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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description caucus minutes
Date9/29/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:21 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of September 29, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He than asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Bell and Callahan were not present at this time.
6:31:52 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:31:58 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the September 22nd Caucus. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Schmidt made a motion to place the minutes on file, and Kostyshock seconded his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried. He went to the first agenda item, the purchase of a radar unit for Unit 150. He asked Chief Schardan to discuss this.
6:33:12 PM Schardan Commented that this radar is for Unit 150, one of the new vehicles. The unit from the old vehicle is old and damaged, and doesn't work properly. He said the old vehicle never had a camera. The camera, which is the next agenda item and is for Unit 150 also, is the same camera that was recently purchased for Officer Carpenter's unit. The cost of the camera and an additional microphone is $1514 plus shipping, and is from Martel Electronics. The radar unit is the same radar unit purchased last year on State bid, and is the same price, $1415 from Decatur Electronics.
6:33:57 PM Callahan Arrived and was seated.
6:34:05 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:34:15 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they had any questions or comments.
6:34:25 PM Limberg Commented that with the problems they are having with the old radar, if anyone would question it in a court case, it wouldn't stand up, it is useless.
6:34:45 PM Schardan Commented that it was being held together with duct tape. The last time it was certified, they told him they wouldn't certify it again.
6:34:52 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if any one had problem with putting this on the agenda next Wednesday to purchase a Genesis II radar for Unit 150 in the amount of $1415.00 from Decatur Electronics. This is the State bid. There were no objections. This will be on the agenda for the Board meeting of October 6th. He asked Schardan about the in-car camera and additional microphone for Unit 150.
6:35:27 PM Schardan Said this is the same camera they bought for the other vehicles from Martel Electronics. He commented for $1500.00 they can't beat this price. He said he ordered another microphone that sits on the officer's belt instead of having to wear a wire that comes with the unit and clips to the shirt collar area.
6:35:58 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments.
6:36:05 PM Bell Asked if all cars have cameras now.
6:36:11 PM Schardan Replied he thinks all of them do now.
6:36:36 PM Gulledge Asked if this is a State bid purchase.
6:36:49 PM Schardan Replied no, the last time he purchased these, he checked around, and this was the lowest cost.
6:36:58 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to check a couple of places for prices between now and next Wednesday. This will be on the October 6th Board agenda.
6:37:36 PM Schardan Commented about the award Officer Kanzler has received. He has been recognized as an Outstanding Elderly Service Officer by the Office of the Attorney General in Springfield.
6:38:06 PM Gulledge Said perhaps the Village could do something at the Board meeting to recognize him. He went to the next agenda item, the NESSE Loan pay-off.
6:38:22 PM Kostyshock Said he has spoken with Brussatti and Long, and there is enough money in the fund to pay off the loan. By paying it off early the Village will save the taxpayers approximately $10,000.00 in interest. It is his recommendation that they pay the loan off.
6:38:43 PM Gulledge Commented that they have been watching this for approximately a year. The fund is short about $50.00. He wants to make sure the Board is okay with paying it off.
6:39:22 PM Callahan Asked if the NESSE tax will not be billed on the October billing.
6:40:03 PM Brussatti Answered that the Water Department is in the process of converting to new software. The bill going out October 1 will not have the NESSE tax on it. If it is on this billing, according to the IEPA, the Village would have to refund the money to the residents paying the tax. This would not be cost effective. It is easier to delete the charges during the conversion instead of after it is done.
6:40:36 PM Callahan Asked Brussatti if any of the money in the fund was the Village's to start with.
6:41:09 PM Brussatti Answered that all the NESSE money is money that has been collected from the users on the system.
6:41:17 PM Callahan Asked if it was agreed to put the sewer tap money in the fund. He was told yes.
6:41:23 PM Bell Asked Brussatti if he got the ACH to work today with the assistance of Data Tech.
6:41:47 PM Brussatti Replied yes. The Village's e-mail has been down all day, and he couldn't send the direct deposits to the bank. The technician from Summit was able to send it via his lap top.
6:41:56 PM Bell Explained that he has been working on this all day. It is a Charter problem, affecting Maryville, Collinsville, and Granite City. The pipeline is not down, it is a routing problem.
6:42:17 PM Brussatti Said they told him they are upgrading and ran into some routing problems.
6:42:50 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
6:43:06 PM Bell Said the Pooch Party Dog Show is on October 10, the Rabies Clinic is the 9th of October. The Fire Department Open House is also on the 9th of October, and included with the Open House is a blood drive starting at 9 a.m. The Rabies Clinic is at the Senior Center, and starts at 9 a.m. The Pooch Party is at Drost Park by the Comfort Station and begins at noon. The big trash pickup with Midland Waste is October 25, 26, and 29 on the normal trash day.
6:44:49 PM Kostyshock Asked to have the Historical Library Museum meeting added to the Calendar. It will be Tuesday, October 12th at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall.
6:47:03 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
6:47:24 PM Garcia Commented she wants to add a few things to the To Do List. One is getting rid of the big trash dumpster on 159 just past the viaduct coming into town. The second item concerned parking around the fire house for park events. Both items will be on Page 2.
6:47:53 PM Gulledge Continued with Page 1. There were no comments on page 1. He went to Page 2.
6:48:09 PM Garcia Commented again that she thinks the dumpster at the entrance to town should be eliminated. It is not from the Village's regular trash hauler, and is illegal. She said she doesn't think they need a dumpster there. The trash can be put out like everyone else does.
6:49:00 PM Schmidt Commented this is on a list of things to be checked that he is giving to Flaugher.
6:50:52 PM Garcia Said she also wants to work on getting parking around the firehouse. She said there was no where for the people to park during the Outreach Fest last Saturday.
6:51:23 PM Bell Commented that they have discussed several ideas, but the Park Committee doesn't want to give up any of the park green space.
6:51:23 PM Garcia Commented that she is talking about around the park. There is a lot of ground there.
6:51:30 PM Bell Said on the east side of the Fire Department would be a good place for some parking. The Fire Department doesn't think it is a good idea to have parking on the same side of the building that the trucks come out of.
6:51:44 PM Garcia Said they could park on the north, east, and south side. On the north side there is a lot of ground, and also on the east side.
6:52:03 PM Bell Replied that the trucks come out of the north and south side of the firehouse. He asked Garcia if the church was in session. They normally allow parking in their parking lot if there is no church service.
6:52:11 PM Garcia Replied no, but people didn't want to park there. They wanted to park by the park where the activities were. She asked Bell if the trucks turn onto the grass when they come out of the bays.
6:52:40 PM Bell Replied no, they don't turn into the grass.
6:52:41 PM Garcia Said this is what she is talking about, putting parking in the grass.
6:52:49 PM Bell Said on the east side there could possibly be two or three rows of parking. The only problem with this is if they would decide to expand the fire house. He commented that it isn't much closer than parking in the church parking lot.
6:53:21 PM Gulledge Said he agrees with Garcia, and not only because of Saturday's event. It happens every time there is an event in the park. People don't know they can park at the church. He thinks there is a way they can pick up at least fifty or sixty parking spots that would be used. He also agrees that there is a place on the south side and north side of the firehouse to come in on the grass and not affect the trucks coming in or going out.
6:54:47 PM Bell Suggested a temporary solution would be to make up signs for the event saying there is additional parking at the church. He agrees there is a need for additional parking, but it needs to be studied further.
6:55:08 PM Garcia Said she thinks the Board needs to talk about this. The Firemen do not own the ground.
6:55:12 PM Gulledge Commented that all Garcia is asking is to have this put back on the To Do List for study. He said he still has the diagram that he and Bell drew up.
6:55:19 PM Bell Said they took it to the Fire Department and let them look at it, and the Park Committee looked at it. The Park Committee didn't want the ones that were wrapped around the park, because it took some of the green space. The Fire Department didn't want the ones on the north and south. They didn't have a problem with the ones on the east side.
6:55:42 PM Garcia Commented that the Board is the ones who make the decisions on what is done, not the fire department, or the park committee.
6:55:50 PM Bell Commented that the Board should make decisions based on all the committees, and not one single event.
6:56:03 PM Gulledge Commented that he has put this back on the To Do List. He asked Bell to take it back to the Park Committee. He said perhaps that he and Bell can modify the diagram and get at least fifty or sixty parking spots. He said something needs to be done, because it is a problem.
6:56:49 PM Bell Talked about the recommendation from the Park Committee for a pathway to the gazebo. He said this was a recommendation from the Park Board sometime back, but was never done. He said the Park Board is recommending allowing the Merz to buy some replacement rock for the gazebo. The Park Board will reimburse Merz for some work they have done. They keep the area looking nice.
6:58:10 PM Kostyshock Commented on the West Main Improvements. He said he was out there today and they have the center line, the crosswalks, and have done all the grass seeding ready and strawing, etc. Except for the final walk through, it is ready.
6:58:42 PM Bell Asked Kostyshock if he ever got hold of the landscaping people. He asked to have landscaping for the Cedar Valley Bike Path added to the To Do List.
7:00:00 PM Schmidt Asked if there will be no parking signs on West Main Street.
7:00:30 PM Kostyshock Answered they will be installed. They were out there today to look for locations to place them.
7:00:38 PM Gulledge Went to Page 3. He commented that he is taking the Employee Handbook off the list. Except for a few part time people, most of the books have been given to the employees.
7:01:21 PM Bell Said he was talking to the Data Technology technician. He asked why the readers aren't in yet. He said they have the meters, some have been installed, but there are no readers. Otherwise, the conversion is going smoothly.
7:03:33 PM Gulledge Went to Page 4. He said they should have the Comprehensive Plan in about a week, it is at printer. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:04:26 PM Schmidt Asked who is responsible for the street signs at the corner of East Main and Lakeview Acres Drive.
7:04:34 PM Gulledge Replied that it is probably the Village. If it is the north side it is the Village, the south side is probably township.
7:04:45 PM Schmidt Said whoever is responsible for it, Acres is spelled wrong. He asked Mayor if he has set any kind of date with the assisted living people.
7:05:37 PM Gulledge Answered he is waiting for a plat. He talked to the developer, and as soon as he has a plat he will set up a meeting.
7:05:58 PM Schmidt Said he supplied in the packets, the results of the rezoning from SR-1 to PD-R from the Planning Commission. They recommended the zoning change five to one.
7:06:43 PM Garcia Asked if they said why.
7:06:48 PM Gulledge Said they didn't say why, they voted and it was five to one to approve it.
7:07:05 PM Bell Commented that they should keep in mind that this is PD-R.
7:07:09 PM Garcia Said this area is commercial. The only commercial area the Village has to build up.
7:07:19 PM Gulledge Commented that they should wait until the public hearing on Wednesday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m. to voice their opinions.
7:07:43 PM Schmidt Said he also supplied copies of the minutes in their packets, which might be helpful.
7:08:00 PM Callahan Asked how many of the people were on the Comprehensive Plan. He was told all but two. He said he doesn't understand how they can look at the Comprehensive Plan and vote on this.
7:08:08 PM Wigginton Commented that these comments should be withheld until the Public Hearing.
7:08:24 PM Gulledge Agreed, and asked the trustees to bring all their questions and concerns to the hearing. He said he spoke for the Village at the Planning Commission Public Hearing, and he did tell them it is zone SR-1, but the Comprehensive Plan shows the area as commercial.
7:09:00 PM Schmidt Asked if anyone knew what happened that this property got zoned SR-1.
7:09:12 PM Gulledge Answered it was zone SR-1 because it was not an original piece of the original development. It was the old Piquard farm and it was purchased afterward and came in according to Illinois State Statute with annexation as SR-1.
7:09:31 PM Bell Said if it is not zoned PD-R, then it stays SR-1.
7:09:38 PM Callahan Asked if this piece of ground is part of the approved Business District.
7:09:50 PM Wigginton Answered no, he believes it ends in a straight line across.
7:10:08 PM Bell Asked what the ordinance says about political signs, isn't it thirty days. He commented that they are all over, and some have been up since August. He suggests sending someone out and take them all down.
7:11:01 PM Gulledge Commented they can't take signs down in a person's yard. They can be removed from the right of way. The Code Enforcement Officer can notify the people that they have seven to ten days to remove them. There was one sign that he and Flaugher measured. It was too large, and Flaugher made them remove it.
7:11:23 PM Callahan Asked if it was the sign at 159 & Vadalabene. It was. He asked about the portable sign that was put up Sunday.
7:11:25 PM Gulledge Said they gave him a notice to take it down. However, he has seven to ten days to remove it.
7:11:41 PM Callahan Asked about the sign across the street that has been up for a year now. It is a temporary sign that is also off site advertising, in front of Allen Plaza. It advertises the Scrapbook in O'fallon and somewhere else, and is a plastic sign.
7:12:19 PM Wigginton Commented that the Code Enforcement Officer can go on the property and advise the homeowner that they are in violation of the Village Code, and give them a notice to remove it. If they don't comply, the Code Enforcement Officer can take action.
7:12:30 PM Callahan Asked Limberg if the person with the "big TV tower" on 162 was in the city. He was told that he is not. He has a sign that is in violation of the code.
7:12:56 PM Gulledge Told the trustees that when they see something they feel is a violation of the code, to call the Code Enforcement Officer. He said it was put in the news letter, and Flaugher has told a number of people about the signs. He said he has had candidates calling him because some have signs up, but he was told he couldn't put signs up yet.
7:13:46 PM Schmidt Commented that some signs are up in unincorporated areas. The Village has no control over this. Some people think they are in the Village.
7:14:22 PM Limberg Commented about regulations in subdivisions. He said if the subdivision has an organization, such as his subdivision, there are no legal signs allowed. If one is put up, it is taken down.
7:14:54 PM Wigginton Commented that a Municipal government can't prohibit, and the Village is not trying to prohibit the signs. They are just trying to regulate them. He commented that this should be given to the Code Enforcement Officer to handle.
7:15:27 PM Gulledge Commented that probably right now there are 150 to 200 signs up already. They take them down, then put them back up.
7:15:38 PM Garcia Asked why would this be so difficult. Can't they go to the house and tell them it is against the ordinance, and ask that the sign be removed until thirty days before the election.
7:16:07 PM Callahan Said the sign ordinance is complicated, and some of it is dumb. Like the rule that signs can have only one color of letters. He said he doesn't know why that was put in the ordinance. Multi-color letters are in violation. He talked about the temporary and off-site advertising signs. He said from Sharky's on through town, there are at least a dozen signs, and he is not talking about the political signs. They are temporary signs and off-site advertising signs. The ordinance is not enforced. He said business owners are complaining because they can't have a sign. He commented that if the ordinances are not going to be enforced, they should be changed. He feels the one about multi-colored letters should be changed.
7:17:38 PM Bell Discussed locks for the firehouse. He had three bids for a new lock system to replace the side door locks and the lock on the Chief's office with push button combination locks. He said the reason for this is they are having a lot of problems with keys, and the doors being left unlocked. The bids are: O'Hare for $2166.00, Village Locksmith for $1742.00, and Metro Lock & Security for $1615.00.
7:19:12 PM Gulledge Said he has talked to the fire department and told them he can't understand what the problem is with the doors on the north and south side being left unlocked. There are full time employees there, and they should be able to lock the doors. Each fireman has keys to the firehouse.
7:19:51 PM Bell Said this is part of the problem, the turn over of firemen, and there are keys all over. He said part of the problem is the front door lock doesn't work real well. Most people go in through the gray doors. He said the Chief and Assistant Chiefs got the bids and asked him to bring them to the Board. Their recommendation would be going with the lowest bid, which is $1615 from Metro Lock & Security.
7:20:57 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg what he wanted to do.
7:21:12 PM Limberg Replied he thinks they should change the locks, and have every fireman sign for a key. If they leave the department the key must be turned in. If they don't turn in the key, impose a fine.
7:21:54 PM Schmidt Commented that there are numerous times he has been to the firehouse without his key, and he had to stand around and wait for someone with a key to arrive. He doesn't see a need for a push button lock on the officer's door. He does see the need for the two exterior doors. He suggests getting bids for two exterior doors only.
7:22:24 PM Bell Recommends tabling this issue for two weeks and have someone at the next caucus to explain the total reason why they are asking for these locks.
7:22:45 PM Callahan Said he agrees with Limberg. He said what Limberg said makes sense. Make them responsible for the keys.
7:22:48 PM Garcia Commented why should the taxpayers put out money for new locks because of their irresponsibility.
7:23:27 PM Gulledge Suggested letting them come in two weeks and explain why they need this. He will have someone from the Fire Department at the next caucus.
7:24:09 PM Callahan Commented that he doesn't understand the PD-R process. If the people have not presented a plan to the Planning Commission, how can the Village be considering a PD-R when the Village will be the one determining what it looks like. He thinks they should have an approved plan, not a piece of ground they want to make PD-R. He said technically the Village is the one who makes the decisions as to the color of the brick, etc. He said he has seen nothing. They are asking the Board to approve a PD-R and they haven' seen anything.
7:25:10 PM Wigginton Answered that generally in amending zoning, they don't get into the details about the color of the vinyl, that may be there or the color of brick, but what they do with respect to PD-R and PD-B, it would make it much more palatable to a Board or Commission to see what exactly it is, or what could be there. He said you would think the owner of the ground or developer would try to sell his case by showing what is going to be there. He said it is his understanding, and he has not seen anything, that the owner of the property brought photographs to the Planning Commission and displayed them. They said they were going to build something similar to the photos. He commented that Callahan is correct, he too thinks the owner would give an idea of what the development would look like.
7:28:34 PM Gulledge Commented that it is his understanding that when a person asks for re-zoning, they come in, and at the zoning hearings, it is not about what they are going to put on it, it is strictly about zoning and the classification. It is not about what might eventually go there. It is about whether or not the zoning is appropriate for the area.
7:29:04 PM Callahan Replied that the primary leverage is the ability to give them the permission, and that is the time when the Village has the most power. This is when strict restrictions can be made. Once they are given the PD-R and there has been no negotiating, the power is gone.
7:29:34 PM Wigginton Commented that he understands what Callahan is saying, but under the PD-R, if areas in Maryville is zoned PD-R, they are then required to go through the Planned Development process. Then the Village would negotiate a development agreement. It would have all the criteria of what he is saying. The Village would still have the power, because the Village still has to approve the improvement plans, and the planned development agreement. He commented that he doesn't know why the owner decided to come in with nothing, without trying to contact the Board, but it is his prerogative. He can try to make his case at the public hearing before the Board. That is why there are two public hearings.
7:32:22 PM Kostyshock Reported that the new playground should be in operation by Friday. He said it is nice, and is a good addition to the park. Also, there were 300 hardback books donated for the library today. He talked with Ehret Plumbing on the water line relocation on 159, and they are estimating in about 6-8 weeks they should be completed. Right now they are between Zupan and West Perry. They are moving along pretty good. They are going down the sidewalk.
7:33:08 PM Callahan Asked Kostyshock if they are going to pour concrete in the spots on West Main Street.
7:33:11 PM Kostyshock Replied yes, the spots now are temporary.
7:33:25 PM Gulledge Said if no one on the Board has a problem, he wants to put the annual Volunteerism and Community Service Proclamation for October 23 as Make A Difference Day on next week's agenda for approval. He is calling a Special Meeting on October 13th at 6:30 p.m. It will be a Board meeting. The State didn't meet the deadlines of the newspaper. They forgot to put the Village's request for Motor Fuel Tax on the Jacquelyn Court project. The bid opening was supposed to be on Monday, October 4th and could have been voted on at the October 6th meeting. The bid opening is set for 2 p.m. On Wednesday, October 13th. He asked if there was anything else to come before the Board. There being nothing, he called for a motion to adjourn.
7:35:26 PM Limberg Made a motion to adjourn and Schmidt seconded his motion. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville