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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Special Caucus Meeting
Date6/8/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:51 PM Gulledge Called the Special Caucus meeting of June 8, 2004 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance, after which he asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Trustee Garcia arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Street Superintendent, two Reporters and five citizens.
6:31:55 PM Gulledge Began by explaining the purpose of the special meeting is to discuss Public Works Projects, some of which are upcoming and some are ongoing. He introduced Village Engineer Charlie Juneau of Juneau & Associates, and Presson and Mann to those in the audience. He went to first item on the agenda, Sewer Flooding Problems. He turned the discussion over to Juneau.
6:32:52 PM Juneau Discussed the sewer flooding problems that are occurring in Maryville, and using a Power Point Presentation described the locations affected.
6:33:07 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:33:16 PM Juneau Continued speaking about the sewer flooding problems. He talked about the 8" force main, and showed on the Power Point screen a proposed 18 inch parallel interceptor sewer line to be put next to the existing 12 inch line, that will go from Third Street to Manhole 46.
6:34:44 PM Callahan Asked if this serviced the east side of town.
6:35:02 PM Juneau Answered it services all of old town, Patty and Anthony Drives, goes down Nepute. The line separates there. Rolling Meadows, as well as Whispering Hills Subdivision all goes through a different line and comes to the interceptor line at a location he pointed to on the map.
6:46:15 PM Callahan Asked the location of the pumping station that pumps the hospital and all the "point east".
6:46:24 PM Juneau Showed the location on the map. He showed him where it flowed.
6:46:33 PM Callahan Said his question is what is the capacity right now on it.
6:46:43 PM Gulledge Said this is the big line and he doesn't think it is anywhere near capacity. He went on to say the problem is when the big rains comes, is because there are two places through old town and Blackburn that there is no volume at the manhole.
6:47:17 PM Callahan Commented that he thinks the big problem is there is too much water being pushed through another section he pointed to on the map, because of the force main, and then it clogs at Manhole 53 where both lines dump together. Juneau agreed. Callahan commented that as a short term solution to the problem if there could be a way to get around Manhole 53. He said he doesn't mind building a line, but it will not help it if rains again. He said there have been heavy rains before, but the Village didn't have all these problems. He asked if it is because there is too much water coming out of the northeastern quadrant blocking up Manhole 53. All the water from old town drains there, all the water from the northeast drains there. There wasn't a major problem before, now there is. He asked if it is because too much water is being pushed from the northeast.
6:48:21 PM Gulledge Replied he doesn't think so, it is a matter of the inflow. It is all over, and they are trying to take care of it, and more. They are trying to fix what they can. He said they are going to smoke some of the sewers. He said there are some people hooked into the sanitary sewers illegally with their storm water. When it rains, it is not only the inflow into the storm system, people are pumping it into the system with their sump pumps, etc.
6:49:09 PM Juneau Said the people in the audience that are here to complain are on Third Street, and asked if there was any place else. Pat Rickert commented she lives at 300 South Donk.
6:49:20 PM Kostyshock Said this is the same area.
6:49:23 PM Rickert Said prior to moving to South Donk, she lived at 200 South Center, and she got flooded there also.
6:49:38 PM Callahan Asked if it was sewage water backing up and not ground water coming in. (Note: a lady from the group responded, but her response is not understandable due to not being at the microphone.) Callahan said he is trying to figure out that it is not something just happening this Spring. Her response cannot be understood.
6:50:30 PM Gulledge Commented this happens when there is a lot of heavy rains and that is what they are here for to try to correct the problem. He went on to say they have been researching this for over a year. They tried to get help through the County with the County Program. They have done all kinds of preliminary work, and now it is the matter of what can be done to fix the problem. They have tried to figure out where it is coming from, but they can't find out exactly where it is coming from. It is only the people who are hooked in high on the sewer. He showed the area concerned on the map. He said they have check valves, but they can't use their water services inside the house until the water subsides.
6:52:24 PM Zavaglia Said he lives at 209 Third said he appreciates the Board meeting to go over this problem and trying to find a solution. He said he did have a check valve installed, and he was hoping that this time when he came home from vacation, it wouldn't have flooded. Unfortunately, even with the check valve, he had raw sewage in his basement again.
6:53:10 PM Juneau Commented that he is not a believer in check valves. He said the toilet paper, etc. that goes in the sewer, it doesn't take much to lodge in the valve and leave the flapper open.
6:53:53 PM Zavaglia He said he didn't have it the first year when the houses were built, but the builder came back and put it in because the first year was the worst. Now it is not as bad as the first year. It does help, but obviously has not corrected the problem.
6:54:02 PM Juneau Said the only positive way to do this is a screw plug that actually screws in the floor drain. He is from the Granite City area which floods all the time, and this has kept the water out. He said another reason this particular group of residents is having a problem is that the builder didn't pay attention, and didn't put enough grade between the basement and the sewer. They work on dry days, but sewers in heavy flows start backing up, and if there is not enough differential there it is coming in the house.
6:55:18 PM Callahan Asked, assuming the Village puts in the 18" line, how long will it take.
6:55:49 PM Juneau Answered that paralleling the 18" line along the existing line, he believes the Village has enough easements to put it in, with the exception of easements from Third Street south.
6:55:55 PM Callahan Asked since the State is tearing up the ground is there anyway to drop it in the ground while the State has it torn up.
6:55:59 PM Juneau Said it would have to be done now. He said he would like to move the sewer on private property, so that if the State wants to do anything in the future, it would be moved at their cost. He said they can use the road right of way, but they have to get a permit to do so. Plus, it would be better if the people would give easements. The discussion continued with directions, etc. on the map using Power Point.
6:59:51 PM Callahan Asked if the Board agrees to do this, when will it be done.
7:00:00 PM Juneau Replied there must be an EPA permit for it, and that can take up to 90 days. It will have to be designed, which would be done in approximately 30 days. The longest time would be the review time by the EPA and also there is possibly four easements to be obtained.
7:00:19 PM Callahan Commented that it could be done maybe by Fall. Juneau replied it could be done by Fall.
7:00:32 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks it could be done, but he doesn't think it is practical to say this. He said they could try. He talked about delays with the EPA by holding up permits, etc. He said it is more likely to be the first of the year. He said there are some other things the Village is going to do. They are going to start smoking the lines in these problem areas to find out who is hooked illegally into the sewer system. He said the Village just bought a camera and they are going to use it for the lines in the old part of town. A few years ago they did this and found a huge hole in the line.
7:02:43 PM Juneau Commented that on anything they do, there is no guarantee, sewers do back up. He suggests installing a sump pump in their basement. The basement floor sewage and basement plumbing goes to the grinder pump in the basement, it is lifted up and pumps it positively into the sewer at a higher elevation, and there is no method for water to come in from the sewer.
7:04:36 PM Rickert Asked if there wasn't a building inspector to inspect the new houses when they are being built.
7:05:02 PM Gulledge Answered the Village has a Building & Zoning Department and they do issue occupancy permits, but this is not part of the BOCA Code.
7:05:12 PM Rickert Commented that the builder doesn't put the sewer lines in with enough tilt, and the building inspector could catch this when he inspects the house.
7:05:53 PM Callahan Explained that the Village has a building inspector and the plumbing is inspected by a plumbing inspector from the County. The Village is not allowed to inspect plumbing, therefore, the Village has no knowledge of how the sewer drains, etc. are put in. It is done by a plumbing contractor and inspected by the County plumbing inspector.
7:07:29 PM Holdener Said she lives at 205 Third. She said the newer houses are having sewer problems. The older houses are also having problems, but not the sewer backing up. When they flush the toilet it is not draining out.
7:08:44 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks what the people here want to know is if this board is going to do anything about this and when. He said he sees one of two options. One option is to go to Manhole 53, at an estimated cost of $136,269.00, or go all the way down to Manhole 46, which is estimated at $231,379.00.
7:10:14 PM Callahan Said if it is backing up at Manhole 53, take it all the way to Manhole 46.
7:10:43 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks somewhere in the future the Village is going to have to build lift station.
7:13:04 PM Juneau Again told those in the audience, that no matter what the Village does, there is no guarantee that the problem is solved because of the grade being nearly flat between the sewer and the basement foundation. The positive way to fix it is with the sump pump.
7:13:29 PM Rickert Commented she had a sump pump put in, and when the rains came, she said it ran and ran, but she didn't get the backup.
7:15:03 PM Gulledge Said Maryville is going to try to fix this, but He wants them to know that Maryville has fewer of these problems than the surrounding communities.
7:16:28 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees which of the two proposals they want to go with, the $136 or $231, or nothing at all. Limberg and Schmidt both said to go with $231.
7:16:50 PM Bell Commented that he liked the $231, but he had a question about the 16 inch line. He asked Juneau what kind of time frame he is looking at to replace it, and are they just replacing down to the 18 inch.
7:17:09 PM Juneau Replied it is probably past the 18 inch to the new pump station, all the way to Keebler Oaks. He said he doesn't have his study with him, but thinks it goes all the way.
7:18:10 PM Gulledge Continued the poll of the trustees. Callahan said go with the $231; Kostyshock replied $231; and, Garcia said $231. She asked if the 18 inch was going to run into the 16 inch. He replied that right now it is.
7:18:43 PM Holdener Asked the locations of Manholes 46 and 53.
7:19:20 PM Gulledge Replied it is in Blackburn Terrace, down Gary, into the walking trail, that is Manhole 53, go all the way down to Rolling Meadows on the east side of Rolling Meadows, down in a valley, along the walking trail also, and that is Manhole 46. This is a long line, about 3,646 feet of 18" line.
7:20:03 PM Garcia Asked to be shown again where the line is going to run.
7:20:15 PM Juneau Replied from Third Street down 159 on the West side, and showed on the map where the three people live.
7:20:19 PM Callahan Asked where their sewers run right now, and where it dumps. He was shown on the map the exact location. He asked how big the line is. He was told it is a 12 inch line. After this discussion, they moved on to the next item, IDOT 159 Improvements, Maryville Cost for Utility Relocation, Sidewalks and Sewer relocations.
7:21:35 PM Gulledge Commented that the 127-2R3 $21,735.00 and the supplement 1 $17,365 under the Maryville Share of Roadway Improvements has already been paid.
7:22:21 PM Juneau Said he wanted to bring to everyone's attention that this is the cost of the sidewalks and light share of the lighted intersections. Maryville's share is $181,630. He said several meetings ago it was decided that they wanted sidewalks on both sides of the road.
7:25:00 PM Gulledge Commented on the remaining $142,530. IDOT is allowing payments of $5887.10 per month to be made over the two years.
7:25:25 PM Juneau Talked about the water main and sewer main relocation that the Village has to do for the 159 road improvements. He talked about the cost. Ehret Plumbing & Heating bid was for $430,225.41, plus a contingency, because it is an old system, of $22.000.00 and with engineering and construction engineer, the total estimated bill is $549,000. He said there is nothing that can be done about this, it has to be done to accommodate the roadway improvements. He said in that bid there is a sewer line relocation that the sewer line goes out into Main Street from Division Street, goes south to Perry, and must be relocated. This is included in the bid. Also, near 162, there was another section of waterline to be relocated. Ehret was low bidder on this project also. The estimated completion cost on this is $36,000. $27, 532 of it is already paid. Also, North of 162 a water main has been relocated, which was done by Village crews at a cost of $31,736 and this has been paid. The total estimated cost of the utility relocation is $798,000.00 and with what has been paid the remaining amount is an estimated $739,000.00
7:28:59 PM Gulledge Said with the payments already made on the project his general estimate is $705,000.
7:29:16 PM Juneau Talked about the sewer line from Main Street all the way to where it takes off and goes to the west. When they widen the road to five lanes, it will be underneath the concrete pavement. He said with the new TV equipment the Village just purchased, this should be okay. He said it should be cleaned, inspected, and possibly lined if it is in bad shape. He estimates the cost to line it at approximately $90,000. He said the Village has purchased a new TV camera and Presson has viewed this section.
7:30:47 PM Presson Said it looks good right now, but it is 50 years old, and it will be underneath the highway, and trucks, etc. will be running over it.
7:31:29 PM Gulledge Said he wants everyone to understand what they are saying. It is a fifty year old line, it is setting in easement right now, there are no trucks to run over it. But, when the build the new road it is going to be under at least the shoulder, so there will be vehicles running over it. He wants everyone to know if they decide not to do this, and something happens two or three years from now, and someone says why didn't we do this. If it has to be done two or three years from now, it will be a major project, probably three or four times what it will cost doing it now.
7:32:10 PM Bell Asked if this wasn't the line that was to be relocated.
7:32:45 PM Juneau Said it will cost a lot more to relocate the line. He said with the highway improvements that are planned, the sewer can stay where it is. He said Main Street has sewer going down the middle of it.
7:36:11 PM Bell Said he has a question on the widening. He is curious about the section of highway that goes over 270. There are buildings being built on the side of 159. There are no sidewalks there yet, and he thought the whole project was to be a five lane project. He said there is a turning lane, right or left, and one through lane, and no sidewalks.
7:37:11 PM Juneau Responded there will be five lanes there.
7:38:47 PM Gulledge Asked everyone about lining the sewer at an estimated cost of $90,000, if they want to do it now or later. Limberg said he would rather have it put in now. Schmidt also said now rather than later. Bell asked if there is a study on lining this, how much more life it gives. Juneau said it is just like putting a new pipe in. Bell said do it now. Callahan said he would like to see where the money is coming from first. Gulledge replied he knows this will have to be worked out, right now he is asking if he is in favor of doing this now or later. Callahan said if the Village has the money, yes, but the question is where is the money coming from. Kostyshock replied yes, do it now. Garcia replied yes, but are there other projects that need funds. Gulledge repeated he knows the money part will have to be worked out, he only needs to know if The Board wants to do this now or later. Gulledge asked Juneau if he thought it should be done now or later.
7:41:03 PM Juneau Answered there are a lot of sewers that are underneath concrete pavements that are cracked. If the sewer is not showing any signs of cracking or bad tees, etc.
7:41:12 PM Callahan Asked Presson how long it took him to TV the line.
7:41:39 PM Presson Replied a couple of days.
7:41:41 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau to discuss the Third Street Storm Sewer Improvement
7:41:50 PM Juneau Began by saying that the Osborns have purchased a lot he showed on the map on the southwest corner of 159 and Third Street. They are construction a building there. The existing outlet for a storm sewer drains toward the new building. The Osborns do not want this directed toward the building, they want to pipe it with a new pipe, because they want to build a parking lot there. He told them they cannot do this without getting easements and if the Village will let them repipe the existing drainage system that has been there for years. He said he and Mayor met with Joe Osborn one morning and had some discussion that would solve the problem to everyone's benefit. There is a proposal for a new storm sewer, because of roadway improvements on Donk and Lange will require a new storm sewer system. The drainage system is south of the lot, parallel to 159 and is where all the water for the most part goes from the east side of town. There will have to be an outlet for that water. The best route for the water to go is where is goes now, down a huge swale to the south. The Osborns will give the Village an easement and the Village will build the first leg of the storm system, which involves about a 36 inch pipe across Third Street, and put a new catch basin on the east side of Third Street, a new catch basin on the south side of Third Street and discharge.
7:45:19 PM Callahan Asked where it was going to discharge.
7:45:23 PM Juneau Answered there is a big swale down in there, and there is an existing 12 inch sewer that is discharging there now, as well as the 24 inch that is going across a lot he showed on the map.
7:45:58 PM Kostyshock Commented that he walked this today, and it is only about a 12 inch ditch, and it is a swamp area now. He suggests going all the way to walking path with the storm sewer.
7:46:10 PM Juneau Replied that this can be done, but it is more costly.
7:46:14 PM Kostyshock Said he knows it is, but if he was one of the residents in the area, he wouldn't want an open ditch behind his house, with half the town draining into it.
7:46:40 PM Gulledge Commented he agrees with Kostyshock, and if the Village can afford it, it should be pipe the whole direction. He also said he wants everyone to know it drains there now.
7:46:51 PM Juneau Commented that the whole east side of town is coming down to that swale.
7:46:56 PM Kostyshock Said when the curbing is put on 159, the water will have to be diverted to the storm sewer too.
7:47:03 PM Juneau Commented that IDOT, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to connect to the sewer there and coming this way too. He showed on the map where they will connect to the Village's system. So, if that was built as an outlet for the water, the Osborns would build a 15 inch sewer from one location to another he pointed to on the map. IDOT would connect their sewer to the 15 inch. The existing lines will be abandoned. Also, the Osborns will build the curb and gutter along the south side, they would repave the road and service it from the alley all the way to 159. It would be a new cross section across the road. He said they didn't talk about the curb and gutter on the north side, but that is going to be a parking lot.
7:49:05 PM Gulledge Said the talked about it, but it is going to be a parking lot, and they didn't want to contribute on the parking lot.
7:49:13 PM Juneau Continued, saying that would go a long way toward the ultimate improvement the Village plans on paying for anyway. The estimated cost for the Village to construct a new storm sewer from A to B and the outfall pipe is approximately $14,000. However, it will be higher if they decide to go all they way to the bike trail. Maryville would pay for the design engineering for the storm sewers and easements, which is estimated at $5,000. The Osborns would build a new storm sewer on the north side of Third Street, they would also do the Third Street improvements which will be around $15,000. The Village's obligation as proposed would be around $19,000.
7:50:46 PM Bell Asked Juneau how many feet of the 36 there will be.
7:50:56 PM Juneau Replied it is about a hundred feet of 36 inch pipe.
7:51:02 PM Bell Asked how many feet all the way to the bike trail.
7:51:08 PM Presson Answered 700 feet all the way to the bike trail.
7:51:22 PM Bell Commented that the proposal is for a hundred feet, so it would be an additional six hundred feet.
7:51:26 PM Callahan Asked Juneau how much a foot it is.
7:51:28 PM Juneau Replied that it runs about $60.00 a foot, installed.
7:51:48 PM Callahan Asked if easements would have to be obtained. He was told yes. He commented that if nothing is done, and the water just dumped, then no easements have to be obtained. Juneau said easements will have to be gotten even if it is just dumped. They discussed who would have to give an easement.
7:56:29 PM Gulledge Polled the Board about trying the way it is, or if the easements can be obtained, go all the way to the bike trail.
7:56:36 PM Limberg Said go all the way if the easements can be obtained.
7:57:14 PM Schmidt Replied go ahead with the Osborn deal, try to get the easements, but even after getting the easements, do it gradually. It doesn't have to be done all at one time.
7:57:29 PM Bell Said he doesn't want water on the bike trail. He said he agrees with Schmidt, do a little bit at a time.
7:58:41 PM Callahan Said he has no problem with this, but doesn't want to put too much on Presson. Kostyshock and Garcia both said go all the way.
8:00:10 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau to discuss item 7, Donk & Lange Storm Sewer and Roadway Improvements.
8:00:31 PM Juneau Said the Village has been talking about street improvements in Maryville for a long time. It has been discussed and decided, to concentrate on Donk and Lange Streets. He talked about Illinois Power putting in a gas main off 159 and running it down Donk or Lange. After talking with Illinois Power they elected to go down Lange Street with a new six inch gas main, and his concern was that the gas main was going to interfere with the proposed plans for a new storm sewer. They looked at the design to make sure Illinois Power went deep enough. He said they worked out some grades, etc. and finally came up a storm sewer system that will be most cost effective. The outlet for the storm sewer south of Third Street, where there is a deep enough grade to get out and run the storm sewer depth east of Third Street and down Donk Street all the way to Division. Intersections will feed the main line storm sewer at Main Street, Zupan, and the other streets north. This is a major storm sewer improvement, and what has been discussed is this storm sewer will be constructed in 2004, with street, curb and gutters following in 2005. Sidewalks will follow in 2006. As a three year plan to improve the road system in the east side of town, the cost of the storm sewer system is estimated at $309,000. The road improvement in 2005 is estimated at $428,000. and the sidewalks in 2006 at $269,000.
8:05:18 PM Gulledge Commented there are some things the Village can do to cut the cost. The Public Works employees can take out sidewalks, and perhaps even put in the new sidewalks. He asked the trustees if they had any questions.
8:06:01 PM Bell Asked about the first phase, storm sewers. he obviously there will be digging and tearing up things, it sort of eliminates the need for the ditches in the front yards, but if there is no gutter there to collect the water, what good is the storm sewer.
8:06:45 PM Juneau Answered they are proposing storm catch basins, that can be installed low so the ditches will drain into them and they will be raised when the curbs are done.
8:07:21 PM Limberg Commented that he would like to do this, but finding the money is the problem.
8:07:47 PM Schmidt Asked if this included the east west streets also.
8:08:03 PM Juneau Replied it is Lange and Donk, the east west streets are not included. He said Main Street is already done, and that leaves Third Street, Zupan, and Perry. He said it will all be engineered at the same time. It has to be engineered, so the design will be there, because it will all have to meet when it is completed.
8:08:32 PM Bell Commented that there are ditches along Second Street now. Pointing to the map, he commented there are no gutters or drop boxes on Third or Second.
8:08:55 PM Juneau Replied that the drop boxes that need to drain are shown in yellow.
8:08:57 PM Bell Surmised that water is going to run down Third, and get into one of the Donk drop boxes. It is either going to run down the ditch or the street.
8:09:08 PM Juneau Commented that half of Third is going to be done by the Osborns.
8:09:14 PM Bell Commented that the Village is looking at doing Donk, Zupan, Division, Perry, and Union.
8:09:26 PM Juneau Said all the storm systems is included in the cost.
8:09:31 PM Gulledge Said most everything right now, the ditches run there. They talked about the "blue", "red", and "yellow" sections on the map. He continued asking the trustees what they wanted to do.
8:10:25 PM Bell Said he thinks they need to do something downtown.
8:10:30 PM Callahan Commented it seems like this is running an awful lot of water. He said he knows that some of it goes there now, but it seems the whole town will be draining through the one pipe, and it doesn't drain that way now.
8:11:03 PM Juneau Replied that it is. From Donk all the way to Division. He explained the direction of the flow. He said the water all eventually gets there.
8:11:29 PM Callahan Said he is for it, but he doesn't think they have an option now, with running the initial line for the Osborns. It has to be underground, and it has to be all the way to the trail or the purpose is defeated.
8:12:29 PM Gulledge Replied that the water goes this way now. All they will be doing is speeding it up by fixing the pipes. He continued asking Kostyshock and Garcia what they wanted to do. They both said they were for doing the project.
8:14:10 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, the Bike Trail Connector Cedar Valley Drive. The bid opening was today, and there was one bid received. The bid was from a company out of Alton, and was in the amount of $10,280. Juneau had estimated the cost to be approximately $8,028.
8:14:12 PM Bell Asked the length of the connector.
8:15:41 PM Juneau Answered it is 232 feet, and the width starts at six feet, goes to eight feet and expands to ten feet at the end.
8:16:31 PM Gulledge Said there was one bid submitted for $10,120. He asked the trustees what they wanted to do.
8:17:06 PM Schmidt Asked about a kidney shape on the power point drawing.
8:17:22 PM Juneau Told him it is a new concrete swale to the bottom of the detention basin.
8:17:58 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees what they wanted to do. They were all in favor of accepting the bid. This will be on the Board agenda for approval.
8:19:14 PM Juneau Discussed the Drost Park Lake Update. He said he has received the Corps of Engineers permit. The EPA permit is in process, he was told they are 6th on the list. The project cost is $116,791. There is an IEPA grant in the amount of $40,000 and a Madison County Parks grant of $50,000. The paid to date for engineering is $10,231. Maryville's remaining cost on this project is $16,560.
8:20:32 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had questions.
8:20:42 PM Bell Asked Juneau if he had any idea on the IEPA permit as to when it would be issued.
8:20:56 PM Juneau Answered that when this project was first started, he talked to everyone and was assured permits were not need. Then all of a sudden, he was told permits would be needed.
8:21:10 PM Bell Commented they told them it would take a maximum of 60 days to get the permit.
8:21:36 PM Gulledge Said any time IEPA is involved it is not easy. They are working on it, and doing the best they can. He is as anxious as anyone to get this done. wants this done
8:22:09 PM Bell Said his concern is that the bidder was finished a job at the end of April. He wanted to start gearing up for this job in May, and now it is June. He commented the Village could lose him to another project in the meantime.
8:22:24 PM Gulledge Responded that O'Bryan knows the Village's time frame, and has said he would work with the Village. He then went to the next agenda item, the 162 Troy Road Roundabout.
8:22:59 PM Juneau Said this is for information purposes. IDOT has had a meeting with Mayor, Juneau, and Kostyshock, and has also presented this to the County. They are proposing to put a round about at the intersection of Troy Road and 162, rather than traffic lights. Their reasoning for this is because of the new overpass for the bike trail project. They have found that these round abouts are much safer than traffic lights. They have been well accepted in Europe for years. He displayed slides on the screen. The design is a single lane you enter, travel around, and exit where you want. In the middle is a 4% grade so it is steeper and that would be concrete. It is 140 feet in diameter. If Maryville tells them not to concrete it, it makes an excellent planting area for flowers, etc.
8:25:58 PM Callahan Asked how this is different from the Square in Belleville.
8:26:00 PM Juneau Replied that the Square in Belleville doesn't have the entrance aprons, etc. He said it is the same principal only smaller.
8:26:27 PM Bell Said from what he sees, it would be difficult to get into the circle.
8:26:30 PM Callahan Asked if the Village has to pay for this.
8:27:19 PM Juneau Replied that this will be paid for by IDOT. All they are asking for is comments at this time, such as should sidewalks be included in the design, should it be grass, should there be a fourth lane for future development, etc.
8:28:00 PM Schmidt Asked about the bike trail and if there is going to be a bridge going across Route 40, and how high is it going to be, and what about the berm on the side.
8:29:34 PM Gulledge Replied here it will be 162, and there will be a bridge. He said IDOT is trying to buy property to move it south and west. He said he watched the film on this, and they say it cuts down on accidents 95%. There is no maintenance with the lights, it can be upgraded to a double lane later on, as long as there are easements. He said there a lot of benefits to this, and the biggest thing is it is going to slow down the traffic. He commented that based on the meeting, these are going to be put in all over the area.
8:36:33 PM Juneau Discussed item 11, Assisted Living Sewer & Lift Station / Maryville Professional Park Lift Station. He said this items has been discussed and debated for a long time. There is a plan for assisted living development to be put in. It is still in the works. He has talked to their engineers. There is a proposed lift station as a part of the project. He said Mayor Gulledge has asked, and they have researched, abandoning the Professional Park lift station and connect into the assisted living lift station. The Village's share of this improvement is estimated at approximately $80,000. He reminded the Board that the Village has had a sewer built around the Shell Credit Union. He said also, that they have been approached by Osborn, that at their cost, they would like the Village to apply for a permit to cross 159 so they could get on the gravity sewer once the system is installed, so they can improve some property they have purchased on the east side of 159. He went on to say essentially, what he is asking for is whether the Board agrees with funding these three, or at least two of the three, casings that need to be put underneath the road and installed before the road is done.
8:39:30 PM Bell Asked from the new lift station lateral, down, if that sewer is in place yet. He was told no. This one will be built by the Assisted Living if they build.
8:40:18 PM Callahan Asked why abandon the Professional Park lift station, and build a new one.
8:40:36 PM Gulledge Answered it is old and is having a lot of problems, and this will save the Village a lot of money in the long run. He said they won't do anything unless the Assisted Living project goes through.
8:40:41 PM Callahan Asked where Assisted Living was going to put their pump station. Gulledge showed him the place on the map. He asked where it is going to pump to. Juneau showed him on the map how it would go.
8:47:09 PM Schmidt Asked what kind of predicament the Village can get into by trusting someone else's lift station.
8:47:45 PM Gulledge Told him the lift station will belong to the Village.
8:48:15 PM Callahan Asked if there wasn't some sewage coming in out of Autumn Oaks.
8:48:36 PM Gulledge Showed him on the map where it comes in. He said they will be making it better for those people, because now it will be about gravity flow.
8:49:24 PM Juneau Said the question is whether the Board wants to pursue putting in the casings.
8:49:32 PM Gulledge Commented that they are not talking about building something that this other lift station doesn't have. All they are saying right now is to put the casings in while it is still a three lane highway instead of a five lane highway later on when they do want to get to the west side. The Village will pay for two of the casings and Osborn is paying for the other one.
8:50:06 PM Callahan Asked Juneau how much this was going to cost.
8:50:56 PM Juneau Replied approximately $21,000. He said the Assisted Living is paying for one, the Village is paying for one, and Osborn is paying for one.
8:54:46 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in favor of doing this. All the trustees said they were in favor of doing the project.
8:55:53 PM Juneau Talked about the micro surface for Lin Hy Terrace. He said the estimated cost of this is $38,000. He said this project is being joint bid with Glen Carbon. It is being advertised for bids, and bids will be opened on Friday, June 18, 2004.
8:56:39 PM Gulledge Said he wanted everyone to know that the reason they are doing this with Glen Carbon is because right now there are only two companies that do this. They are working together to try to get a better bid. However, each town is on their own. They will either start Maryville first and then go to Glen Carbon, or vice versa. Each town will have to be provided with its bonds, etc. just as if it was one job.
8:57:45 PM Callahan Commented that this process doesn't require a lot fill, it is basically treating the surface that is already there.
8:58:40 PM Juneau Replied it is a wearing surface that looks like asphalt that is done that is 3/8 of an inch thick. The Street crew will be smoothing out some of the bumps, etc. on the roads. He said Glenwood Estates has this on their streets if anyone wants to see what it looks like.
8:59:32 PM Gulledge Went to the Repair of the Interceptor Sewer along the Bike Trail.
8:59:44 PM Juneau Said Presson is going to give him the location of this, and then he will prepare some letters to go out to contractors to make the repair. He reminded the Board that this is the one that was broken by Cape & Sons Contracting. It went to court, the Village won the case, now it has to be fixed.
9:00:37 PM Gulledge Commented that the Village just received a check in the amount of $8,783.53. He talked about the damage done by Cape & Sons. They broke the line, and it will cost the Village to fix this line. He said Attorney Wigginton did a great job. This will be put out for bid.
9:01:58 PM Juneau Gave an update on Well no. 4 at the Water Plant. He showed on the map where the well will be located. The bids have been received, and the low is for $109,000. The Village has awarded the contract, and he is waiting for the contractor to provide bonds, insurance, etc. He suggests postponing the job until fall.
9:02:54 PM Gulledge Commented that within the Village's legal limits, this is going to be postponed as long as possible, without violating the contract. The Village has plenty of water.
9:03:06 PM Bell Commented the Ehret Plumbing is doing this, and several other projects.
9:03:30 PM Juneau Talked about the agenda item, FPA Planning Area Amendment. He said Glen Carbon is planning a major FPA boundary expansion. He felt this is an opportune time to clean up some of Maryville's FPA boundaries also. He showed the areas on the map as he talked. He has proposed to Troy to give up the area near where the IDOT Round About will be to Maryville. Glen Carbon plans to give an area up to Maryville. He commented that this is for information purposes only.
9:06:39 PM Gulledge Discussed the summary of capital project costs. The Third Street Storm sewer, instead of $19,000. since it has been decided to go all the way to the bike trail the number is changed to $50,000. Donk and Lange Storm Sewer is changed to $300,000. The Bike Trail Connector should go to $10,120. Drost Park Lake remains at $17,000. Assisted Living Sewer should be changed to $15,000. The Micro Surfacing in Lin Hy remains $40,000. Repair of Interceptor Sewer along the Bike Trail remains $10,000. Water Plant Well No. 4 remains $110,000. The FPA Planning Area Amendment remains $1,000. The total now is $1,487,724 according to Trustee Schmidt's figures. He reminded the Board this is projects for this year only.
9:11:00 PM Callahan Suggested breaking down these figures as to what can be paid from WSOM funds, MFT funds, and Public Comfort. suggests getting bottom line number.
9:11:10 PM Gulledge Commented that he spoke to Juneau about this today.
9:11:26 PM Callahan Suggested getting "the big number" and borrow some of the money for the phase 1 and 2 of Donk and Lange.
9:11:59 PM Gulledge Suggested taking into consideration everything discussed this evening and since there three caucuses this month, and make this top priority on the caucus on June 23rd. This gives two weeks to figure out how to pay for these projects.  He asked Callahan to meet with Him and Kostyshock before the next caucus meeting.
9:15:04 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion to adjourn, and the second was made by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell- yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.
9:15:33 PM   The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville