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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date5/12/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:19 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of May 12, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Callahan arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, two (2) citizens, and three reporters.
6:31:41 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Caucus minutes from the April 28th meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as submitted by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to place the minutes on file. The motion was made by Schmidt, and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:44 PM Gulledge Introduced Mike Bertelsmann who has requested to address the Board.
6:33:16 PM Bertelsmann Said he is here to ask for a change to Oakleigh Court. He is asking that it be changed to a private road in accordance with Village Code 34-6-2.2. He is asking the Trustees to take a look at this and grant him a variance for the private street for his four lot property. The variance would be for a twenty-two foot wide concrete street with a fifty foot right of way.
6:35:15 PM Gulledge Explained to Bertelsmann that he is welcome to discuss this, and anyone can ask questions, but the first place his request should be submitted is to the Planning Commission. He explained that all variance requests in reference to the subdivision code first must go to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation. At that time based on the Planning Commission's recommendation, either for or against, it would be submitted to the Village Board for approval. They are an advisory commission. Attorney Wigginton would have to look at this. The Board can ask questions and have a conversation about it, but no formal action can be taken at this caucus.
6:37:00 PM Wigginton Commented that any time someone is asking for a variance, or an amendment to the subdivision code, it has to go through the Planning Commission.
6:37:22 PM Bertelsmann Talked about when he originally asked for a private street for his subdivision, before he actually platted it as the city standard. In the meantime, since he has done this, the Village has granted variances to other people, with the same situation. His neighbor was here asking for a variance for one lot at the same time he was told he had to build a city standard road, thirty feet wide. I was told I would never get a variance, but they were granted a variance for one lot. Now, they have a variance for three lots on an unrestricted road, which in his understanding has no upgrades or anything, and it was approved. He mentioned Wille Drive, they added on to a private road there. He said the ordinance states that anytime you add to a private road, it must be brought up to standard. Since he has done his road, they have added two more houses on the end of a private road. They are not at standard, they are rock drives, and are not oiled and chipped or asphalt or concrete. Since he has okayed his road with the City, he has not done anything with his property, and since then the City has granted other people variances. He said he thinks if the City has codes, everyone should apply and go by the codes. If the City is giving variances to certain people, they should apply to all people.
6:38:45 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:38:56 PM Bertelsmann Continued. He said it has been quite a while since he platted his property. It is his understanding that he can ask for an addendum to his plat with the changes. He said he is still serving only four lots, with a roadway that would be up to City standards for a private road, a 22 foot concrete road with a 50 foot right-of-way. This is all he is asking for. He said there are private roads that can't be brought into the City standards and approved. He said he is not asking for a rock road, he is asking for an approved concrete roadway that the City will approve.
6:39:39 PM Gulledge Told Bertelsmann that it is fine that he came to the Board and made them aware of what he plans on doing. However, the only way that the Board can take up the matter of an addendum or a variance, it must go to the Planning Commission first for review. Then it comes to the Board to agree or disagree with their recommendation.
6:40:32 PM Callahan Apologized for being late and asked Bertelsmann the location of the property he is discussing.
6:40:48 PM Bertelsmann Replied it is his property just off Bauer Lane, 1350 Chelsea Lane.
6:41:00 PM Gulledge Explained that it is basically one half of a concrete street. He has one house on the property which he and his wife live in. Several years ago when he came before the Board, they told him he had to go by the subdivision code, that there were no private roads. He said Mr. Bertelsmann has come in, and made them aware of a couple of instances where the Village Board has allowed private streets to go in, and they certainly are not up to Village standards. He is asking for an addendum to allow him to have a private road, to build three more homes.
6:41:39 PM Callahan Asked what he has now.
6:41:43 PM Bertelsmann Answered that now is road is thirteen foot concrete with a cul de sac on the end. It is half of a platted thirty foot concrete street, which has been platted and approved by the City.
6:42:22 PM Gulledge Commented that he believes this is a four lot subdivision.
6:42:37 PM Bertelsmann Said the property is only accessible to the east.
6:42:45 PM Callahan Commented that he lived on Bauer Lane for thirty years, and sort of knows where he is. He asked about the exceptions he was talking about.
6:43:06 PM Bertelsmann Replied the Barbarotto property and Wille Drive.
6:43:44 PM Wigginton Commented that the ordinances Bertelsmann is referencing has been changed. It is no longer 34-3-6.1. He told Bertelsmann if he would go to the Village of Maryville Web Site, all of the current code of ordinances are on there. He told him to go to section 154 which is Land Usage, click on subdivisions, and it will give him everything he needs to do if he wants to have the Village review his plat or change the plat. This section will give him the process he will have to go through for any changes to the final plat that was approved. It starts with the Planning Commission.
6:44:10 PM Bertelsmann Commented that he was told to start here with this Caucus.
6:44:17 PM Wigginton Replied that if he wants any changes to a final plat, it starts with the Planning Commission. People usually start here, but they are told to go to the Planning Commission.
6:44:26 PM Gulledge Told Bertelsmann, the Board is not trying to give him the run around. They are just telling him that is the place to start. He again said, the Board can either agree with the Planning Commission's recommendation, or they can disagree, and based on that, make a decision on your endeavor.
6:44:41 PM Callahan Asked what is the purpose of the other committee. The committee just reformulated. The Zoning Board of Appeals.
6:44:53 PM Gulledge Answered that they would not handle this request. This is for the Planning Commission.
6:45:00 PM Callahan Said he thought they did the variances.
6:45:03 PM Wigginton Commented that they do certain variances, and they may have to look at this, or they may not. He went on to say that this is the first he has seen or heard of this request.
6:45:24 PM Gulledge Said he is not certain about this either, but based on the Subdivision Code, he thinks it is a Planning Commission issue. He told Bertelsmann to talk to the Building and Zoning Administrator Flaugher and asked to be placed on the agenda for the Planning Commission meeting.
6:45:35 PM Bertelsmann Replied that Flaugher sent him to this meeting.
6:45:38 PM Gulledge Told Bertelsmann to ask Flaugher to place him on the agenda for a Planning Commission meeting to hear his request.
6:45:52 PM Bertelsmann Replied that he talked to Flaugher a couple of weeks ago and he told him he would have him put on the agenda for tonight's meeting. He said he went by Flaugher's recommendation.
6:45:55 PM Wigginton Commented that Flaugher might have said to come to this meeting first because this Board might have said not to waste your time going to the Planning Commission because they are not going to grant it. He told Bertelsmann he has to show hardship, change of circumstances, and every variance is granted on a case by case basis. One of the basis' is not the someone else got a different treatment. He told Bertelsmann he will see when he reads the ordinance, what he has to prove to get a variance.
6:46:54 PM Gulledge Told Bertelsmann if he has any questions after viewing the web site, to call him and if he can help in any way he will. He said it is still a matter for the Planning Commission to hear. The next Planning Commission meeting is Monday, May 24th. He then said that any of the Board Members were welcome to make any comments or ask questions.
6:47:38 PM Bell Commented to Bertelsmann that he is asking for a variance from thirty to twenty-two.
6:48:05 PM Bertelsmann Commented that the way it is platted now is a fifty foot easement, thirty foot pavement, city street, Public street, which means anybody can access this road from either side of the road. The neighbors can come off the roadway, no problem, it is a dedicated city street once the city maintains it and takes it over. I would be building the neighbors road for free. He is asking for a private road, twenty-two feet wide, concrete, with a fifty foot easement, not a public street.
6:48:35 PM Callahan Asked who he would be building a street for.
6:48:35 PM Bertelsmann Replied that if he builds a thirty foot road, does that mean he can stop the Oberkfell's from driving off that road and building on their property.
6:48:55 PM Callahan Commented that they are platted now with a road to the west of their property.
6:49:02 PM Bertelsmann Replied it is a private, unimproved road.
6:49:07 PM Callahan Replied he is correct, but it is to the west .
6:49:13 PM Bertelsmann Commented that wouldn't stop them from coming off his road. They were supposed to build a concrete road with the Barbarottos. That road will never ever happen. This discussion went on for several more minutes. Most of which is repetition.
6:51:17 PM Garcia Asked Bertelsmann if he was wanting to have a private road and not make it public.
6:51:24 PM Bertelsmann Replied that he wants a private concrete road to service four lots.
6:51:24 PM Gulledge Said to Bertelsmann that he wanted to clear up something said earlier concerning maintenance. He said there have been some private roads done since his property was platted. However, the Village does not do any maintenance on those roads.
6:51:49 PM Bertelsmann Said he understands this. The road will not be maintained by the Village, it would be maintained by the subdivision.
6:54:55 PM Gulledge Told Bertelsmann that he will talk to Flaugher tomorrow morning and tell him that he would be calling to be placed on the agenda.
6:55:22 PM Callahan Asked Bertelsmann how much property is between the west side of his concrete and the property line.
6:55:47 PM Bertelsmann Showed property on plat and explained there is about thirty-three feet, but the easement goes all the way to the property line.
6:57:58 PM Gulledge Thanked Bertelsmann for coming. He went to the next agenda item, Turn Out Gear.
6:58:13 PM Limberg Commented that he has received a recommendation from Fire Chief Flaugher for seven sets of new turn out gear for the Fire Department. He has five bids from three companies. Flaugher has told him he would like to accept the bid from Banner Fire. This quote is for Quest gear at $895 each with an added option of reinforced knees and MFD lettering on the back of the coats, bringing the total to $924 per set or $6468 for seven sets. Commented that he feels if the firemen do not have equipment, they can't fight fires. He, therefore, made a recommendation to accept Chief Flaugher's recommendation for the gear. He said he doesn't know who will receive the gear, but he knows they have recently put on five more firefighters.
6:59:52 PM Bell Said the new gear will be for the officers. He asked about the color.
7:00:04 PM Limberg Replied they would be tan.
7:00:19 PM Gulledge Polled the Board to see if they were in favor of Limberg's recommendation to purchase seven sets of Quest turn out gear from Banner Fire in the amount of $6468. All the trustees agreed, and this item will be on next week's Board agenda.
7:01:07 PM Limberg Commented as Commander of American Legion Post 917, he is asking the Board to approve a Proclamation designating May 29, 2004 as World War II Veteran's Recognition Day. As a Board member, he asked that this be put on the Board agenda.
7:02:40 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they were okay with this. They all said they were.
7:02:47 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee Recommendations. He said they have three recommendations. The first recommendation is for the Village to approve a directional sign designating the Master Gardener Gardens in Drost Park, also to purchase and place them.
7:03:52 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they were okay with this. They all were.
7:04:10 PM Bell The second recommendation is for installing directional signs eastbound and westbound at the intersection of Route 162 and Vadalabene Drive for Drost Park and the Master Gardeners.
7:04:46 PM Gulledge Polled the Trustees on the recommendation. All Trustees agreed.
7:04:58 PM Bell The third recommendation was to approve plans for the Master Gardeners' work building to be placed by the Comfort Station in Drost Park. And, for the Village to provide water and electric service to the building. The building will be placed on a concrete pad, and they will landscape around the building. He said he has heard they may be getting a building donated. He will check with Master Gardeners to make sure the size has not changed.
7:06:25 PM Garcia Asked if the Master Gardeners are paying for the building.
7:06:37 PM Gulledge Answered that what they are paying for is the building and the concrete. They are asking the Village to provide water and an electrical drop.
7:07:35 PM Limberg Asked if the building is a prebuilt building. He was told no.
7:07:48 PM Bell Said it wasn't, but it might be since they have had one donated. He said it will be a cottage like look.
7:08:22 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were okay with this. They were, there were no objections. He went to agenda item #7, 2004 MFT Resolution.
7:08:47 PM Kostyshock Discussed a Supplemental Resolution to the 2004 Motor Fuel Tax Maintenance Program, appropriating an additional $10,000.00. He said the reason for the supplemental resolution is because IDOT is using new forms, and there was an error in the spreadsheet total amount.
7:09:17 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting also. He asked Attorney Wigginton about the Bike/ Walking Path Ordinance.
7:09:28 PM Wigginton Replied that he had e-mailed the ordinance to him and Clerk Long. Mayor replied he didn't receive it. Clerk Long explained she was not in the office this afternoon. He asked this item be moved to the end. He left the podium to retrieve the e-mail.
7:10:23 PM Gulledge Discussed the Madura Annexation agenda item. He said all the notices have been sent out. It is a parcel of ground 5.7 acres in size. It is contiguous to the Village limits. It is located on Pleasant Ridge Road, on the west side of the street. Madura is building one house on this property.
7:14:05 PM Gulledge Discussed a resolution to attend the IML Conference in September. He said a resolution must be passed to allow delegates to attend. A resolution will be on the Board agenda next week.
7:15:26 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, the IDOT/159 Permit Application for Water/Sewer. He said there is a resolution that must be passed for all the water and sewer work that the Village will be doing in the Phase 3 area of the 159 Widening project. He said the resolution must be passed to allow the Village to work in the IDOT right of way. This has been bid out and Ehret Plumbing has the contract. This will be on the Board agenda for approval at the next Board meeting.
7:16:46 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. He said the 6:30 p.m. Museum meeting which was supposed to be held last night was changed to May 18th at 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Center. They will be stuffing envelopes with the Library survey.
7:19:54 PM Bell Said the Dedication Concert at Pavilion 3, Firemen's Park, is Sunday at 2:00 p.m. with the Collinsville High School Jazz Band.
7:20:12 PM Gulledge Said there will be a small recognition service for any memorials that have been donated.
7:20:36 PM Bell Said the joint CARD meeting is tomorrow evening.
7:21:02 PM Gulledge Explained that the Maryville Park Committee meeting will be next Monday at 6:00 p.m. The Planning Commission meeting is on the 24th. He asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss the Bike/Walking Path Ordinance.
7:21:40 PM Wigginton He said this Ordinance is a revised version of the bike trail access way ordinance, based upon the comments he has received in previous caucus meetings. This ordinance strictly deals with providing or mandating that access ways be platted on residential, commercial, or industrial developments that abut existing bike trails, proposed bike trails, or proposed park grounds, so that the Village has a safe way of access to those recreational areas. It also provides for the connection between one subdivision and another subdivision in some form or fashion. The access way will be a twenty foot public right of way that would be dedicated to the Village containing a pavement of asphalt or concrete with a minimum of eight feet. He said this does have to go to the Planning Commission. He said this ordinance does constitute an amendment to new subdivision code.
7:23:54 PM Gulledge Said this can't be on the Planning Commission this month as there is not enough time to post notices for a public hearing. He recommends that everyone study their copy of the ordinance. He will get it to the members of the Park Committee, and set up a Public Hearing for next month's Planning Commission meeting.
7:24:44 PM Bell Said he will have the Park Board look at it at this Monday's meeting. The following Monday the Planning Commission can look at it.
7:25:25 PM Schmidt Asked Mayor Gulledge if he should make copies of the ordinance for the Planning Commission members to discuss at their meeting.
7:25:38 PM Kostyshock Said he has one question on the hard surface sidewalk. He asked if it would be up to the developer to put the sidewalk or roadway in at their cost.
7:26:02 PM Wigginton Replied yes.
7:26:24 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
7:26:34 PM Wigginton Reported that on the Borri Drive property, he has spoken with Shirley Ross, and they are going to use a different title company than the one they originally thought they would use. They hope to close on May 24th, but it may be moved back a little. However, this deal is going forward. On the Hayden Lane Property, he received in the mail yesterday a signed copy of the contract executed by Mike and Linda Drost. Now the Village can move forward with this closing also.
7:27:11 PM Bell Asked about Hart Contracting.
7:27:23 PM Wigginton Answered that he spoke with Hart Contracting's attorney today and they hopefully will be finalizing the settlement next week.
7:27:35 PM Bell Asked when will they be here to start working. Wigginton replied he will know that next week.
7:28:09 PM Callahan Asked if the Village signs off on the "Hart deal" does that mean the money doesn't have to stay in the building fund.
7:28:20 PM Wigginton Answered that as part of the settlement, the Village would release a portion of the funds, and keep a portion of the funds.
7:28:57 PM Gulledge Explained that Trustee Callahan wants to move the money once everything is all settled.
7:29:24 PM Callahan Asked how long we have been in this building, from the official accept date. He was told it was around August of 2002.
7:29:45 PM Schmidt Asked about the Collinsville Sewer Bill Arbitration.
7:29:57 PM Wigginton Replied that he received an e-mail today from Collinsville with certain dates to set up a meeting.
7:30:29 PM Bell Asked if Brussatti has received any YMCA requests for service yet.
7:30:46 PM Gulledge Replied if they send the Village a request, the Board will act upon it.
7:31:23 PM Callahan Asked if anyone has heard anything from the Natural Gas Pipeline people on the damage on Borri.
7:31:36 PM Wigginton Answered he has, but last week he and Mayor got a new name from Natural Gas Pipeline on who to contact.
7:31:50 PM Schmidt Discussed the design of the Village Flag. He has color swatches for different portions of the flag.
7:32:25 PM Gulledge Went to page 2. He talked about the Fire Department drive & parking. He said he met with the engineering firm, and possibly, there are more problems than just the concrete breaking. He said there is a reason why it is breaking and it could be a number of things. One is the driveway might have settled, could be how the sub base was put down. In order to find out exactly what is causing, a portion will have to be taken up to decide. He said in his opinion, redoing in concrete at this time, based on estimates, is a minimum of $80,000. He contacted an engineer that deals with highways and does concrete and asphalt work, and he gave the Mayor some recommendations that the Village might want to try. The north side is worse than the south side.
7:35:13 PM Callahan Commented that it sounds like site preparation, because they both wouldn't be the same or similar. Asked if anyone mentioned subsidence as a possibility. He said the church is heavily involved in subsidence.
7:35:39 PM Gulledge Answered that he is just talking about this because he wants the people to know that they are working on this, but it is not going to be an easy decision.
7:35:49 PM Bell Commented that the bubbling on the north is the worst part.
7:35:59 PM Gulledge Said there is some on the south side also.
7:36:54 PM Callahan Asked if there is damage on the interior floor.
7:37:10 PM Gulledge Answered yes, expansion joints and separation in one particular area, close to where the turn out gear is kept. There is no chipping on the floor, etc.
7:37:45 PM Bell Asked where they are with the bike path bids, and when are they due back.
7:38:04 PM Gulledge Answered the bike path is not out for bid because there is a problem with Madison County Transit on how they want changes as to how it lines up to their walking trail.
7:38:50 PM Schmidt Asked what the problem is, is it the angle, slope or what.
7:39:04 PM Gulledge Answered it is how the Village ties into their property.
7:40:18 PM Callahan Asked about the budget format, if anything has been resolved.
7:43:02 PM Bell Said the Department Heads will have to enter their figures onto the worksheet for budget because this is the only way of the clerk getting the information.
7:43:33 PM Gulledge Commented that there are too many things that happen, no one is going to have an answer for every question because of the way the notices come in such as the insurance and things like that.
7:44:21 PM Bell Said the Department Heads need to start working on the worksheets, and when firm figures do come in, adjustments can be made.
7:45:06 PM Schmidt Asked if there was a guess as to when West Main will be done this summer.
7:45:23 PM Gulledge Replied they are telling him it will be done by Homecoming time.
7:46:37 PM Bell Asked when is their deadline to have this done.
7:46:40 PM Gulledge Said it is based on working days, but the rain affects those days. He said he thinks when the project started it was 115 working days.
7:47:53 PM Bell Asked about the baseball drain.
7:48:11 PM Gulledge Answered that it is done. They started yesterday and finished today.
7:48:20 PM Callahan Asked about the Park Sign.
7:48:51 PM Schmidt Said the last he heard from Meeks was he was having a problem locating cabinet locks that he thought the Mayor would like.
7:49:12 PM Gulledge Went to page #3.
7:49:22 PM Bell Asked about the IEPA permit on page 2.
7:50:03 PM Gulledge Answered that he hasn't heard anything back, but EPA has everything, and they are just waiting to hear.
7:50:38 PM Gulledge Again asked if there was anything for discussion on page 3. He went to page 4.
7:51:06 PM Callahan Said he doesn't see it on the To Do List, but has there been anything on the cost for converting to the police pension fund. Is there any idea at all.
7:51:13 PM Gulledge Replied no, but they are working on it. He and Chief Schardan went to see someone on getting them the information.
7:51:33 PM Bell Said #2 on page 3, what is going on with this.
7:51:49 PM Gulledge Replied that he talked to the people yesterday. They had told him they would have the review of the appraisal to him by May 5th, now they tell him next week.
7:52:33 PM Gulledge Went to Trustee Comments.
7:52:44 PM Bell Commented on the Bike Rodeo this past weekend. There were 28 kids, gave away 4 new bikes.
7:53:15 PM Gulledge Said there were two kids at the Rodeo that their bikes were not in very good condition. Chris Stanley told him they were dangerous for the kids to be riding. As it turned out, both kids won a new bike. The kids winning the bikes all were from Maryville.
7:54:09 PM Bell Commented that he and Trustee Schmidt went today and toured the communications center at Glen Carbon. He said they got an idea of how their communicators work. They also got a demonstration on the CAD system, and the EmergTech System for record keeping, etc. He was impressed with a lot of it. He said it is much better than Maryville's PIPS system.
7:55:08 PM Callahan Asked if the Glen Carbon Police Station going to be closed like Maryville.
7:55:31 PM Schmidt Answered that he too asked that question. Chief Bradford surmised that everybody gets swallowed up in the County wide consolidation. If the PSAP goes through the three (Maryville, Glen Carbon and Troy), there will be people where they normally have them now. Glen Carbon won't be in the same situation as Maryville.
7:56:03 PM Bell Said they are building a new Police Department totally separate from the communications building. It will be manned by the Police Chief and their Police Officers.
7:57:15 PM Callahan Asked what the Board will be doing on the possibility of inspecting homes and occupancy permits.
7:57:53 PM Gulledge Answered he was hoping to have some information for tonight, but he didn't get it all. Right now it is on the Agenda for two weeks from now.
7:59:40 PM Kostyshock Commented that the First Annual Maryville Historical Pride Walk for the Elementary School went real well. The Fire Department gave a good presentation to the kids. Mayor and Trustee Bell were here at the Administration Building, and Janet Butts and Carol Frerker were at the Museum. He said he thinks the highlight was the trip to Bobby's.
8:00:18 PM Gulledge Commented he thought it was a great idea. The 4th graders were very well behaved. There were about 75 of them. On Friday, the 5th graders will take the walk, and Monday, the 6th graders will do it.
8:02:23 PM Garcia Reminded the trustees of the Maryville Food Pantry dinner on Friday at 6:00 p.m. She then asked to revisit the pay scale. She feels they need to give another Fifty Cents to the next to the last pay scale.
8:04:06 PM Callahan Commented that this was discussed in the meeting, and the general consensus was regardless of the lawsuit potential it wasn't worth the arguing.
8:04:34 PM Bell Said they changed this scale so that they were evened out. This what was voted on.
8:05:04 PM Callahan Said he heard about this at a local bar the other night, so it probably should be discussed in Closed Session.
8:05:26 PM Garcia Said she just wants to be fair.
8:07:40 PM Gulledge Commented that Trustee Garcia has every right to ask to revisit. It is up to them as a Board to either agree or disagree.
8:10:17 PM Callahan Said he remembers they specifically talked about the threat and he told everyone there the threat had been made, the person's lawyer had already been contacted.
8:10:37 PM Bell Commented that the reason they did this was to level out the scale.
8:11:50 PM Gulledge At this point, stopped this conversation. Attorney Wigginton told him that he feels Trustee Garcia has every right to ask to revisit this issue, and he agrees. He said he would ask each one if they want to revisit the matter. He did ask each Trustee and Limberg, Schmidt, Kostyshock, and Garcia all said yes. Bell and Callahan both said no. Mayor said this matter will be revisited. He asked Attorney Wigginton how to proceed.
8:12:56 PM Wigginton Told him to put this on the agenda for Closed Session for the next Caucus, to discuss personnel matters.
8:13:02 PM Gulledge Commented that this will be discussed in Closed Session at the next Caucus, and he will ask the person involved to put his concerns in writing to the Board.
8:14:14 PM Callahan Asked if the other person affected by this pay scale should be advised. There are two people that are in this classification.
8:14:46 PM Gulledge Talked about the recreation equipment the Village ordered about a month ago. They did receive a $10,000 grant from the County. The total of the equipment ordered is $36,238. He received a fax from R & R Recreation stating if the Village wants to do a pre-payment of 50%, they would give a 1% discount, which would be $362.38 or, a 2% discount for payment in advance, which would be $724.76. He asked the trustees how they wanted to handle this. He said his recommendation is to do no more than 50%. He asked the trustees if they agreed with 50% or pay it all. All trustees agreed to pay 50%. He told them he would call R & R Recreation and advise them.
8:16:55 PM Gulledge Discussed next that over the past year he has had several complaints about speeders. A particular area that has a big problem with this is Nottingham Estates. He and Chief Schardan have driven the area in their private vehicles as well as the Village vehicles. Chief Schardan has an idea that on Belmont, it has a stop sign as it enters Santa Anita, the main road. This is where the speeding is taking place. Chief Schardan recommends a three way stop sign there to attempt to slow down the traffic. There is already the one stop sign at Belmont. This would be their recommendation to the Board.
8:18:23 PM Bell Asked if Belmont is the last east west road.
8:18:25 PM Gulledge Answered it is the second one.
8:18:28 PM Bell Commented there is Cheshire, Belmont, and what is the third street.
8:18:33 PM Gulledge Replied that none of the streets go east, only west. Cheshire is the third street. The first street is Keeneland.
8:19:54 PM Limberg Commented that there are a couple of residents there, that he understands their concern. They live right on the corner of the intersections and they have children. There are people traveling north and south that ignore the 25 MPH speed limit. He said as he leaves his house at about 6 a.m. and he said the people are driving 45 - 50 MPH. He commented that there is nothing to slow them down on Santa Anita.
8:21:18 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they want to try a three way stop on Santa Anita and Belmont. All trustees agreed.
8:22:18 PM Gulledge Discussed a lawnmower that needs to be disposed of, It is in need of repair, however, it is too costly for the repair. This is the reason they purchased a new mower. He and Mann have discussed this, and they do not want to repair it. It will cost between $2,000 and $3,000 to repair. He just wants to dispose of it.
8:23:29 PM Wigginton Commented it can be declared surplus property. It was decided to have an ordinance drawn up declaring it surplus property.
8:24:00 PM Gulledge Talked about the$2,000 Bright Idea Grant from Illinois Power. He said someone at a Park meeting brought up a good idea for people walking the track, there is no place to get a drink, or water their dog, etc. He talked about installing a water fountain on the walking path. He said there is some now that are a combination for humans and animals also. He said if no one has a problem, he would like to put in for one through this grant. The trustees agreed.
8:25:30 PM Gulledge Said next Tuesday at 6 pm anyone who wants to help the Library/Museum Committee and him stuff envelopes will be welcome. They will be meeting in the Senior Center. He asked if there was any other business to come before the Board. There was nothing. He called for a motion to adjourn.
8:26:09 PM Limberg Made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Schmidt seconded the motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville