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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description caucus minutes
Date9/22/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:39 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting for September 22, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustees Bell and Callahan were absent. However, Callahan arrived later. Also present were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, one citizen and one reporter.
6:31:29 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the September 8, 2004 Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to place the minutes on file. The motion was made by Limberg, and the second was made by Schmidt . Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:04 PM Gulledge Discussed a proclamation for National Bible Week. He reminded the trustees that the Village has supported this proclamation in the past, and asked if they were willing to support it again this year. National Bible Week is November 21st to the 28th. He asked if anyone had a problem with supporting it again this year. No one did. This will be on the agenda for the October 6th Board meeting.
6:32:58 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, Elected Officials' Compensation. He said if there is to be any change to the existing compensation for elected officials, it must be done at least 180 days before the election. He said Attorney Wigginton sent him a memo about this, and asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss the matter.
6:33:17 PM Wigginton Said this is something he recommends to all the municipalities he represents, that they review their elected officials compensation each time before the general election. The next general election with respect to municipalities is for a term beginning May 1, 2005. Any adjustments must be made 180 days before that term. The last time the Village adjusted the elected officials compensation was in 2000. It has been four years. He said the reason for doing this every four years is because they must include adjustments in the growth of the Village, growth in the job duties, the number of employees, etc. He said the special census showed approximately 27% growth. His recommendation is that the trustees adjust their compensation accordingly, and align themselves with the neighboring communities. Recently, the City of Troy has adjusted the aldermen's compensation from $400 to $500. They raised their Mayor's compensation quite a bit. They also raised the compensation of their city administrator for the next four years. He is appointed, not elected. He said in 2000 the Board debated for quite sometime as to whether the Village should have an administrator or city manager versus a full time Mayor. It was decided that the Village would be better off with a full time Mayor. He went on to say if they do not adjust the compensation, the Mayor salary would automatically go back to what it was four years ago. He said it is his recommendation that the trustees adjust their compensation upward in line with the surrounding communities and that the Mayor's current salary should be the base to use, and the trustees need to decide how they want this to increase annually, and the percentage, four, five, or six percent, or whatever they think is appropriate. He has a draft ordinance that is ready. It is up to the Board to determine what they want to do. He said what they need to do tonight is set the base to what it is now, and determine what the annual percentage increase will be. He said this is the only way this can be done. An elected official's salary cannot be increased during their actual term.
6:38:02 PM Gulledge Commented that Trustee Schmidt has provided the Board with a print out with several percentage options.
6:38:10 PM Schmidt Said he put this together today, he is not suggesting anything. He thought it would be easier looking at some figures instead of everyone trying to figure them out on their own. The figures start with a base of the 04/05 Mayor salary. The 3% increase over the next four years would be $6857.30; 4% would be $9280.40; and 5% would be $11,774.40.
6:40:01 PM Garcia Commented that she thinks all the trustees should be here when this is discussed. She thinks this is important enough that the whole Board should talk about.
6:40:11 PM Wigginton Replied that they received notice to be here, and they are expected to be here, and if they choose not to ---
6:40:27 PM Limberg Commented that in the past the Board has given the employees a dollar an hour. He said in looking at the percentages 3,4, and 5, he thinks 4% is a more workable number. He said he thinks 5% is a little high. He said even though the population is growing, the Village is still not as big as Troy and Glen Carbon.
6:41:38 PM Gulledge Asked the other trustees individually for their opinion.
6:41:43 PM Schmidt Said he also was leaning toward 4%.
6:41:56 PM Kostyshock Said he has figured out that over a four year period, it would be close to $3000 a year, and he would go with 4%, 3% is not enough because most of the hourly and salaried employees are receiving more than 3%.
6:42:32 PM Garcia Asked if they were going to vote on the whole package, everyone gets a raise.
6:42:35 PM Gulledge Said that is the next thing to discuss. Attorney Wigginton just presented the Mayor portion. They will talk about what the Board wants to do.
6:42:48 PM Garcia Commented that she feels strange, giving themselves a raise.
6:43:00 PM Wigginton Told her these raises are for positions.
6:43:02 PM Gulledge Commented that this doesn't mean the raise affects them. It would only affect the three trustees, and himself if they are re-elected.
6:43:23 PM Limberg Commented that this doesn't affect one side of the table. It will be two years before that side gets the increase.
6:43:52 PM Wigginton Explained that the compensation they are discussing this evening applies to those individuals who are elected, and whose term begins May 1, 2005. Whoever is up for election, and in the Village, it is the Mayor and the left side of the table. Whoever is sitting in those three chairs, May 1 will get the increase. The right side of the table will stay at the current rate for two more years. He said they need to set the increase for the Mayor position and then discuss the trustee positions.
6:44:48 PM Garcia Said she would go with the 4%.
6:45:02 PM Gulledge Commented that the two trustees absent will have a chance to vote "yes or no" when it comes before the Board on October 6th. Commented on the trustee compensation. He thinks based on the things Attorney Wigginton cited, the Village getting larger and they are doing more work, he thinks $500.00 is good. He said it is his recommendation that the trustee's compensation be increased from $400 to $500. He asked each trustee for their opinion.
6:46:00 PM Limberg Said he feels it is adequate compensation for the number of hours worked. He said Kostyshock is retired and is able to spend more time doing things.
6:46:22 PM Schmidt Said he thinks it is fair.
6:46:32 PM Kostyshock Said it is fine.
6:46:37 PM Garcia Said she thinks it is fair. She wishes there was more revenue coming in to the town.
6:46:56 PM Gulledge Told her they are working on it. They just completed the Special Census and they are doing everything they can. They're looking for grants, etc.
6:47:04 PM Gulledge Went to the Calendar Updates. The Outreach Fest is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Firemen's Park. He commented that Trustee Bell wanted him to mention that they had a good turn out for the Zydeco Crawdaddys concert. There were approximately 160 people in attendance. He announced that Saturday, September 25th from 9 a.m. to Noon, Clerk Long will be available in Village Hall to register voters. October 5th is the last day to register before the election. Monday, September 27 there is a Public Hearing at Planning Commission meeting. Keller is requesting a rezoning from SR-1 to PDR. He thinks Keller is talking about Villas or that type of thing.
6:49:54 PM Gulledge He went to the To Do List, page 1. He commented that several items for the attorney are on going, they are waiting to hear back. The MEPRD and OSLAD grants are ready to send in. He went to page 2. He said the Drost Lake Dredging is going well, but going slower than anticipated. They tested the water the second time, and it is excellent the way it is going back into the lake. He went to page 3, and asked Limberg if he has heard anything on the Employee Appreciation Day. No one has called him back. He said the Jacquelyn Court repair is moving along on the curb replacement. Massa called and Monday, October 4th at 10 a.m. the Motor Fuel Tax bid opening will be here in Village Hall for the Jacquelyn Court overlay.
6:52:07 PM Kostyshock Commented that his crew have all the bad curbs jack hammered out, they got to the cul de sac. They should get this poured beginning Friday, and hopefully will have it done next week. It is going good.
6:52:17 PM Gulledge Went to page 4.
6:52:22 PM Schmidt Asked if anything happened at the meeting this morning about the new building.
6:52:47 PM Gulledge Answered yes, they got the final drawing. It is on his desk. He will bring it down after the meeting.
6:52:50 PM Schmidt Asked if it is true that the front of the building will face the lake.
6:52:52 PM Gulledge Said that is correct, but there will also be a back entrance, just like the Seniors Building. They are going to try to match up an entrance with a canopy so the buildings will match. He asked if there was anything else on the To Do List to discuss. There was nothing. He went to Trustee Comments.
6:53:36 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:53:51 PM Schmidt Gave the Park Committee Recommendations for Trustee Bell in his absence. The first recommendation is to fund the Master Gardeners $1000.00 to purchase plants for Drost Park. Some of the plants will be used along the Myron Provence Parkway after it has been widened, as well as providing new planting to be used in other areas of the parks in the future.
6:54:41 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if any of them had a problem with allowing Master Gardeners $1000 for plants for the park. Limberg, Schmidt, and Callahan all said they have no problem with this.
6:55:27 PM Kostyshock Said he has no problem with this. He commented that the Master Gardeners have been purchasing ornaments and flowers for the park out of their own pocket. He said they just finished planting a new flower garden in the park last Tuesday or Wednesday, and it is beautiful. He urged everyone to go out and see what they have done.
6:55:40 PM Garcia Said she has no problem with this either.
6:55:47 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda for the October 6th meeting.
6:55:57 PM Schmidt Went on to give the second recommendation which was to repair the washout on the crossover of the Walking/Jogging Path using a method of enough cold patch covered with the agate screening and rolled.
6:56:23 PM Gulledge Said they have already looked at this, and they are planning on doing this as soon as they can.
6:56:41 PM Schmidt Said the third item is the "foot traffic only" sign.  It is gone and a  new one needs to be ordered.
6:57:00 PM Gulledge Commented that they are planning on taking care of this also.
6:57:15 PM Schmidt Said as a footnote the Park Committee added that some time ago the Village planned to add a pathway from the walking path to the gazebo when more agate screening was purchased.
6:57:40 PM Gulledge Commented that he doesn't remember discussing this, but has no problem with it. He asked if any of the trustees had a problem with doing this. The trustees all were in favor of adding the pathway.
6:58:34 PM Limberg Commented that while he was working on the Master Gardeners building, he noticed that there are a lot of bikes on the trail. There are "For Walkers Only" signs up, but they are ignored.
6:59:37 PM Gulledge Commented they know what is happening. They ride over the edge, and it breaks. He said they try to keep the bikes off, but it is hard to do. A lot of them that ride on the path are wanting to get to the restroom, and they have no way of locking their bike. Hopefully, if the other restroom is approved, it will alleviate some of this.
7:00:07 PM Callahan Asked Clerk Long if she knew if Brussatti found out about the sewer bond issue, and paying it off early.
7:00:20 PM Long Said she doesn't know if they ever called Brussatti back, but she knows he did call. Whoever he talked to was supposed to check on it and call him back.
7:01:07 PM Kostyshock Commented that West Main Street is open. The road looks good. He and Mann walked through last week and wrote down some discrepancies, and they thought they wouldn't do anything right away. However, they went out yesterday and all the discrepancies were corrected. He commented that they really did do a good job.
7:01:57 PM Gulledge Commented that he talked with Bob Massa and Charlie Juneau today, and they want to do a walk through as early as next week. They will be putting together a ribbon cutting, and as soon as the County sets the date, he will let everyone know. He said he had a couple of the complainers call him and say that it was well worth the wait. He said he also has had a couple of people from Keebler Oaks call and they are happy. They told him almost immediately the day West Main was opened, they saw a big change in the traffic on Keebler Oaks.
7:02:49 PM Kostyshock Commented that they were out there yesterday and they did go over to Keebler Oaks to see what the effect  was. They were there for a while, and they didn't see any traffic at all except people in the subdivision. He reported that they are working on Jacquelyn Court and hopefully next week they will have all the bad curbs poured and be ready to put the asphalt down. He spoke about the playground in Drost Park. The new equipment is nice addition. They have the rock, and all they have to do is spread it, put the mulch down, and hook up the swings. They are going to try to get it completed by the weekend.
7:04:03 PM Garcia Asked if anything has been done about the trash bin on 159. She asked if they didn't find out that they are using the wrong trash company.
7:04:10 PM Schmidt Replied that is correct.
7:04:18 PM Gulledge Said at the last meeting he asked for comments on the comprehensive plan. He wants to be sure they are right because he is taking it to SWIMPAC on Monday. He said he saw some writing on it, and after the meeting he wants to make sure it is right. He said the expense reports from the IML conference should be in by next Friday, so it can be on the bills for approval at the October 6th Board meeting.
7:05:16 PM Gulledge Told the trustees that he put in their packets a resume from the people who came to the caucus meeting to talk about securing grants. He said if anyone wants to call and do some background checks on these people, they are welcome to do so.
7:06:01 PM Schmidt Asked Mayor if he knew if IDOT on the larger intersections plans on putting traffic control lights with individual lane designations to help guide the traffic.
7:06:37 PM Gulledge Replied he doesn't have the answer, but will try to find out. He said there is a meeting Monday. He talked about West Main. Ehret Plumbing hit the gas main, and he wants everyone to know that tomorrow and part of Friday, West Main will be shut down from West Main to Nepute. They will be putting a new line in.
7:07:49 PM Callahan Asked if he planned on putting a guy there like last night at Nepute. He suggested putting two guys there because they were giving them a bad time last night. People were driving by, throwing things at them, etc.
7:08:58 PM Gulledge Commented he wanted everyone to know that the Village had nothing to do with the break. He said actually, they had to call the police. Someone was shooting a BB gun at the employees standing there. With no further business to come before the Board, he asked for a motion to adjourn. Kostyshock made the motion to adjourn, and Limberg seconded his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville