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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date2/25/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:01 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of February 25, 2004 to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Garcia was not present at this time. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Police Chief Schardan, Park Committee members Diana Hedrick and Cindy Jones. Sharon Petty of the Park Committee arrived later. There were two reporters attending the meeting also.
6:30:28 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the February 11, 2004 meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes. There were none. He called for a motion to place the minutes on file. Schmidt made the motion and Kostyshock made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:07 PM Gulledge Cautioned the Trustees to stay focused on the matters at hand, due to the lengthy agenda. He went to the Park Board Recommendations.
6:31:34 PM Bell Discussed the possibility of putting up signs for the Master Gardeners. The signs would be on Vadalabene and Schiber Court. The Committee asked Master Gardeners to come up with a design, then they will present it to the Board. He said they have done a nice job in the park. The gardens are very attractive. The Park Board is in favor of putting signs up, and he is asking the Board's permission.
6:32:35 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they were in favor of allowing the signs to be put up. All the Trustees agreed.
6:32:47 PM Bell Discussed briefly the Skateboard Park. He said Diana Hedrick is here with the drawings. He asked if Trustee Garcia was coming tonight. He was told she is coming later. He suggested waiting to see if she arrives soon, since she has asked the Park Board to put in a skateboard park. He went to the Playground agenda item. He had drawings of the proposed playground equipment. The cost is $31,675.
6:33:47 PM Hedrick Said this price includes three inches of pea gravel, and the duraliner which goes under the wood chips.
6:34:16 PM Callahan Asked if it wasn't recommended now that the rubber chips be installed instead of wood chips. He remembers the Village had to switch over to the shredded tires because they didn't want to use the wood chips any longer.
6:34:32 PM Hedrick Said the Village switched to the shredded tires because it was something that was also recommended, and the Parks had a grant to get the rubber chips. She said that parents prefer the wood chips over the rubber because in hot weather the rubber burns children's feet. Also some people claim it is harder to push wheelchairs over the rubber.
6:35:11 PM Kostyshock Said he has read an article where some wood chips have arsenic in them, or some kind of chemical.
6:35:24 PM Callahan Said that's why they abandoned them. He said there have been lawsuits because the wood chips had poison ivy, poison oak, etc. in them.
6:35:29 PM Hedrick Replied that occurs when the wood chips come from companies like Illinois Power and no one knows what's in them. There are wood chip companies that have manufactured wood chips. They take all the bark off before they make the chips.
6:35:59 PM Gulledge Commented that Callahan was right, but it was from picking wood chips from unauthorized dealers. These chips are okay as long as they are authorized.
6:37:05 PM Bell Said there is an optional pea gravel that goes down, and some kind of filter goes on it, and the wood chips go on top of that. It helps drain the water off the bottom.
6:37:19 PM Callahan Asked if a drain was going to be put in, because what happens with wood chips is they float away with the first good rain.
6:37:51 PM Hedrick Commented that the duraliner prevents this from happening. That is why the company is recommending the three inches of pea gravel, the liner over the gravel and then the wood chips. She commented that all three companies bid this to have supervised installation, where they send someone in who supervises the Village employees to put this in. She said this is how the last playground was done.
6:38:09 PM Bell Discussed the location of the playground. He said they had talked about east of the current playground. It would be between the current playground and the walking path.
6:38:34 PM Hedrick Commented that the whole idea is that this playground geared to older kids.
6:39:05 PM Schmidt Asked if the committee had thought about instead of going east, going south to be nearer the comfort station.
6:39:19 PM Hedrick Answered if they went south they would run into the cut across to the walking trail. She went on to say that in talking to some of the parents who were at the current playground, they like the idea that they can sit on a bench in the current playground and will be able to see the next playground, or if they were in the pavilion they could still see the new playground.
6:40:03 PM Bell Commented that it would work south of the walking trail. He said they discussed a couple of locations. They didn't think it would fit south and stay north of the crosswalk. However staying south of the crosswalk area could work.
6:40:19 PM Limberg Commented that this would be getting close to the water.
6:40:35 PM Bell Said it would still be approximately 100 yards from the water.
6:40:47 PM Gulledge Commented that right now, the number one objective is to decide if this is going to be purchased. Then get a site plan. He said they need to decide about the expense of the purchase. Then if there are a couple of options on the placement of the equipment, it can be sent back to the Park Committee, they can look at it. They can make a recommendation to the Board of where they want it placed. The Board can then decide what they want.
6:41:19 PM Hedrick Said that Maryville has applied for a $10,000 grant to be used in purchasing the playground. They should have an answer on March 31st.
6:41:43 PM Gulledge Commented that he doesn't think it is going to be a problem, as long as everything has been done right. The grant is based on population, and the population of Maryville has already been proved.
6:42:06 PM Bell Said if the $10,000 is taken off the price, the Park Committee is looking at $21,675.
6:42:19 PM Gulledge Polled the Board to see if they were in favor of adding this playground. The Trustees all agreed. He talked about the location. He said there seems to be a couple of ideas. He suggests the Park Board decide where it is going to go, then come back to the Board with their choices.
6:43:28 PM Bell Asked if this should be discussed at the Board meeting, approving the $21675. or wait for the grant.
6:43:36 PM Hedrick Suggested approving the $31675.
6:43:42 PM Gulledge Reminded everyone that if the Village doesn't get the grant, the Village would have to come up with the $31675. He asked trustees if this is they way they want it put on the agenda. Trustees Limberg and Schmidt agreed.
6:44:01 PM Bell Commented that he is not sure how the grant works. Will the Village have to purchase the equipment first, or get the grant first.
6:44:07 PM Gulledge Replied it can be either way.
6:44:10 PM Bell Said he would prefer to hold off the purchase until the grant comes through, but go ahead and purchase it.
6:44:19 PM Gulledge Continued the poll. Callahan and Kostyshock agreed. This will be on the Board agenda.
6:44:47 PM Bell Discussed #5 on the memo. He said at the same time as they purchase the playground, the Committee would like to fix the current playground surface problem. He said the wood chips are gone. What they would like to do is go ahead and purchase the pea gravel, duraliner, and new wood chips for the current playground as well. The cost for Village to install this, would be $4104 or if the company installs it the cost would be $6327.
6:48:02 PM Callahan Asked what is a duraliner.
6:48:14 PM Hedrick Explained that it is a fabric filter. It lets the water come through the wood chips, through the filter. down into the pea gravel. It is heavy enough and close knit enough to where the wood chips do not filter through. She said this is something fairly new.
6:48:27 PM Bell Said this was recommended for the school playground also. They didn't go with this option. Instead a drain was installed.
6:48:56 PM Schmidt Asked Hedrick where she is getting the price for the wood chips.
6:49:15 PM Hedrick Answered that the price is from R & R Recreation, and includes the current playground, pea gravel, the duraliner and the wood chips for $4104.00. She said they deliver it.
6:49:28 PM Gulledge Asked trustees if they were okay with this. They were.
6:49:50 PM Callahan Asked about the quote on the memo on the $4104. The last page of the memo states "Durrofiber Material Only" is $4104.
6:50:33 PM Hedrick Answered that this is the total price including the pea gravel, liner, and wood chips. She said she called the owner of R&R Recreation and verified this.
6:50:55 PM Gulledge Said the line above states "Durrofiber System (gravel, filter cloth, engineered fiber) installed".
6:51:00 PM Callahan Asked if this also includes the chips. He was told it did.
6:51:23 PM Bell Went to the next agenda item. He said Roger Shoup and a subcommittee put together a proposed bike path ordinance, and forwarded it on to Mayor and the Attorney. He asked what the status is on the ordinance.
6:52:33 PM Gulledge Replied that he received three or four versions of this, but he doesn't think the Attorney ever received any version. He said he needs to make sure he has the right version, give one to Attorney Wigginton to look at, and then bring it back to the Board for approval. He said he didn't realize he was supposed to generate this.
6:53:22 PM Hedrick Commented that more and more developments are coming in and they are getting their original plats okayed before there is any definite passageway to the bike trail and parks. Other Villages and towns are putting it into their building and zoning ordinances, that the developer must provide access.
6:54:02 PM Bell Talked about the skateboard park. He said Hedrick has a couple of options she has priced out. One is an 80 x 80 pad, and one is 80 x 90.
6:54:20 PM Hedrick Said the 80 X 80 pad for equipment only is $25,000. The 80 x90 pad, equipment only is $40,000. This does not include the concrete for the pad, the fencing, gates or anything. She said they would be looking at $70,000 to $100,000 to put in a full scale skateboard park. She commented that in talking to a couple of the businesses that put these in, and the Park Director in Wood River, this can be done in phases. She explained that after the size is determined, the concrete will all be poured at one time in the very beginning. Then the equipment is put in and the fencing around it. It can be started small and added to periodically.
6:55:43 PM Bell Commented that some of the other places did, and what companies recommend, is to bring in rubber versions of the things and let kids lay them out how they want, etc. He said he thinks it will cost at least $70,000.
6:56:11 PM Hedrick Said one of the ways to design a skate park is to invite 12 - 15 kids who are skateboard people, come in, meet with them. The company will come down, bring a layout and all the different components in foam. They let the kids move them around and come up with a design. Then after they finish with that, a committee looks at it and figures the price.
6:57:03 PM Bell Said that the Park Board feels if they proceed with a skateboard park, that a new piece of park ground should be obtained.
6:57:53 PM Kostyshock Suggests letting CARD buy five acres of ground and put the skateboard park in for the Village.
6:58:28 PM Callahan Asked if this came as a recommendation from Trustee Garcia.
6:58:55 PM Hedrick Replied yes. She said she came to a Park Committee meeting and said some trustees were interested in checking into a skateboard park. That they were receiving a lot of requests from kids and parents for the park.
6:59:01 PM Callahan Commented if Garcia hadn't made the request, would the Park Board have done this. He was told they would have.
6:59:05 PM Hedrick Talked about the sixty acres that makes up Drost Park. These sixty acres includes all the ball fields, the lake, the north end inside the walking path has two practice soccer areas, a volleyball set up on the north end of the path. It is going to get crowded, and run out of space for family get togethers. This is why they are looking for new areas.
7:00:02 PM Schmidt Commented that looking for new area is wise. He said he doesn't see how anyone could get to the skateboard park if it was put in the existing park. He sees no easy way for a child with a skateboard to get into a park.
7:00:26 PM Hedrick Replied that communities don't concern themselves with easy access. Wood River's skateboard park is located behind their soccer fields, in an open field.
7:01:13 PM Callahan Asked who has a park besides Wood River and Belleville.
7:01:44 PM Hedrick Answered she thinks Carlinville has one and they did not fence it in. It is by a Dairy Queen. Skid marks from bicycles are visible on the pad. There are spills from malts, sodas, etc., paper and trash are all around. This is why the people who put these together recommend the fencing.
7:02:14 PM Schmidt Said he can't see spending $100,000 on something that you can't get to.
7:02:35 PM Gulledge Said that right now the Park Committee and the Board are just looking at a conception plan and ideas. No one is looking at this time at spending any money.
7:03:03 PM Limberg Commented that he wonders if the Wood River park is used by a lot of kids.
7:03:09 PM Hedrick Replied that the Park Director said it was.
7:03:14 PM Limberg Said his question would be, if the Village spends this kind of money, how many kids will use it.
7:03:16 PM Callahan Replied quite a few, but they won't be from Maryville.
7:03:18 PM Gulledge Said there will be kids from Maryville, but also kids will be coming from all over. He said his question with this whole thing is the liability issue.
7:04:01 PM Hedrick Said she asked that question to the Director in Wood River. He said their attorney told them that as long as they have signs posted on the fence "Skate At Your Own Risk" and a sign listing the rules, they are covered.
7:04:36 PM Kostyshock Asked Attorney Wigginton if they could still sue the Village.
7:04:44 PM Wigginton Replied this would be operated just as any other Village park property is operated, which under the Illinois Municipal Code, Maryville is entitled to immunity from lawsuits based on negligence. The Village has two forms of immunity with respect to recreational property. There is a specific recreational property immunity statute, and then there is the general Illinois Governmental and Governmental Employee Tort Immunity Act, that immunizes the Village from tort claims based on negligence. He said he thinks there would be no more risk than there already is with the current property.
7:06:01 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks this is something the Village should consider. He said he sees it on a smaller piece of ground, with maybe some basketball courts around it, etc.
7:06:35 PM Hedrick Said the Park Committee is not recommending that the Village buy Skateboard Park equipment and put it in place. They were asked to get the information, and this is their report back to the Board.
7:07:00 PM Kostyshock Asked if it would do any good to approach CARD to buy five acres.
7:07:07 PM Gulledge Commented this would be a good reason to give them a call. Perhaps a group from the Park Committee and the Board could meet with them.
7:07:42 PM Bell Commented that Sharon Petty brought pictures from the art show. He projected them on the walls, and Petty talked about each of the photos.
7:09:44 PM Gulledge Discussed hanging some of the artwork in the foyer for a time if the artists would be willing. Petty said she thought they would. She went on describing the artwork displayed.
7:14:16 PM Gulledge Went to the Police Department Basement agenda item, and asked Chief Schardan to discuss the carpet.
7:14:44 PM Schardan Had samples of carpet for the floor. He has three bids. He first talked to Johnson's Floor Covering, they recommended a 26 ounce unitary back carpet. It will be glued down. There was some concern about the old glue bleeding through. However, Lenny's Carpet and Classic Interiors both said they didn't think it would be a problem. Lenny suggested a 20 ounce instead of 26 ounce carpet. Classic Interior also bid a 20 ounce carpet. He said Johnson's carpet is a Shaw, Lenny's is a Coronet, and Classic is a Mohawk. The bids are Johnson's 26 ounce is $1576.92 installed. Lenny's 26 ounce is $1957.42 installed. Classic's 26 ounce is $3314.25.
7:19:03 PM Gulledge Asked Chief and Limberg for their recommendation.
7:19:25 PM Limberg Said he prefers the 26 ounce because it is a heavier carpet. However, the area is not a high traffic area and the 20 ounce would be sufficient.
7:20:01 PM Schardan Said when he talked with Johnson's they talked about the one room being a weight room was one of the reasons they recommended the 26 ounce.
7:20:12 PM Kostyshock Asked if water still came in the basement.
7:20:29 PM Gulledge Answered that most of the water problems were caused from the construction.
7:20:41 PM Schardan Commented the other reason for water was the drain from the air conditioner. This has been corrected also.
7:21:49 PM Limberg Recommended they go with Johnson's Carpet, 26 ounce at a cost of $1576. 92.
7:22:44 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All trustees were in favor of going with Johnson's Carpet at a cost of $1576.92. Chief Schardan is to pick the color. This will be on the Board agenda.
7:24:09 PM Schardan Discussed reflective vests. He said the Police Committee has suggested getting some reflective vests. He will look into this a little further. He checked Gall's and they are between $30 and $40 each.
7:24:30 PM Gulledge Told Schardan that he may be able to help with this. The last reflective vests the Village bought came from the Department of Corrections, and they were much more reasonably priced.
7:25:08 PM Callahan Asked if Johnson's Carpet was cheapest per square foot. He was told yes. He said if there is any concern about seams in the carpet, just order a bigger piece of carpet and lay it so the edge is cut off at the edge. This would only make one seam, away from the walking area.
7:25:22 PM Gulledge Went to the agenda item concerning proposed zoning changes. He said there have been several discussions, and he wants to make sure exactly what is going to be done.
7:26:09 PM Wigginton Said he wants the Board to make sure they are identifying the right property to be rezoned, the right lots, how deep they want to go, etc.
7:26:46 PM Callahan Said the one they were really concerned about, there were no houses on it. On the east side, there are some homes that are multifamily. On the west side there is a big opening where the lumber yard used to be, there is nothing there and opens to a real large field, which is vacant. That was the main concern initially, to get this rezoned. The other parcels are individual homes.
7:27:59 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
7:28:23 PM Bell Showed the area under discussion on a CD Rom.
7:29:06 PM Wigginton Talked about rezoning all of 159. He said the minutes of the last caucus indicated that the Board was directing him to go along 159 from one Village Limit to the other and rezone everything along 159 to Commercial. The discussion centered on the layouts on the map that was displayed from the CD. Several questions were asked and answered. The Comprehensive Plan group is working on this. It should be ready in about sixty days.
7:42:24 PM Gulledge Said it is his recommendation to the Board to wait for the Comprehensive Plan recommendations to come before them before they do any mass zoning changes. Said there seems to be two options from the discussions. The Board can go ahead and do the one parcel, Kocot property, which has been the biggest part of the discussion. Re-zone this parcel right away, or do it all at one time. He asked each trustee their opinion. Limberg said do it all at one time. Schmidt wants to do the one property now, and the rest later. Bell said all at one time. Callahan agrees with Schmidt, do the one property now. Kostyshock said do it all at one time. Garcia said do the one. This was three to three, therefore, Mayor broke the tie and said to wait for the recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan and do it all at one time.
7:43:37 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock to discuss the agenda item concerning a new water well.
7:43:56 PM Kostyshock Discussed adding another well at the Water Plant. There are three wells now, and the addition of this one will make four. This well will have the same capacity as the others. He said the ground storage tank capacity is 500,000 gallons and the elevated storage tank capacity is 250,000 gallons. This doesn't include the water in the pipes. He said some towns will include the water in the pipes. He reported it will take approximately four to five weeks to drill the well, put the case in, and put the pump on. He wants to put this out for bid at next Board meeting.
7:45:48 PM Callahan Asked if Juneau has a guess as to the cost. He was told it would probably be under $100,000. He said he has asked the water clerk to give him a running track of the difference between how much money would be taken in if the water & sewer tap ons hadn't been raised. In three months it is already over $50,000 difference. A lot of money will be spent on the new water meters, however if it continues at the pace it is going now, the Village will take in a couple hundred thousand more than would have been taken in without the increase.
7:46:14 PM Gulledge Comments that he supports Kostyshock 100%. This needs to get out for bid. Juneau has told him he will have the bids ready in the next week or two. Juneau has estimated it will cost around $100,000 more or less. He asked each trustee if they were in favor of going forward with this project. They all were in favor of proceeding. He went to Calendar Updates.
7:47:52 PM Bell Said the Rabies Clinic scheduled for Saturday, April 24, 2004 at Firemen's Park pavilion.
7:48:46 PM Gulledge Asked that the SWIMPAC meeting on March 8th at 7:00 p.m. be added. He encouraged the trustees to attend. There are two more meetings before their recommendations.
7:49:24 PM Gulledge He said the Historical, Museum, Library meeting is on the 9th of March at 6:30 p.m.
7:49:53 PM Bell Said the Chicken & Beer Dance is Saturday, March 27th.
7:50:24 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List. Page 1 - The Special Census, he was notified that testing will begin next Wednesday and Thursday at the Seniors Building. The census will start directly after the testing. The seniors will be in Village Hall while the Census is going on. The phone lines are in.
7:52:44 PM Schmidt Said he saw where the Hart Case has been reassigned.
7:52:58 PM Wigginton Replied yes. Judge Moran entered the Village's motion to dismiss. It has been set for March 11.
7:53:09 PM Bell Asked about the bids on the Fire Department drive.
7:53:22 PM Gulledge Replied that the Fire Department committee is supposed to do this, but he has not heard anything. He went to page 2. He spoke on the Donk, Lange & Division Streets. It set for the March10th caucus agenda. A decision must be made on what is going to be done on the streets. He said Callahan is going to meet with the department heads on their respective budgets.
7:54:14 PM Garcia Asked if anyone has checked on the problem in Copper Creek. She received another complaint from a woman who had to buy a new tire because she hit the drop box lid.
7:55:09 PM Gulledge Said he has spoken with them, and met with the engineer to try to resolve the problem. He said for them to hit this, they are running off the road.
7:55:40 PM Bell Said the Public Works crew has looked at the Cedar Valley Bike Path, and they can do the job. Juneau is to stake it out for them. As soon as this is done, they will start.
7:59:10 PM Gulledge Went to page 3.
7:59:20 PM Callahan Asked if there were any bids back on the truck.
7:59:29 PM Gulledge Replied he hadn't seen any.
7:59:44 PM Kostyshock Reported on the Schiber Court repairs. He said they rented a jackhammer, and they got five areas jack hammered today.
8:00:35 PM Gulledge Went to page 4.
8:00:44 PM Garcia Went back to page 1. She asked If they were putting carpet in the Police Department basement. She is concerned about carpet getting damp.
8:01:15 PM Gulledge Answered that they will probably get a dehumidifier. He said there has been no water in the basement, other than what was caused by the construction, in several years. He went to Trustees Comments.
8:02:11 PM Garcia Reported that she has applications from the Fire Department. They want to hire eight firemen. This will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
8:02:48 PM Limberg Commented that one of the applicants has quite a bit of experience in Long Lake Fire Department.
8:02:53 PM Gulledge Commented that one is a State Trooper, and there are several very good applications.
8:03:07 PM Bell Reported that he has received the updated Village Ordinance 2004 supplement 1 from AmLegal. He said it is the server version.
8:03:46 PM Callahan Commented on the budgets. He said Brussatti sent out the sheets showing the actual expenditures, including social security, IMRF, etc. He said the only thing the budget people need to do is plug those numbers into their respective budgets. He said the only question is how to handle some of the big items. Should they be amortized out over several years.
8:05:21 PM Gulledge Replied that this is one of the things that he, as head of Finance, needs to talk with the department heads about.
8:05:55 PM Kostyshock Reported on the West Main Project. They told him today that in three more days, they will reach Keebler on the storm sewers. They are ahead of schedule. They told him they will probably start pouring the last part of March or the First of April, weather permitting. He asked if anyone was going to the ribbon cutting celebration on the house in Autumn Oaks tomorrow. It is being held between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.
8:07:51 PM Gulledge Said he needs to know who is planning to attend so he can let them know. He discussed the open house for Shell Credit, next Tuesday, March 2nd from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. The Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be on Wednesday, March 3rd at 9:00 a.m.
8:08:43 PM Callahan Discussed the ordinance that has the requirement to have a 50 foot berm between the residential and the commercial areas. The comment that was made to him is that the Village is going to have more berms than businesses. He said this area is an example. There is a piece of property with a berm, then there is a piece of residential property, that they would sell in a heartbeat commercial if they wanted to. He asked if they was some way to take into consideration that some of these properties setting next to properties that are residential. He said the property keeps getting smaller because of the berms.
8:09:44 PM Gulledge Replied there is a way, it is called a variance. He said he understands what he is saying, but the Village is trying to be respectful and considerate to the people living in the area that are not going to go commercial.
8:11:15 PM Limberg Commented that the Planning Commission really talked about this issue for a couple of meetings. He said they really thought about this, and know the consequences.
8:12:11 PM Gulledge Commented that these rules are set tightly because there is the option of a variance. If the variance is not included, there would be no control. He said this must be looked at on a case by case basis.
8:12:28 PM Schmidt Commented Shell couldn't prove a hardship. He asked Attorney Wigginton why drive-in banks are not MVOBs.
8:12:43 PM Wigginton Replied he doesn't know without looking at the MVOB Ordinance. He said he assumed they were. He will check into this.
8:13:55 PM Gulledge Told the Board if they wanted to go forward with agenda item #8, he would ask that they excuse him. He said Trustee Garcia could run the meeting and go forward, or they can set up a special meeting as they did last time. The consensus of the Board was to set up a special caucus meeting. It was decided the Board will meet on Tuesday, March 16, at 6:00 p.m.
8:16:44 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion to adjourn, and Schmidt made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried at the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk   

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