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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date8/25/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:07 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of August 25, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Garcia arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Village Engineers Juneau and Massa, four (4) citizens, and two (2) reporters.
6:31:11 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the August 11th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. The motion was made by Schmidt and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:48 PM Gulledge Explained that two of the gentlemen in attendance, Walt Blotevogel and Bill Kleffman, were present to explain briefly the possibility of pursing grants for the Park and what the arrangements would be with the Village.
6:32:50 PM Blotevogel Said he and Kleffman have talked with the Parks Department about the grant programs that are available. He explained that what he and Kleffman do is simply do the grant applications and put their best efforts forward in presenting the applicants program. In this case, it is the Village and what the Village wants to do, not what they think should be done. He said Kleffman has a great vision for dealing with planning parks, etc. He talked about some of the grants that are available for parks and recreation. OSLAD recently received Twenty Million Dollars from the Legislature, therefore, the grant applications that were due July 1 has been moved to October 1. This grant is for parks and recreation for acquisition of land or for the development of existing park land. He said development means active recreation such as tennis courts, ball diamonds, playgrounds, etc. He said there are other grants through IDNR that are available, conservation grants that geared more toward creating green space, keeping it as green space, restoring prairie land, walking trails, etc. These grants are due in February. He said there is a Federal Program that is administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources that is due February 28th for recreational trails. This program deals with putting walking trails through the green areas or around the park to create exercise areas for the citizens, and would compliment the picnic area and ball diamonds. He said there is also Madison County grants that are $1.00 per capita. He said there is a Metro East Grant that is coming up October 1st, and it has a $100,000. cap on it. This grant is very complimentary to the OSLAD grants. He said he and Kleffman are ready and willing to provide their services to the Village.
6:37:14 PM Bell Commented, during discussions with the Park Board, it is his understanding that basically they (Blotevogel & Kleffman) will assist the Village in obtaining a grant, and would assist in putting it all together, including whatever designs are needed to obtain the grant.
6:37:41 PM Blotevogel Answered that typically the application requires a whole gambit of forms to be filled out, then in addition to that, it must be supported with information of the Village' desires for what is going to be developed, such as tennis courts, ball diamonds, etc. All this has to be worked up and put on a site development plan and included in the application along with a budget for doing the project. This is what they do. Then when the grant is awarded, they do the engineering survey for the project.
6:38:33 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:38:47 PM Bell Said on an acquisition grant, they must have all the information for acquiring the land, and know what it is going to be used for. He asked if they take care of putting this grant together, and what if the grant is denied. Is there no charge to the Village.
6:39:20 PM Blotevogel Answered there is no charge if the grant is not awarded, however, they would do the surveying and archeological work, etc. which is what they do.
6:39:30 PM Bell Asked what projects they are working on now, and if he has any references.
6:39:44 PM Blotevogel Replied Glen Carbon would be the best place for reference. They have been working there for many years. They have submitted grant applications for the Village of Hamel, the Village of Worden, the City of Edwardsville for their park improvement project. All these were successful.
6:40:09 PM Gulledge Asked if they have an agreement or contract for services.
6:40:24 PM Blotevogel Answered they have a standard engineering agreement that they would use. However, he said typically on the grants, it is a handshake agreement because there is no liability involved in putting a grant application together.
6:40:50 PM Schmidt Asked Blotevogel if between him and the Park Board, if there has been any talk about the size of a piece of ground they are looking for at this point. He asked if this is needed in the grant.
6:41:18 PM Blotevogel Replied this is a two part question. The first answer is there has been no discussion on any detailed plans with the Park Board. To this point, it has been more of an introductory discussion. The second issue, to submit an application, it has to be for a particular tract or a particular development, such as if the Park Board wanted to buy forty acres, they would have to know what the forty acres were. Also, appraisals to establish the cost must be included in the application.
6:42:23 PM Bell Commented that the land has to be identified and some kind of deposit on it, etc. going in to the grant application process.
6:42:36 PM Blotevogel Answered that it is not necessary to have secured the land or even have a contract on it. It would just be a tract of land that the Village wants to acquire. He said he thinks that if someone else was interested in the same tract of land, then a deposit may be a step that would have to be taken. He said the path they have taken in the other acquisition projects they have handled, they simply go into it and up front tell the people that they will not pay more than the appraised value. This is the most that will be given in reimbursement from any of these grants. They will not allow premium price to be paid for the land. If a tract of land was appraised at $600,000.00. IDNR will not pay more than $300,000.00 in reimbursement, even if $750,000.00 was paid for the land.
6:43:40 PM Gulledge Commented that it is a matching grant.
6:44:03 PM Schmidt Commented that realistically, just using as the example of 40 acres, property of this size will go anywhere from $800,000.00 to $1,000,000.00.
6:44:08 PM Blotevogel Said if the grant is for $1,000,000.00 they would pay $500,000.00.
6:44:11 PM Garcia Commented where would the Village get the other $500,000.00.
6:44:26 PM Gulledge Replied this is part of the problem, but it is not Blotevogel's problem. He goes in the direction the Village sends him.
6:44:32 PM Garcia Said why would the Village send him in a direction that the Village doesn't have the money to match the grant.
6:44:36 PM Gulledge Replied this was just an example, nothing is being decided.
6:44:54 PM Bell Commented the Park Board has identified some properties they would like to have.
6:45:16 PM Callahan Asked if it is possible to make the grant retroactive.
6:45:34 PM Blotevogel Answered no, any money spent before the grant has been approved is not grant eligible. However, the Village would have the ability to count what they had spent toward their contribution.
6:45:47 PM Gulledge Commented that a lot of the grants the applicant pays for the property up front and then is reimbursed on a 50/50 split.
6:46:04 PM Blotevogel Said it is as Mayor said, the IDNR grants are reimbursement grants. The property has to be bought and then there is a reimbursement.
6:46:25 PM Kostyshock Asked if it is possible to get a land acquisition and development monies at the same time, for the same piece of property.
6:46:44 PM Blotevogel Replied that typically it is not done. He said with the October 1st grant application, they do have a combination grant that will allow both. There is a $400,000.00 limit on the full project cost, which means it is an $800,000.00 project.
6:47:29 PM Callahan Asked Blotevogel to talk about what he has done for other communities.
6:47:43 PM Blotevogel Replied in Glen Carbon, they did a development, the Miner Park Development project. It was a $300,000.00 from IDNR for an OSLAD type project. This project is just being completed. It was previously an unused portion of the park and they turned it into ball diamonds, with concession stand and restrooms. It is all lighted now. They added two tennis courts that were taken out from where they are building the police facility. They moved them to the Miner Park area, added some walking trails. It was a nice park that they made a great park. He said the did an acquisition project for an area on the east side of town, it is called Green Space East. It is the acquisition of 93 acres of land. It was a grant secured under the open space land acquisition grant program that no longer exists. It was also a 50/50 grant. They did a project called Green Space North. The first portion of this was purchased with an OSLAD grant. It will be developed in the future with walking trails and bike trail. The second portion of this was purchased with a grant acquired with an open land trust royalty grant, the same as Green Space East.
6:49:28 PM Callahan Commented that in listening to him, they could take the Village's existing park, identify a section that for whatever reason had not been developed, and come up with a recommendation, and also make the grant application for that particular section.
6:49:51 PM Bell Said he thinks this is something to consider in the future. What the Park Board is planning now is the Village is outgrowing the current park with the things they want to do. There is also a need for something on the west side of the Village. They have identified pieces of ground. He asked Blotevogel what is the best way to approach land owners.
6:50:37 PM Blotevogel Replied that two projects he talked about in Glen Carbon involved more Village personnel and Kleffman. They were doing more of the contact work because it was more of a willing seller. The other adjacent property, the owners at first weren't interested in selling. Later on the wife found a home she wanted, so then they did sell. The Green Space East project he and Kleffman negotiated most of it. They met with the people and talked to them about buying the land, the limitations of being able to buy it. He said the final decision is always made by the Board.
6:53:16 PM Gulledge Commented that the attorney always tells him to make sure he has something in writing and references. He asked Blotevogel to get something together and get it to him and he will see that the Trustees and the attorney gets a copy. If he can get it to him soon enough, it may be on the next Board meeting agenda.
6:54:02 PM Kleffman Made couple of comments based on past experiences. He said if the Village is getting ready to buy land, even before a deposit is put on the land, contact IDNR and follow their lead. on doing things like this. He said a lot some things can be done that normally may not qualify in the grant. He cautioned the Board about signing contracts or putting money down without consulting IDNR.
6:58:44 PM Gulledge Thanked the gentlemen for coming. He went to the next agenda item, Change Order on 159 for Maryville Utility Relocation.
6:59:52 PM Massa Said he was submitting a change order for additional water main relocations on 159. It came to their attention when Keller Construction was working on a storm sewer in the area of the Shell Credit Union, just north of Bauer Lane, that there was an area of water main that the plan IDOT had submitted to them showed the water main being okay. But when Keller was digging, they came across the water main. He said they did some exploratory excavation with the Village crews to determine what areas would need relocated. He showed the area on the GIS map. He said in the Shell Credit area there is a conflict, and also in the area of the Red Apple and Allen Plaza. He said instead of doing two small relocations, he suggests doing one relocation. He said based on the unit prices with the contractor, Ehret Plumbing, he estimates it is going to be between $70,000 and $80,000.
7:03:14 PM Callahan Asked if everyone thought it was further off the road.
7:03:18 PM Juneau Replied that according to the information furnished by IDOT, the line was shown far enough off the road that they didn't think it would have to be relocated. He said in their office they were debating on whether to replace it anyway because it is an asbestos cement transite pipe through this section from Division Street on. When they were putting in the storm sewers they started getting close to it, and hit it, but didn't break it. They had Presson go out and pothole some more, and found it is not where it was shown. It must be moved. He said if they had had more information, and time to research a little more, it would have been included in the original bid price.
7:04:53 PM Bell Asked if it would have cost about the same.
7:04:58 PM Juneau Answered yes. He said because of the size of this change order, and because the contractor needs it moved right away, he prefers it be done as a change order rather than re-bidding it, which is an option.
7:05:53 PM Gulledge Commented he knows that re-bidding is a possibility. However, he had Massa contact Ehret to make sure he would hold the cost just as he submitted on the original bid. He said he would. Mayor said it is his recommendation to the Board to approve a change order. He said IDOT paid an independent contractor to do the pot holing to find the utilities. He said they didn't pot hole for the Village utilities. He wanted the Board to understand, that it would not have made a difference anyway had he found them. The Village would still have to move them. Anything that is on the highway right of way must be moved.
7:07:30 PM Massa Said the company IDOT hired to do the utility locations provided IDOT additional files showing where all the utilities were located. He said somewhere along the way, IDOT's design department switched utility files, and did not include the file in the drawing. All the drawings shown were from an old digital file. They realized this when the contractor was hitting other utilities. They went back to their design department and found that someone in their design department did not take the digital file that was provided by the locate company and incorporate it into the design.
7:08:21 PM Gulledge Commented that the bottom line is the line still has to be moved.
7:08:32 PM Bell Said they haven't hit any of the Village utilities , and said there hasn't been any additional costs because of the mistake. He asked if there have been costs to the other utilities.
7:09:01 PM Massa Said he doesn't know what other problems they are having. He heard the contractor saying that other utilities are in their way.
7:10:29 PM Garcia Asked about the asbestos pipe Juneau mentioned earlier.
7:10:38 PM Juneau Explained that in the 1950's and 60's asbestos cement pipe was widely used. He said every community put it in.
7:10:59 PM Garcia Asked if the water goes through this pipe.
7:11:01 PM Juneau Replied yes. He said the water is tested. He explained the pipe is in the ground in such a way that it is not peeling off in the water. There is no human health hazard.
7:11:26 PM Bell Said she asked if the asbestos is on the inside.
7:11:32 PM Juneau Replied it is the whole pipe.
7:11:44 PM Gulledge Commented that if there was any health hazard, they would make them tear it out.
7:11:59 PM Callahan Asked Juneau if the pipe is eight inches now. He was told yes. He asked if it was being replaced with an eight inch, or will it be upgraded to ten inches. He was told it will be ten inches.
7:12:14 PM Gulledge Said he asked Juneau and Massa to come to this meeting to explain this because it is a change order, and it is a big number. He asked the Board to allow them to do this as an emergency change order to get this project moving forward. He said also, if they decide to do this, they will have to extend the completion date. He asked the trustees their opinion.
7:13:03 PM Limberg Said they have to do this, they don't have a choice. Do the change order.
7:13:10 PM Schmidt Replied once again they are in a corner, do it.
7:13:21 PM Bell Replied he is okay with it.
7:13:22 PM Callahan Said yes.
7:13:42 PM Kostyshock Said yes, but he has a question. He asked if this is anywhere else.
7:13:55 PM Juneau Answered not that they know of. The only gap left is from Bobby's Custard down to Division Street.
7:14:02 PM Massa Commented that they have done some additional pot holes in that area with Presson and his crew. He said Presson is confident that this section is alright.
7:14:10 PM Garcia Said she is okay with this also.
7:14:19 PM Bell Asked if IDOT had located their files.
7:14:26 PM Massa Said he doesn't agree with their files. It is like the Mayor said, they didn't pot hole right. He doesn't know what they used to determine water line locations.
7:15:13 PM Bell Said he is concerned because the construction engineer is going off their drawings.
7:15:32 PM Gulledge Said this will be handled as an Emergency Change Order. He would like to have all the information by Tuesday for the packets. He wants to act on this at Wednesday's Board meeting.
7:16:09 PM Schmidt Asked if they are sure it is a water line, and not just something abandoned. Juneau told him it is the water line.
7:16:47 PM Bell Commented that the lake dredging is scheduled to start at 7 a.m. tomorrow.
7:18:05 PM Callahan Asked Juneau about a local contractor that did a road change without permission. He said he thinks this is about the fourth time in the last two years that something has been done without the permission of the Village. He asked what other communities do in this case.
7:18:40 PM Juneau Replied the issue stop work orders, hold back on building and occupancy permits, hold back on construction permits. This gets their attention pretty fast.
7:19:52 PM Gulledge Said they have a stop work order on the project.
7:20:07 PM Juneau Said they have a stop work order, and he suggests not issuing an occupancy for the building until the road is fixed. He commented that Maryville is not unique in this. Other towns deal with this a lot, and they get their attention with stop work orders. He suggests Maryville start issuing more of them.
7:20:42 PM Callahan Commented he saw them out today surveying. So he is sure now that they are going to start shooting the grades, and find out how much elevation change they've made, etc.
7:20:58 PM Gulledge Said they have already been told that if it doesn't match up with the plans, the storm drain and curbs will be torn out and done over.
7:21:11 PM Juneau Commented that he agreed to this on the phone.
7:21:14 PM Gulledge Said he issued the stop work order.
7:21:25 PM Callahan Commented that there was some concern before about where the water was going to go and the drainage. He said they had been working to reroute some of the water, but now all their plans will be for naught, because of the elevations now.
7:21:45 PM Juneau Commented that is what upset him, when he stopped by to look at the project, a concrete curb had been poured.
7:22:00 PM Gulledge Said unless the ordinance is changed to put a bigger fine on things like this, they can only work within the system. He said he thinks the stop work order will get their attention.
7:22:10 PM Callahan Said his point on this whole thing is that it makes the Board look bad. He said he doesn't think people know that they have been stopped. He said at some point they will be allowed to restart, and now the Board is going to have to come up with a compromise, short of saying put it back the way it was.
7:24:55 PM Gulledge Thanked Juneau and Massa for coming this evening. He went on to the next agenda item #10.
7:25:12 PM Bell Discussed the GIS Server while Juneau was still present.  He said he doesn't have any numbers yet, but they need to start moving forward with this. One of the things that must be done as a Village, is to obtain and put together a GIS server, apart from the data server. He said Computron is putting together some bids on purchasing and installing a server just for the GIS System. It will be housed in Village Hall, but it will be a shared server for the whole Village. There will be hard connections between Village Hall and the Police Department, Public Works Building, and a virtual private net work to the Fire Department. He said what this provides is one common GIS data base shared by the entire Village staff. He asked Computron to put together some prices on installation and the cost of the server.
7:27:14 PM Juneau Suggests that the water and sewer billing be on that server also, so that the data base on the lots and everything, what's going on in water bills, etc. can be interfaced with both the police department and water department.
7:27:48 PM Bell Commented that other communities have their GIS tied into the water billing. He explained that when a plat is clicked on, it is a picture of a house that says it is a water service customer. Further information can be obtained, such as billing history, etc. The water clerk can it in this sense. The police department in Glen Carbon has their GIS tied in with the 9-1-1 system. He said it is unlimited to what kind of data can be on this. The first step, however, is to provide a common data base. As this conversation went on, Bell said at some point someone will have to be hired to start entering the data into the system.
7:31:23 PM Juneau Commented that the Board should keep in mind that the data must be entered and kept up to date to be a useful tool, otherwise it is just another map. He said it doesn't have to be a full time position. It must constantly be updated, adding new subdivisions, etc.
7:31:41 PM Bell Said the first step is getting all the existing data into the server. This is something that is done just one time, then it is the matter of keeping it up to date. There is a lot of data they need to identify. He suggests having a staff meeting to go over these things.
7:33:10 PM Gulledge Discussed the 2004 overlay on Jacquelyn Court to be paid from Motor Fuel Tax. The cost is estimated at $22000. He said the Board must pass a resolution for the State to authorize the use of MFT monies. He said this has been discussed before, and if no one has a problem, it will be on the agenda for the board meeting. The trustees agreed, and it will be on the agenda.
7:35:35 PM Bell Next discussed the annual computer maintenance agreement with Computron. The new agreement is effective 8/1/04 thru 7/31/05, in the amount of $3000. the same as last year. He said they have done a good job responding in a timely manner when there has been problems.
7:36:27 PM Garcia Asked if this includes the labor and the parts.
7:36:30 PM Bell Replied, it is not the parts, it is just labor for maintenance.
7:37:06 PM Bell Talked about a router for the Public Works department. He said the cost from Computron is $210 including $89 installation labor cost. He explained that this is a router and firewall for Public Works to connect the new computer and old computer and network them together.
7:38:05 PM Garcia Asked Bell what this means, networking together.
7:38:10 PM Bell Answered that basically both computers will have internet connections and they can share the drive off the new one. He said they were using an old lap top for the staff to write reports, etc. They now will use the old computer to write their reports.
7:39:07 PM Bell Discussed the next item, Cedar Valley Bike Trail Landscaping. He said the Cedar Valley Bike Trail is in. He thinks it is a really nice job. He and Kostyshock went out there, and they talked to the residents, They told them they would try to make it look nice. He wants to get approval to have some landscaping done at the entrance at the cul-de-sac, and maybe a little landscaping on either side to dress it up.  Kostyshock has been trying to get in touch with the person who did the landscaping at the Administration Complex, since he has done such a nice job.
7:40:08 PM Gulledge Said if everyone is in favor of landscaping the entrance, they need to give Kostyshock a number to work with.
7:40:41 PM Kostyshock Suggested $500.00, but he will try to get something done for less. The trustees all agreed.
7:42:12 PM Gulledge Talked about the MEPRD grant, which is the Metro East Park 7 Recreational Department grant. He said this is 1/10 of 1 percent of sales tax for St. Clair and Madison Counties.
7:42:50 PM Juneau Said this is a very good grant. He has worked with this grant a couple of times. He encouraged the Board to send in the application for it.
7:43:11 PM Gulledge Discussed what the Park Committee recommended at their meeting. They recommended that the Board pursue a grant. It must be in by 3:00 p.m. on the 30th of September. The committee outlined a project that they feel very good about. They are planning on a restroom/lean-to off the restrooms with a couple of park benches on the east side of the park by Parkview Drive where the walking trail goes by, because these particular grants have to be tied in to a bike trail, walking trail, etc. The committee thinks this is a great idea. To all of the committee's knowledge, there are no restrooms from Horseshoe Lake all the way to SIU, except for a Johnny-On-The-Spot at SIU. He said he has made a few phone calls and everyone thinks it is a great idea, it just a matter of getting the application put together by September 30th. The tentative numbers are in the neighborhood of $80 to $85,000. They will request 75/25 , with the Village putting up 25 if the grant is approved. He said this is on the east side by Parkview where the park property and bike trail meet. He has talked to Juneau about a site plan, and he has talked to an architect that would be able to put this together and meet the deadlines. This will serve not only the people using the bike trail, but also the park by having the restroom available. He is asking the Board for the matching grant, and only if the grant is approved. He said there is money in the Public Comfort fund, and it is designated for things such as this.
7:48:27 PM Garcia Commented that she would like to have this done, but what about the vandalism.
7:48:36 PM Bell Commented that they have to keep improving things for the residents, the Board can't stop building and doing things. He said they will eventually catch someone, and will make a believer out of him.
7:50:05 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they were okay with this. The trustees all agreed for him to apply for the grant..
7:51:02 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
7:51:25 PM Bell Said the Outreach Fest is September 25th from 10 am to 2 pm in Firemen's Park. On September 19th there is a Concert in the Park featuring The Crawdaddy's.
7:52:53 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
7:53:12 PM Schmidt Asked about the sewer bill with Collinsville.
7:53:33 PM Gulledge Said they had a very good meeting. Thelma and Jolene went to Collinsville to have them explain the way their billing is done. There are some things that still need to be done. He has minutes from his meeting on August 5 and he will put a copy in the packets. He spoke about the Hart Contracting issue. He thinks there will be something for the packets for next meeting. Attorney Wigginton told him he received a signed contract with the things that need to be done. Hopefully, this will be resolved and can be taken off the books. He talked about the Natural Gas Pipeline. He said Presson and Wigginton has made contact with the gentleman from Natural Gas Pipeline. He is going to work with Presson, and they are going to the site and Presson will show him exactly what the problem is. He told the Board he has signed the Notice to Proceed on the 16" sewer line damage by Cape Construction. He also signed a Notice to Proceed on Deep Well #4, and this will probably get underway next month. This is with Ehret Plumbing. He went to page 2.
7:55:51 PM Bell Asked for an update on West Main.
7:55:57 PM Gulledge Replied it is his understanding they are forming up one side. There were hoping to pour today, but he thinks the rain stopped them.
7:56:02 PM Kostyshock Said he was out there today. They didn't pour, but everything is formed up, the machine is there, all they need is dry weather. They probably won't do anything until Monday or Tuesday.
7:56:22 PM Kostyshock Asked how they are doing with CARD.
7:56:36 PM Bell Read an e-mail he received from Mark Badasch. He said they have been working on three parcels. on one, the owner does not want to sell. The other three are a little farther north toward 162 and 157. He said that basically Badasch is saying the people are adamant that they don't want to sell. It doesn't seem to be going well. He said he also mentioned in his e-mail the project they are working on with the YMCA, to put a connector from the YMCA down to the Bike Trail. It will be about a one mile connector. He said once they finish this project, they will be ready to look into helping the Village develop the four plus acres. He said at the Park meeting, they discussed perhaps someone from the Village, either the Mayor or himself, go out and approach the people and see what they can do about obtaining ground for a park on the west side.
7:58:51 PM Gulledge Asked the reporters present to put something in their article about the Village wanting to put a park on the west side of town.
8:00:07 PM Limberg Asked about the Employee Appreciation Day for next year. He asked Garcia what month she would prefer.
8:00:21 PM Garcia Suggested June.
8:00:57 PM Gulledge Said they should pick a Sunday in June, whatever would be available. The discussion went on to whether it should be a Saturday or Sunday. Last time was on Saturday. He told Limberg to see what is available, and pick a day. He went to page 3.
8:01:14 PM Bell Asked about the status on the playground equipment.
8:01:24 PM Gulledge Said the guy came out and did his second day's work. There is an orange fence around it. The Village crew has not been able to get back to it because of the work on Lin Hy Terrace.
8:01:56 PM Bell Asked if they had one more day with the supervisor. He was told no, he was finished. Bell asked that the playground equipment be added to the To Do List.
8:02:09 PM Schmidt Asked if there was anything on the feasibility study on the communication consolidation.
8:02:31 PM Gulledge Answered that he talked to Chief Bradford today, they are trying to set up a meeting. A date hasn't been set yet. He wants to set up a meeting with the Mayor and Police Chief of each community.
8:03:00 PM Schmidt Asked if a Police & Fire Board is formed before the consolidation decision is made, will that take the decision away from this Board and put it into the hands of the Police & Fire Commission.
8:03:20 PM Gulledge Replied the Police & Fire Board have nothing to do with the telecommunicators. That decision remains with this Board.
8:03:59 PM Bell Asked who attends the monthly Public Works meeting.
8:04:02 PM Gulledge Replied it is himself, Kostyshock, Mann, Presson, Juneau and either Bob Mass or John Dutton. He said he always lets the trustees know, so if anyone wants to attend, they can.
8:04:11 PM Bell Said he is looking for a forum to discuss the GIS stuff. He asked if it could possibly be included, and include the Police Chief, Melissa, and the Fire Chief.
8:04:30 PM Gulledge Replied he would rather have a GIS meeting because the Public Works meeting goes for two hours, and sometimes everything that needs to be discussed doesn't make it. He said he would prefer a meeting be set up to meet Bell's schedule since he knows more about the GIS than anyone else.
8:05:11 PM Bell Asked if this can be added to the To Do List, to have GIS meetings.
8:05:22 PM Gulledge Said it could, and asked Bell to set it up. He said the Public Works meeting is tomorrow, the fourth Thursday of each month, and anyone is welcome to come.
8:06:03 PM Bell Asked if there were any updates on the Comprehensive Plan, and the electronic version.
8:06:16 PM Gulledge Answered yes. He received a call from Tom Wobbe, he said it is at the printer, they are waiting to get them back, and he will have them delivered. He said he told Wobbe that he wanted the electronic version as well.
8:06:26 PM Bell Asked to have the GIS Server put under Computer Technology on page 4 of the To Do List.
8:06:55 PM Garcia Asked why the County Wide Sewer meetings have been cancelled until further notice.
8:07:10 PM Gulledge Answered that they are trying to find out who really wants to be involved. He said some of them wants to back out and go their own direction. He said they are still trying. Maryville and Glen Carbon are still on board, and the Collinsville Township people also. He went to Trustee Comments.
8:07:51 PM Schmidt Said everyone should have copy of the final draft of the newsletter, any corrections must be given to Jolene by 9 a.m. tomorrow. He commented on the Planning Commission meeting held on Monday. There were five issues. One was a minor subdivision presented by Marty Mestemacher, that is off Williams Street. He is subdividing the property into four plats. The Planning Commission granted him a variance to put in a private road to give access to the four lots.
8:09:40 PM Garcia Asked that as a Board, didn't they decide there would not be anymore private roads.
8:09:56 PM Gulledge Replied the ordinance states there are no private roads, but the Board has granted several.
8:10:01 PM Callahan Commented that he thinks it comes down to the best use of the property. If they can't do this, there is only one home, where if they are allowed to put four, the Village is collecting real estate taxes off four homes instead of one.
8:10:14 PM Schmidt Commented that the owner is responsible for the maintenance of the road. He said this was discussed at the meeting. They talked about it at length and decided to grant the variance.
8:10:33 PM Gulledge Said without the variance some of the lots are land locked.
8:11:14 PM Schmidt The second item was a presentation from some developers that want to put up an assisted living complex called the Cambridge House. The developers are looking at purchasing a couple of parcels of land that border both sides of 162, near Vadalabene with areas of retail and SR-2 development north of 162 and south of 162. He said this is basically just in the talking phase right now.
8:13:18 PM Gulledge Commented that this is just a site plan, they are not in the Village limits. He said he told them that without annexation, there would be no water and sewer. He said they understood this. He said he also told them that the Village has just constructed a new Comprehensive Plan. He said he told them that the plan calls for commercial along 159 and 162. He again said this was just a site plan. They are going to put together a pre-annexation agreement, which he will see that everyone gets a copy. They will be able to vote for it or against it.
8:18:13 PM Callahan Asked about a drawing the Baptist Church put out. He asked if it meant that the people who were going to do the assisted living not going to anymore.
8:18:22 PM Garcia Replied no, the Church bought the ground.
8:18:34 PM Callahan Asked if the agreement the Village had with CWBA and the Church could be passed along or is it good only with that group.
8:19:25 PM Gulledge Said the sewer reimbursement will continue, but the whole reimbursement will go to the Church.
8:20:14 PM Gulledge Commented that the drawing Callahan is referring to is a concept plan. The Church just wanted to let the Village know what they are planning to do.
8:21:22 PM Schmidt Went on to say another issue discussed at the meeting was the final plat approval on the First Addition to Remington. The plat was reviewed by John Dutton of Juneau Associates, and he had numerous recommendations that need to be done. One item was the width of the streets that was in the Village Ordinance in 1997. There was a pre-annexation agreement in 1997 entered into with the piece of property for this development. The Board recognized that there had been oversights in the past and some miscommunication and or a misunderstanding of what the width of the road is supposed to be. The developers were told that there is a good chance that the Board will not approve the narrower roads. There are problems with part of the first addition that borders Lakeview Acres Road. The way this is plotted out, there are portions of the road that overlap two or three lots in the development. It can be the request of the Planning Commission to require the developer to redevelop the road. The developers were not pleased with this.
8:25:19 PM Gulledge Commented this is no where near final plat approval.
8:31:01 PM Schmidt He went on to discuss Stonebridge Estates, and Stonebridge Bluffs. The same issues came up about the width of the streets, etc.
8:32:51 PM Schmidt Commented about signs painted for a business on Vadalabene and bolted on the Village Park signs that belong to the Village.
8:33:38 PM Gulledge Said Flaugher will be back from vacation tomorrow and he will have him take care of this.
8:35:23 PM Bell Talked about the annual maintenance agreement with BusCom for the audio recording system in the amount of $3521. He said it is the same as last year, and is due August 27 for one year, and is the same contract as last year.  He asked that this be on next week's agenda.
8:37:23 PM Bell Talked about an e-mail he received from residents on Keebler Oaks requesting another stop sign. Also they are asking that the speed limit be reduced to 25 miles per hour. They are requesting a stop sign at Pin Oak and Keebler Oaks. They are also requesting warning signals at the entrance of Keebler and Keebler Oaks.
8:40:23 PM Gulledge Replied that he has had these requests before, and he sent Chief Schardan and Mann to check it out. They said it is too close to Keebler, to put a stop sign there. He said he has no problem with dropping the speed limit . He said he thinks they drive too fast in that area.
8:42:20 PM Bell Asked for someone to respond to the people and tell them their concerns will be addressed. That the Board will consider lowering the speed limit, and take another look at the stop sign issue. And, that Keebler is not our jurisdiction. Also, that the Village does have officers patrolling.
8:42:52 PM Garcia Asked if the one stop sign on Keebler Oaks wasn't temporary. And now they are wanting another stop sign on the same road.
8:43:20 PM Gulledge Commented that the first little street off Keebler is Pin Oak Drive, and it is less than 250 feet from the other sign.
8:43:31 PM Kostyshock Said he doesn't think that is the problem. The problem is from Pleasant Ridge Road to the stop sign.
8:43:45 PM Gulledge Said that is not what the people are telling him. He said just because there is a stop sign there, it doesn't mean people are going to stop.  He said it is whatever the Board wants him to do, he'll do it.
8:44:09 PM Garcia Commented that when West Main is opened, it will be a lot better.
8:44:13 PM Bell Said there is a stop sign at Oak Leaf right now. They are asking for a stop sign at Pin Oak.  He said he doesn't see a problem with a stop sign there.  He said he thinks they are saying if there is a stop sign at Pin Oak it will slow people down.
8:44:50 PM Callahan Commented that he thinks they should wait to see what happens when they open West Main.
8:44:56 PM Bell Asked to have it added to the To Do List that they are investigating their situation.
8:45:01 PM Limberg Commented that the Chief has already looked at this.
8:45:15 PM Callahan Said the Chief said he didn't think they needed another stop sign. He went on to say that once West Main is opened, the people getting arrested will be the people who live in the subdivision.
8:46:21 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees what they wanted to do, put a stop sign up or not put up a stop sign, lower the speed limit.
8:46:33 PM Limberg Replied he would be in favor of lowering the speed limit to 25 mph, but no stop sign.
8:46:38 PM Schmidt Replied put the stop sign in and lower the speed limit.
8:46:49 PM Bell Said he would like to lower the speed limit for sure, and reinvestigate the stop sign issue.
8:47:01 PM Garcia Suggested putting up a stop sign temporarily until they open West Main and then take it down.
8:49:48 PM Gulledge Said from these conversation he thinks the Board wants him to tell the residents that the Board agrees to lowering the speed limit to 25. They are not going to put a stop sign up. He said he would rather tell them that at this time the Board doesn't see a need for a stop sign. At a later date they will take another look at the issue if it is a problem after West Main is opened.
8:51:18 PM Callahan Said someone was complaining to him tonight that people are drag racing on the north end of Keebler. He said he told them it isn't our call, it is County. He told them they would have to call County. They said they have, but they never respond.
8:52:17 PM Gulledge Said he will ask Chief Schardan if he will talk to Bob Hertz and see if they can send someone out at night to patrol the area.
8:52:34 PM Callahan Talked about the budget numbers. He said now that the know what the insurance rates are, etc. he has the budget numbers together, the salaries, insurance, etc. The department heads had already given him their budget numbers for 2004-2005. He said he was going to give them to Jolene, but then he thought about the privacy act. She would have to see all the salary, insurance, etc. Mayor said she sees them and she knows it is confidential information. He said he will bring the information to Jolene so she can start working on it.
8:53:41 PM Kostyshock Said hopefully they will pour one side of West Main Monday or Tuesday if it quits raining. They are ready, the have all the machinery there. In Lin Hy, there are four more curbs to pour. They are dug out and formed, so it will only take another day. He said they will be ready for the micro surfacing on September 13th.
8:55:09 PM Gulledge Said if there is nothing further to discuss, he will entertain a motion to adjourn. Schmidt made the motion to adjourn and Limberg seconded his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville