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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date4/14/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:32:02 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of April 14, 2004 to order. He commented that if no one has an objection, he will implement reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the Caucus meetings also. Those present had no objection; they joined in reciting the Pledge. He then asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, and Callahan. Trustees Kostyshock, Limberg and Garcia were not present at this time. Limberg and Garcia arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Chief Schardan and one reporter. Attorney Wigginton arrived later.
6:33:22 PM Gulledge Commented that due to the lengthy agenda, he suggests they stay focused on each subject on the agenda. He called for approval of the minutes of the March 31st Caucus. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Schmidt made the motion, and Bell made the second. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes. Motion carried.
6:34:11 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Schardan if he had anything to discuss, he saw nothing for him on the agenda.
6:34:23 PM Schardan Replied he was here because he didn't know if he should be here for the budget discussion. Mayor asked Trustee Callahan if he wanted him to be here.
6:34:28 PM Callahan Replied that if Kostyshock isn't present, and about a third of the employees are in his department, he doesn't know if the budget should be discussed.
6:34:38 PM Gulledge Suggested that before they leave the meeting tonight, they set up a special meeting before the end of the month to do strictly the budget.
6:34:50 PM Callahan Asked if there is a big agenda next week, perhaps a special meeting could be held after the regular Board meeting.
6:34:54 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees present if this would be okay. They agreed to this. He asked the Chief if he had anything he wanted to discuss.
6:35:24 PM Schardan Announced on Tuesday, May 11, a DARE baseball game. Tickets are $9.50 if anyone is interested. Officer Finley will turn in the money on Friday morning.
6:36:29 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they had any questions for the Chief.
6:36:36 PM Bell Asked what the status was on an incident which occurred last week.
6:36:54 PM Schardan Said they have tried to get hold of the cleaning people, but has not been able to reach them. The address given is not good, and the phone number is not good. He commented that the detective has been very busy the last several days with burglaries.
6:37:41 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:37:59 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions for Chief Schardan. He went on to say that the meeting to talk about the Telecommunications Consolidation is tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall.
6:38:21 PM Gulledge Discussed the first agenda item, Phase II Stormwater Permit . He said the Village has been involved in the for about a year and a half. Presson has been attending the meetings with him and has made the last few alone. He talked about the RJN Group and the Villages fee for the scope of services they will perform for the time period of April 12, 2004 through April 12, 2005. The fee is a lump sum of $1800.
6:39:10 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:39:20 PM Gulledge Continued. He asked that the Village go with the consortium again this year, and pay the $1800. He said if there are no questions or comments, this will be on the Board agenda next week. He went on to Park Committee Recommendations.
6:40:34 PM Bell Said the Park Committee is recommending two items to the Board. One has been taken care of. It was the removal of the soccer goals, and the volleyball net put up. The soccer goals have been taken down, and the volleyball net will be put up at the end of April. The other recommendation is to put additional aggregate screening down and drag the walking path in Drost Park. He said last year when they did this and put some weed killer down, the path looked good, but it was June or July by the time they got it done. He would like to have an earlier start this year.
6:41:42 PM Gulledge Said they might be able to use the SWAP guys to do this.
6:41:58 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated.
6:42:13 PM Bell Asked that this project be added to the To Do List.
6:42:28 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Flag Design.
6:42:42 PM Schmidt Asked Trustee Bell to display the design of the flag on the screen. He said this is his design for the Village flag. He said he passed this out for the Board's consideration two weeks ago. He said he and Bell made a couple of changes to the design. The put a border around it, put the established date up in the top. The "Est. and 1902" is supposed to be red. The letters of "Century of Progress and Pride" would also be in red. The Maryville Logo would be the normal blue and green of the logo. He opened this for comments and discussion.
6:43:32 PM Gulledge Commented that he likes the one with the border, it shows it off a little more.
6:43:36 PM Schmidt Commented this was a good idea Bell had. He also likes it better. He said they moved the established date up to the corners after they put on the border.
6:43:40 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees which flag they liked better, and if they had any comments.
6:43:45 PM Limberg Said he likes the flag with the border.
6:43:53 PM Schmidt Said it didn't matter to him, but the border looks fine.
6:44:09 PM Bell Commented that he thinks Schmidt is looking for new or additional ideas. They are open to suggestions. He asked if they liked the "Century of Progress and Pride" slogan.
6:44:29 PM Garcia Asked what happened to "Come Grow With Us". She was told it is still there.
6:44:33 PM Gulledge Said he wondered how it would look if they took the Century of Progress and Pride out, and put "established 1902" on the very bottom. They told him they could do that.
6:44:39 PM Garcia Commented that she likes the saying.
6:44:45 PM Limberg Said he also likes the statement.
6:45:07 PM Callahan Suggested spelling out "established". He thought it was "estimated 1902".
6:45:16 PM Gulledge Said Schmidt is correct, that is the normal way to abbreviate established.
6:45:27 PM Limberg Said he prefers having it spelled out.
6:45:30 PM Bell Asked what would be another word for established.
6:45:36 PM Schmidt Suggested "founded" or "chartered".
6:45:44 PM Callahan Said he knows they are trying to balance the design.
6:45:48 PM Gulledge Said he has seen chartered or incorporated before. They could use "Inc" instead of "Est.".
6:46:05 PM Callahan Commented that in all fairness, no one will see this when it is on the pole.
6:46:23 PM Bell Said they have another question, and that is what size should this flag be.
6:46:34 PM Gulledge Said the size should be comparable with what the other flags are.
6:47:02 PM Schmidt Talked about prices. He said he has a catalog that has listings for custom made flags. With the type of design they are looking at, and the size of 3x5, is approximately $307.00 for a class C. A class D is $400.00.
6:47:23 PM Bell Commented that this is for a nylon stitched flag.
6:47:29 PM Gulledge Commented that he doesn't know who, but Brussatti had the Centennial flag made.
6:47:38 PM Bell Replied he thinks this is a much better flag. He said they actually make all the letters separately and stitch them on.
6:47:54 PM Gulledge Said they should first decide if this is the design they all want. All trustees present agreed on the design. He instructed Schmidt to get prices.
6:48:27 PM Schmidt Asked if he should order more than one.
6:48:32 PM Gulledge Suggested ordering a minimum of two, and to make sure he could get more.
6:48:52 PM Callahan Suggested ordering two for outside and one for the Council Chambers.
6:48:59 PM Gulledge Commented that he should check with Brussatti on the sizes. He asked if everyone is okay with this. The trustees were in agreement.
6:49:36 PM Gulledge Discussed agenda item 6, 2004 MFT Maintenance, for Trustee Kostyshock in his absence. He explained this is the same as every year. This year the Resolution for 2004 MFT Expenditures is in the amount of $130,000.00. He said this amount can be amended up or down. He talked briefly about the different categories listed for the projects to be done this year. He informed the Board that the sidewalks on 159 are not included. He has spoken with Massa from Juneau Associates about this. He said the Board can pass another resolution to pay for sidewalks out of MFT. He asked the trustees if they had any questions. There were none. He told them this will be on the Board agenda for approval. He went to agenda item 7, Budget. He asked Callahan to discuss this matter.
6:51:37 PM Callahan Suggested waiting until Trustee Kostyshock can be present to discuss the salaries. He said he has no problem proceeding, but he is sure Kostyshock will have some input, and Chief Schardan has left also. He suggested going into a Closed Session after the Board meeting next week to talk about salaries. He asked if the budget could be discussed in closed session.
6:52:09 PM Gulledge Replied that the budget shouldn't be discussed in closed session. He suggested having the regular Board meeting, when it is adjourned, go into a Special Caucus session to work on the budget.
6:52:34 PM Callahan Asked if they would then go into Closed Session to discuss salaries.
6:52:42 PM Gulledge Said the Closed Session would be at the end of the Board meeting. Then they would know where they were, salary wise, for the budget meeting.
6:52:57 PM Callahan Talked about the project list he gave to each trustee. He said someone, and he didn't remember who, asked him to add something to the list last week, but he has forgotten what it was.
6:53:01 PM Schmidt Said it was Cemetery land acquisition. He suggested adding $100,000.
6:53:46 PM Bell Asked about the $8,000 on the bike path repairs. He said it should be changed to $10,000. He said Juneau's estimate was something like $10,500. Mayor replied that was if the project was bid out. Bell said he thought they decided to let the Public Works employees do the work.
6:54:10 PM Callahan Commented that the projects under $10,000 doesn't need amortized. Anything $10,000 and under would normally come out of available funds. He said projects from $50,000 to $60,000 and up would be amortized.
6:54:51 PM Gulledge Explained he had this list made up to show everyone the projects that are on the To Do List, and let the Board sort it out. He said all the prices are estimates, none are firm bids.
6:55:05 PM Callahan Suggested that any project that will come out of one year's revenue will not be put on the amortization list. He said he was trying to come up with a list, so that if the Village had to borrow money, they would know how much they would need to borrow, and how long they want to amortize it out.
6:55:47 PM Bell Asked if the ball field drainage was coming out of the Park budget. Mayor answered that it was. It is part of the park.
6:56:09 PM Callahan Asked if there are anymore big projects that should be added. He said someone mentioned acquiring ground for a fire station.
6:57:13 PM Gulledge Commented that if a project is planned, it should be included on the list, because the cost still must be included in the budget, big or small. He said he doesn't think anything will be done on ground acquisition this year, but if the Board still plans on doing this, it should be on the project list.
6:57:53 PM Schmidt Said the only other expense that he doesn't see on the list is the 911 consolidation.
6:58:01 PM Gulledge Replied that there are no numbers yet, they may no more after their meeting tomorrow night.
6:58:26 PM Bell Asked Garcia if she was trying for the skateboard park this year.
6:58:45 PM Garcia Answered no.
6:58:56 PM Schmidt Asked about the group sewer project with County.
6:59:00 PM Gulledge Replied that he goes to every meeting, but he can't answer. He doesn't know.
6:59:22 PM Callahan Talked about the cost of the Downstate Pension , and switching the Policemen over. He suggested adding $100,000 for pension. He talked about the "old town" streets, about borrowing money to do more streets. He said he thinks when Mary Kane came to talk to the Board about borrowing the money for this, that she said they could borrow the money and have a project up to three years, however, it might have been longer. As this discussion went on, it was decided that he should call Mary Kane and talk to her.
7:03:07 PM Gulledge Asked if there was anything else on this discussion. There wasn't. He said next week will be the regular Board meeting, with a closed session, and immediately following the adjournment, they will go into a Special Caucus meeting. He went to Calendar Updates.
7:03:42 PM Schmidt Said April 26, at 7:00 p.m. there is a Planning Commission meeting. They will continue the discussion of the Comprehensive Plan.
7:04:16 PM Gulledge Said for those who were not at the meeting, the plan is laid out on table if anyone wants to look at it. He talked about the meeting. There were no negative comments. There was quite a discussion about a number of things, but this looks like the plan, however, they will wait to see what the Planning Commission has to say.
7:04:52 PM Bell Said the Rabies Clinic is April 24th, Go Fly A Kite Day is also April 24th.
7:05:10 PM Gulledge Said the large item pickup from Midland Waste is scheduled on the normal pick up day during the last week in April.
7:05:40 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1. He said the Special Census is officially over. The tentative number is 5,899, and it came in under budget. He said they did a good job.
7:07:16 PM Callahan Commented that with this number, it will increase revenue by about 20%.
7:07:55 PM Schmidt Asked if there has been any response from the arbitration letter with Collinsville sewers.
7:07:58 PM Gulledge Said they are working on trying to have one more meeting with them.
7:08:15 PM Wigginton Said he is trying to schedule a meeting with their attorney.
7:08:42 PM Bell Asked why it takes four months for the census numbers.
7:08:54 PM Gulledge Explained it is 16 weeks for confirmation on the numbers. He said he understands that they will recheck everything that was done here.
7:09:09 PM Schmidt Asked what the latest is on the Illinois Power gas line. Mayor replied he will discuss this under his comments. Schmidt then asked about the Madura annexation.
7:09:42 PM Gulledge Explained that this a piece of property, almost 6 acres, on Pleasant Ridge Road. They are annexing to the Village for water service.
7:10:14 PM Bell Asked about the Fire Department Drive - Juneau to spec project.
7:10:15 PM Gulledge Said Juneau does not have the information.
7:10:20 PM Bell Replied that he called them three weeks ago and asked him to put the specs together.
7:10:26 PM Gulledge Replied that no one has told them what they want done.
7:10:28 PM Bell Stated that he told him exactly what they want done. They want to come straight out with the drives on both sides. He said they will have to get specs on the thickness.
7:10:54 PM Gulledge Asked if they were taking out the existing drives on both sides.
7:11:10 PM Bell Replied just on the north, and replace the damaged parts on the south.
7:11:39 PM Gulledge Went to page 2. He told the Board they did have to file for an IEPA permit on the Drost Lake Dredging.
7:12:06 PM Bell Talked about the Cedar Valley Bike Path Entrance. He asked the Board if it can be put on the agenda for next Board meeting to send out for bid specs on this project. The Public Works employees are too busy to take on this project. He said the estimated amount has been approved.
7:13:12 PM Callahan Commented that he didn't think he needed permission to go out for bid.
7:13:21 PM Gulledge Said he thinks what Bell is saying is that the Board had agreed based on the conversation they had with the Public Works Department. They were going to try to do the project, but now they are too busy to do it for several months. Bell is asking if the Board doesn't have a problem, they will formally put it out for bid, accept the bids, and based on the bids, the Board will make a decision whether to have someone else do the project.
7:14:58 PM Callahan Talked about GASB 34 compliance. He asked if the auditor, the last time he was here, didn't say the Village would not have to comply until the fiscal year beginning in '05.
7:15:01 PM Gulledge Commented that Ferris is supposed to come to the Board with recommendations so the Village will be ready to go in 2005. He said he will check on this. He thinks it is June of 2005, but doesn't want to miss it. He will call Ferris and ask him.
7:15:48 PM Bell Asked Mayor to add under Park Ground Acquisition, the walking path repairs.
7:16:02 PM Callahan Talked about the Firemen's Park Large Restroom item. He said on the budget it is only $8000.
7:16:32 PM Bell Answered that all they will do there is repairs on the inside.
7:16:39 PM Callahan Asked if the small restroom would include a pavilion. He was told it would. He asked if this could be done for $30,000.
7:16:44 PM Bell Commented that it shouldn't really be called a small restroom. He talked about putting a men's and women's handicap accessible restroom on the inside.
7:17:19 PM Gulledge Said also that this would be eligible for Public Comfort funds.
7:17:29 PM Limberg Commented that he thinks they should increase the $30,000.
7:17:47 PM Bell Asked about the electric in the park and the building. He asked if the building will be down before the Homecoming. Mayor replied no. He asked if they were going to transfer the power to the new weather head, because it is shorted out.
7:17:51 PM Gulledge Replied that Mann told him they would be here next week or two weeks from now to do it.
7:18:25 PM Gulledge Went to page 3
7:18:47 PM Schmidt Asked if the feasibility study for the communications consolidation be ready for the consolidation meeting tomorrow evening.
7:19:06 PM Gulledge Answered no, this meeting is just to bring everyone up to date on the information that has been gathered by the Police Chiefs, Attorney Wigginton, and the 911 people from Madison County. He said there will probably be another meeting before any decisions are made.
7:19:50 PM Bell Asked about the water and sewer study. He wondered if this study would show how much the sewer tap raise was going to bring in.
7:19:57 PM Callahan Commented they get this every month from the water clerk. It shows how much is being taken in additional compared to raising the rate. He said it is almost $90,000. and it has only been five months.
7:20:24 PM Gulledge Said the study has been tabled until the 5/12/04 Caucus discussion. He said the Board decided this in January.
7:20:46 PM Bell Asked if there were any updates from Summit on the radio read meters.
7:21:11 PM Wigginton Commented that he received an e-mail with attachments from them today, but he didn't have a chance to read it.
7:21:50 PM Callahan Said he asked Presson a couple of weeks ago how much water is missing that is produced and not billed for. He said it is about 6%, and Presson said some of that is probably in the lines, evaporation, etc. He commented the kind of percentage the company was talking about, because there isn't that much water missing to start with.
7:22:43 PM Gulledge Said he thinks the representatives were trying say the radio read meters are more accurate than the meters the Village is using now.
7:23:32 PM Schmidt Asked if the truck was gone.
7:23:45 PM Gulledge Replied yes, it was picked up Tuesday. He went to page 4.
7:23:58 PM Callahan Asked Limberg if all the streets in his subdivision, (Nottingham Estates) were now fixed.
7:24:16 PM Limberg Answered that they still have the drainage problem. He said the biggest problem in the subdivision is people in the winter salting their driveways, and it goes out into the streets and causes the erosion.
7:25:19 PM Gulledge Went to Trustee Comments.
7:25:30 PM Limberg Said he has been working at a house on Piquard and today when he took a break, he was amazed to see three motorbikes being driven up and down on the bike trail.
7:26:38 PM Gulledge Replied that this should be turned over to Chief Schardan.
7:26:41 PM Callahan Asked what time this occurred. Limberg said it was around 3 p.m. Callahan said it is kids just getting home from school.
7:27:04 PM Bell Commented that he thinks the Village is responsible to patrol the Village's part of the trail. He suggested putting a police officer on a bike to patrol the area.
7:27:34 PM Schmidt Asked when the micro surfacing will start in Lin Hy Terrace.
7:27:49 PM Gulledge Answered that they did a walk thru, and there are just a couple of things that need to be done. There has been no final request from Korte yet. He said he and Trustee Kostyshock met with representatives from the micro surfacing about a few concerns they have. Presson, Mann and Dutton and Massa from Juneau were also present. They did a walk thru of all the streets, and checked everything. They said they could do it. Their suggestion to the Village is a possible joint venture with Glen Carbon and Edwardsville to lower the price. This would probably be done in September.
7:29:04 PM Schmidt Talked about the population signs. He said the sign north of 162 on Route 159 where they are working on the widening is missing. He also gave congratulations to all the Police Department Telecommunicators, as this is National Telecommunicators week.
7:30:49 PM Bell Said he had a copy of the Village of Maryville park events as presented in the CARD Spring and Summer catalog. He said CARD is going to help with cost of some of the events. Next, he announced the Maryville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary is hosting their golf scramble, the Hydrant Open on May 8 at Stonebridge. Then, he talked about the missing digital recorder. He said he would like to replace the digital recorder for the closed sessions, and two memory sticks. He said he thinks it and two memory sticks can be replaced for around $350.00.
7:33:21 PM Gulledge Said if the cost is under $500, he could go ahead and buy them.
7:33:57 PM Callahan Said the Comprehensive Plan is ready to go. He said during the meeting, Tom Wobbe mentioned something called a comprehensive amendment. Assuming the Future Use Plan is approved, there is an amendment saying the Future Use Plan is now the Present Use Plan. But this brings up another problem, and that is that there are some variations in the zoning ordinance that will allow changes, such as a property that is zoned commercial, but there are some variations that will allow multi-family. He said it sounded like the comprehensive amendment would take care of this.
7:35:44 PM Bell Said Wobbe highly suggested that the Village do the comprehensive amendment.
7:35:47 PM Callahan Then said if the Village does this, they should make sure the zoning ordinances are tightened.
7:36:00 PM Bell Said he thought the reaction from this was to have the Attorney work on the zoning ordinances.
7:36:19 PM Gulledge Said this is not the way he understood it. He and Wigginton will contact Wobbe. He said hopefully they will have an answer before the Planning Commission meeting on what the options are.
7:37:18 PM Bell Asked Mayor Gulledge if the Board had not recently redone the zoning ordinances. Mayor and Wigginton both replied they had. He said he remembers at the discussions, they specifically wanted the Village's zoning district to support this.
7:37:24 PM Gulledge Commented that the ordinances he has seen does support a zoning district. He said they will get it right, but they haven't had a chance yet, since Wigginton has just returned from vacation.
7:37:52 PM Callahan Talked about the library survey. He had a copy of the final draft of the survey. He asked Attorney Wigginton to review it to be sure it is okay. Question #4 on the survey will be the vote. The committee would like to send this out, if Attorney Wigginton approves. He said a couple of the members of the committee want to cross over the boundary limits. He said Joe Semanisin brought in a map that Diane Semanisin had made at the County. It shows Maryville, all the corporate limits in one color. He said there a two districts, one district in two communities, Edwardsville and Glen Carbon, Collinsville and Troy. Then there is Maryville. He said some of the people in the group wanted to cross over the boundary and go after the residents in Lakeview Acres area which is unincorporated. He said he told them that he didn't think the Board would want to do this because of the agreement. When Mayor arrived he told them the same thing. He told them he thought the Board would insist on staying inside boundary. Then, he said the other thing is that inside the "blue line" there are probably 2500 parcels that are residents of Maryville, and probably another 500 plus that are non-residents, but are within the future boundaries. He said they are going to send out to the 2500 that are in Maryville, and then they are going to try to locate all the peoples that are outside the Village boundary but inside the "blue line", then subtract the ones that are in Troy, 10 to 15 parcels, and send them a survey also. They would have a different color ballot. That would be the only difference. They will send out the survey and enclose a return, stamped envelope. He said they are talking about 6000 stamps, and 3000 surveys, more or less. These will be sent out by mid-May and are to be returned by June 1.
7:43:46 PM Limberg Asked if there was any thought about when the survey is returned, it has negative results, will they still go forward.
7:44:06 PM Callahan Said that would be up to the Board. He talked about putting the on the March/April, 2005 ballot. He explained two reasons. One is fewer people vote, and two, there will be four people running for the Board, Mayor and three Trustees. However, a lady at the meeting said she could get grant money for this if it is on the ballot for November.
7:46:04 PM Gulledge Commented that Roger Shoup is going to the Courthouse to find addresses.
7:46:59 PM Garcia Talked about putting banners along 159 in May through July.
7:47:33 PM Gulledge Told her to come back some recommendations at the next caucus meeting. Also, have Mann get a count of how many brackets there are on the poles.
7:48:06 PM Callahan Commented that at one time, the Village had two or three sets of banners. However, they probably would not be good now.
7:49:31 PM Gulledge He said he met with Attorney Wigginton to try to take care of a few items. The Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association agreement was one. He and Wigginton talked with them and they answered all their questions, and this will be on the Board agenda. He talked about the Volunteerism Proclamation. He said the Board does this every year, and if no one objects, it too will be on the Board agenda. He passed out a contract for real estate, but said he didn't want to talk or discuss the numbers. Schmidt brought up earlier about the gas transmission. This has been very involved because it is not user line, it is a transmission line. The contract is self-explanatory. He would like to put this on the Board agenda also.
7:53:05 PM Bell Asked how this is different from the other pipeline.
7:53:53 PM Gulledge Explained that this is a transmission line, it carries the gas to another area. The other line involved a permanent easement, this one is an easement that the Village can still plan things, and if anything comes along, they will have to move the line. He said the location is staked. He will show him after the meeting.
7:54:25 PM Gulledge Next, he discussed a Land Use Seminar on May 14 in Springfield. The tuition is $295 per person. He is asking for the authority to go himself and possibly two other persons. He wanted to let everyone know that he has an appraiser doing a desk top review of the property they are looking at. He said they should know about first of May. He said he has some openings on some of the committees. One is on the Park Committee, and he has a person in mind. He said he may have three names in the trustee packets. One for Parks, and two for the Planning Commission. He talked about the Congressional Prayer Breakfast on May 3, at 7:30 a.m. He did what they did last year and got a table for eight people. Anyone wishing to attend should let him know. He said there must be a Public Hearing, by law, to turn in any kind of application for Madison County Community Development funds. He asked Clerk Long to set up a public hearing to discuss a potential grant they would apply for on May 5, before the first monthly meeting. Applications must be turned in on May 12 or 14. Right now he is looking at possibly going for either a new building for a Food Pantry or an bathroom and an elevator in the existing old city hall/firehouse that currently houses the food pantry. Lastly, he talked about the Southwestern Illinois Council of Mayors meeting on Thursday, April 22nd. It has been the policy in the past that the Board pays for the Board member, and if the member wants to bring his spouse, he or she would pay for them. The meeting is at the Collinsville Holiday Inn. The reception begins at 6 p.m. Dinner is at 7 p.m. They will be a speaker on Work Force Development for Madison, Monroe and St. Clair Counties. Anyone who wants to go, let him know. He must let them know by Monday April 19. With nothing else to discuss, he called for a motion to adjourn.
8:03:21 PM Schmidt Made the motion to adjourn, and Limberg made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk    

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