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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus minutes
Date10/13/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:35:54 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting for Wednesday, October 13, 2004 to order, and asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Garcia. Trustees Limberg and Kostyshock were absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Keck, Building & Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Assistant Fire Chief May, and two reporters.
6:36:28 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the Sept. 29, 2004 meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. Schmidt made the motion, and Garcia made the second. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:37:03 PM Gulledge Asked Fire Chief Flaugher to discuss the first agenda item, Keyless Entry Locks for the Firehouse.
6:37:36 PM Flaugher Explained what they are asking for is to convert a couple of locks on the entry doors on the north and south side of the station from key type locks to push button type locks. He said there are several reasons for this. One reason is these two side entry doors have panic bar hardware on them. The only way they can be locked or unlocked is with a key. These are the doors the personnel come in when they are responding to a call. What happens is someone unlocks the door, and once the lock is physically turned, the door remains unlocked. This is good, because others are coming in. The downfall for this is if the last person in doesn't lock the door, it remains unlocked when everyone leaves to go home. The second reason for their request is anytime there is a change in personnel they wouldn't have the expense of changing locks. They don't always get the keys back when someone leaves. With these locks they have the capability of changing the code anytime they want. He said when the code is entered, the door will automatically unlock, and once the handle is turned to open the door, then it will automatically lock. Therefore, there won't be the problem of the doors being left unlocked. He said they have three estimates. The first estimate is from A-1 Security Specialists in Troy. Their bid for three doors and installation and service call is $2,166.00. Metro Lock & Security from Belleville gave an estimate of $1615.00 including hardware and installation. Village Locksmith in Collinsville gave an estimate of $1742.00. He said the first two estimates have stipulations that if problems arise during installation the price could change. He said both of the people looked at the door, said okay they know what kind of doors they are. However, the person from Village Locksmith actually took the lock apart and checked it out and said that because of the panic bar they would need a special type of device for the lock. He said for this reason he is recommending Village Locksmith.
6:42:17 PM Bell Commented that he thought there is a misconception that there will be an expense each time the code is changed.
6:42:39 PM Flaugher Said it is his understanding that May has called all three companies, and anytime they feel the need to change the code, they have the capability to do so.
6:42:46 PM Gulledge Asked if these locks are electric. He was told no. He said he doesn't think it is a misconception on his part. If it is like the ones on the Police Station doors, every time they are worked on, there is a service call. He said they didn't realize they were electric until after they were installed.
6:42:55 PM Flaugher Said these locks are in a lot of office buildings, the hospital, etc. They are mechanical devices, that are probably a three or four number code. It works like a combination lock. Once the third number is hit, it releases the tumbler, and allows the door to be opened. Once the handle goes back up, it locks itself automatically.
6:43:30 PM Garcia Asked what happens if it doesn't work.
6:43:46 PM Flaugher Answered they would go around to the other side, or go to the front door. They are not changing anything on the front entrance doors. He said their policy and procedures for the firemen when they come in is to come in through the north and south doors in the station bay. They could still get into the building.
6:43:58 PM Garcia Commented that the idea is they don't carry their key, so what if there is an emergency and the lock wouldn't open and they are not carrying their key.
6:44:04 PM Bell Answered there would be a mechanical lock on two different doors. They are not going to break at the same time. They are not electrical, they are mechanical.
6:45:36 PM Garcia Asked why the Homecoming Association can't buy the locks. She commented that she thought that was one of the reasons they raise money, is to get things such as this that they want.
6:45:40 PM Flaugher Replied that they do buy a lot of extra things. All the ambulances, all the paramedic classes, etc.
6:45:48 PM Garcia Said this is not a necessity, it is nothing that they really have to have. Also, will it be a big expense when they won't work.
6:46:10 PM Schmidt Commented that he doesn't think it is an extreme expense, they are talking $1600 to $1700. He said the Homecoming Association does a great deal for the Fire Department. Very seldom does the Fire Department come to the Board on small items such as this. He said he realizes the Village has to watch how the money is spent, but on an issue like this, he doesn't have a problem.
6:46:40 PM Flaugher Said he thinks the Homecoming Association would pay for the locks if they were asked. However, for the last five or six years, they have tried to earmark the money they raise toward EMS. He said they just bought a $127,000.00 ambulance. The Village has not paid to send one person to Paramedic School, which is three or four thousand dollars per person. They paid for the defibrillator, etc. He said he thought since it is a Village building, it should be a building expense.
6:48:02 PM Callahan Asked if the locks can be set so that only one person has to open it.
6:48:23 PM Bell Answered that what happens, is the first person goes in, and opens the bay door.
6:48:37 PM Flaugher Commented that the policy is that the first person is supposed to raise the bay door so everyone else can come in that way.
6:48:55 PM May Said when he talked to Don Bean of Village Locksmith, he said there is a way to put a timer in to allow for several people to come in through the door, but after a set time, it would lock itself. He said this is included in the bid. It would be programmed that way.
6:49:46 PM Callahan Commented that it is mechanical, is there no battery in it. May told him there is a battery in them, a 9 volt or double A's.
6:50:01 PM Gulledge Asked if they planned on keeping the key lock also.
6:50:04 PM May Replied that they do plan to keep the key locks, so the doors can be physically unlocked if need be.
6:50:34 PM Callahan Asked if they are still going to use the key, one of the problems they are having now is there are too many keys out.
6:50:47 PM Flaugher Said they don't have too many keys out. The problem they have if someone leaves and doesn't turn in the key, they have to have all the locks changed.
6:50:59 PM Gulledge Talked about getting the key back. He said not to give them their money or anything until they have turned in the key. He said they sign for all their things, and whoever accepts their things, if the key is not among the items, the Board should be notified, and the proper steps will be taken to get the key.
6:51:04 PM Flaugher Commented that all anyone has to do is duplicate it because they are normal keys, the don't have "Do Not Duplicate" on them. He said the biggest concern is in the "heat of the moment" they forget to lock the door, because it has to be physically locked with a key. He said he goes up there quite often and the doors are open.
6:52:21 PM Garcia Talked about the lowest bid. Normally, the Village accepts the lowest bid. She said it is their fault they didn't look at what kind of mechanism it is.
6:52:36 PM Flaugher Said it states on the estimate "this estimate is for completing the job as described. It is based on our evaluation and does not include price increases or additional labor and materials which may be required should any unforeseen problems arise after the work is begun". He said he has no problem with the lowest bid, except he doesn't want to come back to the Board and ask for additional money.
6:52:58 PM Garcia Said maybe he should call the other bidders and tell them that another bidder took the lock apart and see if it affects their bid.
6:54:04 PM Gulledge Explained that the Village is obligated to take the lowest bid, unless there is a reason not to. He commented that based on what Flaugher and May have said, if the Board decides to do this, he would want the one that has looked into it and says this is a firm bid. Commented that he doesn't have a problem with the outside doors, but he questions whether there needs to be one on the officer's door. There are five people who use the office, they should have their key. No one else should be in there anyway.
6:55:37 PM Flaugher Said he doesn't feel it is a dire necessity, but he said it is the door that they change the lock on the most.
6:55:41 PM Bell Commented that he thinks the reason for this door is they do try to keep it locked. They go back and forth during the day. If they go on a call, they have to come back, get their key, etc.
6:56:10 PM May Said he goes in and out that door a lot of times in a day, in the midst of calls, doing his business, this is the place where the records are kept and all the electronic equipment is kept, etc. He doesn't like to keep his keys on him all day.
6:56:59 PM Bell Asked why the office door expense is the same as the other doors.
6:57:17 PM Flaugher Explained it is the same on the lowest bid, but on the Village Locksmith, the office door is $460.00. The other bids were $500 each. He said on the Village Locksmith's bid, he has included the price of two cover plates. The others didn't.
6:58:19 PM Gulledge Said if no one has any problems with this, it will be on the agenda next Wednesday. The trustees agreed. He went to the next agenda item.
6:59:38 PM Bell Discussed purchasing a computer monitor for the utility billing. He said the monitor for the old utility billing is a 17 inch monitor. With the new software, there are more windows and needs more real estate on the monitor. The water clerk is asking for a 19 inch monitor. He received a verbal quote of $300 from Computron. They installed the monitor to let her try it out. He would like this to be on the agenda next Wednesday.
7:01:22 PM Gulledge Asked about getting bids on this type of equipment.
7:01:34 PM Bell Said he does price this type of items on the internet. He said this same monitor is priced at about $379 through the internet.
7:01:42 PM Gulledge Said it would be good to have a couple of prices.
7:01:45 PM Bell Said he will send the department head an e-mail requesting he get some prices.
7:02:21 PM Callahan Asked if the 19" monitor was just to make the print bigger, or makes the boxes bigger. He commented that most places he deals with now uses two monitors.
7:03:40 PM Gulledge Said this will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting. He went to the next agenda item, America Legal Codification estimate. The estimate is for the codification of the ordinances for 2004. They are estimating between $1500 and $1700.
7:04:28 PM Bell Asked who uses the codification books. He said the Village could probably save money on printing by using the electronic version. He suggests having one book and keep it up to date. This is on the server.
7:06:40 PM Gulledge Replied that might be good for now, but what if someone else is elected to the Board. They may feel differently. He said he feels these books need to be kept up, whether they are used or not.
7:07:36 PM Bell Said the best form for searching is on the internet version on the server. They keep the web up to date, but it is the Village's responsibility to keep the updates on the server.
7:07:56 PM Gulledge Next discussed the brush drop off on Saturday, November 6th. This is the second weekend after the large trash pickup. It will be from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon. The rules will be the same as always. It must be Maryville residents and the brush must be taken to the Water Tower. He went to Calendar Updates.
7:08:44 PM Bell Commented the large item trash pick up is coming soon, October 25, 26 and 29. The dog show was this past weekend. There were19 dogs this year. It was a success.
7:09:29 PM Callahan Said on November 9th there is a meeting scheduled for the Museum and Library Committee at 6:30 p.m. at the old firehouse.
7:10:03 PM Schmidt Gave a report on the Rabies Clinic held last Saturday. He said they inoculated approximately 90 dogs and cats. He sad they ran out of micro chips again. They are planning another clinic in the Spring.
7:10:51 PM Bell Said there was a good turn out for the Fire Department Open House. He was not sure how the Blood Drive did.
7:11:14 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1. There was nothing. He went to page 2.
7:11:47 PM Bell Asked if Trustee Kostyshock has received any numbers on the landscaping for the bike trail. Mayor said he has not heard anything.
7:12:16 PM Garcia Asked where the dumpster issue was listed. Mayor told her it is on page 2.
7:13:08 PM Schmidt Suggested taking the Frisbee Golf off for this season.
7:13:26 PM Gulledge Replied he was told to leave it on as a reminder. He went to page 3. He said there is a preconstruction meeting on the new water well at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.
7:14:03 PM Schmidt Asked about the top line on page three, Village Park Ground Acquisition. He wanted to know if this has been finalized.
7:14:21 PM Gulledge Replied that he closed on the property October 1st. He said the previous owners have until December 31st to vacate the premises. There is a penalty clause if they are late.
7:14:43 PM Garcia Asked if the Board has done anything on the Humane Officer.
7:15:07 PM Gulledge Replied that Pomerantz is still doing this on an as needed basis. He said he knows Kostyshock has talked to a couple of the Public Works employees, and there were a couple of them interested. He said he feels if one of them does this, the Board should see that they get proper training.
7:15:21 PM Schmidt Asked how the dredging was going.
7:15:33 PM Gulledge Answered it is going great. He was out there today and he thinks they are about fifty feet away from the bank where the overflow goes back into the lake. He said probably 2 more days and they will be done.
7:16:19 PM Schmidt Commended Bell for his efforts in staying on top of this, getting it organized, etc.
7:16:33 PM Bell Commented that Mayor Gulledge was very instrumental in this as well.
7:16:59 PM Gulledge Went to page 4. Said he took the Comprehensive Plan off the To Do List. He has left a message for Tom Wobbe that the electronic version has not been received, and the bill will not be paid until it is received. He went next to Trustee Comments.
7:17:59 PM Schmidt Commented that he wants to thank whoever had the responsibility of getting the archery sign taken down. He asked about wrecked squad car. He noticed it is gone.
7:18:28 PM Gulledge Replied that he signed the title over to State Farm, and should be receiving a check from State Farm. Clerk Long told him the check did come in.
7:18:58 PM Bell Said it is time to renew the URL for the website. It is $15 a year. He wants to renew the registration for 6 years.
7:19:35 PM Callahan Talked about recommendations from the Historical Museum & Library. He said he and Mayor Gulledge were at the meeting along with 5 or 6 members, and a couple of potential members. He said they have several requests. The first request is from the Library portion of the committee. They are requesting the use of the entire building that is located on the site the Village just purchased on Schiber Court for the demonstration library. He said he believes this is negotiable. He doesn't think they need the whole building. The second request is to establish a not for profit organization called the Friends of Maryville Library & Museum. He said the reason to do this is so that individuals can make donations to it and they would be tax deductible. The money can be used to fund the library. Roger Shoup, who is a member of the committing and has been doing a lot of the work would be the Agent, and contact person with the State of Illinois, etc. to make sure the taxes are filed. The Committee also recommends that Shoup be the President, Kris Votopal to be Treasurer, Diane Semanisin to be the Secretary, and Janet Butts and Louis Ray to be the Directors. He said all of these people are Village residents. He commented that two people mentioned that they will have to write a charter, and in the charter it will state how many signatures on checks, and all kinds of odds and ends. He said once it is established, they will also establish the protocol for cashing checks, etc. Everything will have to be approved by Attorney Wigginton. The third request is to purchase two rubber stamps, one for the library and one for the museum. The stamps should be large enough to easily be seen when stamped on the books, or items in the museum. The fourth request is to purchase a legal size five drawer filing cabinet for the museum, a desk chair with arms, and they would like to join the Illinois Heritage Association, which is a $50.00 expense. He discussed some notes he had taken during the meeting. If the library goes through, they will have to have a software program to run the library. Charm, who is in charge of the Lewis & Clark Library thinks the software for a library system is around $2000.00. He commented that there is an online way to number books and data as long as the name of the book is entered into the internet. It will give the Dewey Decimal number, the library congress number, etc. The library has none of this. The museum has a computer, but it is actively used. They will not only need a computer but also an online access.
7:27:41 PM Schmidt Asked whose insurance covers the building.
7:27:54 PM Gulledge Said the attorney is checking on this.
7:28:29 PM Callahan Said the committee talked about having a walk through of the building. He told them it may not be possible until after the former owners vacated the premises.  He will check with them.
7:29:08 PM Bell Commented that they will not be applying for a Demonstration grant until next November. He said it was his understanding when this was discussed they were going to wait about 18 months. He said the results of the survey came back negative. The idea was to wait a year and half or so on the grant, but to try to do a small demonstration library of their own.
7:29:55 PM Callahan Responded that he thinks they can make the request, and then after the request is made, and the money is forwarded, there is certain amount of time before it must show up on the ballot. He thinks that is what their concern was. They didn't want it to make the ballot until 2006. He thinks they can file for the application sometime in 2005.
7:30:20 PM Gulledge Said it is his understanding, because of election times, and what can be put on, etc. the next election will be the Consolidated election in the Village. He said he thinks it is a year and a half after that. He said the grant is good for a year. He commented that he thinks it wasn't done the last time is because if it is put on in April, they would only be able to demonstrate the library for about two months. He said they didn't think that would be a fair example of what they are trying to accomplish. He said he thinks the committee wants to be sure there is a building available if a demonstration grant is received.
7:37:37 PM Callahan Commented that they did not talk about filing anything. He thinks they are assuming that at some point in the future they are going to do it, but not until they have about a year window. He said they are asking for the building because they are going to try for a demonstration library, and to do so they must have a location.
7:38:48 PM Garcia Commented that after the committee does all this and gets the grant, the people will still have to vote to have their taxes raised.
7:39:03 PM Callahan Commented that the committee wants to get everything ready to go, maybe even have the books on the shelves, if they have a feeling they are going to get the demonstration grant money. The day they get the grant money, the doors will be opened and everyone will be ready for business, because this is the time frame they have to convince the citizens of the community that they need a library. He said it will be just like a regular library. They will have library cards, the citizens of Maryville will be able to check books out, etc. It will be on the ballot, and if it passes, it will be a full time library. If it fails, the assets are sold to pay off the debt.
7:40:05 PM Garcia Asked if the grant includes books.
7:40:28 PM Callahan Said it just includes money to use the way they want. He commented that he doesn't think they will have to worry about salary at this stage, so the money that comes in will be mostly for equipment, books, magazines, etc. They are asking the Village for a lot of help. The Library Committee is asking for a lot more than the Museum Committee. The Library Committee is asking for a big commitment from the Village. They are talking about a software program, rubber stamps, etc. He said the Village has spent two or three thousand dollars already.
7:41:02 PM Garcia Asked when would the Village spend this kind of money, such as for a computer, etc. Will it be after the grant or before.
7:41:09 PM Callahan Replied that the problem they will have with the library right now is it is labor intensive, labeling the books, finding out what the Dewey Decimal number is, etc.  All the books have to be numbered, because there has to be a way of lending them out. He said if they had access to a computer, they good get this done ahead of time.
7:41:52 PM Bell Said they could use the computer in the conference room. He commented that Summit Software may have a library module.
7:42:26 PM Gulledge Commented that this will be on the agenda next week, and if anyone has questions, contact Callahan or him prior to the meeting. They will try to get answers. He went to the next agenda item, Mayor's Comments.
7:44:20 PM Gulledge Said he has received a letter of resignation from Assistant Fire Chief Tom Motzel. He is resigning from the Fire Department. He is moving to Missouri to be closer to his job and his wife's job. This will be on the agenda next week.
7:45:37 PM Gulledge Said he has received a notice from the Metro East Regional Storm Water office. On October 22nd, they are having a County wide meeting. They are trying to clean up some of the streams and lakes. He has spoken with Pat Presson, and they are going to try to work on doing something to work along with the rest of the County.
7:46:15 PM Callahan Commented on the second request of the Library Committee to establish a "Not For Profit", there is an expense associated with that. There is a Secretary of State Fee he believes is $50.00. There might be an Attorney General fee. He said he was under the impression when he did this several years ago for the Khoury League, there is big fee with the IRS. He said if there is, Charm may be able to get the Village a membership in her tax exempt organization. He said Shoup hasn't checked into the expense yet. However, there will be the $50.00 filing fee with the Secretary of State, and a possibly a small fee with the Attorney General.
7:47:27 PM Gulledge Said if there was no further business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Schmidt made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - Yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:47:45 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk  

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