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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/31/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:13 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of March 31, 2004 to order. He asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Trustees Garcia and Limberg arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, Attorney Wigginton, and two reporters.
6:30:50 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the March 24th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the clerk. There were none. Motion by Schmidt, second by Kostyshock to place the minutes on file. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:25 PM Gulledge Explained the next agenda item. At the last Board meeting, there were no bids received on the 1989 Chevy dump truck and accessories. However, there were several calls from people after the bid closing. Attorney Wigginton said the Village could accept sealed, firm offers on the truck. The Board decided to do this and there are four envelopes to be opened. He proceeded to open and read the offers. Brett Whitworth made an offer of $979.00. Raymond Kneedler of B&K Auto Sales made an offer of $910.80. Michael Joslyn offered $750.00 and Jeff Henry offered $502.00. He asked the Board if they were okay with this. They all said yes. He turned this over to the attorney to prepare for the Board meeting next Wednesday. This will be on the agenda. He asked Chief Schardan to discuss the resignation of a telecommunicator.
6:34:51 PM Schardan Reported that he has received a letter of resignation from Telecommunicator Christopher Hartman, giving 2 weeks notice.
6:35:19 PM Gulledge Asked if Springer will be filling that shift when he leaves.
6:35:31 PM Schardan Said this is one of the plans, but he is also looking at other options.
6:35:46 PM Gulledge Said possibly someone else that might have the needed credentials could be hired under an emergency situation.
6:36:02 PM Schardan Replied that is what he would like, if he could find someone that has the needed training. This would be great, otherwise the shifts will be filled with the part time people.
6:36:25 PM Callahan Commented that he again will reiterate what he has said at the last two caucuses. He said two months from now they will be saying "we have to go to Glen Carbon, because everybody quit". He said he gets phone calls at home, and he is not seeing the people because he feels he is not the person that should be talking to them. He said someone on the Board needs to sit down and talk to these employees, or they are all going to leave. Then the Village will have to go to wherever somebody wants the Village to go.
6:36:50 PM Schardan Replied that as far as Hartman's situation, the consolidation talk hasn't had any affect on this. He has talked directly to Hartman, and he told him it has nothing to do with his leaving. He has been looking since fall of last year. He has gone on job interviews before the consolidation talks came up.
6:37:21 PM Callahan Said that is not what he was told. He said again that someone on the Board needs to talk to these employees before they all leave. He said he doesn't want it to be him because his opinion is that the Village shouldn't be doing this in the first place. Someone else needs to do the talking to convince these people that this is not a done deal.
6:37:45 PM Schmidt Asked if Hartman lived on the other side of the river.
6:38:01 PM Schardan Explained that this job he is taking is five (5) minutes from his home. It is a straight Monday through Friday day job, with weekends off all the time. His partner has the same hours, straight days, weekends off, etc. Also, he doesn't have the drive over here. This job has promotion opportunities for him. It is a little less pay, however, the company gives periodic bonuses that he figures will make up the difference, plus being off on weekends and working straight days.
6:38:33 PM Schmidt Asked how many hours Hartman was putting in as Telecommunicator. He was told he was a full time employee. He asked if there was a reason the Village was not going to look for a full time person.
6:38:50 PM Gulledge Said that if anyone knows of someone that has the needed qualifications they could be put in his spot. If not, he will talk to Trustee Garcia about advertising the position. He commented that he talked personally to Hartman today. He said he asked him if the consolidation had anything to do with his leaving. Hartman told him directly that it had nothing to do with it. He said he has been looking for a job. He said he likes working in the Village, he likes the people. He said it is the drive to work, and that he wanted to find something where he could move up into management.
6:39:35 PM Callahan Commented that he agrees, that when your place of employment is going to fire you, you probably should start looking. He said again, someone from the Board needs to talk to these employees. He said he doesn't understand the reluctance on the part of the people in this room that don't want to talk to these employees. He doesn't want to talk to them because he already has an opinion in this issue. Someone that doesn't have an opinion needs to talk to them.
6:39:59 PM Gulledge Replied that Schardan has told them.
6:40:03 PM Schardan Commented that he has been very open with the employees about the whole situation. He said he has talked to all of them, they know where it stands. He has told them it is not a done deal yet.
6:40:18 PM Schmidt Said he has had a chance to talk to one, but he hasn't had a chance to talk to anybody as a group. He said he told the person that this is not a done deal as far as he was concerned.
6:40:45 PM Callahan Commented he is glad he told the person that, but the Police Department has always had individuals to pick up the minutes and read them. He said if you read the minutes, there hasn't really been any opposition other than himself saying why are we doing this. The rest of the Board has not committed, no one has said this is a done deal, but he is the only one that has vocally said anything. This is why he is getting the phone calls. He said again, he is not the one that should be talking to them.
6:41:05 PM Schmidt Said he agrees. The person he talked to had reviewed the minutes, and said it was Callahan and himself that were vocal on the issue. He assured the person that it is not a done deal as far as the Board is concerned.
6:41:37 PM Gulledge Said while on this subject, he would tell the Board that on Thursday, April 15th, at 7 p.m. there will be an informational meeting, here in Village Hall, with the other two communities involved. He said it is open to the public, and anyone who wishes to attend is more than welcome.
6:42:08 PM Callahan Commented that he thought they were doing a feasibility study. Mayor told him they were. He asked if they were having the meeting before the feasibility study results are in.
6:42:18 PM Gulledge Answered that there will not be any votes taken. It is strictly an informational meeting. The communities are getting together, and the Police Chiefs are going to give a presentation on the information they have.
6:43:15 PM Schmidt Asked Chief Schardan if he saw the article in the newspaper on tasers, and if he had any thoughts or feelings on the matter.
6:43:37 PM Schardan Commented that the other deaths that have occurred, from all the records they keep, none of them have been from the effect of the taser. There have been pre-existing conditions. He said he doesn't think that the use of the taser is causing people to die.
6:44:03 PM Gulledge Went item 5 on the agenda - Bike/Walking Path Ordinance.
6:44:46 PM Wigginton Commented that the ordinance is not ready, he is still going through it and making changes.
6:44:56 PM Callahan Asked if this is the one discussed last week where there may be a problem getting the work done.
6:45:06 PM Kostyshock Replied no, this is an ordinance.
6:45:12 PM Callahan Asked if this the trail that the Village employees are supposed to be doing.
6:45:29 PM Wigginton Answered this is on new development, requiring developers whose property runs contiguous to the Bike Path.
6:45:45 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. He asked Trustee Bell to add the informational meeting on April 15 at 7 p.m.
6:46:19 PM Bell Said the Rabies Clinic, and Go Fly A Kite Day is on Saturday, April 24.
6:46:48 PM Callahan Asked about the Street Creep. He wanted to know what they were actually asking for.
6:46:54 PM Gulledge Replied they are asking for damages to their home.
6:47:29 PM Kostyshock Asked that Saturday June19,  8 a.m. to 12 Noon,  the Madison County Paint Partners Recycling be added to the calendar.  This will be held at the Collinsville Township Building again. This is Maryville's day to work. Volunteers will be needed.  He also announced the big trash pick up.  It will be on the normal trash day beginning on Monday, April 26, Tuesday, April 27, and Friday, April 30.
6:50:35 PM Gulledge Went to the TO Do List, page 1.
6:50:57 PM Schmidt Said he has designs for his version of what the flag should look like.
6:51:19 PM Callahan Asked if anyone has talked to Juneau about getting specs for the Fire Department Drive & Parking. He was told yes.
6:51:37 PM Gulledge Said the attorney has spoken with the Ross's, in reference to the Borri Drive property, and has things worked out . He will be putting together a contract.
6:52:05 PM Wigginton Commented that the contract is done and is ready to be mailed. It will be mailed tomorrow.
6:52:13 PM Schmidt Showed his designs for the flag. He said this was what his ideas were. If anyone else has an idea, let him know.
6:52:27 PM Gulledge Suggested letting everyone look the design over, and bring it back to the first caucus in April. He went to page 2 of the To Do List.
6:52:55 PM Callahan Asked if there was anything on the Park sign.
6:53:05 PM Schmidt Replied he has tried calling Meeks of Design One twice today, but never made contact with him.
6:53:12 PM Bell Said he talked to Mann about getting the locates. He has the easement and construction lines marked.
6:53:19 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated at this time.
6:54:04 PM Callahan Asked about the loop there.
6:54:11 PM Bell Replied that the concrete loop will come out.
6:54:44 PM Callahan Asked if this was where the sign was going to be placed.
6:54:49 PM Bell Answered yes, in the loop, but not quite centered. He explained that when 159 is widened the warning lights will move in and be lined up with the sign so that there will not be a blind spot in either direction.
6:55:12 PM Callahan Asked about the Blue Star Monument that is in the loop now. He wanted to know if it would stay there. He was told it was. He asked if someone hadn't asked to have the Blue Star moved to be by the gun on the Village Complex.
6:56:14 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan how the budget was coming along.
6:56:26 PM Callahan Replied that he thought they were going to discuss big budget items this evening, make a list, and an estimate of what each will cost, then come up with ideas on how to pay for them.
6:56:48 PM Gulledge Said they would give him estimates on the cost of the projects upcoming. He said most of the big budget items are on the To Do List.
6:56:58 PM Callahan Commented that on the budget itself, they are in pretty good shape.
6:57:16 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:57:38 PM Callahan Commented that after everyone sees the list, the next step will be to figure out how to pay for the large budget items, which probably means borrowing money.
6:57:58 PM Schmidt Asked Kostyshock if he's been down West Main.
6:58:13 PM Kostyshock Replied they are working, but there has been a lot of rain the last few days. He said they work when it is not raining.
6:58:22 PM Gulledge Commented on the Drost Lake Dredging. He said he has received information back from O'Bryan, that he will share with Attorney Wigginton. He said he thinks it answers most of their concerns, and it might possibly be on the agenda for the Board Meeting.
6:58:47 PM Bell Commented that he talked to Juneau about this today, and they might have to get a permit.
6:59:11 PM Gulledge Said they are checking into this also, because he has a letter that states no permit was needed.
6:59:26 PM Schmidt Asked if the Fire Department needed any further direction from the Board before they start demolishing the small restrooms in the park.
6:59:44 PM Gulledge Answered that they are not ready to demolish the building because one group wants one thing, the other group wants another. This has to be settled first.
6:59:59 PM Bell Said he has talked to Mann about this. He said all he is waiting for is Flaugher to inspect the electric.
7:00:20 PM Gulledge Said he is not ready to take the building down until something is figured out to enclose the electric in a box, and put it up. Nothing is going to be taken down until they know exactly what is going in its place.
7:00:41 PM Gulledge Talked about the sewer odor testing. He said Presson told him it is up and operational.
7:00:48 PM Gulledge Went to page 4. He reminded the trustees of the public hearing on Monday, April 12, at 7 p.m. and the Planning Commission meeting immediately following. He is also sending notices to the Economic Development Committee as they worked with the Planning Commission on this project. He encouraged everyone to attend.
7:01:43 PM Callahan Talked about where Keebler Oaks comes out onto Pleasant Ridge Road. He said it helped some when the stop signs were moved forward, and some of the ground cut down on the south side of the intersection. He asked if there is anything that can be done to get another 10 to 15 feet cut out before the homeowners take possession of the ground.
7:02:18 PM Gulledge Replied he will check on this, but it is his understanding that there is no right of way on the old farm roads.
7:02:31 PM Callahan Commented it is normally a "township format", but the property owner owns to the center of the road.
7:02:47 PM Gulledge Replied he doesn't know the situation of the houses being built there, if they are sold or not.
7:03:01 PM Callahan Said he doesn't think there are any big trees in the first fifty feet, but someone might want the buffer that is started by the berm.
7:03:22 PM Garcia Asked about the sewer odor. She asked if was coming from a gas that is in the lines, and where is it from.
7:03:24 PM Gulledge Explained it is from sewage in a confined area.
7:03:27 PM Garcia Asked why it is in just their area, why doesn't the whole town get it.
7:03:39 PM Callahan Said it is because it is one of the ends of the line. He said everything is going that way to dump into the fifteen inch line. He thinks there are other places, but this area is where most of the gas is pushed to.
7:04:14 PM Gulledge Told Trustee Garcia he doesn't know the answer. He can't tell her a reason why. He said the sewer odor program is now operational and they are being told this will take care of the problem, but only time will tell.
7:04:21 PM Callahan Asked if they had ever decided where the gas is coming from, is it coming through the people's vents.
7:04:25 PM Gulledge Replied that is the question. They think it is. The system has been checked and it is tight there. To his knowledge there are no inflow problems. All the manholes are locked down.
7:04:38 PM Callahan Asked if they could smoke the system.
7:04:49 PM Gulledge Replied yes, they have talked in the Public Works meetings about smoking entire town, because he thinks there are some people illegally hooked to the sewer system. He said this was done about 18 years ago, and there were eight or nine discovered to be on sewers illegally. He said they are talking about smoking at least a portion of the town.
7:06:58 PM Callahan Talked about sewers in Lin Hy Terrace. He asked if anyone had a chance to check to see if there are any homes that are not hooked up. He said there was a home that the insurance company told the Village they didn't want their client to hook up because of mine subsidence. He asked if this issue had ever been resolved.
7:07:09 PM Gulledge Replied not to his knowledge. He said he doesn't remember checking on it. He said everyone is being charged sewers. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:07:31 PM Limberg Asked if Chief Schardan had informed the Board of Chris Hartman's resignation as Telecommunicator.
7:08:23 PM Schmidt Commented on the Fire Department Chicken & Beer Dance. He said there was a good crowd, the band was terrific. This is an annual fund raiser to help support the ambulance service. He thanked all who attended.
7:09:17 PM Callahan Said he has had several calls from employees about the consolidation of the communications department and he recommends to Trustee Garcia, since she is head of Personnel, that she explain about the dispatch situation. He said he has an opinion and they all know what it is, therefore he should not be the one to talk to the employees.
7:09:48 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan to come to the joint meeting with an open mind, listen to all information, then make up his mind.
7:10:02 PM Kostyshock Discussed the paint recycling project. He said there are a couple of changes this year. The Village will have to have six helpers, but one will be paid. They will pay one person time and a half on Saturday. He will be a lead man. The paid person will have to be there at 7:30 a.m. Everyone else must be there at 8:00 a.m. Also, any drinks, Gatorade, water, etc. they will pay for. Receipts must be kept and sent in to be paid. He asked the group for volunteers. He said they have made a few changes on the equipment also.
7:12:35 PM Garcia Asked Bell if he could go to September on his calendar. She has something for the September calendar. She decided to wait.
7:13:50 PM Gulledge Talked about the IDOT billing on the 2003 MFT Maintenance figures. He checked into this. He was told it is because they are put on separate. When they are put together, they come out right. This will be on the agenda for approval at the next Board meeting.
7:14:35 PM Gulledge Announced the annual Congressional Prayer Breakfast. Anyone interested in going, let him know. Tickets are $15.00 each or a table of eight for $120.00. Also the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is May 6 at 7:00 a.m. at the YMCA. The guest speaker is Brian Brand. He is the business person who puts up all the JESUS signs. The tickets are $10.00 and any profit will be turned over to the Ministerial Alliance for the Food Pantry and Grandma's Attic. Tickets are available here in Village Hall. He announced two public hearings before the next Board meeting on April 7 at 6:45 and 6:50 p.m. They are Water Service and Pre-Annexation Hearings. He went to the Employee Handbook. He said they will start on page 41. He said they will go one page at a time, if something needs to be changed, change it. If it is simply wording, give it to Jolene, and she can make the changes. He asked if there was anything to change on page 41.
7:19:00 PM Schmidt Said this is where the last meeting ended. He remembers talking about making the employees take the meal period. He asked if this was resolved.
7:19:41 PM Wigginton Replied that his notes show this is what was being discussed when the last meeting ended. If it is an unpaid lunch period, the employee must have thirty minutes duty free.
7:20:10 PM Gulledge Commented that as Department Heads, they should make sure that this is enforced.
7:20:30 PM Schmidt Suggested striking out "are provided with" and replace with "must use one meal period of 30 minutes".
7:20:58 PM Wigginton Said he understands what he is saying, but the context of the second line must also be considered because there may be operating conditions that require the supervisor to ask the employee to work through their lunch, or the employee may want to work through their lunch. If must use is put in, all flexibility is removed.
7:22:38 PM Garcia Said leave the sentence way it is. Kostyshock agreed.
7:23:01 PM Wigginton Said it can be changed, but there needs to be exceptions and some flexibility. He will reword it slightly.
7:23:54 PM Schmidt Asked if there has ever been a problem with employees using company vehicles at lunch. He was told no. He asked if something should be inserted about the seatbelt requirement.
7:25:01 PM Wigginton Said yes, he has a note on his copy to insert a seatbelt policy he has on his computer.
7:25:31 PM Bell He asked if there was something about not smoking in the vehicles. He was told this is on page 39, and includes smokeless tobacco as well.
7:26:15 PM Gulledge Went to page 42 - Business Travel Expenses.
7:26:46 PM Schmidt Asked about mileage rates at the standard federal rate, why couldn't the Village use County or State rates.
7:27:05 PM Wigginton Answered that is should actually be the IRS rate.
7:27:26 PM Schmidt Asked if there is a pre-set per diem as established by the Board of Trustees for meals. He said in the 3rd paragraph from the bottom, concerning employees submitting completed travel expense reports within ten days, he thinks it should have added to the statement "and receipts to the clerk".
7:28:19 PM Wigginton Said he has that in his notes also. And also to follow up, he would convert "should" to 'must". It should be mandatory within 10 days with receipts. The last paragraph, "can be grounds" should be changed to "shall be grounds for disciplinary action.
7:29:50 PM Gulledge Went on to page 43 Life-Threatening Illnesses In the Work Place.
7:30:01 PM Wigginton Said he has some concerns with this because this may be inconsistent with certain aspects of the American Disability Act. He talked on this briefly. He said he will look at this and compare it with some of the policies he has.
7:31:25 PM Gulledge Went to page 44 Military Leave.
7:31:40 PM Schmidt Commented he has a copy of the new law that went into effect in January, 2004.
7:31:53 PM Wigginton Commented this section will be rewritten due to the law change.
7:32:14 PM Schmidt Asked if the Village is required to keep an individual on health insurance while he is on military leave, and what if the person has full family insurance. Attorney Wigginton replied he will check into this.
7:33:55 PM Gulledge Went to page 45 Sick Leave Benefits.
7:34:07 PM Schmidt Said 3 paragraphs down, defining immediate family members of employees, He asked if foster child or foster parent ever been considered as a family member. Mayor said it wasn't, but only because no one thought of it. That doesn't mean they can't be included. Schmidt went on to say the last part of the sentence, "any other relative living in the same household as the employee", a foster child or parent is not considered as a relative.
7:35:25 PM Bell Asked if a cousin or any relative if lives in the employees household. He was told that is the way it reads.
7:35:45 PM Gulledge Commented that he, Garcia, and his staff has worked on this trying to fix some of the problems. He said anything they have done is certainly up for debate and change.
7:36:16 PM Schmidt Suggests including any foster child or parent.
7:36:30 PM Wigginton Commented what they are looking at is how an employee can use their sick leave. They can use it either for themselves or they can use it for an immediate family member. He said this is all this is talking about.
7:38:26 PM Gulledge Explained the idea is to define who should be included.
7:39:12 PM Wigginton Said the policy should specify who is included and who is not included.
7:40:10 PM Garcia Suggested taking out any other member and adding foster child and foster parent.
7:40:37 PM Kostyshock Said he likes the policy the way it is.
7:41:00 PM Gulledge Commented that the reason this policy is done this way is because some employees have critical care of sick relatives.
7:42:28 PM Schmidt Talked about the sentence 'If an employee is absent for three or more consecutive days". He asked for an explanation of the last sentence, "such verification may be requested for other sick leave absences as well"
7:43:07 PM Wigginton Explained this would be if there was suspicion that a person has a pattern of taking off every Monday, then the Village could ask for a verification. It gives the flexibility to request verification.
7:43:45 PM Schmidt Said he has grave reservations about last paragraph on page 45. He said he doesn't know how this came about, if there were problems in the past or what.
7:44:17 PM Gulledge Explained this came about because in certain departments if a person is sick, another person doesn't have to be called in. But, there are departments that someone does have to be called in. This came from the staff, himself, and Trustee Garcia. They think that some of the employees are possibly abusing the sick time.
7:45:14 PM Wigginton Said this is some type of incentive to reward those persons who do not call off sick. They can accumulate up to 80 hours of sick leave, and for those hours in excess of 80 they can request to be paid for.  Basically it is a reward to give something to those people who come to work every day.
7:46:05 PM Limberg Had to leave the meeting.
7:46:27 PM Wigginton Said the employee can only request payment of their sick time in excess of 80 hours. He will add the proper language.
7:48:19 PM Callahan Asked if the employee has to take payment of the excess hours over eighty. He was told no. He said as long as it is not mandatory, he thinks it is a good thing.
7:50:02 PM Gulledge Asked if everyone is okay with this. They were. He went on to page 46.
7:50:34 PM Wigginton Said the last line of the second paragraph needs to be crossed out.
7:50:53 PM Schmidt Said he had some difficulty with the whole last paragraph, where it is talking about employees who do not report for duty due to a brief illness or minor injury remaining at their residence or place of confinement during their scheduled working hours. He asked if the Village can actually enforce this.
7:51:08 PM Wigginton Said it can be in the policy but it would be difficult to enforce. He said this is intended for the person who calls in sick throughout the month for baseball games.
7:51:40 PM Schmidt Said he doesn't see a remedy for this. Attorney Wigginton said he will add it.
7:52:12 PM Gulledge Went to page 48 Group Health Insurance. He said one of the things he has heard from the group is to take the numbers out all together. He said after talking with the attorney, Attorney Wigginton feels very strongly that the figures shouldn't be in the policy. The table should be taken out of the policy.
7:53:40 PM Schmidt Said change the end of the first sentence under Cost of Insurance.
7:53:54 PM Gulledge Replied Attorney Wigginton will take care of it.
7:54:18 PM Bell Asked about omitting the line that states "no more than 50% of any future group health insurance rate"
7:54:38 PM Wigginton Agreed that this shouldn't be in there. No one has an idea of what rates will be in the future. There needs to be more flexibility.
7:55:32 PM Callahan Talked about the employee's share of the insurance rates and how it came about. He said there needs to be room for negotiation.
7:56:55 PM Wigginton Said this policy has to be very flexible.
7:57:42 PM Garcia Asked about making people wait 3 to 6 months for insurance.
7:58:08 PM Wigginton Replied no, the Village wouldn't be competitive in the marketplace if they made people wait 3 to 6 months for insurance coverage.
7:58:27 PM Bell Asked about the sentence "The health insurance company that provided the group health insurance policy will provide the rules for determining changes in dependent eligibility after the official start date."
7:58:55 PM Wigginton Answered that the group health insurance plan is going to control the plan. The Village doesn't buy it.
7:59:22 PM Gulledge Went to page 49 Insurance Refusal By Employee
7:59:33 PM Callahan Commented that two employees take advantage of this, and with the cost of health insurance, he wouldn't mind raising the fifty cents per hour. He said if they can talk people into taking someone else's health insurance, it would save the Village money. Currently it is costing nearly $1000 a month for a family.
8:00:22 PM Wigginton Commented that Callahan is on to something, but advises be careful about making it too lucrative, because if a lot of people are encouraged to leave the plan, the group suddenly becomes a lot smaller and that means the premiums will go higher for the remaining members.
8:01:03 PM Gulledge Suggests leaving it the way it is.
8:01:19 PM Bell Said his comment was instead of putting the fifty cents in the policy, put "will be paid an additional per hour".
8:01:28 PM Wigginton Said tell them per hour, but no amount.
8:01:56 PM Callahan Said Attorney Wigginton is right because it is a State pool.
8:03:49 PM Gulledge Went to page 50 Bereavement Leave
8:04:17 PM Schmidt Said a question he has on the bereavement leave is what if the employee's leave encompasses a holiday, how is this handled.
8:04:55 PM Wigginton Answered that the employee would still get the paid holiday.
8:05:10 PM Gulledge Asked why give three days bereavement when a person dies, and the wake is the next day.
8:05:23 PM Garcia Commented that the policy states up to three days.
8:05:29 PM Gulledge Said this is correct. The employee would have to apply through their supervisor if the time is needed.
8:06:01 PM Bell Asked about the sentence "relative living in the same household".
8:06:28 PM Wigginton Replied he will be taking it out to read like the other.
8:07:24 PM Gulledge Went to page 51 Jury Duty.
8:07:35 PM Schmidt Commented that he gave Attorney Wigginton a copy of the statute concerning employees working the night shift and on jury duty.
8:07:51 PM Wigginton Said if someone is working the night shift, he cannot be forced to work that shift. He said he is going to make the policy consistent with the statute.
8:07:55 PM Schmidt Said his other issue was is the middle, where it talks about the employee must show the jury duty summons to their supervisor, etc. as soon as possible. He said the State statute requires this within ten days.
8:08:30 PM Wigginton Commented that the employee must give it at least ten days before.
8:08:43 PM Gulledge Said just because the State says ten days, what is wrong with asking the employee to show the summons as early as they can.
8:08:52 PM Schmidt Said he feels the Village is holding them to a higher degree than what the State statute provides.
8:08:55 PM Gulledge Replied he is simply asking the employee to show the summons as soon as they receive it, so this can be worked into the schedule.
8:09:10 PM Wigginton Commented that he has it as soon as possible, but no later than ten days.
8:09:30 PM Kostyshock Commented that they did decide to let the employee keep their jury duty pay, plus their regular pay up to ten days.
8:10:01 PM Callahan Asked what does happen if an employee is called to a very long trial.
8:10:05 PM Wigginton Responded that the employee would have to tell the judge when he asks them if anyone has any type of hardship that would interfere with their ability to serve as a juror in the case. The judge has to take this into consideration, and more often than not, he excuses that person.
8:11:42 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions or changes on page 52 Benevolent Fund. There were none. He asked if there was anything on page 53 Employee Acknowledgement Form. He commented that Attorney Wigginton added this form, and should be okay.
8:11:54 PM Schmidt Asked about the two acknowledgement forms. One states Employer Copy, the other Employee Copy. One is page 53 and the other 54. They should be reversed. The employee copy stays in the book.
8:14:10 PM Bell Asked Attorney Wigginton if there is an Electronic or Computer Use policy in the handbook.
8:14:55 PM Wigginton Replied he is going to incorporate into the book the policy he and Bell worked on.
8:15:29 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions on the handbook. He turned the book over to Attorney Wigginton to make all the changes. When he is finished, it will be adopted and given to each employee.
8:15:50 PM Callahan Asked Attorney Wigginton if water and sewer permit fees are automatically considered WSOM revenue, or can they be regular Village revenues.
8:16:14 PM Wigginton Replied he is not sure, but he knows on the sewers the bonds require all revenue generated.
8:16:26 PM Gulledge Commented that it is water revenue, and this is a "stand alone" fund.
8:16:31 PM Callahan Commented that they know it doesn't cost that much to do a hook up. He said his point is if it is possible it would be better to take the money and put it into the General fund. He asked if there is a way to do this.
8:16:42 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't know if there is a way around this. He just knows what the statute says.
8:17:01 PM Gulledge Asked if there was any other business to come before the Board. There was none. He called for a motion to adjourn.
8:17:42 PM Schmidt Made the motion to adjourn, and the second was made by Bell. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville