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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date6/9/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:00 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of June 9, 2004 to order, and asked those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Schmidt arrived later. Also present were Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, and two reporters. Attorney Wigginton arrived later.
6:31:00 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the May 26 Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. The motion was made by Kostyshock, and the second to his motion was made by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:36 PM Gulledge Discussed the first item on the agenda, the Cedar Valley Bike Trail Bids. There was one bidder, H & S Contracting, from Alton, in the amount of $10,120.00. He told the trustees that this will be on the Board agenda for approval.
6:31:52 PM Bell Asked if they gave any indication when they could start after the awarding of the bid.
6:32:12 PM Gulledge Replied that they have not had a pre-construction meeting yet.
6:32:23 PM Gulledge Said the next item is to hire a police officer, and asked Chief Schardan to comment.
6:32:33 PM Schardan Began by saying that since they recently lost a part time police officer, he would like to hire someone else. He has one person in mind, after going through the applications he has received during the last six months or so. He suggested interviewing this person, and perhaps have a recommendation for the Board meeting next week.
6:34:21 PM Gulledge Told the trustees that the information on this person will be in their Board packets next week. He asked Schardan to discuss the next agenda item, New Police Vehicles.
6:34:49 PM Schardan Said he contacted Miles Chevrolet because he went through the State Bid. The State bid expires June 30, 2004. The price they quoted him with the options is $18, 263 per car. They are the white Chevy Impalas, similar to the two already in service.
6:35:15 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan how much they were.
6:35:18 PM Schardan Replied $18,263. for a total of $36,526. for two vehicles. The trade in price on the 99 Ford is $1650. It has a little over 100,000 miles on it. They are offering $2800 on the 2000 Ford.
6:35:51 PM Bell Commented that these trade in prices seem low.
6:35:59 PM Callahan Said Chicago is still buying used police cars for around $5000 each.
6:36:11 PM Kostyshock Commented that with the high mileage, they will not get much of a trade in.
6:36:11 PM Bell Said 80,000 miles is not a lot of miles. He asked what kind of ratio they give because it is a police car. He commented that a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria with 80,000 miles should get a better trade in value than $2800.
6:36:54 PM Gulledge Commented that before going into this any further, they should discuss Item 8, Keeping the Vehicles, before any decisions are made. He asked Schardan to discuss this.
6:37:08 PM Schardan Said he, Mayor, and Schmidt have discussed keeping the two vehicles. He said he would like to keep one of the vehicles for the detective, and keep the Ford and put the dog cage in it for the Animal Control Officer.
6:37:57 PM Kostyshock Commented that the Animal Control Officer does need something.
6:37:58 PM Schardan Commented for the price they are offering on trade ins, the Village may as well keep them.
6:38:21 PM Callahan Asked Schardan if he called the Chicago Company.
6:39:01 PM Schardan Replied that when he called the numbers he has for Chicago, and asked them to give him a bid on the cars, they told him they will not do it, until the other cars have been purchased.
6:39:27 PM Schmidt Arrived and was seated.
6:39:41 PM Callahan Said he agrees with Bell, the price for trade in is too low, the Village may as well keep them.
6:40:05 PM Gulledge Commented that the Animal Control Officer is using her own vehicle, and the Village is paying mileage at 37.5 cents per mile, which amounts to over $120. 00 a month. He said he feels these cars are worth more than what has been offered, and he agrees with them, he wouldn't trade either one at this price. He went on to say that he, Schmidt, and Schardan have had some discussion about possibly transferring the Animal Control Officer back under the control of the Police Department. He said this is the way it is in most communities, the Police Department works in conjunction with the Animal Control Officer.
6:41:52 PM Bell Looked on the computer, and a standard Crown Victoria, with 80,000 miles, white, average condition, the trade in is $6300.
6:42:37 PM Kostyshock Said the Village does need these two cars for animal control, and the Detective. The cars are well maintained, and are in good condition.
6:43:08 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg, who is the Trustee in charge of the Police Department, for his recommendation.
6:43:18 PM Limberg Said he would like to keep the cars, and purchase two new cars. The old cars can be utilized by the Detective and the Humane Officer.
6:43:53 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were in favor of Limberg's recommendation. They all agreed to keep the cars and purchase two new cars.
6:44:06 PM Schardan Talked about Item 7, New Light Bars, next. He said they will have to buy new ones because the light bars on the Fords will not fit the Chevrolets. Sergeant Howe is researching a new type of light bar that illuminates brighter and is a thinner, slim line type light bar. He doesn't have a price yet, but when he does, it will be discussed at a future caucus. These will not have to be ordered until the vehicles are purchased.
6:45:21 PM Gulledge Commented Troy has these light bars, and they are bright. If the price is right, it would pay to get this type.
6:45:34 PM Schardan Said he just wanted to inform the Board that they would need new light bars for the new cars.
6:45:58 PM Bell Commented that if they are keeping the two cars, then they will have to purchase new radio packages also.
6:46:20 PM Schardan Replied that they may need one.
6:46:23 PM Bell Asked if there is a difference in the console of a Ford and a Chevy for mounting brackets, etc.
6:46:28 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:46:45 PM Schardan Said he is not sure if they are interchangeable or not. He commented he thinks they used the same brackets last year. He will check into prices for new radios, etc.
6:47:15 PM Bell Said also there will have to be striping packages, and also, they had talked at one time about having a camera in every car. He suggested Schardan get prices on these also.
6:47:37 PM Schardan Replied he will look into prices for the camera, he thinks there is still money in the DUI Fund for this purpose.
6:47:52 PM Garcia Asked if the Animal Control Officer would need a radio in the car. She was told that the Animal Control Officer uses a cell phone. If the radio will not fit in one of the new vehicles, then it will be left in.
6:48:27 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Schardan to check on items brought up. and let them know. He went to Item #9, MFT Concrete Bids.
6:48:53 PM Kostyshock Told the Board that one bid was received for the concrete. The bid was from Schwend's Ready Mix Concrete. The bid was $66.00 per square yard, and $35.00 per load. He commented that this is a low bid, because there is a shortage of cement due to the dam being built in China.
6:50:06 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting for approval.
6:50:33 PM Schmidt Asked if this was for a specific purpose, or is it for general purposes where concrete is used.
6:50:37 PM Gulledge Replied this is for Motor Fuel Tax projects only. For any other concrete that is not Motor Fuel Tax that the Village buys, is not at this price.
6:51:04 PM Kostyshock Discussed Item 10, MFT Resolution appropriating an additional $8500 for 2004. He explained that this additional $8500 is for a trench drain around Schiber Court.
6:51:24 PM Gulledge Commented that this is a standard thing that has to be done. It will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting. He asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss item 11, the Prevailing Wage Ordinance.
6:51:53 PM Wigginton Explained that this is the annual Prevailing Wage Ordinance that the Village is required to pass. It sets forth what the prevailing wages are for public works projects. This will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting. It must be passed during the month of June each year.
6:52:23 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss Item 12, Amendments to Zoning Ordinance.
6:52:33 PM Wigginton Replied, that this is ongoing. He and Mayor met with Tom Wobbe of SWIMPAC earlier in the week, and he is waiting for some additional information from Wobbe on some different ordinance languages on rezoning certain properties within the Village.
6:52:52 PM Gulledge Asked Wigginton to discuss Items 14 and 15 before going to the Employee Handbook item.
6:53:00 PM Wigginton Said on the Occupancy Permits, he is gathering information on different check lists that municipalities use with respect to the use of occupancy permit inspections when an existing home sells. The Village currently does occupancy permits on new homes. The ordinance provides occupancy permits any time an occupant changes. He is researching this with different municipality zoning officials. He is getting different responses, and he is trying to compile a set for this board.
6:54:05 PM Gulledge Asked when he thought he would have this for the Board.
6:54:19 PM Wigginton Answered he has received several, but is still waiting on a couple more.
6:54:28 PM Callahan Asked what the surrounding towns do.
6:54:41 PM Wigginton Answered that it varies. Some are very aggressive, some only do it on a complaint basis, but, for example, Fairview Heights does it on all residential changes, as well as landlord / tenant changes. They have a check list the inspectors use, and they charge a $50 flat fee for the occupancy permit. He said usually what occurs is when a house goes to closing, the occupancy permit is one of the closing documents. Fairview Heights seems to have a lot of flexibility in their check list. O'Fallon has a check list that is much more strict.
6:56:32 PM Callahan Asked if Troy, Collinsville, and Glen Carbon have inspections.
6:56:59 PM Wigginton Answered he doesn't know about Collinsville. Troy has occupancy permits on new homes, but they do not have a very extensive inspection on existing homes. Some communities are driven by complaints only.
6:57:06 PM Gulledge Commented that they will continue to gather information and give it to the Board after it is compiled for their review..
6:57:27 PM Limberg Asked if there weren't some loans, especially VA loans that require inspections.
6:57:59 PM Wigginton Replied absolutely. Most cities what they really check for is gas shut off valves, water heater discharge, etc. The life safety issues.
6:58:08 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Bike Trail Ordinance. He asked if there were any comments from the Park Committee.
6:58:15 PM Wigginton Said this was supposed to go the Planning Commission and the Park Committee for comments before having a Public Hearing, which is required.
6:58:38 PM Bell Said the Park Committee has looked at it. He said there were a couple of comments, but he doesn't remember what they are, he will find out.
6:58:46 PM Gulledge Said the reason this is on the agenda is so he can let Flaugher know to set up a public hearing before the Planning Commission in a couple of weeks.
6:59:35 PM Gulledge The discussion continued briefly. Mayor said he will have Flaugher set up the public hearing for June 28.
7:00:47 PM Gulledge Went to the agenda item, Employee Handbook, next. He turned the matter over to Attorney Wigginton.
7:01:01 PM Wigginton Said he prefers to receive any comments, so he can compile them. Or, if there are any questions or concerns. Then he wants to sit down with the Administration or Chief in terms of Police matters, because this is a complete revision.
7:01:38 PM Garcia Said she as a few things. She asked Attorney Wigginton how he wanted to do this.
7:01:41 PM Wigginton Replied however she wanted to handle it. He said it could be sent to a personnel committee meeting for discussion.
7:01:58 PM Gulledge Asked the Board how they wanted to proceed.
7:02:06 PM Kostyshock Replied that he feels that enough time has been on this, and he recommends referring it to a personnel committee. If someone has something they want changed, they can get with Wigginton or whoever is concerned.
7:02:15 PM Schmidt Said he has found some errors, and he thinks there are some omissions in words. He said he has found about twenty to two dozen items.
7:02:30 PM Callahan Asked who is on the personnel committee.
7:02:34 PM Gulledge Replied that the Personnel Committee is Trustee Garcia, himself, and whatever Trustee would be involved in the department with the personnel issue.
7:02:57 PM Wigginton Suggested scheduling a Personnel Committee meeting. The Personnel Committee is Garcia, Mayor, and if Schmidt wants to attend, can meet some afternoon and go through all of it, and try to bring a version back to the Board.
7:03:06 PM Limberg Commented that he has a couple of comments that he will e-mail to Wigginton.
7:03:40 PM Callahan Asked what happens with the handbook after all is complete.
7:03:57 PM Wigginton Answered that the Board will pass a motion to approve.
7:04:09 PM Callahan He said what happens to the handbook.
7:04:12 PM Wigginton Then it is printed and distributed, because it has acknowledgement forms for all the employees acknowledging that they received a copy, and that they have read, and understands it.
7:04:20 PM Callahan Commented that it is an official document. He was told it was.
7:04:28 PM Gulledge Scheduled a meeting, in Village Hall, Wednesday, June 16, at 6 p.m. prior to the Board meeting to discuss matters of the Employee Handbook.
7:06:07 PM Garcia Suggested changing anything referring to "personnel committee" to "human resources", because personnel is out of date.
7:06:33 PM Wigginton Answered that the whole code refers to "personnel committee".
7:06:41 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
7:07:29 PM Bell Tried to bring the calendar up on the screen, but the pipeline was down.
7:07:46 PM Garcia Said Saturday, September 25, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Firemen's Park is the Outreach Fest for the Food Pantry.
7:09:16 PM Gulledge Mentioned the Paint Day, Saturday, June 19 and also the fishing derby. He went to the To Do List.
7:09:36 PM Schmidt Said he talked to the flag company. They said he should have the flags by this time next week.
7:10:04 PM Callahan Said he thought the Hart issue was going to go away. He said they have been waiting on the arbitration since June, 2003.
7:10:27 PM Wigginton Answered that it is going to go away, and they are addressing the situation.
7:10:42 PM Bell Asked if Hart will be here in doing work. He was told yes.
7:11:13 PM Callahan Said when this is settled, let Brussatti know so he can move the money to the General Fund.
7:11:37 PM Gulledge Replied it can't be moved until everything is settled.
7:11:59 PM Callahan Asked about the Natural Gas Pipeline issue. He commented that this is still just trying to get in contact with people. Attorney said yes.
7:12:49 PM Bell Said they need a line item for the Marquee. The light is still out. And also, Illinois Power cut line, and Mann is supposed to be looking into this.
7:13:41 PM Gulledge Replied this is the first he has heard about this. He didn't know anything about it.
7:14:03 PM Bell Talked about the streets, and Illinois Power needs to clean up their mess along the way. He asked if they have a schedule of when they will be off of Lange Street.
7:15:12 PM Gulledge Answered that he has talked with the person, and he said it will be cleaned up before the Homecoming. He went to page 2.
7:16:30 PM Callahan Asked if they were not going to take the Cape Construction off the list until the sewer line is repaired even though the Village has received the money.
7:17:02 PM Gulledge Replied no, he doesn't want it off until it is done. He said they have to bid the repairs. He said he has to talk to Jerry Kane about an easement because the crew will have to be on the bike trail to do some of the work.
7:17:17 PM Bell Asked about West Main Street, and if the equipment is fixed.
7:17:28 PM Gulledge Answered yes, they made the last little pour on the north side going into the subdivision before the rain came today. He went to page 3.
7:18:21 PM Bell Asked if the weeds have been taken out of the walking path, and the additional surfacing put down.
7:18:37 PM Kostyshock Answered they have sprayed it, but they didn't get out there with all the rain, etc. The weed killer works better when it is dry. The lime dust has not been put down yet. They want to drag the grass out first.
7:19:08 PM Callahan Asked if there is going to be a West Nile program again this year.
7:19:16 PM Schmidt Replied they are in the process now of putting the briquettes out.
7:19:24 PM Gulledge Said anyone who is interested on Monday at 10:30 a.m. a gentleman will be here to talk about Frisbee Golf. He is interested in putting a Frisbee Golf Course in the Park.
7:19:59 PM Bell Commented that it is a fun sport. He described the different Frisbees, and how the game is played.
7:22:48 PM Bell Asked about the radio read meters. He asked if anyone has gotten anything from Summit.
7:22:52 PM Kostyshock Said Presson has been talking with them. He said they have received nothing from Summit as yet.
7:23:32 PM Gulledge Asked if there is anything to discuss on page 4. There was nothing. He went to Trustee Comments
7:23:56 PM Kostyshock Reminded everyone about the paint collection on Saturday, June 19 at 8 a.m. He said he has six volunteers.
7:25:11 PM Bell Commented on the fishing derby which is also Saturday, June 19th. He said the Park Committee is going to ask to purchase some blue gill to put in the lake.
7:26:16 PM Gulledge At this time, asked for a motion to go into Closed Session to discuss matters pertaining to the sale or purchase of real property. Bell made the motion and the second was made by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:45:45 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to come out of Closed Session back into Open Session. Motion by Schmidt, second by Bell to come out of Closed Session into Open Session. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:46:06 PM Gulledge Said with nothing further to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion to adjourn, and the second was made by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia- yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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