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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus minutes
Date12/8/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:05 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of December 8, 2004 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Clerk Long, Fire Chief Flaugher, Assistant Fire Chief May, Police Chief Schardan, and two reporters.  Attorney Wigginton was absent.
6:31:01 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the November 23rd Caucus.  He asked if there were any questions, additions or corrections to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to place the minutes on file.  Schmidt made the motion, and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:38 PM Gulledge Went to the first agenda item, Proposed Ambulance Rate Increases. He asked Chief Flaugher to discuss this.
6:32:03 PM Flaugher Said he put a copy of the proposed ambulance rate increases in the Trustees packet. The rates have not been increased since 1998. He said they are not in the ambulance business to make money, but wants to at least break even on the majority of the cost. He said compared to other communities, Maryville is very low on almost all categories. They compared the rates of Collinsville, Edwardsville, and Granite City.
6:35:22 PM Gulledge Asked when the increase would take effect if the proposal is approved.
6:35:36 PM Flaugher Said his suggestion is January 1st.
6:35:44 PM Garcia Said she noticed on the other areas they are charging the non-resident a lot more, and Maryville is not. She wondered if they couldn't be charged more, and then cut back some for Maryville residents.
6:36:17 PM Flaugher Answered that this is possible, but probably 90% of their runs are for residents. It would give the residents a break, but the revenue for the Fire Department wouldn't increase as much because there is not a lot of non-residential calls.
6:36:46 PM Garcia Asked about Lakeview Acres, if it would be a non-residential area.
6:36:49 PM Flaugher Said it is part of the Fire Protection District. It is up to Village policy whether they are to be considered residential or not. They contract with Maryville for fire protection, but not for ambulance service.
6:36:53 PM Gulledge Commented they would be non-residents. This is what they are considered now.
6:37:01 PM Garcia Commented that they should incur more of the cost than those who belong to Maryville.
6:37:10 PM Bell Questioned the Advanced Life Support #2 fee. The fee is more because extra things are done. On the sheet he has, the price is the same.
6:37:21 PM Flaugher Said there was a "typo" on it. The Advanced Life Support 2 Non-Resident should read $450.00. Non- Resident Advance Life Support should read $425.00.
6:37:42 PM Bell Asked about Advance Life Support Resident.
6:37:53 PM Flaugher Replied it is $375.00 as printed. Several trustees said their sheet reads $350.00.
6:38:00 PM Gulledge Suggested going down the list of "Proposed" rates, so everyone would have the same figures, since there are conflicting prices for the same categories.
6:38:12 PM Flaugher Read the following. Basic Life Support - $250.00; Basic Life Support Non-Resident - $300.00; Advanced Life Support - $350.00; Advanced Life Support Non-Resident - $425.00; Advanced Life Support 2 - $375.00; Advanced Life Support 2 Non-Resident - $450.00. Commented that after they made some changes, he forgot to reprint it.
6:38:29 PM Gulledge Said Trauma Packaging is crossed out. Is the amount zero.
6:38:31 PM Flaugher Replied it is. They have eliminated this completely.
6:38:50 PM Callahan Asked what percentage of the bills are collected.
6:39:02 PM Flaugher Answered that currently they are at about 30 to 35%. He said it is not because they aren't making the effort. He said it is the insurance companies and Medicare. He said every three months he gets changes from Medicare. If a bill isn't coded properly, it gets kicked back.
6:39:55 PM Garcia Asked Flaugher if he has thought about out sourcing to a company that does this. She was told this is also an agenda item that will be discussed.
6:40:04 PM Schmidt Asked if there are State Statutes that limits the dollar amounts.
6:40:18 PM Flaugher Answered there are no State Statutes.  Medicare has limits, which increases every year, of what they will pay.
6:41:11 PM Schmidt Asked where the revenues generated go.
6:41:25 PM Flaugher Answered it goes into the Fire Protection Fund.
6:41:34 PM Bell Commented to Flaugher, that he mentioned a 30% rate of collection.  He asked if there are records of what an individual owes. He was told this is also an agenda item to be discussed.
6:41:51 PM Limberg Commented that years ago the Village made an agreement with Medicare that they would accept assignment. Medicare only pays a certain amount.
6:42:12 PM Flaugher Commented that some people have supplementals that will pay the balance, some don't. There will never be a 100% collection, there will always be some write off.
6:42:32 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg if he is okay with this proposal, since he is chairperson of the committee.
6:42:47 PM Limberg Answered yes, he, Flaugher, and May have discussed this. He said it seems like a big increase, but rates haven't changed since 1998. And, with the cost of equipment, ambulances, etc. it is long over due.
6:43:25 PM Gulledge Asked the other Trustees. They all agreed. He said He will have the attorney draw up an ordinance for next week, with an effective date of January 1, 2005. He went to the next agenda item, Contract Billing.
6:44:53 PM Flaugher Talked about information he has gathered. He said the municipalities he has spoken with that have an ambulance service, and that have any volume at all, such as O'Fallon and Mascoutah are contracting out for their ambulance billing. He said these companies are constantly sending people to classes concerning the changing codes and procedures. He said he obtained a lot of his information from the Municipal League Conference. He has three proposals from three companies. He commented that it is his opinion that this is a "no lose" situation. The Village's collection rate is 30 to 35%. Most of these companies will guarantee, and can show documentation from other communities they have as clients, about an 80 to 85% collection. One proposal he received they will not even consider. One of the vendors he spoke with in Chicago was called Andres out of Arlington Heights, Illinois. The other one is Mediclaims out of Oklahoma. He said O'Fallon, Mascoutah, and several other communities are using Mediclaims. He has spoken with some of them and they are extremely satisfied with the service they are receiving. Their proposal is 8% of what is collected. He said the downfall to Mediclaims is the checks come to the Village. The Village must keep a weekly log of the checks that come in. The checks have to be sent to them weekly. They also invoice monthly for postage expense. Also, this company is not willing to back bill. Andres out of Arlington Heights, have no clients down state, but they have numerous clients up north. They have a flat rate of 10% of the collections. They do not invoice monthly for postage or any other expense. The checks are made payable to Maryville Fire Dept., but they are sent to Andres. They log them in and then forward the checks to the Village. They will back bill up to 18 months. He read the proposal they sent. They will bill monthly for 10% of the collections that have come in. Another difference in the two companies is Mediclaims requires a two year contract and Andres gives an option of one, two, or three years. He suggests a one year contract to see how it works out. Andres will also handle collection of past dues if they are requested to. In that case the percentage goes up to 30%.
6:53:52 PM Garcia Asked what their collection rate was.
6:53:55 PM Flaugher Replied that the person he talked to told him it was between 80 and 85%. He said she basically said she could guarantee the Village between 80 and 85%. He said collections rates have a lot to do with the demographics also. Most of the people in our community have insurance.
6:54:24 PM Bell Asked if they would guarantee in writing the 80 to 85%.
6:54:25 PM Flaugher Replied they can't guarantee collections. She is just telling him what the collection rate averages on their other clients.
6:54:43 PM Bell Asked about the 30%. Asked about anything back eighteen months, if they charge 30% instead of the 10%.
6:55:02 PM Flaugher Responded that he is saying they provide this service if the Village asks them to.
6:55:31 PM Bell Talked about the codes for Medicare, insurance companies, HMO, etc. He knows they change often.
6:55:39 PM Flaugher Replied two days ago he received a CD from Medicare with code changes again. Andres states in their proposal they send their employees to classes constantly to keep up with the code changes.
6:57:29 PM Schmidt Asked Flaugher if they sent him a copy of their 30-day notice and the final notice with actual verbiage they use.
6:57:44 PM May Said he believes he has copies in some paperwork he has.
6:57:56 PM Callahan Asked Flaugher how much they bill a month, the dollar amount average a month and what percent is Medicare.
6:58:33 PM Flaugher Answered about 85%.
6:58:44 PM Callahan Commented that the problem is that the "Feds" are going to pay only 10% of what is billed. He said he doesn't have a problem with Chicago, but there are hundreds of billing agents all around. There is one in Maryville. The 10% is a standard fee for someone who does everything. The 6 and 8% fees can be found, but the Village would have to do a lot of the "leg work". There are probably a hundred companies in Madison and St. Clair Counties that specialize in medical billing.
6:59:27 PM Flaugher Said these are the ones they found that strictly does EMS billing.
6:59:35 PM Callahan Said most people don't want to do this because it is not a very big account. They can't make any money off it.
7:00:08 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg if he suggests going with Andres at a 10% collection fee, for one year.
7:00:23 PM Limberg Replied he agrees with Flaugher, Andres is his choice.
7:00:36 PM Flaugher Commented that Mediclaims has some local clients, but they are out of Oklahoma. He said Andres will also provide a fax machine. He said the drawback with Mediclaims is they will not do the 18 month back billing. The 8% sounds better, but they also will be billing for postage, plus logs have to be sent in every month. This creates a lot more paperwork.
7:01:19 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg again if he suggests giving Andres a try with the 10% collection fee, and a one year contract, if the attorney agrees. Limberg replied yes. He asked the other trustees, and they all agreed to try Andres..
7:03:28 PM Flaugher Next asked for approval for himself and Assistant Chief May to attend FDIC Conference, April 14-16, 2005 in Indianapolis.
7:04:20 PM Gulledge Commented he has no problem with this, but wants an idea of what it will cost.
7:05:08 PM Limberg Suggested approving up to $600.00. The trustees all agreed.
7:05:34 PM Gulledge Discussed the next item, the Annual Fire Call Personnel Pay. He commented this is something the Board does each year. He said they did appropriate $50,000.00 for this. If the Board chooses to use this figure, the maximum that can be paid is $1.28 per point. There is also a line item on the appropriation for $10,000.00 for miscellaneous expenses. With this, he turned the discussion over to Limberg for his recommendation, since it is his committee.
7:07:09 PM Limberg Said he wants to keep in line with the Appropriation Ordinance. He said there was more manpower, this year. He recommends $1.28 per point which would total $ 49, 980.16.
7:08:05 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments before discussing this further.
7:08:30 PM Kostyshock Commented it looks like a cut in pay, but this is what was appropriated. Next year they need to make sure the appropriate more.
7:08:33 PM Limberg Commented that according to last year's figures, there is almost a seven thousand dollar increase.
7:08:37 PM Gulledge Said he sees Limberg's point, but also one reason they went to the point system is they want more participation. He said this shows they are getting it. Plus, there are more firemen.
7:08:51 PM Limberg Commented that years ago this was figured on fire calls only. Now it is a point system.
7:09:07 PM Gulledge Commented he thinks it is better because it involves more than just showing up for a fire call. A fireman has to do the fire calls, training, meetings, etc. He thinks this system is good.
7:10:02 PM Kostyshock Commented again that they received more in 2003 than this year, but $50,000.00 is all that was appropriated. Next year they will have to make sure to appropriate more.
7:10:26 PM Schmidt Asked if they were saying that the cannot go more than the $50,000.
7:10:43 PM Gulledge Answered that this is a line item. The last line item in each department is a Miscellaneous Expense. The Fire Department has $10,000 appropriated for the Miscellaneous Expense Line Item. He is not sure this can be used to supplement a shortage in a line item, or if it is something unforeseen.
7:11:18 PM Limberg Said he thinks the Miscellaneous Expense would be for something unforeseen.
7:11:38 PM Bell Commented he reads it as anything that is short of the amount appropriated.
7:11:42 PM Callahan Asked how many points will not be paid, and if the 39047 points are only the eligible ones. He was told there were four firemen that are not eligible, and their points are not in this total.
7:12:22 PM Schmidt Commented that he hates it that the Board did not have the foresight to appropriate enough money, and Flaugher must go back to the Department after stressing continuously at the monthly meetings to up their responses, their training, etc., and tell them there was not enough money appropriated.
7:13:17 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if the Miscellaneous Expense could be used for this line item, would they choose to use a portion of the $10,000. He said he would call Attorney Wigginton.
7:14:01 PM Limberg Commented as a retired firemen, the first 4 years, they received nothing. The Ordinance states the Village will pay what the Village can afford. He said the reason he was on the Fire Department, and hopefully why the others are on it, is to help the Community, not to get paid.
7:15:38 PM Callahan Commented that there has been changes in the tax laws and now Social Security and taxes will have to be taken out of these checks. The firemen must pay this, as well as the Village.
7:16:49 PM Gulledge Said Attorney Wigginton said the Village can use the Miscellaneous Expense because wages are an expense. After much debate it was decided to increase the $1.28 per point to $1.40 per point. He asked the trustees. Limberg, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia agreed to $1.40 per point. Schmidt and Bell, who are participating firemen, abstained from voting.
7:21:03 PM Flaugher Commented that May received the proposal from Andres Medical Billing today. May made copies for everyone. The contract was discussed briefly. With Attorney Wigginton's approval, this may be on the agenda next week.
7:22:53 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, Fire District Contract extension. The contract is for $16,000.00 and they are proposing a 10 year extension. They have ordered a new fire rescue vehicle. This vehicle will cost approximately $323,000.00. He talked about the fire protection district. The monies they receive must be used for fire protection. They have purchased several pieces of equipment for the Village. He commented that he has no problem with the ten year extension and the $16,000.00 per year.
7:26:03 PM Bell Asked what portion of tax goes to the District.
7:26:06 PM Flaugher Answered last year their collection was approximately $59,000.00. He said one thing they are worried about is they are making a commitment on the truck, financing it for a length of time, and they want assurance that they have a contract in place for fire protection. The district is shrinking because the Village is annexing the property.
7:28:16 PM Callahan Asked Flaugher if he knew what their cash reserve is.
7:28:30 PM Flaugher Answered no, but it is a good question. He has heard that they do have a reserve, which they can have by State Statute. They may have used it as a down payment on the new truck.
7:28:51 PM Callahan Asked Flaugher if he has any idea what they collected five years ago, since the Village has annexed some of the district.
7:29:12 PM Flaugher Answered that he is positive he heard $59,000 for this year. He commented that before Remington Place that ground was in the Fire District before it was annexed. However, it was agricultural.
7:30:10 PM Gulledge Commented that they are collecting more now than they were ten years ago, because of the assessed evaluation. He talked about contiguous property in that area. Anything that develops and is contiguous to the Village will be annexed in before they get water service. He recommends going with the contract, providing when Attorney Wigginton looks at it, he approves. He asked the trustees if they were okay with this. The trustees all agreed.
7:31:20 PM Callahan Asked what the Village anticipated they would get for fire protection.
7:31:24 PM Gulledge Replied he doesn't have the figures with him, but he knows they are already in a deficit, as is the Police.
7:31:49 PM Callahan Commented they are getting Sixty or Seventy Thousand Dollars, and the Village has at least ten times the assessed evaluation they have. He wonders why they are getting more per dollar.
7:32:09 PM Gulledge Commented that he thinks the fire protection would be more expensive.
7:32:24 PM Callahan Asked if the Village was at the maximum.
7:32:28 PM Gulledge Answered no, the calculated rate is 20 cents, which will be $227,000.00. Last year the Village received $190,023.47. He said he will have Attorney Wigginton look at the contract, and if he sees no problems, it will be on the agenda next week.
7:34:31 PM Flaugher Announce the Fire Department Christmas party is Saturday, December 18th, at 6:30 p.m. at Stonebridge Golf Course. Anyone attending needs to rsvp by Monday, December 13th.
7:35:18 PM Schardan Spoke briefly about a Presidential directive. The Village must pass a resolution on the Adoption of the National Incident Management System. He explained the Village must pass this in order to receive funding. The Village will have to have an emergency operating plan, also the employees in charge of the plan will have to have training. SILEC will provide the training.
7:36:48 PM Gulledge Commented that he and several others attended this same conference as Chief Schardan. He wants to go ahead with this so it is done. If the resolution is not passed, the Village will no be eligible for any Federal Funding.
7:37:30 PM Bell Asked Chief Schardan if the surveillance system is working. He asked if it records continuously, and if it is getting full..
7:37:54 PM Schardan Answered it does. The last time he looked,  it is probably at 30%.
7:38:18 PM Bell Asked if they fixed it, so it will "wrap".
7:38:48 PM Schardan Replied he doesn't know. He has not talked with them. He said they do need a better location for the camera because of the pole movement.
7:39:23 PM Bell Commented that one camera needs to go on the front point of the building, looking down and the other one needs to be on the back point of the building pointing back toward the shed and playgrounds. He said whatever they need to do, it needs to be fixed.
7:39:46 PM Schardan Said there needs to be more lighting out there.
7:41:09 PM Schmidt Asked Chief Schardan if they keep an incident log for use of the tasers.
7:41:32 PM Schardan Replied anytime one is used a form must be filled out. The form is kept on file.
7:42:00 PM Gulledge Went to the next item, Grant Fund Application with the Metro East Park & Recreation District. He said this is the grant he has told them about. It was put in for the Park Committee, and the Village will be receiving $96,300.00, However, the Board needs to pass a resolution to be in line for the money. This will be on the agenda next week for approval.
7:43:09 PM Bell Asked Mayor Gulledge to discuss his trip for the other grant.
7:43:24 PM Gulledge Said he and Juneau went to Springfield last Tuesday for the OSLAD Grant. They had applied for the other half of the money for the Restrooms near the bike trail. They made the first cut, and each agency was allowed three minutes to present their project. He thinks they did really well. He is hoping that by the end of the year, he will be notified that the Village will receive the $99,100.00.
7:44:51 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee Recommendations. The first recommendation is to approve the 2005 Calendar of Events with the proposed budget of $7,500.00. They plan to pass these expenses on to CARD. It is basically the same events as last year. The art show, Fly a Kite Day, Bike Safety Rodeo, five concerts, Fishing Derby, Pooch Party, Turkey Trot, and Holiday Lighting contest. Two new ones to be added are Christmas Caroling on December 18th, and New Years Day Walk.
7:46:59 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions on what the Committee is proposing, up to $7500.
7:48:43 PM Kostyshock Commented on the Art Show. He suggests anyone who has not gone to this event should go. Some of the kids are really talented.
7:49:12 PM Bell Said the Park Board wants to purchase three (3) additional signs for the surveillance system. One for the pavilion by the Comfort Station, one on the Comfort Station, and one by the shed.
7:50:28 PM Gulledge Said he has no problem with this, and unless someone does, this can be taken care of.
7:50:47 PM Bell The third recommendation has already been taken care of. It was to remove the plastic tubing around the trees in Drost Park for the winter. The fourth recommendation is to use the $25,000.00 from the Edwardsville YMCA to upgrade and enhance the present restroom and pavilion on the Northwest corner of Firemen's park. They want to fix up the pavilion and restroom. The Fire Department has no problem with this. The problem is the Park Committee wants parking around fire house and in front of the park . He said the Fire Chief is opposed to parking around the firehouse. He was displaying this on the wall as he talked. This discussion continued for some time. The pros and cons were discussed, and pointed out on the diagram displayed on the wall.
8:05:49 PM Kostyshock Commented about the parking on Donk Street. and what happens when the storm sewers, curbing and sidewalks are put in. He said he would rather put parallel parking between Donk and 159 on East Perry. This street is wide.
8:06:23 PM Gulledge Commented that the ditch is too deep, it would have to be piped.
8:06:42 PM Callahan Suggests having Juneau figure out the cost for the back section. His next question was if the Public Comfort money could be used for parking.
8:06:59 PM Gulledge Replied he didn't know. The statutes says it can be used for anything for the comfort of the public.
8:07:09 PM Callahan Then asked since it will be bringing people in, if the Hotel Motel tax could be used, and how much money was in the fund.
8:07:16 PM Gulledge Answered that there is about $6700 in the fund.
8:07:22 PM Bell Commented that he wants them to keep in mind that the Park Committee is really interested in dressing up the pavilion and restroom, making it look nice. Ideas for the restroom were discussed. Everyone agrees it needs to be fixed up.
8:10:54 PM Gulledge Asked if the board would support getting a price for three lanes of parking if it would fit on the back side of the firehouse. It would be an asphalt parking lot.
8:12:36 PM Garcia Asked if parking around the park was out. This is what the Park Board suggested. She said this is where everyone wants to park.
8:13:35 PM Gulledge Asked Garcia if she was talking about parking on Donk in front of the firehouse, and south of the Park. He asked the trustees what they wanted to do. Limberg said no; Schmidt said no; Bell said come up with a way to have handicap spots for events. These pros and cons were discussed at length.
8:21:18 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Final Plat Approval on Candlewyck Farms. He asked Trustee Schmidt to discuss this.
8:21:25 PM Schmidt Reported on the last Planning Commission held on November 22nd. He provided the trustees with minutes of the meeting. There were two items on the agenda. Talked about the preliminary approval of Anderson Hospital Oncology Center. There is an oncology center currently in use, but it is too small. This one will be turned into other medical offices when the new larger one is finished. Juneau has looked over the preliminary plans and has made several recommendations. They will be asking for two variances. One will be for the number of parking spots required because of the size of the building. The other variance is to disallow the ten foot green strip.
8:25:20 PM Callahan Asked if there would be a special provision for the sewer because of what they do there.
8:25:39 PM Gulledge Answered they will hook into the sewers in the Lyn Hi area.
8:25:41 PM Schmidt Said he thinks Callahan's concern is the radiology.
8:25:44 PM Gulledge Replied that they will have to get all their certificates, etc. from the State. They are governed by the State of Illinois, just like the nursing homes, etc. He asked if there were any more questions on this. This will be on the agenda next week for Preliminary Plat approval.
8:31:19 PM Schmidt Discussed the second item, a plot of ground at the corner of Lakeview Acres Road and the Village's service road to the water tower. He explained the location on a map he gave the trustees. He explained it is large enough to allow at least 40,000 square feet to have a septic system.
8:32:03 PM Callahan Asked about the other ordinance that states they must hook up to sewer if it is within 400 or 1000 feet.
8:32:08 PM Gulledge Replied they are nowhere near that. There are no sewers in Hickory Knolls. The closest sewers would be in Remington Place.
8:32:42 PM Callahan Said his other question is, the Village doesn't set the footage, he asked Schmidt it he is sure it is 40,000 square feet. He thought it was an acre. He said this is a County rule, not the Village's.
8:32:59 PM Gulledge Commented that they will have to get approval, whatever it is.
8:33:45 PM Schmidt Commented that they said after it was subdivided, there would be enough ground, even with the easements the Village is requesting for the service road.
8:35:35 PM Callahan Asked if the Board was still opposed to letting people use the road to the water tower.
8:36:02 PM Gulledge Answered they have allowed the Gaultney's to have access to one house. He said no one else has asked to use the road. If anyone else wants to use it, it will be a Board decision. It is a private road.
8:38:48 PM Kostyshock Discussed the next agenda item. He explained that as an emergency he allowed Presson to purchase two new scales for the Chlorine Room, in the amount of $1,980.00. This had to be done to keep from having to measure the chlorine by hand, and running the risk of not have the measurements just right.
