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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date8/11/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:43 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of August 11, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Clerk Long, Attorney Fred Keck, Police Chief Schardan, Village Engineer Juneau and an associate, Jared Collier, and one reporter.
6:31:38 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the July 28th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions on the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to place the minutes on file. The motion was made by Schmidt, and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:24 PM Gulledge Went to the first agenda item, Humane Officer, and asked Chief Schardan to discuss it.
6:32:31 PM Schardan He said he has checked with Chief Brown in Troy, and their animal control officer also does zoning work, he operates heavy equipment and does things for their Public Works Department when needed. Schardan said he does work a forty hour week, day shift, Monday through Friday. He also spoke with Jamie Foster, Public Service Officer in Glen Carbon. She takes care of Animal Control, but she also takes care of derelict vehicles, and code enforcement. She works Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM and reports directly to Chief Bradford. He said he checked with both Chief Brown and Jamie Foster, and called Terry Brookman of Madison County Animal Control to ask about any type of certifications or mandates a person must have. He said there is nothing required in Illinois. However, they can pick up certifications for certain duties of the job by going to different associations and organizations they can belong to and attend.
6:34:04 PM Kostyshock Asked if there was someone in mind to do this job, currently employed by the Village.
6:34:11 PM Schardan Replied no one in particular.
6:34:12 PM Garcia Asked if "Andy" could do it as part of his code enforcement.
6:34:17 PM Gulledge Replied it is whatever the Board designates him to do.
6:34:21 PM Kostyshock Questioned if he would have the time.
6:34:26 PM Gulledge Commented he doesn't know, and again said it is up to the Board.
6:34:40 PM Limberg Commented that he has spoken with Bob Edwards, who worked in Animal Control in Madison County. Edwards told him that catching dogs is risky business. Unless the person knows what they are doing, they can run into trouble. He doesn't feel comfortable having Andy do it without having some type of formal training in handling dogs.
6:35:34 PM Bell Said this was not part of his job description. He asked Schardan if he sees this as a full time position. The things he mentioned could possibly be a full time position.
6:36:15 PM Schardan Commented that if they need more people to do zoning things and there are multiple other things, that if someone in Public Works would be available they could be used during the day, Monday through Friday. And, if Linda wants to stay on and do call outs during the week or weekends, maybe something could be worked out. He said personally, it looks like the Village is spending a lot of money for patrol time, just to have someone riding around the streets.
6:36:27 PM Garcia Said it's not fair to anybody. If it is not in the job description, it is not part of their job.
6:36:34 PM Gulledge Commented that he and Schardan have talked about having a current employee do it during the day, and Linda, if she chooses, on her off hours to continue to do this on a call out type basis. And, if she can't, then the other person or persons would be called out. He commented about Schardan's report. It appears that for the amount of actual dog pick ups and revenue generated, etc. most of it was driving around and checking things out. He said he doesn't see the need for full time.
6:38:13 PM Garcia Asked about hiring someone like they did Pomerantz.
6:39:07 PM Schmidt Suggested using Cindy's Critter Camp.
6:39:53 PM Kostyshock Asked what hours Pomerantz is available.
6:40:06 PM Schmidt Replied 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and on weekends after 6:30 p.m. Friday until 10:30 Sunday night.
6:40:10 PM Kostyshock Commented that she was part time anyway, she drove a school bus during the day. She took care of the complaints when she got off work. He thinks she could still do it.
6:40:21 PM Garcia Asked what they would do during the day.
6:40:30 PM Callahan Asked Limberg if when he talked with Edwards, he had any interest in it.
6:40:50 PM Limberg Replied no.
6:40:51 PM Kostyshock Suggested letting Pomerantz continue to work part time and see how it works out. If it doesn't then do something. He said she is good with the dogs, the veterinarian, and she knows how to handle the dogs.
6:41:18 PM Bell Commented that when he talked to her, she wants a full time job with the Village. Not, necessarily doing this job.
6:41:35 PM Kostyshock Suggests leaving things the way they are for the time being, and see how it works out.
6:42:19 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg, as Committee Chairman, if he wanted to talk with Chief Schardan about this.
6:42:45 PM Limberg Answered he would like to meet with Kostyshock, and until they have a major problem, let Pomerantz continue to work part time when she can. If this doesn't work, then he suggests looking at a different avenue.
6:42:53 PM Gulledge Replied he is not against this, however, he has one question. When he or Chief Schardan gets a phone call at 9 in the morning on Wednesday or Thursday, etc., reporting problems, what are they going to tell Chief Schardan to do.
6:43:19 PM Garcia Said perhaps the Village could hire someone to be on call during the day, and not say they would get a certain amount of hours.
6:43:42 PM Gulledge Replied this is what he has been talking about. He and Schardan have talked about trying to find someone, whether it is a Public Works person or any other employee, or a citizen that would want to do it. He suggested putting this in the newsletter.
6:45:14 PM Limberg As this discussion went on, suggested putting out a memo to the employees to see if anyone is interested.
6:46:07 PM Callahan Suggests offering a cash incentive such as 50 cents per hour. He asked if there is training involved.
6:47:31 PM Kostyshock Commented it is his suggestion to let Pomerantz keep working part time, and let Schardan get with Mann and see if they have a volunteer from the employees.
6:47:54 PM Bell Said he thinks the Village should have an employee that is trained to do this, either full time or part time, with other duties. He suggests they investigate hiring someone with other duties as well, either full time or part time.
6:48:32 PM Gulledge Suggested that Kostyshock get with Public Works and see if there is someone who would want to do this, and also check into some training for them. At this time, he went to the next item on the agenda.
6:49:38 PM Schardan Talked about Lorrie Jones' resignation as a Telecommunicator. September 10th is the effective date of her resignation. However, she will be taking two weeks vacation before this date. He talked about himself, Springer and Flaugher interviewing two persons for the position. One person is completely certified, and ready to go, whereas the other one is working for another department part time. He said he would like to have someone hired before Jones' last day.
6:51:30 PM Gulledge Asked if this person has all the qualifications needed. He said the Board will not hire anyone Wednesday, unless the person has passed the physical.
6:52:02 PM Schardan Suggested making a job offer pending the passing of the physical.
6:53:03 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted to do. This will be on the agenda for Wednesday's Board meeting. If anyone has questions, they can call Chief Schardan or Fire Chief Flaugher. He asked Schardan to discuss the next agenda item, the generator.
6:54:23 PM Schardan Said there has always been a maintenance agreement on the one generator from CK Power, but the newer one doesn't have a maintenance agreement. The older one is up for renewal. The newer generator needs a maintenance agreement on it. The cost is $630.00 each.
6:55:25 PM Gulledge Commented that this will be on the agenda next Wednesday. He asked Schardan to discuss the MEGSI Agreement.
6:55:31 PM Schardan He said he has received the letter for the Village's membership renewal into MEGSI. The fee is $1.00 per capita. He said the is basically an insurance policy. If there is a meth lab found in Maryville, MEGSI comes in and cleans it up. If the Village has to do this, it would cost four or five thousand dollars just for the meth lab itself.
6:56:15 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he was recommending MEGSI. He said was. This also will be on the agenda at next week's Board meeting.
6:57:20 PM Schardan Said he has talked to Secom about getting the new car on line. They said they can't get to it until next week. Hopefully next week this car will be on line.
6:57:47 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he had a chance to go out and check about the stop sign someone wants put up on Stonebridge and Deerfield.
6:57:58 PM Schardan Replied that he and Mann went out and looked. It is their opinion that it is too close to Keebler Road.
6:58:04 PM Gulledge Explained that this call was from the residents on Stonebridge, the street that goes back to the golf course, and Deerfield is the street that runs north and south. It is only a few hundred feet from Keebler. He said he tried to tell the person that it is too close. He said they all have young children, and with the traffic coming from the golf course and from Keebler, it is a hazard. He did as the ordinance suggests, he sent Chief Schardan and the Public Works Street Superintendent Mann out there to make a recommendation. He asked Schardan if they think it is too close. Schardan replied yes.
6:58:50 PM Kostyshock Suggested putting up some signs like slow, children playing or something like this.
6:58:54 PM Schardan Replied that he and Mann had thought about this also.
6:59:30 PM Bell Said O'Bryan asked where there is a good place to park their equipment for the Lake Dredging Project. They also would like Police patrol and surveillance for the equipment. This is very expensive equipment and they asked about vandalism problems. Bell commented that the back surveillance camera can see certain areas. His suggestion to them was to put the equipment in the area by the Senior Center. They asked for a patrol car to patrol at least once a night.
7:02:13 PM Callahan Asked Schardan if the full time firemen and the telecommunication workers have to join the Downstate Police Pension Fund also.
7:02:16 PM Schardan Replied that the firemen will have their own separate fund. They will have to change from IMRF. The telecommunicators remain in IMRF.
7:02:26 PM Callahan Commented that this takes place as soon as the Village officially adopt a Police & Fire Board.
7:02:32 PM Schardan Replied there must be an ordinance first that will create the pension. There will be two different ones. One for Police, one for Fire. Then the Boards have to be set up. The Mayor will have to appoint two people for the Pension Board, and then the members of the Pension Board, then the members from the Pension Fund will have to elect two people for the Fund. He commented there is supposed to be a fifth, retired person, but no one has retired from Maryville. Until the ordinance is created and passed by the Board, nothing will happen.
7:03:14 PM Callahan Asked about the numbers, as to what this is going to cost the Village.
7:03:24 PM Schardan Replied no. When he called them before, they told him basically, until the Village gets moving on this and give them the numbers, they won't give him any information.
7:03:35 PM Garcia Asked if the Fire Board is paid, or is it volunteer.
7:03:49 PM Gulledge Answered it could be, but he doesn't think the Village's will be. He will appoint the members. It will be a "stand alone Board" like the Zoning Board of Appeals. They will also have their own attorney.
7:04:35 PM Schardan Explained that there are two different Boards. There is a Pension Board, and basically all they will be concerned with is people going out on disability, they'll control the fund, how to invest it, etc. The Police & Fire Board will be three members. One has to be a Democrat, one has to be a Republican, the third one can be whatever. They Mayor appoints all three of them. What they take care of is the hiring, firing and discipline for both departments.
7:05:21 PM Gulledge Asked if there was anything else for Chief Schardan. He introduced Jared Collier of Juneau Associates, who was present to give the Board an update on the GIS.
7:05:34 PM Collier Said this is a culmination of about a year of work. About a year ago the Village passed the GIS Phase 1, primarily for the Public Works Department. He displayed this on the wall and explained what has been completed per the contract. There is another section that was done as a pilot project where they took a small section of the Village and expanded it to include other ideas of how it can be expanded and useful applications for the whole GIS System. He displayed the Village wide map with the streets being shown. The Village boundary is shown in a light red color. Part of the Village wide data that was developed was zoning. He said as the Board is seeing this, is exactly how it is installed on the software. Currently this software is installed on the computer in Public Works, and also on the server for those in the Administration Building.
7:07:18 PM Garcia Asked if the blue places indicated water. Collier replied it did, it is the lakes.
7:07:49 PM Collier Went on to explain the colors are different layers. The zoning layer details each property, and what it is zoned. The zoning classifications are on there also. he said the information is as current as the last published map. Some of the data on the map has been purchased from Madison County GIS Systems. One is the elevation contour lines, it shows the lay of the land in the Village for general planning, sewers, etc. He has also included the annexation limits that he had created for another project. It is the gray line.
7:09:12 PM Gulledge Commented that this is the boundary agreement lines with the neighboring communities.
7:09:21 PM Collier Mentioned the northern boundary area. He said he needs to take a look at it to make sure it is exactly right. It was created from another map that was provided to him. He said for the Public Works he did the water distribution map. It shows the water lines throughout the Village. The size of the pipe is color coded. Collier explained as they zoom in on the map, other features pop up, such as the fire hydrants, valves, etc. He went to another area and explained that Presson had provided him with his leaks and repairs report for the water system, and he included it in this pilot project. It shows the date of the repair, the location, a short description of the task, etc.
7:11:53 PM Bell Asked what the blue areas on this section were.
7:12:19 PM Collier Answered he digitized those from aerial photography. He stated another project he is getting ready to do for another community, Glen Carbon Fire Department, is they are going to map out all their possible water sources, including swimming pools, in case they have an emergency. Also building fire spigots on the outside so they will have books to show all the potential water sources for emergency situations.
7:12:35 PM Gulledge Commented about drafting water from swimming pools, it can literally pull an in ground pool right out of the ground.
7:13:12 PM Bell Discussed the 7th and 8th addition of Rolling Meadows. Collier has added a lot more detail and GPS positioning on different items. This is why it shows up gray as opposed to the other streets being in white.
7:13:38 PM Collier Said he did that basically to signify the area. It signifies the right of way, and so they could identify whether there were trees that the Village maintains on the right of way. He showed the residential water meters and he has tied in the billing information he was provided. He explained that this shows the size of the line, install date, water lateral, the account number, etc. Also it has the addresses, plat information and name of the resident. He commented that this system basically provides an avenue for access of information on a deeper level than is shown. It can link all kinds of documents to any of the features. He gave examples of valve maintenance records, it shows valve number, the date of installation, manufacturer, etc. He said pictures can be linked to any of the features. He talked about how this can benefit the Fire Department by providing the locations of children's bedrooms in case of a fire. They would know exactly where to go. He said the County is taking pictures of houses for the assessments.
7:19:29 PM Bell Commented that this can be linked also to PDF files and if there is a floor plan of a business it can be very useful to the Fire Department or the Police.
7:19:48 PM Collier Said that he did the hydrants like he did the valves. The Fire Department can document when the hydrants are tested and what the flow was, and what the pressure of the hydrant is. It has a place to record all the tests they do.
7:20:31 PM Bell Asked Collier to show some aerials.
7:20:35 PM Collier Said since Maryville is growing so fast, he went ahead and added in a subdivisions easements layer to show where utility easements are going in case they would have to do additional work. It will show if someone has built something in an easement. The gas pipeline easements are shown, as well as the electrical easements. He added purple layers to show what the subdivision is, and where it links to the sanitary sewer lateral locations. It shows the locations of the sewer system Village wide. It has the storm sewer locations for the pilot project only. With all the EPA regulations, he thinks it is a good idea to keep track of the storm sewer locations and where the outfalls are located for pollution control. He also mapped out road jurisdictions. He said he used the 2003 roads that were resurfaced with MFT funds. He said this might be a way to keep track of when the roads were last resurfaced, and when they might be resurfaced again. He said a more impressive part of the aerial photography is some aerial photography that was captured in late February or early March, 2003 by Madison County. They did a County wide coverage. The Village purchased eighteen tiles. This is the first time they have been done in color. He displayed some of the color tiles, such as the Mayor's house, Bell's house and Schmidt's house, all of whom live in Rolling Meadows. He said they did the signs in this area, and displayed this on the screen.
7:31:53 PM Callahan Asked if this will show where the sewer lines go into the homes.
7:31:53 PM Collier Said that when the contractor puts the sewer lines in, they measure from manhole to manhole, and when the put a sewer line in, they measure and mark where the line is and the line going into the house is basically just graphically shown. He said in a new subdivision it might be a lot easier as building permits get done to record where the actual sewer line is going into the house. But, for houses that are already built it would be quite a major undertaking to locate where the sewer line goes into the house.
7:34:02 PM Bell Commented that where the line ties into the sewer is pretty accurate, but the line going back to the house is basically a guess.
7:34:51 PM Collier Commented that one good thing about this as a tool, it is never a done job. It can always be improved upon. There is no limits to what it can do, except what the imagination limits a person to do. He said it is great to start with the new subdivisions and record as much information as possible. The older subdivisions are kind of hard to do.
7:35:19 PM Bell Said the Village has a lot of data that Presson has, and Melissa has, and Fire Department has that needs to be entered into the data base. He said they had talked about this when the Board first started looking into the GIS. That, the Village would need to hire a college student, or someone part time that basically does this data entry for the Village. This need still exists. He commented they need to talk about the pilot program and doing the easements and all the GPS points where the rest of the Village is not under the initial contract. He said when the Board first started talking about this, they were told it would be an ongoing project forever. The Village will get out of it, what it puts into it. This can be a very useful tool for every department in the Village. There is a lot of data to be entered, and data that will have to be updated.
7:37:02 PM Collier Commented that with this, Presson will always have an up to date sewer map as long as the map is kept up to date. The same goes for water, and a zoning map has to be published every year, and the updates to that would be minimal now. He said he and Bell have talked about putting the zoning map on the website. He went on to say that these things he has shown are examples of data that can be put on the software. The things highlighted in yellow, he has already included.
7:38:45 PM Bell Said that he has this information discussed is on the server in the Administration Department, and also on Presson's computer. He will be installing a reader on Flaugher's computer this evening.
7:38:58 PM Collier Commented that the software he is using the view all this is a free downloadable viewer. The actual software to build this, has several different ranges. All the way from $1500. up to $15,000. to purchase the software to build the data.
7:39:19 PM Bell Said in the Board's discussions, at this point, they have decided that the Village doesn't want to buy the $15,000. software. But, basically let Juneau provide the Village with occasional updates. As Presson makes changes, or new information, or as a data base is updated, Juneau will be given the information, and they will build the GIS system for the Village.
7:39:50 PM Collier Discussed the benefits of this tool for the Street Department also. Most of the information he got from talking with Mann. It will keep sign inventory, vandalism to signs, street inventory, etc. He said they have just finished a project for Glen Carbon on the GASB 34. They basically did an inventory of all their infrastructure assets, the depreciable assets, etc. in order to stay favorable with the government as far as loans and grants. He went on to say that the manholes that Mann puts the mosquito bricks into can be tracked. The same with playground equipment, records can be kept on when the equipment is maintained,. There is a layer that shows the property owned by the Village, also the Village buildings. In the Zoning Department, they can keep a data base showing building permits, when they are issued, for what address, violations on the permits, zoning violations, sign permits, occupancy permits, and this can be linked to the subdivision plots. He said the comprehensive plan map, the future land use maps, etc. all can be entered into the data base. This can be a tool for the Police Department as well. Glen Carbon has a system that when a call comes in, they have it routed through the phone company, the phone number and caller ID links to an address and the GIS system automatically brings up on the screen the aerial photography with that address is located. He said he would try to answer any questions.
7:46:09 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they had any questions for Collier.
7:46:19 PM Bell Talked about the contract the Village entered into with Juneau about a year ago. His question was if what the Village has now fulfills the majority of the contract.
7:46:37 PM Collier Replied all but tying up the loose ends, and making sure the software is installed everywhere it should be. They will give the Village time to review it and see if there are any changes they want to make.
7:46:56 PM Bell Commented that the Board has to make a decision on having Juneau continue with this, and also hiring someone to enter the information in the data base. He asked Juneau to put together a recommendation package of how he thinks the Village should proceed from this point, and the cost involved.
7:49:58 PM Juneau Commented that his thought is that the Village doesn't do this all at one time, but over a period of several years.
7:50:21 PM Bell Said they have shown them a lot of things in the pilot program, that Presson, Mann, and Flaugher should look at and see how useful this is to the Village.
7:51:27 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had questions for Collier. There were none. He said Juneau has brought in information on 18" parallel interceptor sewer. He asked him to discuss this.
7:53:04 PM Juneau Said this goes from Third Street back into a manhole at Third Street at the alley and goes south to Critter Camp property and then goes under 159 in a twenty-four inch casing the Village has paid for and IDOT will put in. He said they are locating this and putting a grade on that casing for the sewer line to go through from the west side of 159 and then leave the bike trail and go on to private property, on to Village property which is the old sewer plant and then from there it crosses onto another piece of property and then comes into and parallel to an existing interceptor sewer. He said he thinks this will provide the Village with the relief it needs, and will also provide for a large sewer for future expansion. He has the plans prepared and the applications for the permits ready for the Mayor to sign.
7:54:08 PM Gulledge Commented that what Juneau is talking about doesn't mean that this project couldn't be stopped. However, the IEPA permits must be obtained before the project can be put out for bid.
7:55:02 PM Callahan Said that Juneau mentioned earlier that this would be good for future use east. He asked how they would get under the bike trail.
7:55:31 PM Juneau Answered that the casing is under 159 on the north side of the bike trail, and then further to the east they will have to go under the bike trail to attach to the sewer.
7:55:41 PM Gulledge Commented they will have to deal with Madison County Transit. He said they been told by the Osborns that they have the sewer line worked out with the property owners.
7:56:29 PM Callahan Asked if it would be a gravity line.
7:56:42 PM Juneau Replied it will probably be a forced main.
7:57:36 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions. He said they need to get the documents signed, and get ready to go out for bid as soon as possible.
7:58:11 PM Juneau Commented that the first thing to do is to be sure to get the easements in place.
7:58:23 PM Garcia Asked what happens if they can't get the easements.
7:58:34 PM Gulledge Replied then they don't have the job.
7:58:35 PM Garcia Said what happens if they can't get the easements, but the job has to be done.
7:58:38 PM Juneau Replied they will take them to court and file condemnation, but they don't want to do this.
7:59:00 PM Callahan Asked Collier if they populate the data, with personal data, who is responsible if falls into the wrong hands.
7:59:47 PM Collier Answered that in the matter of personal data, it is an issue that the Village will have to address. Where do you stop without crossing the line , and once you do cross the line, how do you secure it. The data can be password protected. Currently all the information that is in the GIS there is nothing that is not public information.
8:00:13 PM Bell Commented that the data is in two locations. It will be on the server, and it will be on the Public Works computer. He said at some point in the GIS program, he wants a separate server just for the GIS System. All the data will be maintained there. What will be provided to the public will be on the website, and will be only what the Village wants to make available. The public does not have access to the Village's server.
8:08:17 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
8:08:29 PM Bell Said there is a concert Sunday, August 15th at 7 p.m. in Firemen's Park featuring the O'Fallon Folk Singers.
8:09:01 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1. He said he signed the letter to proceed today on the 16" sewer line damaged by Cape Construction. Haier Plumbing was the low bidder.
8:09:51 PM Schmidt Gave an update on the fire hydrant problem. He said he talked with Flaugher today, and letters have been sent out to the problem areas.
8:11:22 PM Bell Asked if there is any update of the Fire Department driveway problem. He commented that now that the Homecoming is over, this can be pursued again.
8:11:38 PM Limberg Said they are still looking into it.
8:11:47 PM Gulledge Said they are going to call in someone who can take some kind bore sample. He said he has no problem doing this, but it is very expensive, and if they are not going to follow through with it, he doesn't want to spend the money. It will be between sixty and a hundred thousand dollars. He said it is up to the Board.
8:12:04 PM Callahan Asked if they had ever talked to the people that jack the stuff back up. He said he wondered what it would cost just to get it jacked back into place, and see if it would hold up. He suggested replacing about a twenty foot section, and see what happens. Hire someone to pour the concrete, just to see if this will work.
8:13:47 PM Bell Asked about getting bids on what it would cost to do the driveways the way they want them.
8:14:04 PM Gulledge Answered they can prepare a bid specs. The only problem is they have had several professionals they are not sure how to spec it out because they don't know what is actually causing the problem. He said he is not sure it is mine subsidence, but he's not sure it isn't either.
8:14:42 PM Callahan Commented that if it was mine subsidence, it would affect the whole building.
8:14:42 PM Gulledge Replied there is a spot inside the building.
8:14:49 PM Bell Said the bay and the office area is sort of separated.
8:17:58 PM Gulledge He went to page 2.
8:18:09 PM Bell Commented that the bike path, West Main, and 159 projects are all on hold due to the strike. The Lake Dredging started today. They have started building the retention basin, and the dredge is supposed to be coming in next week. He said the Juneau did let them know that this is a grant process, and part of the grant is the publicity. He talked about the Firemen's Park large and small restrooms. He said the Park Committee and members of the Fire Department had a meeting to talk about a possible new pavilion in Firemen's Park. The consensus from the meeting was that they need to build something new where the old building was. Take the old building down and have something new to house the electric, but looks good. They want to dress up the old pavilion with a new roof and maybe some brick around the posts. And, tear down the large restroom building, and build two or three stalls for men and women into the new pavilion, using some Public Comfort money. He wants to make the park look nice, and to use the money from the "y" and some Public Comfort money to put in a second pavilion that would hold a little bit of storage, the electrical, a couple of restrooms, and an open pavilion area. He commented this is just an update, the committee is going to continue talking about this.
8:21:52 PM Garcia Said she did call about the Grizzly's Ball Game for the employee appreciation day, and it is very expensive, $16.00 per person, and the only night available was a Monday night.
8:22:51 PM Gulledge Said this just got away from everyone this year. He still thinks the best place is Nottingham Lodge. He suggested to Garcia that she pick a date for next year, like June, and give it to Limberg, so he can get it reserved.
8:23:22 PM Bell Talked about the walking path. He said most of weeds are out, but there are still a lot of ruts. He asked Kostyshock if they are planning on putting more lime dust down.
8:24:02 PM Kostyshock Replied yes. He said it keeps washing away. They are going to put in some berms to stop it.
8:24:16 PM Bell Asked if they have done any work on the playground equipment.
8:24:42 PM Gulledge Said he will tell them where they are with this. He said the Village paid to have the guy help put the equipment up. He was here on a Thursday, then the huge rain came, and everything was filled with water. He was supposed to come back the next week, but it was still to wet to do anything. This guy is scheduled out all over the Midwest. The Village crew needs him to show them how to do this, therefore, the Village is at his beck and call when he can get back. The guy told them his best day is on a Friday, but he doesn't know if Mann has him set up for this Friday.
8:25:07 PM Bell Said for the existing playground equipment already there, they need to dig out a little bit more, and put the gravel and mulch in.
8:25:31 PM Gulledge Commented that right now the crews are trying to get ready for micro surfacing the first week of September.
8:25:54 PM Kostyshock Said this week they were oiling and chipping. They have been very busy.
8:26:10 PM Gulledge Went to page 3. He said the Lin Hy micro surfacing is set up tentatively for the Tuesday after Labor Day. It is estimated to take 2 days.
8:26:56 PM Callahan Said that he missed the 07/02 meeting about sewers at Lakeview Acres Road and East Main.
8:27:31 PM Gulledge Commented that this was last year that he met with the Osborns on this. He said they finally told him at another meeting that they did get their easements from the farmers in the area. Nothing has changed.
8:30:30 PM Callahan Commented that in back of the cemetery, there is a creek that goes through there, are they going through the creek.
8:30:42 PM Gulledge Answered he hasn't seen anything on this. Juneau gave them a layout and it said they should stay in the layout. He hasn't seen the actual easements.
8:30:46 PM Callahan Asked Mayor if he has heard anything on the maps.
8:30:48 PM Gulledge Replied the gentleman who was doing the maps, suffered a heart attack. He came back to work, but suffered a relapse, and is off again. He called Wobbe and he came by and apologized and said they will get them here as soon as they can.
8:30:59 PM Bell Commented it is the maps and the electronic version. He doesn't want them to forget about this.
8:31:36 PM Gulledge Told him the last payment has not been paid, and will not be until everything is here. He went to Trustees Comments.
8:31:57 PM Bell Talked about a park pavilion. He said they have the $25,000 donation and there are some funds in the Public Comfort fund. He asked if anyone has a problem with the Park Committee investigating the plan he mentioned before.
8:32:16 PM Callahan Asked if he meant putting brick around the existing pavilion.
8:32:16 PM Bell Replied they are not talking about all the way up. He said some of the members of the committee have gone to other towns and they see these beautiful gazebo type pavilions, and Maryville has a "stick" type pavilion.
8:32:53 PM Limberg Commented that when this pavilion was built, the Fire Department donated the entire funds for the materials and donated the labor.
8:33:13 PM Gulledge Suggested that he bring the recommendation back from the Park Committee.
8:33:18 PM Bell Commented that what they plan to do is go to the College or High School and see if they can get the students to come up with some designs. Perhaps offer a $100 prize for the best design.
8:33:35 PM Callahan Asked how much money is in the Public Comfort and if any of it is earmarked for anything.
8:33:37 PM Gulledge Replied there is approximately $90,000 in the fund, and he doesn't know of anything being earmarked from the fund.
8:33:49 PM Bell The next item he talked about is an entrance to the bike trail. He said he doesn't know the name of the subdivision, but on the bike trail before 162, in Troy, they have put in a bike entrance off the end of the subdivision. It is striped and it has signs, and a "center thing that goes up and down". He said at 10 A.M. this Saturday, Madison County Transit is having a grand opening for this bike entrance. He said he stopped and talked to the residents of the subdivision that live on the corner. He said they love having it, they think it is great. He said Madison County is having the grand opening, and he thinks Madison County paid for the entrance.
8:35:13 PM Callahan Asked if this is in the City of Troy or is it in the County.
8:35:19 PM Gulledge Replied he thinks it is in the city limits of Troy. He commented that he and Bell are planning to attend the grand opening. The also plan to talk to some people to see about getting help with Maryville's bike entrances.
8:36:42 PM Bell Asked the Board for permission to purchase a USB mouse "thing", that basically allows anyone to control a power point presentation. Collier used one on tonight's presentation. He said the one he is showing, he borrowed from the Fire Department. He estimates the cost of one would be around $100.00. He was told to buy one.
8:37:56 PM Garcia Asked about a stop work order, where it is located.
8:38:10 PM Gulledge Answered it is on the back side of the golf course, he doesn't know the name of the street. He said there is a meeting on this tomorrow. They have had one meeting this week on it. He thinks tomorrow they will get it all resolved.
8:38:57 PM Callahan Asked what problems the County had with this.
8:39:01 PM Gulledge Replied it was mainly a problem with the Village, siltation, things like that. The people did have a State permit to do this, but unfortunately the didn't have a Village permit. The Village didn't know about it until the GIS study came up.
8:39:50 PM Gulledge Commented on the oil and chipping that has been done. They did East Main from Lange all the way out, and Parkview Drive from East Main; the cemetery road, all the alleys in town, and Lakeview Acres Road from Route 162 to East Main, and Daman which is a small street off Parkview. He said the other streets will be done after the repairs are done next year.
8:41:13 PM Gulledge Gave some information to Schmidt for the newsletter. He said at the next meeting there are four water service and pre-annexation public hearings scheduled, starting at 6:30 p.m. He said if there is no other business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn.
8:41:35 PM Limberg Made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, and Bell seconded his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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The Village of Maryville