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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description public hearing - MCCDBG application
Date4/28/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:35 PM Gulledge Called the Public Hearing of April 28, 2004 to order. There were eighteen (18) persons in attendance. He explained the purpose of the hearing is to entertain discussion about a Madison County Community Development Block Grant application for the year 2004. He said his suggestion is to apply for the grant to build a one story Food Pantry/Grandma's Attic on the Village Complex ground, directly east of the Administration Building, and just north of the Senior Citizen Building. He said he has this application ready to turn in, providing there are no public comments against, or other project to be put before the Board. The applications are due May 14 at the Madison County Community Development Office. At this time he opened the hearing to the public for comments, questions, or suggestions.
6:32:55 PM Bell Asked if this is a matching grant.
6:33:04 PM Gulledge Answered no, and explained that the maximum amount of grant money anyone can get in any one fiscal year is $125,000.00. His application will be for the $125,000. He said he has talked to Trustee Limberg and other trustees about this, they will have to put a project together. He said there are stipulations how this can be done. He has talked to the Ministerial Alliance about volunteer labor, etc. However, in some instances, Community Development may not allow it, unless the person is a qualified or certified electrician, heating & air condition person, etc. The design will be due in to Community Development by November 1st, with an architect seal. He said they would build this based on the $125,000. and any other volunteer labor. He said is not looking for any money from the Village funds at this time. He asked if anyone else had any questions on this project, or if anyone had another project they would like to put before the hearing. There were no further questions or comments.
6:35:02 PM Gulledge Closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville