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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 - Keller Property Re-zoning
Date10/6/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:17 PM Gulledge Called the first public hearing of Wednesday, October 6, 2004 to order. He explained the purpose of the hearing is to discuss a request from Dale and James Keller for the rezoning of their property at Town Center, Maryville. The property is currently zoned SR-1. They are requesting a change from SR-1 to Planned Development - Residential (PD-R). He said the Planning Commission held a public hearing on Monday, September 27, 2004. The Planning Commission approved the rezoning five to one, and they are recommending that the Board approve it also. He opened the hearing for questions or comments from those in attendance. He asked if there was anyone present representing the petitioners. There was no one present.
6:32:35 PM Schmidt Asked if Keller owns any other property in the area that is not zoned commercial.
6:33:05 PM Gulledge Answered that he is not sure, but he doesn't think they do.
6:33:33 PM Callahan Commented they own property on the other side of the Interstate.
6:33:46 PM Garcia Commented that she is surprised that they didn't make it commercial zoning.
6:34:07 PM Limberg Replied that it is a topical area, and the way land lays, it is not good for commercial. It is a very rough terrain.
6:35:22 PM Garcia Said it could be green space. Limberg said they will have green space.
6:35:34 PM Bell Commented that the property is currently zoned SR-1, he could build single family residences. He asked how can they get to this property without going through the business district.
6:36:22 PM Gulledge Replied that was one of his questions, because Town Center Drive ends at the western boundary of the YMCA, just before this property.
6:36:40 PM Bell Talked about his concerns for the bike path. He said there needs to be some control on the buffers. If there isn't, he thinks the whole tree line will be gone, and eventually there will be no buffers between the Villas, Bike Trail, and Rolling Meadows.
6:37:34 PM Gulledge Commented that the bike trail belongs to Madison County Transit. However the easements vary in width from 50 feet to 100 feet as it goes through Maryville. He said he is not sure what it is at this location.
6:38:20 PM Schmidt Commented that Maryville has an ordinance on the books that trees can be saved or replaced based on the diameter of the trees.
6:38:48 PM Bell Asked if the water and sewer lines go to this property.
6:39:48 PM Callahan Commented that the part that bothers him is they spent a year to a year and a half working on the Comprehensive Plan, and most of the members on the Planning Commission were also on the Comprehensive Plan Committee. He doesn't understand, it is like they are "putting the cart before the horse". He said he thinks before anything else, the PD-R format basically saying negotiate.
6:41:33 PM Garcia Commented that she also wonders how the Planning Commission can approve this without seeing some kind of plan, not just pictures of what it might look like. Didn't they ask to see a plan.
6:41:55 PM Gulledge Replied no one asked. Keller did bring in photos of multi-family units that are similar to what he plans on building.
6:42:21 PM Schmidt Read a portion of the minutes from the Planning Commission meeting, which basically states that the owner intends to develop upscale multi-family units. He plans an access to the adjacent bike trail. Also Town Center Drive will be extended to accommodate the development.
6:42:56 PM Callahan Asked Flaugher if he had the photos of the Villas Keller is proposing.
6:43:00 PM Flaugher Reminded the trustees that the only petition before the board is the zoning. They can't submit anything until the property is rezoned. There is no proposed development. The photos they brought to the Planning Commission are to show what they have in mind. He reminded them that if it is not a PD-R, they have no control over what he puts there.
6:44:35 PM Bell Said the Village has control of the streets, utilities, etc.
6:44:42 PM Flaugher Again commented that the Board has no control if it remains SR-1. If it is zoned PD-R then they can dictate the color of bricks, vinyl, etc. As the ordinance currently states, the zoning is all that can be acted on tonight.
6:46:06 PM Bell Asked if all property annexed in comes in as SR-1.
6:46:25 PM Gulledge Replied that it does, unless in the petition for annexation some other zoning is requested.
6:47:43 PM Callahan Asked if no one brought up the Future Use Plan.
6:47:54 PM Schmidt Answered that the Mayor did.
6:48:04 PM Gulledge Commented that he told the group that the property is currently zoned SR-1, but the Comprehensive Plan shows the area as Commercial.
6:48:59 PM Callahan Commented that a neighbor lady of his thinks it is terrible there is no multifamily in Maryville. He said he told her that if multifamily units are not properly and strictly managed, that within two years they are usually turned over to HUD. Maryville has one already, and he feels it is enough.
6:50:48 PM Gulledge Commented that there were some questions and comments that came up about how rough the terrain is in this area, and also they feel that the YMCA may be a hindrance to Commercial Development in this particular area of Town Center Drive.
6:51:53 PM Garcia Commented that Keller should spend more time trying to get a Wal-Mart or something instead of planning apartments.
6:51:57 PM Gulledge With no other questions or comments, closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville