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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date12/22/2004 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:34 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, December 22, 2004 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Bell was absent. Also present were Clerk Long, Engineer Juneau, and one reporter.
6:31:56 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the December 8th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. The motion was made by Schmidt, and Kostyshock made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:31 PM Gulledge Went to the first agenda item, Purchase A Lap Top For Trustee In Charge of the Planning Commission in an amount not to exceed $2451.00 from Computron. In the absence of Trustee Bell, he told the trustees there  was a quote on this included in their packets. He asked if there were any questions or comments.
6:33:04 PM Limberg Asked if Bell got bids for this.
6:33:27 PM Callahan Replied that since it must fit the docking stations, he doesn't think that competitive bids can be obtained. They must use whatever can be plugged into the docking stations.
6:33:55 PM Limberg Commented that Bell wants this for Trustee Schmidt to use for the Planning Commission.
6:33:57 PM Callahan Asked Clerk Long if her lap top was a Sony Vaio. She replied her lap top is a Toshiba.
6:34:08 PM Schmidt Commented that Bell's is also a Toshiba. He said he thinks Bell has said Toshiba either doesn't make them anymore, or has downgraded.
6:34:36 PM Gulledge Asked the Board what they wanted to do. He asked if they were okay with this. The trustees all said yes, they are in favor of the purchase. This will be on the agenda for the January 5, 2005 Board meeting.
6:34:51 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda, Pay Request #3 to Ehret Plumbing & Heating in the amount of $57,570.19. He asked Kostyshock to discuss this.
6:35:04 PM Kostyshock Said they are about two-thirds of the way on this project. A discussion ensued about the water, sewer, and gas lines that have been broken during this time. Everything has been repaired.
6:37:06 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions or comments on the pay request, and if anyone had a problem with paying it. There was no response. This will be on the agenda for payment at the January 5th, 2005 meeting.
6:37:23 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, Improvements to Lakeview Acres Road & East Main. He said he has talked with Semanisin and the County about this. He asked Juneau to come to this meeting and talk to the Board, so they can decide how to proceed in trying to fix Lakeview Acres Road, and possibly fix East Main. Also possibly become involved with the Township in fixing Lakeview Acres Road south of East Main Street as well.
6:38:45 PM Juneau Said this area is developing very fast. The concern right now is the subdivisions that are planned, and developers that have purchased property along Lakeview Acres Road. The window of opportunity exists now as the developments come in, to get the right of way dedicated as part of their plats for the alignment that is needed for these roadway improvements. Also the opportunity exists, which is in the ordinances, to establish a formula for putting aside funds and making the developer put aside funds to help fund the projects. He said their developments are causing these improvements to be done. He talked about the cost of the roadway improvements, and the funding that will be necessary to do these projects. He had color coded estimates of the costs. A copy will be attached to these minutes. Lakeview Acres Road is estimated to cost 2.8 million dollars from Route 162 to East Main Street. They also looked at an alternative which would straighten Lakeview Acres, this also had a cost estimate of 2.9 million dollars. To improve East Main Street, the estimated cost would be 2.4 million dollars. He talked about the possibility of someday Lakeview Acres Road, south, will belong to the Village, and to go all the way south would be another 3.7 million dollars. He said the Village's Master Plan provides that the developer must do a grid that would have access to Maryville to Route 159. He said they also looked at the cost of improving Pleasant Ridge Road. This estimate of cost is 1.9 million dollars from the railroad track to Main Street. He commented all these roadways have a large price tag on them. The Village should start now to plan for these roadway improvements. The Village needs to establish the alignment of where these roadways should go, and an improvement plan section so that a good portion of the cost can be passed on to the developers.
6:44:20 PM Gulledge Commented that the ordinance currently allows for developer to pay for half the road. The Village will have to come up with the money for the other half. Other communities have a formula. He has asked Juneau to come up with a formula of how many potential lots of growth there would be in this area. He said there is also a potential of help from outside agencies. These roads must be fixed. The Village needs to come up with some type of formula where these roads can be upgraded. He has had a preliminary discussion with the County, they would like to know exactly what they as a Board envision, and what the priorities would be. Then he can see what kind of help is out there and available.
6:48:28 PM Callahan Commented that the northern half of 162, most of the property is already developed. The only thing that will generate any income is where the "Swan guy" lives.
6:48:50 PM Gulledge Answered they are talking about a plan that envisions the whole area. There is a lot of ground in this area. The ordinance now provides that the only people to contribute to the road are the ones that touch it.
6:49:10 PM Callahan Asked if ordinance would have to be changed.
6:49:27 PM Gulledge Answered yes. This is why he is looking for a formula. He believes this is the fairest and most equitable for everyone.
6:49:48 PM Callahan Asked if this is what the other communities do.
6:50:04 PM Juneau Answered that they have different formulas, but most communities now are coming up with off-site improvement fees, for improvements to roads, sewers, etc.
6:50:07 PM Callahan Commented that this is in addition to the tap on fees.
6:50:13 PM Schmidt Said basically it is almost an impact fee.
6:50:29 PM Gulledge Responded that they have to figure out a way to get these roads fixed.
6:50:52 PM Schmidt Asked what Semanisin thinks about this.
6:51:08 PM Gulledge Replied that he wants to see this done, too. He sees the need for it, and is behind it 100%.
6:52:01 PM Juneau There are different formulas, and they are asking for some direction from the Board. They must have some method to start looking for funds, not only from local funds, but also to be able to establish what the Village's priorities are for roadway improvements so that when opportunities exist from Federal, State, and County funds, they can tell them "this is where we want you to fund a project for us".
6:54:26 PM Garcia Asked if they didn't think this would make the lots so high that people wouldn't be able to afford the lot, and deter the development.
6:54:33 PM Juneau Commented that the Village can't keep letting major subdivisions, 100, 200, 300 lot subdivisions, come on to little oil and chip roads.
6:55:01 PM Callahan Commented that in the "orange section" they tried to put a better road in, but the Village couldn't get the easements from the property owners.
6:55:04 PM Gulledge Replied that half the problem is now gone, the other half is still there. He thinks that now it is a possibility. He told the Board to remember this is a plan. It may not happen right away on East Main, but it is going to happen on Lakeview Acres Road. If the plan is in place, the property may be sold someday and someone else will develop it. Or, possibly the Board could talk to the property owners again. He commented that strictly as a last resort, there is the eminent domain rule. He said they have to think about widening East Main, making it a better road and a safer road, and the same goes for Lakeview Acres Road. He feels they owe this to the citizens of Maryville.
6:56:04 PM Juneau Commented on the timing of these things. He said they must start years ahead of time. There must be a plan to build the road, and the plan needs to be started now.
6:57:06 PM Callahan Talked about the "green area". He said the County tried to straighten it out, but they were not allowed to. The guy wouldn't give them the ground.
7:01:41 PM Gulledge Said again that they must come up with a formula, there are still a lot of things that have to be done. This is not going to happen right away, but they must come up with a formula, and be ready to go. The plan must be in place before they can ask for anything from other funding sources. He asked the trustees if they understood what he is trying to do.
7:02:08 PM Limberg Commented that this should have been in place before Pinehurst was developed.
7:02:24 PM Schmidt Said he understands, and agrees.
7:02:26 PM Callahan Said he understands and is okay with it.
7:02:35 PM Kostyshock He understands and agrees. He said it is no different than West Main. Years ago, they had to oil and chip. There was no development at all. When the new street was put in, development followed. He commented that not only the east side of Lakeview, but there is a big section along East Main for potential development.
7:03:36 PM Callahan Talked about raising water and sewer tap on fees last year. They were a little leery, but it didn't slow anything down. More homes were built than in the previous year.
7:04:09 PM Gulledge Added to Callahan's comment. He said they are not doing this because they want to do it. They are trying to keep prices down on what they are charging the contractors. However, the Village must continue to have money to continue the growth. The community is growing, and the Board must keep up with the growth.
7:04:51 PM Limberg Commented about Meridan Hills in Glen Carbon. Years ago that was nothing. Now it is a beautiful subdivision.
7:05:17 PM Juneau Replied they were just the same as Maryville, but they established a plan to get it designed, and "beat the bushes" to get it funded. Years ago the "City Fathers" started with a plan for West Main Street. It was done in sections as an FAU Route, but the plan was set up on how to get West Main Street done. There is no plan on how to do Lakeview Acres, East Main Street, and Pleasant Ridge Road yet. A plan must be set in motion to get these roads improved.
7:06:39 PM Schmidt Asked if incorporating the other side of 162 is in the plan.
7:07:15 PM Juneau Commented that Lakeview Acres Road is going to see a lot of traffic. People will be using it as a short cut.
7:07:24 PM Gulledge Commented that he never thought about Lakeview Acres Road being used this way.
7:08:09 PM Gulledge Said if there are no more questions on this, he is going to have Juneau get started on this.
7:08:41 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Cable TV Consortium. He said this is something the Village did several years ago. There are two sites, Maryville and East Alton. He said he and Brussatti have met several times with them. Basically the Village can't have anything to do with what they do with the rates. The consortium can come up with rules they must follow in the communities. Maryville's contribution is $1100.00. He feels it is a good idea for Maryville to join the consortium.
7:10:39 PM Schmidt Asked if this is a yearly figure.
7:10:40 PM Gulledge Replied it is a one time contribution.
7:10:44 PM Callahan Asked if the others have already committed.
7:10:46 PM Gulledge Replied yes. Collinsville was at the meeting, as was Glen Carbon, Edwardsville, Granite City was not there, but they said they were going to participate, and Highland was there.
7:11:13 PM Garcia Commented that they don't really know what it is.
7:11:20 PM Gulledge Answered that he can tell her what they are paying for. They are paying for the power of the communities being a group, and negotiating for the communities and how things are done. They can't tell them how to set the rates, etc., but they can help with things like the cable TV lines for computers, TV hook ups, etc. He said there is a benefit to this, if they all stick together. He said they as a group are hiring an attorney from Missouri that deals strictly with cable TV companies, etc. to represent them as a consortium to get things more stabilized for the communities.
7:13:03 PM Gulledge At this point, asked each trustee if he was okay with this. They were all in favor.
7:13:19 PM Gulledge Next, talked about the damage done on Third Street by a contractor. There are disagreements on who is going to pay for the repairs. The estimated cost is around $3,000.00. To fix East Division and West Division, the total cost will be around $5960.00, and this is for an asphalt overlay. Ehret Plumbing has disturbed both sides of Division Street making the tie in. Mounds has the contract for the 159 improvements, and will do this work as they work along 159. He asked if there were any questions.
7:15:18 PM Schmidt Commented when this is fixed, and they tear it up, they are going to fix it.
7:15:36 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were okay with this. They all agreed to proceed.
7:15:58 PM Kostyshock Commented that West Perry and Zupan needs fixed also.
7:16:08 PM Gulledge Replied they will give Mounds the go ahead to fix these streets and ask for a price to fix the other two. He asked Juneau to talk to Mounds about Perry and Zupan as well.
7:16:30 PM Juneau Said he would.
7:16:37 PM Gulledge Talked about the PEP Grant, an annual grant that comes from the County. The grant is based on population. He has received a letter, stating they need something from the Village by the 14th of January. He has talked to Trustee Bell, since this is a park project. The grant is for $15,000. However, if they don't have the project in by January 14, they will lose the $15,000. If the Board doesn't have a problem, he will work with Bell and the Park Committee to come up with a project that will meet the specifications.
7:18:25 PM Gulledge Announced at 9 A.M. tomorrow TJ Transport will turn in the keys to the buildings on Schiber Court. They are out, and the fences are out.
7:20:12 PM Gulledge To Do List page 1
7:20:25 PM Schmidt Asked about the trees.
7:20:34 PM Gulledge Answered they are all done, and look great. They did a super job. He went to page 2. He told Garcia that some of the staff and personnel have some questions that need to be addressed in the Personnel Policy.
7:21:28 PM Callahan Commented that on the budget, he brought it in to Thelma. Jolene is going to work with it and will be coming up with a format that every department will use, so they are all in the same format. She will try to get something put together by early January. He asked Mayor if they were officially going to a budget in 2005.
7:22:51 PM Gulledge Commented that it is up to the Board. He was hoping to, but maybe a year to practice is a good idea. He firmly believes there should be a budget, and it should be followed.
7:26:26 PM Schmidt Commented that the ugly dumpster is gone, now something needs to be done to get the trash cans moved after they have been emptied.
7:26:58 PM Gulledge Commented that the last line on page 2 is the Village Christmas Party. It is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Senior Center. He went to page 3.
7:27:07 PM Callahan Asked how they were doing on the radio read meters.
7:27:14 PM Gulledge Replied he thinks most of them have been installed.
7:27:18 PM Kostyshock Commented that they have, and this Spring they will order more. There will be a training session the 5th and 6th of January.
7:27:27 PM Gulledge Said they didn't have the training to read them this month. But, they are going to train, and they will read them for the first time on the next billing cycle which will be in January.
7:27:45 PM Gulledge He went to page 4. There was nothing to discuss. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:27:59 PM Schmidt Reported that because of the holidays, the Newsletter will not be mailed until January.
7:28:34 PM Callahan Asked about the streets they previously talked about repairing, and if they were damaged because of replacing the water and sewer lines. He was told two of them were, the other one was damaged by a contractor. He said the ones damaged by the water and sewer should be paid from the Water and Sewer Fund.
7:29:01 PM Kostyshock Commented that it has been a good year, and he plans on micro surfacing more streets next year.
7:29:31 PM Gulledge Commented that if there was no further business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn. Schmidt made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:30:00 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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