Support Staff

Administrative Clerks

Our department is staffed by1 full-time and 1 part-time police clerk who cover a wide range of responsibilities for the effective facilitation of department operation. Your initial contact with the department will be received through our knowledgeable and competent administrative specialists, who are trained to provide assistance and support to the citizens of the community and the officers of the department. Our administrative clerks are:

  • Christy Lucas
  • Donna Markovich

When contact is made at the police station during regular business hours, our administrative secretarial staff is prepared to meet your needs and guide you through the proper channels for effective resolution of your problem.

New Worlds Record System

All criminal reports coming through the department are entered into a very sophisticated countywide records system called New World. This million-dollar, countywide system was implemented in 2006 and allows law enforcement agencies throughout Madison County to network their investigations for the purpose of greater solvability rates. The data stored in the system provides detailed profiles that are of great assistance to our detective and officers in crime investigation.

The system also is of great assistance in the monthly and annual statistics compiled for city, state, and national use. The entering of all traffic citations and police reports into the New World system creates a detailed database for tracking vehicles used in the commission of a crime and creates an effective resource for retrieving statistics for traffic study and evaluation.