8:39:32 PM Gulledge Discussed the next item, Employee Holiday Bonus. He said this is a practice the Board has been doing for a number of years. There are the same number of employees. He said he is recommending to the Board that they continue this practice. Unfortunately, if they do this, taxes will have to be taken out. In the past, the Board has given the employees $75.00.
8:41:24 PM Schmidt Suggested since taxes will have to be taken out, raising it to $100.00 for the 38 employees. He commented that this would make up for not having the summer party also.
8:42:22 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if any of them would have a problem with giving the employees $100 as Schmidt suggested. They were all in favor. He went to the To Do List, Page 1.
8:42:55 PM Schmidt Asked about the trees from IDOT.
8:43:05 PM Gulledge Said he received a phone call today, they couldn't get the Hickory and Sugar Maple trees. He said he called Roger Shoup, and he said he would find two substitutes, so they could get the trees planted. According to the call he received from IDOT, they will have the trees planted by the end of the year. He went to page 2.
8:43:58 PM Schmidt Reported that the dumpster is gone, and can be taken off the To Do List. Also under Health, he want to add the leaf burning issue. He said he is going to put something together for the Board, so they can decide what to do.
8:45:52 PM Gulledge Told him to get the information and bring it back for discussion after the first of the year.
8:46:30 PM Bell Gave an update on the GIS. He is supposed to be setting up staff meeting. Jared of Juneau Assoc. is waiting for him to do this.
8:47:10 PM Gulledge He went to Page 3, and Page 4. There was nothing for discussion on either page. He went to Trustee Comments.
8:47:39 PM Bell Said he has had some residents ask about how they are supposed to know about boil orders. He said he has put together something that Melissa or Patrick puts it on the web site. He discussed the possibility of purchasing five or six barricade type signs that say "boil order in effect". The signs could be placed at the entrances of the streets or subdivision affected. If it would be the whole system, it should be put on the marquee.
8:52:22 PM Bell The next thing he discussed was he would like the Board to consider purchasing a lap top for Trustee Schmidt for the meetings he attends. He is looking into this. He will bring back more information later.
8:55:07 PM Callahan Asked if the Tax Levy is done. He was told Attorney Wigginton is working on it. He asked if they included in the Social Security, the "fireman deal". He said that is $3500 that can be recouped. He said also since they have to pay bonuses, add another three or four thousand.
8:56:02 PM Gulledge Talked about the Proclamation concerning a13 year old boy. His mother put the proclamation together, and has been insisting that he sign this. He talked to Attorney Wigginton, and he suggests authorizing the Mayor to sign it, and send it back to her. The Board agreed.
8:57:39 PM Gulledge Discussed the 5th Wednesday of the month, which is the 29th, and normally there would be a Caucus. Because of the holiday season, he is recommending canceling the meeting. The trustees agreed to cancel.
8:58:27 PM Gulledge Commented about looking into ways to stop some of the accidents and cutting down on the insurance and workman's comp claims. He is going to form a Safety Committee. It will be made up of him and the Department Heads, Presson, Mann, Flaugher, and Schardan. If anything happens in the Village that might be related to workmen's comp or an injury, etc., they will review every claim to see if it was caused by negligence, careless actions, etc. He asked if the trustees if they were agreeable to this. They were.
9:01:39 PM Gulledge Discussed some information he received from Illinois Power. On Sunday, December 12th at 2:00 a.m. Illinois Power will shut down the power in the Village for approximately four hours. The reason is because of the highway construction and the new power lines from 55-70 north to 162. A lengthy discussion ensued.
9:09:11 PM Bell Announced a Metrolink, Madison County public meeting to discuss the possibility of the Metrolink coming into Madison County. It will be at Woodland Elementary School in Edwardsville on December 16th at 5 p.m.
9:09:43 PM Gulledge With no other business to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. The motion was made by Schmidt, seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville