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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date6/30/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:33 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of June 30, 2004 to order, and invited everyone to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Limberg arrived later. Trustee Bell was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, Officers Howe, Radosevich, and Spaller, one citizen, and one reporter. Attorney Wigginton arrived later.
6:31:28 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the June 23rd Caucus. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Schmidt made the motion, and the second to the motion was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:03 PM Gulledge Explained that Sgt. Howe and Radosevich were present because they were being recognized by DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). He asked Chief Schardan to introduce the person presenting the certificates to Howe and Radosevich.
6:32:08 PM Schardan Introduced Special Agent Mike Stanfield of the DEA.
6:32:24 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated.
6:32:55 PM Stanfield Presented certificates to Howe and Radosevich. He talked about their assistance in helping the DEA solve some of their drug cases by locating one of the drug dealers. He went on to say that their diligence and aggressiveness in the surveillance on this was very instrumental, and really helped in the DEA's case. A brief photo session followed.
6:35:03 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:36:04 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to talk about item #4 on the agenda, ILEAS, Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System.
6:36:24 PM Schardan Began by saying this agreement is similar to an agreement that the Fire Departments have. It is basically a mutual aid agreement. The police agencies have always had mutual aid, but, unlike the Fire Departments, there was no written agreement, only verbal agreements that if a department needs help, another department would help. He went on to say that with the Home Land Security, they are creating an organization, the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS). This is a written agreement with other communities and there are different levels. He explained the levels. Level one is a five man response to whatever the problem is. Level two is a ten man response, etc. He said he will create a list of what departments to call. He said every level goes up five. Such as, if there would be a natural disaster such as an earthquake, and Maryville needed assistance. One phone call would be made to Peoria, and they go down the list and call the other departments. This relieves the telecommunicator from trying to notify the surrounding departments, and relieves them to be able to stay in contact with the officers handling the emergency. He said also that Maryville would have to respond to calls for mutual aid in this area as well. He said this is basically a mutual aid agreement for any type of disaster that may occur where assistance is needed.
6:39:54 PM Gulledge Commented that it was explained to him that it works like the Fire Department mutual aid. If the manpower is not available the Village is not required to send anyone.
6:40:39 PM Schmidt Asked if this is something that is relatively new.
6:40:59 PM Schardan Answered that from what he understands, some letters were sent out in October, 2002. He said when he was hired last year in May, he found the letter he has and it is dated February. He checked into this, and not too many people knew much about this. This is the reason Captain Lyerla of Granite City has taken it upon himself to try to get an agreement organized in this area.
6:41:26 PM Schmidt Asked what other agencies are registered in our area.
6:41:45 PM Schardan Answered Troy has already joined. Glen Carbon is going to fill out the application and send it in. Collinsville hasn't sent their paperwork in yet. He talked about Homeland Security grant money for police agencies. He said the only way to get any money is to belong to the ILEAS.
6:42:17 PM Schmidt Commented that he read in the second paragraph on page 3 that services performed under this agreement shall be rendered without reimbursement. He went on to say however, that it doesn't matter to him.
6:42:46 PM Gulledge Explained that he thinks Schardan means if FEMA is brought into a situation, then the department can get money back, or reimbursed. If a situation is qualified as a disaster, FEMA will be involved.
6:43:20 PM Callahan Asked if there is any opposition to this agreement.
6:43:37 PM Schardan Replied not that he has been made aware of. He went on to say that this is something that has always been done verbally in law enforcement. There has never been a written agreement.
6:43:42 PM Callahan Asked if the people Maryville shares boundaries with are in favor of the agreement.
6:43:58 PM Schardan Replied Troy has already joined, and Pontoon Beach is in. Chief Bradford of Glen Carbon has the paperwork on his desk to be signed. Collinsville wants to get into it. They are waiting for the new Chief to take office.
6:44:49 PM Schmidt Commented that from the front page of the letter he is assuming Maryville is in District 8. He said he is guessing there is no dispatch. He asked if it is a Statewide dispatch.
6:45:07 PM Schardan Answered that everyone will call Peoria. Everything is centralized there. He said once Maryville sends in the application, and it is approved, they will send out a list of all the agencies that belong. This list is what he will use to create Maryville's call list. He explained that Maryville would call Peoria, and they make all the calls for the department from the list he sent them.
6:46:08 PM Gulledge Said the call will originate from here. He said Chief will know how many officers he will need. He will call Peoria and they will make the calls from the prioritized list Chief has given them.
6:46:35 PM Schardan Said when he sends in the application, he also lists the meeting areas.
6:46:43 PM Schmidt Asked if they would give Schardan different parameters as far as mileage for the different levels.
6:47:02 PM Schardan Replied he doesn't know.
6:47:09 PM Gulledge Commented that the bottom line is the Village is not tied to the agreement. If the manpower is available, they will be sent, if there isn't enough manpower to send, they won't be sent.
6:47:12 PM Callahan Commented that there is no control over who lists Maryville as a responder.
6:47:47 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't think Maryville would be listed, unless it is from the communities we are next to. Most communities know Maryville is a small community.
6:48:59 PM Callahan Commented he doesn't have a problem with this, but he knows that sometimes in the Fire Department it becomes a staffing issue. The other communities know Maryville will respond if they are called.
6:49:20 PM Schardan Replied that this must be a disaster situation.
6:49:38 PM Gulledge Asked the Board their opinion. They all agreed to do this. It will be on the agenda for Board approval next week.
6:50:36 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Schardan to talk about the Emergency Warning Siren policy. He said there have been several possibilities of bad weather, and the siren was used on one occasion. He said Trustee Garcia had asked if there was a protocol on the use of the siren. After thinking about this, he, Chief Schardan and Flaugher met and discussed a protocol.
6:51:01 PM Schardan Said he wrote a policy for the police department to use. It talks about certain conditions that might exist that are a threat to property, citizens, etc. An alarm will be sounded that should alert the people, and prompt them to turn on their radio, television, computers, etc. and monitor the situation. He said there are two different types of alarms. The Civil Defense, which is the old time warnings that used to go off. Today with terrorism, etc. this may have to be sounded. In the different policies he has looked at, the siren is sounded for three minutes. The weather siren is set off once for two minutes. He talked about procedures drafted into policy along with testing procedures that occur with the system. It tells how to operate it, and when to operate it. It gives the locations of the three sirens in Maryville.
6:52:53 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks that the Procedures A,B,C is all the Board is concerned with. The siren operation will be handled by the dispatcher or police officer. He said the policy is very similar to the neighboring communities. One community has a voice message. He said sometimes if the whole message is not heard, it can cause panic. Basically all is needed is an early warning system to alert the people to seek shelter, get to a radio, computer or television to find out what is going on. He suggests putting the procedures in next issue of the newsletter. He complimented Schardan on the job he has done on this policy. He talked about the possibility with all the development that is going on, that the Stonebridge area may need a siren in that area. He has asked Flaugher to begin getting prices.
6:55:17 PM Callahan Asked if the system has voice capacity.
6:55:34 PM Gulledge Explained why there is no voice. He said he was here when they were installing the siren. He said they opted out of installing voice at the last minute. This was twenty years ago, and they had heard so many negative comments on the voice. It was garbled, can't hear or understand what is being said, etc. It does have different types of tones, bad weather or some kind of attack.
6:56:35 PM Schmidt Asked if the new vehicles were in.
6:56:42 PM Schardan Replied that they picked up the new squad cars Monday, one already has the graphics on it. The other one is at Image Works now getting the graphics done. He talked about the cars and equipment that may be needed. The light bar on Sgt. Howe's car can be transferred, but one new light bar has to be purchased, and they did get a good price through the State Bid. They will have to buy one radio, and two different consoles in one of the cars. The siren on Officer Lange's car is in bad shape, so they will have to have a siren for the new car, perhaps two sirens.
6:57:54 PM Gulledge Said he wants to let the Board know he authorized the purchase of the extra items because they were on the State Bid, and he wants to get the cars on the street as soon as possible. He asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss the agenda items concerning legal matters.
6:58:39 PM Wigginton Talked about the occupancy permits. He said he and Flaugher have been gathering information from various municipalities. They have followed up on several to see if there were any changes. He asked that this be placed on the agenda for discussion at a Caucus in July.
6:59:33 PM Wigginton Next, discussed the Bike Walking Path Ordinance. A public hearing was held on June 28, 2004 at the Planning Commission meeting. They have made a couple suggestions that will be incorporated into the ordinance. This will be on the agenda for the Board meeting next week.
7:00:03 PM Gulledge Said there will be a public hearing prior to the Board meeting. He talked briefly about the Planning Commission's recommendations. There are three recommendations. Section 8 "asphalt and concrete at the Village's discretion" came from the Park Committee. He brought this up at the Planning Commission meeting, and it didn't go over very well. A developer who was at the meeting didn't like this and the Planning Commission concurred that this should be removed. The next recommendation concerned bollards being installed to restrict access by motorized vehicles. The last one is minor, just a missed word. He asked if these recommendations should be incorporated before the public hearing, or wait to see if there is more input from the public hearing.
7:01:47 PM Wigginton Replied he can pencil in the changes on a copy.
7:02:15 PM Schmidt Talked about the concerns of the Planning Commission concerning the bollards. One concern is that by just paving the trail will make an easy access to vandals. They thought the bollards should be installed with a removable one in the center, so that emergency or maintenance vehicles could get down the bike path. He also said it is his understanding that the installation of the bollards will be the responsibility of the developer.
7:03:52 PM Gulledge Said he doesn't  think that it was made clear to the developers present at the meeting. He commented that they need to make sure who pays for this.
7:04:27 PM Schmidt Commented that it wasn't discussed who is responsible for installing the bollards. It is the responsibility of the developer to put the path in. The walking paths are 8 feet wide, the bike path is 10 feet. He said the 8 foot paths would only have room for two bollards, but the ten foot path would easily have room for three.
7:05:35 PM Gulledge Said this is something to think about. He asked the Board that if they get a chance between now and the Board meeting to go to the bike trail entrance on East Main Street and look at the bollards.
7:05:48 PM Callahan Asked if the Park Committee has made a recommendation on this.
7:06:07 PM Gulledge Replied yes, their recommendation is not to do the bollards. All they wanted in the ordinance was the asphalt or concrete at the Village's discretion.
7:07:23 PM Callahan Asked what the Park Committee's reason was for saying no to the bollards. Mayor told him this didn't come up at the Park Committee meeting. This came up at the Planning Commission public hearing.
7:07:28 PM Wigginton Commented that the way the ordinance is written, it is the developer's responsibility to put the access ways in.
7:07:44 PM Callahan Said they have recommendations from the Planning Commission and the Park Committee, perhaps they should get one from the people who will be responding, and see what they think.
7:07:52 PM Gulledge Said this is an excellent idea. He thinks they need to talk to the Fire Department and the Police Department.
7:08:11 PM Kostyshock Commented about Section 8, the asphalt or concrete. He said there is one subdivision that is asphalt. He said he is afraid if the oil prices go down everyone will go to asphalt. He prefers the concrete. It looks better and lasts longer.
7:08:42 PM Gulledge Commented this is one reason he thought it should be Village discretion.
7:09:15 PM Wigginton Said his recommendation is to keep the ordinance as it was originally written, that it is at the Village's discretion.
7:11:29 PM Gulledge Commented on the zoning ordinance change. There was a public hearing before the Planning Commission, and everyone was okay with it. This will be discussed next week also.
7:11:56 PM Wigginton Said since the last meeting, he has met with the Personnel Committee and reviewed the fifth draft of the Employee Handbook. This will be on the agenda to be approved at next meeting.
7:12:38 PM Gulledge Concurred that this will be on the agenda for approval at next Wednesday's Board meeting. He said if anyone has any comments they should be turned in right away.
7:12:52 PM Wigginton Said this project began in July of 2003.
7:14:06 PM Callahan Said Brussatti asked him about page 76. He said he thought the Board had decided not to put in the chart because it changes every year.
7:14:42 PM Wigginton Said he knew they were removing the 50%, he asked if they were removing the entire chart. He said he thinks it should be removed.
7:15:13 PM Wigginton Commented that he has contacted Natural Gas Pipeline and he has refiled the claim. Originally it was filed October 10, 2003. He was told at that time it was forwarded "George" in Chicago. "George" said he never received it. He sent it to Chicago again today. He reported on the brine tanks that since the Village has never been able to get an agreement, he filed the lawsuit demanding arbitration or currently for breech of contract.
7:16:20 PM Wigginton Left the meeting to attend to other matters.
7:16:31 PM Gulledge Talked about the aerial photos on the agenda. He said he talked to Trustee Bell about this. He said they feel the Village needs these 2003 colored aerial photography tiles. The cost from Madison County is $551 for 18 of the most current colored aerial tiles. He said this will be on the agenda next Wednesday to purchase these for the Village's GIS data base.
7:18:02 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1. He reported that he was contacted last Thursday by Madison County, and received a letter Monday, that the Village received the $125,000.00 grant for a new food pantry. He will have more information as he gets into this a little more. He went to page 2. He said there is a utility meeting at Keller's office for the 159 Relocation this Friday at 9 a.m. He said he and his staff are still working on the appropriations and estimated revenues. This must be done by the July 14th Caucus. He commented about the occupancy permits. It seems like they are done regularly in St. Clair County, but not in Madison County. He reported that the sign in Firemen's Park is done. He complimented the Board and Fire Department. The sign is beautiful, and he has had a lot of comments on it. They were trenching in the electric today. He talked about the sign in front of the Village Hall. He was told it would not be fixed until the 16th of July. The people putting in the gas pipeline cut the wires. However, they must have sent someone to repair it because the light is on now.
7:26:10 PM Kostyshock Commented that they are working on West Main, and should be ready to pour in the next couple of days.
7:26:30 PM Gulledge Explained that they were ready to pour Tuesday, and the Village's engineering firm was out there and tested the rebar. The glue used to put this in didn't set up right, and naturally they could not pour until this was corrected. They would like to pour tomorrow, but he doesn't think this will happen. He commented that Maryville's portion is done. This area is in the Township. He went to page 3.
7:28:01 PM Garcia Asked about the Frisbee Golf.
7:28:15 PM Gulledge Answered that this has been put off until sometime in August. He went to page 4. There were no questions or comments on this page. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:28:40 PM Schmidt Commented that with the 4th of July coming up, the Fire Department will be setting up for the Homecoming, starting on Monday, July 5 and will continue to set up all week. The Homecoming is July 9 and 10. He also thanked the Village employees for their time and effort spent on getting the newsletter ready for mailing.
7:29:55 PM Gulledge Talked about the postal problems. He said Jolene went to the Post Office a few days ago to see what needed to be done to have these mailed by bulk rate. When she went back today, it wasn't the same. They were all sorted by zip code. He believes, however, that all bulk mail goes to St. Louis for mailing.
7:32:17 PM Callahan Said the Library Committee meeting was changed from Tuesday, June 29 to Tuesday, July 6 at 6:00 p.m.
7:32:36 PM Gulledge Suggests that any Board member might want to attend and listen to what is going on with the Library/Museum and the information they are gathering. The Board will have to make the decision on the Temporary Library.
7:32:50 PM Kostyshock Commented that the Public Works crew poured the concrete pad for the Master Gardeners. He said he thought the shed was coming assembled, but it isn't. Master Gardeners will get someone to assemble it and put it up. They were pleased with the concrete pad.
7:34:49 PM Gulledge Said that Monday, July 5th the Village Hall will be closed, due to the July 4th holiday. The Board agenda will be posted on Friday, if anyone has something for the agenda it should be given to the Clerk by 10:00 a.m. on Friday.
7:35:22 PM Gulledge With no other business to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Limberg made a motion to adjourn and Schmidt made the second to his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk   

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