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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/10/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:31 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of March 10, 2004 to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, and Kostyshock. Also present were Clerk Long, Water & Sewer Supervisor Presson, Police Chief Schardan, Street Supervisor Mann, Bob Massa of Juneau Associates, and two reporters.
6:31:21 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:31:27 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the February 25 meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or corrections to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Motion by Schmidt, second by Bell to place the minutes on file. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:07 PM Gulledge Went to the first agenda item, Sewer Odor Control Program. He asked Patrick Presson to discuss this matter.
6:32:38 PM Presson Began by saying that all the Board knows about the odor problem in the Blackburn Terrace area. He has been looking into different solutions. They have used the deodorant blocks, and they work to some extent, but it is not exactly what he is looking for. He looked into chemical treatment processes. He and Juneau have met with US Filter and Chemco. They have come up with a chemical proposal. Each trustee had copies of the proposals in their Caucus packet. One was from Juneau and one was from Chemco. He said US Filter's cost is $22195.00 as opposed to the Chemco proposal of around $5500.00 yearly. He and Juneau agreed on the Chemco proposal. It is a county fed bacteria that eats and eliminates Hydrogen sulfide creating bacteria versus a chemical that is basically a deodorizer.
6:34:01 PM Callahan Asked Presson if this is for the whole system, or just that area.
6:34:17 PM Presson Replied that this will be fed in at Copper Creek lift station. It will give the bacteria a longer run to work, and therefore over time, create more bacteria. This will take care of odor problems from Copper Creek through old town.
6:34:39 PM Callahan Asked if there complaints in other areas.
6:34:46 PM Presson Replied there have been a few here and there off Schiber Court in the summer. But nothing other than that.
6:34:51 PM Schmidt Asked if this is something that has to be okayed by the State.
6:35:01 PM Presson Replied it is all IEPA rules and regulations and the Department of Health and Agriculture. He said he can just begin feeding if this is the way the Board chooses to go.
6:35:09 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated.
6:35:17 PM Gulledge Asked if this is a month to month program.
6:35:43 PM Presson Replied it is. The first month of operation will cost $1097.75. After that, it drops to $897.75 for two months. Then after that, the initial treatment is done it drops to $448.88. It is a treatment process which can be controlled by the Village.
6:36:16 PM Schmidt Asked Presson if he had meters that reads the chemicals that are in these odors where the problems are.
6:36:31 PM Presson Answered no, to read a bacteria you have to do a colony count.
6:36:35 PM Schmidt Asked how long is the wait before a test can be taken to see if this is working.
6:36:39 PM Presson Replied that probably in an hour, there would be a difference.
6:36:44 PM Bell Asked what is the cause of the odor.
6:36:59 PM Presson Answered hydrogen sulfide, basically gas. The sewer is so old by the time it gets to Blackburn Terrace that the hydrogen sulfide is backed up there.
6:37:09 PM Gulledge Commented that they have a particularly bad problem in the Blackburn area, and it is normally is the summer months that there are a few calls from people using the park, and the people in the Schiber Court area.
6:37:47 PM Presson Said he had a visit with the Madison County Sewer Department, and they visited three separate sites where they actually use the US Filter Bioxide Process and they are treating about double what the Village would.
6:38:27 PM Gulledge Said Presson and Juneau are recommending the Village try the Chemco Proposal, and after the first couple of months it will be a month to month basis. The Village can drop out at anytime after the first three or four months.
6:38:48 PM Presson Said he would propose that the Village go with Chemco for a yearly cost of $5461.31, but not to exceed $6000.00.
6:38:51 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they were okay with this. Limberg replied yes. Schmidt said yes.
6:39:05 PM Bell Said he is okay with this, but wouldn't the solution be to replace the bad parts of the sewer.
6:39:08 PM Gulledge Said this is not the problem.
6:39:21 PM Presson Replied also that this is not the problem, it is the age of the actual sewer water that is the problem. It is not the pipes, or the lift station.
6:39:31 PM Gulledge Continued polling the Board. Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock all said they were if favor of trying the Chemco process. Mayor said this will be on the Board agenda next week not to exceed $6,000. and after a time they will evaluate this to see if they will continue. He asked Chief Schardan to discuss the Communications Feasibility Study.
6:39:59 PM Schardan Commented that Maryville, Glen Carbon and Troy had a meeting to look into the possibility of consolidating the communications services. He said they are looking at Spectrum Resources coming in to do a feasibility study on the radio communications. He said the material in their packets explains the work they would do as Phase 1. The fee of $8970.00 would be divided equally between the three communities. Also, there is an optional technical review for $150.00, where he would look over all of Maryville's equipment and tell him the condition it is in, and what kind of life expectancy it has. He went on to say, that even if the Village decides not to go along with the project, he would know where the Village stands on the equipment.
6:41:55 PM Gulledge Said when they came out of that meeting, each community was going to ask their respective communities for a "not to exceed $4,000" for the feasibility study. He asked Schardan if he had anything else.
6:42:21 PM Schardan Replied no, but he would try to answer any questions.
6:42:23 PM Gulledge Commented that he went to this meeting with the other two mayors and their police chiefs, along with our attorney. He said he went with an open mind, he hadn't made up his mind exactly how he felt about this. He said he came away from the meeting feeling that this project has merit. He said in order to determine the exact cost involved, and so that an intelligent decision on exactly what to do, he recommends doing the feasibility study.
6:43:28 PM Bell Commented that there has to be a study, but if this is combined, where would central dispatch be located.
6:43:46 PM Schardan Answered they are looking at Glen Carbon as a temporary site, but hopefully in the future it will be in its own building.
6:43:55 PM Gulledge Commented that they are already discussing some potential sites, if this goes forward. The sites they are discussing would equally serve Maryville, Glen Carbon and Troy.
6:44:07 PM Schardan Explained that the site in Glen Carbon has the space, their communications center is already set up, and there is enough room for the office for the director. Everything is already laid out.
6:44:26 PM Bell Asked Schardan what kind of pros and cons he saw with the consolidated dispatch.
6:44:48 PM Schardan Said the best way for him to start is to tell him what brought this about. It was the concern over the way of 911 is talking about doing their consolidation, and how they were going to take fire and EMS and answer and dispatch that. But if there was a 9-1-1 emergency for police, the call would go to the 9-1-1 center in the County. The police emergency would be transferred to the police department to respond to the call. He feels this would be a delay, and he is not sure how many calls would be lost. He said in his experience with police calls is that many times, when a person is put on hold, they hang the phone up. He was afraid of the delay, that is how this whole thing got started, to provide better service. He doesn't want a situations where people are put on hold, or the calls being transferred. He said this was the reason he contacted the other two communities to see if they were interested. This is how it all go started and the reason why. He said from that point and through their discussions, they have discussed the idea of networking their information systems, which would be a real plus to all three departments to be able to share information. He thinks there would be a savings by compiling the resources together. He feels as the departments become closer together, they will be able to share more things such as the annual trainings the officers must have. He said the downfall to the consolidation would be the concern of not having anyone in our police department at night and weekends at the front desk.
6:47:03 PM Gulledge Commented that what they are doing right now is still gathering information. He thinks this has a lot of merit and there are other reasons, one of which is some talk about some regional centers and the 9-1-1 Board is giving a lot of support to this project. He feels they may be able to keep this project instead of going to a center farther away.
6:47:43 PM Callahan Asked if he was saying the Village could be forced into a 9-1-1 system. Mayor replied they could. Callahan responded that they haven't been able to anywhere else, why would they do this in Madison County.
6:48:11 PM Schardan Asked if he was talking about them taking 9-1-1 out of Maryville.
6:49:08 PM Callahan Said they are implying that somebody is going to come in and force Maryville out of the 9-1-1 business. He said how could they force this.
6:49:21 PM Schardan Said the County is going to do something. They are waiting for their consultant to come back and advise them. It seems to be talk of going to one, and they are looking at the old hospital in Wood River.
6:49:35 PM Callahan Asked Schardan if he was saying that someone is going to force Maryville out and if we do this, maybe they will leave us alone. He said he wants to see the legal item that says someone can force the Village to go into a system that they don't want to be in. He said his main concern is he can't see how this would be beneficial to the citizens of Maryville. He said he doesn't know the finances of the other communities, but he assumes Maryville is in better financial shape than either of the other two. He said from the studies Schardan has shown him that the Village is paying their 9-1-1 people more than the other communities. He said this can't be a benefit to the Village's employees. He said he doesn't see that it is a benefit to the Village not to have someone there. He said he doesn't buy that it will save money. He asked Schardan if he sensed that the system we have is not serving the Village of Maryville properly.
6:51:54 PM Schardan Responded that he wouldn't say that. It works, but he thinks it will work this way (consolidation). Callahan said "If it's not broke, why are we trying to fix it." Schardan replied there could be the situation of a 9-1-1 police call come in, it's going to go possibly to Wood River, and they are going to say, this is a police emergency, hold on let me transfer you to Maryville Police Department. This call will not be answered directly at Maryville. He went on to say that the 9-1-1 equipment in the police department belongs to 9-1-1, and they can pull it out anytime they want.
6:52:05 PM Bell Commented that it is different between fire and police.
6:52:07 PM Schardan Said all the calls go to 9-1-1.
6:52:20 PM Callahan Told Schardan if he could convince him that they can come in and take the system away from the Village, he might be for it. He doesn't believe this is the case. He said if it is, they can take the system away from anyone in the County, and there are a lot of people in the County that are a lot more individualistic than this Board. He doesn't think they are going to be people who are going to rush out and basically try to build themselves a little political "plum" like "Jerry Costello land". That is what they are trying to do, all the jobs will come from those zip codes.
6:52:54 PM Gulledge Reminded the Board that there is no need for a decision, this is still a study. All he and Schardan are asking for is to continue to do a feasibility study to see if this project is feasible. He said before there is any type of vote, he will have everyone come and speak to them as a group. He said what they are trying to do is improve the system and if possible save money.
6:53:28 PM Bell Said his question on the pros and cons was geared toward in the feasibility study, what does it mean to Maryville, what does it mean to not have someone here, what does it mean to our employees and their benefits, etc. These things should be addressed as well as a feasibility study.
6:53:55 PM Gulledge Explained that this feasibility study, the way it was explained to him is, they will come in and evaluate our equipment, and what it would take to put the three communities together, and what it would cost, etc.
6:54:32 PM Schmidt Commented that SRI will be the ones putting together the study. It is going to be up to them to show the pros and cons. He said from what he sees in this proposal is they are going to be doing the study, they are the go-between on all the bids, they oversee the installation of all the equipment. There is nothing he read in the proposal about hiring the personnel at a later date, who oversees the personnel. He agrees with Callahan, he is not convinced. But he will agree to go through Phase I.
6:55:43 PM Gulledge Said they are not asking for anything more than the feasibility study.
6:56:04 PM Schmidt Commented that he would like for SRI to come in and talk to the Board. He said he is for saving money, but not having someone in the building twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is a safe haven for the residents. He said he is in favor of the study.
6:56:21 PM Gulledge Again said that is all he and Schardan are asking for, is the feasibility study.
6:57:04 PM Bell Asked if in the feasibility study if they can include the feasibility of the central location being here.
6:57:07 PM Schardan Replied that the building would have to be remodeled.
6:57:11 PM Bell Said this is the central location of the three communities. It makes more sense for it to be here.
6:57:41 PM Callahan Said if this is going to happen he would love for it to be here. But then the thing about what if Troy calls and Maryville calls second. What happens, they can only answer one. When this gets in Wood River, who knows what they will do.
6:57:55 PM Gulledge Said all they are doing is looking at a feasibility study to see if this would be worthwhile for the three communities to continue to pursue this as a communications center for the three communities.
6:58:12 PM Callahan Said a couple of months ago he brought this up because he had a call from an employee saying they were told to start looking for other employment, because this was a done deal. attorney working for all three to
6:58:17 PM Gulledge Replied it can't be a done deal, there has been no votes on this.
6:58:24 PM Callahan Commented that our Attorney was hired by all three communities to oversee this. It is obvious, he is working for two communities, he is going to make the decision.
6:58:38 PM Gulledge Replied that Attorney Wigginton doesn't make the decision.
6:58:42 PM Callahan Commented that he was hired by all three communities to ram rod the whole thing.
6:58:46 PM Gulledge Commented that this was discussed at a caucus meeting.
6:58:49 PM Callahan Said he know it was. He brought this up a couple of months ago that the employees have already been told they are not all going to get a job, they should go look for a job. His concern was he did not want to be forced into leaving what we have because we have lost our employees.
6:59:15 PM Gulledge Commented no one is leaving, and no decision has been made.
6:59:19 PM Callahan Commented that the Board publicly said that nothing like that was said. That's why the employees said okay.
7:00:00 PM Schardan Explained that this confusion stemmed from a memo to his employees because of the rumors going around. He wanted to make them aware of what was going on. He wanted to make them aware that if this did go through, that they would not be needing all the employees from all three communities. They would all be able to apply for a position with the consolidation.
7:00:25 PM Callahan Said he concern at that time, and still is, that if you tell an employee to look for another job, and then we can't find people when this consolidation comes up, we may not have a choice. He doesn't want to be forced into a consolidation.
7:01:14 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion on going ahead with the feasibility study. He asked Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan and Kostyshock their opinion. They all agreed to Phase 1.
7:01:32 PM Limberg Commented that he agrees with Schmidt about the company doing the feasibility study. They are going to make it look better sometimes, than it might be. He said he feels the board should look at the source, carefully, and go from there.
7:01:56 PM Schardan Commented that he contacted a chief from up north, and he is looking into consolidation and has surveyed 17 departments and out of the 17, 15 said they were completely satisfied with it.
7:02:25 PM Schardan Reported that the carpet for the basement is in. He talked with the installer and he said he can come out to install it a week from Friday or the following week, if the other work is done.
7:02:58 PM Gulledge Asked Mann if the little leak in the furnace is fixed.
7:03:03 PM Mann Replied that Brussatti was supposed to call the Air Conditioning people. He doesn't know if he did.
7:03:08 PM Gulledge Asked Mann to check with Brussatti tomorrow and make sure he has called, and get the guy out to fix the drain.
7:03:11 PM Kostyshock Asked if there is any way that there can be direct communication between the police and fire departments, instead of going through the dispatcher.
7:03:21 PM Schardan Replied that this is included in the feasibility study since they dispatch for the fire department.
7:03:57 PM Callahan Asked when a fire call comes in now, how is it different than a police call.
7:04:14 PM Schardan Said right now they are basically the same. The dispatcher dispatches a fire or an ambulance or the police department depending on the call.
7:04:24 PM Callahan Said assuming this would all come to pass the other way, how would it be different.
7:04:27 PM Schardan Replied, assuming the 9-1-1 center was moved to Wood River. What would happen is when the 9-1-1 call came in, they would answer. If it is a fire call or EMS call and dispatch the trucks or ambulance. If it was a police call, they will tell the caller to hold and they will transfer the call to Maryville Police Dept. He said this is his concern, when they say they are going to transfer the call, he doesn't know how long it will take. If there is any delay, you will lose callers because they will hang up. He knows this from experience.
7:05:08 PM Callahan Ask what happens if it is the three communities with one center, local.
7:05:26 PM Schardan Said they will dispatch everything from the first phone call, just as they do now.
7:05:31 PM Gulledge Said if this goes forward, Glen Carbon is a temporary site. They will look for site that is as close to the police station in each community as possible. Right now they are trying to get as much information, facts, and figures as they can together. The three chiefs have been doing a lot of work on this project.
7:06:22 PM Callahan Asked Schardan if he is concerned about being taken over by Wood River.
7:06:51 PM Schardan Replied no, his concern is the service when someone has a 9-1-1 emergency.
7:06:56 PM Callahan Said this all goes back to his original question. If the Village doesn't do anything, will we be forced to move to Wood River.
7:07:20 PM Schardan Said it will be up to 9-1-1, and currently they are talking about taking it to Wood River. It could be another location.
7:08:30 PM Callahan Said technically, they could make the call no matter what the Village did. He said he would like to know if the Village would have to go, if they didn't want to go. He said if the Village has to go, then why would we bother talking with Troy and Glen Carbon because what we have is not broken. It seems to work fairly well. The system seems to be working.
7:09:24 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Street Repairs. He asked Bob Massa from Juneau Associates and Trustee Kostyshock to discuss this.
7:09:40 PM Massa Discussed street improvements in the old town area, Lange, Division, and Donk. The plans include storm sewers, curb and gutter. After which they will come back later with the micro surfacing. He said he is here to see if board wants to get this started this year, and see how they want to stage this project. He said they has been talk of adding sidewalks to the job. He told the board the a lot of this work can be done in steps and some of the project will be eligible for Motor Fuel Tax funds. One option is to put the storm sewers in, and then put in the curb and gutter, then the sidewalks.
7:12:05 PM Kostyshock Commented that they want to extend the project a little. Initially they were just going to run the storm sewers from Donk, east to Lange. But he wants to go from Donk, west to 159 also. He said they want to put storm sewers in the whole area first, then come back with the curbs and gutters, similar to the way they are doing West Main. He said there is enough funds in the Motor Fuel Fund to cover the first phase.
7:12:54 PM Gulledge Asked for an estimate of what the storms sewers will cost.
7:13:37 PM Massa Replied between $70 to $80,000 with extended area.
7:14:11 PM Kostyshock Commented they will do all the streets, starting at Division, East Perry, Union, Zupan, Second and Third Streets.
7:14:21 PM Callahan Asked what is the first phase.
7:14:31 PM Kostyshock Replied storm sewers. He initially they were going to run from Donk east to Lange. Now they have decided to extend them from Donk west to 159 also.
7:14:46 PM Gulledge Asked if looking at the plans, if this is going to take care of the drainage problem on Third Street by the Kimberlin residence. He said it doesn't look like it to him.
7:15:21 PM Massa Said this can be worked into the final design.
7:15:31 PM Gulledge Commented after the storm sewers, the second phase is the curb and gutter. He asked what this is estimated to cost. He said the numbers he is looking at is $542,164.00. He asked if this is everything except for sidewalks and the micro surface.
7:16:11 PM Massa Said he estimates the total project will cost around $600,000 to $650,000 with the sidewalks.
7:16:44 PM Callahan Asked what is the area going to look like after the storm sewers are put in. He wanted to know if it is going to be so messed up, that the streets will have to be fixed.
7:16:50 PM Massa Replied that they would not be putting storm sewers in if the Village had no intentions of fixing the streets.
7:17:22 PM Callahan Said if they do the storm sewers, then the Village is committed to spending $650,000.
7:18:09 PM Massa Said yes.
7:18:45 PM Kostyshock Said this whole side of town from 159 over to Lange, and Division over to Third Street, and beyond a little.
7:19:06 PM Callahan Said he has no problem doing this, but he said the Village doesn't have that kind of money. He talked briefly about the balances in the General Fund and Motor Fuel Tax Fund. He said it would probably take two years of MFT revenue to pay off this one project.
7:19:15 PM Bell Asked how long of a project they are talking about. He was told a year. He asked if it wouldn't be more feasible to do the storm sewers and curb and gutter at the same time.
7:20:12 PM Massa Explained the problem with doing that is with MFT funds, with the oil and chip roads, they are limited to how much they can do to it, because it is not an approved roadway surface. Storm sewers they can get by with. He said it his interpretation that IDOT doesn't want to spend a lot of money on oil and chip roads.
7:21:25 PM Callahan Asked of the $600,000., how much will come out of General Fund for this project. He was told probably about half. He talked about borrowing money to do the project. He said interest rates are very low, and the Village should take advantage of this.
7:22:20 PM Kostyshock Commented there are other areas that need street repairs, such as Bauer Lane, and the other side of town. They can't all be done at one time. He would rather borrow a few hundred thousand, or whatever.
7:22:34 PM Gulledge Said he is not opposed to this, however he would prefer to doing what the Village can pay for. He is not opposed to taking out a loan, but he does not want to take on a lot of other road projects at this time. He said these projects are an investment in Maryville's future. This old town area needs a little more work than some of the other areas. There is a definite problem with storm water. Sidewalks and curb and gutter is a definite need also. He wants to do what ever it takes to do the project. He said he doesn't want to take on a lot of projects at the same time. He said he is asking the Board to take the project on in its entirety, do it over a period of 12 to 18 months to finish the project.
7:26:05 PM Kostyshock Said that right now there are two big drainage problems on Third Street, and one on Second Street. These have to be fixed and he thinks he would get a better price doing them at the same time as the storm sewers.
7:26:43 PM Gulledge Commented that next year the Special Census should bring in another $100,000. This will help with some of the other projects.
7:27:06 PM Kostyshock Suggested going with the storm sewers first, and then see where the Village is financially for the remainder of the project.
7:27:11 PM Gulledge Commented he knows what Kostyshock is saying, but he thinks if the Village takes this project on, do it right. Then whatever the next project is, do it the same way. No halfway, do them one at a time until they are all completed.
7:27:46 PM Kostyshock Said if the projects are done in phases, the Village won't have to have the money all at one time.
7:27:53 PM Limberg Said he agrees with Callahan on borrowing the money.
7:28:13 PM Callahan Commented that with all the building on 159, with all the cost of moving water and sewer lines, he would like to see a number as to what is coming out of what funds. He said not all of it is coming out of Water and Sewer.
7:29:20 PM Gulledge Replied almost all of it is. There is not much street work to do on 159. It is all water and sewer.
7:30:06 PM Callahan Said he has no problem with doing the project, he is hesitant to spend money without some back up.
7:31:35 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
7:31:46 PM Callahan Continued on with discussion of borrowing money. He suggests writing down exactly what they know they will have to spend to do the repairs to Schiber Court, Jacquelyn Court, etc. He wants to leave $100,000 untouched in Motor Fuel and anything that has to be borrowed by the General Fund, borrow.
7:33:04 PM Gulledge Said he is not opposed to this. He wants to get the project started. He asked the Board's opinion.
7:33:47 PM Limberg Said he is in favor, it has been years since anything has been done in "old town".
7:33:58 PM Schmidt Said he understands there are no sidewalks. He was told that sidewalks would be added, there are none at this time.
7:34:16 PM Massa Said the original estimate was to replace the sidewalks that are there, but sidewalks were added on the updated estimate.
7:34:24 PM Bell Said this goes up from $642,000 to what. Massa replied probably over $700,000 with the additional storm sewers.
7:34:36 PM Callahan Again said write down all that needs to be done, to get a total.
7:35:27 PM Gulledge Said they will come up with number, he just wants to know if they can go ahead with this project. All the Trustees agreed to go forward with the project. He said he had another item to discuss that was not on agenda, but has been discussed a number of times and that is the 159 water main relocation. He said Massa wants approval to go out for bid.
7:36:14 PM Massa Said he is 99.9% ready. He has the EPA permit, the specs are ready to go out for bid. IDOT has told him they will have the right of way cleared for them anytime they are ready.
7:36:40 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. The Trustees all agreed to allow Massa to go out for bid.
7:37:30 PM Callahan Asked Massa if any of this would come out of Motor Fuel. Massa told him no, it is Water and Sewer. Asked about sidewalks on 159, and where that money would come from. He was told it would come from General Fund, and is approximately $70,000.
7:38:15 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Bike/Walking Trail Ordinance.
7:38:32 PM Wigginton He said this ordinance is a real good start. One question he has is in Section 3, does the Village want to create a green area buffer along bike paths and parks. It talks about creating a buffer around the subdivisions or on the bike paths or parks of a minimum width of 20 feet. The bike trail itself already has a 100 foot right of way. He said they would be adding another 20 feet to that. The other thing is this proposal suggests that the 20 foot buffer would be dedicated to the Village. The Village would then be responsible for all the little 20 foot strips of land all around the Village.
7:39:45 PM Bell Said he thinks they mean a 20 foot buffer along the park and subdivision or business, not all along the bike trail.
7:40:21 PM Wigginton Said he has a shorter version. He said what he recommended to the Mayor that he doesn't think they want to get into a situation where they are maintaining 20 foot strips of land throughout the town. He said there is a lot of good information in the draft from the Park Committee. He said he can use the draft for the basis of an ordinance. He discussed the width of the bike paths.
7:41:54 PM Bell Said the width of the actual trail is 8 foot. He said he thinks six foot would be better, so it is not wide enough for a car.
7:42:12 PM Wigginton Said that was what he was thinking, ten foot at the end of a cul de sac might look like a continuation of a lane of some sort. He suggests making it 6 foot, and also add some additional requirements about certain signage put in by the developer, or some fencing, etc.
7:42:45 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks Wigginton knows what the Park Committee is looking for.
7:43:11 PM Bell Said the Park Committee just wanted to get something going. He said they want a formal process that the developers are required to make access to the park if they are adjacent to it, and to the Bike Trail if they are adjacent to it.
7:43:39 PM Wigginton Commented that the committee did a very good job if this is their intent. It is also going to minimize the future headaches of the Village.
7:44:40 PM Gulledge Said they will give this back to the attorney to clean up a bit. He went to the next item on the agenda, the Budget.
7:45:03 PM Callahan Said Mann turned in his budget, but it was not in the proper format. There were a couple of categories that were not on it, such as  FICA, IMRF, Social Security, etc. Brussatti sent out new sheets this week, along with the other stuff. He said he told Presson and Mann to pick a day, sometime in the very near future during the day and fill out the sheets. He said his main concern is to be able to take any big expenses and be able to amortize them over a certain time frame. He told them to be sure they included all the employee expenses per year. He said he thinks all that needs to be done is to amortize out the big items over a few years. He wants expenses such as IMRF to be charged to each Department. He set up a meeting with the department heads for 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, in Village Hall.
7:48:25 PM Gulledge Commented that he really wants the budget to be ready to go by May 1 for a trial run. He said hopefully the following year the Village can go to the budget form of government.
7:49:44 PM Callahan Said he wants all Department Heads to attend so they can all be told the same thing and there should be no differences in the way their budgets are set.
7:50:08 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
7:50:38 PM Callahan Asked about the Planning Commission and Public Hearing date. He was told it is scheduled For April 12, at 7:00 p.m.
7:51:26 PM Gulledge Said the Comprehensive Plan is ready to be brought before the general public for comments. He said there will be a Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan on April 12, at 7:00 p.m., and immediately following this, the Planning Commission will meet with members of the Comprehensive Plan and take into considerations the advise and comments that were made at the hearing.
7:52:20 PM Callahan Said the Museum/Library committee will meet the second Tuesday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m.
7:52:47 PM Bell Said the Rabies Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, April 24. A Special Caucus meeting on the Employee Handbook is set for March 16, which is next Tuesday. The Fire Department's Chicken & Beer Dance is on Saturday, March 27.
7:53:18 PM Gulledge Announced on Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 a.m. the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast at the YMCA.
7:53:50 PM Callahan Said he doesn't remember the date of the PTA meeting.
7:54:22 PM Gulledge Told him it is Thursday March 18 at 6:30 p.m. He said this is a regular PTA meeting, but there will be some people there from the Museum/Library Committee to give out information and talk about the potential upcoming referendum for a library in Maryville. The meeting will be at Maryville Elementary School. He went to the To Do List, page 1.
7:55:20 PM Callahan Asked about the revisions to the ordinance on Zoning Property Notices.
7:55:38 PM Gulledge Replied he has received the ordinance from Attorney Wigginton, and will be passing it out.
7:56:41 PM Wigginton Talked about the zoning code ordinance changes. He said in Section 2 on page 2 of the ordinance, it amends section 156.171 which proposes that at the first public hearing before the Planning Commission on rezoning property, that notices be sent out by registered mail to the applicant and every owner of real property adjacent to the premises for which the amendment is sought. In addition the publication in the newspaper will be continued. This gives the adjacent property owners notice of any proposed rezoning of property, and that they have a right to appear at the public hearing and ask questions or make comments.
7:58:54 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they were okay with this. They were. He said it will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
7:59:18 PM Schmidt Asked Mayor if he has received any answers on the arbitration request he sent to Collinsville. Mayor told him that he and Attorney Wigginton are working on this.
7:59:42 PM Gulledge Went to page 2, and discussed the Drost Park Lake Dredging. He gave the bid totals. He said there were three bidders. One bid was from Petroff for $236,000. One was from Sunrise for $150,000. And, one was from O'Brian for $99,560. He said this is very involved. When Juneau returns, they will have a meeting with the potential low bidder, O'Brian. He has a couple of questions about the sediment. There wasn't a bore sampling, and it was not required.
8:01:18 PM Schmidt Asked about the GIS and where they are with it.
8:01:33 PM Gulledge Replied they are working on it. It will be an ongoing project.
8:02:53 PM Callahan Asked if there has been anything said or done about running electricity to the sign in Firemen's Park.
8:03:19 PM Gulledge Answered that Kroder needs to meet with Meeks and the Board to see exactly where he is going to place the sign and where to run the electricity.
8:03:40 PM Schmidt Commented that Kroder needs to meet with someone from the Fire Department, to find out what needs to be capped off before they start tearing the building down.
8:05:01 PM Bell Asked if anything has come back on the Fire Department driveway.
8:05:20 PM Gulledge Answered no. He said he talked to Chief Flaugher, and he said they have met, but he has not received anything.
8:05:36 PM Bell Said the bike path has been staked. He asked if there has been a start date set or is it too muddy. He asked also if it was too muddy for the park drain. He was told it is.
8:06:31 PM Gulledge Went to page 3, there were no questions. He went to page 4, there was nothing for this page either.
8:06:58 PM Bell Commented that under Parks, he would like to add the Skateboard Park.
8:07:46 PM Gulledge Went to Trustee Comments.
8:08:00 PM Bell Announced the Chicken & Beer Dance.
8:08:12 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor Comments. He said he talked individually to each Trustee about a week or so, and at next week's Board meeting he would like to name the entrance to the Park off Schiber Court in honor of Myron Provence who was an original member of the Park Committee until the time of his death. His suggestions were Myron Provence Parkway, Provence Parkway, or whatever the Board would like.
8:09:46 PM Bell Suggested Myron Provence Parkway. All the trustees agreed on this name, and it will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting.
8:10:14 PM Gulledge Discussed a letter he received from Madison County in reference to trying to sewer some areas of Maryville and parts of Collinsville and Troy, Glen Carbon and some of the unincorporated areas. He said the letter states this is their intention. He wants to sign the letter on behalf of Maryville. He wants to continue to pursue and intergovernmental agreement to provide sewers in the unsewered areas of Maryville. He said he wants to look into going toward Granite City Regional. He is asking permission to continue. He polled the Board for their opinion. Limberg is in favor of him pursuing the issue. Schmidt and Bell said they were okay with this. Callahan said he has no problem with this, but his questions is why would the other party release Maryville. Gulledge said he is working on this. He doesn't have a definite answer at this time.
8:12:50 PM Callahan Asked about why the property (Shell Credit Unions) was not made an MVOB.
8:13:47 PM Bell Said he asked the question. The ordinance states "banks".
8:13:56 PM Schmidt Said he thinks it was just missed.
8:14:14 PM Gulledge Said he will ask Flaugher if he can give them an exact reason why.
8:14:46 PM Wigginton Commented they should have applied, it was missed.
8:15:01 PM Gulledge Discussed next that he attended a Block Grant meeting at Madison County. He said last year the Village applied for an elevator for the old firehouse. He said the Village needs to come up with a project. He would like to see them either continue with this project, or possibly look at building a one story building that would house the Food Pantry/Grandma's Attic somewhere on this property.
8:16:32 PM Callahan Asked why would they want to do this. Why not let them have what they've got, and build something nice for the Village.
8:17:00 PM Gulledge Replied that not everything qualifies. He said he is not asking for a commitment today. He would like to talk to each one individually.
8:17:31 PM Callahan Commented why build a food pantry when Maryville has hardly anyone to use it. He said 75% of the people served do not live in this area.
8:18:02 PM Gulledge Replied this goes by blighted area, not by individuals.
8:18:57 PM Callahan Asked again why they would want to build a food pantry when Maryville has no one who uses it.
8:19:52 PM Gulledge Commented he thinks it is a good thing to do. He thinks Maryville does have people who uses it. He told Callahan he is correct, the majority of the people using the food pantry are not from Maryville.
8:20:06 PM Kostyshock Asked what they would do with the old firehouse if they can't get upstairs.
8:20:14 PM Gulledge Replied the Museum is still there. He said he is not saying this is his first choice, he is saying one or the other of these projects would have a good chance at qualifying.
8:20:29 PM Callahan Commented that basically the Village would only be applying for this because it is the only thing that can be applied for.
8:20:36 PM Gulledge Said the Village is very limited on what they can apply for. This is what he would like to see the Village do.
8:21:04 PM Bell Asked if the grant money could be use to purchase or build a building for the food pantry in another area. Perhaps in back of the park or something.
8:21:59 PM Schmidt Asked if it could be used to update the Senior Building.
8:23:11 PM Callahan Asked if the Food Pantry could be put in the Senior Citizen Building. He asked if anything other than Senior Citizens be put in that building. He said the Khoury League uses it, so he wonders if the food pantry could be put in there. He said he would rather try to get the grant for an elevator is the firehouse . He doesn't want to use the Village's prime ground for a food pantry.
8:23:15 PM Gulledge Said he will talk to each trustee individually.
8:24:02 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to go into a Closed Session to discuss pending litigation and ongoing litigation. Bell made the motion, and Schmidt made the second to his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
9:17:25 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Schmidt made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville