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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date2/11/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:45 PM Gulledge Called the February 11, 2004 Caucus meeting to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Clerk Long was also present, as well as one reporter.
6:31:19 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the January 28th meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions or corrections to the minutes as submitted by the clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to approve the minutes and place them on file. The motion was made by Schmidt, and the second to the motion was made by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:25 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the Special Caucus on February 3rd. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or corrections to the minutes as prepared by the clerk.
6:32:48 PM Schmidt Said he didn't have a question, but he did have a comment. He thanked the clerk for her patience during the meeting. He said he is sure she had a difficult time with the minutes.
6:33:03 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to approve the Special Caucus minutes. Motion by Schmidt, second by Kostyshock to approve the minutes and place them on file. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:33:29 PM Gulledge Went to agenda item #3, Glen Carbon Fire Protection Ambulance Request. He went on to explain that Glen Carbon Fire Protection District sent a letter requesting ambulance service for a southern portion of their fire protection district. He commented that on Saturday, January 10th, he and Trustee Schmidt met with members of the fire protection district. He said for a number of years, Maryville has provided some sort of ambulance back up to Edwardsville for areas in Glen Carbon. He said last year Maryville had 500 ambulance calls, and of those, about 20% were calls to Glen Carbon.
6:35:20 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:35:30 PM Gulledge Continued with his comment on service to Glen Carbon. He said the Village provided this service to them basically free of charge. He shared his concerns, along with those of the Board, at the meeting. He said he doesn't want to do Village residents an injustice by short changing them with this valuable service. He said he certainly doesn't want to get into a situation under a contract, and do an injustice to their citizens in their fire protection district. They basically told him and Schmidt that they had a few options they wanted to talk about at a special fire protection meeting. The letter he has given to each trustee is basically what came out of their meeting. He said at this time, he would entertain any questions or comments from the Board. He said they are looking for an answer from the Village on what we may or may not do.
6:37:20 PM Garcia Said that what the Village will be doing is getting paid for the service that they are doing now for free.
6:37:28 PM Gulledge Answered that Maryville doesn't have a contract, and basically all the Village receives for it's services is if a bill is turned in on the ambulance run. He commented that they all know that not all ambulance bills get paid for one reason or another. He told Garcia that the Village is not paid anything from the Glen Carbon Fire Protection District.
6:38:04 PM Garcia Commented that we are doing it anyway. She asked if the Village does this will it mean more calls, is it a bigger area.
6:38:20 PM Gulledge Answered he thinks what Glen Carbon is looking for, if he is reading the letter right, is they are willing to, for a certain portion of their fire protection district, which is the southern half, just west of the Village limits, pay $30,000. And, this is if it passes the referendum. If it doesn't then they will just say "thank you".  If the Village signs a contract, it  will cut Maryville short.
6:38:49 PM Garcia Asked why would they pass it.
6:38:52 PM Gulledge Replied that is a good question. Why would they vote to pay for something they are receiving free. He said he has had the same thoughts. He said one of the things that really concerns him is if the Village signs some type of contract, will the Village be cutting itself short, and also cutting Glen Carbon short.
6:39:40 PM Garcia Said this is her concern also. She doesn't want to see Village residents cut short, but if the Village is going to be doing the same thing with a contract they've been doing for free, what is the difference.
6:39:42 PM Gulledge Said this is what the Board has to decide tonight.
6:39:50 PM Bell Said the difference is right now if they call for an ambulance, and our EMT's are on a call in Maryville, then basically, Glen Carbon would be told there was no ambulance available. Whereas, if the Village is under contract with them, we would be required to send an ambulance. Then what happens if there is a call in Maryville. He said $30,000 is not enough to staff a whole new crew and ambulance.
6:40:16 PM Garcia Said this is the problem, what would the Village do, leave Maryville people go and go to Glen Carbon.
6:40:20 PM Bell Said the answer is for Glen Carbon to start their own ambulance service. Edwardsville has already told them that after a certain date, they will not cover certain boundaries.
6:40:39 PM Garcia Said maybe Maryville should do this too.
6:40:48 PM Limberg Said the part to remember also is as members of Madison County Firemen's Association, we have a mutual aid agreement with other communities, and over the years Glen Carbon has responded to Maryville, and Maryville has responded to Glen Carbon. This is a little different situation than mutual aid. Mutual aid is called only if you really can't find anyone else, or you're tied up. They have been calling Maryville almost as if our guys were on their staff or, you're providing service, so provide it. This is not what mutual aid is for. It's provided in an emergency and the department is really stressed for equipment or personnel. He said he doesn't think this meets that criteria.
6:41:45 PM Gulledge Commented that technically Maryville's mutual aid is only for fire. We have mutual aid for ambulance service with Collinsville and also with Edwardsville, but they have their own ambulance service, so we help each other. Glen Carbon doesn't have an ambulance service.
6:42:00 PM Garcia Said it sounds like they are taking advantage.
6:42:07 PM Bell Said what happens if the Village says no, we don't want their contract, but will continue what we've been doing. If we have an ambulance available, we'll send it. What happens if the ambulance is on a call in Glen Carbon, and a call comes in from Maryville, it's during the day, the full time guys are on, but there are no volunteers available. He said they can't tell the patient to get out of the ambulance, there's a call in Maryville. They can't do this. There is a problem with continuing service if we tell them we don't want the $30,000, but at the same time he doesn't want to say the Village won't respond to a call. If there is an ambulance sitting in the bay, and a resident in Glen Carbon needs it, he thinks it should be sent.
6:43:16 PM Garcia Spoke as a taxpayer, and she needs an ambulance in Maryville, and the guys are in Glen Carbon. She said she wouldn't like this very well.
6:43:32 PM Bell Said perhaps as a short term solution, the Village charges every time they call for our service without a contract. He said tell them if there is an ambulance available, we'll send it or if there is a secondary crew, we'll send them.
6:43:49 PM Gulledge Commented it still doesn't make up for the fact that the Village is a volunteer service, and doesn't always know who is available. This will put an extra stress on the sign up roster. Instead of signing up to make sure Maryville has twenty-four hour, seven days a week coverage with one ambulance crew, there would have to be two crews, and double sign up sheets.
6:44:26 PM Garcia Commented that Glen Carbon uses Edwardsville and Maryville to do their ambulance service. She said they have a lot more revenue than Maryville, so why don't they start their own ambulance service instead of using everyone else.
6:44:33 PM Callahan Replied because it is expensive, the $30,000 would be a bargain. You can't buy an ambulance for $30,000.
6:44:45 PM Gulledge Commented that the Village's last ambulance cost $110,000. This is just the ambulance, not the crews to man it.
6:44:52 PM Schmidt Said the other half of this scenario of the $30,000 offer to the Village is Glen Carbon offering $100,000 to Edwardsville.
6:45:36 PM Callahan Asked how many calls Edwardsville made for Glen Carbon. This is not determined. He said even so, it is a bargain. That would pay for one ambulance for one year.
6:45:42 PM Schmidt Continued, saying the other part is that the same time they are paying $30,000 to the Village, they are going to pay Edwardsville $100,000. then supposedly they are also taking money out of the revenues from the ambulance district if it gets passed, that they are putting into a "kitty" to establish their own service.
6:46:07 PM Gulledge Said that would be next year's budget, not this year's.
6:46:08 PM Schmidt Said Maryville would not see anything until 2006 even if it gets passed.
6:46:14 PM Garcia Said it won't pass. It would be silly to pass it.
6:46:21 PM Callahan Said one way to spur them on is to tell them Maryville will provide some semblance of service until their election. Then at that point, the Village is no longer interested because Maryville has it's own people to serve.
6:46:44 PM Gulledge Said his only problem with what he is saying is what happens if our ambulance and crew is in Glen Carbon and Maryville gets a call of a very serious nature, and the ambulance and crew can't get back to respond. This works on both ends.
6:47:18 PM Callahan Said hasn't it always been this way. Has this ever happened.
6:47:27 PM Gulledge Yes. Sometimes Maryville has had to call another service for assistance.
6:47:35 PM Callahan Commented that he was elected by the people that live in Maryville. He said he doesn't care if the Board chooses tonight to say no, that's fine. But, if they want to say they will try to work with them, but if they don't have their own ambulance service in November, then the Village is no longer interested, he's fine with this too.
6:47:56 PM Schmidt He doesn't know how he can justify sending Maryville's services to another municipality for any dollar amount when it is something as important as a life.
6:48:21 PM Callahan Said okay, but he is going to change the subject a little. He talked about servicing the 9-1-1 people. What if three of four calls come in at the same time. There is only one call at a time on the line. He said there is a similarity. You are still trying to trust someone else to do the service. He said he doesn't care, but prefers to do just for Maryville.
6:48:42 PM Garcia Commented that she would too.
6:48:55 PM Schmidt Said he has a copy of letter dated December 5, 2003 from Edwardsville to the Glen Carbon Fire Protection District. Edwardsville has already instructed their personnel to decline any request to send ambulances under non-emergency circumstances. Edwardsville is already having things switched over to Maryville that they don't want to handle. He said in the last six months, he has gotten into his personal vehicle and drove to Edwardsville checking out the fire stations when Maryville has been called to Glen Carbon. Their ambulances were there. Edwardsville is declining calls not even in the southern district, and having our ambulances sent out when theirs are all in their stations.
6:50:18 PM Callahan Commented that Maryville has a very good fire department, and have better equipment than some of the surrounding fire departments that are full time. But, we also subsidize those communities because they are union, and they only staff so many. They only have so many there, so they don't have to pay them. Therefore, when they have a problem, they call Maryville, and Maryville goes because of the mutual aid, and they don't have to pay to have as many people on as they actually need.
6:50:51 PM Garcia Commented that is their problem.
6:51:07 PM Schmidt Said this is the problem in Edwardsville, and that is the main reason for this.
6:51:17 PM Callahan Commented there are two firemen, and three firemen on the Board. He asked the trustee/ firemen what they wanted to do.
6:51:47 PM Schmidt Answered that he wouldn't be opposed to sending our ambulance to Glen Carbon in an emergency, if Maryville is the second ambulance on the scene. If someone else already has an ambulance on the scene, and needs a second one for transport, he is not opposed to that. He is opposed to being the first one called out and being the first one on the scene. He said that is not mutual aid. Mutual aid is assisting someone that is trying to help themselves.
6:52:00 PM Callahan Asked where Glen Carbon was going to get the first ambulance. Schmidt replied Edwardsville.
6:52:04 PM Garcia Asked if he was saying that Edwardsville and Maryville provide all the ambulance services because Glen Carbon doesn't have one. She said she thinks Glen Carbon needs to get their own ambulance service, and not rely on the other two communities.
6:52:43 PM Gulledge Commented that he purposely does not have the fire chief or assistant chiefs present at this meeting because the departments and ambulance services have to work together. He doesn't want the Fire Department to be a part of this decision. He knows how they feel. The majority of them are volunteers. He said when he and Limberg were on the ambulance service when it first started, they could usually make a run in approximately half an hour to forty-five minutes. Now it is about two hours for a normal run with all the protocol changes, and all the new paperwork involved. Our guys are volunteers. They do this because they want to, and they are not complaining. He said he thinks it is a lot to ask the volunteers to continue to do this.
6:54:11 PM Callahan Said the Village has put a lot of thought and work for the last five years in having three full time people work rotating shifts so that Maryville always has a paramedic or two sometimes on duty during the day to make that call incase one of our citizens have heart attack, in case there is a serious fire, etc. Maryville has three people full time, just for this. At night when the guys are home, then there is more back up for the calls. He agrees, Maryville has made the attempt. He said he wonders if the people in Glen Carbon even know this.
6:54:44 PM Schmidt Replied that he would say the majority doesn't.
6:54:59 PM Limberg Commented that this will put undue pressure on our people. He said when the boundaries are extended it is almost an impossible task to asked people to get up sometimes three or four times a night. He doesn't feel it is fair to the volunteers to ask them to take on this kind of responsibility.
6:55:47 PM Callahan Asked if there is more to this. He said they are talking an average of two calls a week, if there were 101 calls. He asked is there more, is someone else abusing the system.
6:56:03 PM Bell Commented that they should remember that the 101 figure was when Edwardsville was also covering the south portions. If they say they are not covering the south portion anymore, then that number could double or more.
6:56:54 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney Wigginton about the contract Glen Carbon had sent. He said he would be nervous signing any type of contract or agreement to provide ambulance service when he is not sure that the Village has the manpower to provide service.
6:57:11 PM Wigginton Said the Village currently does not have a contractual duty to provide ambulance service, but if the Village enters into an agreement, then they would have a contractual duty. He said based on the comments he has heard tonight, he doesn't know how the Village could fulfill that duty, when there is no guarantee the Village can honor the obligations in the contract, and still honor the commitment to the Village residents.
6:57:42 PM Bell Said there is a way. In advance, Glen Carbon could pay to staff two people full time.
6:57:57 PM Wigginton Replied that would be fine, but it will take more than $30,000. He said he wouldn't recommend this, the Village shouldn't become an employment agency for Glen Carbon Fire Protection District.
6:58:09 PM Gulledge Said he agrees 100%. His recommendation to the Board is that the Village will provide service on an emergency basis, provided the agency they contract with is their primary, Edwardsville would be the second, and Maryville would be the third call emergency service only. Also he recommends putting a time limit on this.
7:00:06 PM Callahan Said what he doesn't understand is, the Village shouldn't be talking to the Fire Department, but to the elected officials of Glen Carbon.
7:00:37 PM Gulledge Answered that it is different than Maryville. He said from what he has been told, and by Illinois law, they are responsible for providing ambulance service. They do not tax for it, but they must provide it.
7:01:04 PM Callahan Commented that Maryville's fire department is more self sufficient than the police department mainly because of the salaries. Fire takes less from the General Fund, and for some reason the Fire Department can tax more per assessed evaluation than the Police Department. He said it seems to him that the elected officials in Glen Carbon have the problem, not the fire department.
7:01:56 PM Gulledge Explained that the Fire Protection District in Glen Carbon covers the whole incorporated area and the unincorporated area. It is not like Maryville, where there is a Village Fire Department and a Maryville Fire Protection District that contracts for fire protection from Maryville. He said he has talked to some of the officials in Glen Carbon, and they know they have a problem.
7:02:40 PM Callahan Said the Fire Department in Glen Carbon is coming to the elected officials in Maryville, because they know that the officials run the fire department, but only because the way the money is funded. He said technically, the should be going to the fire department. Then the fire department should come the Board and ask if they should do this.
7:03:22 PM Garcia Replied that if Maryville can afford to do this, certainly Glen Carbon should be able to fund theirs.
7:03:33 PM Gulledge Said the Village Board needs to decide what to do with the request.
7:03:55 PM Limberg Replied that Maryville is going to take care of Maryville. Glen Carbon should take care of Glen Carbon.
7:04:08 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted him to do with the request. They need an answer.
7:04:10 PM Garcia Replied tell them no.
7:04:12 PM Limberg Said they need to look into getting a private service and contract with them. He said this is what Maryville did before starting their own department. He went on to explain that the contract amount the private service wanted was the reason the Village started their own service. He feels Glen Carbon should do this as well.
7:04:59 PM Gulledge Again asked the Board what they wanted him to do with the request.
7:05:16 PM Bell Said the Village is not interested in any contract with Glen Carbon. But he would be in favor of providing third back up emergency service only if the primary and secondary service has responded. And in the southern half, Maryville could be a back up ambulance in case of an emergency only, no transports, etc. if the primary service would need a second ambulance on the scene.
7:05:41 PM Callahan Said if Glen Carbons doesn't contract with a primary service, Maryville is it.
7:05:44 PM Garcia Asked how Maryville would know if they contracted. or tried everyone else.
7:05:48 PM Callahan Said that was his next question, how would Maryville know they were the second ones called.
7:06:02 PM Schmidt Replied that after two or three times this happens, then just cut them off period.
7:06:14 PM Garcia Said, how would Maryville know that they tried other people.
7:06:20 PM Schmidt Replied that if there is no other service there when Maryville arrives, or another service is not on the way to the hospital, then that means no one else was called.
7:06:41 PM Callahan Said what is Glen Carbon going to do. They can't legally pay Maryville the $30,000. This is only on their income. Who are they going to contract between now and then. Several trustees told him that it is Glen Carbon's problem. He said basically the Village is telling them no.
7:06:52 PM Schmidt Commented that the101 calls to Glen Carbon last year, and the area they want to turn over to Maryville, there were only five to ten calls in this area that Maryville responded to. He went on to say Maryville is able to fund our ambulance service because of the Homecoming Association. The Homecoming Association is helped out but others. It is helped out by the firemen, the Ladies Auxiliary, the Collinsville Evening Lions Club, the Scarboroughs with the funnel cake booth, the American Legion, all of which work together to fund part of the Homecoming Association. The residents of Maryville are getting an ambulance provided to them through their support of the Homecoming every year. He said May 1 starts the Village's fiscal year, he suggested this date as a cut off of service to Glen Carbon.
7:09:10 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were agreeable to this.
7:09:19 PM Limberg Replied yes.
7:09:23 PM Schmidt Replied yes.
7:09:28 PM Bell Commented that he agrees with the solution on the secondary service. He also likes the idea of Glen Carbon paying up front to support a new crew. This would benefit both departments.
7:10:37 PM Callahan Commented that it would take more than two employees to cover them. He asked if Maryville was saying they would provide the secondary service in the southern half of Glen Carbon Fire Protection District.
7:10:46 PM Schmidt Replied, that Maryville would only respond as secondary ambulance, if it is available, if the primary service on the scene would need a second ambulance.
7:10:56 PM Callahan Commented that they can't pay anyone for primary service.
7:11:05 PM Garcia Commented that this didn't just happen, has been a long time coming, and they should have had the foresight to see it.
7:11:14 PM Callahan Said that Maryville is turning down the people is Glen Carbon because they can't provide their own service. This is going to leave them without ambulance service.
7:11:34 PM Gulledge Continued to ask the Board if they were okay with this, and they said they were. He and Attorney Wigginton will draft a letter of response.
7:11:56 PM Limberg Commented that the Village of Maryville was in same situation about 20 years ago, and had to make same decision that Glen Carbon is faced with today. The first ambulance was a second hand ambulance, and there were only about five or six persons to man it.
7:12:41 PM Bell Went back to a previous statement. Either the Fire Protection District or Glen Carbon is dropping the ball. He said as of November 1st, it will be the residents who decide. He said he sees no problem with Maryville providing the secondary ambulance to Glen Carbon until November 1, until the election.
7:13:20 PM Callahan Replied that if the referendum passes, it will be another year or so before they get the funds.
7:13:24 PM Garcia Commented why would the residents vote to raise taxes when they are getting the service free.
7:13:29 PM Bell Said he is saying to provide a back up service, not a primary service as the Village has been doing.
7:13:37 PM Schmidt Said Maryville is already getting their "shots called" by the City of Edwardsville.
7:13:54 PM Callahan Said Edwardsville has already said they will only take calls in a certain area, the Maryville is left with everything else.
7:14:22 PM Gulledge Replied Edwardsville's reasoning on this is it is so far from their stations, time wise. He asked the trustees if they were comfortable with him writing a letter, with the help of Attorney Wigginton, giving them until May 1 to secure a primary service.
7:15:50 PM Gulledge Went on to the next agenda item, the bid on the property at Lot 2 Hayden Lane. The sealed bid from Michael and Linda Drost, in the amount of $23,500. was the only bid received.
7:16:17 PM Callahan Commented that their bid was above the appraisal amount.
7:16:46 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they were in favor of this being on the agenda for the next Board meeting. They all agreed, and it will be on the agenda to accept their bid and sell the property. He reported that there were no bids received on the computers. He asked Attorney Wigginton how to proceed.
7:17:49 PM Wigginton Replied the only option the Village has is to declare the computers surplus property, again put them up for bid with no minimum, or declare them surplus and do an intergovernmental agreement with another taxing district, such as a school district, or library district, etc., and sell the computers to them for $1.00. Otherwise, the Village can store them as spare parts, monitors, or keyboards, etc.
7:19:33 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted to do with them.
7:20:25 PM Limberg Said he heard that some employees will bid on them, that they misunderstood last time. They didn't think they could bid on them. He thinks there will be some legitimate bids if it is rebid.
7:21:09 PM Gulledge Replied that he doesn't know that they didn't understand, but it is his suggestion to store them in the basement. He went on to the next agenda item, the Cedar Valley Bike Easement.
7:21:18 PM Kostyshock Said the if the engineer will stake the entrance, then his crew can do the job.
7:21:36 PM Bell Said the engineer's estimate to go out for bids on this is around $10,000. He asked Kostyshock how much he estimates it will cost for his crew to do the work. Kostyshock replied approximately $5500 or less. Bell recommended allowing the Village to do it.
7:22:00 PM Gulledge Asked if everyone was okay with allowing the Public Works crew to do the job. They were.
7:22:20 PM Callahan Discussed the Firemen's Park Sign. He said Design one gave a quote of $8400. and the Village will supply the electricity. A set of letters is included. The case is lockable. It is not the same as the sign in front of Village Hall. That sign is hinged. The new sign is a sliding type, but it is lockable. The only question is what color to make the base.
7:22:50 PM Schmidt Said he thought the red shown in the photo would be fine.
7:23:15 PM Gulledge Said he thinks it should be a dull finish, he doesn't care what the color is.
7:23:30 PM Garcia Asked who will maintain the sign.
7:23:48 PM Callahan Asked if the sign can be paid out of the Hotel/Motel Fund, since it will be used to advertise coming events.
7:24:11 PM Gulledge Replied it can be because it will be used to tell about upcoming events. It is a board decision where the money comes from. He thinks it will qualify.
7:24:31 PM Bell Talked about how the sign came about. The Park Committee came to the Board with a request for a sign in Firemen's Park to advertise park events on the day of the event. At that time it was discussed that it would be used for park events a couple of days before the event. This will be the first purpose. When anything is going on in the park, this is the purpose of the sign.
7:26:04 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan the price of the sign.
7:26:15 PM Callahan Replied $8400.
7:26:27 PM Gulledge Said this is a design build, and Design One is the only person who responded. He said he knows Callahan tried to get a number of people to respond. He said if no one has a problem this will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting.
7:27:09 PM Callahan Said eventually the shed in the park will be torn down, and he wants to know about the electricity for the sign. He asked if it would be a photo electric cell on one of the telephone poles.
7:27:29 PM Bell Said it can be run to the box, because the box will stay within the new storage pavilion.
7:27:42 PM Callahan Said the Village will have to contract with the electrician to put a timer in.
7:28:02 PM Gulledge Talked about an easement request from Illinois power for a gas line. As the easement is, it won't work, because it goes under the Memorial . He has talked with Juneau and has talked with Wigginton a little about this. He said their offer is a standard offer of approximately $1.50 per foot . The total price is $1380 with lot of contingencies with this easement. He told the Board he thinks they should work with them, but with different layout. He asked the Board to allow him to negotiate the terms and agreement. Attorney Wigginton and Engineer Juneau will assist him. He asked if anyone would have a problem authorizing him to negotiate this. No one did.
7:30:32 PM Gulledge Discussed the Special Census. They will be here shortly to check on a building. They require a minimum of 540 square feet, and must meet the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, and has a lot of criteria. He is having trouble finding a building. Several people asked why he didn't use the Senior Center. He checked with Brussatti, only 2 reservations have been scheduled. He asked the Board's feeling about using Senior Center building, and allowing the Seniors to use Village Hall to play their cards. He asked what they want him to do. He said he is also asking for authority to spend money for advertising for enumerators.
7:35:24 PM Kostyshock Suggested allowing the Seniors to use the Museum during the Census.
7:35:59 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were all okay with using the Senior Building. They were. He then asked if they were okay with allowing him to put ads in the papers. They were.
7:40:06 PM Kostyshock Talked about the 1989 dump truck bid. There has been an ordinance drawn up on this in the past year or so. However, there were two bids received and both bids were rejected. He asked that it be rebid. A new ordinance will be drawn up for the next Board meeting.
7:41:11 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
7:41:24 PM Bell Said the Art Show this month, February 22 at the Senior Building. March 27 is the Firemen's Chicken and Beer Dance. He has asked for a flyer with detailed information.
7:42:47 PM Gulledge Said the Comprehensive Plan meeting is March 8th at 7 p.m. He suggests everyone be there. The map is in good shape, and there will be only one more meeting after this one.
7:43:28 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do list, page 1.
7:43:45 PM Schmidt Reported that he has not started on the flag yet, but he has some ideas he wants to get put together.
7:44:06 PM Wigginton Reported that on the Hart Contracting matter, he has not yet received a new judge assignment. The Cape Construction law suit is set for trial on March 24th, and he is taking two depositions of chief witnesses on Monday, February 16th. He said he still hasn't heard back from Natural Gas Pipeline, he will follow up on it. He said he might have an ordinance on changes to the zoning ordinance, where he will put in the requirement that adjacent property owners will be notified of a request for rezoning for the next caucus meeting.
7:45:09 PM Schmidt Commented on the employee personnel handbook, that since Trustee Bell was not present at the meeting, he feels Bell should be allowed to give his input.
7:45:52 PM Gulledge Said if Bell has anything he can give it to him or Attorney Wigginton. He announced that another meeting on the personnel handbook has been set for Wednesday, February 25. He said again, that if anyone has a clerical error they think needs to be changed, give it to Jolene. If there is any thing else, then they will discuss it. start page 41
7:46:22 PM Wigginton Said they will start at page 41, because he is already working on one through forty.
7:46:28 PM Gulledge Agreed that the discussion will begin with Page 41. He said again this will be discussed at the Caucus meeting on February 25th.
7:47:01 PM Bell Discussed the Fire Department Drive & Parking. He said at the last Fire Department meeting they put together a small subgroup to get the bids. They were given two weeks to have some numbers, and what they are proposing to do.
7:47:43 PM Gulledge Went to page 2 of the To Do List.
7:48:11 PM Callahan Asked if everyone received the list of percentages for the budget from Brussatti. He was told they did. He will get with the Department Heads and be ready to discuss this at the March 10th Caucus.
7:48:17 PM Bell Said he will update the Cedar Valley bike path entrance. He asked what the status is on the lake dredging, since the bids were rejected at the last meeting.
7:48:46 PM Gulledge Replied that he called Juneau the day after the meeting and he said he was finishing up the new bid specs, and is about ready to go out for bid.
7:49:05 PM Schmidt Asked when the next meeting would be between the Park Board and CARD.
7:49:25 PM Bell Responded that he doesn't know. He talked to a Board member of CARD recently. He said they talked a little about land, but everything costs too much.
7:49:32 PM Schmidt Commented that his concern is that CARD probably doesn't have any money in the budget for Maryville anyway, so it wouldn't matter if they did find land. They have to get grants for almost anything they do now, they don't have any working capital.
7:49:48 PM Bell Said their idea on this was for the two groups to go together on the Madison County Grant to get a combined amount.
7:50:27 PM Gulledge Went to page 3 of the To Do List
7:50:36 PM Bell Went back to page 2, Install Park/Baseball Drain. He said Kostyshock and his crew looked at this, and have an idea on what they can do. And, that is to put surface level rocks and go underground over to the drop box on Division Street. He would like the Board to give him the authority to do this. He asked Kostyshock if he had an estimate on what this will cost, labor wise.
7:51:29 PM Kostyshock Replied it won't cost much, they can probably do it in a day. They will do this as soon as it is dry enough.
7:52:24 PM Gulledge Asked for discussions on page 3.
7:52:41 PM Bell Asked if Hedrick got everything she needed for the Park Equipment Grant.
7:53:02 PM Gulledge Replied that they turned in what they could on the 10th, and at the Caucus meeting the Board will look at it as a group. He told the Board that on Friday, he has to go to County and prove that Maryville is not in the CARD district. He received a phone call from County saying all of Maryville is in CARD.
7:54:06 PM Callahan Commented that he has several residents complaining about a drop box in Copper Creek at a turn and people are knocking their wheels off. He said also people were not notified, and couldn't get their car out of their driveways.
7:56:34 PM Gulledge Answered that the drivers would have to drive up into a yard, as that is where this drop box is, and has always been there. He and Kostyshock both said the people were notified. He said when the project first started the contractor notified all the residents, however, there were one or two who they couldn't get in touch with. They should have left a notice however.
7:56:49 PM Bell Asked about the status of the radio read meters.
7:57:22 PM Wigginton Replied he went over the contract with Data Technologies again yesterday. They are supposed to have another revision to him this week. The contract was totally one-sided and subjected the Village to jurisdiction. He spent some time yesterday in a phone conversation with Jeff Grill. He told him the things Maryville could live with, and what Maryville could not live with. He said he thinks the contract is where the Village wants it now.
7:58:05 PM Bell Said the Village has another system from Data, and he would assume the contracts would have been similar.
7:58:10 PM Wigginton Replied this is a software agreement and they went over it again yesterday with respect to when things would be delivered.
7:58:57 PM Gulledge Went to page 4. He discussed the County Wide Sewer meeting. They will meet at 3 p.m. here, on Tuesday, February 24th. He said the next Comprehensive Plan meeting will be March 8, at 7 p.m. The Economic Development will not be meeting.
7:59:45 PM Kostyshock Reported on the Historical District, Museum, Library. They met last night, and the next meeting will be March 9 at 6:30 p.m. He said the members of the committee have the survey and flyers underway. He said he may have some things for the attorney to go at the next caucus. They have a meeting scheduled with the PTA and St. John Neumann School to present their survey and flyers to the schools.
8:00:38 PM Gulledge Announced the next Ministerial Alliance meeting is Wednesday, February 18 at 8:45 a.m. He invited any of the Trustees interested to attend. He asked Schmidt about the Planning Commission Meeting.
8:00:53 PM Schmidt Said there have been no notices sent out, there is nothing for an agenda.
8:01:22 PM Gulledge Went to page 5. There was nothing to discuss. He went to Trustee Comments.
8:01:37 PM Schmidt Said he sees that the Village is going to enforce the ordinance about pre-annexation for water service. He asked if the letter was mailed out, and to whom.
8:02:01 PM Gulledge Answered that he and the attorney put a letter together and sent it to the Realtors. They have told as many of the contracts they can, there is a sign in the water department window.
8:03:09 PM Bell Asked about the status of the rezoning ordinance on 159 from Multi-family to Commercial.
8:04:00 PM Wigginton Replied he hasn't started yet, he is waiting on the Comprehensive Plan. He thought this is what they wanted.
8:04:05 PM Bell Said no, they want an ordinance as soon as possible.
8:04:28 PM Callahan Commented that some of this is already multi-family on the east side. He said the part he is really concerned about is on the west side because there is nothing there. The part on the east side actually has houses on it, so they would have to be bought and torn down.
8:04:51 PM Gulledge Said the Board has to give Attorney Wigginton some direction on this.
8:04:53 PM Bell Replied that the direction was that any multi-family along the corridor of 159 needs to be changed to Commercial.
8:04:57 PM Callahan Said some of this goes back on to the second street. He was told it is supposed to be two lots deep.
8:05:14 PM Bell Said he and Chief Schardan met with Computron today to discuss some computer issues. One is Chief didn't fully understand the contract with Computron, which is a hardware contract. They have had some problems with parasites coming in through internet. Computron has been working this with a lot of their customers. They are trying to work out a proposal for a solution to the parasite. It is different from a virus, it doesn't come in through e-mail, etc. It is launched from web sites. He talked about the policy that is to be implemented into the employee handbook. He said the Department Heads need to make sure their employees know about it.
8:09:36 PM Wigginton Said when the personnel handbook is completed, every person who is going to have access to Village access, will have to read and sign it, and they will understand if they violate it, they will be disciplined.
8:09:49 PM Bell Talked about having system administrators. His thought is he will be one, Computron would also have the privilege. In their meeting today, and this will be a Board decision, they thought there should be an administrator for each building. Becky could be system administrator for the Police, and perhaps Jolene in the Administration Building. They would be able to install certain things as long as he and Computron are notified. Computron is also going to provide the Village with a database that has everything about the Village's computers.
8:11:18 PM Schmidt Asked Attorney Wigginton if the Village needs to do something to circumvent Chief Karlechik of Edwardsville from petitioning Ray Romine of 9-1-1 to switch all the addresses over to the Village, because he is planning on doing this on March 1.
8:11:56 PM Wigginton Replied he will talk to Mayor about this tomorrow.
8:12:01 PM Gulledge Commented that he has already checked into this, and it can't be done without the Village's permission.
8:12:12 PM Callahan Said the people who were complaining to him about the roads also were complaining because some people in Lyn Hi are still not on sewers. He said he assumes it is the old part that are not hooked up to sewers.
8:13:12 PM Gulledge Said he will check on this, he doesn't know who it would be.
8:14:17 PM Garcia Asked about the Massage and Bodyworks Business. She wants to know what kind of business it is. She was told it is physical therapy, and are licensed through the State.
8:14:42 PM Gulledge Reminded everyone that Monday is a holiday, and the Board Agenda will have to be set no later than 3:00 p.m. Friday.
8:15:34 PM Callahan Asked what the Board was going to do next week on the bid on Lot 2 Hayden Lane.
8:15:51 PM Wigginton Explained it will be a standard real estate sales contract that provides him the property. The Village will quit claim its interest in it.
8:15:59 PM Gulledge Said if there is no further business to discuss, he will entertain a motion to adjourn. Motion by Limberg, second by Schmidt to adjourn the meeting. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:16:22 PM   Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk   

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The Village of Maryville