light adjusted, but each time they come out, it doesn't seem to do any good. He told the trustees he would give the name and number to any of them if they wanted to call.
7:24:15 PM Callahan Asked what the plans are for the light coming up off of 70 and if it was going to be a flasher or what.
7:24:29 PM Gulledge Replied it will be a stop and go light. He doesn't know if it will be regulated with a censor.
7:25:24 PM Callahan Talked next about the sign for Firemen's Park. He said they are trying to choose a logo, and after a logo is chosen the colors will be picked.
7:25:55 PM Schmidt Said he will try to get the committee to move faster.
7:26:22 PM Bell Talked about the West Main Improvement Project. He said there is a place on the web site for road improvements, closures, etc. He asked if Presson would update the information.
7:27:17 PM Callahan Asked if the road is closed again. He saw that the signs were back up.
7:27:41 PM Gulledge Explained that the signs were back up because it was getting to be too confusing. They would call at four o'clock because they had a trench across West Main, and would call and tell him they road couldn't be opened that night. After a few times of this, he told them to put the street closed sign up and if anyone went down the road, it would be at their own risk.
7:28:35 PM Kostyshock Said the weather has been good, and they have been able to work a lot and he hopes they can work through the rest of the winter.
7:28:58 PM Bell Said he would take the bike path entrance off the list, since the Village crew would be doing the work.
7:29:15 PM Schmidt Asked about demolishing the small restroom building in the park. He asked if it was actually going to be demolished.
7:29:42 PM Gulledge Said he needs direction, so he will know what to do.
7:29:45 PM Callahan Asked how many urinals are in the building.
7:30:25 PM Gulledge Said he thinks there are three toilets for the women, one for the men and a urinal. He talked about the electrical possibilities. If the building is demolished, there will have to be something arranged so that the electrical panel can be locked. He said Kroder suggested building a small building around it, just big enough to house the electrical panel.
7:31:07 PM Kostyshock Said he has had several firemen approach him asking that the restrooms be torn out, but to keep the main part of the building.
7:31:38 PM Callahan Asked if there were any plans by the firemen to put a slab and a building on that side of the park.
7:31:42 PM Schmidt Answered that it may be a joint effort between the Village and Homecoming in putting something comparable to the one in the other corner of the park.
7:32:16 PM Callahan Asked if it would be done with their own labor. He was told it could possibly be arranged.
7:32:26 PM Gulledge Suggested that possibly the donation made by the YMCA could be used to put up a small pavilion.
7:33:48 PM Callahan Suggests adding this to the concrete bid for the drive, making this a secondary bid, the destruction of the building, cutting out the square where the electric has to be, and then re-pour the concrete floor just for the area where the building will be.
7:34:07 PM Kostyshock Said the Village workers can do the destruction.
7:35:01 PM Gulledge Talked about the possibility of using the YMCA donation to put a nice pavilion there. He said he would like to bring it before the Board that the money be earmarked for some type of permanent structure, that the whole community can use.
7:35:58 PM Garcia Said she would like a pavilion like the other, and during the Homecoming have tables for people to sit and eat.
7:36:39 PM Bell Told her what happens is that people tend to sit there and will not move, even though they are not eating. The people with food still have to stand to eat.
7:36:52 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board is okay with earmarking the $25,000 to put up an alternate pavilion, and encompassing the electrical panel in some kind of enclosure. They were.
7:37:58 PM Gulledge Said the $40,000 grant finally came in. There is going to be a meeting this Monday on the dredging. As soon as he knows anything he will let the Board know.
7:38:26 PM Bell Asked about the drain for the ball field behind the Senior Center. He asked Kostyshock if he and his guys have met with the Khoury League on this. He was told they have not at this time.
7:38:49 PM Gulledge Went to page 3.
7:39:40 PM Garcia Asked if there is anything on the sewer odor testing.
7:40:26 PM Gulledge Answered that he has not heard anything, Presson and Juneau were supposed to go out there. He went to page 4. There were no questions or comments on this page. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:41:06 PM Kostyshock Reported they have started cutting out the bad sections on Schiber Court. The first slab was poured yesterday. The Historical Museum & Library meeting last night went well. He said Trustee Callahan attended and two new members attended also. He asked Callahan if he had anything to add.
7:41:52 PM Callahan Said he wanted to remind the Board that they authorized sending a questionnaire to Village residents to see how they felt about a library. The lady from Lewis and Clark Library is working with two or three people on the committee to come up with a brochure. This will be mailed to Village residents in the Spring with a self-addressed envelope to return the questionnaire. They talked about sending a brochure out as a pre-notification through the schools. He said they were told last night to develop the questionnaire, keep it under one page, both sides. Attorney Wigginton will have the final approval and it will be mailed at Village expense. Depending on what the response is, it will be determined whether it would be placed on the ballot for November.
7:43:54 PM Gulledge Said there is a time frame for the ballot. He will check with the County Clerk to determine the exact time frame.
7:44:58 PM Callahan He said one of the committee members suggested putting in the brochure what happens if this is actually done. Giving estimates as to what kind of raise would be on their taxes and when it would show up on the tax bill. The question no one could answer is if it is approved on the November ballot, and indicates the citizens of Maryville want the library, could it be passed in time so that it would be taxed on the 2004 taxes to show up on the 2005 tax bills.
7:45:21 PM Wigginton Replied he did not know.
7:47:37 PM Gulledge Talked about the building permits for 2003 totals. Last year, 2002, Edwardsville was number one in the County with 131 single family building permits, and Maryville was second with 128. Flaugher told him for 2003, single family permits were 157. He said he thinks things are good in the residential area. If enough residential is developed, then possibly there will be more commercial developments come to Maryville. The commercial developments were up from the year before, from eight in 2002 to twelve in 2003.
7:49:19 PM Gulledge Went to the Employee Handbook agenda item. He said he, Garcia, and the staff have gone through the book and put some changes in it. He said there were a number of issues for Attorney Wigginton to check, and he is working on this.
7:51:37 PM Garcia Suggests dedicating a Caucus for this the same as they did for the budget. She said this should be gone over page by page.
7:52:50 PM Bell Asked about the policy on use of the computers, etc. He wanted to know if this has been included in the policy.
7:53:11 PM Wigginton Replied that he has gone over the book, and there are a number of policies that will be added. He said Garcia and the staff, especially Jolene has done an excellent job. There are a number of policies that need to be updated. This is a good start, but there is still a lot of work ahead. He will be happy to sit down with any trustee to go over their specific questions.
7:54:32 PM Schmidt Said there are five Wednesdays in March.
7:54:49 PM Gulledge Suggests the 25th of February, or March 10th.
7:56:26 PM Wigginton Said he will be in trial on the 25th.
7:56:36 PM Gulledge Suggested doing this on a Thursday. This was not feasible. However, everyone agreed on a Tuesday. It was decided that February 3rd, at 6 p.m. there would be a Special Caucus to discuss the Employee Handbook changes. He said in the meantime if anyone has questions, get with Trustee Garcia or himself, and try to get some of the problems resolved.
7:57:50 PM Callahan Asked if something, such as the Electronic Policy, is going to be added, would they get it before hand.
7:58:02 PM Gulledge Said anything that is not in the policy, to let him know what it is, and it will be added. Copies will be put in the Trustee Packets. He asked Trustee Bell what it is that is not in the policy, but needs to be.
7:58:15 PM Bell Replied the electronic policy, misuse of the computers, etc.
7:58:18 PM Wigginton Said he has the policy. It is an electronic information policy. It applies not only to computers, but it applies to E-mail, use of mobile phones, etc.
7:59:29 PM Gulledge Said if there is nothing further to discuss, he would ask for a motion to go into Closed Session for the purpose of discussing anticipated or threatened litigation regarding Collinsville sewer bills.
8:00:02 PM Limberg Made the motion to go into Closed Session, and Garcia seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:18:44 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to come out of Closed Session and return to Open Session. Bell made the motion and Schmidt made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:19:18 PM Callahan Said he missed some meetings this Summer, and he doesn't remember any discussions on the 9-1-1. He said some of the 9-1-1 people are under the impression that this is a done deal and they're looking for employment. They have asked the Police Chief for recommendations. He said if the Village is not going to do this, he doesn't want to lose these people.
8:20:19 PM Wigginton Asked Callahan if he was talking about the regional consolidation. It is not a done deal.
8:20:25 PM Callahan Said the dispatchers are under the impression that it is a done deal. He said they have been told it is.
8:27:23 PM Gulledge Said he thinks it is the responsibility of the Board to look into any opportunity that will better the community and save money, or whatever it is. He told Callahan, they don't even have numbers yet. No one knows if this will be cost effective. They are just checking into it.
8:30:35 PM Bell Suggested adjourning the meeting. The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville